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My Mom The Dom

Part 2

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                                                                                                Part Two


                I was embarrassed when Mom walked and found me hanging on the cross. I was a mess. My hair was damp and straggly and embedded with my brother’s cum. My skin was covered with welts and bruises. My face was haggard and I had huge dark circles under my eyes. Worst of all, Mom’s leather corset was ruined. The once shiny leather was cracked and wrinkled, stained with cum and soaked with perspiration. The silk stockings were in shreds and her spike heel shoes were ruined. Nipple clamps hung from my poor tormented breasts.

                Mom looked me up and down, then she spoke in a dangerously soft voice.

                “Who did this to you?”

                “Mike,” I whispered.

                She nodded. “Did he force you to wear my corset?”

                “No, I put your things on and was playing around with self bondage. He came in and found me.”

                “And he decided to enslave you, right?”


                “You couldn’t prevent that?”

                “I was already in handcuffs and shackles,” I confessed.

                “How long have you been hanging here?” she asked. She made no move to release me.

                “Since about four in the morning,” I said. “But we started Friday evening about seven.”

                “Did you get any rest?”

                “Not much, Just a few naps here and there.”

                “Hmm, Sixty hours of torture,” she mused. “I have to admire your stamina. Did you have fun?”

                “Yes, I had lots of orgasms.”

                “Did he fuck you?”

                I nodded blushing.

                “Did you suck his cock?”

                I nodded again.

                “So, you submitted completely?”

                “I’m sorry Mom, I don’t think I’m cut out to be a dom,” I told her. “I’m not like you and Kathy. I liked being tortured.”

                Kathy is my older sister. She was away at college but she was already a skilled dominatrix. Mom started her training when she was twelve and by the time she was sixteen she knew how to keep a man’s body  in pain and his cock hard for hours.     

Kathy is a lot like Mom, she can work herself into a state of near rage when she is torturing a slave. I’m not sure if its an act or real, but Kathy has an intensity that is frightening. Once a slave puts himself in her power he’s in for it. She doesn’t believe in safe words and shows no mercy or compassion but her  clients keep coming back. She even had a stable of clients at college which included her female room mate and some of her professors.

Sometimes Mom brings Kathy into sessions with her. One supreme court justice paid them twenty thousand dollars for a twenty four hour session. He begged for strict bondage and high pain. He got what he wanted and I got to watch.

Mom and Kathy kept him in chains the entire time. He wasn’t released until the session ended. They wouldn’t even unshackle him to go to the bathroom. When he had to pee Mother held him in a choke hold while Kathy aimed his cock into the toilet. They cleaned him by throwing a bucket of cold water over his body and scrubbing him with stiff brushes. They  dried him by whipping his body with  towels and just for extras they snapped the damp towels on his cock and balls. Every time the judge emerged from the bathroom he looked like a drowned rat, but his cock was hard as a rock.

Mom saw to it that the judge got his money’s worth. She started him out tied to the whipping horse and spanked him, paddled him and whipped him until his butt and legs were like hamburger. Then she moved him to the whipping frame and stretched him tightly. (The frame is equipped with ratchets and can stretch slaves so tightly that you’d think their joints would become dislocated. The judge’s body was as taut as a bowstring. They tied a thin cord around his balls and hung a weight from them, then blindfolded him and left him while they took a break.

I tiptoed over and played with his cock. It was fun making the weight swing and watching his cock throb. That was the only part of his body he could move. I snuck into Mom’s dressing room and put on her sandpaper gloves. The judge groaned very loudly when I grasped his cock, and he spurted like a fountain when I jerked him off. I got Mom’s gloves put away just in time. I was sitting innocently when they came back

 Mom and Kathy took turns whipping the judge. One used the whip and the other teased his cock. They went through every whip in Mom’s collection. They whipped him so hard that he has permanent scars. They made him cum too. Kathy could make him spurt by masturbating him, but all Mom had to do was brush his cock or balls lightly with the tips of her fingers and he went wild!

During the judge’s session Mom made Daddy wear a maid’s costume and squat in the corner with his knees apart. His cock was hard the whole time. From time to time she or Kathy made him crawl around and clean the cum off the floor and equipment with his tongue. He also had to clean off the judge’s cock.

They kept the judge in torment all day and all night. When they got tired one would go off and take a nap while the other worked on their victim. The only rest the judge got was when he fainted. He had a lot of stamina for a man in his late fifties but Mom was concerned that he could die of exhaustion, so when he passed out she let him rest for a couple of hours. She ordered Dad to kneel between the judge’s legs and let her know when he woke up.

They fed the judge a couple of times. He got oatmeal in a battered tin bowl. He had to kneel and lower his face into it. Dad had to lick his face off when he was finished.

They hanged the judge. Mom made him hop across the room to the gallows. It was difficult with his ankles chained together and he fell a couple of times. They didn’t care, they just got him to his feet and whipped him on. They made him hop up the steps of the gallows then Mom put the hangman’s noose around his neck. She hoisted him up until he nearly lost consciousness. Kathy played with his cock but  kept him inches from cumming. When he passed out they lowered him until he revived, then strung him up again. The third time Mom had me haul him up while she whipped him. He came so hard and thrashed so wildly that I thought he was going to break his own bones. He flopped around like a fish on a line. When he finally passed out I thought he had died and let him fall. Mom removed his noose and checked his breathing. He was all right. She let him lie on the floor and sent Daddy to fetch a pot of coffee.

When the judge came to Mom and Kathy were drinking coffee and I was having a glass of milk. I was too young for coffee. He struggled and groaned and flopped across the floor straining to reach us. Mom watched coldly as he inched his way to us. He managed to reach her feet and began kissing them. He kissed Kathy’s feet and mine too, and begged for more punishment. I giggled when he licked my toes, it made my pussy tingle.

For the finale they branded him!

A tiny brand with Mom’s initial between his legs!

They stretched him wide on a table and lifted his legs up and apart. Kathy brought out an electric barbecue and turned it on. Mom made a big production of putting the branding iron on the burner. He watched in a mixture of terror and passion. Kathy buckled a cock harness on him then attached some horrible clamps to his nipples. Those clamps have such long sharp teeth that they tear the skin. She connected thin chains from the clamps to his cock and tugged the chains tight. His cock was so hard that I wondered if it might break the leather straps.

Mom tested the branding iron by touching it to a raw steak. She wasn’t satisfied until it made the steak sizzle. I don’t know if he was scared or excited, but the judge thrashed around in his bonds like a wild man. Mom held the branding iron so close to his face that he could feel the heat. Kathy stroked his balls with her fingernails while Mom slowly brought the iron close. When she pressed the red hot iron to that spot between his balls and his rectum his body arched upward. Every muscle in his body tensed. There was absolute silence for a few seconds, then he screamed loud enough to wake the dead! He fell back to the table and thrashed so hard that the table legs rocked and bounced off the floor. Cum shot out of his cock and splashed  his chest and face. Mom and Kathy shrieked with laughter. Kathy yanked his nipple clamps loose and tore the harness off his cock. She grabbed it and masturbated him furiously. Mom squeezed his balls with one hand and pressed her finger against his brand. He screamed louder and sprayed more cum through the air. It looked like a lawn sprinkler. Then he passed out.

When Mom branded the judge Daddy couldn’t restrain himself. Despite his years of training, despite Mom’s standing orders, he touched his cock and masturbated without permission. (He was remembering the first time Mom branded him). Kathy laughed and pointed at him. Mom scowled furiously and screamed at him to stop. Poor Daddy just couldn’t help it. He kept jerking off. Mom jammed the branding iron back into the barbecue, then motioned for Kathy to come with her. They yanked Dad to his feet and marched him across the room. Kathy pinned Dad’s arms while Mom slowly removed the branding iron from the burner.

“Does this excite you?” Mom asked him. He nodded, staring at the iron.

“Do you want another brand?” she asked. (Mom had already branded Daddy between his legs. She did it on their honeymoon, only his brand was much bigger than the judge’s).

He sobbed and nodded. Mom looked at Kathy, who tightened her grip, then Mom pressed the branding iron onto Dad’s nipple.

Dad screamed and shot cum straight onto Mom’s legs. She gasped indignantly and branded his other nipple. Kathy released Dad and he collapsed. Mom glared down at him, then a wicked smile crossed her face. She handed the branding iron to Kathy.

“Hold your cock up,” she said to Dad. “Hold it steady.”

Dad looked at her pleadingly. She shook her head ominously. He whimpered but took hold of his cock. Mom motioned to Kathy who bent and touched the iron to the tip of Daddy’s cock. He screamed and rolled around on the floor. He didn’t let go of his cock, in fact he began jerking off again. Mom rolled her eyes and shrugged helplessly.

When Dad finally calmed down Mom sent him into her dressing room to straighten up his dress and makeup, then she mad him help the judge to the bathroom. Daddy gave the judge a long soothing bath, shampooed his hair, gave him a shave and a hand job while he soaked. After ward Dad combed his hair and got him dressed. As he left the judge kissed Kathy’s hand, bowed low and kissed Mom’s hand and gave Daddy’s cock a friendly squeeze.


A few weeks after the session the Judge found that his scars were permanent. He was so delighted that he sent flowers and gifts. He’s so proud of his scars that he displays them in the locker room of his country club, especially the brand. Mom and Kathy have acquired several new clients from among his friends.

(Its amazing what some men will pay for a mother/daughter session.)


                I admire my older sister and wish I could be like her, but after my weekend with Mike I didn’t think I could measure up. I told Mom so.

                “I understand how you feel,” she said. “That’s the way your father is, and despite appearances, I do love him. I torture him for his pleasure as much as my own.”

                “I think I understand Daddy a little better now,” I said.

                “Well, don’t be too sympathetic, remember he’s merely a male and thus inferior. You are still a woman.”

                “I feel more like a slave than a  powerful woman,” I told her.

                “We shall see about that,” she said firmly. “You’ve enjoyed a long session of submission, and submission can be seductive, but I want you to experience a similar time as a dominant before you make up your mind. After all, I’ve got our family name to think about.”

                (Mom is the fourth generation in our family to be a dominatrix. Her great grandmother came to Massachusetts in the eighteen nineties after a scandal in London, which according to family tradition, involved a gentleman of the highest social standing. She came to America and set up a dungeon in a fashionable part of Boston. Her daughter became a dom, so did my grandmother, my mom and my aunt. Kathy and I will be the fifth generation).

                “I don’t want to embarrass the family,” I said. “But , ,”

                “No buts,” Mom said firmly. “You will get a chance to control a male from his first day of slavery.”

                “How will I do that?”

                “Your brother must be punished,” she said. “He tortured you without my permission and he put his penis in your body.” She looked around at the wreckage of the great room and shook her head. “I planned to break him to slavery when he was a little older, but since he’s dared to humble a woman, I’ll start his training right away. You and your sister will help me.”

                “But what if Mike’s not submissive the way Daddy is?” I asked. “We would be forcing him against his will.”

                “Does that matter?” she laughed, then her voice grew deeper and quieter. “That’s the supreme pleasure,” she whispered. “Breaking a strong male, one without any submissive tendencies, teaching him to love pain in spite of himself.” Her expression grew dreamy. “Its like taming a wild stallion, the pleasure is a hundred times stronger than punishing some wimp, , , God, I get wet thinking about it!”

My pussy gave a little throb. It did sound exciting.

“Have you ever done that Mom?” I asked. “Have you ever tamed a man against his will?”

“Yes,” she sighed. Her eyes looked far away. “Your grandmother and I traveled to Spain when I was your age. A wealthy lady had grown tired of her husband’s affairs with other women so she asked us to come. She bought a house in the country and we set up a dungeon. When it was ready she drugged his food and brought him to us. We stripped him naked and put him in chains. He resisted furiously, but we whipped and tortured him for several months until he was quite docile. Your grandmother did most of the work, I only helped, but I’ll never forget the thrill I had when he finally admitted defeat and knelt to us.

“When that happened we called his wife and she came to the house. She wanted to participate in  his final training. She was seething with anger after all his affairs and wanted to punish him the cruelest way possible. She picked your grandmother’s brains for ways to torment her husband.

“She was merciless, she branded him, she pierced his body with needles and fish hooks, she tied his legs open and threatened to castrate him.”

“Did she?”

“No, but she toyed with his balls with knives and hot irons so menacingly that for days afterwards he screamed when she walked in the room. He was so frightened that whippings didn’t bother him. He worried about what exotic tortures his wife was going to think up. The mildest thing she did was to beat his balls with whips and paddles until he passed out with pain, then she revived him and started over.”

“Did he learn to like torture?”

“Yes, after we broke his spirit we showed him a tiny bit of pleasure.”

“How did you do that?”

“We would torment him for an hour or so, then play with his cock, fleetingly, lightly, delicately. At first he couldn’t get erect because of his pain and fear, but slowly he started to respond to our touch.”


“Eventually we trained him that to obey every command brought a small reward. A few strokes of a feminine hand on his cock, or a caress of his balls. He became so conditioned that his cock would pop up the instant one of us entered the room. The best part was to tie him securely and tease his cock for hours. The trick was to bring him very close, but not let him cum. You have to watch very closely. We used every trick in the book, especially in the way we dressed.”

“How was that?”

“No dominatrix outfits, no leather, no boots. We wore skimpy dresses and skirts and let him peek down our cleavage or up our skirts. We even wore panties. As he became more and more submissive we stopped wearing panties, and our clothes got even skimpier. Finally one afternoon I buckled a very tight cock harness on him, then left. We left him alone for a long time, then entered his dungeon wearing dominance outfits.”

“Tell me about them.”

“Your grandmother wore red leather. A corset with bra, panties and heels. I wore the same type outfit but in white. We stood in front of him in the dominance pose, you know, feet apart, chin up, arrogantly looking down at him.”

“Ooh, that sounds sexy.”

“The man gasped and his cock strained the harness when he saw us,” Mom continued. “But the best was to come.”


“His wife came in. She made us look pale in comparison.”

“No way!”

“Oh yes,” Mom said. “She carried a whip and wore a black leather jacket and leather skirt. Her hair was as black as her leather, and she wore it in a bun with a high comb, like a classical Spanish lady. She looked sexy and powerful.

“What did her husband do?”

“He was struck dumb. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He started to tell her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her, but she wanted none of that. She slapped him into silence. She stalked around him raking his skin with her nails, slapping his face, pinching his balls. Then she stepped back and took off her clothes.

“She took off her jacket and revealed a leather corset that left her breasts exposed.”

“Did she have nice breasts?” I interposed.

“Very nice,” Mom said. “They were large and firm, and she had painted her nipples red with lipstick.”


“Her husband’s eyes bulged when he saw them, but that was nothing. Her skirt was skin tight and held closed by snaps. She grasped the waist band and tore it off with a single motion, then whirled it over her head like a matador’s cape and flung it across the room. I thought this eyes were going to pop out of his head.”


“She was naked under the skirt, and her pussy hair was jet black and very thick. She was the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen,” Mom said.

“Then she tortured him?”

“Her husband was begging her to whip him. He strained his body upward offering himself to her whip.”

“What did she do?”

 “She whipped him half to death.”


“Yes, and he thanked her for every stroke and begged for more. She didn’t stop until he was a bleeding mass of flesh.

“Did he ever get to cum?”

“He came while she whipped him but we didn’t realize it until we took him back to his cell. I noticed cum oozing through his cock harness. That was the last time though, after that he wore a chastity belt.”

“Wouldn’t a chastity belt keep him from getting hard?”

“Not that kind. It was a large tube that allowed him to get big, but there was no way for him to reach an orgasm. Its incredibly frustrating for a male. I know because I’ve used one on your father.”

“You have?”

“I kept one on him for six months once.”

“What for?”

“Just to be a bitch,” she grinned.

“What ever happened to the Spanish lady and her husband?”

“We trained him for several more weeks. We even feminized him.”

“That must have been tough for him,” I observed.

“Very,” Mom said, “Especially for a macho Spanish padrone, but he didn’t resist when we taught him to be a woman.”

“Oh, wow.”

“We had him mincing around in heels and skirts and simpering like a little girl. Sometimes he grumbled a little with  your grandmother and me, but when his wife was present he was as docile and obedient as a little girl.”

“Obedient enough to offer himself to men?”

“She brought in her servants and made her husband beg to suck their cocks and beg them to fuck him. Later she brought in farm hands as well. She loved making him suffer through marathon sessions with men.”

“Did she ever forgive him?”

“No. She told everyone that her husband had suffered a stroke and was in a coma. She’s kept him under lock and key for twenty years.”

“And he’s never cum in all that time?”

“Yes, he has. She noticed after a few years that he was starting to act crazy. She was afraid that he might actually go insane and thus not suffer enough, so she lets him masturbate every once in a while. Sometimes she even makes him cum herself.”

“What does she do to him?’

“She’s turned it into a ritual,’ Mom said. “he tells him that she’s going to make him cum then teases him for weeks. She has a little harem of handsome young men and she takes them to hubby’s dungeon. She makes him watch while she has sex with her lovers one after another. She also whips her husband, makes him submit to her boys and beg, beg, beg. Finally, after all day of tormenting him she squeezes his cock and he cums.”

‘That’s all?’

“That’s all it takes,’ Mom laughed. “One touch from her and he spurts like a fire hose.”

“How do you know this/” I asked.

“She writes to your grandmother regularly and sends pictures of him in humiliating situations.”

“Has she become a dominatrix?”

“Not a professional like us. She’s too well known in Spanish society to risk her reputation. She concentrates on only one slave but she makes his life a hell.


“So you see, I’m not the cruelest woman in the world,” Mom laughed. “At least I let your father out of the house occasionally.”

I had a vivid picture in my mind of the Spanish lady. I wondered what it would be like to submit to her.

                “Are you angry with me for submitting to Mike?” I asked.

                Mom shrugged. “I should be, I suppose, but I’ll wait to see how you handle yourself with your brother before I decide to punish you or not.”

                My pussy throbbed deeper and heavier.

                “I’m not trying to sound defiant or disrespectful,” I said. “But I have to warn you that I think I just might enjoy anything you do to me.”

                “Oh, a true masochist eh?” She grabbed one of the clamps and yanked it off my nipple. I wasn’t expecting it. The pain was horrific, and the orgasm was wonderful.

                When I managed to stop writhing I turned the other breast toward her. She yanked that clamp off too.

                It took ten minutes to get my breathing back to normal. She was watching closely. I smiled weakly.

“Thanks Mommy.”

                “You may be right,” she said sadly. “You might be cut out to be submissive, but I’m not giving up on you yet.

                “Mom, I want to help you tame Mike, and I’ll do everything you say, but just in case it doesn’t work out and I still want to be a sub, can I ask you a favor?”

                “What’s that?”

                “Would you whip me with the bull whip?”

                She looked at me for a moment. “No, if it turns out that you truly are cut out to be a submissive I  won’t use that thing on you. You’re still my daughter.” She paused for a moment. “But I might let someone else do it. Your aunt Georgia perhaps.”

                “Thanks Mom.”


Mom started Mike’s training that instant. She went to his room and returned leading him on a leash. He was naked but his cock was no longer hard. She made him release me from the cross then kneel, kiss my feet and beg my forgiveness. Mike sounded sincere. He was scared. He kissed my shoes and ankles and offered to do anything to atone. Mom let him grovel for a while, then motioned for me to leave.

                I staggered to my room and collapsed into bed. I slept for fourteen hours straight.


                Mom made my brother crawl over every inch of the great room floor on his hands and knees. Then she ordered him to put on a frilly apron and clean the room. She stood over him as he tidied up and put away all the equipment, then he had to dust and polish all the torture racks and crosses.

Mike, being a typical fifteen year old boy, grumbled a lot and didn’t see why he had to polish things that he hadn’t used. Mom lit into him verbally and with a riding crop.

                Mike had never been punished sexually and he didn’t like it. He howled and complained and tried to get loose, but Mom is very strong and she’s used to dealing with unruly males. Mike was no match for her. She shoved him to the floor, knelt on his neck and whipped his ass with a riding crop until he was screaming. (Screams do not deter my mother, if anything, they excite her.)  She told me later that she hadn’t planned to do much with Mike that first day, but when he rebelled she changed her mind.

                When Mike was reduced to a sobbing whimpering little male, she dragged him to the stocks and locked him in. Poor Mikey, he was bent at the waist with his head and hands securely trapped in the pillory. His butt was exposed and quite vulnerable. Mom went back to work on him with the riding crop. Mike learned that one whipping does not necessarily constitute enough punishment in Mom’s eyes.

                Dad was downstairs cleaning house and he could hear Mike screaming two floors away. Fortunately Mom had the great room sound proofed soon after we moved in, other wise the way my brother was howling  the neighbors would have probably called the police               

After she set up the dungeon Mom decided that sound proofing was necessary so she brought back her work slaves, (the same ones who built the dungeon equipment). They were delighted to return.

They were in the house for several days, living in their slave cells. Every morning Mom took  them out one by one and put their tool belts on. She had the belts altered so she could pad lock them. She also bound up their cocks and balls with thin leather strips which she tied to the front and back of their belts. The strips cut into their skin, but they seemed to like it, any way, their cocks stayed hard all day. They couldn’t pee though, not until the strips were untied and Mom forbade them to do so. They had to go to her, get on their knees and beg for permission to go to the bathroom. Mom made them suffer before she would untie their cocks.

In order to sound proof the room they drilled holes in the walls and pumped in some kind of foam stuff, and they installed triple pane windows with extra thick glass. They had to work outside on the windows so Mom let them get dressed, but she inserted vibrators up their butts and held them in place with chastity straps. It was fun watching them climb ladders very gingerly.

While they were here Mom had them put in better lighting in the dungeon, paint a couple of rooms and do a few other odds and ends around the house. They loved it and two of them, the unmarried ones, begged Mom to let them stay permanently as house slaves.

                 I liked having them in the house. I got to tease them again.

Poor Daddy suffered though. When he wasn’t busy cleaning house or cooking, Mom tied him on his knees and made him available to the workmen. Slavery must make men horny because those men were always hard and they stuck their cocks in Dad’s mouth every chance they got. The bindings on their balls made it hard for them to cum, but that didn’t stop them from trying. Every time I looked in poor Dad was sucking one of them.

When they finished the job Mom rewarded them with another all night bondage session and I got to watch.

Mom usually wears a dominatrix outfit when she runs a session but that night she was naked, she wore only a pair of boots with wickedly sharp spurs. She looked incredible!

She included Daddy in his role as cum slave and made him clean the floor with his tongue throughout the night. When he wasn’t licking up cum he was kept in very tight bondage.

Mom whipped and spanked the slaves. She put them on the rack and on the crosses and hung them by their wrists. She attached alligator clamps to their nipples and balls and cocks and poured hot wax on their bodies.

I loved watching, but at fourteen I needed my sleep. I began to nod off about two in the morning. The last thing I watched was Mom tying each man over a heavy rail bent at the waist. She tied them very tightly and spread their feet apart. The rail was long enough that she put all five side by side, then she went into her dressing room. I followed.

Mom put on her most wicked dildo. She had it especially made. It’s L shaped. One end fits inside her pussy, the other juts forward. It has a realistic pair of balls. The dildo jiggles and the balls swing when she walks. Its held in place by a pair of crotchless rubber panties. The panties are very tight, like a girdle, and Mom has to coat the insides with baby powder just to get them on. Once in place, they hold the dildo quite firmly. (Mom doesn’t like strap on dildos, they slip and slide around too much.)  The dildo and panties are exactly the same color as Mom’s skin. The panties are so tight and the hole around the dildo is so small that from any distance she looks like a shemale.

The slaves’ eyes widened when Mom walked back to the great room. A couple looked worried, a couple were frightened, and the last was horrified. He began fighting his bonds and screaming in his gag. Mom ignored him. She paraded in front of them, telling them in detail how she was going to fuck them all.

She started at one end of the line and slid the dildo into the first slave’s ass. He groaned, but obviously liked it. (Mom knows her clients and their likes and dislikes).

She fucked him for twenty minutes, then moved to the next. When she got to the man who was afraid she showed no mercy. He was pleading in his gag. His words were unintelligible, but it was obvious that he didn’t want that thing up his butt. Mom didn’t care.

Mom toyed with that poor man. She rubbed the dildo in his face, then walked around and rubbed it against his legs. Then, slowly, she placed it against his ass. She dug her nails into his back until tiny drops of blood showed, then she rammed it into him. He screamed! Gag or not, that poor slave screamed to wake the dead.

Mom fucked him long and steadily. The other slaves craned their necks to watch. Their cocks were all hard. I glanced at Daddy. He was hard too and he was watching with a desperate hungry look on his face.

Mom fucked the slave and from time to time glanced down at his cock. Despite his groans and whimpers, it slowly began to rise. When it was finally erect she grasped it and squeezed. The slave came instantly. His cum hit the floor so hard that it splashed.

When he stopped spurting I think he assumed that Mom would stop. Poor foolish man, no way! Mom kept screwing him. For a long time she pumped into his ass. Sure enough, he got hard again!

 I fell asleep about that time, and was awakened by a piercing scream. Mom was whipping the slaves with a horsewhip. A horrid thing so thin that it cuts like a razor. She was stalking back and forth slashing the whip so fast that it buzzed. She was covered with sweat and her eyes were wild and furious. Her breasts swayed with every stroke and every stroke brought a scream or groan from the slaves. She would thrust her dildo into a slave’s ass, dig her claws into his back and fuck him furiously for a few minutes, then she whipped them again.

Even with the screams I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I went to my room and fell asleep.


The next morning I awoke and the house was quiet. I walked past Mom’s room and peeked in. She was asleep sprawled on her double king sized bed but Daddy wasn’t in his kennel.

I found him in the great room. He was tied to the whipping horse. His body was covered with welts and bruises and Mom’s claw marks. Dried cum dotted his back, his butt and his legs. Dozens of clamps were attached to his body and large weights hung from his nipples. An electric cord was clamped to his balls. It was plugged into a random timer that sent jolts of electricity into them every few minutes.

 He raised his head when I walked in. His face was covered in cum and his skin was pale and haggard. He looked up at me but his mouth was so dry he couldn’t talk. I got a glass of water with a straw.

When he could talk I asked him what happened.

“I wanted your mother to fuck me with the dildo,” he answered. “But she wouldn’t do it. She whipped me for daring to ask, then she allowed those other slaves to fuck me.”

“All of them?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. “Several times apiece.”

“Where are they?” I wondered.

“Your mother locked them in their cells and went to bed hours ago. She left me here.” Just at that moment the timer sent a charge onto his poor helpless balls. He gasped in pain and his whole body tensed.

“Poor daddy,” said patting his head. (His hair was damp with cum so I wiped my hand over his face.)

I wanted to release him but I knew better. No one untied Mom’s slave without her permission.

Mom walked in a minute later. She was bleary eyed and yawned hugely. She wore her dressing gown of light supple leather. (My Mom never wears anything ordinary except when she goes out in public). The gown was open in the front and exposed her pussy. Dad’s cock rose instantly.

Mom absently patted him on the head. She looked around the room and shook her head.

“Release him,” she told me. “And see to it that he cleans this mess. Then he can make breakfast.”

I untied Daddy and he fell off the whipping horse. He struggled to get to his feet but he was too weak to stand. Mom gave him a look of withering contempt. He made a heroic effort and got up. Mom stepped close and grasped his balls. She squeezed hard, digging her nails into them. Dad’s head rolled back and a look of pure ecstasy came over his face.

“Don’t you dare spurt onto my gown,” Mom warned him. She tugged upward until he was on tiptoe.

“If you keep doing that I won’t be able to hold back,” he whimpered.

Mom leaned closer and actually rubbed her breasts against him. “Control yourself little male,” she said. “And I just might permit you to cum later.”

“Oh, God!” he groaned.

“Clean up in here,” she said. “Lick up all the cum, put everything away, tidy up. Then fix our breakfast and feed the other slaves. Once you’ve done all that and completed your daily chores, you may come to my room and masturbate in front of me.”                                                                                                                       Dad fell to his knees and kissed her feet.

I am astonished at how generous Mom can be at times. “Geez Mom, you’re going to spoil him!” I blurted.

She looked at me and shrugged.

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