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The Sisterhood of Spite

Chapter 4 An example set

Chapter 4

   The Sisterhood of Spite.


Chapter 4.  An Example Set.


      The three weeks that it took to fully enhance the two newly impoverished women, passed quicker that Claudia had thought. It wasn’t as though the Holy Mother didn’t have lots more of her exciting work to get on with. There was always lots to do. Women who, for one reason or another, had to be punished. Carrying out these punishments was the duty of the ‘Order of the Brides’ and a very lucrative duty it was, too. Claudia loved her work with a relish it was hard to match. But among her hand picked Sisters of Spite, she was delighted to know, there were a few women who were as lecherous and sadistically inclined as herself.  Their work, in a world that was populated by five females to every one male, was to severely punish women who stepped out of line, and degrade them publicly in such a way that all the people in the world could witness it, and women would be kept in their place. Women’s place was under men. In more ways than one. That was what the Emperor demanded, and that was what she did. ‘Thy will be done’, was the motto of the Order. And Mother Superior was more than happy to fulfil that motto.

      One of the ‘Comedy Projects’ planed for world coverage by the Holo Channel, that she was particularly looking foreword to doing was scheduled for two days time. It was the public showing of an official Court sentence which she had been personally commissioned to Execute by the Emperor’s Prosecutor. What she particularly loved about one of these jobs was that, subject to carrying out the ‘Official Sentence’, she had Cart Blanch as to method of operation, and any little ‘refinements’ that she could add, that would ‘Up the viewing figures’ and, so by, increase the Orders revenues. She was already a Big Star of the Holo-Channels and always drew high viewing figures, but she always wanted to ‘Out Do’ her last Sexual Extravaganza and indulge herself to the full as, at these events, she had no legal restraints on her what so ever.

      The coming show was going to be one such ‘Extravaganza’. The sentence she was to carry out, as the Emperor’s official representative, was a fairly common one. A double breast amputation. The Holy Mother had done this a number of times. Each time, she had done the operation a different, more exciting way. And always without anaesthetic of any kind. This time the poor Slut to be tortured, had been sentenced to 500 lashes as well. It had not been stipulated how these ‘Lashes’ should be administered, or on what part of the body, so it was entirely up to her. She and Sister Gloria had thought up a particularly painful series of sexually sadistic and amusing punishments that they would subject the unfortunate condemned woman to. Claudia had already seen the Slut and was delighted to find that she was quite beautiful, with a fine strong body and beautiful big breasts. The Sisters of Spite would be sure to make a good Spectacle out of her. After the amputations, the poor Slut would be put on exhibition for four months, after which, she was to be hospitalised and have new, bigger, breasts grown. Only to have them sliced off again in one year’s time in another of the Order’s Spectaculars. Yes, Claudia really loved her work.

      Now, the Reverent Mother waited in her study for the two women to be brought to her. She had been informed by Abbot a few minuets before that they and Sister Clemantine had arrived back at the Abbey. Sister Gloria had gone to welcome them and to escort them to her.

      There was a quiet knock on her study door.

      “Enter” She said.

      The door opened and Sister Gloria led in the two women, who were closely followed by Sister Clemantine. Sister Gloria walked to Mother Superior’s chair and stood on her right hand side. Sister Clemantine, Celia and Clair stood before Claudia and waited, quietly, to be addressed.

      “Well?” Asked Mother Superior, while looking over the two cowed women, who stood before her dressed in drab brown smocks, which covered them from neck to calves. “How went the enhancements?”

      “Excellent, Holy Mother.” Answered Clemantine. “In every category. Even the therapeutic sessions went very well.”

      “Oh, yes.” Claudia smiled. “The ‘Organ Stimulation Exercises’.” She nodded her head and turned to look at the corner of the room. “I enjoyed those, nearly as much as you two dirty Sluts did. Play, Abbot.”

      The other women in the room turned and followed her stare. A Holo-Sphere quivered to life in the corner and immediately a moving, coloured, three dimensional image appeared. The two women gasped with acute embarrassment, and the three Nuns laughed aloud. The lifelike image was of Celia and Clair slumped in deep easy chairs, their shapely legs draped over the well padded arms, their thighs spread wide, the fingers of their left hands deftly spreading their wet labia, while the fingers of their right hands strummed their huge, new clitorises, their faces flushed with lust.

      “But… But how could you……?” Clair spluttered. “There were no Holo-Cams there. There was no one there, at all, but Celia, me and…… Sister Clemantine.”

      “I understand Clair.” Gasped Celia, who was now staring, wide eyed and pointing at the grinning Clemantine. “It’s her. She’s a ‘Holo-eye’. The Cam has been implanted in her brain. What ever she sees, she can transmit to any tuned-in receiver. What ever she has watched us do. What ever she has seen being done to us. These Sisters of Spite have been able to watch it, too.”

      She was quite right. Like many News Reporters and Police Informers of the time, Clemantine had had a powerful Holo-Cam implanted in her brain and the complex lenses implanted in her eyes. The Order had paid for her complicated ‘adjustment’. Claudia was never satisfied with the close-up results she had been getting from hand held Cams. Nothing but the best, for her shows. In fact, there was another Sister with exactly the same ‘adjustments’. Both were used, regularly, by Holy Mother, to get the very best Close Up work on the channels.

      “Oh! I always thought she had funny eyes!” Cried Clair, staring at the silver eyed Sister. “When I think of the things she’s watched us do…..”

      “What ever she’s watched you do, we’ve watched and recorded it, my child.” Chuckled Holy Mother. “We’ve seen the lot. Off Abbot.”

      As the scene on the Hologram blinked out, Claudia turned to Clemantine and smiled.

      “Excellent work, Sister.” She chuckled. “Now strip the dirty Sluts, so I can get a good look at them.”

      Clemantine, quickly, stripped away the drab brown smocks and revealed the two women stark naked in all their glory.

      “Take up the stance.” Snapped Sister Gloria, her eyes flashing dangerously. “Head up! Shoulders back! Tits out! Knees bent! Thighs spread wide! Cunts thrust foreword! Come on! Quick about it!”

      In a few minuets, both the naked women were lewdly standing in the required obscene pose. Holy Mother and Sister Gloria leaned foreword, eager for a closer look. They were delighted with the results. Both women had the same beautiful, buxom bodies as before, but parts of those bodies were now bigger, rounder, and more pronounced. Quite naturally grown, their soft breasts were now fuller and rounder, and their crinkled nipples were as big as walnuts. Their round, naked, pubic mounds and their outer labia were twice as big as before enhancement, and the swollen stalks of their huge clitorises, thrust stiffly out three inches, from their raw red, wet, cuntcracks.           

      “Excellent!” Cried Claudia, her lovely mouth twisted into a lecherous pout. “Now, display your fat arses to me.”

      The two women, compliant now, turned their backs on the excited Mother Superior and, taking up the required pose, thrust out their arses to the gleeful gaze of the three lustful Nuns.

       Both Sex Slaves still had the same beautiful backs they had before their enhancement, but the shapely flair of their hips was much wider. If their arses were beautiful before, now they were superb. Round, firm and full fleshed, their big pale buttocks thrust out arrogantly above full, plump thighs that, spread wide in their lewd pose, exposed their big, bald, swollen cunts to the Nuns lecherous gaze. Above this lovely sight, nestled between their big, pale, rounded arsecheeks, stood out the great wrinkled brown rings of their swollen, pouting arseholes.       

      “Aaaaaaah.” The sound of the Reverent Mother’s sigh filled the big room. “How delicious. I can wait no longer. Here! You! Virgin Slut! Come stand by me. And you, dear Sister-in-law, go stand by Sister Gloria. We need to know how well your new bodies work.” 

      As the two slaves moved to the sides of the two excited Nuns, both Claudia and Gloria dropped their volumous black skirts to the ground, where Sister Clemantine gathered them up and put them aside. Both Holy women were now naked from hips to where their black stocking tops banded firmly, some four inches, above their knees. The contrast of their lush, white flesh, against the black of their habits and stockings, was truly breathtaking. And to their delight, both Clair and Celia, blushed prettily at the sight of the lewd ladies nakedness.

      Claudia sat back down in her comfortable leather chair, her ample, naked arse making a loud slapping sound as her full cheeks hit the padded seat. Sister Gloria pulled up a similar chair and, placing it facing the Reverent Mother, she too sat down with a slap. Both women looked, lecherously, at the naked slaves who stood near them staring at the floor in shame, the gleaming eyes of the Nuns, taking in every curve, nook and cranny of the women’s lushly rounded bodies.

      “Now, my dear.” Claudia leered at Clair, as she spread her full, thighs wide and slapped the left’s soft, white flesh with her hand. “Come and put that fat arse of yours down on this and we’ll get to know each other a lot better.”

      Sprawling in her chair and slapping her own plump thigh, Sister Gloria indicated to Celia that she should do likewise on her lap.

      Shuddering, both naked women did as they were bid.

      “Oooooo.” Claudia giggled as Clair’s warm, naked flesh, spread softly over her own. “That feels delicious. Here, put one arm around me, Sweetie, and give me room to get at you.”

      Clair, sitting on Mother Superior’s left thigh, between her spread open legs, put her right arm around the lustful Nun’s shoulders. The young blonde’s newly heightened nervous system responded quickly to the touch of Claudia’s hot, soft flesh. Her throbbing sex lips and her pouting anus, swelled up immediately on contact with the woman’s thigh and thick, slippery, cuntcream, gushed from her spasming red cuntcrack. She started groaning, loudly.

      “Oooooooo!” Crooned Claudia, looking intently into the beautiful, gasping girl’s wide, blue eyes and revelling in the mixture of shame and high arousal she saw in them. “You like this, don’t you? Your virgin cunt is spewing juice all over my thigh and your fat, slippery arse is sliding all over it. What a hot, dirty, little Slut you are.”

      And while she slid the girl’s big, wet bum, back and fore along her plump, slime coated thigh, she gripped her hair at the back of her head and, pulling her lovely, full lipped open mouth against her own, Claudia thrust her hot tongue into the virgin’s throat. Holding the lewd kiss, for long minuets, the Holy Lady lashed the blonde’s tonsils with her tongue, and while they kissed, she fondled the girl’s big breast, gripping her walnut sized nipple between finger and thumb and twisting and stretching it until the virgin was squealing with delight.          

     “Oh, fuck!” Cried the Reverent Mother as, snorting with lust, she pushed the young girl from her just far enough so she could pull off the rest of her habit and wimple and throw them into the corner of the room. Stark naked now, except for her black stockings, the older woman pulled Clair back into her plump arms and, to the girl’s delight, started lewdly caressing her again.

      The Mother Superior’s body was lushly curved and hot to Clair’s touch. Her hair was copper red and cut short in a halo of curls around her lovely head. As she lewdly caressed the blonde, she could feel the groaning girl respond.

      Enthusiastically embracing the older woman’s ripe charms, Clair delighted in the rough, cruel love making technique the Reverent Lady used on her. Gasping and squealing with pleaser, she experienced orgasm after orgasm. Each one bigger that the one before.

      Claudia, her own spasming multi-orgasms making her lovely, buxom body writhe against the body of the beautiful blonde, dropped her hand down between the squealing girl’s splayed thighs and, gripping her huge clitoris with thumb and forefinger, shook it, vigorously.

      “Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” Clair cried out as even more intense orgasms wracked her sweat coated body.

      “Careful you don’t bust her cherry, Reverent Mother.” Called out a grinning Sister Gloria, while skilfully masturbating a groaning Celia to her own series of climaxes, while making the Patrician lady watch while her hated Sister-in-law ravished her innocent Ward.

      The girl’s newly enhanced sexual capabilities were getting their first unrestrained test run and she was excelling her new mistress’s highest expectations. Claudia, gripping Clair’s huge, stiffened clitoris with the fingers and thumb of her right hand was masturbating the swollen, throbbing tickler as if she were jerking off a little prick. The virgin’s cuntcrack pouted out and spurted copious gouts of thick, slippery cunt cream in response.

      Both the Holy Mother’s and the gasping, groaning virgin’s lushly curved body, were coated with a hot sheen of sweat, which splashed and dripped from their writhing, steaming forms. As she was treated to orgasm after orgasm, Clair seemed to be in a kind of sexual fit. Throwing herself back into Claudia’s arms, she threw back her head and screamed, her voluptuous body shaking, violently.

      “Right, you dirty bitch!” Cried the naked Mother Superior gleefully. “Now I’m going to suck you dry!”

      And standing up, she lifted Clair’s writhing body in her arms and, carrying her to the desk, lay the screaming girl’s sweat soaked flesh down on the dark green leather covered top.

      Celia, who was herself being vigorously masturbated by a giggling Sister Gloria, watched with a mixture of shame and lust, as her Sister-in-law pushed Clair’s shapely legs, up and over the squealing blonde’s shoulders, so that the girl’s knees pressed hard against her big breasts.

      Joining the struggling pair at the desk, Sister Clemantine stood at the young girl’s lovely head and, gripping her ankles in each hand, pulled them back until the blonde’s plump arse lifted from the desktop and her swollen cunt and arsehole lay spread open and defenceless, before Claudia’s gloating eyes.

      “Aaaaaaaah!”  The lecherous Unholy Mother leered, as she squatted down and put her beautiful, lust twisted face near Clair’s throbbing, virgin cunt. “Let’s take a good look at what they have done to you.”

      Suiting actions to words, Claudia gripped each of the young blonde’s long, swollen, inner cuntlips with her fingers and thumbs and gently spread them open wide. There, before her delighted gaze, in the red wet flesh of Clair’s throbbing twat, lay the girl’s virgin hymen.

      “Aaaaaaaaaaah!” Sighed the Reverent Mother, as she gazed at the wondrous sight, her lovely face twisted with lust. “How beautiful! How I’m going to enjoy seeing this treasure being burst open. And how you are going to shriek when it happens.”

     She leaned closer to the red, wet flesh, and sniffed at it, appreciatively.

      “Your twat smells divine, Sweetheart.” She giggled. “And it’s so wet and creamy. Let’s see what it tastes like, shall we?”

      Moving her face to Clair’s open flesh, Claudia pressed her wide open mouth over the quivering blonde’s throbbing cunt and, sucking the soft moist sex between her lips, she thrust her stiffened tongue, deep, into the girl’s pulsing depths, while at the same time she pushed the long middle finger of her right hand, deep into the virgin’s big, pouting, but ‘so tight’ arsehole.

      “EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah!” Clair shrieked, thrusting her exploding cunt, hard into Holy Mother’s sucking mouth.

      “I really think you should be careful how you are eating that particular fruit, Reverent Mother.” Laughed Sister Gloria as, with Celia sprawled back in her arms with lust heavy eyes; she masturbated the panting brunette in the same obscene way that Claudia had previously masturbated Clair.

      “There, you see? You see how your little virgin responds to good plating?” Gloria giggled into the trembling brunette’s shell like ear. “You should have taken her while you had the chance. But don’t worry. We’ll all get to taste her before we’re through. It’ll be fun watching you go down on her for the first time.”

      The Holy Mother, her pretty mouth full of the squealing blonde’s thick white lovejuice, lifted her dripping lips and looked at girl’s red, wet flesh with smouldering eyes.

      “Oh, fuck, Gloria!” Claudia cried to her aid. “Do you see it? Do you see how her red meat throbs? Oooooo! And just look at her big tickler. It’s so swollen it looks like it’s going to burst. Let’s see what happens when I suck it for her.”

      And, dropping her lovely head, the lecherous lady took the whole bloated length of the blonde’s big throbbing clitoris, right into her hot, ravenous mouth and sucked on the long, stiff stalk, of vibrating meat until Clair’s big bum was bouncing, madly, on the desktop.

      Clair’s big clit was being sucked in and out of Claudia’s full red lips to a fast, rhythmic, beat that the skilled Mother Superior kept time with while fingering the girl’s tight anus. Every suck and thrust was synchronised and the beat was steadily getting faster and faster as the squealing seventeen year old neared her next orgasm.

      “Nhh! Nhhh! Nhhhhh! Nhhhhhhh!” Clair grunted, as she thrust her bouncing groin back onto the sucking mouth and flashing finger that raped her sex.

       As she sensed that the virgin’s climax was reaching its peak, so the Reverent Mother’s thrusting tongue flashed, faster and faster into the writhing blonde’s soft, wet, depths. Snarling, she bit down on the squealing girl’s huge, stiff tickler and nibbled along its bloated length with vicious little nips of her sharp, white teeth.  

      Suddenly, under a flurry of furious sucking, biting and finger thrusts, Clair’s beautiful body stiffened, her legs jerked, her lovely toes flexed, the big toes turning up, prettily, and a gush of hot cunt juice spurted into Claudia’s ravenous mouth.

      “NNHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” The young blonde shrieked to the ceiling as her sweat soaked body spasmed and her shapely legs jerked against Sister Clemantine’s firm grip.

      “MMmmmmm!” Moaned Claudia, as her greedy mouth sucked in and tasted the flavour of virgin cuntcream, while her own orgasm flashed through her swollen, spurting twat. “Mmmmm! Mmmmmm! Aaaaaaaaaaahh!”

      After long minuets of ecstasy, Clair’s rigid body relaxed and slumped exhausted, onto the desktop, her beautiful face flushed and slack and swollen around the lips as though she had been smacked in the mouth, and her tongue hanging out the corner of her mouth. The Holy Mother stood upright, her face thickly coated with girl juice and, leering triumphantly down at the sprawled and spread open body of the lovely young blonde, she gloated over the naked, defenceless virgin laying before her.

     Clair, still held in the ‘Jack-Knifed’ position by Sister Clemantine, was in just the right position for some cunt rubbing, Claudia thought, and straddling her full, white thighs across the swollen bulge of the blonde girl’s frothing sex, the insatiable Holy Lady pressed her gaping gash firmly down over the panting virgin’s throbbing bald mound.

      “Sssssssssss!” Claudia hissed through clenched teeth, as she felt her gaping gash open and spread over the hot gushing cuntcrack of the gasping young girl.

      “Aaaaaah!” Groaned the stirring virgin, as she felt her stiff and highly aroused tickler, totally engulfed by the hot, gluttonous gash of the lascivious Lady.

      “Oohhhhhhh!” She wailed, as her ravisher rubbed her wet, creamy quim hard against her huge stiffened clitty. “OOOHHHHHH!” The girl groaned again, as the Reverent Mother began rubbing her slippery twat, swiftly, back and fore, over her throbbing and responsive minge.

      Gripping Clair’s round shoulders firmly in her hands, Claudia lay foreword on top of the groaning blonde’s splayed thighs and, crushing her big breasts against the girl’s, she continued scrubbing her cunt, hard and fast, against the virgin’s flowing crack.

      “There! There! There!” The Holy Lady snarled, as she scrubbed her cunt against Clair’s and, pressing her lovely lips over the squealing girl’s gasping mouth, she French Kissed her, thrusting her tongue deep into the blonde’s throat.

      With a grin Clemantine released the ravished blonde’s ankles and watch with delight as the groaning girl clasped her ravisher to her writhing body with arms and legs and, lunging her hips upwards in a flurry of thrusts, ground her frothing cunt against Claudia’s.

       With a gasp, the naked Reverent Mother lifted her sucking mouth from Clair’s and gave a loud shout.

      “Aaaaaah! Shit! Shit! Fuck! Aaaaaaaaaah! I’m going to cum!” She bellowed. “Hoooo! Shit! Aaaaaaah! Spunk! Oooooooo!”

      “Eeeeeeaaaah! Ooooooow! Naaaaaaarh!” Yelled Clair, as the ecstatic women furiously scrubbed their erupting cunts together. “Yeeeeaaah! Yeah! Yeeeesssss! Yeess! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

      Sister Gloria and Sister Clemantine laughed, gleefully, and Celia groaned, as they watched the two sweating, climaxing women reach their peaks and listened to their shrieking duet.

      “Ooooo! Just look at them go at each other!” Giggled Gloria into Celia’s ear as she strummed the brunette’s huge vibrating clit while the Patrician Lady humped her cunt back at her sopping wet hand. “I think your ‘ward’ is getting to like the Holy Mother, don’t you?”

      Just then, both fucking women gave a great shout, clung tightly to each other for a long moment, and then collapsed, in a tangle of quivering, sweat dripping flesh. The panting Claudia’s naked body sprawled on top of the gasping, groaning Clair and, like this, both women lay, basked in ecstasy, for long moments.

      Sister Gloria pushed Celia to her bare feet and, thrusting a  finger up the brunette’s pouting anus while continuing to masturbate her, walked her like this, to stand behind the two exhausted, heavily panting women.

      Standing between the Reverent Mother’s wide stretched black stockinet feet and gazing, avidly, at the lewd sight of the two big sweaty arses with the two cream coated cunts, still pressed together and frothing, prettily, between, Gloria made Celia bend over and take a closer look at the steaming point of contact.

      “What do you think?” The big Nun asked the trembling brunette, while fingering her super sensitised arsehole and jerking on her big, bloated clitty. “Recon we’d get another spurt out of them?”

      Still working skilfully on Celia, Gloria leaned over and stuck her tongue into the groaning woman’s ear.

      “Look at Holy Mother’s beautiful, big bum.” She giggled, both hands abusing Celia’s sopping crotch, back and front. “It has millions of admirers, you know? It’s been seen hundreds of times on the Holo-Cannels. It’s considered one of the most beautiful bums in the world. And just look at that beautiful big bumhole. It’s quite slack. She’s been buggered a thousand times.”

      Celia began to grunt, her hips jerking against the fat Nun’s fingers. Gloria giggled.

      “Why don’t you kiss Holy Mother’s ring?” She asked with a leer. “Go on. Give it a good tonguing. I’m sure she’d love it?”

      Breathing heavily, Celia looked closely at her Sister-in-law’s bulging brown arsehole. As she gazed in disgust, the wrinkled ring pouted and winked, as if blowing her a kiss. Suddenly the lovely brunette felt a hand on the back of her head. It was Sister Clemantine, joining in the game. The younger Nun pushed Celia’s face closer to her Sister-in-law’s fat arse.

      “Come on, Slut! You can do it.” Clemantine laughed, and guided the panting brunette’s lovely mouth onto the Holy Mother’s

pouting bumhole.

      “That’s the way!” Laughed Sister Gloria, gleefully. “Now stick out your tongue and slide it into her anus.”

       Feeling her next orgasm near, Celia, blushing prettily, put out her tongue and, tentively, ran its point around the ring of Holy Mother’s arsehole.

      “Aaaaah!” Sighed Claudia, gently thrusting her open arse back at the brunette’s tongue while stirring gently on the young blonde’s sweat coated body.

      “There! She likes it!” Cried Gloria, still working, skilfully, on Celia’s bloated tickler. “Stick it in really deep. She loves that.”

      Feeling her climax flood over her, the sweating, panting brunette did as she was bid. Clutching the Holy Mother’s buttocks in each hand, Celia pressed her lovely mouth firmly over Claudia’s pouting arsehole and, sucking hard, thrust her tongue, deep, into her Sister-in-law’s soft, wet, bowels.

      The Holy Mother groaned and bucked her wide hips in response. Gripping Claudia’s big, round arsecheeks firmly, in her hands; the lovely brunette sucked and tongued the groaning woman’s gaping anus to the best of her ability, while she thrilled at the hot waves of shame and humiliation that flooded over her naked, sweating body.

      The bucking of the Mother Superior’s hot arse caused her frothing cunt to again scrub against the cunt of the virgin laying beneath her. Clair squealed and responded in kind, rubbing her spurting twat, vigorously, against Claudia’s.

      The two fucking women swiftly reached orgasm, this time they were joined by a trembling Celia who, sucking hard and tonguing deep, gushed copious gouts of thick, creamy cunt juice, all over the skilful hand of plump Sister Gloria.

      After all tree women had fully recovered and Sister Clemantine had escorted the two sex-slaves back to their cells Sister Gloria turned to Claudia, who was just adjusting her clothing.

     “They seem to be coming on nicely.” She chuckled, licking her fingers with pleasure.

      “Yes.” Mused Claudia, thoughtfully. “But I’d like to see a little more fear in their eyes. I think we should throw them in the ‘deep end’, don’t you?”

      “Oh! You mean the Tit Chopping, the day after tomorrow?”

      “Yes. I do.” Smiled the Holy Mother, an evil twinkle in her eyes. “We must set them an example.  Let’s let them see our full capabilities. They can both assist us on the show.”

      “That will add a little extra thrill to a deliciously thrilling evening, my dear.” Gloria leered. “But, do you know? I think our little virgin is already beginning to like our way of life.”

      “I know what you mean, darling.” Nodded Claudia. “She thinks she has been set free after leading a ridiculously sheltered life with that fucking stupid Sister-in-law of mine. Little does she know that she will not be truly free until she submits enthusiastically and totally to my every wish. And that road is going to be exceedingly painful.”

      And, laughing gleefully, they embraced each other, kissing and feeling each other, lewdly.











Review This Story || Author: Pete Greenman
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