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Bound And Chained

Chapter 9


Jerrick had to practically carry Caytin for most of the way to Kaj's room. "Hold on, baby." He whispered wishing he could find some way to will some of his strength to the man. He had just watched a man be put through more hell that anyone should ask of anyone. He was so mad at his mistresses' sister he could barely, stand, it. Okay, so Caytin had made a mistake in promising Ern that he wouldn't tell his mistress what was really bothering him. But hell, after what he had just seen, he couldn't blame Ern.

It had been a, very, eventful three days for him. And for the most part he would not trade any of it for the world. Yes he was a slave now, but he had always known deep inside that he would probably end up as one, or dead, eventually. But his mistress was so beautiful and sweet natured, that she made accepting his new place in his life almost easy.

And Caytin, how could he explain how he felt about the man? First, he was the head of all the slaves in his New World. He also had a taste for things that Jerrick wasn't sure if he was up to trying. Had decided, not asked, to take him as his Lover. And the most surprising thing of it all to him, was, that he didn't resent or resist his position with him. If anything, his time as a soldier had prepared him for it. He had worked all his adult life around men, many of which sought their companions from their own sex. But what did surprise him was how quickly he had come to care for the man who had basically forced himself on him. And care for him, he did. It was that feeling of caring that made him want to bash his mistresses' sister's face in. She had no reason to do to him what she had. The whipping he could live with, Caytin had earned it. Even he had to admit that. But forcing him to drink nine different man's urine, then blow them? Or the forced gang rape and fisting, before the rape by the dogs? The only thing that saved Caytin from the rape and fisting was that Danyel, that sick son of a whore had taken it upon himself to shit in Caytin's mouth, and then order him to eat it. Well, soon enough they would deal with that sick fuck. Right now he had problems enough to deal with. Trinna, his mistress, was without a doubt upset. Tallin had to be sent from the Men's Quarter's so he didn't have to watch his father being tortured. Ern had been forced to witness it all. Poor kid. If the lady Kaj was aiming to make him fear her less, she missed the shot by a millions miles. The closer they came to Kaj's rooms the more upset Ern looked, and Fain God, what a nightmare for him. He was this sadistic bitch's second consort. Had to watch, as his consort was not only beat and humiliated, but raped by a dog as well. Jerrick knew all too well what that had to have done to Fain. He had spent over six cycles as a slave to the Catimine's where watching their slaves given to the dogs was considered great entertainment. Had been forced at such a young age to bend to them.

He had to calm down before they made it to lady Kaj's room or he would end up where Caytin had just come from. Because he wanted nothing more than to tell that, bitch, what he thought of her.

"Don't." Caytin who leaned so, heavily, on him whispered.

"I know. I'm just furious right now. I will watch my mouth. I won't do that to you."

"Thank you, Master." Fain who was on the other side, helping to support Caytin bit back a sob.

"Don't call me that Cay, I'm just as much a slave as you are, more, you're my master."

"Not yet, Master. I am nothing until my mistress returns my collar to me."

"Well, that will be soon enough. Just hang on a little longer. If she doesn't send for Trinna, I am going to end up under the whip because I'm going to attack her."

"Then I am glad I'm here. She already sent for me. She is worried sick. She didn't know that Danyel was going to take it into his head to try and beat her consort to death with just ten blows." Trinna moved up from behind Xavier. "Tallin and Hirren just left her to come and get me. And he is very lucky he is her son, because had any other boy said to her what he did, they would be marked for a worse fate than Caytin was."

"I don't see how that is possible, Mistress." Xavier muttered under his breath. "Or perhaps the mistress does not know the laws quite as well as she thought."

"Hold on Caytin, we are here, let me get you laid down and I will see to your wounds." Trinna opened the door.

"Caytin!" Kaj was across the room helping Jerrick and Fain to get him to the bed. "Goddess, what have I done to you?" She helped to ease him on the bed, shushing his cry of pain as his back touched the covers. "Please Trin, fix him." She turned to Ern. "What happened?"

"They let dogs have him." Fain almost screamed at her. "You sent him down there, and they let dogs have him." He sat on the bed, stroking Caytin's hair as Trinna healed his wounds. "I believed you, when you said that the Danes were different. That slavery here was not like it was there, and you sent your own Soul-Match to the dogs."

Kaj shook her head. "What do you mean, 'I', sent him to the dogs? I sent him down to be beat yes, and raped maybe. But nothing more." She turned to look with heat at Xavier. "Explain yourself. Since when do we send slaves to the kennels for anything short of a death sentence?"

"Forgive me Mistress, but that is the law. Any slave that lies to his mistress, or any mistress is beat, his mouth used as a toilet, raped, fisted, and sent to the dogs then usually faces fire oil. But I just couldn't do that to him Mistress, the dogs were enough"

"What have I done?" She hovered over Trinna while the young Healer repaired the, physical, damage done to Caytin. Only time could heal the rest of his wounds. "I didn't know, no one has ever lied to me. I never saw my mother ever have to deal with it either."

Caytin lifted his head, still afraid to move Trinna was still working on the rest of him. "Please, Mistress, I knew. I was willing to face that, and I knew. Please, don't blame yourself. I am going to be fine."

"For the love of God, woman, give him back his collar." Jerrick snapped before he thought. "It's, enough Mistress, that you had him brought down naked, his son saw his father humiliated. He was beat, had to drink the piss of four men before that sick son of a whore made him eat his shit. Then they let a dog fuck him while he was forced to blow another. Now please, Mistress, please, I'm begging you, give him back his damn collar."

"Jerrick!" Both Trinna and Caytin's voice of alarm, now was not the time to push things.

"Let him be, both of you. He is Caytin's Lover, of course, he is going to be enraged at me." Kaj bent to undo the plane black collar, before going to the desk and gathering his. Then carefully put his own on again. "Before I lock this again Caytin. I didn't know what I was sending you to. Do you still wish to be my slave? When we first matched souls, you were free or, were, for the few minutes it took us to realize what had happened. Before you knelt and submitted to me. I had to then, because if I hadn't I would have had to kill you. But because I did what I did, and you are free of your collar again, do you still wish to wear it?"

Caytin moved slowly. Healed but still weak to the floor, kneeling at her feet. "I am and will always be yours Mistress. I have no life without you."

Kaj reached down and closed the lock. "I'm sorry love. I didn't know I thought I was only sending you down to, be, humiliated and beat. Maybe a little more, I never realized that I was sending you down to be tortured." She fussed over him as she helped him to stand. Moving slowly to ease him back on the bed. Before turning to face Xavier. "While I am Chieftess of my people. The only ones to be sent to the kennels are those who are to die."

"Yes Mistress." Xavier bowed his head. "Danyel is going to be very happy to hear that. Though he is not scheduled to be sent, I was seriously considering it."

"Is Danyel the one that beat my consort so?"

"Yes Mistress, and ordered him to eat his shit too."

"He did what?" Kaj's voice rose she had missed that part of Jerrick's rant.

"Donnel had let him take his place before him when Master Caytin was having to drink our urine and bring each of us to release. He turned around and ordered him to ream him, and while he was obeying, he 'shit' in his mouth, then ordered him to swallow."

"Don't worry about him Mistress. Though I can not seek vengeance for what he did to me. Jerrick is my Lover, and the men of my house recognize him as such. It was a bit touch and go there for a moment. Jerrick was going to kill him then and there. But Saul stopped him. Karron did the same with Fain."

"Had he killed that little beast, I would have pardoned him. My rule still stands Xavier. Only those that are sentenced for death go to the kennels, but send him anyway. He is now sentenced for death. He is a bedwarmer, so he will die by my Consorts, both of them and Caytin's Lover's hands. The immunity that all slaves have from retribution for acts they must do during a punishment, no longer apply to him. To think, he was raised as one of us. And he would still do that to another. It would be different if Caytin had come to him, and sought out that kind of twisted amusement, but I know my first consort well enough to know, he never would.

Fain smiled at Caytin who lay back on the bed resting. "No, Mistress, my Master is on the giving end of a whip and not the receiving end."

Caytin chuckled softly. "Yes, and only then when I am being your master." He closed his eyes. "I feel so dirty." Now that the pain was gone, and his mistress with him again. He had time to think of what had happened to him. The feel and taste of the dogs were still with him.

Fain, nodded understanding, all to well. "Mistress, may I take him to the bath. I have been where he just came from, many times. I understand what he is feeling."

Kaj nodded. Her eyes watching closely as Fain and Jerrick helped him up. Healed he was, but he was also still very weak. His ordeal had taken a lot out of him.

A single knock, at, the door as Tallin burst in, Gabe at his heels. "Mother?" Tallin pulled up at the sight of his father being helped by Fain and Jerrick. "Oh, thank the Mother." He moved to Caytin.

"Don't touch me." Caytin snapped falling back against Fain in his attempt to keep space between him and his son.

Tallin stopped, confused. "Papa?"

"Not now, not while I am like this." He looked to Fain. "Please, love, I can't bear it."

Kaj moved towards the door. Murder in her eyes. "Mistress?" Even as tainted as he felt, he knew his duty to his lady.

"You go on and let our consort and your Lover take care of you Cay, forget the dogs, forget making him pay in pain for what he did to you. I am going to go and kill that thing. You cried Man's Justice for the thing that killed our son, well I demand satisfaction for what that thing did to someone I own." And she was gone.

"I had better go now. Some one is going to have to clean up once our mistress is finished seeing things made right." Xavier trotted behind Kaj.

"Go on Jerrick, I can sit here and wait for Kaj, she is probably going to need someone to talk to after she is finished. I haven't seen her like this, ever. Like she is right now, Danyel is going to die way too quickly for her to feel truly vindicated. You too Tallin, take Ern and Gabe and go on back to your room. You can see Caytin tomorrow, let him finish recovering first." Trinna, did something she almost never did, she took charge.

* * *

Danyel looked up as Kaj threw his door open with a resounding crash. "Mistress?" He was up and backing away as she came at him.

"I Kaj, Chieftess of the Danes, do here by find you guilt of crimes against our people," she grabbed him by the throat. "And sentence you to death." She snapped his neck before he had a chance to do more than cry out once.

She stood over the body as she let it fall to the floor. The red haze, of fury leaving her. She looked down at what had been a living, breathing, being just seconds before. An overwhelming feeling of satisfaction overcame her. She could never undo what she had done, but she could, and did, see to it that no other would ever face it again.

"Mistress?" Hirren looked at her as she came from the room.

"Excuse me, I seen to have left a bit of a mess for you to clean up. Throw it out with the trash will you?" Then she sighed again. "When I sent Caytin down to punish him, to teach him to never hide anything from me again. I was not aware that I was sending him down for more than a dose of humiliation and a beating, perhaps a little more. I never knew what would happen to him. Now that I do, hear me all of you. As long as I am Chieftess, and mistress of this house, the only time any of you is sent to the kennels, to face the dogs, is with a death sentence." She looked around at all that were in the room. "Do I make myself understood. There will be nothing done about this last error. It was mine, but no more."

"Yes Mistress," the men around the room responded at once.

"I am going to go see what I can do to undo some of the damage my lack of knowledge has done. See to taking out the trash won't you?"

"Well you heard your mistress, let's see to the trash." Toby was across the room and at what used to be Danyel's room. "I would never question a decision my mistress makes, but I wish she could have held her temper just a little longer. This thing deserved a much more extended death than what he was given."

"Well, you know women Toby." Van laughed. "Always so ready to deal with things right then and there. They sometimes don't see the sweet art of taking someone so far that by the time you do kill them, they are begging for it. That is why they have, for the most part, in their wisdom, left things like this to their men." He might, as just a bedwarmer, not be thought of in the ranks of the men, but he still had all the same feelings and beliefs as the consorts and breeders did.

* * *

The first thing Caytin did, even before letting Fain and Jerrick get him into the tub, was clean his mouth. The taste of urine, vomit, and dog was too much for him.

Fain looked to Jerrick for what to do next as they eased him into the water. Caytin was still so very weak, that his natural protective instincts rose. And Jerrick had been his commander since he was, saved, by Mer the first time.

Caytin was past worrying about things like pride and what they might think of him tomorrow. He let them tend to him. Willingly, almost meekly, following their soft requests. His punishment had reminded him of the fact that he was a slave for the first time in so long. "I need to, as soon as I am clean, go see Donnel." He muttered to no one inparticular.

"What for, and why can't you just ask our mistress to send for him?" Fain was busy washing him.

"I can bathe forever, and nothing will make me feel clean again. Donnel's mother is the High Priestess, Mother Kaylin. He might not be a Healer, but he knows what I need."

"Well, Jerrick's lady, is, a Healer. And I am sure that she would know what to do as well as he would." Fain, looked up at Jerrick. "He needs to see to it that he is cleaned out inside. It wasn't just his mouth that the dogs befouled."

Jerrick nodded. He had known what Caytin had meant by what he had said. "Well, then let me go to see if I can get her." He stood ready to leave the tub.

"Thank you Jerrick." Caytin's voice was soft.

He only smiled at Caytin. "Hell man, I'm your Lover, remember, all part of my job."

Trinna looked up as Jerrick, wrapped in a bath sheet stepped from the bathing room. "Trin," he started, "Mistress, could you help Cay? He needs to get cleaned up inside too. If you know what I mean."

"I've already thought of that, and went to the infirmary I have here and got the things that I will need for him." She held up the bag and hose. "How is he?"

"Better, I think once he has a chance to finish cleaning up, he will be back to his normal, charming self in no time." 'Or at least he will, if I have anything to say about it. His mistress might claim ignorance in what was done to him, but that still doesn't undo the fact that she sent him down to it.' He still hadn't fully forgiven Kaj for what was done to Caytin.

"Well you come and see if you can get Fain to pull away from his consort long enough for he and I to deal with this. He's been through quite enough for one night. He might not notice much right now, but tomorrow he will thank you for it."

He nodded. "Right behind you Mistress."

Fain looked up as Trinna, followed by Jerrick entered the room. "So Cay, how are you feeling now?" She began to set things up.

"Like I have been dragged through the nine hells of ice and thrown down into a vat of broken glass Trin. But I think I'll live."

"Come on Fain, Cay needs some time alone with the Healer." Jerrick stood at the door.

Fain looked from him back to Caytin who still rested against him in the water. "Cay?"

"Go on, Jerrick is right. It will only be a few more minutes. But I need to have Trin see to me."

Trinna waited until her consort had taken Fain from the room before helping Caytin out of the tub. "Don't worry about Fain, Jerrick will take care of him." She assured him as she lay him on the bench, before going to prepare what she needed.

"I know sweety. That man of yours, I took him as my Lover because he was one of the new ones, and had up and mated with you that first night he was in your keep. I didn't realize what a good decision it was before tonight. I believe he would have killed Danyel had he not been stopped, for what he did to me."

"Be glad he didn't. I think Kaj would have been a bit miffed at him if he had."

"But she told him she would have pardoned him for it."

"Yes, and I am sure she would have, but had he killed him, she would have missed the chance to do just that, and well you know Kaj as well as I do. She wouldn't have been ill that he killed him, but that he did before she could." She greased the nozzle end of the hose. "Roll over on your side for me Cay. The sooner I get this done, the sooner you can go out there and let three very worried people see you are okay."

* * *

Kaj slipped back into her room. "Where is Cay?" She looked to where Jerrick and Fain sat. Jerrick trying to assure Fain that Caytin was going to be fine, that his mistress was a Healer, and knew what she was doing.

"Taking care of a few things with Trinna, Mistress. They should be along soon enough." Jerrick looked at her, only because he had too.

She nodded. "Good, the sooner we can help him forget some of what went on tonight, the better I will like it." She went to the table where a decanter and glasses were. "I know neither of you will believe me or care when I say this. And I know it will not alter what happened tonight. But I honestly did not know what I was sending him too. And I am not talking about what Danyel did. Nor will what I have done change what happened to him. But I have seen to it that no other slave ever has to face that again, never again, unless it is part of a death sentence will I ever allow another to be sent to the dogs." She held out a hand to Jerrick. "Your mistress is my little sister, and you are the Lover of my first consort and soul. We may own our men, but we do not, in anyway, command their thought and feelings, only their bodies and actions. If you and I are not at peace with each other, than I am very concerned that there will be no peace in my house for a while. I will not have you beat or punished in any way for hating me. But my sister will suffer, and if you hurt my sister, then I will."

He looked at her hard for a moment before lowering his eyes. "I understand Mistress. I either let it go, or run the risk of having to face almost the same thing Cay did tonight?"

"I am afraid so. I was wrong, and there is nothing I can do to undo what was done. But Trinna had no part in it. And if your hatred of me causes my little sister pain, then I will see to it you feel it too."

He nodded. "It doesn't seem like I have any choice but to let it go. But what about, Fain, he is your and Cay's consort. Does he have to forgive and forget or face the same?"

She shook her head. "No, but like you said, he is our consort. Given time, I am sure that between Cay and I, we can see him through it. I have constant influence with him. But you are not mine." She looked up as Trinna helped Caytin from the bathing room. "He okay Trin?"

"Yes, but he needs to talk with Jerrick for now. It looks like I am out a bed partner for the night."

"Well as soon as either we get a response from the Merican King or march against him, and collect all that we don't kill, you really should thing about seeing to a play mate for you and Jerrick for times when he is with Cay. I have Fain. When Cay took Jerrick as his Lover, it added another reason for my taking Fain as my second consort. I had originally planned on keeping him with us for a time to see to it that he learned what slavery really meant, and come to terms with his lover living elsewhere before I turned him free with my women. But he is just too perfect, and I haven't even thought of taking another consort before now, we didn't have the men. But what with three new breeders in my house, I felt I could be a bit greedy."

"I would offer you and Fain a place to sleep, but the reason I didn't just invite Cay to my room when he told me he needed to be with Jerrick was I don't have the bed space you do."

"Well, I won't send Fain to the Men's Quarter's, but if Cay and Jerrick don't mind him staying with them, I can take Jerrick's place in your bed." She smiled at Trinna. "It's been a long time little sister."

If they had expected a response from either Jerrick or Fain, they would be waiting a long time. Jerrick and Fain held Caytin between then as the man sobbed. Fain spared his mistress a quick look, "go on Mistress. I know how to help him."

"Take care of him for me please little one." Kaj wrapped an arm around Trnna's shoulders as the three began to become nothing but arms and mouths. "Goddess, quick, let's get out of here before all this sweetness, throws me into diabetic shock."

Trinna giggled. "Take care of him Jerrick." And she left with her sister.

"She's gone, Cay. It's okay now, it's just Fain and me." Jerrick kissed him softly. "It's all over, baby. No more, I promise." He just held the man as he trembled against him. "You heard your mistress, she didn't know. But now she does, and it won't, ever, happen again." He looked up to, Fain. "Let it go soldier. This is a battle we can't win."

Caytin reached out to pull Fain into the embrace that he was sharing with Jerrick. "Listen to me, both of you." His voice was soft. "We are equals here, if only for one night, we are equals." He held on to Jerrick with an almost desperate strength. "Make love to me, Jerrick." He almost sobbed. "I need, no I have to have the feel of something 'human' in me."

Jerrick, couldn't help himself, he chuckled. "I thought that was what I was in the middle of doing, Lover."

The last of the tension left Caytin's face. He smiled softly. "Oh, so you are, silly me." He looked down at Fain, who lay against them. "Little one, on the table there is a bottle of oil, Tallin brought it to me this afternoon. It is some of Donnel's latest brew. He assures me that it only took a little in the bath to bring Ern around. It is that strong."

"You don't need that oil with me, Cay. I was fey to begin with, and Jerrick," he looked down at the huge erection that the older man had. "I really don't think he is going to need any help either."

"It's not for us, you dolt." Jerrick reached out and cuffed Fain.

Fain, giggled, blushing. "Oh, that's right, with that thing of yours, you are about to ruin my consort for any man other than you." He pulled away, slipping from the bed to move, naked, to the table. "I don't know how I should feel about this Jerrick." He joked, attempting to lighten the mood as much as possible. "Looking at that thing of yours, I think I should be jealous."

This time it was Caytin who chuckled. "Don't be, love, with as often as the bedwarmers play among themselves, our Healers have long since learned how to tighten certain muscles."

"Are you sure I won't hurt you Cay? Trinna is a woman, and she was sore that next morning."

"Goddess, I hope so. That pain would be preferable to the memory of the pain I have." He took the bottle from Fain. "But, no I am sure you won't hurt me. This is oil we use with virgins. And trust me, Jerrick, I haven't been a virgin since I was sixteen." He pressed the bottle into Jerrick's hand. "I trust you, precious. More than that, I need you."

Jerrick locked eyes with Fain, who smiled nodding. He understood just how little Jerrick knew of what Caytin wanted from him. He nodded, opening his arms. "Ssshh, Cay, You don't have to ask. I'm here for you." He pressed the man back against Fain, as his mouth closed over his, taking the role of the aggressor.

Caytin moaned breaking from the kiss he was sharing with Jerrick as he felt two pair of hands on his body, touching, stroking. It had been so many cycles since last anyone other than his mistress, moved him like this.

"Lay back, Cay. I'll help Jerrick." Fain's voice soft in Caytin's ear.

"Warning, this stuff, it won't just effect him." Fain took the bottle from Jerrick. "By the time my mistress had got me to the point that I was ready for her, she was as caught up in it as I was." Fain pulled the cork from the bottle, taking Jerrick's hand in his and pouring some in his palm.

Caytin lay on his stomach. Arms wrapped around the pillow under his head as his two-bed mate's began to work the oil into his skin. He was too far-gone to wonder at the changed in his young consort's behavior. The timid boy that he had coddled the night before was now without a doubt a man, who had a side of him that before now, had never been seen.

His hips began to move in response to the hand and finger that worked their way into him, promising, even with as large as his Lover was, that there would be, no, pain.

It was Jerrick's turn to moan at the feel of warm slick hands on him, and a firm, but light hand on his balls. "Get him on his knees for me Jerrick." Fain's mouth moved from his mouth to his ear. "You make love to him, I'll blow him. He wants to forget, then by god, let's make him forget."

Jerrick chuckled. "Damn son, what's got into you? Mer never told me that you were anything but submissive." He carefully pulled Caytin up pulling him back against him. Shushing the whimper from his Lover as he began to work himself into him. "Ssshh it's, okay baby, deep breaths." He knew the oil worked, but still, the opening he was working himself into was so small, and he wasn't. And it didn't matter how much he wanted to just give into what he was feeling. He would not forget what his partner had just been through.

"I never had cause to be any other way with him." Fain pressed Caytin back farther into Jerrick's arms. "And I don't want to be any other way with Cay here either, but there are times when we have to be ways that aren't exactly what we normally want." He ran his hands down the man's body. "Isn't that the case honey? You just lay back against your Lover there, and I'll take care of you."

Caytin leaned back against Jerrick, mouth hot against his as he felt the fullness as Jerrick was finally able to work himself all the way in. His balls pressing against Caytin's buttock, slapping them as he began to move inside him. Not quickly, but with slow, easy, long thrusts. The kind that promised only the, sweetest, of pleasure. He moaned low almost a sob as Fain's hands and mouth joined in the play. He had missed this. In the struggle for survival of his people, he had missed what could be shared among the men.

* * *

Kaj and Trinna fell on Trinna's, bed, pulling at each other's clothes, mouths locked together. For all Trinna's meekness in day to day life, she was not in bed. And Kaj, who had spent her whole life, having to be the first and the strongest, loved when her little sister decided to be aggressive like she was now. It was such a pleasant change, to just lay back and let someone else take charge for a change. "That man of yours, he has no idea what he's in for." She reached up and stroked a bared breast, catching a nipple between thumb and forefinger, rolling it as she pinched lightly, tugging.

"Oh, I don't know, he's figuring it out pretty quick. And so far can match me, touch for touch."

"Yeah, out of self defense." She laughed at her sister who stuck her tongue out at her. "Come here you." She pulled Trinna's face to meet hers. "You should have visited me more often, Cay spent so much time with the other women in my house. The bed got mighty lonely at times. And before Jerrick, you always struck me as more inclined to spend your time with Kari." She sighed at the feel of fingers as they danced over her skin.

"I wanted a consort, and not just a breeder or bedwarmer. And non of the breeders in our house interested me enough to bother."

"Oh, I don't know, Tag seems a nice enough boy. I am sure he will make pretty babies." She smiled at Trinna as she touched her. "You do know that now, that you have a mate, you are going to have to start getting him to shave this." She brushed against Trinna's patch of fur on her mound. "You're not a girl anymore, but a mated woman, take pity on your man, or with as aggressive as you are, you will have him spitting hairs entirely too much."

"First, Tag is just that, a sweet boy. I wanted a man. There is no satisfaction from bending a little boy like Tag to my amusements. But Jerrick, and trust me Kaj, he is all man. And you and Cay had Fain safely snuggled between the two of you before I even thought to look. Caytin has to be in his own world of joy right now. He has my mate who is as much a man as he is, and then Fain, who is equally as sweet as Tag ever hoped to be, but, did you see him tonight? He was hot, Jerrick I expected to growl at you, but Fain?"

"My second consort had just watched his consort and master be put through hell. No, had he not yelled at me, I would have thought I had made a mistake in taking him. And you are right, Jerrick is all, man, and it is much more amusing to dominate them when they are just, that, real men. And Tag isn't and alas never will be. Vera, his mother, saw to it that he was broke, long ago. He was never given the chance to be much more than a whipped dog in her household."

"I know, I feel sorry for the boy, but not sorry enough to take him as my consort. And now, with Jerrick, Goddess, can you see how the boy would react?" Trinna laughed. "He would faint dead away the first time Jerrick said anything semi cross to me."

"You let me catch that mate of yours being disrespectful to you, and I will do much more than faint dead away, I will have him strung up."

Trinna stuck her tongue out at her sister again. "Oh pooh, you go threatening him, and take all my fun away. If he is more afraid of you than he is of me, what good would that do?"

Kaj rolled over pinning Trinna to the bed under her. "Trin, you do know you are perverse."

"Yeah, I do, and I like being just the way I am. And I am sure my man will too, once he gets over the fact that I am almost half his age."

"He still worrying about that? Kerfan was only eighteen when mother took him as her second consort. And she was much more than just twice his age. Kajeer my father and Tallin, my older brother had died leaving her with only one child. That was why she took your father as her second consort. Kajeer wasn't her soul-match. So she went on after his death."

"Papa never really got over her death, you know. He loved my mother. Still blames himself for her death."

"Why? She was over a hundred, when she had you. It was her age and nothing he did that sent her into the Mother's embrace." She smiled at her. "But enough talking for now, shall I spit a few hairs?" Trinna laughed as Kaj's head bent over her.

* * *

Caytin had Fain turn over to lay on his back, so as Jerrick began to give into what he was feeling, he could bend over and remove the last hint of any taste that wasn't human from him. Moaning around the hardness in his mouth as he felt Jerrick pushing his forward and down with each powerful slam feeling his Lover's balls slap him with each thrust. It was a feeling beyond belief.

Jerrick just couldn't keep himself in check anymore, between having to sit back and watch what was done to Caytin, and the drug in the oil, he wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around the frail looking man underneath him and never let him go. It made no sense to him, the feelings of love and of protectiveness he now felt for Caytin. But at this point, sense was the last thing he was worried about. He loved him, almost as much as he was beginning to love Trinna, and the unborn child they had made together.

"Oh, damn, baby, I, I can't, I'm gonna, oh damn." He forced Caytin down, shuddering for a long moment as the tight heat pushed him past all restraints, and he came in the same hot cavity that had driven him almost to madness.

Caytin and Fain's echoing voices of release follow his almost at once. As all three became one in a brief moment of joy.

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