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Attitude adjustment

Part 1

You awake naked in a small room, hands tied above your head to an overhead beam, legs tied spread wide to each side of the sma

Anne awoke naked in a small room, hands tied above her head to an overhead beam, legs tied spread wide to each side of the room. She had no recollection as to how she got here. Last thing she remembered was talking to two girls at a club. Apart from that her memory was a blur. As she tried to free herself from her bonds her full breasts gently swayed. She felt the cool air on her shaved cunt.


After some time a door opened and the two girls entered looking at her smirking. Both wore a tight rubber cat suit accentuating their petite bodies that made Anne look like an old hag, even though she was well built and not even in her mid-twenties. They expressed their disappointment with Anne not appreciating the value of lesbian sex. Pieces of a conversation entered Anne’s brain. Quite drunk she had sat with the two ranting and raving on just how disgusting she thought lesbian sex was. It dawned on her that she was in big trouble. As Anne opened her mouth to apologize they shoved two pairs of well worn panties in her mouth and taped it shut to keep them in. Anne tried to beg through her panty gag as she saw them approach her, one with a cane in her hand, the other one holding a fierce looking whip.


They made fun of her pleading as the one with the whip stood before her, while the other one walked behind Anne. Without hesitation they whipped her mercilessly, the whip coming down hard on her tits, tummy, legs, ass and pussy. The whipgirl obviously enjoyed making her jump by hitting Anne’s  nipples and her pussy extra hard. The canegirl wasn't gentler, she brought down one blow after another on her back, ass and thighs, sometimes spreading Anne’s asscheeks to let her get a particularly vicious one right on her asshole. After an hour they stopped but only to switch places and continue.


Finally they stopped and approached Anne smiling. Anne had already no strength left and just hung in her bonds, realizing two things: one was that those two girls from hell were far from being finished. The other one troubled Anne more. It was the moist, tingling feeling in her cunt that made a part of her hope for more.


Each one of the girl took one of Anne’s nipples and ground their fingernails deep into her well-whipped nipples. They told her that it was very rude not to thank them for their effort over the last two hours and twisted her nipples viciously as Anne tried to say "thank you" through her gag. Laughing they carried on tormenting her nipples until they were satisfied with her response.


They took Anne down and tied her down spread-eagled. Next they placed clamps on her nipples and connected them to a chain. As they took out her gag, they explained that they going to give her the first of many lessons on just how tasty another woman's pussy was. Whipgirl straddled Anne’s face, grinding her pussy in her face, almost suffocating her while holding the nipple chain tight to increase Anne’s motivation to lick. Canegirl decided to cover Anne’s pussy with wax. She pulled her lips apart and poured wax all over her pussy then peeled it off only to pour more wax on her. Whipgirl riding Anne’s face commented on how much better her licking skills become while being waxed which encouraged Canegirl to pour even more, even hotter wax on her. After an hour of non-stop licking one to multiple orgasms she finally got up. Anne was spent. She babbled “thank yous” while her tired tongue seemed to taste nothing but pussy juice. Even through her nose came nothing but the scent of pussy. As Canegirl positioned herself over her and slowly squatted down on Anne’s face she moaned. They hadn’t planned on giving her a rest; they just wanted to change places and continue.


After both girls were satisfied they made Anne stand again, re-tied her hands to the beam, re-gagged her and approached her with huge strap-ons. Tears dwelled in Anne’s eyes as she saw them pour cinnamon oil over their fake dicks. They explained to her that she shouldn't get pleasure through a fucking, hence the oil, but they both smiled, letting Anne know it was only an excuse to make her suffer more. They entered her holes at the same time pounding Anne’s ass and pussy. The sheer size of their tools would have been enough to make her suffer, but the oil made it an agonizing experience. They fucked Anne for an hour while running their fingernails all over her, leaving scratch marks on her boobs and her inner thighs. Anne believed it was because of her exhaustion but half an hour into her fucking she shivered as an orgasm washed through her. The girls realized it and doubled her efforts bringing Anne to the brink of fainting.


Once they stopped fucking Anne they left the strap-ons inside her and tied them down with rough rope to keep them in place, grinding into Anne’s flesh, the knot of this safety belt pressing down hard on her clit. Her cuntflaps bulged from either side of the ropes and they attached a series of clamps to her flaps and nipples with weights attached to them. They left wishing Anne a good night, leaving her in darkness as she heard a heavy bolt locking her inside her dungeon. Left alone in darkness Anne felt her whole body ache, her tits, cunt and asshole burn from the harsh treatment and yet, as she rocked her hips slightly, Anne felt the warm feeling in her cunt again. In a trance she rocked her hips until she finally fell asleep with the dull ache that was her body and the warm tingling centre of her cunt.




The next morning Anne awoke as the girls untied her from the beam, but didn't untie her hands. Anne collapsed on the floor struggling to find a position that wouldn't hurt too much. The girls laughed at her efforts and held her down with their feet time and again. Grinding their boots into Anne’s tormented flesh they made a spectacle out of Anne’s body only to see her struggling some more once they released her. Finally they took off the clamps and Anne almost lost consciousness as the blood flowed back into her nipples and cunt. The girls told her to help her get the blood flow back and started spanking her tits and pussy hard as the blood rushed back. At last they pulled the strap-on out of Anne’s pussy and made her lick it clean only to make her do the same thing with the on that was up her ass.


The girls asked Anne if she was thirsty and she nodded yes. They undid the gag and dragged her across the room to a bucket half filled with their piss. Anne looked in the bucket, the stench of the piss filling her nostrils. Still a part f her was thankful as Canegirl put her foot on Anne’s neck and pressed her face in the bucket, while Whipgirl whipped her ass. After short breaks to keep her from suffocating Anne drank it all and her ass was on fire. They wiped the piss from Anne’s face using soiled panties then gagged her again with them. Her tits were tied very tight with rough rope and Anne was made to kneel in front of a chair. They laid her swelling orbs on the seat and attached clamps to her nipples tying one end of some string to the clamps and the other end to the opposite end of the chair so Anne’s nipples were stretched painfully.


They shoved a spiked dildo up Anne’s cunt and a board was put under her pussy. On it were brushes with hard bristles pointing at her cunt. They worked together again. While Canegirl shoved her foot up Anne’s ass fucking her roughly to get her to grind her pussy over the bristles, Whipgirl caned Anne’s boobs hard. They spent a generous amount of time like that before they stopped. The girls took the clamps off Anne’s nipples and twisted them as the blood rushed back while Anne winced in pain and took out the gag. Canegirl was shoving her foot in Anne’s mouth to suck it clean while Whipgirl ground her nipples under her heels on the seat. After Anne sucked long and hard on both feet, they changed places, re-gagged her, put the clamps back on to give Anne another dose of this treatment. Anne’s pussy was raw and it felt like was on fire by the time they were finally finished. The girls left her tied to the chair once again locking her in. Anne’s mind seemed to have slipped in her cunt some time ago as all she felt she was came down to the pulse between her legs.


The girls came back after two hours, releasing the gag, clamps and the dildo up Anne’s ass but left her kneeling in front of the chair. Canegirl put on the strap-on again, moved up behind Anne and started fucking her ass hard while scratching her fingernails over her pussy, twisting her clit viciously and giving the spiked dildo up her pussy a few good turns. Whipgirl sat down on the chair, on Anne’s tits on the chair that is, and forced her head into her pussy while she wriggled her ass around (and Anne’s boobs crushed underneath) while Anne had to eat her. Again, they changed places after what seemed like an eternity. They released Anne and removed the rope around her tits only to spank them with table tennis bats to get the circulation back going.


Next they tied her head down to the beam, legs spread wide. They replaced the spiked dildo with a thick, long candle and left while the candle was slowly burning down. With every move Anne made wax dropped from the candle on her tormented pussy. To Anne it seemed like the candle slipped slowly deeper into her wet cunt and couldn’t tell if the heat she felt inside came from the wax or more like her cunt slowly taking over her mind and screaming for more. Over time she felt no longer abducted but rather in the place she was supposed to be.


They returned just as the fire in Anne’s cunt and candle were about to physically fuse.  Ignoring the fact that her pussy was soon to be seriously burnt Anne moaned as she felt a huge orgasm approach. She was pulled forwards so that the excess wax ran down the crack of her ass and her cunt. Anne bucked in a violent orgasm as the wax flooded her cunt. The girls laughed at her ass her spasms slowly subsided. They made Anne promise to be her plaything for life. It took all the mental capacity that was left in Anne to agree before the tiny rest of brain left in her slowly dropped and left her with nothing but a pulsating cunt for a brain. They took Anne down and tied her down on her back. This time though they tied her legs spread wide up beside her head which made her thrust out her ass and pussy. They gagged her again with new pairs of worn panties and gave her thighs and ass a good makeover with canes. Then they covered the spiked dildo with cinnamon oil and shoved it roughly up Anne’s ass, making her scream in her panty gag. Another huge dildo was pushed inside her pussy. They put a vicious clamp on her clit and clamped Anne’s inner lips shut with several clamps to make the dildo stay inside her pussy. Anne’s outer cuntlips were also clamped together several times.


The girls put clamps on Anne’s nipples as well and connect them with some string and pulled them so tight together they touch. They took a vibrator and shoved it between her still clamped inner and outer lips and made it rest on her clamped clit. As they turned it on the vibrator made all the clamps on Anne’s pussy and clit vibrate and they laughed at her as she tried to wriggle around. They told Anne that she shouldn't waste her energy since the batteries are truly long life and that they would be back later with some of their friends to try out their new paintoy. Before they left they branded their initials in the soles of Anne’s feet and showered her face with their piss. Again they left her in darkness, knowing that this was but the beginning. Her last conscious thought before her mind officially shut down and left her cunt in charge was one of deeply felt gratitude.

Review This Story || Author: Memento
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