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A Toilet Slave Despite Herself

One part only

A Toilet Slave Despite Herself

by Brenda

"Judy was shocked but very intrigued when she went to the toilet and saw
the feet of a kneeling woman from two different stalls," Patty said to
Brenda, smiling as the younger woman blushed. "She says she can't see how
a woman could go down on another woman in a public toilet. Especially
here at the club where the golden rule is never flush the toilet when
you're finished."

"I wouldn't knock it till you've tried it, Judy," Brenda said. "See that
dark haired bitch sitting over there with that pretty blonde? Her name is
Thelma and we hate each other, yet she always gives me the eye just
before she goes to the toilet. Even though I hate her I always follow her to
the toilet and she stands inside the cubicle with the door open for a few
moments in silent invitation for me to join her. I haven't done that. Not yet.
She finally closes the door and I hear the toilet flush. She does that so that
there will only be the smell of her in the bowl when she finishes."

"I stand there waiting outside the door, hating her even more, but my
pussy hot and wet and soaking my panties. She always smiles knowingly
when she finally finishes and comes out. Her smile is even more knowing
when I go in after her. I take my jeans and panties off and kneel in
front of the toilet and lick the seat where she sat.  Then I put my head
in the bowl and lap the bitch's piss as I masturbate."

"Thelma has a reputation of being extremely cruel with her lovers and
using their mouth as her personal toilet," Patty murmured to Judy, her new

"Does she shit in their mouth?" Judy asked, blushing with perverse
excitement at the thought.

"That's what a personal toilet is for," Patty replied, caressing Judy's
thigh and making her tremble.

"You hate each other but that hatred attracts you both like a strong
magnet, doesn't it Brenda?" Judy remarked, working out the strange
attraction between Brenda and Thelma. "I find that incredibly sexy."

"The last time I was so aroused that I ate shit for the first time,"
Brenda acknowledged. "I've licked a recent lover right after she finished
shitting and had the taste of it like that, but that's as far as it has gone.
I knew I'd eat shit properly one day, and who I'd do it for. That bitch over
there, that bitch that I hate so much. Thelma had never shit before, but that
time she left a small brown turd for me, and I ate her filth while I cried and
masturbated wildly. I even licked the shit streak from the side of the toilet

Thelma was standing there when I came out and I burst out in tears as she
smiled so knowingly while I washed her shit from my face and hands. I hate
that bitch because she scares me so, but I think about her all the time now."

As Brenda talked, Patty had been rubbing and prodding the crotch of
Judy's shorts. "I haven't introduced Judy to piss and shit, but I think you
may be giving her ideas the way she's squirming around," Patty smiled. "It
seems like that pretty blonde didn't like the proposition Thelma made to her,"
Patty said, looking at the dark haired woman Brenda was talking about.

They watched as Thelma grabbed the wrist of the pretty blonde. The blonde
jerked free and angrily got up from the table and left the club. Thelma
shrugged her shoulders, and after a moment, turned in her chair and
stared directly at Brenda. Brenda blushed at being caught staring, but seemed
unable to avert her eyes. Thelma opened and closed her legs suggestively
several times, and finishing her drink, got up and approached their table.

Patty and Judy watched with intrigue as Thelma took Brenda's hand, staring
into Brenda's eyes. Brenda blushed crimson and allowed the woman to help her
to her feet. On legs that felt like rubber, she meekly followed Thelma to the
ladies room.

* * * * * * * * * *

Thelma went into a cubicle and after a moment's hesitation, Brenda followed,
closing the door behind her.

"Strip naked, slut" Thelma ordered  imperiously.

Brenda obeyed, quickly stripping down to just her sneakers. She hated the
gloating look in Thelma's eyes, yet trembled with extreme arousal at the
thought of what she knew she was going to get.

"Now strip me," Thelma instructed.

Brenda removed Thelma's sweater and stared at her lush, pear shaped breasts,
then knelt on the hard tile floor and removed the woman's jeans. "I hate you!"
Brenda said, embracing Thelma's hips and pressing her face to Thelma's panty
crotch. The crotch was wet and the scent of the woman's aroused cunt strong.
Whimpering, Brenda sucked on the material. Hooking her thumbs into the
waistband, she pulled the panties down, revealing a thick, dark pubic bush and
the gash of the woman's cunt.

Thelma stepped out of the panties and flushed the toilet and straddled it,
sitting with her legs parted wide. Brenda edged forward on her knees and glued
her lips to Thelma's gaping pussy. She shivered as she gathered the sticky
juices with her tongue, savoring the strong cunty taste before she swallowed.
Brenda sucked Thelma to orgasm, hating herself for the strong submissive
yearnings Thelma engendered.

"Stay down there, slut," Thelma said as Brenda moved her head back. "I haven't
finished with you yet."

With submissive eyes, Brenda stared up into Thelma's eyes, knowing this
moment would come, and wanting it!

"I like a good piss between orgasms," Thelma said, smiling the knowing smile
that Brenda hated so much. "With a pretty slut like you and a fridge full of
beer I can cum and piss all night long."

Thelma applied pressure to the back of her head with her hands and Brenda
whimpered as she allowed her to position her head between her thighs. "Open
your mouth, slut," Thelma instructed.

Brenda opened her mouth and felt Thelma tensing. A moment later the woman's
piss flooded her mouth and she gulped, hating Thelma and what she was doing,
yet her hatred of the woman making her want it even more. Thelma's piss
streamed down her neck and breasts and Brenda wanted the woman to piss all
over her and to wallow in it. She lapped at the piss-stream as it trickled to
a stop, and then lapped it from Thelma's thighs.

"Can't get enough of it, can you, bitch?" Thelma smiled knowingly down at her.
"You're going to like my shit even better, slut."

Brenda felt her pulse pounding as she watched Thelma strain. Thelma moved one
hand between her thighs. "I'm caressing my nice, firm turd," she said. A
moment later she removed her hand and Brenda heard a plop in the bowl. Two
fingers and her thumb were smeared brown with shit. With her other hand Thelma
grabbed Brenda's hair tightly and yanked it, making Brenda whimper.

Brenda wilted under Thelma's aggressive act of possession and began to caress
her thighs. Thelma yanked her hair again and Brenda whimpered and stared up at
her submissively. Smiling knowingly and still holding Brenda's hair tightly,
Thelma moved her other hand to Brenda's face, and using one finger, smeared
Brenda's lips with shit. Brenda licked her lips, the bitter taste of the
woman's shit filling her mouth. Thelma moved her dirtied fingers and thumb to
Brenda's mouth and Brenda licked and sucked them clean.

"You want me to shit in your mouth?" Thelma asked, cruelly yanking Brenda's
hair again.

"Yes," Brenda whimpered.

"Beg for it, slut!"

"Please do it to me. Shit in my mouth. I hate you but it makes me want you
more than I've wanted any woman. Please, let me eat your shit. I...I'll be
your slave," Brenda whimpered and begged, hating herself for what she was
saying and doing but unable deny the submissive lust she felt every time she
looked at the woman.

Thelma stood and turned around, leaning against the tank, her broad, well
shaped ass pointing at Brenda's face. Brenda whimpered and caressed the
woman's ass cheeks as she pressed her face between the hairy crack and licked
Thelma's dirty anus. She felt Thelma's anus expand and Brenda lightly
tongued it, her pulse pounding as it expanded again. A turd protruded a
quarter of an inch from Thelma's anus and Brenda licked and kissed it,
trembling with abandoned lust at the nasty taste of it.

"Put it in your mouth, slut," Thelma ordered, pressing her ass back against
Brenda's face. Brenda opened her mouth and whimpered as the warm, steamy turd
grew longer, pushing into her mouth. An intense orgasm started building as the
foul smelling turd filled her mouth. Brenda retched several times as she
mashed the filthy offering with her teeth and tongue and began to swallow it a
little bit at a time. But sexual arousal was stronger than the ill-feeling
effect that something so taboo and nasty engendered, and Brenda came with an
intensity never before experienced.

"That's all you get, for now slut," Thelma said as Brenda wildly laved her
asshole. Thelma straightened and turned around. "Get your clothes on, slave
slut. We're going back to my place and I'm going to whip you till you can
barely crawl."

* * * * * * * * * *

Patty and Judy watched as Brenda and Thelma emerged from the toilet, Thelma
leading Brenda by a thin leather belt that was looped around her neck. Thelma
stopped by their table and smiled that knowing smile that excited both Patty
and Judy.

"Better say good-bye to your friend," Thelma said. "She told me she'd be my
slave if I shit in her mouth. I gave the pretty slut a taste of what she
wanted, and now I'm going to take her home with me and lock a slave collar
around her neck. You won't be seeing her again. She's a toilet slave now and
will spend all her time locked up or serving as my personal toilet."

Brenda stood with her head hung in shame as Judy stared at them in awe,
shocked and thrilled at what was to happen to Brenda. Smiling again, the woman
led Brenda out of the club.

"Come on, Judy, let's go back to my place," Patty said, her voice husky with
lust. "I'm going to give you your first taste of piss and shit. Who knows, you
might even like it."

The younger woman got up and followed Patty from the club, her tongue almost
lolling from her mouth in anticipation of a long, night of dirty lesbian lust.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is the first time I have submitted any of my stories online to a wide
readership, and I would appreciate any comments good, bad or indifferent.
Before anyone asks, yes, this story is based on a similar true-life

Review This Story || Author: Brenda
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