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Bound And Chained

Chapter 18


Caytin roused Fain and Rook. "Come on you two." He pulled at Fain's hand.

"Where are we going Cay?" Fain whispered Rook echoing him.

"It's your wedding day. It's bad luck for your mistress to see either of you before you present yourself to her at the Temple." He looked over at Kaj, who lay there, eyes closed, but a smile on her face. "She's away already, move."

Caytin met Jerrick and Steffon as he led Fain and Rook into the men's dining hall. Kaj's great, great, great-grandmother had put it up. For just this, sort, of thing. There were times that a man found it wiser to be out of his mistresses' sight. "So, did you both get out without Trinna seeing you?"

"It was a close call there for a second. But she remembered that neither Steff nor I would know what to do, she yelled at both of us to get the fuck out. She's picking up way too much of my language. So we got dressed as fast as we could and I brought him here. This is where she yelled at me as she heard the door open to come."

Now I wonder if my son will remember his training?" Caytin mused.

* Beloved, don't open your eyes. Gabe and I have to leave your for now. It is considered bad luck for your mistress to see you before the wedding. Take all the time you want in getting up. I have to go and grab a bite to eat, then he and I are going to have to go to the Men's Quarter's to get all prettied up for you. * Tallin kissed her before moving to join Gabe at the door. Taking his pants from his Lover, he hurried and donned them. * When you hear the door close, love you can, if you want, open your eyes. * He and Gabe slipped from the room.

The sound of the door closing was all she needed to sit up. 'She was getting married today! Great God, she was getting married today.' Then Kaj's words echoed in her mind. No she wouldn't, be able to leave until she wed both. Oh God, what a mess this was going to be back at home. She had two husbands and one of them the other's Lover. Well she was the heir after all. Her and Tallin's child would rule one day. So of course, she had to adjust, or at least partly. She just could never accept that it was normal between fathers and son's to do what they did here in her world. That was one of the reasons she had accepted Gabe. Tallin was her Soul-Match. She would do anything for him. Even if, that, meant taking another man in her bed. It really wasn't so bad. She had lost her virginity to Gabe anyway, she knew he was a gentle lover.

"Time to wake up sleepy head." Thalin kissed her shoulder. "Lots to do today."

"I am awake, Thalin. Have been so for what seems forever. But it is bad luck to see your consort on the day of your wedding before you meet me in the Temple. Go to the men's dining hall. If you don't know where it is, just ask anyone, even the children know where that is. But you have to get up and out of here before I can open my eyes."

"Fenia, all my clothes are in this room. I am not going to show up in your Temple dressed as just a soldier."

"I will be out of here, as soon as I can get cleaned up. Send one of the bedwarmers to make sure I'm not here. Then come down and get anything you want. I plan to take a few guards with me and go to my home and get the things I will wear today. I also plan to take a document from the chieftess ordering her arrest. That is what the guards will be for. No I don't want to be here when she dies. But I must know she is in prison. Let her sit there naked in a tiny room, leered at by any who pass by for a few days, long enough for me to get out of here. Now please Thalin, leave."

He was impressed with her calm this morning, last night she had been a little giddy, he guessed it was because she was free at last. But today, she was showing her true self. And though she did not want to see what was once her sister die. She would see that the wheels of justice begin to turn. "Give me a minute, Fenia. Let me throw something on, then I will go. This is very much like a tradition we have at home, but there it is the groom that can't see the bride before the wedding."

"That would be very had here, we sleep with our men. It's a man, who should be a virgin when he takes a lady. Not the mistress."

Thalin was wondering about that as he slipped from the room. Almost running into Tallin. "So, your mistress threw you out too?"

"No sir. Miri and I share a soul. I am a FreeMan now. But did I get out without her seeing me, yes. Drug Gabe with me as well. Never thought there would ever be any advantages to being someone's master, but I'm beginning to see just how much like my father I really am." He led the two men towards the men's dining hall. "My mother will see to it that Miri and Trinna are not in the hall as we go to the Men's Quarter's to finish preparing for our mating."

"And Fenia is taking a written order from chieftess Kaj and two guards with her and going to her home to finish fancying up for her wedding day. Smart girl there. I don't expect that her sister will be any too happy to see her."

"And even less to read what my mother will write down. The guards will take her into custody the moment she reads the paper. What she did was unforgivable. Trinna and Jerrick stopped by our rooms to tell us what had happened before taking her two to bed. It took Gabe and I forever to calm Miri down. I didn't know that her older sister had dogs turned loose on her too." Tallin opened the door to be greeted by five other men.

"So, did you get out without your lady seeing you?" Caytin hugged him. Kissing him lightly.

"Yes Papa, but I have a warning for you. She isn't at all comfortable with the idea of a father and son sharing time. Don't ask me why, but she got rather upset at the mention of it. So if you can keep displays down to just hugs, I'd appreciate it. I don't like it any more than you do, but she's been willing to do a lot for me. The least I can do for her is make this sacrifice.

"Relax Tallin, she is a woman. And I never looked at Kerri, but before the war, we too didn't think a thing about a father teaching his son the art of love. I'll have a word with her after the two of us wed our perspective women.

"Well for now, I don't have to worry about that. My mistress is carrying a girl, and even if the next child she gives me is a boy, you're still looking at what, fifteen or so cycles from his birth."

"And just think. You have in your Lover, a fellow consort that is very skilled with his hands." Caytin smiled at him.

"Thanks Master, that is just what I needed to worry about." He knelt, by force of habit.

"Would you like to eat breakfast first, or a morning pick me up before breakfast?" He stoked the man's hair.

"Here, now?" Jerrick looked around at all those that were in the room.

"Rook and Fain will think nothing of it. Your boy is blind. And Tallin and Gabe have shared plenty of time with us. The only one here that is new is Thalin, and you have already heard him speak of how it used to be normal for father and son to explore the wonders of love together. So yes, 'slave', now."

Jerrick shook his head. "Forgive me, Master. But you're going to have to punish me. I can't. Please, sir, understand, I just can't."

Caytin only chuckled. "We'll discuss your punishment later Jerrick. I knew eventually, you would not be able to obey me. But I won't have you whipped on your wedding day. Your mistress would have my hide, and rightly so. Now get up and let's go and get some breakfast. Later you and I can talk more about what it means to be my Lover and slave."

Tallin was busy filling his plate. "I take it back." He whispered to Gabe. "I really am nothing like my father. I would never do that to you with strangers around. Or worse the, man, that was once your King. How could papa do that to Jerrick?"

"He is your mothers Soul-Match. And she has always run to the unlimited humiliation of her toys. She might have gotten a good dose of his stability in their tie, but he came away from it, much more the sadist than he was before they were mated. I'm not old enough to remember a time when they weren't together, but I have heard from Warrel, master Kerfan and most of the other men and bedwarmers, who have been here long enough to remember a time before Caytin's wedding. In the Men's Quarter's how Caytin changed after binding souls with your mother. Oh he is still a kind master, and a loving father. If he weren't he would have been called down by mistress Kaj long ago. And as a head consort he is without compare. Just ended up with a little of your mother's aggressiveness and love for humiliation that your mother has. That's all." He took Tallin's plate. "Where would you like to sit Master?"

Tallin nodded over to an empty table. "You do realize that once you wed us, the only time you are to call me master is when I am being just that, right?"

"Just so you realize Master, that I am probably going to be as forgetful on that point as Jerrick is with Cay."

Tallin just laughed softly. "Goddess protect me. I'm doomed."

Gabe leaned closer. "Think on this, Master. If it had been you to order it, I don't care who is in the room. I am proud of my feelings for you, and are always willing to show you how much, anytime, and anywhere." He kissed his cheek before turning back to his plate.

'Great Mother, help me. He means it.' Suddenly Tallin just wasn't hungry.

* * *

Kaj looked up at the light knock on her bedroom door. "Yes?"

Zerifenia poked her head in. "Can I have a minute of your time Chieftess?"

"I just got word that Thalin is in the men's dining hall with the rest. Am I to take that as a positive sign, or is he just making sure that Tallin and Rook are there?"

"He and I had a talk last night. With as closely as our two peoples are going to be. He has consented to be my consort here."

"Good for him. Now what is it I can do for you my dear?"

"I need a document from you for Sasha's arrest. And the loan of, two guards, to come with me. I don't know if I will still fit into the gown I had always planned on wearing to take a consort in, but I am going to try."

"Are you sure you want to see her?" Kaj pulled out a piece of paper.

"I don't want to see her die. Whether or not I am willing to claim her as my mother's daughter anymore. She is and I can't watch her die. But have her arrested, and do to her what they did to me that first day, and throw her in an open cell, naked, tied to a wall and have the Healer, come and remove all marks of her adulthood as a woman. Yes I can do that, can't I?"

Kaj wrote, a, quick but very official letter. "Well, so that she can't say it is a fake, I will have Wren and Kari go with you. And they will initial my order for her arrest. Do you want her stripped first and marched through the city? I know it will probably upset some of the children, but with as often as they see our men like that, it should pass quickly."

Zerifenia smiled. "Would you be so kind to me, Chieftess? I am not one of your home. Your hearing my plea and having me judged as innocent is more than I ever hoped."

"Look, dear. I didn't judge you innocent. Trinna did, and I am, not, fool enough to question the word of one of the Temple Priestesses, even if she is younger than I am. So yes, I will add this to the order and Wren and Kari will be more than happy for follow my orders. They didn't know about you. Had they known, you would have been here a long time ago and your sister dead by now. Neither Wren nor Kari have any use for men, Wren has a child, only because she came to me, and was willing to tolerate Cay's touch once. Kari is waiting for that animal that killed my son to produce enough seed that it will be her turn. And being as gender biased as they both are the thought of dogs, is enough to set their blood to boil." She walked to her door. One of her house guards was close by her, be it her office or her bedroom. "Wren, run and get Kari quick. I think I have a job the two of you are going to like."

"Yes, Ma'am." The older woman turned and began to jog down the hall. "There, she should be back momentarily. Now, what are we going to do about your mating dress? How too big do you think it is going to be? I have a few in my Men's Quarter's that are not your man who happen to be very good with a needle."

"I don't know Chieftess, I have lost so much weight. It is probably going to swallow me. But my mother helped me to pick it out. I wasn't going to give up my maidenhood to anyone but my consort. I had hoped for a soul-match. There is a good fifty- percent or more chance if you share your first with your consort, who is also untried, that you will come away sharing a soul, and with child. But Sasha stopped that hope."

"No, Hon, Thalin isn't your soul-match, but he became your consort last night when he agreed to be so. And as you know, it is almost as good luck to conceive your first night with your consort as it is with your souls-match."

* * *

Miri was in a flustered mood. She had nothing to wear that could possibly be accepted for what she was going to do. She turned around at the knock. "Come on in, it isn't locked." She threw the dress she was looking at on the bed, in tears.

Trinna slipped in, carrying a beautiful blue dress. "I thought you might need this. I don't remember seeing you with any fancy dresses." She held it out.

Miri looked at it in shock. "I can't take that, it's yours. What are you going to wear?"

Trinna laughed at her. "I haven't been able to fit in this thing in moons girl. I'm pregnant. Don't worry about my mating dress, I have it all ready. Just thought I would come by and offer you this. And see if you would like to come and let me help you with your paints. It's not just the men that get fancied up at their mating, you know. I'll have to get Donnel to come by and shave you. You are going to be a mated woman now. And not just a girl." She laughed again as Miri blushed. "How you, who are so easily embarrassed ended up with two men, is beyond me."

"You mean shave, 'there'?" She had never heard of anything like that before.

"Unless you plan to keep running around looking like some half grown girl, yes. There at the beginning, you are going to have to have either Tallin or Gabe shave you everyday because at the beginning it is itchy as all hell. But after a moon or so, it gets to the point that you only have to have it done ever three or four days, just to make sure you don't start looking like a little girl again." She picked up the dress again. "Now come on with me. The boys are with out a doubt in the Men's Quarters now, so you won't run the risk of running into them on the way."

She blushed. "One moment, please, I have to make sure." Tal, love, you and Gabe are in the Men's Quarter's now, right? *

*Yes, and Gabe is bouncing off the walls. But I have him on a short leash, so do what ever you need to. *

Miri looked up, smiling. "You were right, they are all tucked away where we can't see them."

"Then let's go."

Wren and Kari looked over Kaj's orders. "Sounds fair enough to me." Kari commented, initialing the thing.

Wren, taking, the pen after her and doing the same. "This woman, are we going to need a Healer for her? She saw to it that her sister never looked like anything but a girl. Turn about is fair play Chieftess." Wren's voice dripped with hate. Any woman that would do this to another woman, much less her own sister, was not one of them.

"Oh yes. Zerifenia asked for that specifically. She is like any other woman. We don't mind humoring our men and shaving, but to have it burned away, completely, never to return. That was almost as much a crime as her tendency to send the girl to the kennels. And make sure which ever Healer that is left that can do this, doesn't block the pain. I want her to have at least a taste of what her short and horrible life is going to be like." Then she looked to Zerifenia. "If the dress is too far gone to ever hope to alter it and still maintain the beauty of the dress, my eldest daughter is about your size. And if she knows your dilemma, you don't have to go into details with her, but if she knew you are to wed, and had nothing that would fit you, she will gladly open her closet to you."

Zerifenia looked at her in amazement. "Why is it you are willing to do so much for me Chieftess. I am no one. And you have treated me like your own daughter. Why?"

"Firstly, stop calling me chieftess. Kaj will be just fine. And second I am treating you like I would treat any young woman of my people who was coming to her wedding vows without a mother. If it will help you, you don't have a mother, I will stand for you in her stead." She touched Zerifenia's cheek. "Then you can dispose of anything but mother from this point on. And see to it that that psychotic bitch knows who your new family is."

Zerifenia broke down into tears. It was just not anything she had ever even hoped for. "You would have me call you Mother?"

Kari laughed. "She really doesn't know you very well does she Ma'am? Girl half the young women, who are orphaned, call her mother. She is our chieftess, she is the mother of us all."

"No, Kari. True I answer to mother with many, the priestesses of the Temple are mother to us all, even me. Now run along, and I'll have Rhea go through her closet and pick out only the prettiest gowns for you. And then I am going to get dressed in something that honors the occasion. I am taking not one, but two new consorts. I simply have to look my best."

* * *

Wren and Kari led her to the Temple first. To see whom was left. The others had left last night on a mercy mission to Merican. Only the pregnant and the very young and old were left. "May we speak to Mother Anna?" She asked a young novice who answered the door. Not a Healer just called to the Mother's service.

She nodded and hurried off. "Mother Anna used to be one hell of a Healer, but with age they begin to lose their abilities. All she can do is hair removal and verify fertility. But even a half dead Healer can do that."

The same ancient looking woman who had worked on Rook moved down the stairs slowly. "So, what is it that Nina is saying, you have need for me, guardswomen?"

"Yes, Mother. We are going to arrest a vile thing. She falsely imprisoned her younger sister for over a cycle, beat her daily and sent her to the kennels every time she begged to see the chieftess, to have her case reviewed. Many of the times she was whipped it was because she had begged for a Healer." Wren, being older than her partner by many cycles did the talking.

The ancient priestess looked horrified. "That can't be right. Every prisoner in the prison knows that all they have to do is plead their need to one of the guards and they will be granted both. To think that this girl was denied what is hers by birthright. Pity I didn't die before hearing this."

"Well, it happened Mother, all you have to do is ask the young Healing priestess Trinna. She was the one that saved me. I had what was once called ovarian cancer. The child I now carry would have been the only child I carried. She flushed more dog seed out of me than she believed anyone could ever have in them. I am going home to prove to her that she did not win. My house and I are now part of the Chieftesses house. I call her mother, because while I was in prison, my mother died." There were tears flowing down her cheeks. "She was only in her nineties, but knowing that her daughter had been tried and convicted of fraud, it killed her. Sasha owes me for my mother's death as well."

The priestess moved to wrap her arms around Zerifenia. "I knew your mother child. And you are right. The horror of losing her youngest that way, it did kill her, by simply making her stop wanting to live. That is a very dangerous emotion for a Healer. They can with no effort will themselves to death." Then she looked up at the two guards. "I can do what you ask, but I must warn you. My effort to attempt to block the pain for Kaj's boy took all I had. If I block hers, one of you might very well have to carry me back and hand me to the other priestesses here."

"Don't waste your energy Mother. I want her to hurt like I did. One of the guards had just enough of a healing talent to burn mine from me, and it hurt for days afterwards." Zerifenia whispered.

The old woman nodded. "So be it. I will feel no pity for the thing that could do what this one did to you and your mother. I am an old woman. It might take me longer than it used to."

"Can you still do piercings, Mother?" Zerifenia had an idea.

"Yes, just not heal them. But I do not think, if you want her to feel the full burn of her hair removal, you want her healed." Mother Anna smiled at her. "Shall I bring the largest rings I have for this?"

Zerifenia looked to Wren and Kari. "Do you think chieftess Kaj will be upset with me if I do this?"

Wren smiled at her. "She is your mother now girl. And she will support anything you do to that soulless bitch. By all means, the bigger the better, and as many as you and Mother Anna think will work. They won't be in her long. Only until after you leave with your new man."

They walked slowly, conscious of the ancient priestesses weakened step. Two more guards passed, and Wren nodded at them to follow. This might take more than just her and Kari. So she was seeing to it that they had plenty of backup.

Sasha opened the door, all grins. Her smile faded as she faced her little sister. "You!" She hisses.

"Yes, me." She held out Kaj's orders to her. "I finally was able to see the Chieftess. And she had her sister, the young Healing priestess. Trinna heal me. I was judged innocent of all I was accused of. Here is a letter from my new mother for you." She smiled at the frightened look Sasha had on her face as she took the folded paper from her. And laughed as Sasha tried to back away, shaking her head. "You are going to die Sasha. You falsely imprisoned me, killed my mother, and had some of the most unspeakable things done to me that anyone can ever imaging." She looked to Wren and Kari. "If you would strip her for me, please. Let that be the, first, thing she gets as a reminder of what she did to me.

"You stupid girl. Why did you think I did it? I was the heir, and because I didn't show any healing talent at all, not even the pathetic ones you have. I was pushed aside. Even my own first concert loved you more than he did me. I got rid of you, thinking that without you here, mother would have to finally accept that I was all she had. But the fool didn't. She just closed down and died. But know this little girl. She died knowing you were a criminal. That is something that no matter what you do to me, you can't change. The knowledge that her perfect child was in prison, had been convicted for fraud killed her. She is beyond any hand to tell her different. So kill me. I should have killed you back when I had the chance. But I figured that eventually the prison would do it for me, and I wouldn't get any blood on my hands."

"You sent an innocent woman to prison? Killed your own mother?" A, soft man's voice, from the door.

Sasha turned and looked at her first consort. "Merrel, I did it for you. I did it for my house. Mother would have found a way to see that it wasn't me that was her heir but this silly girl. I couldn't let that happen."

"I don't know you. I am ashamed that I ever accepted your proposal. Any who would do what you did are without a soul. I can only thank the Great Mother, that we have no children. I am shamed enough, with out they're being little ones to bear in the shame." He looked to the guards. "She is not my mistress, do what ever you wish with her, I will not protest. Just please, mistress, pass the word on to mistress Kaj, that I never knew." He bowed his head.

"He didn't know." Zerifenia echoed his words. "I've known Merrel since he came here to be Sasha's consort. It isn't in him to do what she did."

"Mistress, should I take you out of here. I am pretty sure that what the guards have in plan for her is not going to be pleasant." Merrel offered, worried about how Zerifenia, who had always been the most gentle of the women in his house, surpassing even Sasha's mother, who was a Temple Healing Priestess.

"No, Merrel. I'm not the little girl you used to tease anymore. I am a woman grown, and with child." She looked back at Sasha. "That is right. I am now the heir of my house, and I will have a son in eleven moons. I go to my mating today, to take a man as my consort. I won," she slapped Sasha. "Do you hear me you heartless, soulless thing? I won. I am with child, and wed the King of the Merican's. He is taking me away from this place, and I am taking everyone and everything in 'my' house with me. That includes Merrel. He isn't yours anymore. He's my slave. Not a consort, or at least not yet." She hit Sasha again and again. The guardswomen just held the older woman still while Zerifenia vented her anger and pain.

"Are you finished, child, or do you need to rage at her more?" Mother Anna looked at Sasha with cold hate in her eyes. "If you are quite finished, the guards will strip her and I will burn her woman's hair from her, and every scrap of hair left on her body. Not having to block the pain, means it costs me nothing." Sasha screamed, fighting as hard as she could as Wren and Kari along with the other two guards ripped her clothing from her. Wren finally had enough of her noise and backhanded Sasha across the mouth, much like she had done with Durn. And got the same response. "Shut up. This is what you deserve."

"No," she moaned as the ancient priestess neared her. "Please, Mother, mercy."

Mother Anna said not one word as she lay a hand on Sasha's woman's hair. Burning it away.

Sasha threw back her head and screamed. Goddess it hurt so much. It felt like some one was using a burning branch between her legs. But as the Mother parted her lips, to touch her labia and clitoris, Sasha went crazy. "No, you can't!" The howl of agony drowns out all other sounds in the house.

Mother Anna stepped back. "Her hair as well child?"

"All of it Mother. If it pleases you, and the Temple, turn it all to dust." Zerifenia would have never thought of doing this to another, only a cycle or so ago, but after living through all that she had, there was no forgiveness in her heart for the woman who did this to her.

Sasha screamed again as Mother Anna clasped her hands on her head. "Stop, oh Goddess, stop. It hurts."

Again the Healing priestess said nothing, just worked from her head, down her face and her arms. "I am too old to kneel to deal with her legs girl, so alas they will have to stay as they are."

"It's okay, Mother Anna, you can, if you feel like it, deal with that when she goes on the table to be pierced." She picked up one of the large and heavy rings that would be going through a nipple. "Good Goddess, this has to be a quarter of an inch thick, and five or six inches in diameter. And this one, you are gong to put it in her clitoris right?" She held up the largest ring that she had ever seen. Half an inch thick, and, a foot in diameter. It was going to be almost impossible for the woman to walk. "How do you work these Mother. I can't see a needle this big being used. So how do you work them, and why do you have them?"

"They are punishment rings for some of the pleasure slaves that have displeased their mistresses and master's. And in some cases, they ask for them. You know how pleasure slaves can be. We also have bars for breeders and consorts that either displease their mistress, or have a need for them, themselves." She took one of the 'smaller' rings, and unscrewed it. The tip was very small and very sharp. It went from the tiny point and grew in size to the size of thickness of the ring. "Her hood ring will do the same. Now, if you would be so kind and to place her on a table somewhere, I will see to my duty."

Sasha had long since gone past speaking. She just let them drag her into what had been her house, and forced her on a table. All that had happened to her was too much for her to understand. How could everything she had worked so hard for be gone?

"Oh, and child. Just so you know. Your mother might indeed be dead, but that does not mean she is beyond us. You have my promise, that as soon as I rest up from this. I will petition the Mother to allow me to speak to her. I will let her know what had been done to you, and of your innocents." Mother Anna smiled at Zerifenia. "After all, I refuse to let it lie as it is. I might be an old woman, but I still am a woman. And no woman should have had done to you what was done. And no mother should die, believing a lie."

Zerifenia grabbed her hand, kissing it. "Thank you, Mother. You have no idea how much that eases my mind."

Wren looked at Kari. "Run home, and get a triple leash, we are going to have to drag her to the prison, and the most effective way will be by her rings. I want to see that stupid thing fight the pull."

Kari snapped to attention. "Yes, Ma'am." And she was off.

After all the pain she had felt so far, Sasha didn't think she could feel anymore, but as the needle began to pass through her right nipple, she knew she was wrong. Then when the sharp thin point of the ring began to work it's way into the hole that was there, widening it as it moved up to the true thickness of the ring, the only thing that kept her where she was were the hands that held her in place. As Wren and one of the guards that had come with them held her down.

Zerifenia watched, untouched by her sister's pain. "Merrel, as Mistress of this house, I order the fire oil for her. Go and get it for me."

"Yes, Mistress." And he was gone. Feeling just a little concerned. Zerifenia had always been such a loving girl. If what his ex-mistress had done to her had taken from her that loving heart. Then he was more than only ashamed. It would take many of the men in the house to keep him from cutting his manhood from him. It had been inside that hideous creature so many times. It surely was poisoned. He had worried that he could not beget a child on his mistress, but the Healers all kept assuring him that he was not the problem. And Sasha had been tested as well. Perhaps it was the wisdom of the Great Mother that held back any new life from them. She knew all, and knowing all, she knew what was going to happen and in her infinite mercy protected any child.

Kari made it back, as the Mother was finishing the third and final piercing. Sasha had long since passed out from the pain, and unfortunately she was not strong enough to force her to wake from where she was hiding. But Trinna had come with Kari. "I see that sadistic bitch is getting a taste of her own medicine." Was her only comment as she touched Sasha? "Wake up you motherless thing. You are far from the point that you can consider your day finished." She touched her head, seeing to it that no matter what happened next, she would not hide again. "Well, I've stepped in, and done my duty. Had I known that Mother Anna was going to be called to do this, I would have offered. But I think she's pretty much done with her. And I got to go home and finish getting ready for my mating. See, you, there Zerifenia." She just floated from the room, grinning.

"Mistress?" Merrel stood in the doorway, with a bottle of fire red oil. "You ordered this." He held it out to her along with a tube. "Please, Mistress, allow me to attend to her. You have faced enough for anyone of any age. She shamed me too."

"I'm almost finished here Merrel, so be my quest. I want it in both her sex, and her rectum. I want her to know what true pain is, and as far as I know, having only heard of the effect of this oil, it will do the trick."

"No, you can't." Again Sasha tried her best to break free from the hands that held her down. "I'm your mistress. You can't do this to me. I forbid it."

"I am a slave, Sasha. But then so are you. And I am not the consort of any slave. I don't know you, and it would seem, I never really did." He waited for the guards to force her legs apart before he shoved the tube into her virgina. Uncorking the bottle and pouring close to half the bottle into her.

Sasha froze a silent scream as the oil burned like acid deep inside her. He was her consort. He couldn't be doing this to her. But he was, and it was a pain that far passed any she had felt so far.

"If you would turn her over mistresses. I will see to it that I finish trying to make up for what ever part I had in this, unwitting though it was."

"You had no part in it Merrel. I know that, and as pathetic as my healing gift is, I can detect a lie." Zerifenia fussed at him.

This time, when he poured the rest of the bottle of oil in her rectum, her scream was not silent, but long and chilling. Merrel was in tears as he threw the bottle and the tube to one side, and went to his knees at Zerifenia's feet. "For you, Mistress."

The screaming woman on the table was forgotten, and Zerifenia dropped to her knees and pulled Merrel close. "No, that was for you. She lied to you as much as she lied to my mother. But you won't have to worry about anything anymore. I am not my sister. And when I leave here, you will come with me. If, Thalin can, have a wife and a lady. Then surely I can have two consorts. And I plan to make you my consort, one day." She wiped the tears from his face. "Now, tell me. Do you have any idea where the gown my mother and I bought for the purpose of a mating gown?"

"It is long gone Mistress. She," he gestured to Sasha. "Shredded it the day you were convicted, saying you would never need it again anyway. I, begged her to spare it, it was so pretty. But she only had me beat for speaking for you, and while I hung there bleeding she took a knife to it and cut it to ribbons."

Zerifenia nodded. She had feared that something like that would have happened. "It was probably going to be too big for me anyway. But I would have liked to keep it for my daughter one day. Well, I suppose I am going to have to take my new 'mother' up on her offer and borrow a gown from what is now my fifteen cycle old little sister, who is about the same size as I am."

The guardswomen had sadistic pleasure in pulling Sasha through the streets, naked, with the leash hooked to all three rings. The bottom ring made it almost impossible for her to walk. The oil felt like it was eating her insides alive, and the piercings were sheer agony. The pain of having her hair burned away was long forgotten in the pain of the piercings and the oil. She didn't even notice those around her whom gasped, or giggled at her as she was dragged through the streets to the prison.

When they finally made it to the prison. They chained her to the wall in an open prison cell, that any guard that passed could see her. "Now, if we have any man sent to be punished. With that oil in your ass, he will be made to fuck you, and that is by far punishment enough. There will be no need for the whip for a while." Wren chuckled. "But I thing that for now, the men of our city will be on their best behavior. A whipping is one thing, but having to touch you, even without the oil, would be a much greater punishment." She spat at her and turned to leave her hanging there. Arms chained above her head, and legs chained spread so that all her weight was on her wrists. "Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Before the head consort takes you, I will put on a heavy glove and fist you everyday until you die." With those last cryptic words she left.

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