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Boy in a girls' brat camp

Part 1

Boy in a girls brat camp

A fantasy of women using a man.

Part one

Bob was seventeen and failing badly. He had at school got in with the wrong set and had been in trouble with the police and also with the school. Finally that summer his parents had given him an ultimatum. Either he left home and school or he spent the summer on an outdoor programme designed to change the way he acted. Bob was not at all keen but his parents would not be moved so that summer he packed a rucksack and looked depressingly forward to eight weeks at what was charming called a brat camp. This was a camp deep in the countryside that promised to change a teenagers attitude by tough love. Bob thought the idea useless but as a taxi collected him his parents dropped a final bombshell telling him the course was assessed and he had to pass before he could return home even if that took him a year as he could study there if necessary.

He was driven by the taxi for most of the day to the middle of the mountains and Bob did not appreciate the view playing instead with his game boy.  They arrived at dusk at a camp of half a dozen grim huts miles from anywhere and the surly driver told Bob they were here. Bob got out with his rucksack and turning saw the taxi drive away keen to get out of the mountains before dark.

Bob saw one of the huts had a sign saying reception so wandered over. It was empty inside but he saw a bell and rung it and waited and two minutes later two women entered the office. Both were in their twenties and both were large muscular sporty women and neither was at all attractive particularly as they were wearing dirty tops and shorts exposing their muscular legs that Bob noticed were also muddy. One of the girls asked what he wanted and Bob told them he was here for the course. The women laughed and told him not to be silly as it was an all female camp. Bob gasped at that but the other woman looked in a book and read out his name and he told her it was him. The woman laughed and said there had obviously been a mistake and told him to wait while she got the programme leader. Three minutes later she returned with a massive middle aged whale of a woman. She looked at Bob and got him to confirm his name and then asked to see his letter and Bob handed that over. She read it and then said, “Blast we thought you were Bobbie not Bob and that you were a girl!” Bob laughed and told them he was male and then asked them to get him a taxi to take him home. Bob was smiling thinking about having a summer lazing around at home with his mates and laughing about his parents cock up. However the woman considered and then looked at the other two women both of who nodded and replied, “I think not Bob! Your parents have paid for you to spend eight weeks at least here with at least twelve more weeks if you do not pass. In fact they were so keen and thought you would fail they have paid us for twenty weeks up front and told me if necessary they would pay for a whole year to turn you around. They must have read our brochure and decided we were what you needed and I do not intend to disappoint them. Our licence allows us to have boys and girls but we never have but you will be the first. You will do the eight weeks Bob and if you do not reach the standard you stay here until you do. The fact you are a boy and the rest are girls makes no difference!”

Bob groaned and protested but the woman was adamant he would stay and Bob wondered if it was because she did not want to admit she had made a mistake or that she wanted his parents money or both. However she insisted he stayed and he knew he had no hope of persuading his parents to let him come home. Also the idea of spending a summer as the only boy for miles with a load of naughty girls was exciting as Bob knew the sorts of things naughty girls got up to. Bob knew lots of the girls would be in the camp for being easy and smiled at the thought of how easy it would be for him to seduce a load of them one after another. Then the woman spoke again and said, “But where can he sleep we are full apart from the bed we had for him! He cannot have that as he would share with three girls and they are not the sort of girls to put a boy with!” Bob smiled at that and then groaned as one of the sporty women replied, “Well Sandra we have a spare bunk in our room and he could have that! At least until we get a free room that is! I do not mind sharing with him and also it keeps him well under control!”  The woman nodded and replied, “Excellent he can sleep there and you two can be in charge of him! Now ladies can you take him to the room and check stuff in. I will tell the girls about him at tea and he can eat with you two later on!” Bob groaned at that but was helpless to resist and was ordered to follow the girls out. As he did so to his horror one of the two women who was even more muscularly than the other one picked his heavy rucksack up as if it was empty and Bob knew he was physically no match for either of them. This woman told him as they walked across that her name was Karen and the other woman was Paula. She smiled and said, “I bet you did not expect to end up sharing with two sexy women Bob! But let me tell you if you try anything on we will rip your balls right off!” Bob gulped at that and assured them both he had no intention of trying it on with either of them. Then to his horror Karen replied, “Well Bob you had better hope we do to want to try anything on with you! After all we are stuck without boyfriends here for weeks! And you heard Sandra we are in charge of you! A bad report means you will spend all autumn here as well!” both the women laughed and Bob smiled as well hoping they were joking.

Then Paula pushed open a door on the last hut and in they went. Inside was a corridor with four rooms off and Paula said, “You are lucky this is luxury accommodation compared to what the girls get” and pushed him into the room by the door. It was a big room with two sets of bunk beds and closed off to one side a toilet and a sink. Paula smiled and said, “The showers are in the corridor when you want one tepid water at best but the girls only get cold so be pleased you are Bob and not Bobbie. You get the bottom bunk bed at the end of the room boy. I sleep on the top by the door and Karen will be sleeping on top of you!” and again both women smiled at that. Karen smiled and said, “Yes so we keep you well under control boy! Okay now we have to search you completely as in this camp as you know there is no alcohol, no drugs and no fags!”

Bob nodded as the women who he was starting to think of as girls admittedly as big ugly girls undid his pack and emptied it and started to sort though it all. However while this annoyed him he was not worried as he knew he had not packed alcohol or fags as he had been sure he would be searched. Then Paula opened a folder and he groaned as she said, “And what is this?” Bob groaned as he remembered he had packed in the middle of some music magazines in the folder three porn magazines. Two were full of naked girls posing and playing with themselves while the third had several photo shoots of girls doing each other with a strap-on. Bob had hoped either to get them in or to bluff them in. However faced with Paula he blushed and said, “Some magazines for me to read at night!” Karen laughed and said; “No way I do not want you moaning and making the bed rock while you are with us so no jerking off boy” Bob blushed as Paula opened the magazine and then opened the one with a photo set of two blondes taking turns to stick a strap-on up each other. She said, “That looks disgusting! No way would I want a lump of plastic up me! Does it turn you on Bob?” Bob went bright red as she looked at him and half nodded. She continued,”Strange! Still I suppose a boy would not object to having that up his bum!” Bob gulped as he realised Paula thought he had meant he wanted to be done not that he liked the sexual imagery. He did not know what to say as Karen took the magazines and said, “I will lock these away Bob but maybe if you are a good boy in a few weeks time you can spend an hour with them!” and both girls giggled as Bob blushed completely red.

Then the door opened and the camp leader entered and said, “Pack okay?” and Karen nodded and she continued as Bob wondered why Karen had not mentioned the magazines, “I phoned your father and he agreed you should stay even though I told him we were more geared to girls than boys. Now lets have a look at your stuff!” Bob groaned at that and then blushed again as the big woman picked up a pair of his boxers. Bob had packed his best underwear mainly quite silky and sexy and to have it shown like this by such an ugly woman horrified him. The two girls smiled as the big woman said, “Unsuitable!” and pushed then to one side. Bob stood horrified as the woman pushed virtually all his things to one side as unsuitable telling him it was an outdoor pursuit camp not a fashion show. Finally she had finished and turned to Bob and said, “I think we will need to find you some more things to wear Bob. What you really need are a couple of pairs of shorts and some tops!” Paula spoke and said, “I think we have a couple of pairs in lost property that will be okay shall I get them?”  And the woman agreed. Paula left as the camp leader then went though his personal stuff and rejected most of it including to his annoyance all his after shaves. When he protested she told him, “This is a female camp Bob we do not want you going around smelling like that in fact it may be a good thing for you to put on female perfume to cover your masculine scent up!” and Bob heard Karen giggle at that. Then Paula returned with two pairs of shorts. They were in Bobs size but very short and worse were a very girlish light blue. The woman took them and said, “Perfect and with these white T shirts and the canvas slip-on perfect!” and Bob moaned as the rest of his clothing was put away. Then the woman turned and said, “Okay the body search! Strip to your underwear Bob!”

Bob gasped at that as all three women blushed but did not move until the woman said, “Come on Bob we have all seen a naked boy! Get them off or do you want Paula and Karen to do it? Remember you have signed a contract as have your parents given us the right to use physical force!” Bob groaned but very reluctantly and blushing deeply he stripped to his underwear. As he did so his clothing as all placed in a plastic bag by Karen for storage. His underwear was a pair of briefs in a tiger pattern and he stood blushing in them as the woman looked at him and worse at his briefs and Bob to his total horror realised that his nervousness had somehow caused him to become erect in his pants and his bulge was very apparent to all three women. The woman said, “Tiger underwear what will they wear next! Totally unsuitable Bob give it here and held her hand out!” Bob went bright red but removed his underwear in front of the three women. Desperately he tried to keep his groin covered but failed and was sure from their smiles and from a loud giggle from Karen they all saw his dick sticking up virtually fully erect. He stood his hands covering his groin but fully aware that Paula had a good view of his naked bottom. Then Paula held out a pair of the shorts saying,” They could be a little tight but I am sure they will do!” Bob had to move his hands away from his groin and as he did so he saw all three women look at his erect dick and blushed all over. He somehow managed to get the shorts on and then a T shirt and stood humiliated in front of the women as virtually all the things he had packed were put away including his game boy.

To his relief he felt his unwanted erection fade but was aware of just how short the shorts were and how as they were obviously designed for a girl how they squashed his balls and worse how prominent it made them and his dick. Worse of course he was naked under the shorts. The woman smiled and said, “Good boy a nice clean search! Who knows Bob maybe you can pass and get away in eight weeks. However Bob everything you do wrong is a penalty. Three penalties means you do twenty weeks and another three means you stay the whole year with us. Tough but fair! Okay now have a rest and you can get some food in thirty minutes. Tonight Bob as you are a boy I have decided to keep you away from the girls and you can meet them tomorrow. Now Karen and Paula will work out you programme for the first four weeks. Your father mentioned that domestically you are very weak and lazy so girls put in a lot of domestic work for him.” Karen nodded and said, “No problem Joan!” and Bob groaned even more at that. Paula smiled at him and said, “Those shorts suit you Bob! They really show off you legs and bum and as for your groin nice and tight! But I would not get hard Bob unless you want the girls all to laugh at you! Okay let me get you your sheets and you can make up your bed and then rest of a bit while we sort out your timetable and then get some tea.” Paula returned with some sheets and Bob made up the bottom bunk and then in a box under the bed put what was left of his possessions. Then he lay tired and confused on the bed and heard the two girls talking softly as they sorted out his programme.

He must have dozed as the next thing he was being shaken awake by Karen who said, “Come and have some tea sleepy head!” and dazed he followed the two girls out and into the next hut. This was the canteen and kitchen and Bob sat and ate a tepid meal with the two girls. Worse after eating the girls made him wash not only his and their plates but also a load of pots. It took him more than an hour before he had finished and the girls then took him back to the hut and their room. He sat on the bed and then gasped as into the room came another girl. She was like Karen and Paula in the early twenties but unlike the two girls she was very pretty with blonde hair. Her body was strong looking but curvy with a massive full pair of boobs. She was wearing a short skirt and also a tight top and Bob was sure no bra. She smiled and Bob and said, “Hi you must be Bob my name is Jessica! Your should have heard the girls cheer when Joan told them we had a boy joining us as a student! How bizarre your parents thinking it was a mixed course! Still you are here now and luckily for you Paula and Karen can keep you nice and safe as the girls here are a right bunch of nasty viragos! Have you done his programme girls?” Karen smiled and moved over to talk to them and said, “We nearly have Jessica come and give us a hand! Lots of useful things to train Bob.” Bob groaned at that as Jessica moved and talk to the two girls for a couple of minutes and then all three turned to speak to Bob.  Karen smiled and said, “Heres your programme Bob! A nice early start at five and then a couple of hours of cleaning and washing!” Bob moaned at that as he had not got up a five since being a toddler. She continued, “Then to get you exercised an hour of cross country with Jessica!” Bob sort of smiled at that until Jessica said,” A hard run Bob you have to keep up with me and I run for my college!” and Karen added, “And if you slack boy thats a penalty! A minor one so you get a choice a punishment we select or a penalty report and remember three of those means another twelve weeks here! Do something more serious than slack and thats a penalty and a load of extra domestic work!” Bob groaned at that as she smiled and added,” Then Bob breakfast followed by two hours of self study and then  a two hour activity and for you we have selected horticulture then a quick lunch and another two hour self study session and then a two hour sports activity in your case hockey with me! Hard work Bob as I expect the best! That should leave you fairly knackered but as Joan said she wanted a lot of domestic you can do a couple of hours in the kitchen getting the tea ready. And then wash up that will be another hour. Then Bob if you have any energy left you can join the girls for the evening fun! Sing a longs and gentle games! You can expect to be stretched fully Bob during your time with us! This is not an easy number and remember if you want to rejoin the real world you have to pass.” Bob groaned out loud at that and at the exhausting and tedious programme the girls had outlined.

This amused the girls and then Paula moved close and stared straight in his face and said to the suddenly frightened boy, “And while you are here Bob remember we can use physical force on you! And that means physical punishment as well! Forced runs, showers and beatings! And as you are a boy we can make it really humiliating as well! So do not give us any trouble Bob or we will make your life a total misery!” Bob shuddered at that and then Jessica patted him on the arm and said, “I am sure he will be a good boy and not cause us any naughtiness at all. Will you? And therefore all the very nasty things you would suffer if you were naughty will not happen!” Paula laughed and said, “I hope so if he wants to keep his balls!” and all three giggled in a girlish but to Bob terrifying manner. However to his relief they had finished teasing him and he was able to collapse horrified on his bed. The girls left him alone and he used the bathroom and then lay dazed by the turn of events.

It was over an hour before Karen and Paula returned and Karen told him it was time to sleep. Bob then realised he had another problem in what to sleep in while sharing a room with two girls. Joan had removed virtually all his clothing apart from some short T shirts and these would expose him to the girls. He told the two girls this and they smiled at him and then Paula told him she would have a hunt and see what she could find from the stuff girls had dumped here. She returned with a handful of stuff and said,” Try this lot there should be something to wear to bed! After all it is only you and us! And I have found another pair of shorts to fit you!” and she waved a pair of tiny pink hot pants at Bob. Bob blushed and told her no way could he ever wear them. Paula laughed and said,” You can if we say so Bob! We decide what you wear! Now what do you want to put on for the night?”   Bob gasped as she first picked up a girls night dress in pink. Paula laughed and then picked up another short night dress white and see though. Bob shook his head and she laughed and said, “Maybe if you annoy us!” and then she picked up two tartan skirts obviously girls skirts and said, “A kilt? Covers you!” Bob shuddered and she giggled and then picked up the last item. It was a large pair of pink girls knickers and she said,” Nice and loose Bob!” Bob groaned but selected one of the skirts to wear to bed hoping it would look like a kilt. Paula laughed and left him to change but when he had changed she smiled at him and said, “Very nice! A skirt suits you Bob! Okay go to bed we get up early Bob and you are going to be an extremely busy boy! Jessica runs like the wind and as for Karen she keeps the hockey group at maximum for the whole time!”  Bob groaned and got into the bed as Karen returned from the shower room. She had changed and was wearing a very long T shirt that covered her massive bottom. Bob was lying in the bed as Karen moved to the bed and then he gasped. Karen had stretched to get on the bed and as she wiggled up using her arms to get up the T shirt rode up her muscular body. The T shirt rose up her so that her pussy was fully exposed to the amazed Bob who gasped at the sight of her pussy large and covered in thick black pubic hair. When she was in bed Bob looked and realised that Paula had seen him staring at Karens pussy. But she said nothing and instead went and changed in the toilet to another long T shirt. Paula smiled and said, “Time for lights out! Sleep well!” and it went dark. It was a long time before Bob fell asleep not helped by both girls gently but nosily for Bob snoring.

Part two

Bob was woken by Karen pulling the blanket off him and shouting, “Time to get up Bob! I hope you feel refreshed because you have a long hard day!” Karen and Paula had already dressed in T shirts and shorts and Bob felt humiliated standing in the girls tartan skirt. He was ordered to dress and had to lift the skirt to slip the light blue over short and too tight shorts on aware as he did so he gave the girls a long flash of his bottom. Then he removed the skirt and changed the T shirt. He felt ridiculous but was happy to take the kilt skirt off. The two ugly girls smiled at him pulling the skirt off and then Paula said,” Okay first task is cleaning here! Follow me!” Bob followed her out of the room and they went to a cupboard where he was handed a bucket, mop and some brushes. For the next ninety minutes Bob was made to scrub and mop the whole hut. Apart from his room there was two more rooms both like his and in each three of the beds were obviously in use. The fourth room had sinks, another toilet and at one side a line of showers but to Bobs surprise no privacy. This room was very dirty and it took Bob nagged on by Paula to clean and polish. As he was cleaning he heard a mass of girls go by and Paula told him that most of the girls had after cleaning their own rooms a couple of hours hiking before breakfast. She also told him they had eighteen girls and there were eight young tutors with Joan in charge. He had finished cleaning and then Jessica turned up and she was wearing running shorts and a cropped top that showed just how large her boobs were. She smiled and said,”Finished Bob okay lets go and jog! Nice and easy to start with honey!” Bob was forced to follow her out and off they set. Jessica may have been jogging but for Bob she was going very fast. As she shot ahead Bob was able to watch her tight bottom flexing in her shorts. As the jogged around Bob realised just how isolated the camp was and just how powerless he was. After twenty minutes he was finished even though he thought he was fit and he had to beg Jessica to let him have a rest. She laughed at his weakness but let him and then after a few minutes they set off again however she was nice and they walked and gently jogged with her telling him, “I will give you a few days Bob and then we will do proper runs! After all I have to stay fit!”

They went to the staff hut and Bob collapsed on his bed. After fifteen minutes Jessica returned showered and took him to breakfast. The canteen was full of all the girls and his appearance got a loud cheer making him blush. This only encourage the girls who wolf whistled him and lots of them made rude comments. Bob grabbed a plate of food and sat down. Luckily for the embarrassed boy the girls then stopped laughing at him. In fact as he ate several of them talked to him in a sensible manner. After the food he along with most of the girls sat in the canteen and had two hours of academic work. He was handed a mass of self study books and worked in silence as the other girls did. Several of the tutors were in the room keeping control and helping and at the end of the session they checked he had done enough work.  Then with several of the girls he had a long two hours of gardening the session lead by one of the younger tutors aged eighteen. She was called Amanda and was very fat and dark with loads of spots. Worse she had a flat grim face and a gigantic bottom and even her massive boobs did not make her anything other than a grim sight. Amanda may have been young but she was harsh with the students and kept them busy. Next was lunch where he chatted to more of the girls followed by another silent two hours of studying and then hockey led by Karen. Bob had never played hockey but it was very apparent that the eleven girls in the group had played it before. Karen bounced around shouting for the whole two hours and never let anyone rest. By the time it was over Bob was exhausted and collapsed for twenty minutes on his bed before Paula ordered him to come to the canteen. Here for two hours along with two girls he pealed potatoes and then washed saucepans. Then after they had all eaten Bob had to spend an hour alone washing all their plates.

Finally Paula took him to another hut where all the girls and several tutors were hanging around. The girls were playing pool and cards and Bob was able to join in even though he was exhausted. He was aware of how always a member of staff was next to him and groaned as even though he was tired some of the girls were worth making a play for. They were all about his age and while none had make up on and most were quite dirty looking several were attractive even though quite a few were grim looking. In fact he was slightly annoyed at being so closely watched but he was able to talk. He found the girls were mainly in the same position as him and stuck here having to pass to get away. They were in general totally bored by the camp and the lack of excitement but he gathered his appearance had interested them. In fact he was sure if only he could get away from the tutors he was in for some easy sex. However he had no chance that night and after some time he was taken back to his room by Paula. Again he washed in the sink and in the toilet changed once more into the humiliating skirt and this time washed in the sink his T shirts and got in the bed. As he lay exhausted there he looked over to Paula and gasped in surprise as he saw her remove her T shirt and then a large sensible bra. Her boobs were massive and plump but hung down on her as she wiggled a T shirt on. However after the evening with the girls Bob felt his dick stiffen at the sight. Paula then looked at him and Bob looked away and blushed knowing she knew he had seen her breasts. Then Karen came in wearing a T shirt and holding her washed and wet bra and knickers in her hand. She smiled at Bob and positioned them to dry so the hung over his bed and then wiggled to pull herself up. Once more the T shirt went up and Bob was able to stare in amazed horror at her pussy. To his surprise half on the bed with her pussy fully exposed she stopped and chatted for nearly a minute to Paula with all the time her pussy exposed to his view. Bob tried not to look but could not help himself and worse when Karen got in the bed he was sure Paula had seen him staring. Worse he was half sure the two girls had deliberately exposed themselves to him.

The next three days were the same with Bob shouted awake by the girls. The only change was that each day he cleaned for thirty minutes and then spent about an hour washing the girls clothing and bedding. Every evening he talked under strict supervision with the girls. Every day he was exhausted but the worse was sharing a room with Karen and Paula. In the morning they watched him change and no way could he not flash his bottom for them. Worse they also made him change in the evening and no way could he get his shorts off without showing both his bottom and dick. Then the girls changed and each night Paula went topless as she changed. On the third night she stood topless and her big boobs on view talking to Karen for several minutes and pretending Bob was not there. Karen that night also wiggled onto the bed giving Bob a long view of her large bottom. The next night she also changed in front of him so he was able to stare at her large plump floppy breasts and then she got on the bed only it was her pussy she waved in his face. Of course Bob could not masturbate so even the girls unattractive bodies excited him. However the girls treated him badly and threatened him regularly with a penalty.  That night he decided to masturbate but as he touched himself to start he gasped as Karen stuck her head over and said,”No playing with yourself Bob! You were told that! If you jerk off boy then not only will it be a penalty but also a physical punishment!” and the embarrassed, frustrated and humiliated boy had to stop.  Then in the dark he heard not snores from above but a few grunts and the bed slightly shook. At first Bob wondered what was happening and then he realised it was Karen masturbating. He heard her emit a slight moan and then silence. Bob lay frustrated and then decided once more to masturbate as both girls were asleep. He got himself hard and then heard Karen giggle and say,”No wanking boy go to sleep!” and stopped humiliated and next thing the frustrated boy knew it was morning.

He was feeling amazingly full of lust as once more he cleaned and this time he was made to wash Paula and Karens bedding. Then it was a run with Jessica and she made him really work but even so the sight of her tight bottom and full boobs excited him. He could hardly study in the next study session so full of lust was he and worse he was sure that two of the girls were sitting deliberately legs akimbo so he could see up their skirts. The girls usually wore minimal T shirts and normally a gym length skirt with the female staff preferring shorts or track suit bottoms. Unlike him however the girls had underwear on. He could see clearly that Melissa a dark slim girl with big boobs had on a pair of white knickers while her friend Michelle who was blonde and slim and also had big boobs with very prominent nipples had on red knickers. Both girls had chatted to Bob and he was sure they had chatted him up. He wanted to be alone with them and was sure they felt the same. Any doubts he had on this stopped when both girls smiled at him and then put a hand under the desk and both still smiled pulled their knickers to one side so he could see their pussies. Instantly he felt his dick stiffen in his shorts. Then Melissa lent forward and pulled her T shirt down and flashed her boobs at him still with her pussy on view. Both girls smiled and indicated with their eyes he should do something. Bob realised he had some privacy and also he needed to sort out his shorts and his erection. He slightly shifted in his chair and pulled his shorts and flashed his erection at the two girls. Both girls giggled loudly and attracted the attention of one of the tutors so they all resumed studying.

The rest of the session passed peacefully and then Bob had two hours of gardening. Bob disliked the gardening because firstly he hated the activity and secondly the tutor and the girls were horrible to look at and also treated his with contempt. This time some of the girls and he were in the large vegetable patches and after an hour he was left with three of the uglier girls. Nicole was a fat girl with black hair and dark skin but was covered in large black spots and while she had big boobs was a grim sight. The other two were as bad as Elizabeth was even fatter and looked like a blubbery beach ball while Rachel was skinny covered in spots with virtually no boobs. All three had always been rude to Bob laughing at his lack of skill and jeering at how silly he looked in the over tight light blue shorts. Bob was weeding the potatoes in a derisory fashion while the girls were picking some carrots and making jokes comparing them to mens cocks. Then Rachel came over holding one large carrot and a small one and said,” We wonder toy boy which your cock looks like get those shorts off and jerk it up so we can see honey!” Bob glared at her as the other two approached and told her to sod off. Nicole glared back and said,”Come on boy get them off! We want to see your knob! If you do not we will strip you and ram the carrot up your arse!” “No way you can fuck off! You ugly cows!” “You rude sod! Right girls get him I am going to ram that carrot right up where the sun does not shine!” and all three girls grabbed him and wrestled him to the ground. Bob fought back but the two large girls sat on him and the skinny Rachel yanked his shorts down around his knees. All three girls laughed as his dick came into view and then Rachel grabbed it and rubbed and the frustrated organ instantly got hard making the girls laugh even more.

Bob moaned part of him wishing for Rachel to rub him off but this was not the girls idea and instead he screamed as Nicole said, “Nice dick boy now this is for being rude!” and grabbed his full balls and gave them a squeeze. The girls laughed and Bob was able to wiggle free a little. Nicole said,”No way boy we want a nice rough play! You think you can go around teasing us with your cock and shorts! We are going to show you some girl power boy before we have some fun!” “Sod off!” and Bob who had an arm free hit her in the face. Nicole fell back swearing but as she did so Rachel reacted and grabbed Bobs exposed balls hard making him scream again as her nails dug into them. Bob moved his hands to push her off but she just gripped harder making him moan and said,” Give up boy! We have you by the balls baby and you are going to do as we say!” “Yes!” shouted a very annoyed Nicole as the horrified Bob went limp, “I told you that you were getting the carrot up the arse and you are! Keep hold of his balls Rachel and get him over Liz I want his arse!” Bob sobbed and begged as the girls hauled him over but with his balls gripped he had no choice. He shuddered as he saw Nicole pick up the large carrot and as Elizabeth sat on him she got on his legs. Then he screamed in agony as brutally the girls forced the carrot up his bottom. He felt as of he was being ripped open as the forced it fully deep into him. When the carrot was buried deep in him Rachel gave his balls a tug and said, “Do you want to keep these dangly bits?” and he screamed a yes. She laughed and said, “Well then baby you are going to serve us and not just once! Agree?” and she gave his balls a squeeze and the unfortunate Bob screamed an agonised yes. She let his balls go and Bob curled up in agony from his bottom and balls. The girls stood and started to look at Nicoles face that Bobs fist had bruised. After a minute Bob moaned and managed to pull the carrot out and then crouched and got his shorts up. Nicole said, “You hurt me you bastard! My god we are going to give it hard to you!” “Sod off you crazy cows!” “Do not be rude you agreed to give us a couple of sessions of fun and a promise here is a promise you toy!” Bob swore again and then suddenly he heard Amanda the tutor say,” What is going on here? Why are you swearing Bob and what has happened to your face Nicole?”

Before Bob could speak Rachel said, “Please Amanda it was Bob! He hit her! We were teasing him and he hit her!” Amanda looked at Bob who said,”They were doing a lot more than teasing me! They…” and then suddenly he knew he could not admit to being stripped and having a carrot rammed up him. Amanda glared and said, “I see no explanation! Right Bob follow me I think Joan will want a word!” and marched the unfortunate boy off. Ten minutes later Bob was in Joans office his balls and bottom still aching as Amanda gave a distorted version of what had happened. Joan asked Bob to explain but he repeated they had been nasty to him and said he hated it here in the camp. Joan nodded and said, “That is the idea Bob this is a place for you to work and improve you are not meant to enjoy it! And you only get to go when we pass you. As for this incident well I am going to count it as your first penalty. Two more and you fail and have to spend another twelve weeks here. Now so far we have been nice to you and let you settle in. No more Bob from now on I will tell all the ladies here not to let you off anything!” Bob groaned but had to agree and was marched out as he stood there suddenly he yelped as Amanda had pinched his bottom. She smiled at him and said, “You are a lucky boy to get off with just a penalty. But from now on boy we do not give you an inch! Good soon you will have used up all the penalties and be on to the physical punishments! As for me baby you had better be a lot nicer to me or I will let Nicole have you again! After all how much do you like carrots?” and Bob blushed as the ugly girl walked off laughing and he knew she had seen Nicole raping him.

It was a worried boy who had lunch and studied however during the lesson both Melissa and Michelle flashed their pussies at him and Bob smiled back and felt his dick get erect. While his balls and bottom still felt sore he was still frustrated. Hockey was even worse as several times deliberately girls barged into him and Karen was particularly harsh towards him. He worked then for nearly three exhausting tedious hours in the kitchen and then was able to have a game of pool. He ended up playing with Melissa and Michelle and after a bit Melissa said, “Did you like our show? I know you did because we saw your knob! Very nice it was as well baby for a girl who has not ridden one for a month! Unfortunately it will be hard to get together as we have a tutor sleeping in our room most nights! How about tomorrow night at midnight outside the kitchen and we can really show you our pussies and what they can do to a guys cock!” Bob moaned and felt his dick stiffen with her words and agreed to met them even though he was unsure how he would get out as Karen was a very light sleeper. Then he gasped as once more his bottom was pinched and he turned and saw Nicole and the other two girls. Rachel leered at him and said, “Leave him alone you sluts he is ours! He has promised to give us a couple of sessions of girl power lovemaking!” Bob shuddered as Melissa and Michelle grinned and Melissa said,” He is not exclusively any one you cows! Any way you have to get him!”” We did didnt we carrot bum?” and Bob blushed as the three girls laughed and then to his relief Paula interrupted this discussion.

Part three.

Later he was in his room and in the bed when Paula and Karen were getting ready for bed. Both girls stood talking and seeming to ignore Bob they both removed their T shirts and bras and stood topless and talking. Bob could not help but look at them even though both were ugly and both had slack boobs if large. However he was so frustrated he felt his dick rise. It made a tent out of the blanket and as he moved his hand to adjust it just as Karen turned and saw him. She said, “What are you doing Bob? Jerking off and looking at our tits! God a girl cannot even take her bra off in here own room without a sad guy tugging himself!” Bob blushed as both girls moved over to him and loomed over him. Then to his horror Paula yanked the blanket off saying, “Let me see if Karen is correct? Yes she is you pervert look at it sticking up!” Bob groaned as both girls looked at his erection and to his horror it did not fade away. Karen said, “I suppose we should be fair I mean how often do you jerk off Bob?” Bob blushed and mumbled every day making both the topless girls laugh and their boobs bounce. Karen said, “Well then Bob you can do it now! Off you go!” Bob was shocked and stammered out a “What!” and she said, “Jerk off baby! Get on with it unless you want a penalty for gawping at us!” Bob moaned put placed a hand on his dick and rubbed himself. However with the two girls watching him with amused expressions he could not come as he was too frightened to look at their boobs. For several minutes and more and more desperately he rubbed and then suddenly Paula moved and returned and handed him one of his porn mags and said, “Look at this then pervert!” Bob groaned as she opened it at a photo set of a redhead doing a blonde hard. Paula looked as well and said, “No way would a girl like that it would really hurt it must be a boy thing. Keep rubbing Bob! What do you think Karen? “Bob groaned as he carried on rubbing himself and the girls discussed the photos and strap-ons and to his horror the girls agreed while doing a boy up the bottom would be a laugh and fun getting done would not be.

All this meant no way could he relax enough to come even though he was frustrated. After a few more minutes Karen said, “What is the matter? Surely you can shoot a load by now?” Bob groaned and told her he was too embarrassed to come. She laughed and said, “Why you have two lovely girls topless to look at! Do not be embarrassed little boy we want you to look at us! How about a close up?” Bob gasped as she moved closer and over him and moved so her large boobs fell forward over him. Then Paula said, “Maybe we should do it for him?” and both girls laughed. Bob lay dazed as Paula moved his hand off and groaned as her big hand replaced it. Vigorously she rubbed him making him moan as her touch was painful rather than pleasurable however Karen then dropped so his face was buried in her breasts and suddenly the frustrated boy lost it. Bob twisted and moaned as Paula carried on rubbing him milking his come out. Finally to his relief she stopped and Karen pulled off him and both girls looked down on him in triumph.

Karen said,” I think you needed that look you have covered yourself in come baby! Okay we had better get you clean you need a shower.” And with that the strong topless girl pulled him up. The two girls pulled him out and into the shower room and Bob was very pleased to find it empty. Paula turned on shower on and said, “Cold but you need it okay baby get yourself clean we do not want any of that sticky stuff left on you!” the girls forced him under the shower and Bob moaned in the cold water. However watched by both girls he washed himself and the water got tepid. Then Karen smiled and pulled off her shorts and a large pair of knickers and said, “I need a wash.” and Paula nodded and did the same and both got in showers on either side of Bob. Karen handed Bob some female shower gel and said, “Use this it will make you smell sweet!” and Bob defeated and stunned just used it. Then Karen totally naked moved and faced Bob and said, “Wash my tits baby after all it was your face that got them dirty!” Bob moaned but moved and broken moved his hands and massaged her massive over soft boobs. As he did so Karen splashed more gel over them. Then he gasped as Paula moved close also naked and rubbed his bottom and said,”Is it true that Nicole stuck a carrot up this!” and he groaned as she slipped a finger up his passage but had to tell her “Yes.” Then she giggled and said,” And Melissa and Michelle flashed their tits and cunt at you? Be careful Bob if either lot of girls get you expect a lot worse than a carrot up the arse! Remember these are nasty girls who have not like us had sex for weeks! However baby we will look after you whether you like it or not. And Bob one penalty down in the first week does not look good! Now let me check you have got all that sticky stuff off your knob!” and Bob groaned as Paula reached around and grabbed his dick. Instantly he got hard to his embarrassment as the Paula squashed into him.

As she did so he was aware that both girls had fully erect nipples and knew they were both excited and wanted him. Usually this would have excited him but with these two girls he felt more like a play toy than a lover and knew what ever happened would be under their control. Paula rubbed him smiling over his shoulder and then Karen lent against the wall and said, “Now you can gently rub me off baby! Do it well Bob or we report you for swearing and jerking off a penalty plus!” Bob groaned but with his dick in Paulas hands he had no choice but to put his hands down. Her pussy was wet with water as she opened her legs and used a hand to guide Bob to where she wanted it and then he was forced to rub her large pussy and her prominent clit until after a couple more minutes she pulled him close and her hands gripped his bottom and moaned in orgasm. All the time Paula was rubbing him and as soon as Karen had finished she pulled him around and lent back and said, “Do me now baby!” and pulled one hand between her legs and the other onto her boobs. Bob rubbed away making her moan as Karen groped his bottom and after a few minutes a red faced Paula groaned in orgasmic delight. As soon as she had come both girls got out of the shower and Paula said to Bob, “Now boy a few pointers! One what happens in our room is up to us and our secret! We say when we do it and how! Outside of the room nothing okay? As for other girls be careful baby! Remember here you are the prey for the girls to chase but if a tutor catches you then it will be a double penalty and some physical punishment as well! Okay time to sleep!” and the girls draped towels over themselves and moved out making a naked wet Bob follow them. In their room Bob dried himself aware of the girls whispering and putting on their T shirts. Then they walked over and Paula pulled out the pink girls night dress and said, “From now on baby we think you wear this or the sexy white see though number to bed! Then we can see your cock and decide if it is in a fit state. Okay put it on! Yes! Very nice!” And both girls laughed as Bob blushed humiliated and wearing such a feminine item. They went to bed and Bob lay in bed and the lights were put out and he realised the girls had used him for both their amusement and also their pleasure and he was helpless to stop them doing it whenever they wanted. It took him a long time to get to sleep as he tried to think of a way out but he knew the only way was to leave and then he would be disowned by his parents and left to fend for himself and he knew he could not cope with that so he was trapped in the strange brat camp until some how he could pass. Worse he realised the tutors would want him to stay as having a boy to play with obviously amused at least three of them and would ensure he got the six penalties to suffer a year in the amazon wilderness.

Part four

The next morning Paula shook him awake and said, “Time to get up baby and you are a pretty thing in that nightie! If you get a physical penalty baby I think wearing that in public would be a good part of it! The girls would piss themselves seeing a boy dressed like that and that is from girls who are used to seeing you in those sexy tight shorts!” he dressed watched by Karen and when he tried to cover himself she laughed and slapped his bottom and said, ”Come on boy we have seen it in all its glory! No more of that silly covering yourself! Okay the floor needs washing and you can do it with the scrubbing brush on your knees to get it nice and shiny!” and for ninety minutes Bob suffered scrubbing floors on his knees. Then Jessica turned up dressed in tight running shorts and her crop top. She ordered Bob to finish and then they set off on their morning run but this time Jessica told him following Joans comments to the tutors they were doing the whole thing at a decent pace. Bob really struggled and half way around he was finished. He begged Jessica for a rest and she refused so he staggered on until finally he just sat down. She jogged over and said, “Come on Bob or I will have to report you! And thats a penalty and Joan really wants to get you! She is a real man-hater!” Bob begged and Jessica said, “Well it is a penalty for slacking! You know for a more serious offence it is a penalty report and maybe some extra nastiness but just for slacking lazy bones you get a choice either a penalty or accept the tutors punishment. Well which is it to be?” Bob groaned and said the tutors punishment expecting more hours of floor scrubbing. Instead Jessica smiled and said, “Good well we are in the woods on our own so you can do something most boys find disgusting! I want you to get naked and then get on your knees because you are going to lick my feet and then baby my pussy until I am satisfied! Quite disgusting as I am really sweaty and worse forgot to wash last night! Okay strip!” Bob gasped in shock at what she was saying but knew once more he was trapped. He moaned but removed his T shirt and shorts and Jessica smiled and said, “You have a nice sexy young boys body baby okay on the knees and lick this all over!” and she sat on a fallen tree trunk and pulled off a shoe and sock. Her foot was small but as Bob moved closer smelly but he grimaced and got busy licking away at it. As soon as he had finished she had the other in his mouth and he noticed that she was breathing heavily and her nipples were fully visible in her sports top so erect were they. Jessica smiled and stood and pealed her shorts off and said, “Adequate but this is the big one and baby I want you hard throughout but not coming this is for my pleasure not yours! I am sure one of the girls will give you a blowjob if you ask nicely!” Bob groaned and rubbed his semi erect dick fully hard as Jessica sat back on the log her legs akimbo and he saw her pussy was covered in a fine spray of pubic hair. He moved closer and gasped as her pussy had a strong musky smell however as he licked her her juices flooded his mouth and cleaned her even though he had to swallow. After a few minutes she moaned in orgasm and pulled his head off but within ten seconds he was pushed back between her slim thighs and she demanded more. It took her five minutes to come again and longer for her third orgasm and by then Bobs knees hurt from the rough ground and his mouth ached worse rubbing himself occasionally as he pleasured her had made him deeply frustrated. After her third orgasm Jessica stood and dressed quickly and said, “That was okay Bob! Now get dressed we have to get back fast and the cunnilingus session should have rested you! By the way nice cock honey!” and she made Bob dress and run after her feeling used and frustrated.

The study session gave his lust time to fade away but also time to realise just how vulnerable he was. Then it was gardening with Amanda and Nicole. Not that Bob had any intention of getting left with the three young harridans. He stayed close to Amanda and put up with her stream of orders instead. Then another study session with Melissa and Michelle both flashing him. Hockey was hell as was the preparation of tea but afterwards he had a quick game of pool and Melissa and Michelle came over and reminded him they had a date with him at midnight. He agreed and then it was bedtime with Bob wondering how to get out. He also dreaded another performance like last night even though he was so frustrated he knew he would come with Melissa and Michelle in seconds if Paula and Karen did not tire him a little first. However the girls did nothing apart from chat topless for ages and also make Bob change in the middle of the room into the humiliating nightie. Bob had placed a spare pair of shorts and a T shirt under his pillow and lay awake and heard both girls go to sleep even though he was sure Karen had masturbated before doing so something she seemed to do most nights as far as he could tell. Then at ten minutes to midnight he got up and slowly went outside and dressed in the dark corridor and then quietly went to the kitchen. Waiting for him there were Melissa and Michelle. They were pleased to see him and Melissa whispered for him to follow them and they went into the woods. Bob noticed the girls had blanket and was pleased when they set it down and all three sat on it. They chatted for a few minutes and then Michelle said,”God I am so horny lets do it! Are you full of sexiness as well?” and when Bob nodded she smiled and continued, “I thought so! Okay get naked we will suck you off and then you can do us and then we can fuck! I reckon we should all get off really fast!” Bob gasped at that but stripped and as he did so so did the two girls.

Both in the semi darkness had lovely bodies and full high large boobs and they gently pushed Bob onto his back and moved down him. First Melissa and then Michelle licked his erection from top to bottom making him moan and then when Melissa licked his shaft and he felt Michelle kissing his balls he exploded. As he came Melissa moved so he came over himself. She giggle and said, “Our turn me first and rub my knockers and you kiss my muff honey I love that from a boy!” she lay back and Bob went between her slim thighs and gave for the second time in a day a girl head. Melissa moaned loudly and came in less than a minute and quickly he was grabbed by Michelle and made to please her. She also came fast the only nasty thing for Bob was that both girls had quite unclean pussies but he licked away excited by their response. After coming they rested and Melissa said, “Less than five minutes to get us all off we must have all needed it! Okay now lets fuck! Me first if you are hard! Yes you are on me and in baby! Do not come with me honey you have Michele to love as well before we get a rest!” And steered Bob onto and into her. Bob loved her and she flexed excitedly underneath him and as she did so he felt Michelle playing with his bottom. He was excited but was just able to hold back and get Melissa off but as Michelle pulled him over he knew he was lost. She moaned underneath him as he moved in her tight pussy and he tried desperately not to come however before she reached a peak he lost it and filled her sobbing as he came. Michelle was not amused and swore at him but Melissa grabbed his head and pushed him down saying, “No worries darling he can finish you with his velvet tongue!” Bob groaned but Melissa held him firm and forced him to lick Michelles sticky pussy until she came. Then Melissa pushed him onto his back and moved down and said, “We only have another fifteen minutes Bob and we both want more! Lets get this up and you do Michelle all the way while I enjoy a good tongue up my muff. She licked the sensitive shaft hard and then Michelle got on him and started to hammer away making Bob groan as he was not yet recovered. However Melissa was quickly onto him and forced him to lick her off. Both girls rode the supine boy until after several minutes their orgasmic moans filled the air. Then without giving him a rest they swapped over and made him pleasure them again. After another ten minutes Michele had a massive orgasm and collapsed on the blanket. Melissa was close and urged Bob to come with her and together they exploded into a powerful orgasm. They lay recovering and Melissa said, “Is it true Nicole rammed a carrot up your bum? Yes! That must have hurt! And you promised them a double girl power session? Now baby you will have to do it! In here a promise is a promise and if you do not the girls will gang up and rip your balls right off! However baby we want the same!” “What I have enjoyed myself and want to see you two again but…” “No buts baby you are not a boyfriend I have one of those if I can ever get out of here but a toy boy! Heres the deal you agree to give us three sessions of pleasure and I will not tomorrow claim you forced me to have sex and flash my sticky pussy to prove it! Deal?” and groaning Bob had to agree. The girls laughed and stood and dressed and then Melissa kissed Bob and said, “That is the way it is here there are too many desperate girls for us not to share and making you serve keeps us sane! Okay see you soon honey for some more glorious sex!” and laughing the two girls left him in the gloom. Bob stood and dressed confused by what had happened. He had loved the sex and for the first time in ages was satisfied but the girls attitude had been patronising and he felt like he assumed a woman felt after sex used. Finally he moved back to his room and realised he had to get in unseen.

He carefully got to his hut and entered it and then slowly open the door into the dark room and slipped in. instantly the light went on and as Bob gasped her heard Karen say, ”Where have you been boy! Have you been out screwing?”  Bob shook his head as he saw both girls were awake. Paula got out of bed and approached him flashing her hairy pussy at him as she did so and said, “You smell of sex and female muskiness baby who was it? Not Nicole as you can walk! Must have been Melissa and Michelle the dirty tramps!” Bob denied it but Paula grabbed his T shirt and pulled it up and said, “Come on you baby! Maybe therefore you went out and wanked while looking in at the girls window! After all we know you like perverted things!” Bob blushed and denied he had done that making both girls laugh. Karen moved over and said, “I bet it was Melissa and Michelle after all they flashed cunt at you! Get naked boy and we will decide what to do with you! You get a penalty for being out without permission no way we can let you off that! But if you did have sex with a girl thats a double and worse for both you and the girls!” Bob gasped but reluctantly stripped naked in front of the two leering women. Both were in just their T shirts as they smiled at him. Karen said, “You claim you did not screw? Okay then baby you should be frustrated! So lie on the bed and Paula and I will get you off like before! Excited? Well if you did not have sex you would be excited! Of course if Melissa and Michelle have drained your balls then you will not be and therefore you get that third penalty!” Sexually Bob was exhausted and a rough handjob from the two harridans did not appeal but he knew he had to suffer it and worse get off fast. He lay on the bed and laughing Karen and Paula removed their T shirts. Karen cupped her big boobs and said, “A bit dirty honey I should have washed your special friends! Okay kiss then while Paula rubs you off!” and she lent forward and pushed her floppy sweat covered boobs into his face and as she did so he groaned as Paula roughly grabbed his dick and rubbed him. Bob groaned as Paula brutally rubbed him and knew he could not come under her savage stimulation. He licked Karens boobs noticing how hard her nipples were and desperately tried to fantasise a situation different from having a hand job from hell. For five long minutes he suffered licking and kissing both of Karens boobs all over. Then Paula said, “Nothing yet but he is a baby! You have a go Karen and he can do my tits!” and the girls swapped and Bob was forced to lick Paulas flabby dirty boobs. Karen rubbed just as hard a Paula had but Bob was getting desperate and the sensation was more pain than pleasure. Then to his relief he felt a tingle in his balls and imagined a naked Jessica moaning underneath him he managed an orgasm. It was a painfully intense orgasm making him sob as Karen milked him.

He collapsed exhausted and hard Karen say, “Virtually no come and he was really sobbing! A well milked cock I think Paula! You lied Bob you did fuck! Okay now your choice either another penalty and that will be number three boy and twelve more weeks of roughness here or as we are nice girls a tutors penalty and this will be a double. Well pick!” Bob was lying shattered and his dick felt sore but he had to agree to accept a tutors penalty knowing that from Karen and Paula it would be a killer. Karen smiled and said, “First up Bob you can pay us back for getting you off! And as I am sure you kissed Melissa and Michelles muffs you can get us off orally! On the floor boy I want head and I want good head if you fancy keeping your balls attached! Good boy now lick this! It will taste a little stale but I am sure after Melissa and Michelle you are used to licking a filthy cunt!” and she pulled the exhausted boy to the ground and mounted his face. Bob shuddered a Karens large smelly pussy was forced into his open mouth but started to satisfy her as best he could. He felt sick and broken as she rode his face her powerful body bruising his lips as he licked away with her smelly juices filling his mouth. Karen grabbed his hands and placed them on her flapping low hanging boobs and forced him to massage them as she ravished his mouth for her satisfaction. It took her several minutes to come and as soon as she had moaned in orgasm she moved off and was replaced by a very keen Paula. She wiggled around moaning as Bob satisfied her and once more he massaged her erect nipples until she came her juices forcing him to swallow. He lay half passed out as the girls recovered giggling from their orgasms. Then Karen returned to his face and said, “Number two boy and then the punishment! Do me good to make the punishment easier baby!” and once more forced him to please her. It took her longer to come and she sobbed on him for a minute in orgasm when she did so. Then it was Paula and she was as quick to come a second time as she had been before.

Boy lay half unconscious and groaned when Karen grabbed his dick and fisted him. He was amazed to get hard in her savage hand. She smiled at him her boobs hanging down and her nipples still erect and said, “That was nice baby and now time for the punishment! And as it is your cock that has been bad it gets to suffer! You are going to have baby the blowjob from hell! You have heard the phase to eat a guy? Well thats what your cock gets eaten! We are going to suck and bite it! And then baby you are going to jerk off for us! Fail to come and we do it all again!” Bob moaned in terror as Karen and Paula sat on him with Karen on his chest and Paula on his legs. Then giggling the girls move and he felt their hot breath on his sensitive dick. Then he felt Karen take him into her mouth and to his amazement instantly he went fully hard. She licked him for thirty seconds and then suddenly bit the head of his penis hard holding it in her teeth. Bob screamed and bucked as she held him and then she moved and bit his shaft four more times each time digging her teeth into him. She let him go as he moaned and then he sobbed and screamed as Paula mistreated his tender dick as well. She was as brutal as Karen twisting her teeth into his tender skin until he started to cry all resistance gone. Then the two girls moved and he shuddered as Karen placed his hand on his shaft and said,”Jerk off baby! Unless you want round two and that will be nails!” Bob rubbed himself amazed he was still hard and pleased he was not bleeding from the girls bites. However exhausted and sobbing her could not come and worse the two girls teased him pulling at his nipples and kissing him and then taking turns to rub their boobs in his face. After several minutes the girls again sat on him and he begged for mercy as their hands enveloped his shaft. As they had promised they rubbed him viciously using their nails to dig into him and making him cry once more. Then once more he had to play with himself his whole shaft aching from the torment he had suffered. He could not come and Paula smiled and put a hand under him and drove three fingers into his bottom saying, “Just like your magazine! Let me see if this helps!” Bob screamed again as she raped him her fingers pumping his bottom and as she did so Karen took control of his dick and rubbed him. Both girls seemed excited as they tortured him and he saw both had wet open vaginas as he sobbed. After several minutes suddenly and with no pleasure he came and the world spun and in agony he passed out.

He awoke with a sob and gasped as sitting on him was Karen. Worse he realised she was riding him and buried in her powerful pussy was his aching penis. She leered down and said, “You passed out baby! Good orgasm? Well tough you owe us one and as your mouth was unavailable we got you up and are going to use your cock to satisfy ourselves with! No coming baby! Not that after the mouth and hand game you could again!” and she hammered away. As she did so Paula moved and forced him to suckle on her erect nipples as her friend brought herself to a powerful orgasm on him. Karen got off and Paula wiggled on him and pushed his dick up her pussy the sensation making him sob. She laughed and said, “Shut up wimp and rub my tits! Or do you want some more cock bites?” and broken he let her ravish him as he rubbed her nipples. It took her sometime to come and as she used him Karen once more made him lick her boobs. After Paula had come Karen got on him and Paula moved up and said, “Every boys dream a threesome with two sexy girls! Okay rub tits and lick me off!” Bob groaned and both girls had him their weight crushing the last dregs of his self respect out of his battered body. It took ages for both girls to climax powerfully on him and by the end once more he was crying from the shame and pain. Then the girls hauled him up and flung him naked on the bed and Karen said,” Go to sleep now toy! Remember this is our secret as far as Joan is concerned we found you dressed and trying to go out!” and the crying boy passed out in agony.

Part five

The next day Bob ached from the girls rape and his dick throbbed from their nail and teeth torment.  Later dazed as he washed he saw his dick was red and bruised with deep nail and teeth marks on it.  After the session with Melissa and Michelle and then with Karen and Paula his balls felt sore and empty as exhausted he dressed. The cleaning was terrible but instead of a run with Jessica he was taken to see Joan. He did not disagree with Karens report on his activities the night before nor with the punishment from Joan of a penalty and three days painting. The thing that worried him however was when Joan said, “We must make it harder for Bob to get out!” and Paula replied, “ May I suggest at night we lock his clothing away and just leave him a night dress to wear.” This was agreed and Bob knew he was even more trapped than before. All day he painted finding it actually easier than his usual day but once more he had to spend three hours working in the kitchen and then Karen made him clean the hockey store for the evening. It was an exhausted boy who without resistance put on the girls night dress in front of the two girls ignoring their victorious smiles and collapsed in bed his dick still aching from the night before. It was the weekend when things could be easier but instead Bob was forced to spend the days cleaning and painting and the nights wearing the humiliating nightie. By the Monday his dick had stopped aching and the tooth and nail marks had faded. Apart from Karen and Paula he had spoken to no one else that weekend and they had been rude and dismissive towards him their own lusts obviously quenched by the sex.


On the Monday once more he had to stagger after Jessica on a run but somehow managed it and in the study lesson Melissa and Michelle again flashed him and he knew they expected another session soon with him however he was worried about getting out from Paula and Karen. Then it was gardening and more dull weeding for Bob. He noticed Amanda leave and the shuddered as suddenly he heard Nicole say, “Here is our toy boy girls all alone and vulnerable! What shall we do make him play the carrot game or have some more girl power fun with him?” As Bob looked around and saw the three girls blocking his escape route Elizabeth replied, “How about both! Some fun for us and a few bum blasts to remind him we want a full service one night! After all Melissa and Michelle had him and we are better than those two sluts!” and the three grim looking girls nodded and approached Bob. He went to resist but before he could Rachel lashed out a foot and hit him square between the legs and he collapsed. The girls grabbed him and before he could recover they had his shorts off and his balls were in Rachels hard hands. For several minutes the girls rubbed and tugged at his dick getting him hard and then Nicole pulled up her skirt and tugged her panties off and said, “Okay boy first you can kiss my arse for hitting me and then I am going to stick this broom handle up your arse! Then we will fuck you until you have pleasured us all!” Bob moaned but with Rachel still holding his balls in one hand and his erect dick in the other he could not resist. Nicoles bottom was massive white and spotty as she stood over Bob and lowered herself onto him. She wiggled around crushing his face and making him struggle to find clean air for a couple of minutes and all the time Rachel kept a firm grip on his balls. Bob was feeling sick when suddenly Nicole sprung off him and Rachel let go off his balls. He looked around and saw Amanda who shouted, “What on earth is going on here! Bob you disgusting boy why are you naked and what are you doing with these girls?” Bob groaned and shook his head as Rachel said, “Nothing miss he tried it on and stripped so we were just defending ourselves!” “Nonsense girl he may have tried it on but so were you! Nicole lift your skirt I want to check you have regulation knickers on!” Bob smiled at that as one thing he knew was that the girls had regular underwear checks and it was a penalty not to wear the correct underwear. Reluctantly Nicole complied and exposed her naked pussy and bottom. Amanda told the three girls they had been being disgusting with Bob and gave them a choice of a penalty or her punishment and without hesitation all three girls choose her punishment. Amanda smiled and said, “Right then you will have three two hour sessions of extra work here! Nice and smelly stuff I want the old dung heap dug out! Now get back to the vegetables girls I have this pervert to deal with and I am sure Joan will want to punish him!” there three girls shot off even though Nicole stopped and gave Bob the finger as he dressed in front of the angry Amanda.

As soon as he was dressed she marched him off without speaking. They got to one of the sheds and she stopped and leered at Bob and said, “Well I think I could be lenient with you and give you a choice of my punishment or a penalty. Remember before picking Bob that this is the third penalty and gives you the extra twelve weeks here! Okay pick Joan or me?” Bob shuddered and replied, “What will you penalty be? “Easy one what ever I want to do to you for an hour in this shed! Pick boy!” Bob groaned as he did not want to have to serve the grim Amanda but knew he wanted to escape as soon as he could so reluctantly he replied, “Your punishment but please do not hurt me!” “Nonsense it will be fun so long as you like anal play boy! Okay get in and then strip toy boy!” Bob went in and gasped as Amanda locked the door and under her lustful eyes he stripped naked. She smiled and said, “Nice body! Okay on this packing case I want to tie you onto it! For an hour then boy I do to you what I want!” Bob lay on his back on the packing case and moaned and quickly and expertly Amanda tied his arms so they were fixed. She then smiled and said, “One hour boy! And you are going to find out what a woman feels!” Bob moaned as Amanda moved and unlocked a cupboard and then he shuddered in horror as from the cupboard she pulled a dildo and straps. She smiled and stripped and he groaned as naked her body was a grim sight. He groaned out loud as she wiggled the stud end of the dildo into her pussy and then strapped it on. She then moved over and grabbed his legs and forced them over his head and leered down at him. He noticed her nipples were hard with excitement as she said, “I love fucking people! Here it is mainly a naughty girl but I much prefer to do a guy they sob so sweetly! Now do you want me to oil the dildo? Yes! Well then promise to kiss my arse on demand! In fact beg to boy! Very nice! Okay I will oil it just for you cutie pie!” then Amanda oiled the dildo and positioned it at the entrance to his passage and smiled. She then slowly pushed it deep into him making him sob as even oiled it pulled him painfully. As soon as it was deep in she pulled it out and then slowly pushed it back in. Twenty times slowly she did this and each time he gasped in pain. By then she was breathing with excitement. Suddenly she lent forward so her weight bent his legs painfully and her boobs were touching his chest and started to flex and hammer the dildo in and out at high speed. This went on for nearly five minutes leaving Bob sobbing and crying in pain until she suddenly moaned and stopped. The relief Bob felt was small as she resumed the slow movements in and out making him sob. She smiled and said,”Nice now lets get you off! I love to force a guy to come when he hates getting laid!” and she started to rub his shaft as she slowly raped him. It took five more minutes but suddenly the tied boy had a powerful orgasm sobbing as the amazon milked his dick. This excited Amanda and once more she lent forward and went fast in and out of him. This time this really hurt making Bob beg and plead but all this did was make Amanda go faster until after several more minutes she had a second orgasm and stopped. To Bobs relief she then pulled out and let his legs flop down. He felt weak and was sure his bottom was broken as it throbbed with pain. Amanda removed the dildo and moved and said, “That was fun but I want head now! Kiss me off or I will really hurt your arse baby!” and she moved and sat herself on his face. Bob groaned but was helpless to stop her forcing him to provide her with oral pleasure. It took Amanda over fifteen minutes to have a very powerful orgasm on his red face and all the time his bottom ached. Afterwards Amanda moved and forced the exhausted boy to kiss and then lick her massive bottom before finally moving off him and untying his hands. Bob lay too dazed to move as Amanda dressed and then cleaned and put the dildo away. Then she grabbed his balls making him groan and said, “Punishment paid boy! Tell anyone and I will castrate you! Remember baby you have to kiss my arse on demand! And if you are a naughty boy again Bob expect several sessions of penetration hell! Okay get dressed and get out it is lunchtime!” Bob dressed and staggered out but could hardly sit for lunch so painful was his bottom.

For the rest of the day his bottom ached and after tea when he played pool Nicole and her friends came over and laughed at him telling him he was really going to suffer when they got him alone with them. Then Melissa and Michelle came over and Melissa said, “” We loved fucking you Bob! And you promised to do us again! How about tonight?” Bob shook his head and told them he could not get out as Karen was always awake and also he was too tired. Melissa smiled and then pulled her top and lent forward so her full boobs were in view and said, “Come on boy we know you want us! Tomorrow night or we tell on you!” “I cannot those girls lock my clothes away!” “We want you naked anyway boy so come naked! Midnight tomorrow okay?” and half reluctantly Bob agreed. On one hand the sigh of her full boobs had excited him on the other hand he dreaded being caught by Karen and Paula again.

That night in the bedroom he moaned as Karen and Paula removed their T shirts and bras and then moved over to him cupping their boobs. Paula smiled and said, “You have not come for a few days Bobbie darling so get naked and we can all have some fun!” And resigned Bob got naked and then lay on the bed massaging and licking first Karens boobs and then Paulas as he did so the girls rubbed away at his dick until he came into Karens hand. By then both girls had erect nipples and wet pussies and he was terrified they would want to screw him. Instead first Karen and then Paula sat on his face and made him give them oral delight and he was pleased both girls had showered beforehand. Then the girls rubbed him again and when he told then he was satisfied they laughed and just carried on. It took him sometime to make him come and then Karen lay on him and made him rub her pussy and kiss her boobs until she came and then Paula wanted and received the same. This seemed to satisfy the girls because they then allowed him to get under the blankets and sleep laughing at having left him hard. The session actually pleased Bob because while the girls had used him he was sure tomorrow night he could get out. The next day he told Melissa and Michelle he would be there making them giggle and promise him and exhausting but fun time. The major downer for Bob was that halfway though his lesson with Amanda she got him in a shed and pulled up her long sensible tweed skirt. She was knickerless and made him knell and kiss her bottom. This excited her and she forced him then still on his knees to give her oral pleasure until she came.

The next night as he expected Karen and Paula locked his clothing away and made him dress in the white see though night dress and then both quickly went to sleep. After an hour Bob got up and then stood checking both girls were gently snoring before sneaking out. Melissa and Michelle were waiting for him by the kitchen and giggled when they saw him and Michelle said, “Not naked but in a girls nightie! What bitches Paula and Karen are! Okay but we can have some fun and those frigid man haters will never know! Lets go and fuck baby! I really need to come!” and they moved off into the woods and lay together on the blanket. Bob shrugged off the nightie as the two girls stripped and then they kissed and cuddled Bob rubbing his eager erection as they did so. Melissa and Michelle moved down and took him one after another in their mouths until he came sobbing. Then it was Melissa and Michelles turn and Bob gave both girls oral pleasure and both girls came very quickly. By then he was ready again and he was steered into Melissa and loved her while Michelle occasionally kissed him and presented her full boobs to his lips. He did not come with Melissa but when Michelle moved him on and into her after a couple of minutes he lost it into her tight pussy as she flexed underneath him. Without waiting to be asked he moved and finished her off with his tongue making her sob as she came. After a short rest Melissa moved and licked him hard and then Melissa and Michelle got on him and he loved Melissa and Michelle enjoyed his mouth and his hands on her full boobs.

Then suddenly two powerful torches lit up the threesome and Melissa and Michelle sprung off him both naked. Bob shuddered in horror as he heard Paula say, “Here he is! And look who he is with! Melissa and Michelle! All three naked and screwing!” and fully dressed Karen and Paula loomed over them. Karen said, “You three are in real trouble now! Right you two girls come with me! You wait here with Paula Bob” And the two girls looking very worried were pushed off by Karen while Bob was left lying naked with Paula. She leered at him and said, “Silly boy! That means penalty number three plus I reckon Bob! And I am offended that after our beautiful lovemaking last night you went with those two bikes!” Bob groaned as his erection slowly and embarrassingly faded away.

Then Karen returned with Joan. Joan glared at him and said, “Very serious boy I will have to think how to punish you! Right Paula and Karen keep him under wraps until I decide what to do with him!” Karen and Paula pulled him up and marched him off between them with Bob groaning at the situation and fully aware of how strong the girls were.  They got into their room and the girls pushed him onto his bed and Karen pulled out two of her bras and said, “Right lets tie you up boy so you cannot run away!” and quickly the girls tied both his hands to the headboard. Then to his horror both girls stripped naked and Paula said, “We own you boy and we get what we want before any other girl does! Okay you are going to satisfy us before we sleep!” and Bob groaned as Paula pushed her boobs into his face. He was reluctant to lick them but she grabbed his soft dick and gave it a hard squeeze so he knew he was lost. For a couple of minutes he licked her boobs and she fisted him until he was erect. Then she mounted him and ravished him making him moan as she hammered away on his helpless body. As he was used Karen made him lick her boobs. Paula had a strong orgasm and then was replaced by Karen. She hammered away on the sore boy her big boobs bouncing and as she did so Paula kissed him then stopped and said, “Did you enjoy screwing me baby? Well let me tell you that Joan will ensure it will be ages before you can screw a girl again! That woman is amazingly inventive when it comes to punishments! So enjoy us baby because I reckon it will be a good many days before your cock can give you pleasure! A shame as I enjoy a good ride but still you have a nice tongue and good fingers so you should be able to keep us happy at least!” Bob groaned at that and also at the sensation of Karen ravishing him. Karen came strongly and to his horror the still excited Paula replaced her and used him and after her Karen used him again while Paula went off to bed. It took Karen a long time to come on him and by then he was excited himself. Laughing she moved off him and fisted him until he had a sobbing orgasm and then jeered as he passed out. 

Part six

The next morning the girls woke him up but instead of making him clean they made him wash and then he was retied to the bed for a couple of long worrying hours. It was breakfast time when the girls untied him and forced him to put on the girls kilt. They then marched him to Joans office. Standing there looking very upset were Melissa and Michelle but Bob was not allowed to speak to them as he was marched in. Joan was sitting at her desk and glared up to him and spoke, “Well it is another of the sluts! Going around seducing girls you bastard! This morning Bob I had a long phone call with your father. I explained the progress you were making in domestic work and also in your studies but how you needed close supervision here! You will be disappointed to know he agreed with me and therefore Bob you are going to spend the next year with us! You will study here and pass boy no let up and no holidays! We both think it is for your own good as unless supervised you get into trouble!” Bob moaned at that as he realised he was trapped now for the year an even worse sentence than to Christmas. Joan smiled and continued, “As for punishments he agreed we could do whatever we wanted! Therefore I have been thinking about what to do about your behaviour last night. As for Melissa and Michelle I am going to give them twelve strokes of the cane and after that I have arranged with their parents cooperation that they will spend a year under the care of the sisters of mercy convent! And let me tell you the convent makes here seem like a picnic! As for you well obviously you will be caned but then I think I am going to deal with your teasing the girls! Right ladies lets get them over and flogged!”

Bob was marched out and then with Melissa and Michelle was taken to the canteen by a group of tutors. Inside were the rest of the tutors and the students. Joan spoke to the girls telling them about what had happened and then announced Melissa and Michelles punishment. She described the tedium of the convent making several of the girls shudder and threatened to send more girls there who did not pass. Then Melissa and Michelle were pulled forward and both were crying. The tutors bent them both over a table and their skirts were pulled up exposing their naked bottoms. Then Joan handed Karen and Paula each a hefty wooden cane and both approached the girls. Soon Melissa and Michelle were screaming as the two girls set about flogging them each a dozen times. By the time Karen and Paula had finished both of the girls were sobbing and hardly able to stand. Joan ordered them taken out to pack and then to wait for the nuns to collect them and off they went leaving Bob terrified and the rest of the students horrified and stunned by the violence they had witnessed and the knowledge it could happen to them as well.

Then Bob was pulled forward and savagely tied to a table by Karen with his bottom facing the girls. His skirt was pulled up but the girls were too stunned to laugh or cheer. As Paula and Karen stood on either side holding a cane each Joan said, “Hit him together ladies and tonight he can have another six from each of you and the same thing twice tomorrow! Yes girls Melissa and Michelle got off lightly with a dozen blows I reckon fifty is much more what a male slut deserves!” Bob opened his mouth and then screamed as two canes shoot flames of pain across his bottom. Five more times he screamed as the girls brutalised his behind leaving him bruised and sobbing. Then Joan spoke again, “That was for Bob only the first part! Now having one boy here is good but only if he knows how to behave and I feel he has been teasing you girls! Therefore for this morning he will be open house for you to enjoy and play with and also to show him just how tough women can be! Karen and Paula will supervise because no one is to have sexual intercourse with him! However I think a morning of playing with him will stop you girls seeing him as someone special! Also for the next few days I am keeping him in a skirt to show he is just a student! Karen please tie him the other way around and then let the girls have a play!”

Joan left as the horrified boy was tied arms and legs on his back on a table. Then Karen spoke to the girls and said, “Paula and I are going to sit at the side having a coffee girls you can do to him what you want but he is not to come! Or be castrated after all he has a whole year here! Apart from that anything goes! In an hour ladies you have activities but you can arrange it among yourselves if you want to have cunnilingus from him! And for the cunnilingus we will blindfold him to protect your modesty! Okay girls he is all yours!” and she moved away leaving the shaking crying Bob to his fate. For a minute there was silence and then the girls whooped and laughed and surrounded Bob. He screamed as Rachel grabbed his balls and twisted them hard making the girls laugh and Paula remind them they were not to castrate him. Nicole moved and kissed him and then broke off and said, “No way I have plans for him! Lets show him just how rough we can be!” and she grabbed his dick and pulled it. Then for ten minutes he was open house as the sixteen jeering girls pulled and pinched his naked body. Then Nicole returned waving a massive carrot and said, “He loves this!” and with Bob begging and then screaming the girls forced it up his anus. The effect of the carrot was to bring his already tender dick to full erection. Rachel laughed and moved and bit his penis making him scream and then laughed and said, “Bloody perfect hard and helpless! Okay lets rub him sore and keep his balls tugged so he does not come!” and the girls cheered as she fisted him sadistically. For twenty minutes the girls abused his penis as he sobbed and screamed for mercy. They dug their nails in and gave the head of his penis Chinese burns. Worse his balls were pulled and twisted until he was sure they had ripped them. Then he moaned as he saw Nicole had in her hand some razors and a can of foam and she said, “Lets shave him! After all we have to shave for guys so he should shave for us!” the next ten minutes were painful but better as the girls removed all his body hair including his pubic hair. Then he saw Nicole had in her hand a bath towel wet and rolled up she smiled and said, “We cannot castrate him and all he can do is give us head! So lets make his balls sore! In my last school a guy set himself up to see us changing! We found him wanking off and after some rough play we gave him a hundred lashes between the legs with the rat tail! After that he was a good boy! Untie his legs and left them so we can get a good swing into his nuts!” Bob begged as the girls unties him and lifted him to expose his balls and then screamed as the wet heavy end of the towel was swung straight into his balls by Nicole. She laughed and said, “Shut up boy! This just hurts it does not break them! No I will break them if you do not give me what Melissa and Michelle stole! After all you promised to serve us twice you cheating bastard!” and with that she smashed the towel in again. Each girl took turns to flatten his balls at least three times with the wet towel end until Bob was a crying wreak.

Then Paula moved over and said, “Activity time but also time for cunnilingus girls! Lets get him tied and blindfolded!” Bob was broken as the girls retied his legs and Paula fixed a blindfold to him. Then he heard some girls leave and a partition be put around him to give some privacy. He then sobbed as he heard Nicole say, “I am having you first boy! Kiss this and baby it is smelly but I want to come! Or do you want your balls twisted?” she mounted the table and him and then rammed her hairy pussy into his face and forced the crying boy to satisfy her. It only took a few minutes to get her off and the next girl was Rachel who pinched his dick laughing as the carrot was keeping him hard and made him please her. After her twelve times a girl got on Bobs face and demanded his tongue satisfy her. All the girls were sweaty and unwashed but luckily all of them had obviously not been pleasured for sometime as most came in under five minutes on the shattered boy.

After serving them all for twenty minutes he lay in agony and then he was untied by Karen and Paula and forced in front of a crowd of laughing girls to put on a pair of black stockings, suspenders and a matching see though baby doll night dress. Then with the carrot still keeping him hard he was tied to a pillar at the side of the canteen. Karen said, “For the rest of the day Bob the girls can stand and laugh at you! And to stop you enjoying it we have a treat for your dick and balls! Do you now what this is? No well Bob it is super red hot chilli paste! And we are going to give your groin a nice thick coat of it! Should take your mind off sex you pervert!” Bob was too stunned to react until Karen wearing a kitchen glove smeared the paste onto the head of his dick. Then he screamed and shook as the pain hit him as it felt as if she had set fire to his penis. The girls laughed as Karen smeared it all over his dick and then his balls his screams for mercy amusing the amazons as they tormented him. He stood screaming and crying for ten minutes as the girls got their lunch and then slowly and for Bob with blessed relief the chilli paste numbed his groin. However he was totally humiliated and his bottom ached from the cane and the carrot as the girls ate and laughed at him as he stood exposed in the humiliating girls sex clothing. All afternoon he was left there sobbing and shattered until after many hours Joan and some of the tutors entered the room. They untied the broken boy and the bent him over a table and then once more he screamed as a dozen times Paula and Karen caned him. Joan then grabbed his face and said, “Today was hell Bob but if you muck about in the future I can promise you days that make this seem a pleasant picnic! You have a year with us boy so behave! Now tomorrow your arse gets two dozen more strokes of the cane and until Monday boy you are dressed as a sex doll! Okay Karen get him cleaned up and working he has rested for long enough!” the girls laughed at that as Karen and Paula hauled him off to the shower room. They pulled the sex clothing off him yanked out the now broken carrot and pushed him under the shower and turned it on. Bob sobbed as the cold water hit him but as it hit his groin he felt the chilli get rubbed off and moaned in relief. For thirty minutes he lent shattered and let the now tepid water wash his groin. Then sensation returned to his balls and dick and he started to sob in agony. As this happened Karen and Paula returned and Paula laughed and said, “The next hour will be hell Bob the chilli paste makes you go numb but when it is off the pain is agony! At least it is for a girl! Oh yes Bob we have used chilli powder in the cunt to train naughty girl before now! One session is enough for a girl but I suspect you will need quite a few days to learn as well!” The girls dragged him to his bed and Bob curled up in agony unable to speak of even cry as waves of pain filled his bruised body.

After two hours the pain faded to an agonising throb and he was able to see that his dick was covered in nail and teeth marks and was red and had numerous small blisters on it from the chilli. As for his balls they felt full but were bruised and swollen with the left one at least three times as big as it should be while the right one was double its normal size. Then Karen and Paula entered the room holding the blindfold and girls sex clothing. They made him stand and dress and then Karen put the blindfold on and said, “Now you have stopped crying you have another duty to do! All day long us tutors have heard the girls coming and discussing their orgasms on your face! Well we want the same so follow us and be prepared to lick! Or do you fancy a chilli night! And with it up your arse as well?” Bob broken allowed the girls to take him out and he was tied onto a mattress in the shower room. First on him was Karen and then Paula and then he was sure Jessica. He did not know who else used him apart from recognising the taste of Amanda. A dozen times a girl used him but he knew several girls took seconds from him so he unsure if all the tutors had used him just as he did not know which two of the students had declined a face ride on him. Finally he was taken back to his room and dumped on the bed by a laughing Paula and Karen who both forced him to give them each double oral pleasure until finally they were sated. Then he was tied to the bed by Karens old bras and left to cry himself to sleep.

The next day Karen woke him by squeezing his bruised and swollen balls and then they made him dress in the sex clothing before he was forced to scrub the room. Then instead of breakfast he was held over a table and caned a dozen times by Karen and Paula the sensation of the cane on his bruised bottom far worse than it had been yesterday. Then it was study time with Bob in the girls see though night dress. However the girls seemed subdued after the excesses of yesterday on him and ignored him as still in pain and finding it nearly impossible to sit on his bruised backside he worked. Gardening was agony and then there was lunch, more study and then hockey and all the time he was exposed to the girls gazes. However they seemed to ignore him and he realised some felt guilty about mistreating him the day before. Much better instead of preparing the tea Karen told him he had a new course to study. Even though it was domestic studies and he spent two hours reading about sewing he did not mind.  At tea however he was made to bend over a table and in silence the girls watched him scream as he received his final dozen from Paula and Karen. After tea he was made to clean the kitchen and then he was finished and collapsed on his bed still in the night dress and fell into a broken sleep. The next day the pain was fading and his balls were back to the normal size if still blue. As for his bottom in the mirror it was covered in lines of bruises and sitting was difficult. The girls also started to talk to him and were flattering about his oral skill and also about his dick. However while they considered abusing him to be fun quite a few of them felt doing it under instruction from Joan was helping the enemy. However it was also clear from the comments that while the punishment of Melissa and Michelle had horrified the girls most were even keener to ravish Bob so in that respect Joan had failed. For the weekend Bob was allowed to wear the kilt and a pink girls T shirt. On Saturday all the camp went for a long hike and then camped with Bob in a tent with most of the tutors and on Sunday they walked back the long way. 

Part seven.

On Sunday night two of the girls left and the next morning four new ones arrived. As for Bob it was a better day because firstly his bottom, balls and dick felt normal and secondly he was allowed to wear the shorts and male T shirt. Again he was woken early and made to spend an hour cleaning the tutors room and doing their washing before it was time for his run with Jessica. She had been away for the weekend and set off fast and after fifteen minutes Bob was exhausted. She laughed and said, “Slacking boy! Okay same choice my penalty or do you want to let Joan loose on you! I think she has a few ideas to really break you honey!” Bob groaned and agreed to accept her punishment. Jessica smiled and said, “First strip baby! Very nice I can see you have recovered your balls seem normal and let me tell you after Karens chilli special I am amazed they have recovered so fast!  And the lack of pubes suits! Now baby get on your knees and lick me off! And baby for you my cunt is especially dirty! Yes baby not only did I not wash it all weekend especially for you but last night I met up with an old friend! I let him screw me three times and blow a load in me each time! He is a real man and does not go down on a girl so he did not notice how smelly I was! You however baby will as you can get me nice and clean and off and baby swallow it all down!” Bob shuddered as he approached her pussy as her female smell hit him and worse he could see her pubic hair was matted and stuck together with what to his horror he realised was dried come. However he licked her making her laugh and moan and urge him to get properly stuck in. Disgusted he did so and soon was swallowing the muck off her body as Jessica moaned. It did not take her long to come making Bob wonder how satisfied her boyfriend had made her. Then twice more she made him give her oral pleasure pulling his hair as he satisfied her lust. Then she made him lie on the ground and rub himself as she watched laughing at him. She then to his surprise removed her top and then her sports bra and cupped her magnificent boobs and said, “As you are a good boy baby I want you to toss a load over my tits! But baby afterwards guess whose tongue is going to clean them! Okay get wanking baby and do not take all day I want to see come in two minutes! Or I will make you wank with your hands full of chilli powder!” Bob groaned and stood in front of the sitting girl between her legs and rubbed himself. He was amazed to suddenly find how full of lust he was and after a minute spurred on by Jessicas smile and the sight of her perfect boobs he came all over them making her laugh at his orgasmic face. As soon as he had come she forced him to knell and then careful lick her smooth boobs all over missing not one bit and eating up all his come from them. Then she pushed him between her legs and once more he licked her off until Jessica screamed in orgasmic delight. Afterwards they both dressed with Bob feeling dazed by what had occurred.

On his return Bob had another tepid shower and realised he was now used to the lack of hot water. This made him depressed and he started to cry at the hopelessness of his situation surrounded by lust filled amazons and the depression of the work. Then he gasped as he heard a voice say, “Crying boy! I imagine you thought this would be an easy number! Easy work and girls to fuck when you wanted! Well as you have discovered the work is hard and one boy does not stand a chance here! The sexual boot is on the other foot! Good maybe after a year you will be one of the few males fit to exist!” Bob gasped and covered his groin as the ugly colossal Joan leered at him. She said, “I think that punishment session taught you boy who is in charge here! You do as the tutors want or you will suffer a lot worse than that! After all what was in it? A few rubs from the girls then some silly teenage sex play and finally Karen gave you a hot rub! Let me tell you girls have suffered worse than that here so no way is a boy going to get it easy! And do not bother to cover your groin boy I have seen it all! Admittedly I have not seen many boys with a shaved groin! Looks sweet and funny boy! Now wash yourself you have breakfast to eat!” Bob gasped but Joan did not move and under her formidably stare he was forced to clean himself and then get out and dry and dress himself before she escorted him to breakfast.

Afterwards studying was hard but even Bob had to admit he was starting to make some progress and things he had not understood before became clearer. Then it was gardening with Amanda and once more Bob stayed close as he could see Nicole and Rachel eying him up. After an hour Amanda ordered him to follow her and to his horror she took him to the shed she had abused him in last time. She locked the door and said, “Liked you licking me off last week boy! Now I can see Nicole and her gang want you! I could let them have you and bust the lot of you and see what Joan would do to you! Or we can have some fun here! You and I baby! A little bit of anal but a lot of good pussy pleasing action! Well?” Bob shuddered but had to agree and was ordered to strip and as he did so Amanda also got naked the sight of her grim body making Bob shudder. Amanda stood legs apart and said, “Knell and get me off boy!” and the shocked boy was forced to knell in front of her and apply himself to her pleasure and worse for him she had also not washed her pussy for sometime. It did not take Amanda long to come and then she pulled Bob up and arranged him on a packing case and mounted him. He groaned as she manipulated his semi erect dick into her pussy and then lay supine as she bounced away on him her pussy rasping him as she used him for her pleasure. However by the time she came on him Bob was also excited. Amanda pulled off him and groped him and said, “Nice! We must get you to keep that shaved! Or shall I let Nicole and the girls pluck the new hairs out? Now baby my favourite instrument of pleasure and as you have been a good boy I will not tie you down!” Bob moaned as she then placed the strap-on on her body. Amanda smiled and said, “Okay boy knell and suck on the plastic dick! Remember it goes up your arse next!”  Bob shuddered but was soon kneeling and groaning as Amanda thrust the plastic penis in and out of his mouth laughing as she did so. Then she stopped and dragged him onto a packing case and pulled his legs over him and placed the dildo at his entrance. She smiled and said, “I liked that I was imagining making you have gay sex! That would make me wet! Okay now you rub my tits as I do you and I will rub your dick!” and she started to fist him and then drove the dildo in making him scream. She was excited and hammered away at speed in him and suddenly without any real pleasure he spurted in her hand making her laugh and go faster. It took her another five minutes to come and he lay sobbing as she abused him for her pleasure. Amanda stood over him and wiped the dildo clean and then moved to his head and pushed the dildo so it was by his mouth. She then lent forward and he gasped as she kissed his tender dick. She laughed and said, “Time for a sixty nine boy!” and took him in her mouth and then forced the dildo deep into his throat. Bob lay choking on the plastic and moaning as Amanda had no idea how to lick a dick and hurt him rather than gave him pleasure. For several minutes this kinky game continued and then she broke off and to his relief removed the dildo. Then she sat her pussy on his face and made him lick her off and as he did so she pumped his sore erection. She came powerfully her juices forcing Bob to swallow and to his relief pulled off him. She smiled and said, “That was nice but you have not come! I know you can have a treat! I know you like tits after all!” and she smeared the dildo lotion over her boobs and then cupped them and said to Bob, “I want a nice lump of come between these boy! And do not take to much time or I will think you do not find me sexy! And then baby your bum gets my biggest dildo up it without any oil!” Bob groaned and placed his dick between her slippery massive but flabby boobs. After coming on Jessicas boobs and while being raped by Amanda he was satisfied but shuddering at the knowledge of what Amanda would do to him if he failed to get off he moved between her gigantic boobs. Amanda at first cupped them but them made Bob hold them and he gasped as he saw her hands move between her legs and knew she was exciting herself. After a couple of minutes she went red faced and urged him on and he knew he had to come desperately he tried to recall the safe models in his porn mags and somehow he managed to come. His orgasm was very powerful and he sobbed and clutched her floppy breasts hard around his shaft as he lost it. Amanda as soon as he had come grabbed his head and rammed it between her legs and onto her gaping pussy and rode his face until a minute later she had a massive orgasm. Then he was pulled up and she said, “That was fun! Okay to finish with Bob get my tits clean!” She levered him onto a packing case and dropped a gigantic boob into his face and made him lick its large surfaces and worse as he licked down the oil, sweat and come from her breasts she grabbed and fisted his dick making him sob as after his orgasm he was tender. Amanda just laughed at that and obviously enjoyed playing with him when he did not want her to and for a few minutes Bob was terrified she would want more sex. Luckily for the exhausted boy when he had licked both breasts all over she let him go and dress and he staggered away shattered from the virago.

The afternoon passed in a blur of exhaustion and in the girls social room several of the girls made pointed sexual comments to Bob and he knew the girls guilt at what they had done to him had now been replaced by lust. The worse thing for Bob was he had no idea who had enjoyed cunnilingus from him even though he knew most of the girls had played with his naked body. Then at bedtime he shuddered as Karen and Paula made him strip and then Karen pulled off her top and bra and said, “You are recovered now baby! And as we do not want a build up of lust in you tonight boy you are going to jerk off for us and then you can say a nice thank you for to us for letting you look at our boobs while you rub!”  Bob groaned at that as that was the last thing he wanted but Paula also got topless and the two girls pushed him onto his bed and plonked themselves next to him. Karen gave his dick a rub and he moaned but went hard. She glared and said, “Hang on Paula something is wrong here our baby is not getting hard enough fast enough and look at the state of his knob! The bastard has come and been fucking a girl I bet!” Paula nodded and then Bob screamed as Karen moved and grabbed his balls and gave them a hard squeeze and said, “Right boy which one of the tarts had you and when? Tell me or these are going to be by your knees!” and she gave his balls a savage tug making Bob scream and reply desperately, “it was not one of the girls!” “Liar boy! No way did you wank into this state! It was a woman!” “Yes but not a girl it was Amanda!” “Amanda!” “Yes she made me!” both girls laughed and Paula said, “Amazing I was sure she was a lesbian after all did she not do that hippy girl with a strap-on last month? Well Bob you have to do what a tutor says but we come first! Tell me how did you come and how many times! And did she screw you?” Bob groaned but with Karen occasionally squeezing his balls he was forced to tell the girls the full story. Both found it funny and when he had finished Karen said, “What a girl! We must get a strap-on for Bobs bum Paula! It would be fun to make him scream! But Bob you are ours and to prove it baby you are going to give us both head and then make love to us and then baby you are going to show how much you love our boobs by boob wanking with each of us! And fail to come boy and you are spending the night tied to the bed with my panties in your gob and your groin covered in chilli powder!” Bob felt like crying as he was exhausted but the girls laughed and soon he was lying giving first Karen and then Paula oral pleasure. Then Karen got on his dick and ravished him and as she did so he licked Paulas boobs. Then the girls swapped and he was used by Paula for her pleasure. By the time she had finished he was excited and desperately tried as the girls pulled him up to stay keen. Karen had made Bob wet her boobs and then between them she rubbed some baby lotion and he was forced to place his erection between them and she cupped them together. He loved her boobs watched by a laughing Paula and was able to blot out the laughing girls and concentrated on his own pleasure. Bob spurted powerfully between Karens boobs moaning as he came. Afterwards he was exhausted and the sight of Paula smiling made him beg telling her he was finished. Her reply was to grab his tender dick and roughly fist it telling him he had better get going unless he fancied a chilli night. Paula said, “You can lie down Bob if you want!” and he was pushed onto his back and Paula moved so her boobs surrounded his sore dick and rubbed herself up and down on him. Bob lay shattered and then Karen moved and said, “Clean my boobs baby and then you can give me head watching you come was a real turn on!” He lay dazed as Paula rubbed her boobs against his shaft stopping occasionally to fist his sore erection and he was forced to clean first Karens breasts and then satisfy once more her ravenous pussy. After Karen had come Paula moved and made him give her oral pleasure while she fisted him and by the time she had sobbed in orgasm he was excited. Paula then made him stand and move his dick between her freshly oiled boobs. As he did so Karen moved and pushed a couple of fingers up his bottom and forced him to move at a pace she set. The girls laughed as they abused the exhausted boy and then suddenly and painfully Bob came and he screamed in agony as Karen ruined the orgasm by ramming up his bottom her whole hand. He collapsed onto Paula and they ended up in a tangle on the floor. To his horror Paula twisted and got his sore dick into her pussy and urged her friend to use her hand to keep him going. Bob lay on and in Paula sobbing as Karen manipulated her hand in his anus to force him to love Paula to a powerful but mercifully quick orgasm. He was pulled off and Karen laughed at him and told him he was dirty and ordered him to shower.

Naked and broken Bob staggered to the shower room and showered once more in the tepid water. Then after a couple of minutes Jessica came in wearing a long white dressing gown she smiled and said, “I thought I heard Karen and Paula playing with you! The sound got me wet and I thought I would have a shower to cool down! No need to do that now honey! Get out and on your knees and get me off! Or I will tell Joan you pinched my bum on the run!” Bob did not resist but just moved and knelt as Jessica undid her gown and showed she was naked underneath. The sight of her sexy body did nothing for the exhausted boy as he gave her oral pleasure and rubbed her magnificent boobs as she directed. For nearly thirty minutes she made him pleasure her with his tongue and fingers and all the time his dick stayed soft and beaten as she used him. Finally she after three orgasms she was sated and she allowed him to return defeated to his room. In the room Karen and Paula had gone to sleep and Bob collapsed onto his bed and passed out.

The next day was Bob was exhausted and worried as the girls were now making frequent sexual comments about him. Worse his pubic hair was starting to spout and was therefore itching like mad. In the girls game room in the evening three times girls pinched his bottom and he was sure without the tutors present he would have been gang banged by the girls. That night in the bedroom Karen and Paula made him dress in the girls night dress something he was now used to. However to his horror Amanda came into the room and groped and kissed him and he gathered to his horror the girls had been exchanging stories about him. Then Karen casually gabbed his balls and said, “Now honey you belong to Paula and I but as well as us two you are to serve Amanda on demand! Agree?” and she gave his balls a twist and forced him to agree. Luckily for Bob apart from some more painful groping from the girls nothing more sexual happened. The next day the girls were even worse and had to be told off by Joan for making rude comments to him. Bob was actually pleased when after Rachel deliberately hit him between the legs with her hockey stick it was he who Karen sent off for swearing. He was even more pleased that Rachel had missed his balls with the stick. That night as a punishment from Karen he was made to get into the nightdress as soon as he had washed up and go to bed and he knew she had done it deliberately to keep him away from the girls. In fact as Bob lay there he realised that unless Joan managed to control the girls she would have to send him away and the thought of escaping the madhouse even at the expense being gang raped by the girls appealed to Bob.

Then Karen, Paula and Amanda entered the room and Bob shuddered as he saw in Amandas hands two strap-ons and realised he was not in for an easy evening. Karen smiled at him and said, “Hello my sexy naughty boy! We have been talking to Amanda about doing a guy up the arse! She reckons it is real fun! And she is going to show us how to do it and get off! Should be a laugh!” Bob shuddered as the girls laughed and Paula said, “You will love it! After all that porn mag you have is of strap-on play so getting done yourself must make you spurt loads!” and Karen pulled his blanket off and ordered him up. Amanda groped him then said, “Well girls there are two basic positions to do a guy in! First from behind! Nice and easy and you can really give his bum some hammering. The second and my fav is on top of him. His legs go over his head and you lean on him. I prefer it because it is much more degrading for a guy as he looks stupid and secondly you can see his face! Some guys come from the strap-on but for most a few tugs do! I always get a guy off as it really shows them youre the boss! Even funnier after they have come they hate being done even more!” both girls nodded as Bob shuddered. Amanda said, “Lets do him from behind first to show you the basics! Okay boy bend over that table! Now you need to get the strap-on in and on right. You want it to wiggle on your clit as you pound the toy boy!” Bob lent over the table as for several minutes the three girls looked at the strap-ons and talked about fitting them. Then he gasped as he felt Amanda rub his bottom and she said, “As for the boy you can oil him up which makes the dildo easier to use in him or not as you wish. A boy always wants oiling is without it he is in agony for days. Personally it depends. If I am not going to see a guy again and I can I do him without oil as why should I care if he cannot walk for a week? If he is a regular like Bob I let him beg for oil as that amuses me and you can make a boy promise loads of things if you agree to use the oil! Now for the oil put some over the dildo and the rub some onto and into his bum! look how he moans as the oil is nice and cold! Makes him aware of what is coming!” then he moaned as he felt the tip of the dildo enter him and Amanda continued, “Push it nice and slowly but firmly at first! See how he groans! Even slowly a boy will scream and if you go to fast the moment loses it affect! Then I tend to just go in and nearly fully out until I can feel my own excitement rising!” Bob moaned and groaned as Amanda raped him aware of Karen and Paula standing watching and that all girls were in T shirts. For a few minutes he was raped by Amanda and the girls watched giggling and talking and then suddenly Amanda gripped his dick and started to fist him saying, “The dildo always gets a guy hard and you can use him a human sex toy in a girlfriend or if you are a real bitch another guys bum! I find some handiwork does a guy in!” Bob moaned as she fisted him and then she started to hammer quicker and quicker. After three minutes he spurted groaning to the girls amusement and Amanda let go of his dick and gripped his hips and really slammed in and out as she too got excited. Paula and Karen watched smiling and commenting on how Bobs erection had not faded one bit and laughing at his moans of pain as Amanda used him for her pleasure and then had a powerful orgasm.

She pulled out and said, “Whos next and Bob moaned as he saw Karen put on the spare dildo. There was a gap of a minute while she fitted and oiled it and then she rammed it up him making him sob and her laugh. Karen gripped his thighs and moved in and out with Amanda telling her how to move. For several minutes it was like an extremely painful sex lesson for Bob and then Karen gripped his dick and fisted him and after another minute said, “It does feel nice but I reckon it will take ages for me to get off!” Amanda advised her to try rotating the dildo and Karen agreed that felt even nicer as Bob groaned under the anal assault and all he time Karen rubbed his straining erection. After many more minutes Bob had a powerful painful orgasm but the rape continued for many more hideous minutes until suddenly Karen went rigid and groaned on her end of the dildo. She pulled out of the broken boy and said, “That was nice for a change but I prefer a guys tongue! It gets me off faster and harder! Have a go Paula and tell me what you think!” and then for Bob the whole hideous rape was repeated as Paula used him. She too rubbed him and once more he was helpless to resist a painful orgasm under the terrible double stimulation. Then Amanda turned him over and pulled his legs up and said, “Okay girls position number two! You will find this a lot more fun!” and she pushed the dildo into him and raped him. Bob lay his legs over his head groaning as Amanda used him and Karen and Paula laughed and told him he looked really silly. He was hard and as Amanda raped him all three girls took turns to play with his now tender dick. Then he was positioned so that Karen could rub her boobs in his face and Paula fist his dick while Amanda moved him so she was able to slam in and out of his bottom. After a few minutes of this he came screaming in agony and this set off Amanda who sobbed as she had a powerful orgasm. He had a minute of bliss when his burning bottom was left alone and then Karen raped him and he suffered under the abuse of all three girls. Karen took a long time to come and before she did Paula made him spurt in agony again. Karen pulled out after her orgasm and told Amanda while it was better orgasm she preferred Bobs face. Then Paula raped him and once more the girls pumped his dick as his bottom was pumped and he came before Paula to their amusement. After that the world spun and it was only the agony of the dildo drilling his behind that kept him awake. Paula and Karen to his relief agreed while it was fun thing to do to a guy and good for a change a guys dick and mouth were better. Bob was relieved until Amanda said, “Yes but what if all three of us want to get off at the same time? I can use his bum and one of you gets his face and the other his dick!” Bob shuddered as Karen and Paula mounted him and then screamed as the re-oiled dildo was inserted into him. Soon he was sobbing and trying to lick Pauls musky pussy while Karen hammered away on him and Amanda slowly raped his bottom. The next hour was total agony for Bob was Karen and Paula each had three turns on his face and three on his aching dick and all the time Amanda was raping him for her perverse pleasure. Three times he came sobbing but the orgasm gave his dick no relief as he stayed hard. Then after an hour he came again and totally passed out. However dimly he was aware of the girls manipulating him around and of having his dick and bottom used for a lot more time.

Part eight

The next morning he awoke lying on the floor with the night dress ripped on him. Using the bathroom was agony as was the shower and he cried and sobbed and was pleased when Karen let him crash on the bed. He slept the whole morning away before Karen and Paula woke him and forced him to get up telling him that Joan wanted a word. He was just able to walk even though his bottom ached from the abuse. Karen and Paula found his strained expression funny and told him that now he knew how a girl felt if a guy was too rough in her pussy. However they did agree not to subject him to the dildo party to often and he was told that if he was naughty then he would get an anal gangbang from loads of the girls making him want to cry. Then he was marched into Joans office and Bob wondered what he had done wrong now. He was amazed when she started off by telling him he was making good progress. Then she said, “However Bob we have a problem. The girls! They say you are teasing them with your body! Maybe half true boy! Maybe their lust filled minds! However it is a major distraction and gets in the way of the girls making progress and worse I think they could grab and seduce you! Very bad for discipline” Bob gasped at that and hoped that meant he had to leave and then moaned in horror as she continued, “I know you like girls after all you went with Melissa and Michelle and Karen and Paula say you are a well behaved boy in the bedroom. Therefore to reduce the girls lust and also to encourage them to make progress I have decided to add you to our reward programme. In addition to a girl getting chocolate and extra clothing for reward points any girl who gets more than ten points will be offered some time alone with you! It will be up to the girl what happens and how far it goes but if you have sex you take precautions.  You and the girls will do this on a Friday night and the girl each week with the most points get to pick first when she goes in the rota. Nice and fair! The girls reduce their lust but only if they are good and you lose your lusts weekly! We will start it next week but to get things on an even keel tomorrow night boy you can repeat that oral exercise with any girl who wants it! Do not look so surprised Bob I know you like the girls and they like you all this does it keep it under our control! I will announce it this lunchtime Bob but Karen says you are over tired so you can spend the rest of the day in bed!” and the shocked boy was marched back. As soon as they were in the bedroom Karen and Paula made him strip and groped him asking him did he like the idea of being a whore and then laughing they said he had better practice his oral skills and he was forced to give both girls oral pleasure.

Bob spent the rest of the day in bed and that evening was taken to the girls game room where the girls cheered his appearance and he knew the idea of competing to have him had gone down well. The girls teased him about what they would do to him making him shudder. Wore he rubbed his regrowing pubes several times and was asked by the girls about it. Rachel laughed and said, “Yes I know that itches when I got here I had a shaved pussy and it hurt like hell when the hair came though! Still I only have a week to go to pass and get out of here and then I am going to trim my pubes nice and short so my boyfriend does not get a mouthful when he goes down on me! Not that it matters for you Bob does it dear! You get to taste us unwashed and hairy! A boys nightmare baby eighteen hairy unwashed cunts too satisfy! Great!” and the girls laughed at his shocked face.

That night in the bedroom Karen, Paul and Amanda made him give them oral pleasure one after another and then they took turns to rub him until he came. By now a session with three ugly girls using him while he wore a girls night dress struck Bob as nearly normal. The next day the girls teased him throughout about his having to serve them that evening. After tea he was made to shower by Karen and Paula and then dressed in the girls night dress and taken to the girls games room. Most of the girls were there and as he appeared they all cheered and laughed at his appearance. Karen called for calm and said, “Right ladies for tonight you all get off! Bob will serve with his tongue any girl who fancies a go! To give you girls some privacy he will serve behind the counter! On his knees girls! And if he is silly and does not perform well then feel free to reach down and give him a testicular squeeze! And if he is still silly well then girls I have a new large box of super hot chilli powder!” Bob shuddered as the girls cheered and suddenly Nicole grabbed him and kissed him hard forcing her tongue into his mouth as her hands roughly pulled his dick as she did so his bottom was slapped and pinched. Quickly he was pulled off Nicole and another girl kissed and pulled at his groin and he was then passed around until all the girls had groped him. Then he was pushed behind the counter where a blanket had been set up to give some privacy and in the little alcove that made was an armchair and on the floor a cushion. To his horror the first girl in was Rachel who sat on the chair and said, “You get to see nothing this time Bob! Apart from my hairy snatch! And let me tell you boy that since we knew we were all getting head off you no girl has washed her pussy and most have not even wiped themselves after having a pee! After all no boy cares what he sticks into a girls mouth so why should we give a damn? Okay get licking or I will tell Karen to open the chilli packet!” Bob shuddered as she raised her skirt and exposed her pussy and as he got close her unwashed smell made him feel sick. However he started to lick her and as soon as he did so she moaned and said, “God that feels nice! I had forgotten how much I love a boy to give me head! Keep going Bobbie and get me off!” Bob licked away as Rachel squirmed in lust on the chair and quickly her moans rose to a peak and she had an amazingly fast and powerful orgasm. She pulled him of and said, “That was bloody good boy! I really need more than that to cure my lust! I think I am going to have a shower and finger myself off a few more times! I have a week to go baby but no way is Amanda going to keep you safe from us! We are going to get you and fuck your brains out!” and she let the skirt drop and staggered off.

The next girl a skinny dark girl called Jenny was quickly in and sat and raised her skirt and once more poor Bob was confronted by a hairy, unwashed excited pussy to satisfy. He did so aware that his own excitement was high and that he had a straining erection. After Jenny was a wide eyed new girl who was here because of drugs. She was pretty and slim with long legs and her name was Amy and she was the sort of girl Bob would have loved to have dated. She smiled and said, “What a place! And you have to give me head! Christ it is ages since a guy did that to me! Usually I have to get naked and on my knees in order to get a hit! Okay kiss this baby! And unlike most of the other girls I have washed it for you!” Bob moved and applied his tongue to Amys pussy and found that it tasted of soap and also that as she had only been here for a week she still had the trimmed pubic hair of a free girl. However a week without coming is a long time for a girl and Amy quickly was sobbing and moaning in orgasm on Bobs now tiring tongue. In fact as the next girl plonked herself down and raised a skirt so he saw another hairy unwashed pussy the only good thing was that the girls were so full of lust most came very fast. In fact it only took Bob an hour and a half to satisfy all eighteen girls as one after another they sat for service. However ninety minutes on your knees giving head without relief is exhausting for a boy and by the end his tongue hurt and he was feeling sick from the taste of so many unwashed pussies. As for his dick that was hard and frustrated.

However he was horrified when he was pulled up by Karen and pushed onto the counter and she said, “Well ladies he has been a good boy and got you all off! And look you can see he likes kissing you all! However fair is fair so ladies form a line to give him a thank you hand job! And Bob try not to come until the last girl! Firstly because that gives you the full experience of the girls fingers and secondly baby because they are not going to stop! And I bet you hate being rubbed after coming!” Bob moaned as Rachel grabbed his dick and started fisting him. He was pinned down on the counter surrounded by over a dozen of the girls laughing and jeering as he was rubbed. Rachel rubbed him for a minute and then one of the girls shouted, “Time!” and the next girl took over. The girls were rubbing Bob vigorously much more for the amusement of the rest of the girls than as an erotic treat for Bob. Eight girls rubbed him and then it was Amys turn and Bob moaned as her warm hand encased his dick. She rubbed him smiling at him and he lost it and come shot all over his naked body making the girls cheer and Amy laugh at his orgasmic moans. However as soon as she let go Jenny grabbed his dick and Bob twisted and screamed as mercilessly she tugged and pulled his shaft in her hard hands. After her was another girl until four more girls had tormented his sensitive shaft. Then Rachel begged Karen to let the girls have seconds and she looked at her watch and agreed telling the girls they should just have time. Bob was pulled red faced down and once more faced Rachels hairy pussy. She smiled and said, “I had a shower and a wank but still want more boy! Get licking and enjoy the taste of me clean because I am not washing it until I leave as I intend to get your mouth up me many times in the last week! Not your last week Bob you have a year here! Think of me with a trimmed cunt drinking in a bar and the screwing my boyfriend as you lie in your cold bunk for a year sucking hairy filthy pussies!” and she pulled his head in and forced him to satisfy her once more. The next girl was Jenny and her pussy had not been washed however she had removed her bra and made Bob put his hands up her T shirt and rub her boobs as he gave her oral pleasure. After Jenny ten more girls sat in the chair of satisfaction as the girls were now calling it and Bob pleasured them. It took over ninety minutes to satisfy them all with several taking a long time to have a second orgasm. By the time he had finished Bob was exhausted and was pleased to be pulled away from the remaining laughing girls to his bedroom by Karen and Paula. However when they go there the girls tied him with old bras to the bed and blindfolded him and told him it was the female tutors turn. For another two hours he lay licking pussy after pussy as the tutors took turns to abuse him. He was unsure how many of the girls used him as many had several turns on his tired face but by the end he felt sick. Worse the tutors were very free with his dick rubbing and teasing him but never getting him to the point where he came. He was left exhausted with a frustrated dick and aching balls. Then he was untied and nearly broke down in tears as he saw Amanda facing him wearing her strap-on. She made him lie on the floor and put his legs up and watched by several tutors who were laughing at the pathetic sight he presented she raped him. Worse she fisted him as she raped him and he spurted in less than two minutes. The next ten minutes were agony as Amanda raped him and worse Paula took over fisting his dick. His dick was incredibly tender but kept hard by the dildo and Bob was crying when finally Amanda came. The girls had not finished humiliating him and Paula placed one of his porn mags open on the ground and made him crouch over it and she lent on his back and fisted him until he spurted all over a photo of a long big breasted blonde lying naked. This made the girls laugh and then he was forced to eat the girls photo. Then he was placed back on the bed and blindfolded and for another hour his mouth was open house and the girls teased his tender dick. He was then untied by Karen and Paula and was pleased to see it was only the two of them. However they got him on the ground and took turns to ravish him and get oral delight until he came after a very long time into Karen and passed out.

He awoke still naked on the ground and found the girls had stuffed a deodorant stick up his bottom presumably to get him hard. The sensation of that in his sensitive bottom was what had woken him and he staggered to the shower and got it out. He was washing himself moaning at the bruises on his body from the abuse of the night before when Jessica walked in and smiled and said, “I thought it was you! Okay baby get on your knees and lick me off!” Bob did as she demanded and was just getting her to her third orgasm when Karen came in. Karen smiled and said to Jessica, “I thought you had a boyfriend and therefore did not get off on Bob!” “I use him when I feel like it after all he is not a real man but a baby toy boy! Do not stop boy!” and forced Bob to finish her off as Karen showered. Then Bob was made by Karen to get in the shower and soap her large muscular body and then to lick her breasts before giving her head. She then made him dress in the tight girls blue shorts and come to breakfast with her. The girls cheered as Bob came in but seemed more composed. They called him, “super head” and “sexy lips” but the worse thing was they all assumed that Bob had loved getting them all off. All were also very keen to get him the next Friday when according to Joans new rules any girl who got ten points or more for good behaviour would get not only head from him but a session that went as far as the girl wanted and from what the girls said that meant the whole deal. The knowledge that every week a load of the girls got to use him and the fact he then knew the tutors would treat him worse made Bob want to cry. However the rest of the weekend was easy as they had another massive hike and camp and by the time they returned on Sunday night the girls were back to their teasing ways. Now when they could the girls slapped and pinched his bottom making Bob wary of getting to close.

Worse the tutors did not seem to mind and numerous times Bob yelped as a girl gave him a hard pinch. That night Amanda made him in the bedroom lie on his back and let her rape him and then give her head and then she forced him to come between her breasts watched by Karen and Paula. She then raped him again and fisted him to orgasm as she did so. As she used him Karen and Paula either watched or ignored the action but as soon as she left they were on him. First they made him kneel and satisfy each of them with his tongue. Then he had to stand and both girls oiled their breasts and made him love them moving every minute from girl to girl until he lost it between Paulas breasts. To his horror Karen then produced a slim dildo and pushed it up him and got him on the ground and mounted him. She ravished him as Paula made him clean her boobs and after Karens powerful orgasm Paula ravished him and he cleaned Karens oiled boobs. This seemed to satisfy the girls but they made Bob stand and Karen manipulated the dildo in his back passage and Paula rubbed him and kissed his shaft until he had a powerful painful orgasm. The girls made him go and shower and also to wash the dildo and as he cleaned it suddenly Jessica was in the room. She smiled and undid her gown so he could see she was naked underneath and said, “I was going to get you to clean this tomorrow on the run Bob! A dirty cunt! Filled by my boyfriend five times over the weekend and a right caked on smelly mess it is! I tell you even with my knickers on I can smell it! So get it clean tonight Bob as I think the stink will keep me awake!” and she laughed. Bob groaned but moved and found as she said her pussy was caked with filth and reluctantly he cleaned it and then excited the laughing amazon to orgasm. Finally exhausted he got to bed and slept terrified of what the next day would bring.

Part nine

On the Monday run Jessica stopped half way and said, “I loved you cleaning me Bob! But I want more licking! Get naked and then get kissing!” and forced Bob to strip and lick her off as she sat on a log. Then she said, “As you have been a good boy Bob I am going to give you a treat! Lie on the ground!” Bob did so and gasped as Jessica moved so his dick was between her feet and she said, “You get a foot job! Get pumping boy!” Bob groaned but moved so his dick slid between her feet. He did not really like the sensation but the sight of Jessica breathing heavily as he loved her feet got him going and when she put a hand up he top and rubbed a breast he lost it and came over her foot. Of course that was what she wanted and she forced him to clean both her feet licking up his own come from them. The once more he knelt and this time it took him less than a minute to bring her to climax. That was the only sexual thing that day or indeed the next day he suffered apart from the girls pinching fingers. The worse offenders were Nicole and Rachel both of whom were on their last week but had made it clear they were going to get him. However Amanda kept him close to his relief and saved him from them even though he knew soon he would have to pay up on her strap-on. As for Joans point system the fact the girls got satisfied by him made them suddenly a lot keener than when the reward had been some sweets. By mid week girls were happily telling Bob how many points they had and worse what they intended to do with the points when they got him.

The next day Jessica on the run made him strip and give her triple oral pleasure but ignored his erection. Then he had gardening and to his horror Amanda was called away leaving him with Nicole, Elizabeth and Rachel. For twenty minutes they did nothing and then Elizabeth disappeared and the other two girls approached him. Nicole said, “Got you alone at last boy! Okay get them off! I want you!” “What no way!” “You have a choice boy either the pair of us or a beating and let me tell you a carrot will seem small!” Now in the past Bob would have told her where to go but after all that had happened he had no resistance left and reluctantly he stripped naked. As he did so so did Nicole and Rachel. Rachel leered at him and said, “Elizabeth was stupid to say no! She reckons if we get caught fucking you we get big trouble! Still she is on guard so we should be safe! Okay on you back stud! I want head and then I want cock!”  Bob lay on the ground and he was mounted by Rachel who presented her unwashed pussy to his tongue and reluctantly Bob started to lick her aware that his dick was quite erect as he did so. After a couple of minutes Rachel moved and engulfed him making him moan and worse Nicole slammed her dirty body onto his face and forced him to lick her equally dirty pussy. Rachel was moving quicker and Nicoles juices were filling his mouth when suddenly to all threes horror they heard Karen say, “Sex maniacs the three of you! Get off him girls!” the girls sprung off as Bob lay horrified and saw Amanda, Karen and Paula standing with a worried looking Elizabeth. Karen said, “I knew the girls were up to something Paula! Elizabeth on watch while they screwed the boy! Could not wait until Friday girls? Okay girls a choice our punishment or we tell Joan and in your two cases that means failure here and the rest of the year with the nuns! No sex there girls or anything apart from misery! And you only had a few more days to go! Well the nuns or us? And we will not be nice let me tell you!” The two girls groaned and agreed to the tutors punishment. Karen smiled and said, “Get dressed and follow us as for you Elizabeth you get dung digging!” and the three tutors and the three students left.

They went to Bobs room with Bob feeling sick and then Karen said, “Well girls you picked us! Instead of a year of misery you get a session with us and a couple of weeks of itching! Okay all three of you get naked! Right now lets get Bob ready!” and Bob moaned as the three tutors tied him to a mattress on the floor. Then to his surprise they tied Nicoles and Rachels hands behind their backs. Karen smiled and said, “Do you remember girls when we put chilli all over Bobs cock and balls? Well now it is your turn! I am going to rub chilli powder all over your muffs! Hideous! Yes a couple of years ago I got pissed and beat up and then raped a guy at college! For compensation the rest of the girls rowing team tied me up and rammed chilli up my muff and left me for the night! Made me cry and my muff ached for a fortnight! No sex at all for me even the thought made me want to cry! And I had to give the guy I raped a hand and tit job a day! Not nice when your muff aches! Still I then dated him and got my own back on him by leaving him tied naked for the girls! And then I did his cock and balls with chilli when he could not get it up! Okay Rachel you can do first! The extra punishment here girls is when you are nicely full we are going to slot you on and over Bob. You will find riding him helps the pain as well as making his cock ache! Okay grab her!” Bob gasped at that and then watched open mouthed as Karen smeared chilli all over and up Rachels still wet and open pussy. As she did so Rachel gasped and then moaned and sobbed as the chilli burnt her sensitive vagina. Then Paula moved over and produced a dildo and smeared more chilli on it and said to Bob, “To get you up and wiggling!” and Bob sobbed as she forced it up him. The dildo bloated him and the chilli made him sob as the girls moved the crying Rachel over. They manipulated her onto him and pushed her down onto Bobs forced erection.

Rachel gasped as he went up her and then moaned, “That feels better!” and started to ride Bob. Bob moaned because as she did so she coated his dick in chilli and he gasped as once more the burning agony covered his shaft. For five minutes Rachel rode him crying in pain and soon Bob was sobbing as well. Then her expression changed and she started to get sexually excited and started to hammer away on the shocked Bob. Bob moaned and sobbed as his bottom and dick felt as if someone was waving lit matches on them but could not resist as Rachel ravished him savagely. Then suddenly she moaned and sobbed and said, “Oh my god! I am going numb in the cunt! I cannot feel his dick! You bitches you knew this would happen!” Karen laughed and said, “Of course we did the chilli muff burns like stink and then goes numb no way can a girl come! I forgot to tell you when the girls did me for thirty minutes they had a mascot toy boy tied in me and I fucked and fucked and really made myself sore but did not come! Keep trying Rachel maybe you will be the first!” and the girls laughed and crying Rachel hammered away on Bob. For ten minutes the girl hammered him but she gained no relief and finally was pulled sobbing off Bob and Karen said, “Numb muff girl! Do not worry when you wash it out you will feel it! By god you will! You will find walking agony for a few days and be unable to sit still and then for a couple of weeks it will itch and sting! No more fucking here for you girl! Okay Nicole your turn to ride the burning stick of lust! Do not worry after all Bob is not enjoying it either! Are you dear?” and the sobbing boy moaned in agreement. Bobs bottom was throbbing and his forced erection ached from Rachels rough riding and worse from the burning chilli. Bob was hardly aware of Nicole screaming in pain as the girls chillied her muff but he sobbed as she was placed on him. Nicole tried to go easy on him but was soon hammering away and just like Rachel when her lust rose her pussy went numb. The girls left her thrashing away on Bob for over twenty minutes as they took Rachel off for a shower. Then they pulled the crying desperate girl off Bob and took her off leaving him sobbing in pain still tied to the mattress and humping the air in a desperate attempt to get the chilli off his shaft.

By the time the girls returned his penis was going numb and Karen said, “Do you want the full treatment Bob? No! I thought not in which case you are going to be a good boy!” the girls untied Bob and took him of and made him shower and Bob was pleased to remove the chilli from his bottom and dick. When he had cleaned himself to his horror the girls had got out female make up and they made up Bob and worse then shaved not only his slightly regrowen pubes but also the rest of his body hair off. They then painted his balls with red nail polish making him sob before forcing him to dress in tights with the groin cut out, a red nightdress and high heeled shoes. Dressed like this he was returned to the room where Karen said, “Your punishment Bob is two days dressed as a sex toy! And an orgy with us right now! Strip boy and expect some real hard loving!” Bob did so and moaned as he saw Amanda strip and put on a large red strap-on. Then she raped him hard and as she did so Paula and Karen took turns to sit on his face. Next he had Amanda abusing his bottom while Paula used his forced erection and Karen his mouth. For over an hour all three girls used him with Amanda directing his agony with her fearsome strap-on. Bob had four orgasms of agony as the girls abused him. None was nice as his dick still ached from the chilli and as for being raped well the dildo was agony but after having chilli forced up his passage before the ordeal began made him sob.

Then the girls forced him to shower and applied more make up. They then dressed him in a pair of black thigh hold up stockings. A tiny black thong, a pink girls cut off top and a matching mini skirt. Worse they made him put on a large F cup bra and stuffed it with sand filled condoms to make a hideous and heavy bosom. The finale was the high heeled shoes and dressed like this the girls took the stunned boy off to study. His appearance got a great laugh from the rest of the girls and studying was nearly impossible for Bob as he sat in pain and totally humiliated. Nicole and Rachel were there but silent and throughout the lesson they wiggled like crazy in their seats. At the end of the lesson Rachel went to hurry off but said to Bob, “Never again! I hate those bitches! I have stuck ice up my muff but it still hurts! Shit I need more! Still at least I am out of this hell hole soon! No way can you survive a year here boy!” and she staggered off and Bob saw the moisture from the melting ice cubes dripping down her legs as she did so. At hockey Karen made him change into a girls sports skirt and a skimpy top and he played dressed in just these. The girls found it funny and particularly enjoyed using their hockey sticks to lift his skirt and get a view of his groin. Worse it still ached from the chilli and much worse was red and virtually fully erect making the girls highly amused every time they saw it. Then he was made to redress including the sand filled bra for the rest of the day. The evening in the girls pool room was agony for Bob as dozens of times the girls groped and pinched him. Worse because his dick would still not go fully soft they seemed to assume he loved their brutal attentions. The next day he was kept dressed as a girl wearing the massive heavy bra and by the end of the day his shoulders ached from its unforgiving weight. His dick slowly recovered from the chilli and the abuse but dressed as a girl the rest of the girls pinched him numerous times and the staff ignored their brutal assaults on him. The only two girls who seemed to ignore him were Nicole and Rachel and both were obviously still suffering from the chilli abuse.

On Friday Bob was allowed to dress in the now welcomed light blue shorts and his dick felt recovered however he knew that evening any girl who got more than ten points for good behaviour got to ravish him. The idea of Joans had really made many of the girls behave as all fancied getting satisfied and more they wanted to pick their position on the gang bang by getting the most points possible. Karen told him that previously the record points for good behaviour given had been sixteen points but in this week three girls had already got that score with a day to go. All day the girls teased Bob about what they would do to him after tea making him shudder in horror. On Friday instead of tea Karen made Bob rest and then shower and then forced him to dress in a see though nightdress and thigh length tights before dragging him over to the canteen. His appearance got a massive cheer and when there was quiet Karen announced, “Here he is ladies your toy for the night! Eager to please! Well not so eager but remember ladies if you feel unsatisfied we have ways of improving his performance! Or at least giving you a laugh! And this week he would have had round dozen girls to please but Rachel, Elizabeth and Nicole could not wait so lost out! Remember ladies tonight and only tonight! The girls laughed and one shouted out, “Yeah you fuck his arse the other six nights!” making Bob blush. Karen smiled and continued, “So our toy boy has nine girls to please and they are Emily, Ashley, Sarah, Samantha, Brittany, Kim, Anna, Janice and finally Amy. Emily, Ashley and Sarah got eighteen points so they get to pick their lovemaking positions first! A tough choice girls do you go early when he has some energy or later when you can be really nasty to keep him going? Okay ladies decide!” Bob stood amazed and horrified as the girls debated in what order they would have him. Worse many of the girls seemed to think a late slot with him would be better as they could torment his exhausted body. Finally Karen announced, “The order ladies is Amy first. The last girl to get the ten points and the first to get laid! You could be correct ladies maybe he will come fast! Then Ashley, Sarah, Kim, Samantha, Brittany, Anna, Janice and finally Emily who fancies last go! Well we all know why she is here! Getting expelled for ball kicking a guy! Okay Bob to get the girls going we want a nice striptease show!” Bob groaned as one of the girls put on the stripper music but he was forced to dance around and strip his performance making the girls laugh. Finally he was standing naked and Karen slapped his bottom and said, “Okay Bob behind the counter and on the mattress! Remember ladies you have him anyway you like oral or intercourse but if he is in your vagina he is in a condom!”

Bob flopped down on the mattress the girls had put behind the counter pleased to get out of the girls merciless stares. Quickly Amy came behind the counter smiling at him and pulled her top off so he could see her sexy but small boobs. She smiled and said, “You look nice baby! Now you do not get us naked just topless so you can play with our boobs and without our knickers on so you can access our muffs! Crazy times! And honey none of us have washed between our legs for days in the hope of making you suck us off! Nasty Bob! I mean with all the physical shit we have to do here the smell is rotten! But we all had to do it or get the ride the broom handle! Yes a nasty little thing done to girls who let the side down! So relax baby but keep it nice and hard! You can clean me off first I hate being dirty!” and she moved and mounted him pulling her skirt up. Bob could see that her pubic hair was now quite long as Amy moved and pushed it into his open mouth. He licked away tasting how pungent she was and grimacing at what he had later to eat.  Amy moaned and groaned on him and soon with a flush of juice she had a powerful orgasm. As she face sat him her hands had gently fingered his dick and by the time she had come he was eager for sex. Amy moved and said, “Great head as always Bob! Now for the sex the girls are on top! Another way of showing you who the bosses are! Not my idea but still being on top is fun!” and she quickly rolled a condom down his shaft and then engulfed him. Bob groaned as the attractive girl used him and when she grabbed his hands and placed them on her boobs he knew he would have to come. He struggled to hold back but when she moaned in orgasm he joined her and the shuddered to a delightful orgasm together. What happened next was not so nice for Bob as Karen stuck her head over and said, “Come on Amy remember Bob has a lot of girls to do tonight!” and with a giggle Amy climbed off him leaving him breathless and satisfied.  

The next girl was in fast and she was also topless. She was a dark spotty girl and quite muscular with various tattoos over her body including Bob noticed a spider web on her left breast. She also was a crude girl and one whose wandering hands had been very active and painful for Bob in the last week. She cupped her big boobs and said, “Keep it up boy! I want a load of orgasms! Starting with some boob worship!” and she lent forward and let her left boob drop into his face giving the surprised Bob as close up view of her tattoo. Bob moaned and started to lick her breast and quickly her nipple expanded into his mouth and he moaned as Ashley grabbed his dick and pulled off the full condom and started to fist him roughly. This hurt Bob but forced him to stay erect and Ashley made him lick her other boob. Then she flung a leg over him and Bob stared horrified up her skirt at her hairy pussy. She descended and he shuddered as he smelt her approach. Soon he could taste her and discovered just how foul her pussy was. Not that Ashley cared as she wiggled and moaned on him and after only a few minutes came sobbing with delight on him. But Ashley was not finished and moved and rolled a condom on him and then forced his tender dick into her pussy and pinned him down and brutally hammered away on his supine body. One orgasm was not enough for Ashley and without stopping she powered away and came twice more on Bob. By the time she was sated he was getting close himself even though he did not want to come. Ashley smiled and said, “That was fun but baby you are going to blow into the next girl! I know I can show you a special treat of mine! Stand up honey bun!” Bob did so and gasped as Ashley knelt in front of him and pulled the condom off and then encased his dick in her soft boobs. She wiggled back and forth making him gasp. However Bob was put off coming because he could see the rest of the girls he had to serve and worse Karen, Paula and Amanda sitting sipping hot chocolates and watching to his horror what he rapidly realised was a gay porn movie. They did not see him as the light was in their faces and he moaned softly as Ashley worked away and had a strong coming between her large soft globes. He then sobbed as Ashley grabbed his balls and pulled him down and said, “I bet you enjoyed that boy! I am a naughty girl as I should have punched you in the nuts instead so you had more energy to survive the night! Still I know Emily wants to screw you when you are exhausted! Okay kiss my boobs and get them clean and then you can say thank you to my cunt with your mouth!” Bob groaned but cleaned her sweaty boobs removing his come as he did so and then once more she face sat him and took her pleasure form his tired mouth.

Ashley left and quickly Sarah was in and topless and leering at the now tired boy. She was a good looking redhead with big boobs and full lips. In fact her mouth was a little big and like Ashley she had nasty wandering hands. She demonstrated this by subjecting Bob to a minute of hand job hell before making him kiss her boobs. Then she knelt down and thrust her bottom in the air and for several minutes she made Bob kiss it. Then she pushed him onto his back and mounted him facing his groin. She wiggled her hairy dirty pussy into his face and made him give her oral pleasure as she amused herself by savagely rubbing his dick pulling it brutally several times as she did so. Bob wanted to bite her as she tormented his dick but shuddered at what would happen to him if he did so. Luckily Sarahs excitement started to mount and she let go of his dick and sat bolt upright on his face and moaned to an orgasm her juices forcing the reluctant Bob to swallow several times as she came. She then moved and encased his dick in a fresh condom before ravishing him. Bob lay exhausted watching her bottom flex as she used him for her pleasure. After Sarah had a powerful orgasm she turned and used him facing him and jeering at him as she had him calling him, “wimp toy” and “Pussy slave” before she came powerfully on him. She then moved and pulled the condom off and ordered him to masturbate for her. Then to his horror she queened him rubbing her bottom over his face and telling him to rub himself harder. Bob tried but no way could he come as the girl choked him but then much worse Sarah grabbed his dick and fisted him telling him she would get off his face when he came. Bob lay struggling to breathe and moaning as she tormented his dock by rubbing him to fast and far too hard and then worse he gathered most of the rest of the girls had come over to watch. For well over five minutes Sarah queened him to the amusement of the other girls and even though she threatened him no way could he come under her hideous stimulation. Finally Sarah got off and said, “What a wimp! He cannot even come properly! Okay baby last chance! I am going to screw you and when I come you had better fill the condom! If not then I am going to twist your balls into a pretty shape!” The rest of the girls laughed as Sarah condomed him and then mounted him and hammered away. Bob lay horrified and embarrassed as Sarah without shame ravished him in front of the all female group. They laughed and jeered as she used him urging him to come and then started to expose their bodies to him. The girls rubbed their breasts and stroked their hands though their pubic hair urging him to watch them and come and all they did was horrify the humiliated boy. However Bob knew he had to come and as Sarah approached a noisy and powerful orgasm desperately he used fantasy and as she sobbed in orgasm on him somehow he managed to come. The orgasm was more pain than pleasure and the fact he obviously did not want to come made the watching girls laugh even more.

Sarah got off him leaving him broken on the ground and snapped the condom off making him yelp. Instantly his erection faded making the girls jeer and laugh at him. No way was Bob going to get hard but he had no choice as Karen brandished a black dildo and said, “I thought this could happen! Bob is a very selfish lover he knows he has a lot of girls to please and instead he just thinks about getting himself off! Still this will keep him up if we get it up his bottom and tape it into him!” Bob moaned as laughing the girls descended as a pack onto him. He was pulled over and screamed as Sarah who had grabbed the dildo rammed it up him. However most of the girls had a turn playing with the dildo in his bottom before Karen applied some tape to hold it in place and he was allowed to lie back groaning as the dildo had forced him erect. For several minutes the girl gang pumped and pulled his dick laughing at his forced erection before finally he was left to satisfy the next girl.

Her name was Kim and she was a skinny girl with tiny breasts and spots. Bob guessed she was a little ashamed about the size of her breasts as she had kept her top on and asked for no breast play. Instead she was quickly on his face and forcing him to satisfy her unclean pussy. Then she mounted him and twice more took pleasure from his forced erect and very sensitive penis. The next girl was Samantha a bubbly big blonde but Bob was too exhausted and humiliated to care about how pretty she was. She laughed at him and made him lick her large full boobs and then mounted him and he went under her skirt and once more he cleaned and then pleased a hairy unwashed bitter pussy until its owner moaned in orgasmic delight on his bruised face. Next Samantha placed a new condom on his dick and ravished him her big boobs bouncing until she made Bob hold and massage them. Three times in quick succession Samantha came on Bob and by end he was starting to feel excited himself. Samantha pulled off and removed the condom and said, “You will like this baby! I always return a favour!” and he gasped as she took his dick into her hot mouth. He did not want to come as he knew it would make the rest of the night hell but as Samantha expertly teased his shaft he could not resist and came sobbing at the power of his orgasm and passed out. He woke sobbing to find Samantha kissing him and worse forcing his come down his throat. He had to swallow and then he groaned as she got on him and presented her open wet pussy for oral pleasure. As he did not immediately set to work Samantha lent down and gave his balls tug and quickly he got on with giving her pleasure. All the time he was aware of his dick forced erect and helpless standing red and sore and available.

As soon as Samantha had come the next girl Brittany was there topless and eager. She was a chunky bottle blonde with spots who made the exhausted boy lick her breasts and then her dirty pussy. Then his dick was placed in another condom and the girl used him for her pleasure. After Brittany had come twice on him she got off and left him to serve the next girl. Anna was a slim attractive dark girl with full pert boobs. First she made Bob lick her boobs and then placed another condom on his sore dick and used it for her pleasure. Then she broke off and made him lick her hairy grubby pussy until she came again. Then she ravished the broken boy twice more laughing at his exhausted expression and telling him next week she would really make him work. To Bobs amazement when Anna had her fourth orgasm Bob had an empty painful orgasm making her jeer at him. He was given no rest as Janice who was another chunky blonde used him. Once more he licked a dirty pussy to orgasm and then in a clean condom his forced erect dick was used to satisfy a girl. Then it was his face and finally his dick again as Janice used him as her pleasure toy.

The last girl was Emily and Bob groaned as he was pulled out and the mattress placed in the middle of the room. Emily was a muscular rough blonde with big boobs and a disgusting pussy as Bob discovered when in front of the laughing girls she forced him to get under her skirt and give her head. As he got her off all the girls took turns to pump his forced erection. After Emily had come she leered at him and said, “I get a special baby! And that is a boy desperate to love me! How simple baby! You get to wear the special hot condom!” Bob moaned as yet another condom was rolled over his sore shaft. Then he screamed as a wave of pain hit his dick. It felt as if the girls had set fire to the exposed head of his penis. Emily laughed and said, “Painful honey! It should be I filled the end of the condom with red hot chilli powder! Now honey you can love me and remember moving the condom makes it feel a little better. Then as he sobbed she sat herself onto his erection smiling down at the horrified boy. Bob moaned and started to wiggle and had to agree that movement seemed to dampen the pain a little. Soon he was moving in and out of Emily and only her weight stopped him doing more as she pinned him down. However his sobbing and desperate movements quickly brought her off. However he could not stop and for ten more minutes he moaned and sobbed as his dick burnt and twice more Emily came on him. Then he moaned as he felt his dick head start to go numb and the girl laughed as they saw this. Then Emily took over and hammered away on the exhausted crying humiliated boy until she had a third powerful orgasm on him. Only then did she get off and the dreadful condom was removed. Bob was then dragged up and the girls forced his head into Amys tight buttocks and made him kiss her bottom as a “goodnight kiss!” and after her each girl was served in the same way. Only then did the girls discard him and he flopped back crying as laughing and happy the girls went back to their room with Paula.

Then Karen and Amanda grabbed him and he was dragged naked and broken back to the staff area. They made him shower and then Amanda held him as Karen scrubbed his penis and in particular the numb end bringing him to agonising tears by her actions. They then took him to the bedroom and tied him to a mattress on the floor. Then Karen got on his face and Paula his dick and he screamed as Amanda raped him with a strap-on. Worse the amazon had coated the strap-on with extra minty toothpaste and chilli powder. Bob screamed and cried as she raped him but had to let her do him while the other two girls used his body. For nearly two hours the three amazons abused him using him anyway they wanted for their pleasure. During the session all three girls raped, ravished and abused him until he passed out but even then he was sure his ordeal was not over.

Part ten

The next day Bob could hardly walk as Amanda had seriously damaged his anus. To make matters worse Karen told him he had not done well enough and so as a punishment for the next three days she made him dress in stockings, miniskirt and a massive bra with breasts made of sand. She did not let him wear any knickers and throughout the three days all the girls pinched and groped under his skirt so that every night he had nail marks on his bruised dick and balls from their painful hands. The girls attitude to him was horrid and he was treated as an object of derision by all the girls. Worse they threatened terrible things to do to him the next Friday and he realised he would have many more girls to serve then. Nicole and Rachel left both still in some pain from the chilli punishment but more girls arrived and they were as nasty as all the others. On the Monday morning Jessica presented a come filled pussy once more for cleaning and then made him masturbate into the bra he had to wear all day. Then during gardening Amanda got him in the shed and raped him three times. That night Karen and Paula used him for their pleasure once more.

The next day he was once more allowed to wear the light blue shorts but Jessica made him give her oral pleasure on the run. In gardening Amanda raped him twice and told him that every day for the whole year she was going to use his bottom as her play toy. The thought of a year more of this abuse made Bob cry and worse in hockey Karen made him wear a short hockey skirt and Emily brutally rammed her hockey stick between his legs bruising his balls. The girls just thought his crying and vomiting was funny. Afterwards as Bob sat reading about sewing he knew he could not carry on. He decided his only hope was to write a full tale of his abuse and then take it to Joan and threaten to tell the world if she did not stop it. Therefore in detail and naming names he wrote what had happened to him.

After tea where Emily and Sarah pulled his shorts down officially to,”check the state of his nuts!” he sneaked off and went to the office. As he expected Joan was there. He burst in and she glared at him and demanded to know what he was doing. He handed her the paper and told her unless she stopped it he was going to the press. Joan read it in silence and he expected her to shout but instead she said, “Interesting boy! Could just be a male fantasy! After all I know from Paula you like anal sex! She confiscated a magazine about it I believe! I think tonight you can sleep away from the camp and I will investigate.” Bob agreed not really thinking that Joan must know it was true as it was her who had set him up for the Friday gang bangs. She drove him out of the camp and further into the country. Bob was just getting worried when she turned into an isolated cottage and ordered him out. It turned out to be her home and she marched Bob in and then told him to have a shower and then go to bed. Bob did so and was pleased to find she had hot water. He was out and drying himself when she entered the bathroom. She was carrying a cup of hot chocolate and ordered Bob to drink it and told him she would sort it all out tomorrow. Bob took the chocolate and followed her to a small bedroom with no window and a single bed in. He was not suspicious and drunk the chocolate and suddenly felt exhausted. Joan did not seem to notice and told him to sleep and Bob slipped into the bed and fell instantly into a deep sleep.

When he awoke it was morning and he was amazed to discover he was naked. Worse he was attached to a metal ring in the wall by a long chain and a neck collar. He got up and found he could not reach the door and slumped back knowing Joan had tricked him. Why he did not know as he spent all day in the room trapped and helpless. Joan had placed a potty under the bed and humiliated Bob had to use that. It was evening when she returned and Bob shouted at her to let him go. Joan laughed and said, “No way Bob! But you cannot return to the camp! Now are you thirsty? Good! Well a drink of water costs! One oral orgasm!” Get on the bed!” Bob shuddered but defeated did as she wanted and lay on the bed. Joan mounted the bed and leered down at him and said, “Get used to this boy!” and lifted her skirt. She had no knickers on and her massive pussy was covered in thick hair and was obviously unwashed. Bob however had no choice but to let her sit on his face and for him to give her oral pleasure. As he did so the massive middle aged grim woman stripped on him. After sometime she groaned in orgasm and pulled off him and leered down and said, “The price of tea? Three more from your cock! And you had better show me you love having a big mature sexy girl riding you or else!” Bob groaned as naked she was a disgusting sight. Her body was covered in rolls of fat and without her bra her boobs hung like two airships down to her stomach. But he had to let her mount him and ravish him and he was just glad to have some sort of desperate erection. It took Joan a long time to come and then she demanded he paid homage to her flabby boobs. Then she had him again and demanded he came with her. No way could Bob do that so desperately he had to fake an orgasm with the mountainous harridan. His trick worked until he got off him and then she found out. She left the room and returned brandishing a thick leather belt. She glared and said, “For lying no tea or a drink boy! And for not coming when ordered! Pull those legs over your head boy you balls get six of the best!” Bob begged but she just glared and told him if he did not do as she ordered in five seconds she would give him a dozen. He did so and then screamed as she slashed the belt down and across his balls. The next five blows made him scream and by the time she finished he was a crying wreak. 

She left him sobbing with bruised balls. By the next morning Bob was still in pain from the balls but worse he was desperate for a drink. Joan saw him in the morning and changed his potty as he begged. She laughed at him and said, “Okay boy you can have a drink when I return from work! But to earn it first boy I had a big shit and my bum is dirty! Get it clean!” Bob shuddered but knelt and licked and cleaned her bottom. Then Joan pulled away and flung on the bed a massive bra obviously one of hers and said, “You did not come for me yesterday so boy today while you wait I want you to jerk off into each bra cup! When I get back both had better be sticky or no water!” Bob was left shocked by the massive ugly woman. However he could not escape so reluctantly he had to wrap the bra around his dick and masturbate. The first time was difficult but the second time took him a desperate terrible hour of trying. When she returned Joan inspected the bra and said, “Okay now suck the come out of it! I do not want it stained!” and disgusted Bob sucked the bra clean for over ten minutes. Then Joan moved and unlocked the chain but held onto it and said, “No silly stuff Bob! You are naked and miles from anywhere! Run away and I will hunt you down with dogs! Okay to the bathroom it is time for you to get a drink. Bob was too broken and weak to resist as pulling the chain Joan dragged him to the bathroom.

Joan forced Bob to lie in the bath and then squatted over him so he could stare up at her hairy pussy. She said, “Mouth open and drink boy!” and then pissed in his face making the disgusted boy choke. Finally she had finished and she got off him and stripped and said, “Some went on my legs and feet! Lick them clean boy!” reluctantly Bob knelt and licked her smelly feet and massive thighs and then she pushed him onto his back and made him give her oral pleasure. Then she stood and said, “Get clean boy!” and left Bob. Bob desperately drunk some bath water and then showered but all too soon Joan was back and dragged the wet boy back and chained him once more. She then stripped and mounted him and ravished him and this time desperately when she demanded he join her in her third orgasm Bob managed a humiliating orgasm. His reward was a small glass of milk and then he was left for the night.

The next day Joan arrived and made the disgusted boy knell and clean her bottom once more before she said, “Todays task for a drink and maybe some solid food boy!” and threw onto the bed five dirty pairs of her massive sensible dirty knickers before continuing, “ Jerk off into each pair of knickers boy! A good load in each!” and left him. Bob lay dazed but knowing he had no way of escaping for many weeks. Then he knew he had to masturbate. He managed to come into the first pair of smelly knickers but the second took him ages to get close. He knew that he could not come again so desperately he managed somehow to spread his come from the second orgasm into all four remaining pairs of knickers. For the rest of the day he looked at the dirty knickers hoping it would fool Joan. Occasionally he rubbed himself but apart from getting erect he could not come. Joan arrived and made him give her oral pleasure before saying, “Weak attempt to fool me boy! Look in the corner high up! See boy a CCTV camera! I tape every day and when I flashed though boy you only came twice! That is a dozen from the belt boy!” Bob begged but had to lie legs over his head and scream as a dozen times she whipped his balls. Then she made him give her oral pleasure twice more before leaving him thirsty and hungry. The next morning she visited him and once more he cleaned her and pleasured her with his swollen tongue. Again he begged for a drink and she replied, “If you do todays task!” and Bob sobbed as she produced first a large eight inch pink vibrator and second three large dirty bras and said, “A come load in each cup boy! Six loads in all! And as you cannot jerk off you are to sit on the vibrator and use that to get you off! I will be watching!” and left Bob begging and crying. After an hour thirst drove Bob to wrap a bra cup over his dick and push the vibrator up his bottom. He lay sobbing and turned it on and moaned in pain. However after five minutes he spurted. Quickly he pulled it out but an hour later repeated the whole exercise. All day he had to rape himself and the last three orgasms each took over an hour each with the vibrator up him and him desperately rubbing himself for him to come. By the time Joan arrived his groin and bottom ached. She made him give her oral pleasure and then rewarded him with another piss in the bath and then a shower. Then she made him lie on the bed and insert the vibrator again and then for over an hour she ravished him until she was sated and he was a crying shattered wreak. His reward was a babys rusk dipped in milk but by then he did not care. All he wanted was for Joan to release him and he begged her to let him return to the camp but all she did was spit in his face.

The next day she visited him making him shudder as she ordered him first to put a pair of her knickers on and pull them up to his knees. She then handed him a massive bra to put on and into the bra she placed two sand bags. Then she made him knell facing the camera and rub himself hard. She smiled and said, “You are to stay like this all day! Kneeling and erect! A simple enough thing to ask! But you can wear these!” and to his disgust she placed a pair of her dirty knickers over his head. All day he knelt exhausted, thirty and hungry trying to stay hard and blind in the knickers. By the time she returned many hours later his knees, dick and back ached. When she returned she handed him a glass of water and he gulped it down as she leered at him. Then Bob tried to threaten her telling him that if she did not release him when she let him go he would get the police. Joans reply was to slam her booted foot into his balls making him collapse into a heap. She waited for a couple of minutes and then grabbed his pained face and said, “No boy I do not have to release you! I can keep you here for years if I want! I kept my husband chained here for three years after he committed adultery! Then his heart gave out boy! I can do the same to you and see how long you last do you want that?” and she punched him hard in the face and left him shattered. All of Bobs pride went and when she returned he grabbed her feet and sobbed his total surrender. Joan laughed and kicked him away and then said, “Let me see! Lie still and do not miss a drop!” and she squatted over him and pissed into his open mouth. Nothing was left of Bob as a person as he swallowed her urine down but when she finished and wandered off again Bob crawled to the potty and threw up. Joan returned and laughed as she saw him being sick but then untied him and made him shower before returning him to the room. She handed him a bowl of plain cold porridge and gratefully he quickly ate it all up. Then for an hour he lay on the bed and concentrated on pleasing her. His efforts made Joan come even stronger and he knew she knew she had broken him.

The next morning she made him give her oral pleasure and then forced him to dress in a girls see though red night dress. Then she handed him his study books and said, “You have twelve hours work to do boy! Catching up! Get it done or no water or tea!” all day the broken boy worked the exercises seeming to be from a past life. That night on her return she pissed on him and made him swallow the lot and then took him to the bathroom where he threw up and showered and drunk the shower water to quench his thirst. The problem with this was all that did was replace his thirst by hunger.

Joan returned and once more he begged her to be nicer to him kissing her feet in his desperation. She laughed and said, “Well there may be a way for you to have a better life boy! Instead of being my helpless love slave you can be a submissive house husband! Well?” Bob shuddered and for a moment thought of saying no as the idea of marrying Joan was absurd. However he moaned, “Yes I would love to be your house husband! Please let me marry you!” Joan laughed and said, “Not me silly I am a merry widow! You will of course satisfy me every morning and every night after all your mistress wife prefers from your account to get off in another way from you! Wait there and propose to her nicely or else!” Joan left Bob knelling helplessly and he shuddered as Joan returned as with her was leering Amanda. Joan said, “My daughter Amanda Bob! Did you not know Amanda was my daughter? A nice girl and she needs a nice husband to cook, clean and satisfy her. That will be you! Ask her nicely!” Bob groaned and repeated his marriage proposal and laughing Amanda agreed. Joan said, “Do not worry Bob Amanda and I will sort it out for you to be married in a couple of weeks time! You will look lovely in a nice white dress! Then you will finish your studies here in my house! No need for you to leave and when you are totally house broken you can accompany Amanda to college as her maid and husband!” And both women laughed at this as Bob knelt dressed in a girls night dress and broken in front of them. Then Joan ordered him to lie on the bed and Amanda lent over and kissed him and gave his balls a painful squeeze saying, “You are mine boy!” before leaving. Then for an hour he was used by a victorious Joan as her play toy satisfying her with his hands, mouth and sore dick. Then Amanda returned wearing just the large red strap-on and made him raise his legs over his head. Without any more warning she plunged the dildo deep into his bottom making him scream and laughed and said, “I love to screw a boy particularly my boy! We will have a wonderful time together Bob with you as my slave and will spend hours making love my way!” Bob sobbed as she pumped his bottom and knew he was doomed to a life as a sex toy.

The start/end.

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