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Taylor\'s Spanked WhaledTail & Butt Plug Tailed

Part 1

Taylor's Tail Whaled and Bottom Tail Plugged

Taylor's Tail Whaled and Bottom Tail Plugged!

This story contains M-f, adult serious spanking with reluctant -consent and anal insertion.

The best fantasies are those that have a grain of truth.

The eighteen year old school student mentioned in class, that she had pulled up the back of her shorts and her boyfriend had hit her very hard on her butt skin leaving a very red mark that burned.  There is the kernel of truth, which served as an inspiration for this story.   She also chose a bratty email address, so does she know she deserves a spanking?  The names have been changed for privacy reasons.

The scene was almost like it was choreographed as he watched. Taylor like to wiggle her sexy ass as she wrote on the blackboard showing her unladylike visible panty line in the seat of the tight blue jeans she wore to his class.

The trouble was he knew his part but she was totally shocked to find out how he had cast his present pretty schoolgirl as The Naughty Young Lady who is to be Spanked!!

He could envision her per shapely fattened round pale bottom as he bared it, out of those tight, blue jeans with the etched in skin red line that would be left from the obviously snug panties as he had seen her their lacey band top and the top of her butt crack. Taylor would certainly have more redness to consider after he finished paddling her. Her butt would flatten, rebound, wiggle, and quiver as he applied the school hairbrush—turning from white to pink to red. And he wasn't going to stop until he'd raised little white blisters that would be raw, sore and blistered, thus making her unable to too sit down for a week. He was willing to bet that on Monday Taylor would still be wearing a loose fitting pair of jeans rather than her disgraceful hip hugging tight blue jeans that displayed a blatantly visible panty line for everyone to see!

. This was the infraction but, what inflamed his desire to Spank her hard, was the visible panty lines It was just indecent the way Taylor dressed in those tight, so tight well worn blue jeans. It never failed her tight blue jeans and dress slacks were always tight enough to make the panty lines fully apparent.

Just like an inappropriate, headstrong brown haired schoolgirl, wanting to attract attention to her bottom. Her teacher decided that he should teach the 18-year-old teen a real lesson. And in his experience There was nothing like a severe spanking with a wooden hairbrush whaling on a bare ass tail end to get a message across to a recalcitrant schoolgirl.

"What Is It Sir " Taylor asked as she stood in the room tossing her brown hair back.
"Taylor I don't care how long it takes-but you might be interested in knowing the more you resist, the angrier I get. And that means the longer your paddling will be. It is up to you: are you going to stand there like a good schoolgirl and let me raise that tight blue jeans or do we have to do it the hard way?"

Taylor giving a little sob, she said, "But I am too old! Grown women don't get spanked!"
"I can't stand this I am so embarrassed" the pretty coed schoolgirl cried,
As Her teacher pulled Taylor tight blue jeans down off her shapely hips.
"Grown women who act like teenage brats get spanked." "Now, get back over my knee and prepare to get a sound blistering!"

He hauled her facedown again, lifting the hairbrush even as he noticed that there were indeed red spots on each cheek, clearly visible ovals between the panty lines glowing even through the thin material.
"You're going to remember this for a long time Miss Taylor!"
With that, Her teacher began to pepper the seat of the white smooth satin panties
encasing Taylor's taut bottom tightly. After thirty swats of the hairbrush had her bouncing and squeaking, he paused to survey his handiwork.

" Taylor you act like a cute provocative teenage girl with your visible panty lined bottom notice me tactics and that young lady is unladylike.".

"I do not," Taylor said with a pertinent pout.
"Oh no you got to know Taylor that every guy in the Tasty Freeze is aware of the size and shape of your panties, not to mention the exact contours of you're round, shapely bottom", as her disciplinarian teacher continues her spanking.

"I am not fat in my butt" Taylor protested.
I did not say your bottom was fat. You have a good womanly butt though as you well know—otherwise you wouldn't constantly call attention to it by outlining it with those unladylike visible panty lines.

"Can I help it if you like staring at girl's backsides? That's your problem not mine…!

It is not a behavior embarrassment Taylor it is misbehavior and a bratty attitude, distracting your preconscious male students.
You should have been taught better sense Taylor I am going to let the hairbrush do the talking on your bare bottom.

Her teacher broke of the conversation as Taylor gasped, fluttered her hands at him angrily, then jumped up, "How dare you talk to me that way Her teacher"?
Taylor red faced now " You have no business! "
I'm not a young teen, to be called into the room for the way I choose to dress…"
"No you are not," Her teacher agreed. " Taylor you are a 18 year old woman who is a bright student.

Who should know better than to act like a snotty schoolgirl? The reason I invited you into the office closet is that I think it is time to someone reminded you what happens to careless, show-off little girls. After that you might care to remember how to dress like a dignified young lady".

Facing him, hands on hips, Taylor asked suspiciously, after what?
What are you talking about?"

After your good old fashioned bare bottom hairbrush paddling on you bare ass, that's what Missy." I have warned you more than once about not wearing such tight worn out blue jeans with holes in them that show off your underwear lines." I have tried to tell you that your unladylike, naughty panty lines are not acceptable and it shows sloth on your part."

"But … Taylor finally found the breath to sputter,
"A paddling! You aren't going to spank me! I'm a grown woman, I just turned eighteen and I am not some naughty child brat!! "
NO way am I going to let you spank me again!!

You…you…you ASS HOLE**" Taylor spouted angrily

"And no way am I going to be talked to like that Taylor said Her teacher,
Opening up the bed drawer and reached in for the wooden hairbrush, and he decided to give Taylor a taste of wood for a more severe spanking the next time he spanked her.
Exactly the blistering she deserved. He hefted the solid hardwood hairbrush and smacked his left palm with it, nodding with satisfaction at the instant tingling.
"Ever been spanked past your Teens Miss Taylor.
"As I know you were not spanked growing up by your parents".
"I think probably not or you young lady would have grown up with
more respect and not choosing to tug your rear end into that
tight blue jeans that show your panty line."

Taylor her eyes mesmerized by the sight of her light wood sturdy hairbrush that Her teacher continued to pop against his hand.
"Then Taylor flashed him a scrunched face look of disbelief and cried,
"But grown women don't get spanked!
"That's…that's …absurd! "You let me out of here this instant"

"You're going to get what you deserve young lady", said Her teacher implacably
"And that's a long hard paddling that will leave your bottom blood blistered."
"Taylor you're going to learn Taylor a lesson about growing up and dressing correctly before you leave this hotel room today young lady."

Taylor was pissed, "You ASS HOLE, You Son Of A Bitch don't you talk to me like that!" Taylor was fearful and angry at the same time. Her face was flaming a cherry red with indignation and humiliation at being spoken to by Her teacher, as if she were a misbehaving child and Her teacher the adult in charge of her and that was a major blow to her pride.

"Again, I won't allow you to talk that way to me. I think it is obviously way past time to sPhillips your valuable lesson".

"No don't you dare, get away from me! Get your hands off me

Taylor let out a frantic fart of  rear fear and embarrassed herself as she felt herself yanked sprawling in an upended tangle over Her teacher's knee. He spread his legs to support her length, even as she rocked forward and back, off balance. Her feet kicked the floor, her hands pushed at him, at the chair, at the carpeted floor, as she plunged up and down.

Unfortunately all Taylor's struggles did was to make Her teacher more fully aware of how clearly delineated her bottom was centered on his lap, emphasized by the elastic panty seams across her tight well worn jean bottom seat.
Incensed by this sight of her unladylike bikini size visible panty lines, he raised the wooden hairbrush and brought it down with a WHAP! CRACK! SMACK! WHAP right between the visible panty lines.

arching her bottom up and stiffening out straight with shock. She swung her right arm back to rub a frantic hand on her right ass cheek.
"Settle it down young lady. Your not going anywhere until you take your well deserved good old-fashioned paddling. Your going to be treated like any naughty little girl who needs to learn better less slothful dressing habits and how we have to teach that is to smack your behind until you can't sit down for the next few days".
" Which means Taylor that it has to be a proper paddling.

"Can you tell me what constitute a proper paddling Taylor?" Her teacher asked Taylor

"Oh NO Sir, let me go!" Yelled Taylor once again sPhillipsing to twist and buck
off Her teacher's lap.
"Who do you think you are a ASS HOLE?"

"Taylor I won't have that kind of talks!" What I want to hear from you is one thing and one thing only young lady: and that's a promise to assure me you will not wear tight well worn blue jeans that show your naughty CRACK! Unladylike CRACK! Visible WHACK! Panty lines SPLACKK!" each spank of the wooden hairbrush was just a little harder to emphasize his words for her unladylike dressing as well as talking in class.

"You have no right, this is not fair sir, and I don't have to do anything you want…
Want, you… you… " Evidently the few swats of the hairbrush she'd received had made some impression already for Taylor caught herself before uttering another profane denunciation of Her teacher.

"I'm taking the right Taylor because I am fed up with you young lady.
You've earned a good bare-bottom spanking and that's exactly what you're going to get. So stand up here and let's get you out of those unladylike, naughty, bad schoolgirl hip snug thread bare blue jeans you wore today"

Her teacher put the light wood hairbrush on the bed and used both hands to stand Taylor up
She immediately rubbed at her obviously stinging behind stamping her feet up & down.

Red spots glowed on her face, her eyes sparkled with anger and fears along with unshed tears of mortification and pain. Her teacher chuckled a bit, imagining red glowing spots on two completely different cheeks. He'd being seeing them in a minute.

But first he had to get Taylor's tight visible panty lined blue jeans down and Carolina blue sheer bikini panties lowered. She fought him, again denouncing him. Her teacher stood up and shook her to a shocked silence. Both of them breathing hard, eyes wet with tears, they glared at each other.

"You're going to get a licking and your ass is going to be bared for it." Her teacher said in a firm, even tone that brooked no disobedience her pride was about to take a fall

Art reached out and slowly began to pull down her tight blue jeans off her shapely sixteenish shapely round baby fat ass, yet she was really 18. As her teacher pulled them down the visible panty line Taylor had presented along with her ass crack down the back of her jeans thus now revealed the panties she had chosen to wear on her unblemished bottom today to work. The white skin of her ass showed out in contrast to the sheer material that had slipped to the back of her knee hollows.   Mr. Phillips continued to peel back Taylor's blue jeans until her entire ass had been exposed!

Because her panties were buried partially in he lightly brown haired ass crack, he decided to leave them on because they would not interfere with the young schoolgirl's punishment.

The office closet was filled with silence as Mr. Phillips cocked back his wide wood backed hairbrush and brought it whistling down with as much force and as hard as he could. Taylor tensed her ass cheeks in fright when she felt the whoosh as the wooden hairbrush cut through the air on its way to delivering a stinging spank low down on her bottom cheeks where she will feel it when she sits at her college school desk later that afternoon. . "CRACK"!!

"ONE" Taylor howled in pain as the swat dug deep into baby fat virgin flesh.

The bright red angry swatch sprang to life instantly under the sheer panties as the pretty teen stood up and clutched her now burning ass with both hands as she tried to protect her abused rear end flesh. Email moniker daddiesbabybrat4evr was soon pushed back over her teacher's knee. "WHAPP"

Mr. Phillips quickly spanked Taylor's still ivory white ass crack with his large hairbrush and with another shriek of pain the young shoulder length brown haired girl pulled her hand away from her butt and quickly put them on her tear stained cheeks. Taylor could not believe it her twenty spanks were not going to be with hi hand by with this horrible wood backed hairbrush.

Her teacher laid the second blotchy angry red mark right on top of the first one. A light purple bruise began to almost appear immediately, that would by tomorrow to a dark purple sore spot bruise along the area where the two hairbrush blotches overlapped. The pain was more than Taylor could stand and her knees buckled from under her and she slid of the side of his knees and curled up in a ball on the floor.

"Get up and back over my knee Taylor", Mr. Phillips ordered. Taylor swallowed her recent emotion and it took the girl a moment to composed her and get it together to do as she was told. Her full pouting lips and especially her lower lip trembled as she looked back over her shoulder at her teacher sniffling her tears and said "TWO".

"NO… You took too long. The count is still one young miss".

While the girl was still looking back at Mr. Phillips, he raised the hairbrush and brought it down again across the other butt cheek adding another bright red blister field, like a bad case of freckles.

"NO" Taylor screamed as the switch whistled through the air and smacked into her badly bruised purpled butt. " No Sir This Is Not Fair", Taylor whimpered.


The tender ass skin was initiated under the force of wood to ass flesh and blood rushed to the surface of her trembling stinging bottom as she writhed over the knee of her employer- top trying to control her pain.


Her teacher did not give Taylor the schoolgirl a second to recover before he hit her again.


"Boo-H-hoo-Hoo" Taylor lost all control of herself now reduced from a young woman to a blubbering and crying little girl, as the brush hit her bottom again. Taylor's ass cheeks spread further open and her now spasming butt hole seen through the sheer panty seat was puckered outward in light blue greeting her teacher with a series of open and close ass mouth puckers. Taylor's face showed the strain as her puckered bottom hole percolated and fluttered in a sexy rhythm for her owner and now master of her pain.


Art paused for a moment so that she could wipe some of the hot salty tears from her congested red wet face. The teenager was babbling in fear and pain as she pleaded with her teacher to stop her corporal punishment. But her pleas fell on deaf ears.


Mr. Phillips swung his hard brush again. It landed on top to the other blisters and again the blood vessels glowed on the surface of her burning ass cheek skin.

"FIVE"! "SWACK", "Six" and then there was a rapid spanking and Taylor could not catch her breath much less yell out the correct number of the spank being given.

Once more he hauled the pretty coed schoolgirl a tense, resisting Taylor back over his knee. She fell forward with a loud "P-PHHHRHER FART", then a squeal of embarrassment as she realized she'd also let an audible fart escape.

Her teacher told Taylor shaking his head " Taylor you will pay dearly for Pooting Boisterously"
He looked at her bottom clenching.
"YOU have to learn to have better control, he said raising the hairbrush.
Taylor begged, "Oh Her teacher I am sorry I did not mean to TOOT!"
She did not want to say that she was pooting or worse farting during her paddling that was something her pride would not admit.
She caught the movement of the dastardly brush out of the corner of her eye and gave a Jurassic size heave that almost had her sliding off his knee. He settled her down, holding her firmly with his left hand so she was draped inelegantly across his lap, a tremulous vee vagina with legs outstretched, toes on the carpet, fingertips
bracing herself, bottom upturned and quivering.

The panty lines still made a very good map of the target area, even with
the red splotches all over her ass cheeks now. Not that Her teacher would have had any trouble placing a well-aimed hairbrush without them as he'd let her know, her bottom was good sized for the project at hand! He had to pause again to admire both the signs of his efforts and the perfection of the upturned behind Taylor wishes she had not teased Her teacher.

Full rounded, shapely, fleshy, it clenched and quivered before him, as her thighs strained and shuddered. It was a smooth, creamy bottom, except for the unaccustomed oval marks, the bottom of a pampered indulgent woman---as also evidenced by the MACY*s light blue sheer panties that Her teacher had so unceremoniously pulled down of her ass.

"Well Miss High and Mighty let's see how you feel about ever
Wearing unladylike visible panty lines after your tail is properly blistered.
"Let's see if you like to sway and jiggle your behind for the men if you know it's bright red and on fire from a paddling like any bad schoolgirl deserves.' Said Her teacher raising the red wooden hairbrush. He smiled with satisfaction as Taylor bounced in anticipation making her bottom cheeks wobble.

Then he began to spank in earnest. WHACK! SMACK! CRACK! SPLOPP! WHAPP! THWACK! SPLATT! Went the hairbrush, back and forth from left to right
all between the confines of the area outlined by the panty lines. Thirty times her wooden hairbrush landed again on her own tail, making Taylor screech and kick with each lick of wood. She'd kick out her legs splaying them wildly despite being somewhat constricted by the elastic band of the pulled down tight blue jeans.

Her brown shoulder length hair tossed up and down as she fluttered her feet.
Both shoes flew off and her tight blue jeans flopped on her back for
several hairbrush swats. Taylor clamped her legs together. The tight band of the Carolina blue lace topped sheer bikini panties zigzagged downward, but stayed on her milky thighs even as her gyrations grew more frenzied with each solid CRACKK of the hairbrush. The large round shapely ass cheeks began to glow red, looking hot enough to sizzle!

"What are you going to do about your talking in class and your naughty unladylike visible panty lined tight blue jeans?" SMACK! WHAPP SPLATT! WHACK CRACK SMACK SWAPPP SWAPPP!

"OOOWWWOOOEEEOWWW I won't I won't! STOP!" Taylor said


"I won't stop Taylor I have only just begun your spanking."
"This is what happens to young ladies who act unladylike SPLACKK WHACKK
Showing their naughty panty lines CRACK! SMACK! THWACKK! SPATTT!
Flouncing around displaying themselves disgracefully? WHAPP! THWACKK!

"They get spanked" Taylor whimpered out through pucker pouting lips.
"Oh please Her teacher, please no more! I am burning up back there.
"You don't realize how much a bare hairbrush spanking HURTS a woman."

Taylor farted her pride caused by her dressing sloth acknowledged and she would not wear jeans with unladylike visible panty lines to school ever again.

The pain in Taylor's ass multiplied and quadrupled as the hairbrush hitting her bruised red and purple ass flesh under the sheer panties and Her teacher had to tighten his grip on the bucking young lady for the severe spanks her pert round ass and ass crack were absorbing. Oh WOOOOHHH Please Sir MY ASS HURT SO BAD! Taylor screamed into the back room tiled floor.

While Taylor lay gasping, panting, he suddenly raised her up and pushed her backwards just enough so he could get the panties lowered further down to her feet.  Before she had time to register that the last shred of clothing protecting her modesty was going the way of the tight blue jeans, He had them zigzagging over the heated up thrust orbs, and the panties banded at mid thigh.

"Tell me Taylor what you call that area, where you're feeling hot and
stinging now, the place you use to sway and swing to get men all hot and bothered.
"Tell Me Missy where are you on fire?"

"OOOOHHHH! OHHHUHHH! OWWW! OOOOOO HOOO BOOOOOO HOOOO!" "My my my My BOTTOM! "My ASSUHHH! OWW Please No Mooooreeochhh" wailed Taylor as Her teacher gave her a series of stinging licks of hairbrush wood that now had her now tomato red jiggling the pain overcame her and still again "P-P-PH-RRR-EEEETTTT", Taylor blew a high-pitched fart.

Her teacher noted the unladylike pooting and looked down at the undulating shiny Tomato Red Ass now, but told a sniffling Taylor that for her unladylike pooting he intended to continue using her very own cherry wood backed hairbrush paddling. This sometimes aloof and shapely tennis player was going to be well and truly reduced to incoherent sobbing before he was finished with her bad schoolgirl ass!!! And he told her,

"Remember this Taylor you're not going to sit down comfortably for a week. You're going to remember this lesson as he replaced the Carolina blue tight bikini panties, which now painfully scraped her swollen red ass!!   Even her panties hurt against her spanked bottom, how would she tug her tight blue jeans into place?

Taylor was trying to compose herself when she felt her beaten ass cheeks painfully spread open and with a announcement from Her teacher

"Taylor If You Can't Hold Your Farts In Girl. Art told her this was just the beginning of your punishment and to get used to it! We Will Just Have To Plug That Rude Stinking Hole For You"

" Perhaps some anal discipline with this large three-inch wide butt plug

will leave a more lasting impression and the soreness coming from your naughty ass hole tomorrow when you have to take a shit"!

Her teacher pulled the Carolina blue sheer panties down off her red and purple hot bottom cheeks to gain access to her tiny fear puckered pink ass hole as Taylor awaited the anal assault of the hard wide butt plug in her virgin ass hole.


"Splutt" was the sound Taylor heard right before she felt the cold cream on her shrinking bottom hole as the butt plug was painfully spreading her anal muscles as half and then nearly all of the butt plug's length disappeared into her ass hole and she remained whimpering in new pain over his knee.

The next thing Taylor felt was a three-inch wide butt plug painfully moored in her shit logged anal tract. As the widest section of the butt plug was pushed up her butt hole, she screamed in pain, but the pain lessened a little as the thinning flange gained entry in her outrages asshole. "SPANK" with a hard spank across the brutal hairbrush angry red and purple blotches.

The young lady schoolgirl was balling like a little girl and then it happened as she lost control of her tummy muscles and

"F-F-R-RAPP Taylor Farted Loudly right in her teacher's face as the displaced air forced up her ass bleated as the butt plug was removed with a "Plop" from her sore punished ass hole. The pride of the once self-assured schoolgirl went out of her facial features and the smell that permeated the air was so stinky the hairbrush stopped its descent.

 Her teacher, announced that the dastardly butt plug was to be worn to for the rest of the day in class including lunch downstairs with her friends finally in place a s she screamed as her violated ass hole burned with new fury as the dastardly large butt plug was pushed back up her back hole in one confident push. Mr. Phillips reached over and spanked Taylor's pained red blotchy bottom as well knowing that by tomorrow those red throbbing and purple bruise marks will be a bluish purple and pulpy to her touch, as well as a terrible assignment to sit upon.  Taylor still sniffling pulled up her bikini panties and now painfully way to tight slash cut blue jeans, while constantly aware of her tail's burning both inside and out.   Taylor had indeed learned the objective of the day's lesson.

End of Part One:

Constructive comments welcomed and let me know if Taylor needs to experience a punishment enema as she lovely pouts in the seared in spanked pain of her ass and the stinging as she cling to the butt plug?  Perhaps a butt plug with a difference

Review This Story || Author: CarolinaSpanker
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