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Nazi Nurse

Part 2

				Nazi Nurse - Part 2

			 	by Llabmik

	Chapter 15 - Job Interview

	Lovely Greta enjoyed her job as Colonel Stroheim's secretary. The SS had such
power. Her uncle, one of Colonel Stroheim's old cronies from Krystalnacht days,
now dead in a bombing raid, had gotten her the job. Basically, she was a little
blond princess who didn't have to fuck anybody to get her nice cushy job and, as
a matter of policy, didn't spread her shapely legs for SS guys. She told anybody
that asked that it would be like grabbing an alligator by the tail. Like so many
beautiful bimbos who like hanging with the bad boys, it never occurred to her
that just being in the swamp was a bad idea. She was a nightclub party girl and
wartime Berlin offered some delightfully sleazy nightlife for an utterly
shameless young hussy.

	Like so many people of quite limited intelligence, Greta thought of herself as
a sharpie with the inside track on everything. She funded her slinky little
fashion statements by skimming fifteen percent off the payday raffle which she
ran. Nobody ever checked up after the first few which she ran with conspicuous
and painstaking honesty. The last four draws had been fifteen percent gravy for
our little fashion fox.

	Each of the three men arriving for the 2:00 pm meeting duly handed over a thick
packet of money and raffle tickets that had been collected by their assistants.

	The first to arrive was Captain Steiner. Fluent in french, he was in charge of
interrogating Resistance fighters. The archtypal good-looking SS bad boy, he
also liased with the Medical Experimentation Unit (women's studies). Greta was
fascinated by his wonderfully brutal methods. The sight of the tough, handsome
Captain really got the juices flowing in her tight, little love canal. If she
hadn't had a chilling little heart-to-heart chat with his very scary girlfriend,
Nurse Heidi, she could have gone for him in a big way. Greta smiled prettily as
she accepted the raffle packet from him.

	"Sweating the scum nicely, Captain Steiner?"

	Aware of her prurient interests, Captain Steiner always had some juicy little
tidbit to feed naughty little Greta.

	"I just received a shipment of six female resistance fighters. They are
currently in the basement, squatting in tiny cages. Their wrists are tied behind
them and their only article of clothing is an adult diaper to seal in the
goodness as they are being denied toilet privileges."

	Greta grinned wickedly. She loved this stuff.

	"Any of them have their period?"

	Captain Steiner nodded.

	"Are any of them showing a disappointing degree of bowel and bladder control?"

	Captain Steiner smirked.

	"After an educational beating, each of them had a generous amount of vinegar
squirted up her rectum just before the adult diaper was strapped on.
Constipation isn't a problem."

	Greta sniggered.

	"Do any want to talk?"

	Captain Steiner winked.

	"Several have shown a clear desire to communicate, but they are all nicely
gagged so they'll just have to be patient."

	Pretty Greta clapped her hands in delight.

	"So they're squatting in a tiny cage , in their own piss and shit, no food, no
water, no conversation? Stupid cows!"

	Captain Steiner laughed genially.

	"Several of the 'cows' have quite large udders and have been jiggling them at
the guards to try and get their attention, but with black eyes, fat lips, bloody
noses and the awesome stench, they are hardly at their most desirable!"

	He tapped the envelope with the raffle money and tickets.

	"Pick my ticket, Greta. Make me a winner!"

	"I bet those naked, squatting French bitches are sure that you're a winner
already, Captain!"

	He laughed and went into Colonel Stroheim's office.

	Captain Krupp arrived next and handed her the envelope of lottery money and
tickets. Greta burbled happily as she accepted the thick packet. She was going
to be one well-dressed piece of nightclub nookie.

	"This payday lottery is really popular!"

	Curiosity showed in her pretty face.

	"I hear that you captured that traitor in the cypher department in a
restaurant, drunk as a lord! Drunks are pretty insensitive to pain. I guess you
have to wait until he sobers up."

	Captain Krupp laughed modestly.

	"No at all! We simply stripped him naked, cuffed his hands behind his back and
tied his weinie shut with a loop of stout twine wrapped around it and tied
tight. In very short order, he was quite literally bursting with eagerness to
tell us everything. No problem!"

	Greta giggled cheerfully.

	"Jeez! You're making me laugh so hard I almost wet myself!"

	"Well, at least you can if you want! That poor sap is still begging for the

	Greta had to wipe away the tears, she was laughing so hard. Captain Krupp
patted her on the shoulder and went in.

	The last to arrive was Captain Gruber. He had the last thick lottery envelope
which he duly handed over. Enquiring minds want to know, so Greta was eager to
hear the latest.

	"How's that cute little typing clerk who was giving secrets to the allies? Is
she singing prettily?"

	Captain Gruber grinned.

	"She was a little reluctant at first, so we applied the nipple clamps and
screwed them tight. She was still reluctant to sing, but I could see that her
bare little bod was weakening, so I brought out my new little toy and screwed
the clit clamp in place. She is now co-operating fully with me in every way."

	He gave Greta a significant wink.

	"Every way."

	Greta laughed.

	"So what happens to her now?"

	"There are no obvious marks and she caved in quickly so, for the time being,
she is back in place and passing a confusing mix of true and false info to the
Allies. When we are done with her, she gets flushed hard."

	He showed Greta the finely crafted stainless steel clit clamp with it's vicious
little spiked jaws for grasping a love nubbin and squeezing hard. Greta was

	"A triumph of German engineering! That's gotta hurt!"

	She picked up the vicious little implement, inspecting it closely. She
shuddered delicately and put it back on the desk. She held up the box that she
had put all the lottery tickets in.

	"I've got all the tickets now. Reach in and pick who wins all the money,
Captain Gruber."

	He reached in and picked one. He read it and rolled his eyes comically.

	"Colonel Wessel wins! He needs more money like he needs another duelling scar!"

	He shrugged philosophically.

	"Phone us inside once you add up the money and let us know how much richboy

	Greta snapped him a smart salute.

	"Yes, sir!"

	He started to enter the office.

	"Captain Gruber!"

	He stopped and arched an eyebrow enquiringly.

	"Yes, Fraulein?"

	"You forgot this."

	She handed him the vicious little clit clamp. He accepted it, clicked his heels
and bowed graciously.

	"Danke schon!"

	He pocketted the vicious little torture tool and stepped inside. Greta thought
of the spiked clit clamp and shuddered briefly. She sure wouldn't want any of
these guys getting hold of her delectable bare body.

	Greta picked up the lottery money. She added up the total and phoned in the
amount, minus her fifteen percent skim, to Colonel Stroheim and the three
captains. She put her 'commission' into her purse and put the rest in an
envelope to give to Colonel Wessel.

	She put on the earphones and began typing a transcript of an interrogation
which had been taped using a wire recorder. The woman's screams warmed the
cockles of her crotch. Greta replayed them a few times, grinning hugely and
squirming in her seat. Then she got down to business and started typing.

	A few minutes later, Colonel Stroheim summoned her. Greta picked up her purse
and her steno pad and went in. She knew something was wrong when Captain Steiner
locked the door behind her. Colonel Stroheim gestured sternly to a short stool
in front of his desk. It was the stool he used to put his victims as near to the
floor as possible.


	Greta sat primly, knees tightly together, squatting down deeply to park her
tight buns on the humiliatingly low stool.

	"Greta, the amount you claimed to take in from the lottery is short. This makes
the fourth in a row that is short. Give your purse to Captain Gruber."

	Greta felt like she had been punched in the gut. Biting her lip, she handed her
purse to the man with the clit clamp in his pocket. He emptied it onto the desk.

	A box of condoms, a picture of a naked stud, achingly erect, and a spare pair
of black silk panties fell out along with her wallet and other oddments. Greta
blushed furiously.

	Captain Gruber opened the wallet, pulled out the bills and spread them on the
desk. He inspected them closely.

	"They're the ones, OK. And in the exact amount of the shortfall."

	Greta swallowed hard. She tried to think of something, some good explanation.
Nothing came. Colonel Stroheim inspected her coldly.

	"You know that we handle these things internally. We do not involve the police
in the affairs of the SS."

	Greta nodded. She knew.

	With his German love of order and method, Colonel Stroheim did it by the

	"There are three issues to be resolved here: one - restitution of what you have
stolen, two - your future, and three - a suitable punishment."

	Greta's baby blues darted nervously, her cheeks flushed bright red.

	"I'm really very, very sorry. It was quite stupid of me. I'll make it up to you
in any way that you deem fair and just. I'll do whatever is necessary to make it
right - anything!"

	It was a speech to warm a jaded pervert's heart. Colonel Stroheim was

	"You are a very pretty girl, Greta. Before we go any farther, I want you to
strip to your bra and panties and get down on your knees."

	The men's eyes glittered ferally as Greta stood and silently stripped. She
removed her satin blouse, folded it neatly and put it on the desk next to the
box of condoms. Her skirt was soon neatly folded on top of the stud's picture.
She stepped out of her high heels and peeled off her expensive silk stockings.
She placed them neatly on the desk and knelt. She looked at them pleadingly,
tears in her eyes. Her voice shook.

	"Please, I'll do whatever it takes. I just don't want to be disfigured or

	Captain Steiner had a helpful suggestion.

	"Perhaps you would like to remove your bra and panties and show us what you
have to offer. Maybe a round of blowjobs would put everyone in a more mellow
mood as we contemplate your fate?"

	She lost the rest of it. No one was disappointed. She was grade A sweatermeat
with a lovely pair of juice jigglers. Her blouse boulders bobbed gently as the
pretty party girl made the rounds, demonstrating her skill as a piccolo player,
showing superb breath control and flutter-tonguing beautifully.

	When she was done, Colonel Stroheim leaned forward and cupped her chin as he
meted out some SS justice. Again, he did it by the numbers.

	"OK, Greta, here's the deal. One - for restitution. You stole four times. Each
time, you stole the amount necessary to purchase a whore for the night. There
are four of us. We each get your services for one twenty-four hour period.

	Greta nodded.

	"Two - your future. Herr Goebbels is looking for a new mistress. He's admired
you, but so far, you've shown no interest. He thinks he heard you call him a fat
hog, but I assured him that you held him in the highest respect. From now on,
that's your job. You're no longer my secretary, you are Herr Goebbels mistress.
If we hear any complaints from him, you get a job shovelling out the ovens in
Buchenwald and that's just for starters. Agreed?"

	Greta nodded.


	"Third - punishment. You will spend tonight with Captain Steiner's French
Resistance bitches. You will be gagged and bound and squat naked in a cage like
them, but no diaper. Nobody wants you spoiled. You will not be released until
you have peed and pooped on the paper at the bottom of the cage like a zoo
animal. We want you to be intimately aquainted with the possibilities. Study
those miserable bitches carefully. Observe what a well-beaten woman looks like.
They used to be good-looking, but never again. Their once-pretty faces have been
thoroughly pulped. Watch while the rest of them is beaten and broken. Listen to
them sob and scream. Breath deeply. Savour the stench. Look into their eyes.
Know that if you fuck up, that could easily be you. Understand?"

	Greta swallowed hard and nodded.


	"You know a lot of secrets. We could have you flushed down the toilet for being
untrustworthy and everyone would tell us that it was a job well done. You
realize that we are being very generous with you?"

	He looked at her sternly. Greta gulped.
	"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

	Colonel Stroheim nodded.

	"We'll tell you the schedule for playing hide the salami when you finish your
tour of duty with the French bitches. Next week, you start as Goebbels

	He beamed at his colleagues.

	"How about another round of knob jobs?"

	It was a popular suggestion. Everyone unzipped and lovely Greta, naked on her
knees, wrapped her luscious lips around Colonel Stroheim's rock hard piledriver
and started gobbling.

	Chapter 16 - New Bitch

	Rebekka was horrified. She stared at Mistress Elke like a rabbit trapped in the
headlights. Otto slapped her cheerfully on the back.

	"I told you I'd look after you! I have to take a trip, sniffing out jews, spies
and traitors. Mistress Elke has generously offered to protect you while I'm

	Mistress Elke inspected Rebekka from her pretty little head to her nicely
polished toenails, the big bad wolf eyeing a yummy little lamb. She purred at
her new pet.

	"Otto says that you're very eager to please. I like that in a woman."

	Rebekka bit her lip and nodded, her pretty face aquiver with nervous tics.
Trading sex for protection had seemed like such a good idea at first. After all,
how many times can a man get it up in a day?

	Unfortunately for the pretty jew-girl, being a Nazi had brought out the beast
in him, giving Otto awesome stamina. He loved fucking over the 'lesser breeds'.
The sex had turned out to be a series of very long, very hard rides for lovely
little Rebekka.

	The bad news was that he was always looking for fresh fuckmeat. So many bitches
to sweat, so little time. Otto bade her a cheerful farewell.

	"You two lovebirds look like you have a lot to talk about! Have fun!"

	Pretty Rebekka was scared shitless. She had seen Mistress Elke in action. She
brought a woman's touch to sweating a bitch. Men were just crude. Women were
absolutely depraved. Mistress Elke cupped Rebekka's lovely face in her gloved
hands, stared deep into her playmate's scared rabbit eyes and spoke briskly.
Like Colonel Stroheim, Mistress Elke had the German fondness for doing it by the

	"Item one is your new name. You're no longer Rebekka. From now on you answer to
Muffy because, if you work out, you'll be spending a lot of time with your face
in my crotch."

	The newly christened Muffy nodded. She knew that if she didn't work out, she
would end up in Mistress Elke's snuff shows.

	"If you answer to Rebekka, you'll be punished. Understand?"

	Muffy nodded.

	"If anybody calls you Rebekka, explain that you're name is Muffy now because
you're a working girl now and you like a box lunch!"  

	Mistress Elke started to unbutton Muffy's blouse.

	"Item two is seeing what you have to offer. I hope you don't disappoint."

	If there was one thing Muffy was confident of, it was her lithe, athletic, 
ex-cheerleader's bod.

	"You won't be disappointed."

	Mistress Elke slapped her lightly. Poor Muffy was totally confused, uncertain
of her mistake.

	"Item three: you always address me as Mistress Elke."

	"Yes, Mistress Elke! Sorry, Mistress Elke!"

	Mistress Elke's gloved hands roamed like deadly spiders over Muffy clothes,
stripping her deftly.

	"Bend over and spread your legs. Hands behind your head."

	"Yes, Mistress Elke!"

	For a long while, Muffy stood, fully exposed, while Mistress Elke's long
fingers probed deeply and squeezed intimately, a butcher checking out the meat.
Muffy shivered delicately as her holes were opened for inspection. After a
rigorous examination that left Muffy gasping, Mistress Elke grunted in

	"Otto was right! You're prime."

	She looked at Muffy with critical eyes.

	"You've got the looks OK, but can you deliver the goods?"

	Mistress Elke stepped out of her spike heels, peeled off her skintight black
leather pants and removed her g-string. She sat on the edge of her chair and
spread her legs. Without any more encouragement, Muffy dropped to her knees, put
her face in Mistress Elke's already moist muff and demonstrated that there were
definite advantages to being educated in an all-girl school.

	Mistress Elke was as greedy and demanding as Muffy's physical education
headmistress had been, cumming repeatedly in Muffy's pretty face, sliming her
thoroughly. The swampy smell of a woman in heat definitely brought back memories
for Muffy as she licked and sucked, having a real clam chowdown. Muffy
discovered that it was like riding a bicycle. Even if you haven't done it in
years, you never forget how.

	Although women have an awesome capacity to cum copiously, Mistress Elke was, at
last, totally satisfied. Women can be so much more demanding than men. Muffy
knew that Otto had been a mere cakewalk when compared to what a tigress like
Mistress Elke would require of her.

	Mistress Elke sighed, patted Muffy on the head like a loyal dog and confirmed
her fears.

	"You're a little rusty, but don't worry, you'll get lots and lots of practise!"

	Mistress Elke got back to business. She handed Muffy a pair of black stockings
and six inch spike heels.

	"Let's get you dressed!"

	"Yes, Mistress Elke!"

	While Muffy strapped on the heels that would hobble her nicely, Mistress Elke
greased up the butt plug. She handed it to her new charge.

	"Bury it as deep as you can! You've seen what happens to girls who disappoint

	The memory of the screaming beauties in Mistress Elke's Snuff Show had been
burned into her mind forever. Muffy grunted as she wormed the thick butt plug
into her tight little heinie hole. A thick knobby dildo was next. Muffy was
red-faced by the time she had worked that monster in, stretching her fuck-hole
very wide indeed.

	"Snap on the nipple clamps and screw them as tight as possible!"

	Muffy's pretty face contorted as she obliged, tightening them brutally, knowing
that anything less was simply unacceptable. Mistress Elke handed her a thick
leather dog collar.
She buckled it on snugly. Mistress Elke was critical.

	"It looks a little loose. Tighten it up a notch or two."

	Muffy tightened it two notches to be on the safe side and discovered that she
could hardly breathe.


	"Yes. MIstress Elke?"

	"Fetch the rubber strap hanging on the wall!"

	"Oh, shit! My name's not Rebekka, it's Muffy because..."

	Mistress Elke's eyes flickered impatiently to the strap. She interrupted

	"I'm waiting!"

	Muffy scrambled to obey, nervously handing over the thick rubber strap.
Mistress elke instruced her charge brusquely.

	"I expect instant obedience, Muffy. Bend over and touch your toes. After each
stroke I expect you to thank me, tell me what you'll do in the future to avoid
repeating your mistake and to beg me for the next stroke."

	Muffy bent over, her bare bum temptingly positioned. She yelped as the strap
kissed her ass leaving a thick red welt.

	"Thank you, Mistress Elke. I'll always remember that my name is Muffy. It was
stupid of me to forget! May I have another stroke, please, Mistress Elke?"

	Administering discipline always made her feel warm and fuzzy all over. Mistress
Elke addressed her charge in a warm, friendly tone.

	"How many strokes do you think that you deserve, Muffy?"

	Muffy looked into Mistress Elke's eyes and realized that there was only one
acceptable answer.

	"Lots more, Mistress Elke!"

	Mistress Elke positively radiated friendliness now.

	"Perhaps you'd care to offer some services to atone in lieu of so many

	Mistress Elke was enchanted at the range of services Muffy was prepared to
offer in return for a minimum of strokes. The Physical Education Mistress had
taught her well. Mistress Elke sparkled. Lovely Muffy was going to be one fun
piece of nookie.

	"Well, let's get it over with then!"

	The next few minutes were occupied with the crisp smack of the snappy rubber
strap on quivering bare buttocks, Muffy's yelp as a fresh red welt blossomed on
her lily white ass, followed by Muffy bawling out her eagerness to please.

	"Thank you, Mistress Elke! My name's Muffy. I'm certainly a dumb cunt for
forgetting that! May I have another stroke, please, Mistress Elke?"

	Eventually, they worked through this delightful exercise together and Muffy's
milky white ass had been shellacked to a bright, bright red.

	"Hands behind your back!"

	Her arms were fitted together into a long leather sleeve. Laced tight, it glued
her forearms together behind her.

	"Open wide!"

	Muffy opened. All possibility of protest or negotiation or forgetting her name
was removed as the ball gag was buckled in place. There was no choice except
blind obedience now. The crotch harness was buckled up and pulled tight between
her legs, holding the two dildoes firmly in place.

	Mistress Elke snapped on the leash and led her off to inspect the latest
shipment of caged muff, a bevy of lovely, young actresses whose 'jewish origins'
had been uncovered by her eager henchmen.

	A leather bitch's work is never done.

	Chapter 17 - The Whipping Trough

	Heidi loved the steel whipping troughs. She fastened the hysterically babbling
beauty's wrist and ankle cuffs and made sure that she was stretched tightly in
the heavy steel trough. Tightly stretched skin splits open very nicely indeed
with each slice of the whip.

	Nazi torturers pioneered the use of benzedrine on victims. It keeps them from
fainting. It makes them exquisitely sensitive and very aware. As an added
benefit, this wonder drug makes them deeply fearful and wonderfully paranoid.
Nurse Heidi had fed her subject a generous helping of 'bennies'. The woman was
sweating and trembling and babbling frantically. Heidi listened briefly.
Although talking a mile a minute, the trembling beauty was apparently so deep in
the fear locker that she couldn't put a coherent thought together. She spouted a
frenzied vomit of words, a terrified spewing of hysteria. Nurse Heidi looked at
the clipboard to confirm her victim's identity.


	The hysterical beauty ceased her babble briefly. It was the first time any of
her captors had used her name. The rest had merely referred to her by the number
tattooed on her arm. Since she had been seized, taken to the camp, stripped
naked, shaved bald and had her pubic hair razored away, her life had been one
continuous nightmare. Marta looked up in confusion, sweat dripping from her
anxious, twitching face. She answered querulously, like an old, deeply troubled


	"Your husband and his lovely secretary send their greetings! The secretary,
apparently known to you as 'that bitch', says that she's really, truly sorry,
but once she had discovered that you were a pure-blooded gypsy, felt that she
had no choice but to inform the authorities. She knows that you will suffer
horribly, but it is her duty as a good German to keep the race pure. She assures
you that the opportunity to fuck your husband's brains out in your absence
formed no part of her motivation."

	Nurse Heidi gave her a friendly smile and waved aside lovely Marta's frantic
protestations that she was innocent of any gypsy blood.

	"Don't bother. A lot of you gypsies are deeply in denial. Nobody pays any
attention to what you say. Once you're here, you're just a piece of meat to be
processed. By the way, your husband, apparently known to you as 'that bastard',
sends his best wishes and urges you to accept your agonizing fate with dignity
and decorum."

	Nurse Heidi ran her hand along her victim's sweat-soaked, trembling thigh and
wormed her fingers into Marta's tight, dry fuckhole, slowly, painfully working
her entire fist into Marta's cunt. She twisted her fist and wiggled her fingers
playfully deep inside while her victim shreiked and resumed her hysterical
babble. Dignity and decorum weren't really options for poor Marta.

	"Wow! Life's just not fair, Marta! They're apparently fucking like minks while
you're making your patriotic, but excruciatingly painful, contribution to Nazi
science! The whip that's going to be used on you is long to give it lots of
snap, thin so that it slices deep and soaked in brine so that each stroke really
burns. Enjoy!"

	She withdrew her fist and stepped back. The whipmaster, a massive brute,
stripped to the waist, removed the whip from it's bucket of brine and lovingly
uncoiled it.

	A loud crack, combining with the sound of tearing parchment as tightly
stretched skin split open, melding into a piercing scream, signalled the first
stroke. The long whip sliced Marta diagonally the full length of her back, from
right shoulder to left buttock. The whipmaster paused, to allow shreiking,
gibbering Marta an opportunity to really savour the afterburn.

	A good German believer in order and symmetry, the whipmaster made sure that the
next stroke made an X with the first stroke, opening poor, shreiking Marta up
from the left shoulder to the right buttock. Another pause, again to allow Marta
to fully savour the experience, established the slow deliberate pacing that was
the whipmaster's hallmark.

	A criss-cross pattern really opens up a woman's back. With true teutonic
thoroughness, the whipmaster spent the next strokes meticulously carving
diamonds of flesh in the back of his shuddering, frantically screeching victim.
Each vicious stroke threw up a red mist of blood and elicited a shrill,
blood-curdling shreik as it ate deeply into sensitive female flesh. The metallic
smell and coppery taste of blood filled the air.

	Marta, her bare breasts crushed against the chilly metal of the trough, emitted
scream after scream. The cold metal was unyielding, forcing the victim to absorb
the full force of each deep, powerful stroke.

	The whipmaster, always eager to tweak up his victim's performance, rinsed the
whip in the bucket of brine and stepped back a couple of paces. Two delicate
strokes opened up the cringing soles of her feet. The whipmaster was pleased to
note a higher pitch to Marta's screams as he sliced open her legs from buttock
to calf.

	A true fan of Wagnerian opera, the whipmaster loved encouraging a soprano to go
for the high notes. He rinsed the whip in brine once more, took two paces
forward and was gratified by the results as he sliced Marta open from her
exposed armpit, along the sensitive side of her belly to the dimple in her bun.
Lovely Marta was really projecting from the diaphragm, demonstrating awesome,
full-throated vocal skills, as he sliced open the other side.

	The whipmaster, with a true artist's instinct, knew that it was time for the
piece de resistance. He went to the other end of the trough. With a deceptively
lazy-looking flick, the thin whip uncoiled like a striking cobra. It ran along
the crack of her ass, curled between her cuntlips and kissed her clit, opening
it all up in a crimson spray of blood. Emitting an inhumanly high shreik, Marta
passed out.

	With a grunt of satisfaction, the whipmaster nodded to Heidi. Heidi snapped on
a pair of rubber gloves and skillfully revived poor, blubbering Marta. The
benzedrine made it easy as poor Marta couldn't stay out for very long with so
much of the drug pounding through her arteries, hyping her awareness,
sensitivity and fear sky high.

	Nurse Heidi dipped her gloved hands in the well salted mixture of human
exrement and urine. She began working it into Marta's wounds. Heidi clucked
disapprovingly as poor Marta sobbed and shreiked dementedly.

	"Oh, don't be a big baby! You're helping us to study some of the nastiest
infections a human being can experience. You should be proud!"

	Chapter 18 - Dear Heidi

	Heidi was always happy to help out a friend in need with some advice and a
helping hand. Her friend, Suzanne, had some particularly knotty problems to
solve. Heidi, the Ann Landers of the SS, picked up the phone and dialed up the
ever-delightful Suzanne, sexpot extraordinaire.

 	"Your buddy, Marta, is blubbering away quite nicely. You look into her eyes
and you know that there's not a lot left alive in there.  Of course, the poor
dear is under a lot of stress, but she doesn't seem to handle it well at all!
She babbles continuously, but makes no sense whatsoever!"

	Heidi listened a moment and laughed lightly.

	"You say that she never made much sense! Well, then there's been no change!"

	The girls tittered merrily for a few moments.

	"Well, so far, she's been stripped naked, shaved bald, whipped hard on really
sensitive parts of the female anatomy and salted shit's been worked into the
wounds. Other than that, she's just fine!"

	The girls had a real good gigglesnort over that. Heidi and Suzanne saw eye to
eye on the proper way to treat the competition. Heidi had a helpful tip for

	"Make sure that her husband treats you right! If loverboy pisses you off, I can
arrange to cut his nuts off and skin his penis. And that's just for starters!
Try and find a tactful way of letting him know this little factoid. If your
Guide To Etiquette doesn't cover it, you'll just have to improvise!"

	After they both had a bit of a giggle, Heidi remembered that she had a bit of
good news to relay about the enterprising husband's sarcastic ex-girlfirend.
	"Oh, by the way, Ilsa's going to take care of that bitch, Nicole, for you. Ilsa
says that the financial advice you gave her was rock solid. Keeping hold of
wartime booty is always interesting, but she thinks that you wrote the book on
it and is really grateful! We girls have to stick together! She guarantees that
Nicole, the Wicked Bitch of the West, will never know what hit her!"

	The pleasantries done with, they got down to the serious topic of what to wear
to the dance on Saturday.

	Chapter 19 - Nicole

	The SS guards shoved a protesting Nicole into the examination room. Nicole
glared ominously at Doctor Bernhard and Nurse Ilsa.

	"Why am I here? There's been a mistake and someone's going to pay!"

	Dr. Bernhard took a pencil from his clipboard, his eyes huge behind thick

	"First, I want to ask you some questions about your medical history: childhood
diseases, that sort of thing."

	Totally exasperated, Nicole stared hard at the bald, pencilneck geek with the
thick glasses. He was exactly the sort of obnoxious little wiener she took pride
in stomping flat and this was bureaucratic stupidity beyond belief. She fixed
him with the steely gaze that had won her the title of Wicked Bitch Of The West.

	"Look, four-eyes, I'm not answering any of your questions until you answer
mine! What am I doing here? Why was I grabbed off the street by those soldiers?
It's an outrage! I've done nothing!"

	Unflustered and with the deadly calm of one who has the true whip hand, Doctor
Bernhard was stern.

	"I want your medical history. If you fail to co-operate, I'll assume you have
something to hide and turn you over to the Gestapo. Do you have to be tortured
to reveal your medical history? Don't be stupid, woman!"

	Nicole's eyes bulged. As a French citizen, she dreaded the hated Gestapo and
their brutal methods, but she had done nothing. Nicole perservered, determined
to find out what this was all about.

	"The Gestapo! Why? I've done nothing wrong! I have nothing to hide!"

	"If you have nothing to hide, then answering a few questions about your medical
history shouldn't be a problem. Have you ever had measles?"

	Nicole looked at him uneasily.

	"OK! OK! I'll answer your stupid questions about my medical history but, after
that, you have to tell me what this is all about."

	The Doctor looked at her impatiently. He obviously disliked having to repeat

	"Have you ever had measles?"

	Not certain that she had gotten agreement, unnerved by her rough handling by
the Nazi soldiers, worried about the threat of the Gestapo, unable to understand
what was happening to her or what the point of it all was, Nicole answered his
questions. Yes, she had experienced the normal childhood diseases, no allergies,
nothing currently wrong, blah blah blah. So far as she knew she was in fine
health. Doctor Bernhard noted it all down.

	"Thank you, now we move to the physical exam. Take off your clothes and lie on
the table, please."

	Nicole's jaw dropped.

	"What! I'm not sick! Why are you examining me?"

	Doctor Bernhard looked impatient.

	"Why are you so stupidly obstinate? Do I have to call the soldiers in and have
them rip the clothes from your body? They won't be gentle, I guarantee!"

	Nicole licked her lips nervously and glanced apprehensively at the door. She
had experienced enough of the soldiers. With an obvious effort, she adopted a
conciliatory tone.

	"Uh, that won't be necessary. I just don't understand what's happening. Why do
I have to be examined?"

	Doctor Bernhard addressed Nurse Ilsa in a tone of intense irritation.

	"Fetch the soldiers! My time is valuable and she's not co-operating!"

	Ilsa made a move towards the door. Panic-stricken, Nicole started to remove her

	"No! No! Please! Look, I'm co-operating."

	Doctor Bernhard nodded curtly, his eyes gleaming. He loved this stuff. He spoke

	"Very well! Hand your clothing to the Nurse as you remove it."

	Nicole handed Ilsa the jacket and stepped out of her high heels. Ilsa put her
jacket in a bin marked 'Coats and Jackets'. She dropped the black high heels in
one marked 'Shoes'. Nicole didn't like the look of this at all.

	"Do I get my clothing back, afterwards?"

	Ominously, there was no reply. Nicole's fear level skyrocketted. Dr. Bernhard
sighed impatiently. Nicole's pretty little fingers started trembling badly. She
began having a lot of trouble undoing her buttons.

	"Nurse, help her. We haven't got all day!"

	Sly-eyed Ilsa stepped up to her. Insolently, like one dealing with a
particularly retarded child, she unbuttoned Nicole's cuffs and the front of her
fine silk blouse. She untucked the blouse and helped Nicole off with it. She
dropped it in the bin labelled ' Blouses'.

	"Hold still while I unhook your bra!"

	Ilsa helped Nicole uncup her heavy breasts. A true frenchwoman, Nicole made no
move to cover up. The pupils of Dr. Bernhard's grotesquely magnified eyes
dilated as they drank in her large brown nipples. The bra went in the bin marked

	Ilsa eyed Nicole's big breasts with the supercilious smirk of someone who has
seen better. It couldn't get much better really but, on the other hand, Ilsa had
humbled some of the primest meat in The Third Reich. She unbuttoned and unzipped
Nicole's skirt and dropped it in the 'Dress' bin. Coldly sarcastic, Ilsa spoke
witheringly to her hapless victim.

	"Do you need help with your stockings and panties too?"

	Gratifyingly, Nicole's voice had a noticeable quaver in it as she replied.

	"Uh, no, it's all right. I can do that."

	She peeled off her fine silk stockings, a present from one of her male
admirers, and watched as they were dropped in the appropriate bin. Blushing
furiously and staring in shame at the floor, she failed to noticed Dr.
Bernhard's eyes bulge excitedly as she took an enchantingly deep breath, hooked
her thumbs in the waistband, pulled her panties down her shapely legs and
daintily stepped out of them.

	Sly-eyed Ilsa inspected the panties. There were faint skid marks. She held them
open for the Doctor to inspect carefully while Nicole stood, stark naked,
totally humiliated. Doctor Bernhard looked at her sharply.

	"Do you have diarhhea?"

	Completely crushed, Nicole replied in a very small voice,


	Ilsa looked at her contemptuously.

	"Looks like she's just a bit careless in wiping her bum, Doctor!"

	Nicole blushed beet-red as Ilsa, holding the offending panties between two
pinched fingers with an expression of extreme distate, dropped them in a bin
marked 'medical waste'.

	"Lie on your back on the table."

	Thoroughly cowed, blushing furiously, Nicole hopped up on the table and lay on
her back. Sly-eyed Ilsa, who liked a hands-on approach to handling the meat,
squeezed Nicole's small bicep with one hand and rested the other on Nicole's
forehead, holding her lightly in place on the gleaming stainless steel table
while Doctor Bernhard gave her one of his celebrated head to toe inspections.

	He peered between her toes. He scraped a sharp implement over the soles of her
feet to 'test her reflexes' . Ilsa gentled Nicole down continuously while Doctor
Bernhard put her through the most thorough and excruciatingly intimate
examination that lovely Nicole had ever experienced. He left no part of her
yummy bare bod unfingered and ungroped. Ilsa was insolently condescending to her
hard-breathing charge.

	"Just be calm! It's only an examination!"

	Dr. Bernhard had a good time with the buxom beauty who had called him
'four-eyes'. He worked her slim ankles. He squeezed her calf muscles painfully
hard. He pulled her knees up and flexed them in and out. He squeezed and
palpated her naked thighs. He ran a fine steel comb through her tightly curled
pubic hair, searching for lice and crabs. He ran his hands over her smooth bare
belly and tapped each rib lightly with a small hammer. Her arms and fingers were
scrutinized carefully, fingered and squeezed. Nicole's slim arms were raised and
her armpits palpated carefully.
	The head was next. Blindingly bright lights were flashed suddenly into her
eyes. Ilsa cupped Nicole's pretty face in a strong grip, moving it from side to
side as instruments were inserted in her ears and up her quivering nostrils. Her
mouth was opened. Pretty Nicole shuddered as he picked and scraped at her teeth
with a dental pick. Nicole choked as the back of her throat was scraped. After
that a large strip of cloth was jammed in, packed tightly and then withdrawn.
Nicole, eyes watering, gagged and coughed hard.

	The breast examination was a model of teutonic thoroughness. Each was hefted
and kneaded. He pinched and pulled her nipples painfully hard. Ilsa adopted an
exasperated, impatient tone, urging Nicole to remain calm, neatly implying that
she was being over-sensitive about being groped, fondled, squeezed and pinched
by total strangers.


	Nicole sat up, slim athletic legs dangling over the side. In front on her, Ilsa
held her wrists while, behind her, Doctor Bernhard's strong hands ran down her
spine, feeling each vertebrae individually. Her big bare breasts quivered as the
Doctor's carefully chilled stethoscope was applied to various parts of her back
and she was encouraged to cough.

	After that, it was onto her back with her legs spread. This was the part that
Doctor Bernhard really loved. He snapped on a pair of surgical gloves and his
wonderfully invasive fingers went to work, burrowing deep between her legs like
rabid weasels. Nicole bit her lip and gasped as he probed deeply and at length.
After a long, deep-delving examination, Doctor Bernhard picked up the speculum,
inserted it vaginally and spread her cunt achingly wide. He plumbed the depths
of her stretched-open orifice using a long tenaculum, a slender rod with a pair
of steel pincers at the end. Nicole whimpered and gasped as the tenaculum
squeezed and pinched brutally, deep inside her most intimate cavity. Lovely
Nicole was slick with sweat and panting hard by the time he finished.

	Nicole was rolled over onto her tummy so she could discover just how
wonderfully invasive an anal examination could be. The probing fingers were
followed by a thick greased rod with a big knob on the end that delved very
deeply indeed. When that was done, the sobbing woman was rolled over onto her

	At first, poor, blubbering Nicole wasn't aware as her ankles were shackled to
the foot of the table. When her arms were raised over her head and cuffed to the
head of the table, she roused herself from her numb shock. Her voice quavered
like an old lady's.

	"What are you doing? I'm co-operating! You don't have to tie me down!"

	Curtly, Ilsa told her to relax. Nicole's mouth was opened. One end of a large
metal pipe was wedged between her front teeth. A strap fastened to the pipe was
buckled behind Nicole's head to hold it in place. Ilsa picked up a bottle with a
label: "warning! bonds instantly to skin!" She applied the special industrial
strength glue to the outside of the pipe and pressed Nicole's pouty lips to it.
Nicole, to her deep dismay, found that the warning on the industrial glue bottle
was one hundred percent correct. Ilsa worked carefully to seal Nicole's lips to
the pipe all around.

	The sly-eyed Nurse pressed a button. An electric motor hummed. Under the small
of Nicole's back, a metal bar set into the table began pressing insistently
upwards. Nicole squealed frantically in alarm as, her wrists and ankles pinned
to either end of the table, she was forced to arch upwards. When she was
stretched tautly over the bar, performing a painful back arch with her big
breasts almost pulled flat, Ilsa released the button. The motor stopped humming.
Tightly stretched Nicole, although having a bit of trouble breathing, moaned in
fear. Ilsa was cheerfully reassuring, deliberately using the wrong name.

	"It's OK, Eva, nothing to worry about!"

	Nicole's eyes bulged. All those questions and they had never once asked her
name! Her mouth full of pipe, lovely Nicole tried frantically to communicate.
Doctor Bernhard, falling in with this delightful inspiration, pushed things
right along.

	"Yes, Eva, just relax, you're in competent hands!"

	Competent hands that couldn't even get her name right! Nicole squealed
frantically into the pipe, but it all came out as gibberish. Ilsa squeezed a
drop of the industrial glue into each of Nicoles nostrils and squeezed them
shut. Nicole was now breathing hard through the pipe. Sly-eyed Ilsa gave her a
quick pep talk.

	"You should be deeply gratified to be allowed to help our brave sailors at sea
in these difficult times. I know you jew-girls are reluctant to make your
contribution to medical science, but what else are you good for?"

	Nicole tried hard to communicate her complete lack of jewishness, but Ilsa just
laughed and slapped her affectionately on the rump .

	"Relax, Eva Steinberg. Nothing you can do about it, so you might as well enjoy

	Nicole's sweat glands were working overtime. Ilsa smirked and inhaled deeply,
savouring the tangy aroma of fear. She adopted a more serious tone for her
frantic-eyed victim.

	"OK, Eva, this is going to hurt just a tiny little bit. We have to insert some
monitoring equipment. It will hurt a lot if you resist, so just relax

	Stripped naked, stretched painfully over a hard metal bar, her lips glued
permanently to a metal pipe, nostrils glued shut, and convinced that, as a
victim of mistaken identity, she was now a medical guinea pig, poor Nicole found
relaxing just a tad difficult.

	As a result, the fat knobby rod jammed as deep as possible up her cunt and the
raspy rod rammed up her ass made her squeal like a boiled lobster. She flushed
brick-red right down to her pubic hair. It didn't feel like any monitoring
equipment Nicole had ever heard of and she wondered just what it was supposed to
monitor, but she wasn't exactly in a position to argue or make inquiries.

	Doctor Bernhard slipped the catheter up her pisser and pumped her bladder full
of a powerful chemical irritant. He withdrew the slim tube and screwed a metal
plug into Nicole's burning piss hole to hold it all in. Nicole was blubbering
hysterically as he squeezed her bare bum affectionately.

	"OK, Eva! Now comes the hard part!"

	He looked over at Ilsa and gave her a wink.

	"Do you think she's ready to help the sailors at sea, nurse?"

	Ilsa smirked slyly.

	"Ready as she'll ever be!"

	The pipe from her mouth was put in a clamp to hold it in place and Dr. Bernhard
poured in the brackish seawater, scooped from the scummiest spot in the harbour.
He and Ilsa were both encouraging.

	"Until you swallow it, you won't be able to breathe, Eva."

	"I know it tastes horrible, but just gulp it down and get it over with, Eva."

	Dr. Bernhard rested a clammy palm on Nicole's taut belly, just above the pubic
hair line. He could feel Nicole's tummy swell as she reluctantly choked it down.
He smiled at his red-faced guinea pig.

	"Feels like there's room for a bit more."

	Obligingly, he poured in more and kept going until Nicole's little tummy was
full to bursting. He looked solemnly at Nicole as he picked up a shotglass of

	"See, Eva! No problem! It's just like swallowing your boyfriend's sperm! At
last, we're ready to start the experiment! With your stomach full, it's now
possible for you to drown in a very small amount of seawater."

	He poured the shotglass of seawater down the pipe.

	"Bottoms up!"

	Nicole's eyes bulged. Fists tightly clenched and toes splayed wide, Nicole
tried frantically to swallow the scummy seawater. To her complete horror, her
stomach rebelled and she threw up into the pipe. Nicole began to drown in her
own vomit.

	Doctor Bernhard ran his hands over her lithe, trembling nudity, savouring every
quiver and quake while lovely Nicole choked hard. At last, she passed out.

	Ilsa lowered her back down to the table and skilfully revived her. Nicole's
eyes fluttered open. She felt the bar in her back moving, forcing her to arch
upwards once more. Behind his thick glasses, Doctor Bernhard's grotesquely
magnified eye winked at Ilsa.

	"That was fun! Let's do it again!"

	Nicole gibbered in horror as he loaded the pipe with seawater and encouraged
her to gulp it down and fill her tummy once more.

	Ilsa and the Doctor looked at the expression on Nicole's pretty face as she
gulped down the salty scum and smiled gently at each other.

	Moments like this made all the years of hard work and study to become a medical
professional worthwhile.

	Chapter 20 - Payback Buddy Ursula

	The screamfest started bright and early in the Nazi Medical Experimentation
Unit (Women's Studies Division). Captain Steiner's enchanting girlfriend, Nurse
Heidi, crept silently into Ursula's cell, followed by her two tiptoeing helpers.
Poor Ursula snoozed unaware, utterly exhausted, totally fucked over and
completely raped out. Ursula had been too tired to put her pants back on after
her 'good-night' gang bang and, to give her burning cunt a much needed airing,
was sleeping with her legs delightfully spread. Heidi held the mushroom shaped
electode an inch from Ursula's cuntlips and pressed the button.

	A firestorm of tiny lightning bolts erupted from the mushroom head and peppered
Ursula's swollen cuntlips. With a startled yelp, Ursula catapulted from the bed,
both hands clamped over her crotch, landing face first on the floor.

	Heidi's two grinning buddies picked Ursula up, sandwiched her between them and
opened her holes with their monster members. Ursula was one of Nurse Heidi's
Payback Buddies, someone who had done Heidi dirt. Ursula had always been very
careful about who she granted access to her delectable young body. Her sex life,
until she had come under Heidi's loving care, had been an exercise in upward
mobility. Totally into payback, Heidi watched the stuck up bitch squashed
between the two over-endowed rapists, getting peckersnot pounded into her aching
orifices. Heidi had been arranging gang-bangs for lovely Ursula since ever her
arrival so that, now, sex for Ursula was an exercise in downward mobility. Heidi
made sure that the exercise was strenuous.

	When the entertainment was over, Heidi slammed down the breakfast tray
impatiently.	It was time for lovely Ursula to stop spreading her shapely legs
for teams of drooling perverts. The moment had come for her to stop having
'fun', get serious and make a contribution to Nazi Medical Science.

	"Ursula! Hurry up and eat! The Luftewaffe wants you to contribute to air

	Nurse Heidi's pet labrat didn't want to know about the Luftewaffe. That was
just more bad news coming down the pipe. Heidi had been the goat at school for
her and the others to torment mercilessly. Now that the tables were turned,
Heidi was the bad news channel, news from the burning pits of hell. Ursula
turned to the food.

	Her new, physically strenuous lifestyle made her ravenous. Being everybody's
rape doll and beat me bitch had ruined Ursula's hitherto fastidious table
manners. She wolfed down the meal like a starving pig. When she was done, she
tried to make a little conversation to delay whatever shitfucking was next.

	"Why do you feed us so well? The only thing that was a bit off was the corn."

	Heidi laughed delightedly.

	"You didn't like the corn? Did it taste bitter? A bit harsh, perhaps?"

	Her eyes twinkled wickedly.
	"You know how corn goes through your system and comes out looking the same?"

	Ursula looked at the sole remaining spoonful of corn on her plate.  She paled
and looked up into Heidi's gleaming eyes.

	Her stomach roiled and she puked hard.

	Heidi slapped her knees and chuckled, then she got back to business.

	"OK! It's time to quit fucking around and get to work, Ursula! At last, you're
going to be doing something useful, helping out airmen who bail out at high

	A short time later, lovely Ursula was in the decompression chamber. She was
topless so that the Doctors could observe her breathing through the thick glass
window at the front of the chamber. The effect of high altitude was simulated by
slowly withdrawing the air from the vacuum chamber. Her wrists were clamped to
the wall behind her so that she faced forward and would give a good jiggleshow
as the air was slowly pumped out.

	They began to lower the air pressure. Ursula began panting hard. Her naked
chest glistened with sweat, ruby nipples erect with fear.  Her burning lungs
screamed for oxygen. No matter how hard, how fast and how deep she sucked, it
was not enough. Her big bare breasts shuddered and juddered violently like twin
jello mountains in an earthquake.

	The oxygen continued to drain from the chamber. Her bloodshot eyes bulged.
Mouth open as wide as she could force it, Ursula shreiked and sobbed
frantically, desperately trying to free her hands so that she could claw her
gasping face and bursting lungs. Her pretty face contorted in a hideous rictus
of agony. Blood trickled from her nostrils as her blood pressure rocketted like
a V2 from the launchpad.  A growing stain at her crotch was duly noted by the
observers as she lost bladder control. The eagle-eyed experimenters soon had a
second observation.

	As she blacked out, the back of her pants sagged and turned brown.

	Chapter 21 - Payback Buddy Katrina

	Heidi's dress, tights and panties were folded neatly over a nearby chair. Lips
taped shut, stark naked, strapped down flat on her back on the stainless steel
table, Katrina's dripping face snuffled wetly between Heidi's tightly clenched
thighs. Tough, athletic Katrina was struggling hard as Heidi sat on her face.
Nose buried in Heidi's dripping cunt, her glistening nude body jerked
convulsively as she gasped and snorted, smothering in Heidi's love juices. Eyes
blissfully glazed, Heidi scrubbed her swollen cunt energetically against her
gasping victim's pretty face, giving her a good sniff of cunt juice and an
unwiped bum when she let her breathe at all.

	Wet and dripping, Heidi, in the fullness of time, dismounted. She addressed her
victim with perky enthusiasm. Katrina was another Payback Buddy reaping the

	"Time to prep you for surgery, Katrina!"

	She looked at red-faced Katrina snorting in great gulps of air with affection.

	"It's going to be long and painful. No anaesthetic. But you're tough! You've a
high threshold of pain. You'll handle it!"

	Heidi used an electric razor, shearing Katrina like a sheep. She lathered up
the stubble on Katrina's head and shaved her smooth with a straight razor. She
plucked Katrina's eyebrows and eyelashes with a tweezer. Waggling her eyebrows
comically like Groucho Marx, she stropped the razor carefully to ensure an
exquisitely sharp blade. Katrina's eyes bulged as Heidi went to work between her
nicely spread legs, dry shaving, scraping pubic hairs from sensitive flesh
agonizingly until Katrina's pubes burned.

	She left Katrina, showered, put on fresh panties and a new uniform, and
returned. She worked carefully beside her panting victim, carefully laying out
each surgical tool after passing it in front of Katrina's wide open, fearful
eyes and thoughtfully explaining it's use in dissecting a screaming victim. She
peeled the tape from Katrina's lips just before Dr. Bernhard arrived with his
entourage. He liked to chat with his patients as he sliced them open. He smiled
beneficently down at her.

	"How's my little chameleon now? Ready to make your contribution to German

	Katrina's pretty face twitched.

	"What are you going to do?"

	"Since you look so much like a perfect specimen to anyone except a trained
Racial Inspector, we're going to examine this protective mimicry to see exactly
why you can't possibly be a member of the Master Race. First, I'm going to take
apart your breasts to find out how you mimic your superiors, to examine the
interior fakery in detail. I collect nipples, you know!"

	Katrina bucked violently against the straps. Dr. Bernhard wiped the lenses on
his thick glasses, watching the struggling beauty with delight. The short,
skinny, bald Doctor was working through a few issues himself. Katrina was
exactly the sort of haughty, snotty bitch who had spurned him repeatedly.

	"No. Please don't."

	Music to his ears. Dr. Berhard wrinkled his nostrils.

	"Whew! This bitch smells like a pig in heat!"

	Katrina begged as prettily as she knew how as Heidi selected a pair of scissors
from the neat row of surgical tools and handed it to the Doctor. She screamed as
he pinched a perfect rosebud nipple, pulled hard to stretch it away from her
heaving chest and snipped it off. Her eyes bulged and she screamed even higher
as he harvested her other nipple. The good Doctor reverently placed her nipples,
superb specimens indeed, on a white cloth.

	Heidi took back the scissors and handed Dr. Bernhard the large scalpel. He
carefully sliced a series of parallel lines down from where the teat had been to
the base of her mounds. When that was done, he handed the large scalpel back to
Heidi and set to work skinning Katrina's tits.

	As each strip of flesh was peeled back from Katrina's tits like bloody petals
opening on a rose, Katrina put in the sort of performance Dr. Bernhard loved.
Her bare buttocks clenched tight and her heels drummed a frantic tattoo. She
shreiked dementedly.

	Heidi handed him the small scalpel. He began to slice delicately, carefully
carving bloody gobbets of breast meat and dropping them in a stainless steel
container for disposal. When he was done, he stitched her up. He prided himself
on his neat work.

	"There! No one would even know that you ever had tits!"

	He spoke calmly as Katrina gibbered incoherently.

	"You'll be donating other parts on other days. Nurse Heidi can show you the

	Heidi curtsied respectfully.

	"My pleasure, Doctor!"

	He held his nose.

	"She smells like a cathouse. She must masturbate obsessively!"

	Heidi was helpful.

	"Doctor, I believe that there's a surgical cure for that!"

	She reached between Katrina's legs and pulled the hood from her clitoris. Dr.
Bernhard nodded solemnly, a trained medical professional doing the work he

	"Of course, Nurse. You are quite correct."

	She handed him the scalpel. Katrina screamed higher than ever and fainted as he
delved between her legs and performed a quick cliterdectomy. He sliced off her
cuntlips to be sure that her days of selfish sexual pleasure were over forever.

	Chapter 22 - Payback Buddy Karla

	Karla thought that the scariest thing about Heidi was how completely normal she
looked, not like a movie villainess at all. She was clean, dressed neatly, had a
pleasant voice and a concerned manner. Her gentle eyes twinkled warmly as she

	Dangling upside down, her ankles shackled to two wide-spread ringbolts set in
the ceiling and her wrists shackled to a ringbolt in the floor, Karla was the
last in a semi-circle of naked, upside down beauties waiting their turn to be
fried in the interests of science. Heidi was talking earnestly to a deeply
distressed and very pregnant young lovely. Heidi looked up and waved cheerfully.

	"Welcome to the burn ward, Karla!"

	Heidi did her Nurse Friendly impression as she chatted with the young
mother-to-be, earnestly discussing how having her bulging, bare belly burned
could affect her unborn child. Of course, the Nurse Friendly impression wasn't
perfect. A real Nurse Friendly probably wouldn't be worming two fingers into a
pregnant woman's cunt while smoothing cooking oil over her tightly stretched
tummy preparatory to frying her alive.

	The young beauty who was to have the soles of her feet, the backs of her knees
and her armpits burned seemed no happier, although Heidi chatted pleasantly
about how the cooking oil ensured that her flesh would continue to cook long
after the flame stopped, sealing the heat in, making the burn as deep and
agonizing as possible. Although physical contact is often re-assuring to a
patient, the oily fingers playfully plumbing her asshole didn't seem to calm

	Heidi moved along and began talking warmly to the young beauty queen who was
going to have her pretty face burned beyond recognition. She wormed the fingers
of one hand into the poor girl's fuckhole while smearing cooking oil onto her
exquisite, tearful features with the other hand. The whimpering beauty sneezed
as some cooking oil trickled up her nose.


	At last, she arrived at Karla. She squeezed Karla's buns affectionly.

	"It's the tits, crotch and bum for you, Karla."

	Heidi's wonderfully invasive fingers insinuated themselves into Karla's tight,
dry fuckhole while she worked cooking oil onto Karla's ample melons. Her rectum
was opened and oiled thoroughly while her firm young buttocks were oiled up for
a hienie roast. Being one of Heidi's Payback Buddies, Karla was special.

	"You're last, Karla. You get to watch all the others burn and listen to them
scream before it's your turn."

	Heidi sprayed lighter fluid over the pregnant woman's big bare belly and
ignited it. The big bellied beauty screamed until her vocal cords tore and,
after that, continued bellowing hoarsely, writhing frantically like one of the
damned roasting in the fiery pits of hell. The din was unbelievable as the
others shreiked in terror.

	Moving serenely, taking her time, Heidi sprayed the next one with lighter fluid
and torched her. Soles, armpits and backs of the knees sizzling in a bright blue
flame, the young beauty bucked and heaved, shreiking, writhing sinuously like a
demon doing a fire dance in the inferno.

	The beauty queen was jerking desperately as Heidi stepped up to her. Spittle
sprayed from her mouth as she babbled hysterically while Heidi gave her lovely
face generous squirts of lighter fluid. She screeched shrilly as Heidi touched
the flame to the fluid. The strong ropes holding her ankles thrummed as the
flames ate into her face. 

	Surrounded by the fiery damned shreiking maniacally, each engulfed in a roaring
sheath of flame, Karla felt the heat radiating from the others and smelt the
roasting flesh. As advertised, the cooking oil really made the meat sizzle.

	Overwhelmed by fear, Karla struggled, with a violence born of extreme
desperation, against her bonds. Watching her Payback Buddy jiggling and writhing
hysterically, Heidi smiled seraphically, a dark angel working the pits of hell.

	"It's time to scream, bitch."

	Karla shuddered as the cool lighter fluid flowed over her privates and was
squirted generously over her pendulous tits. Grinning hugely, Heidi loosened the
ropes holding her neighbor's wrists to the floor and swung the former beauty
queen. Her fiery face kissed Karla's crotch and lightly brushed her tits.
Instantly, Karla was shreiking, flame-engulfed meat. The stench of burning pubic
hair and the sizzle of cooking female flesh filled the air.

	In the centre of the circle, Heidi breathed deeply, savouring the aroma of
roasting meat, making a mental note to try some barbecue sauce next time,
surrounded by insanely shreiking, frantically writhing, fire-engulfed female
flesh, listening to the sizzle, soaking up the atmosphere, watching that witch
Karla scream and burn, loving everything.

	Life was sweet indeed.			


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