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The “unwilling” Toilet Slave

Part 1

My “unwilling” toilet slave

The “unwilling” Toilet Slave



My search for a good female toilet slave was as relentless as it was frustrating.  Why I had to ask were there so few women willing to admit to their darkest desires and become the filthy toilet pigs they were destined to be?  I had stumbled across a few over the years on various BDSM sites and as cautious as I would be in my approach they would all inevitably just disappear into cyber space hiding behind their modems and the world of anonymity the internet provided them with.  Still my search always continued because I knew that one day I would have my very own toilet slave and in her submission to me she would be one that I would take enormous pleasure in degrading and humiliating in the most disgusting ways, ah just the mere thought of what I would do to her makes my cunt drip relentlessly with desire.


I had recently moved and had become quite chatty with my neighbor who owned a large dog who liked to play with my dog.  She was about 50 years old and rather a large woman with enormous tits that I had to really focus on not staring straight at while talking to her since I love large women with huge cow udders.  She was not unattractive but could have looked better than she did since she carried an air of loneliness and sadness around her, which tended to drag her appearance down somewhat.  I learned through our ‘over the fence’ chats that her husband had suffered a major stroke some 8 months earlier and was still in rehab learning to talk and walk all over again.  It was likely that he would stay in rehab for quite some time and my neighbor whose name is Angel by the way told me how terribly she missed him.  As we got to know each other a little better she also confessed to how sexually frustrated she had become since her husbands stroke but would always remain faithful to him since she could never dishonor their marriage by fucking outside of it.  I did feel a little sorry for her even though I thought she should go and get herself fucked regardless, I mean it could only do her some good after all.


One afternoon a friend had borrowed my car so I am assuming Angel believed I was not at home.  I heard her dog growling and barking and making strange noises like I had never heard him make before so I ventured out into my yard and peeped through the hole in the fence that separated our properties.  What do I see but lovely Angel completely naked and on all fours with her big old dog pounding his cock into her pussy in a frenzy!  Angel was in a sweat, throwing her head around and moaning loudly while being fucked by her own dog!  Her fat cow udders swung back and forth underneath her ample body as the dog rammed in and out of her cunt.  God it was hot!  By now I had all four fingers jammed up inside my own cunt hole while watching through the fence peephole and my cunt juices were oozing out of me like a river.  Angel gave a little scream as the dog exploded inside of her and tried to pull his knotted cock out of her gushing cunt hole.  He tugged and tugged until eventually with her cunt extending from her body from the knot he finally was able to pull himself out, he lay next to her panting from the effort while Angel licked his cock clean of the cum sticking to it!  When she was done she idly stuck her fingers in her cum soaked cunt scooping out the dog cum and licking it off her fingers.  By now I have cum several times myself and my hand is drenched as I ploughed my fist way up inside my cunt hole.


I quietly made my way back into my own house so I wouldn’t get caught by her, sat myself down at the kitchen table and realized I might have a golden opportunity here to use to my own advantage.  Angel would do quite nicely as my toilet slave and especially since her husband wasn’t going to be around for quite some time and she lived so close to me which was important as I would expect her to be available for me to use whenever I needed to shit and most of the time when I needed to piss.  I started to plan my blackmail of the large, lovely Angel my dog-fucking neighbor and toilet slave to be.  I would trick her into thinking I was not at home again by hiding the car and would place a video camera at the peephole and would capture her filthy dog fucking, cum sucking escapades on film next time then threaten to show it to her beloved husband to whom she was so faithful if she did not submit to me by becoming my toilet slave and oh, so much more.  Fuck this was exciting I couldn’t wait!


I did wait a few more days though to make sure she would be horny enough for the dog again and my timing was perfect.  After hiding my car, locking my own dog in the house I went out into the yard and set the camera up and waited.  Sure enough within the hour out comes Angel stark naked again and gets down on all fours and calls the dog over.  The camera was rolling capturing every degrading moment of it, my insurance policy for finally getting the toilet pig slave I so richly deserved.  Her routine with the dog was almost exactly as it was a few days earlier except for a bonus because she sucked the dogs cock before guiding it into her fat pussy to be fucked and the camera was rolling.  She fucked with the dog for a good 45 minutes while I fucked my ass with a dildo (I was prepared this time)!  When it was over I took the camera inside and relived her afternoon’s delight with the doggie while I fucked myself again then feeling like I had to take a shit from having the dildo shoved up my ass I squatted in the bathtub and took an enormous shit which I then smeared all over myself all the while saying over and over; “all for you soon my filthy little Angel shit pig”.  Mmm just imagining my buxom pig being the one to smear my shit all over her lovely cow udders instead of me doing it to myself, it was enough to make me cum several times over.


I made three copies of the video, one for Angel, one I would keep in my house and one more that I would store at my storage locker site in town where she would never find it.  The next afternoon I went over to Angel’s house and knocked on the door, she answered with a big smile obviously quite happy to see me.  I had brought some herbal tea leaves with me which was my guise for dropping in to see her and as we sat down with our tea I told her I had a short video I would like her to watch with me and handed it to her.  Giggling she asked me; “it’s not porn is it”?  I just looked right in her eyes and told her she would soon see what it was.  She put the video in the VCR and as the movie started to play every ounce of color completely drained from her smiling face and her smile was no more.  Her mouth dropped open and stayed open as she watched in confusion.  She turned to look at me but I remained focused on watching her get fucked by the dog in the video and by now my hand was furiously fucking my cunt hole again right there in front of her.  She looked at me masturbating and looked back at the video and seemed to completely frozen in shock.  Suddenly she was able to move again and she leapt up and turned the movie off then turned to look at me glaring with a look in her eyes that clearly said she could kill me right at that moment without even thinking about it.


“WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THIS ALL ABOUT YOU BITCH”? She asked of me.  I replied very calmly; “now, now my lovely Angel don’t you be speaking to your new Mistress in such an ugly tone”.  I went on; “it’s very simple my Angel with the fat cow udders, you see I need my own toilet pig slave to be not just my toilet slave but a slave I can own to do whatever degrading things I tell it to do and you are the one who is going to be my slave my dear”.  By now she was totally confused but clear enough to show absolute disgust all over her full face.  “I will be no such thing you fucking sicko, you pervert.  Get out of my house right now and don’t ever come back”.  “Hmm” I responded, “you might want to rethink that Angel because just imagine how your poor husband working so hard at rehab so he can be with you once again might react to your little afternoon filth sessions with old Fido, might set his rehab progress back a notch or two I would think”.  “You wouldn’t dare do such a thing, you couldn’t be so cruel” she sputtered at me.  “Oh yes I would and I can lovely little toilet pig, I would indeed.  Do you want to test me”?  Her face fell completely as she realized that she was trapped and her lovely huge cow udders rose and fell with her rapid breathing as she went into a slight panic attack.  “Now Angel knowing how much you love that husband of yours I know you don’t want to crush him by letting him know what his filthy little wife has been getting up to while he is trying to get all better for you, do you”?


I could feel her defiance start to waiver, her body language told me she had realized that she was trapped and had no other choice but to give in, her shoulders were slumped, her head was bowed slightly and her eyes downcast.  Just to drive the reality of the situation into her even further I told her there were three copies of the video and I would give her all three copies once her husband came home from rehab but until then they were my property to be held as insurance to guarantee her service to me as she was also my property now as well.  I asked her if she understood what I was saying.  “Yes I understand,” she mumbled.  I also told her that from now on she would call me ‘Mistress’ ALWAYS and that from now she would do exactly as I asked of her no matter how humiliating or degrading the act may be.  Again I asked her if she understood what I was telling her.  Again she mumbled a quiet, “yes”.  “Yes WHO slave, what did I just tell you about how you must refer to me from now on”?  She was a quick learner as she automatically responded, “yes Mistress I understand what you are saying”.  “Good now that we have established how you shall refer to me from this point on I will tell you that your name will no longer be Angel but you shall be referred to as PIG or SCAT COW and other names we won’t go into just now, do you understand what I am telling you scat cow”?  “Yes Mistress” she responded quickly.


“Very good pig, very good indeed so now let me tell you what your services will be as my pig so we are clear and you can prepare yourself for your new role, your new life”.  “You will be trained as my toilet slave pig, this means you will make yourself available for my use when I desire you to for the purpose of shitting in your mouth or on your body if I so feel like it and you will be responsible for cleaning my shit hole with your mouth after I have taken a shit”.  “As my toilet slave you will also be used as my receptacle when I need to piss and since I quite enjoy pissing in a cunt hole or a shit hole you will be spared from having to drink my piss every time as I won’t be pissing in your mouth each time”.  “You will be available as my toilet for my use whenever I feel like it and I will be setting up an intercom in your house which I will use to buzz you when your services are required, when I buzz you slave you will come over to my house immediately and await my instruction as to how to serve your Mistress at that time”.  “Serving as my toilet slave will be your primary function however since your Mistress is very fond of violating a big juicy cunt hole such as the one you clearly own pig I will be using that cunt hole of yours quite regularly as well as your shit hole when I so desire”.  “There will be other duties and a certain measure of public humiliation thrown in as we go along but for now pig do you completely understand your role as of now”?  “Yes Mistress I understand” pig answered in a completely helpless tone.


“Well now pig that wasn’t so difficult and I think it would be best to start your training right now and I am sure that in time you will grow to love your role as the pig or as my fuck holes, you will crave my use of you without any doubt”.  “The first thing that is necessary is for your Mistress to thoroughly inspect your fuck holes and please do not forget that when you are being used as fuck holes that is all you are to me pig, you are good for nothing except using you as my fuck holes”.  “Take all of your clothes off now and lay on your back on that big kitchen table with your butt right at one end of it and spread your pig legs very wide as wide as they will go, DO IT NOW PIG”!  “Yes Mistress” pig replied as she hurried out of her clothes blushing a lovely shade of pink as she did.  “Now come over here first and stand in front of me pig”.  I looked her up and down pinching her nipples and her clit as I made comments to myself, “mmm nice big clit it has and lovely erect nipples jutting out from those fat cow udders, turn around now pig, yes lovely fat ass”.  Then I slapped her fat ass four or five times on each cheek and slapped her hard, she cried out but I didn’t care as I thrust a finger up inside her shit hole and was it TIGHT.  “So hubby never fucked you up the shit hole I am guessing pig”?  “No Mistress he never did”.  “Why is that pig, perhaps because you have a greedy and sloppy cunt hole that hogged his hard cock most of the time”?  “Uh I don’t know why Mistress” she answered.  “Well never mind it’s tight now but your Mistress will have her fucking fist right up inside it before you know it pig”.  I felt her breath intake sharply as she thought of my fist ramming her shit hole.  “That scare you a little my pig,” I laughed?


Slapping her fat ass hard again I told her to get up on the table as I had told her.  I watched her hoist her large frame up onto the table and scoot her ample ass down to the end of it.  She made a sorry attempt at spreading her legs so I roughly pulled them wide apart when I went over to her at the table, so wide her cunt hole was gaping open at me now and to my delight was also very, very wet!  “See you like this don’t you my little piggy fuck meat, I see your big sloppy cunt hole dripping cunt snot which tells me what a lovely little fuck hole whore you are going to make for your Mistress”?  I went up to her great cow udders and bit her nipples roughly then squeezed the fat udders hard in my hands, she pulled away from me which earned her some very hard sharp slaps across both udders.  “Don’t you ever pull away from me scat cow, DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME”?  “Yes Mistress” she gasped with tears in her eyes.  I turned the overhead light on full so I could fully view her sloppy cunt hole and rammed three fingers straight up inside it, what a lovely cunt she had, warm and sloppy wet and tons of room up there.  “Well what a lovely huge cunt hole my pig has for her Mistress, I believe I could fist it right now without any further stretching, what do you think fuck meat”?  “No Mistress, please don’t I can’t take that?” she whined back at me.  “Well not today fuck meat but very soon” I assured her.


I was working the three fingers in and out of her cunt then added a fourth and she gasped a little.  I continued ramming my four fingers in and out of her cunt hole, digging deep up inside her hole and sure enough the slut started to moan just as I knew she would and her hips started to grind a little as well.  I finger fucked her sloppy cunt hole even harder while telling her what a fucking slut she was.  “Well fuck holes you are a horny little cow aren’t you, you like that don’t you fuck holes, mmm Mistress is going to fist your big sloppy cunt hole very, very soon, feel your cunt snot oozing out of your filthy hole fuck meat yes whore you like it don’t you”?  By now she was moaning and groaning and answering me in a loud voice, “Yes Mistress, yes I do like it oh please Mistress fuck my hole harder please”.  Good now I had her where I wanted her so I took advantage and rammed two fingers straight up into her shit hole as well, she bucked and I felt both her holes clench my fingers as the pain in her shit hole hit her but I kept ramming my two fingers deep inside her shit hole while still fucking her sloppy cunt with four fingers.  After about five minutes I pulled my two fingers from her shit hole and as expected and to my delight saw they were covered in bits of her shit while still finger fucking her cunt I stuck those two fingers in her mouth and ordered her to suck the shit off them NOW as her filthy ass hole was not to be tolerated by her Mistress.  She gagged and tried to spit my fingers out of her mouth but I rammed them further inside it and wiped them all around her gums and over her tongue.  When I was done I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and asked her how her own shit tasted that afternoon and ordered her lick her own mouth clean with her tongue.  She gagged several times but I was impressed that she did as she was told.


I slowed down my finger fucking of her cunt hole as I knew she desperately wanted to cum and when I did she pushed her body further down trying to grab onto my fingers inside her cunt hole again but I denied her.  I reached inside my bag and took out a large metal speculum, which I inserted into her cunt hole and screwed into the widest setting the instrument had.  Now her sloppy pig hole was wide open and gaping just like her eyes looking at me trying to figure out what I was doing.  I got up on the table and removed my pants then spread my pisshole over her gaping cunt hole and started to piss inside her fat hole.  Her hole was spread so wide she was taking a lot of my piss and I could hear it splash against the pig cunt walls as it headed for the base of the bottomless piss.  She squirmed a little at first but I held her legs open with my hands and my weight and kept pissing into her hole soon I heard that moaning again and that’s all I needed.  “See you filthy fucking toilet pig I told you didn’t I”?  “I told you there was a toilet pig living inside of you and you would love this but even I didn’t think you would love it this quickly you disgusting fucking pig”.  By now she was elevating her hips so her gaping cunt hole was closer to my pissing hole, she was bathed in sweat and moaning like a fuck pig just as she is.  Finally I stopped pissing so moved down with my cunt over her face and told her to lick my cunt hole clean of piss NOW PIG.  Gingerly her tongue licked around my cunt not knowing quite what to do so I slammed my hole down over her face and slid it up and down over her face so she could really taste cunt for the first time in her life.  She coughed and spluttered but I slammed down on her face even harder when she did while laughing at her the entire time.


When I was done playing with her I went back to her piss filled cunt hole and removed the speculum the started to finger fuck her cunt again with four fingers but this time I told her, “OK pig you can cum now if you would like to, you have my permission, CUM YOU FILTHY FUCKING PIG WHORE, CUM NOW”.  And did that fucking bitch cum like the filthy motherfucker I knew she would be, her cunt grabbed my fingers and I thought would never let them go.  Buckets of her cunt snot poured out over my hand and down my arm along with the piss I had filled it with.  She came like a bitch in heat several times in fact in great shudders, her big sloppy cunt hole gushing all over the place and dripping onto the floor. 


When she was finally done I took my hand and made her lick her own cunt snot and my piss completely clean from my hand and my arm and while she hungrily lapped up the sticky mess I rubbed her head while telling her, “what a good pig you are, and what a lovely cunt fuck hole you have my lovely pig, you have done so well today and have pleased Mistress greatly, you are good pig and Mistress is going to enjoy using the pig very much, good pig”.  The pig fuck groaned and moaned and licked furiously and was in pure fucking ecstasy I could tell.  When she was done cleaning me up I put my pants back on and told her “by the way pig this whole session was also filmed as my insurance so if you think hubby won’t mind the dog fucking so much have a think about how much he will mind seeing you behave like the filthy pig fuck meat he has never seen you be”.  “I am leaving now pig but make yourself available tomorrow morning when I buzz you on the intercom and get over to Mistress’s house quickly as she will need to shit as soon as you are summoned”.  “Good night pig and again you have done very well for a disgusting sow, I am impressed”.


That night I slept like a log, a big contented, happy log smiling myself to sleep with the promise of things to come with a pig who was already shaping up to be a filthy pig fuck even after just a couple of hours of initial training.  I woke up the next morning feeing refreshed and tingling with excitement, I also needed to take a huge shit very soon.  Jumping out of bed I went over and buzzed the intercom.  When pig didn’t answer immediately I buzzed it six or seven more times in rapid succession so she got the message loud and clear.  She answered in a sleepy voice, “yes”.  “YESS FUCKING WHO, you stupid pig fuck, what did I tell you about addressing me correctly from now on” I yelled through the intercom.  This snapped her to attention and her tone became a little more alert and crisp, “yes Mistress, good morning Mistress” she said back.  “That’s better you stupid pig and make sure this is the last time or you will be truly sorry, you will speak to your Mistress with the respect she deserves for even considering using such a worthless filthy pig such as you are”.  “Now get your fat pig ass over to my house immediately, don’t get dressed just throw on a robe and march your fat ass over right now, understood”?  “Yes Mistress, I am on my way Mistress,” she answered.  “You better be you good for nothing but the use as my toilet whore, make it fucking snappy bitch”.  I hung up on her and watched the clock to see how long it would take her to be at my front door, anything over five minutes was completely unacceptable and she would be punished severely if this was the case.


She must have read my fucking mind because her knock on my front door came exactly 4 minutes and 42 seconds later.  Still I told her this was too long and not acceptable and when I buzz her in the future she had exactly 3 minutes in which to be at my front door I also told her she must be punished for this mornings tardiness and told her to remove her robe and she had better be naked underneath it.  She removed her robe and lucky for her she was naked.  I ordered her to stand in front of me and to push her mammoth udders together with both hands.  When her udders were pushed together I brought my fist down hard over each one of them 6 times on each udder.  She cried out loud with each punch and after the first two the tears were streaming down her sorry pig face and her udders were already showing blue bruises where I had punched her.  “Stop your fucking slobbering and whining you useless fucking cow, this is your own damn fault for being so tardy and disrespecting Mistress and your punishment will teach you never to do this again”.  BAM, BAM, BAM my fist slammed into her udders a few more times.  She was trembling so badly by the time I had delivered a good solid 6 punches to each udder that her fat udders jiggled in her hands like big balls of Jell-O.  “Now pull yourself fucking together you stupid cow because this morning is the beginning of your real pig training and I need you to pay attention, do you hear me”?  “Yes Mistress, I am sorry for blubbering Mistress” as she choked back any further tears but the pain from her udders was marked all over her face.


“Now be a good piece of fuck meat and go lay down in Mistress’s bathtub while you compose yourself and wait for me”.  “Yes Mistress”.  I let her sweat it out lying in the bathtub for a good 10 minutes even though my shit was pressing down on me like a rocket about to be launched into space but I wanted her to lay there waiting and not having a clue what was about to happen to her so she could imagine only the worse.  Eventually I came into the bathroom and stood over her looking her up and down like she was a cow I might buy at auction.  “Yes you are fine scat cow for Mistress I must say with your fat ass and huge cow udders and sloppy cunt hole, your shit hole is way too tight but I will change that in very short time cow don’t you worry”.  She looked back up at me with fear written all across her pig face and almost terror in her eyes.  “What’s the matter scat cow, are you scared of what Mistress has planned for your training this lovely morning” I asked her?  “Yes Mistress I am a little afraid Mistress” she whimpered back at my like a lost puppy.  “Well that’s good scat cow you should be afraid as the first scat training is bound to be the hardest experience for you but soon you will crave my shit cow you will beg your Mistress for her shit in a very short time” I told her.  “I even believe you are such a filthy cow already you may become the scat cow worthy of such a Mistress by the end of this very first training session”.


I sat on the toilet with the lid closed for a few minutes while I told her how my use of her as my toilet slave this particular morning would be quite different from how she will serve me in the future.  “Now filthy pig listen closely to Mistress”.  “Normally Mistress will be using you as her toilet by taking her morning shit directly into your open mouth which you will sometimes have to chew and swallow but I will direct you as to when you are permitted such a luxury”.   “However since you are my toilet pig in training and since I am such a kind and compassionate Mistress this morning I will not shit in your mouth but do not assume I will always be as kind to a filthy pig fuck such as yourself as this morning is to be considered a gift by your Mistress to ‘ease’ you into the process of becoming my perfect toilet pig”.  “Instead I will be taking my morning dump on top of your fat cow udders and when I am finished you will lick my dirty shit hole clean for me”.  “When you have cleaned Mistress up and served as her toilet paper Mistress is going to this one time only you understand smear her shit all over your cow body and is also going to push some of her shit up inside your sloppy cunt hole”.  “Mistress will never usually touch any of the shit in the future cow you understand, this morning is an exercise just to get you started cow and also we will not usually be using shit in your cunt hole as you may get a urinary tract infection from the bacteria”.  “If you have any difficulty pissing in the next week you are to go to a doctor and get tested for this and get a course of antibiotics to clear it up as they are very painful”.  “Since you have such a greedy, sloppy cunt hole Mistress has decided to indulge you this one time by shit fucking your sloppy fat cunt hole”.  “Do you understand everything I have said fuck meat”?  “Yes Mistress I understand” she responded in a very strained voice.  “Good then let’s begin”.


I got into the bathtub with her and stood over her first with my cunt pulled wide open then let out my gush of morning piss.  It splashed all over her fat udders and onto her face and hair then I moved down a little and splashed the rest of it over her cunt hole which I had already noticed had a nice puddle of cunt snot moistening her inner thighs.  Oh yes she was a filthy pig fuck indeed wasn’t she.  She didn’t want to do this but her desire to do it was so overwhelming and the conflict of both her disgust mixed with her consuming desire was tormenting her to the max.  I was delighted to say the least!  Once I was done pissing all over her I squatted a little with my ass hole over her udders but remained high enough for her to see my hole and the shit that would be coming out very soon quite clearly.  I pulled my shit hole open and before long I felt my big morning shit pushing it’s way from my bowels and down my shit chute toward the hole.  Slowly it came and I didn’t push it wanting the cow to suffer badly with the anticipation of knowing how disgusting she was about to become at my expense.  Eventually I felt the first sign of the shit pushing through my hole and making its appearance and started speaking to the pig again.  “Oh dear here it comes scat cow, here comes Mistress’s lovely big brown turd about to land on your fat cow udders”.  “Are you ready scat cow, are you ready for your Mistress’s fat brown turd”?  “Mmm you are about to become my toilet pig any minute now you filthy piece of fuck meat, oh yes here it comes scat cow, ahhhh oh yeah it feels like a nice long solid turd, how does it look scat cow tell Mistress how lovely her morning turd looks sliding out of her shit hole, speak up scat cow Mistress needs to hear you”. 


“Yes Mistress your morning turd is truly lovely as it slides out of your beautiful hole, it is light brown and solid, it is lovely” she replied in a trembling voice.  “Good pig, good scat cow now tell Mistress how badly you want her shit, how you already crave her shit, how you must have her shit” I ordered her.  “Oh Mistress I want your shit so badly I can feel the craving for your shit deep inside of me yes I must have your shit Mistress”, she said without enough enthusiasm.  I took my fist and punched her hard right on her cunt, she flinched and I heard a little sob escape her.  “LISTEN YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING SCAT FUCK, YOU NEED TO BEG MISTRESS TO BE WORTHY OF HAVING HER SHIT AND YOU NEED TO FUCKING MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, YOU HEAR ME”.  “Oh yes Mistress please give me your shit, I need your shit so much please train this worthless fucking scat fuck how to be worthy of your shit Mistress, please give it to me Mistress, I beg you to please give me your shit” I heard her say with much more enthusiasm.  “Well now scat fuck that is much better” and with that I grunted a little and gave a little push which made some sloppy wet shit burst out of my hole and spray all over her.  Quickly I spread my hole wide open and plopped it down hard over her mouth giving her no option than to eat my dirty ass hole.  I felt her gag so I thrust my four fingers deep inside her very wet cunt hole and fucked her hard.  That did the trick and soon she was licking my dirty shit hole like the greedy pig I knew she would be.  I slid my dirty hole up and down over her face because I wanted to see her face smeared in my butt slime and shit when I got myself back up off her face.  Her tongue probed up inside my shit hole whenever it slid back to her mouth then I rose up a little and let out a big fart right into her mouth.  She spluttered and coughed, even sneezed but I didn’t let her indulge for too long and slammed my hole back down over her mouth quickly.


“So scat fuck how does Mistress’s lovely ass hole taste this morning as you clean it up”?  “You sure are licking it good and clean so I assume my scat fuck is already becoming a pig who craves shit, what a filthy disgusting piece of shitty fuck meat you are whore”.  “That’s it cow lick me nice and clean, are done yet cow”?  Finally I pulled my ass away from her flicking tongue and stood over her again looking her up and down with a look that told her what a disgusting fucking pig she was at this moment.  “What a filthy fucking cow you are”.  “If only your precious husband could see you now cow, he would never get out of fucking rehab if he knew what a fucking pig you truly are”.  “You know if you ever want him to see you in action as the filthy shit pig this is all being filmed as well and I would be more than happy to show it to him”.  The look of panic on her face was fucking priceless!  “Don’t worry cow I will only show him if you ask your Mistress very nicely to do so”.  “Now pig I have some piss I need to get rid of and it didn’t show up before but hopefully will now because I didn’t tell you pig that I have my period so I hope my piss will have some lovely globs of blood congealed within it, so let’s see shall we”?  As I stood over her I aimed my piss hole over her head and pissed a good amount and to my delight there was indeed some lovely globs of congealed blood that gushed out with it.  I pissed right on top of her head washing her hair in piss and blood and the globs of blood stuck in her hair like blobs of red Jell-O.  One even landed on her forehead and slid it’s way slowly down over her face and I have to hand it to her she just let it slide and didn’t flinch or gag just took it like the filthy pig she was shaping up to be.


Eventually the blood glob landed on her fat udders with the shit that was still perched on top of them and it was too good an opportunity for me to let pass!  I picked the blood glob up in my fingers and pushed it inside her mouth forcing it around her gums and onto her tongue.  She bravely tried not to show her disgust but I knew her disgust was there hiding just under the surface.  “Mmmm yummy, yummy pig eat it up my little pig doesn’t it taste delicious”?  “Tell Mistress how delicious her menstrual juices taste pig”.  “Yes Mistress, mmmm your menstrual juice tastes delicious Mistress, it is truly yummy, mmmm very tasty,” she cooed despite herself.  God damn it I was having so much fun with this filthy fuck pig, she was a find that’s for sure and may have taken me fucking years to locate it but worth the wait without any question.  I spread my cunt hole open over her face and ordered her to clean my cunt of any blood and piss left there and to my delight learned that my filthy pig had discovered the art of cunt sucking and licking somehow overnight since she did such a fine job and got my own juices flowing like a whore in heat.  “Yes very good my filthy pig, good job pig you have learned how to lick a bleeding piss cunt clean very well, good job pig you are learning fast and well” I complimented her on her work.  “Yes Mistress has a lovely dirty cunt to clean doesn’t she pig and this is why you do your job so well because her cunt is so delicious when it’s dirty”.  “Good pig, very good job pig”.


When I pulled my cunt away from her face and looked down at her she was smiling from ear to ear, obviously very pleased with herself that she had done so well already when it was just the day before she had flinched away from my cunt when I had presented it for cleaning.  I was delighted at her smile knowing that it made her happy to have pleased me so well and to have done such a good job already at something spoke volumes to me about how easily this bitch was sliding into complete submission and how much she craved pure filth.  Yes things were progressing very nicely indeed I must say and I hoped that fucking crippled useless husband of hers never got out of his rehab but who knows perhaps by then she won’t even want him anymore as she may well crave to be used by her Mistress more than anything else in the world.  If her training kept up this pace it could well be the case for sure.  Snapping myself back into the ‘now’ I stood up and got out of the bathtub instructing the pig not to move.  I came back moments later with a large full-length mirror which I placed at the end of the bathtub so she had a full view of herself in it.  Kneeling beside the tub I instructed her to have a good look at her filthy fuck self in that mirror, I told her to note her piss covered body, the pile of shit perched on her fat udders, the shit smeared all over her face, the globs of congealed blood stuck in her hair.  I told her to smile at herself so she could see the shit and blood staining her teeth and lips and I told her that while she was gazing at herself in her filthy state to shove her fingers deep inside her cunt hole and fuck herself while doing so. 


Without hesitation four fingers were rammed up inside her sloppy cunt hole as she fucked herself like a crack whore working for her next fix.  Her cunt drooled cunt snot into the bathtub, which I had plugged when she first got into so it swirled around with my piss and blood in the bottom of the tub, which she was now wallowing in.  “Yeah that’s it you filthy little fuck hole, ram that sloppy cunt hole hard and take a good look at yourself, see how filthy, disgusting and incredibly beautiful you look right now covered in my putrid mess”.  “Do you see for yourself what a beautiful scat cow you truly are, you have never looked more beautiful have you”?  “Do not cum whore unless I tell you to no matter how big your urge is, control your cum unless I permit you to let it go pig, do you understand”?  “Oh yes Mistress I understand, I won’t cum” she moaned back at me.  “You better not pig fuck or I will have to punish you again and you don’t like that do you pig”.  “No Mistress I don’t like that I won’t cum Mistress” she replied through her frantic breathing.  “Alright then my little filthy fuck meat, stop fucking your sloppy cunt hole now as we have more work to do here,” I instructed her.  Immediately she removed her hand from her cunt hole although I could tell it was like dying for her to do so.  “Now fuck meat as I told you this is the one time Mistress is going to assist you in this process so make sure you are clear on this, understand”?  “Yes Mistress I am clear on this Mistress” was her urgent response.  She was obviously eager to have her sloppy cunt fucked again so wanted to do whatever was needed to get there again.


I put on a pair of disposable gloves and told her to position her legs with one on the tiled wall and one on the tub door so they were spread as far as they could be in the tub.  Then I scooped up a big handful of the warm shit resting on her udders and gently put it right on her cunt hole.  She looked at her cunt in the mirror with a big pile of shit resting on top of it and to my absolute delight moaned!  “Yes doesn’t your sloppy pig hole look pretty with some shit resting peacefully all over it my little scat cow”?  “Oh yes Mistress it does look pretty, I cannot believe how pretty it looks Mistress” she answered.  Slowly I spread the shit pile all over her cunt hole and her shit hole pushing a good amount of it up inside her shit hole so she could watch it slowly ooze out of her ass hole in the mirror.  Then with both hands one on either side of her cunt I pulled it wide open and with my thumbs proceeded to push a fairly large amount of shit up inside her cunt.  By now she was moaning and breathing so heavily I thought the remainder of the pile on her fat udders would be shaken off them!  Slowly I pushed more and more shit up inside her cunt hole with my thumbs and as it filled up I started to push it up inside of her with three fingers stuffing it almost completely full.  I only stopped cramming it up inside her cunt hole when I knew it probably could not take much more then told her to put her legs back down and try to close her muscles so not too much of the shit could escape for now.


Next I started to smear the rest of the shit all over her body, covering her big fat udders completely, her arms, her fat stomach rolls, her chunky legs and her feet.  When she was coated in shit I smeared the rest on my hands over her face and all through her hair being careful to leave the blood globs alone so they were still in clear view for her to see in the mirror.  When I was done you could barely see one speck of her lily-white skin she was so well covered in shit.  I told her to resume the position with her legs spread on the wall and door and as she did some of the shit oozed out of her hole mixed with a good amount of her cunt snot.  I pushed it back up inside her hole then started to fuck her again with my four fingers pushing the shit and her cunt snot deep up inside her filthy hole.  I fucked her hole slowly talking to her the entire time.  “Look scat cow just look at your disgusting filthy cunt hole packed with shit as I fuck it”.  “How putrid is your hole you filthy piece of shit fuck”?  “Lovely filthy fuck hole isn’t it pig”?  “Mmmm my piggy likes it when her cunt hole is dirty doesn’t she”?  Meanwhile my four fingers were pushing up inside her filthy hole so easily I knew I may well be able to fist her in my shit this very fine morning.  As she lay in the tub sliding around in my piss, shit and blood moaning loudly she was so fucking hot with seeing her filth and being fucked in so much shit she didn’t even notice when my thumb joined my four fingers getting shoved up inside her dirty, stretched fuck hole.  It fit very nicely and I knew I could push even more so slowly I started to push my fist up inside of her, the shit sloshing around inside her filthy hole as I worked my way up inside of it.  As I knew it would I hit a slight resistance when my fist tried to penetrate that last little bit of tightness her hole possessed and she drew in her breath sharply.


“Relax my filthy fucking pig, just relax those cunt hole muscles we are almost there”.  She relaxed somewhat and my fist got a little further.  “Yes that’s it scat cow remember these are MY fuck holes as I explained and your Mistress desires them both to be fisted often, so since your cunt hole was already so stretched and sloppy this is where it begins”.  “See scat cow look at your cunt hole in the mirror, my fist is almost engorged within it, look how beautiful your dirty fuck hole is right now cow”.  “Now tell Mistress how much you want her fist right up inside your dirty cunt hole scat cow, beg for it my filthy fucking cow, beg your Mistress NOW”.  In an urgent pleading voice she began, “please Mistress fist my dirty fuck hole, oh YES PLEASE Mistress I need your fist deep inside my filthy cunt hole, I need to feel your fist right up inside it pushing your shit deep inside of me, Mistress please I need you to fist my hole deep, I need you to fist my filthy cunt hole stuffed full of shit as far as you can, I am begging you Mistress, PLEASE FIST MY DIRTY CUNT HOLE”.  That was what I wanted to hear and upon hearing it I pushed my fist up inside her hole much harder than I had been, I felt her flinch for an instant but then BAM my fist was up her shitty fuck hole, my whole fist with no more resistance.


Jesus now that I was up her and was able to shove my fist in and out and in and out over and over without any more pain she went fucking wild, completely and utterly fucking wild!  Her hips rose up high as she tried to grind her dirty cunt hole further onto my hand, they bucked, they ground in a circle and she pushed her hole onto my hand with all her might using her legs positioned on the wall and the door to carry all her weight into the effort and it worked!  In a matter of minutes I was up inside her filthy fuck hole all the way to my fucking elbow!  Not bad for a first time fisting I thought quietly to myself.  Well who was I to deny the whore what she so craved so if this is what she wanted so badly this is what she was going to get.  I started to ram my arm up inside her dirty fuck hole brutally, my arm disappearing up the elbow with each thrust.  The harder I rammed her hole the more she thrust herself onto my arm and the more she bucked and ground her hips around.  She was no longer moaning and groaning but she was literally screaming at the top of her lungs and each time she slammed her hole onto my arm eating more and more of it up the louder the scream was that blew out of her lungs.  Soon I was up her dirty hole past my elbow and I couldn’t believe how much this piece of fuck meat was taking to getting her filthy hole not fist fucked but now ARM FUCKED.  She watched intently in the mirror as more of my arm was rammed up inside her fuck hole and this made her even wilder.  The shit was oozing out of her hole now getting so slimy from her cunt snot gushing from within her and even I was getting completely splattered with shit which normally I would not appreciate but I was so fucking hot violating this filthy fuck pig’s hole with my arm while stuffed full of nasty shit plus I had a huge dildo shoved up inside my own hole which I was riding while kneeling beside the tub so I didn’t care at all this time.


“Oh GOD YES MISTRESS, YES, YES, YES, PLEASE RAM YOUR ARM DEEP INSIDE MY FILTHY PIG HOLE, MY USELESS PIG HOLE, GOOD FOR NOTHING BUT TO PACK FULL OF YOUR GLORIOUS SHIT MISTRESS AND RAM YOUR ARM DEEP INSIDE”, she screamed.  I was grateful we lived deep in the country and we had no other neighbors other than each other as she was literally screaming this out at the top of her substantial lungs.  “Yes Mistress fuck my dirty filthy scat hole hard with your arm, oh GOD it feels so fucking good Mistress I don’t want it to ever stop, FUCK YOUR TOILET PIG HARD MISTRESS, FUCK ME. EEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW, AAAAAAHHHHHHH, YES FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HHHHHAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRDDDDDDDDD”.  Talk about unleashing a fucking monster!  And I fucked her harder and harder and even harder still.


“You fucking disgusting fuck meat” I told her.  “Look at your dirty filthy cunt hole you scat cow fuck”.  “Did your precious fucking husband ever fuck your filthy hole this good you disgusting piece of fuck meat”?  “Fucking wet sloppy shit and cunt snot gushing out of your putrid cunt hole while it gobbles up my arm”.  “Yes you putrid fuck hole you are good for not much but for Mistress to fist with her entire fucking arm while your dirty hole is packed full of her shit”.  “Disgusting whore do you want to cum now as well and make even more of a mess to ooze out of your hog hole”?  “OH GOD YES MISTRESS, YES PLEASE I WANT TO CUM, PLEASE LET ME CUM, YES CUM PLEASE AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH”.  “Alright then fuck meat let your cunt snot slop as you wish, CUM SCAT COW, CUM HARD”.


I feared losing my fucking arm when the fuck meat started to cum!  Her filthy hole gripped my arm so tightly and would not let go as she thrashed like a rabid dog in the bathtub lying in so much filth.  If possible she screamed even louder than she already had been as she shuddered and went into spasms uncontrollably cumming over and over again.  Talk about rivers of cunt snot pouring out of her filthy hole!  I have never seen so much cunt snot come out of any one bitch in my life, great pools of it adding to the lovely pool of filth she was already wallowing around in at the base of the tub.  I didn’t think she would ever stop cumming but after what seemed like hours she slowly started to calm down with her shuddering and she finally released her pit bull grip on my arm still lodged right up inside her dirty hole.  Her shuddering became trembling and she started to slump physically into the base of the tub, unable to even keep her head up anymore to view herself in the mirror at the end of the tub.  Just for good measure I rammed my arm with as much brutality as I could muster deep inside her filthy hole a few more times and her head shot from side to side with each thrust and I couldn’t believe she was cumming again!  Then slowly I started to slide my arm out of her dirty hole and when I did a huge gush of wet shit and cunt snot poured out of her hole into the bathtub.  She was now lying with her head back lying in shit, piss, cum and blood in the tub, her mouth gaping open and her tongue hanging out like a dog in desperate need of water so I took my shit and cum soaked arm and ran it right across her protruding tongue and her open mouth.  I waited for her to maybe flinch but instead she licked the filth I had smeared her with up from her lips and pulled her tongue inside her mouth so she could gulp down what I had dumped on it.  Oh my fucking God she was proving to be a filthy fuck pig, a disgusting toilet slave beyond my wildest imaginations and at that moment I could have died a happy woman.


Realizing the pig was now craving shit already and there would be no further issues with it eating it or having it in it’s mouth I took advantage of this fact and put it to the test.  I scooped up handfuls of wet clumps of shit floating around in the tub and pushed them into her open mouth.  With her eyes rolling back into her head she hungrily chewed on them or sucked on them slurping them straight down her throat into her stomach then would open her mouth to be fed some more filth.  I kept feeding her more and more filth from the tub, stuffing her mouth full of whatever I could scoop up and push inside her filthy pig mouth and she kept eating more and more as I fed her.  With my other hand I scooped up more shit and stuffed it right back up inside her filthy and wonderfully gaping wide fucking open dirty cunt hole and what a dirty cunt hole it was to behold now after my arm being rammed right up inside of it.  I played with the scat cow, my very own filthy scat cow like this for a good 30 minutes or so talking to her the entire time.  “Mmmm tastes good doesn’t it scat cow, yes you truly are my filthy shit craving piece of fuck meat now aren’t you, did you ever even imagine how wonderful such filth could be, you are the best scat fuck cow I have ever known and you are mine to use as I wish for as long as I desire, I will be using you for others to enjoy as well since a natural piece such filthy fuck meat must be shared with others who enjoy using such filth”.  “Good fuck meat, yes you have pleased Mistress extremely well this morning, better than she could ever have anticipated”.


When I finally stopped stuffing her mouth and her dirty hole because there just weren’t any more decent handfuls of shit left in the tub, she had consumed them all I got up and was completely exhausted.  I told her to stay in the tub until I released her, as this was her reward to now wallow peacefully in her tub of filth like the true dirty pig she now was.  With her eyes still rolling into the back of her head and her legs spread wide apart and her cunt snot still oozing out of her dirty hole she almost growled in a low whisper, “mmm thank you Mistress, yes thank you so much for allowing this filthy fuck pig to wallow”.  Her hands were playing in the shit piss she was lying in and every now and then she would lick her fingers clean of the mess she coated them with.  Ah it was a truly beautiful site for me to behold and I knew the long wait I had endured to find my toilet slave had been worth every second of every fucking year.  Oh and to think it had only just begun I thought as I rubbed my hands together in pure glee!



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