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Bound And Chained

Chapter 19


Miri looked in the mirror, amazed at how lovely the dress she was wearing was. The blue was as deep a sapphire as her eyes, with pristine white lace at the collar and cuffs. And the design that was sewn into the bodice was one of flowing eddies and waves, all done in silver. "You can't mean for me to wear this." She turned to look at Trinna as she slipped back into the room.

"Why not? You look absolutely stunning in it. If it weren't for the fact that my nephew would raise all kinds of a fuss. I would forget the mating ceremony all together and take you to my bed. Trust me dear, in that dress, you look good enough to eat." She laughed as Miri blushed. "Oh dear, have I touched on something else that is just not done in your lands?"

She shook her head. "No, I know many of the women who serve my father faithfully as his guards and soldiers, that keep a girl at home. But I have never been propositioned by one of them."

"Well, with as sweet as you look, Tal is going to have his hands full, there are many of our guardswomen who have no taste for men, at all. But you would do more than just stir a little interest in them. They, if your man let them, would follow you around, tongues hanging out. For that matter, if it wasn't that you are now my niece by marriage, and taking two consorts myself. Would be as bad as the guards in trailing behind you. I am going to have to borrow that brother of yours, just once. Because, I, would love to have a child with your color hair. Now I have to wonder, which would be the dominant gene, my families red hair, or his black. Looks like we are going to find out in a few cycles. And if it breeds, true. Then I want one of my own." She headed for the bathing room. "I feel dirty, I had to go with Kari and tend to that thing that did my adopted niece so wrong. And I will not go to my men, with her stench on me.

* * *

Steffon held onto Jerrick's arm as Donnel went to do something about his facial hair. "I'm sorry Jerrick, if I could stop it from hurting, I would. But even though my mother is Mother Kaylin, I can't heal, this is the best I can do. So while you are at the Temple, and he is being marked. Ask your mistress to attend to the other hair on his body."

"She did last night. I probably should have asked her to see to it that I didn't have to shave him anymore, like she did me. But we were a bit busy, and then Thalin's lady needed her, and after that, it slipped my mind."

"He isn't burning me, is he Master?" Steffon got out between gritted teeth.

"No, baby, it just feels like he is. There will be no scarring or burns. And afterwards, if you need it, I'll work a little of the blue oil into your face. "I know how much you hate that one, but this time, I think I am going to insist. I've been told that they block the pain for a reason." He supported his Lover. "Is it that bad baby?" He was worried about this one. Had already put him where no one could hurt him. Not even Caytin if he needed punishment, he would stand for him, and take it. Being blind was punishment enough in his mind, for any man.

"It feels like he is burning my face." He wouldn't cry. No matter how much it hurt. He wouldn't cry.

"Go get the oil Jerrick, I am done with him." Donnel backed away, a look of sympathy on his face. "I'm sorry Steff, I would do anything I could to prevent the pain I just caused you. But there was nothing I could do, nor was there anything your master could protect you from. It had to be done."

"Good Goddess, Jerrick, you spoil that boy more than I spoil you." Caytin laughed, as he stood in the door, Fain and Rook, in their wedding finery. "So, what do you all think? Do I still have it or do I still have it?"

Both the men and the bedwarmers, who had any skill with a needle had been working non-stop since it was decided that their mating ceremony would take place at the same time as Tallin's and Miri's. And well it sort of snow balled down hill from that to include Jerrick, Steffon and Thalin.

Fain was not dressed in what was the norm for the house. But in a blouse like shirt, with an embroidered vest in bright emerald greens. Caytin had decided it matched his eyes. And with his red hair, un-braided and flowing down his back in loose curling waves. Green shading dusted his eyes, and just a touch of blush and a light tent to his lips. He was without a doubt beautiful.

Rook stood at his side. His clothes almost matched Fain's. His tunic was the same deep sapphire blue of his eyes, but the vest was black, with, silver- embroidery. His black hair gleamed in the light as it hung straight down his back. A, slightly, darker dusting of blue on his eyes. But still, just, a touch of blush. But his lips were tined a deeper red. He was truly stunning. "Jerrick. Tam is in there, and you and Steffon have mating garb and paint to have dealt with."

Jerrick smiled, moving to reach for Caytin. "Thank you, baby." He hugged his Lover close, kissing him.

"Steffon's were my gift to you. But yours were my pleasure."

"I'm sorry, Master, I retract my refusal, anytime, and anywhere. I don't care who is in the room."

"And I wasn't going to punish you love. I knew my gift to you of Steffon's mating garb would end all questions in your soul." He kissed him one more time before pushing him back. "But we can, you and I discuss this later, you and your Lover there need to hurry up and get dressed.

Tam greeted them with a hug. "Come over here, and see what Cay has for you both. Jerrick, he out did himself with yours. I've been told it is even finer than his was. And you know what kind of a dress horse he is.

Jerrick looked down at his clothes in awe. The, tunic wasn't the right work, but it was as close as it could come. To what he was looking at. It was designed so much like his dress uniform, he wondered just how much the Danes knew of the Merican's. It was gold with, red, tassels from the shoulders, and a red vest embroidered in gold. The, pants were, gold, with red piping down the sides. And the boots were red with gold designs sewn into them. "My God." He whispered. "Baby, I would give a lot for you to see this." He turned and pulled Steffon close. "It's almost as beautiful as you and our mistress are."

"I have lived with the knowledge that I would die as blind as I lived. But now, our mistress assures me that even though she can't help me, that the High Priestess of her Temple can. I will see you in it one day. Promise me, when I can finally see again. Promise me you will let me see you in it."

Jerrick laughed softly, kissing him. "Have another excuse to put it on trust me, baby, that's a promise."

"And what does mine look like? I can wait to see yours before I know what it looks like, but I'm wearing this today."

Jerrick looked down at it and laughed.

"What, does it look funny?" He was worried.

"No, baby. The color of it just struck me as amusing. It's white, from the bright white of the poet's shirt with loose baggy long sleeves. To the vest and embroidery the pants and even the boots, are all the brightest of white, the tie in your shirt, the piping and embroidery and where the designs were sewn into your boots is a very shiny white. The rest is just normal. You are going to look like an Angel in it, Lover." He cupped his chin kissing him. "And with the auburn hair and blue eyes you have, a very pretty Angel."

"Well if you both could hold off on the love fest you are having. I have work to do. Kindly get dressed. Jerrick, you worry about your outfit. I'll take care of Steff. Please assure him that I'm not going to hurt him." Ever since his mistress had taken time to notice him. His place here was a little more assured.

"It's okay Steff. Tam is about as likely to hurt you as I am. And you know the odds on that."

"But, I, I'll have to strip infront of him." Steffon was blushing.

Tam snorted. "I am a fifteen cycle old bedwarmer. It is not like I don't know what a man looks like, have been fey since my Master welcomed me into this house. I'm not going to giggle or get upset." Then he looked over at Jerrick who was stripping. "Unless of course, you are built like your master is."

That was all it took. Steffon finally relaxed. "No, I don't think I am a small man, but I'm no where near what my master is."

Tam chuckled as he pulled Steffon's pants from him and a very hard cock almost hit him in the face. "Jerrick, with your permission, would be a shame to stain his new clothing, so soon."

Jerrick looked up from putting his pants on and burst out laughing. "Hold on a sec, Tam." He came up behind Steffon, holding him tight against him. "Don't be afraid, baby. But Tam is right, you'll be dribbling all over the place for the rest of the night." He looked down at Tam. "If you are willing to help, I would be grateful."

Tam stood and moved to the table by the bed and took the bottle of oil that was there. It was blue, and even though Jerrick knew that Steffon wasn't overly fond on it, it would help him to calm down. Besides, he wanted to see what Tam had in mind.

Tam returned to kneeling before Steffon, reaching to tongue bathe his balls, pulling one and then the other into his mouth, sucking on them gently. His tongue slipped to that space between Steffon's rectal opening and his balls, running his tongue back and forth.

Steffon leaned back against Jerrick, mouth open to his, tongue dancing a mad and erotic dance with his as the feel of a tongue moving up to ream him, made him cry out in shock and pleasure. "Jerrick, oh what?" He cried softly as the mouth and tongue moved back up to his balls.

Tam was moving very slowly while he teased Steffon, to pour oil in his hand, coating his hand and fingers. If the man was used to having Jerrick as a Lover, with as huge as Jerrick was. He would have to use more than just one or two fingers with him. Knowing the oil like he did, he could work his whole fist into him without there being anything but pleasure.

"You know what baby, Tam is taking care of you for me, I would hate you to end up looking like a fallen Angel before I get you and Trin back home and in a bed."

He ran his tongue up the length of Steffon's cock, thinking to himself that the man had been right, he was not small. Even if he wasn't the monster that Jerrick was he was much larger than some of those that he had shared time with. For that matter, he was larger than he was.

He held the hardness in one hand, licking the head, as the other began to tease his puckered hole. Listening to the half pleasured, half-confused moans from Steffon and he began to work him deep in his mouth. Thrusting first one and then two fingers deep, working them around, so that as he pulled back to catch a breath he was able to slip a third and then a fourth finger in.

Steffon was caught between wanting to push forward into the warm mouth, and thrusting back to feel the fingers as they filled him. "Master," he lifted his arms up to wrap them around Jerrick's neck. "Can I cum?" He had been taught last night that he would have to beg first, to be allowed.

"Not yet. But soon baby." Jerrick was impressed. For someone who was so young, Tam was quite a surprise.

Tam finally worked his thumb in, pressing his hand farther up so that he could make a fist. And as he took Steffon fully down his throat, he thrust hard.

"Steffon all but screamed. "I'm sorry," He couldn't stop himself as his orgasm exploded out of him. Shooting through every nerve in his body before it burst out his cock. It just kept up, one blinding flash of heat after another. Until Steffon began to believe it would never end, and as he had another ripped from him, he started to pray that it wouldn't.

Jerrick had to hold him up as he hung there lost as he was in orgasm. "It's okay baby, nothing to forgive." He whispered kissing his shoulder.

Steffon, whimpered, at the feel of a firm hand on his balls squeezing lightly to see him fully drained.

Tam pulled back, catching the little of Steffon's seed that had escaped from the corner of his mouth, with his tongue. "There, that should see him at least long enough to be cuffed and marked. After that, I make no promises of what his pretty outfit will look like."

"Damn son, I'm impressed. Where did someone your age, learn to be so fucking talented?"

"Cay taught me much of what I know, the others, well they have furthered my education. Ever since my mistress chose to honor me while she was here watching that thing pay for what he had done. But knowing what he was used to with you. I had to improvise just a bit."

"Thank you." He helped a stunned and silent Steffon to sit by his own clothes. "If you don't mind, after helping me as much as you have so far, I have to finish getting dressed, do you think Steff could get dressed now, without a repeat of what he just had?"

"Jerrick, if he could rise again, after what I just did to him. I would have to say he was not human. Go on and finish getting all dolled up. I'll see to him. Then I have to do both your painting and color dusting. I must say, Cay picked out just the colors for both of you. You think Steff is going to look like an Angel in the outfit he has, just wait until I finish with his paints. Lucky are you indeed that the material your pants are made of is of a much thicker material than Steff's is."

Jerrick only laughed as he finished donning his tunic. Buttoning the collar and slipping into the vest. Lacing it up the front. It was a perfect fit. His amazement of his Lover grew every time he turned around. "What do you think I should do about my hair Tam. It's longer than it was when I got here, but it's still nothing like any ones but maybe King Thalin's."

"It's clean, it's wavy, and it is a lovely shade of rust. I'll just brush it and sprinkle a little gold dust in it, and you will look truly edible." He was working on Steffon's vest. The only one that was had no shoulder straps, but just encircled his waist, coming to a point about mid chest. "Now, Steff, you do know right from left?"

"I'm blind, not witless." He smiled at Tam. "Yes, why?"

"This is your right boot." He handed him one. And this is your Left one. I've already been on my knees for you once already, and I don't think I need to do so again. At least not to put your boots on." He chuckled as Steffon blushed. "Don't forget to tuck the pants into the boots."

Jerrick sat where Tam indicated that he should. "This is going to be a new experience for me. Men don't wear make-up in Merican. Oh Mer had made Fain wear it a time or two when he was punishing the boy. But never like what he looks like now. That boy is almost pretty enough to make me wish I had taken him as my Lover." He reached out and squeezed Steffon's fingers as the younger man looked up in his direction. "Almost, baby, but not quite. Fain happens to come with too much extra baggage for me to deal with. And as pretty as he is, you have him beat hands down."

"I never considered myself fey before you, but I must be, how else could I love a man as much as I love you Master?"

"You're not fey, baby. Caytin took me as his lover, and I had never thought of loving a man before. Had nothing against it, but just never thought it was for me. And then I up and took you as mine. But love you both as much as I do. I would die for my mistress. She is my wife and carries my child. I know that that isn't proper for the way they look at things here, but that is how I see it, and it would take my Master hours of cutting my back from me for me to change the way I think. I know she is my mistress, and lady. But she is still my wife."

"Okay, hush and look over at me. It's going to be hard to do your paints and dustings, as Cay wants them if you keep looking at your boy there. Chill Jerrick, he isn't going anywhere."

By the time he was finished with Jerrick he smiled at his work. "Care to take a look?"

"Yes, if I'm going to be painted like some whore, I want to see the damage." He smiled, taking the sting out of the words.

He had to admit he looked good. A little heavy on the gold dust that covered his eyelids, and a fine black line under his eyes, drawing attention to them. A lighter dusting on his cheekbones, and a clear, colorless shine to his lips. But it was the gold that highlighted his freshly brushed hair that made the effect complete. "Good God, I look like a golden statue."

"And that is precisely what he was looking for. Now, if you would move please, I have to see if, I can do Steff as well as I have done everyone else so far. I won't have to worry about master Tallin, or Gabe. They are doing each other, and have been locked in Gabe's room since they got here."

"That is going to take a little getting used to. The idea that Tal is a FreeMan, and is now called master by all men, even his father."

Steffon closed his eyes as he felt the light tickle of the brush as it left just a hint of light blue on the lids of his eyes. A light dusky rose was brushed on his cheekbones and a light silver tint to his eyes. His dark Auburn hair was brushed out so that it hung almost as long as Rook's. Tam thought about a silver dusting, but as he pulled back and looked at the young man, he decided against it. His hair was clean and gleamed well enough in the light. "There you go." He looked to Jerrick. "Does he pass your approval, sir?"

"I would kiss you boy, but then I would smear my lip paint. And my master would sulk. He is an absolute Angel.

Caytin, Fain and Rook were waiting out in the living area of the Men's Quarter's as Tam led both Jerrick and Steffon into the room. "Sorry it took so long Cay, but they like to talk so much and moon over each other. I am going to have to go to Donnel and get something to stave off sugar shock."

"I can just bet talking was the only thing they did, boy, or do you think the rest of us are deaf out here?" Caytin teased him. "No matter, I'm sure you will fill me in on what happened later. For now let me see how good my Lover looks."

"If she had waited a few more moons, I would actually have hair to work with. But the best that Tam could come up with is dusting it with gold. I like it." Jerrick smiled. "And Steff, Master, how did you know what I always thought he would look best in?"

"I didn't. He was the only one to come to this completely innocent. Even Rook, as unwilling as his had been, was no innocent. But your boy there, if he had been anymore innocent, he would be an Angel. So I went to see if I could make him look as Angelic as his innocence make him. Did I do what I had aimed to do?"

Jerrick grabbed him. "I wouldn't muss my lip tint for him, because I knew you would pout, but for you, I can always have it redone." And his mouth closed over Caytin's "This is a promise from me Master. Just as soon as I can spare time from my mistress and my Lover, I will see to it that I show you just how much what you have done for me means to me."

"If it weren't for the fact that I won't have you muss your lovely new clothes, I would suggest now. But I worked too hard to design that tunic to have if wrinkled so soon. Besides, I have to go and get ready." He kissed him again. "What I am wearing is nothing compared to what the lot of you are, but I think it will do." He pulled away to go to his room.

"Here you go Jerrick, let me fix your face. You were right, you have smeared your lip tint all over the place." Tam wiped around Jerrick's mouth before applying another coat. "There you go, good as, new."

* * *

Kaj stood with Trinna, Miri and Zerifenia. All four women dressed in the finest of silks and velvets. Lace, and embroidery was on all four gowns. Kaj's was a deep garnet color, with jewelry of gold. A lovely gown, but simple in it's beauty. Her hair that was usually kept in a bun on the top of her head hung down her back, with garnet stones braided into it.

Trinna stood there in a dress of white and gold. Caytin had warned her, what he was planning for her new mates. And she so wanted to blend in with them. The fullness of her skirt covered her slightly perturbing belly. And with no mid vest, she had, no, worries of it being too tight for her.

Miri stood there, in her borrowed gown of the most gorgeous sapphire blue she had ever seen, Trinna had even insisted she borrow some of her jewelry, piercing her ears for her, painlessly, of course. And a pair of sapphire studs now decorated her ears. A sliver and sapphire necklace lay over her exposed throat. The gown was deeply cut, and the only thing that made it modest enough for Miri was the lace that was at the collar of the deep plunging neckline. The embroidery of eddies and ocean waves didn't stop at the dress, but carried on to her slippers. Both were done in silver.

Zerifenia was self conscious in the gown that Rhea had finally been able to find for her. Eighteen and she were smaller than a fifteen-cycle old girl was. But even as young as her new sister was, the gown was not one you would find on some little farmer girl. It was silver with gold trimmings, real silver and gold. The vest was the only thing that had anything other than silver and gold to it and the designs in it were white. It was beaded no lace. It really was a much older dress than the girl should have had. And to think it was too small for her now. And it weighed a ton. Rhea had admitted that it had been one of the gowns that she had had made for a celebration dinner, where she was acknowledge as Kaj's heir. Which probably was the reason for why it looked too old for her. She had gone back to her house. Just long enough to get what had been her mother's jewels. Gold dangled from both ears, and a thick necklace with a single black opal hung at her throat, the ring that was like it, fit on her middle finger."

"The four of you look like you are about to burst." Mother Anna teased. "When I heard from Zerifenia that you all were to mate today. I invoked my right to see you all wed proper. I am the oldest still living, after all." She looked to Zerifenia. "I sought the Mother, to speak to your mother dear. Your sister was wrong. Upon her death, she was shown the truth. She knew you were innocent. And is so very proud of you. Wishes you only the best, and hopes that the Mother blesses you with many more children other than just your son."

"Thank you Mother, she does know of my love for her?"

The old priestess chuckled. "If she knew of your innocence, what great feat would it have been for her to know your love? Yes child, she know, and returns it many fold."

"Oh, my." Kaj smiled as Caytin led Fain and Rook to the Temple. *Beloved, you have out done yourself. *

*For you, Mistress, it is always a labor of love. * He knelt at her feet, Fain and Rook following.

"Jerrick." Trinna almost cried as she watched her two mates coming up behind Caytin and his two. They were unbelievable. She always knew that Jerrick would look good, no matter what he wore. But Steffon, he glowed in his brilliance.

Jerrick helped Steffon to kneel before going to his knees beside him. "Mistress." He hung his head, Steffon echoing the word and deed.

Thalin came up next, dressed in his finest dress uniform, medals gleaming, to stand beside Zerifenia. "Fenia." He bent to kiss her cheek. "You look wonderful."

"So do you." She wrapped her arms around him. "I am going to finally know what luck is, milord. I carry your son."

"You're going to be good for this old man, girl."

Miri gasped as she watched her Soul-Match and consort lead her second consort up the stairs. Never had she ever seen anything that looked anything like them. Even as incredible as the others had been. Her two were unbelievable.

Tallin was dressed in a poet's shirt much like his father and Steffon's. But his was the lightest of blue, as almost to be white. He wore no vest, but a tie belt that was a slightly darker blue, with sapphires hanging from it, and spiraling designs on it in the same color as his shirt. The shirt was open to his waist, and he had had bars of sapphire pierced into his nipples. His pants were so dark blue that they rivaled black, and his boots had no design, but were powder blue herd beast hide. His gold blonde hair hung loosely down his back. No adornment in it either. He was not his father, and clothes had never moved him quite the way they had his father. But his carriage and step made the look.

Gabe was dressed in a simple silk version of his normal clothing, only change was the leash that was hooked to his collar. The handle was in Tallin's hand. He had insisted on it. There would probably be very few times once they left here that he could be Tallin's slave, fully. So for this one time, he wanted it to be known to the world."

"So, I see we have all gathered. Who would like to go first?"

"Let me be first." Miri stepped forward. "The sooner I can make him my husband, the sooner I can get his collar off him. He is my Soul-Match. And by your laws, free."

Mother Anna just nodded, smiling. "Who has brought this man here to be taken by his lady?"

Kaj and Caytin looked at each other a slightly sad smile on their faces. "We have Mother."

"He will be leaving our lands. If it were just that he was moving far away, it would be one thing, but he is going to be with his lady in her land. You must cast him out."

"Tallin, my son." Kaj picked her words very carefully. "I cast you out, you have no place here anymore. But know this. You are my son, and you will always find welcome and love in my home." And she turned her back on her son.

Caytin followed her lead. But pulling out a small mirror and handing it to her. "We might not be able to look upon him now, but that does not mean we can't watch our son give himself to his lady."

Mother Anna nodded. "And as your people are different from ours Miri, who gives you to this union?"

Thalin stepped forward. "I do, Mother, she is pregnant with his child, he had best be planning to wed my girl."

Tallin looked at him as the old priestess laughed. "She is my soul Father, I couldn't live without her." He then looked at her. "I love you. I will always love you. You are my life. I will always support you and any child you bless me with." He took a single gold cuff and slipped it on her left wrist, squeezing it so it closed, so that it wouldn't fall off.

Miri looked at him. This really wasn't like any wedding she had ever seen. "I said yes last night, because, with saying yes, I knew that nothing your mother's people did for us would ever be called upon as a favor, and we would never owe her anything. But upon our souls becoming one, I discovered something I didn't think I could still do. I found that I knew and could feel love again. And like you, I will protect you, in anyway I can, and if you like children as much as I do, then I will gladly give you scores." She took the other cuff and put it on his left wrist, trying to tighten it, but she just wasn't strong enough.

"Here, beloved, let me." His hands covered hers and helped her to close it. He then went to his knees, and pressed his mouth against her belly. "Hello my daughter. You have no idea how much your papa loves you. But you will soon enough." He stood again hugging her. "I promise you love. No child you ever give me will ever doubt my love for them." He held her head in his hands as he kissed her again.

Caytin moved up, waiting patiently for the two to notice him.

Tallin pulled back. "Cay?"

Caytin calmly took the lock for Tallin's collar, and removed it. Taking a medium thin gold chain and locking it around his throat. Then he, followed by every man in the area, Knelt. "Master." His was the first voice, but the word echoed out through the area.

Tallin grabbed his arm, blushing. "Cay," then even softer. "Papa, please. Don't you think I would like to do nothing more than what you did when you matched souls with my mother? But I can't. I know that. Her people would never allow me to become part of them if I was her slave. Gabe doesn't count. He is my Lover, a slave, and he will be looked at like Miri trying to give me something of my old life, in her taking him as her second consort. He is sterile, so there will never be any doubt who is the father of any child she gives me. I wouldn't care if Gabe weren't a bedwarmer. I would raise his children right along side my own, and never treat any of them different. So please, Cay, don't kneel to me, and please do, not, ever call me master. I can accept it from Gabe. He's my Lover. But not from you, not from my father." He pulled the older man up, going into his arms, forgetting how upset his lady would get at seeing this. He kissed him. "I love you. You are my father, first and foremost. You are my father."

After that, the other mating's, went, smoothly. There was a moment, when Rook became tongue-tied. There, was, a moment's amusement, but other than that, the rest, even Thalin and Zerifenia, went off smoothly.

It took Thalin and Miri a few moments to come up the mark that they thought would be appropriate. Thalin was even touchier about this than Miri was. It was going to be on his hide it was tattooed. They finally decided on the Merican emblem. He was the King after all, and Tallin being the heir's husband was his son in-law.

'Are you sure you want to do this Thalin?" Zerifenia fussed at him. "It is I who is going to serve my ten cycles with you. Longer if possible, but you don't have to do this."

"Yes I do, my lovely little witch. You have given me back more than I could ever tell you. The boy in your womb is not the only thing. Thanks to you and your people, I can see my wife healed. That those of my age are not seen as old, only mature. The Catimine's, I know Kaj says that that is her pleasure. But it will help my people in so many ways. The women who are being sent, they are the hope for tomorrow that just a moon ago, We didn't have. I can't be your slave, but in everything else, I will do my best to be your consort, for as long as you wish to be my lady."

"Well, if that isn't a declaration of love, I don't know what is girl. Hush and let your man do what he can for you." Kaj laughed. "Don't worry Zerifenia, the tattoo, the pain is blocked, Mother Anna might not be able to do it, but there are novice Healers here, close enough to the end of their vow, that the sight of a man's backside will not embarrass them. As long as Thalin doesn't try to do full frontal nudity on them, they should be fine."

Thalin looked at her shocked. "I am going to have trouble enough baring my backside to everyone Kaj, I am not going to run around in the raw and scare little girls."

Zerifenia laughed at him. "You won't be out in the open, Goddess what were you thinking? You will go to a small room, where only I and the Healer who is tattooing you will be." She shook her head. "You thought it would be public, and still you were willing to do this, for me?"

"You have accepted me, as I am. Old, and already married. How else could I hope to make you understand how grateful to you I am?"

"So, Chieftess, is this the man that has the special tattoo?" Jaffrey stood there smiling.

"Good God, she's just a kid." Thalin was beginning to rethink his idea.

"I am also just a few moons from completing my vow, sir. I healed the Chieftesses consort when he was still just a pleasure slave, and he was much more exposed than you will be." She sat down and picked up the ink needles. "It is done on the left upper, outer thigh here, do you wish is elsewhere?"

"No," he muttered as he turned around and began to loosen his pants. He had given Zerifenia his promise, and as embarrassing as this was, he would live up to it.

Steffon touched where Trinna had just tattooed him. "What does it look like Mistress?"

"It is the standard shield and sword that comes from Kaj's house. But it has my name on it, and the title of Healing Priestess with it. So that all who see it, will know that not only do you belong at Kaj's house, but your mistress is the Healing Priestess Trinna."

"It could be worse, you know." Fain stood there, smiling. You could get the standard tat and, a, list a mile long of who your mistress is and who her mother was and so on and so on. It's a big tat. Went from the side of my ass down to my knee, and it is all, the, and so on's.

"Oh I could do that too, but since I'm not the chieftess, I don't have too." She patted Steffon's leg. "We're done here honey, why don't you finish getting dressed. I have such plans for the two of you tonight."

* * *

Thalin caught Kaj and Caytin as they were heading off to celebrate their new wedded state with Fain and Rook. "One moment Kaj, if you would."

"That girl must not be doing something right, if you can slip away from her so easily." Kaj joked. "What is it Thalin, or should I start calling you, Father as your son is my mate and consort?"

"Thalin will be just fine Kaj, start calling me father, and I'll start calling your Daughter. But what I stopped you for was this. Taking the women home, is going to present something of a problem for my people. I have so many women, who have lost their husbands, and boyfriends to either the war, or my own stupidity. And having women come in as slaves, even if it is only for the time of their sentence, is going to make my women begin to wonder, and when a woman wonders in my land, they begin to fear. Slavery is going, to, be practiced full time for the first time in over twelve cycles, we have too. But unlike the last, I want to know what is expected, of a slave, and of a master."

Kaj looked at him for a moment. "Don't we still have that old paper of the laws of mistress and slave, Cay?"

"Yes Mistress, and more than one copy. I pull it out every now and then to refer back to something if I am unclear in a situation."

"Well, before he leaves tomorrow, make sure he gets a copy. They really aren't hard rules to live by Thalin. Our people have been living by them and adapting them as we grew since we first come to this world."

"You go on in Mistress, while I am thinking about it, I will see it done. I am not at all sure I will be in any kind of mindset to think about it tomorrow. My Son is leaving. If it were not for the fact that his lady needs him tonight, I would beg off to spend one last night with him. First Remmy, and now Tallin, I have lost all my son's."

"No you haven't. You have sons all over the place. And you have the one that is growing in my belly now. Tallin is not gone forever. You will see him. Soon if Miri's father knows what is good for him. I meant what I said. He is my son, and I had to cast him out so he could leave, but he will always find love and welcome in my home."

"I have been told that Miri will deliver here, and Reba needs to see one of the Healers. Nine moons, maybe ten, you have my word on it."

* * *

It only took Caytin a moment to locate the small stack of papers, pulling one copy from many. "Here you go, Thalin. Most will stand for she as well as he. On the few that do not work out, my son will be there and he and his lady will help you to adapt them. Just remember this. We will crush the Catimine's for perverting the sacred pact between mistress and slave. We will not hesitate to do the same to you, if you pervert them as they have."

"Before the war, we didn't have quite the system that you do, and there were some problems with abuses, but nothing to the extent that the lightest perversion the Catimine's consider normal."

"Then take them, and, later after you have put Zerifenia to sleep, start reading them. I am head consort of all the slaves, male or female in the Danes. You will, for a time, have to stand as such until our son is old enough to rule. By the time my son's daughter is, it should be standard practice for you as well."

"It will be what ever man that weds her that will be King, Caytin."

"No, my son is giving up most of all that he has grown to know as truth to wed your daughter. Male or Female, the first child born will rule. After her, if she has a son, then he will rule, and his sister will bear the next ruler. But that is how it is going to be. I will not allow you to make my granddaughter into nothing more than a pawn for power."

"That is going to take a little work to get past my council." Thalin warned.

"They will accept it, or Tallin will bring his lady and daughter here, and refuse to return unless they accept it."

Thalin nodded. "You've give me a lot to think about Caytin. Least of all, how I will handle the slavery issue."

"Welcome to the wonderful world of ruling without having a war at your back. Consider them gone. My Mistresses Soldiers and Warriors are already prepared to march. All it will take is an order, and my mistress will give it tomorrow so that they can march with you, protecting all that you have with you."

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