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A Severe Birching

Part 2

Years ago i was 18 at the time in the English Channel Island of Guernsey. I and a lad called John Edwards he was a man really as he was 21.We stole a car there was a purse in the glove box with 5 pounds in it, quite a lot of money in those times. We of course spent it went from pub to pub gave a couple of pounds away and eventually spent the lot so just began driving around. We were pretty drunk and caught the attention of a patrol car. Edwards tried to get away but came to a round about kept going round then crashed i was sick in the car. At the police station Edwards was charged with stealing the car, being drunk in charge driving without license, malicious damage and stealing coin in the sum of five pounds From a Ms Jenny Penny Parish of St Sampson, Foul and abusive behavior.

Apart from the drunk in charge, driving without license.

I was charged with aiding and abetting along with stealing,malicious damage and foul and abusive behavior. In the channel Islands at that time Justice was short swift. (Laws dating back to prince Johns time still Adhered too. Including the right of something called raising the cl amour)

Both Edwards and my self spent the night in cells. So we could be taken before the magistrate the next day. During the night a female police officer opened the cell door looked at us. Was closing it when Edwards, trying to make light of the situation as reality now had us a little scared. Said to me not knowing his voice would carry so much. Fuck i would like to fuck a police woman. The door flew open the officer stood glared at us then slammed the door.

10 am we were in the dock of the local court. Both Edwards and myself standing looking at the magistrate that to me at the time looked at bit like Santa Claus, because of the deeply colored red robes. He had a very red face as well rather like a heavy spirit drinker. These courts were closed to the general public, apart from local journalist witnesses or aggrieved party's. I could see who the reporter was and the two arresting officers were there with the police woman that had checked on us during the night. So i knew the stout middle age woman near the front with the dark haired younger woman must be the aggrieved parties.

The list of charges were read out much to the irritation of the magistrate. He waved his hand saying yes yes i have read the papers. It was then that the police woman stood up and said i would like one other thing taken into consideration.

She then read out from a piece of paper. Word for Word what Edwards had said. At that time such a statement was unheard of especially from a female. I do remember the court was quiet. Till the magistrate looking directly at us for the first time said which one of them said that. The officer said i cant truthfully say which one.

To try and cut this short. Edwards was ordered to make restitution for damage, insurance costs to the car etc. We both worked so it was drip feed as to what he could afford. He was then put on the black list, meaning his photo would be taken blown up to a large head size then duplicated and issued to every pup on the island. Who would by choice and law not serve him, to be in force for one year.

For the theft of coin, Malicious damage and mischief, foul and disgusting behavior.

You will be taken to 12 st peter port place. Your Buttocks Bared and Birched till such time bleeding occurs to such an extent Birching will stop. This birching sentence was fairly rare but was given now and then for serious offenses. Usually it ranged from four strokes for minor offenses to twelve. Edwards was visibly stunned . .

Basically i got the same as Edwards, Ordered to make restitution,and apology black listed. Etc. In the magistrates words i was the younger party who was easily led. I was now standing my guts churning but at the same time wrapped in a strange excitement. I am a masochist but was not aware of it at the time. I felt for sure i would be birched.

Were you the one that made the lewd remark to wards the duty cell officer I just said truthfully that i did not. He looked at his papers a second then said owing to your youth and the circumstances leading you astray. Your buttocks will not be Birched at this time but taken to 12 st peter port place to witness the Birching of the other offender as a lesson deterrent and example of what you can expect if you ever come before this court on serious charges again.

When he said this i did notice the two woman in the front Glaring, in even heard to Jenny Penny woman mutter hes got off with it. the woman police officer at the rear was shaking her head. .She thought i was getting of lightly as well. She also thought seemed convinced i had made the remark about fucking a police woman..

That was that, Edwards and myself were driven in the police van to and through the rear gates of Guernsey prison.

The place was grim to say the least. Edwards was taken one way i was taken to a very large stone floored room. the whole place was stone floored with big thick studded wooden doors. I n the room i was taken too were some battered wooden chairs. I remember the police woman gripping my arm and more or less putting me in a chair then sitting in the one next to it with her arms folded. Then much to my surprise Jenny Penny and the other woman came and occupied a couple of chairs, leaving a couple of empty chairs between me and the police woman. At that time they allowed aggrieved partys to witness a birching so that they were satisfied that it had been carried out. The punishment apparatus at that time was a simple wooden bench about two ft high it sloped down to the front a leather restraint strap fixed in the left and right corners there was a built in wooden hump in or near the center. I remember wondering at the time whether it was a solid carved block or hollow. it then tapered to the back

Other things i now noticed large tall galvanized pales looked a lot like milk churns, These had the birches in them. I had never seen one before at a guess i think there were about 8 of them. From what i could see of the tops looked like they were pretty fresh.

The rest of the room was rather grim.. there were two doors the one i had come in and one in far right corner. A prison officer was standing by the door. The place stunk of urine. They brought Edwards in from the other door. He was holding a Grey towel around his waist. His escort said shower toiletries and medical complete no complications. Edwards was shaking visibly.

They restrained him over the contraption i now saw that the hump part was movable and was positioned for his size and even elevated up a bit his legs were pulled apart and his ankles restrained to bottom corners. They then pulled the towel away and just above his hips they put on him what can only be described as a huge thick leather band about a foot wide it had two eyelets ether side a rope was put though these and pulled tight this in effect jutted his bottom more although its main purpose i was to learn later was to protect his upper back and kidneys. All eyes were now on Edwards bottom the Women were all now sitting cross legged with determined looks on their faces. We were only a few feet away from him could see his face and jaw working. We all looked when a guy dressed in a Grey suit came in fairly well built looked like a church vicar to me if fact thats who i thought he was at first. He was in fact the Governor of the place.

Then he took his jacket and tie off rolled up his shirt sleeve on his right arm, he selected a birch from one of the pails i could see now that they were about three and half foot long consisting of a lot of thin branches or switches. Standing on the other side of the appliance presumably as not to restrict the view of the witnesses. He held the implement as near to end as could and raised it right back over his shoulder twisting his hip slightly to the right then bringing it back and down full force. What amazed me was the coverage one stroke covered most of Edwards bottom masses of little red lines and dots that looked like spots. On the second stroke i remember Edwards calling out sorry sorry missus sorry. So it went on Edwards started burbling crying and managing a feeble bucking movement if not for the restraints i think he would have be bucking up a foot in the air, For some reason tears pouring down his face he kept looking at and calling to the women that he was sorry. Then start screaming like a mad boy. Take too long to go through the whole procedure but it went on for a long time i think 6 birches were used as they started too break up after a while. I know the floor was a mass of broken twigs Edwards bottom was bleeding alright it was split all over it was more or less flayed so much for till bleeding it was bleeding from the start. They took him away again sobbing to see the doctor.

We were all set to go. When the Jenny penny woman said what about this one pointing at me. Hes getting off Scot free. Not really the guy in the Grey suit said he does have to make restitution and is on the black list. Also he was not court ordered a birching. But the Magistrate did not say nothing else should apply,especially if he became a little unruly, not that i want to know he then left.

I want you to say sorry to Ms Jenny penny and Janet said the police woman i already have i said. And i want you to apologize to me for your remark. The Jenny penny woman started up again blister his backside. The police woman grabbed my ear look at me did you make that remark. She was a tall solid woman i was up on my toes.

Partly cause it was hurting and i just wanted her to let go, and at the time thought it was a way of getting back at her. I said alright i made the remark about you and enjoyed it. I will not forget the look in her eyes as you looked into my face.

She let go of my ear and went over to the warden who was still in the room at the door waiting to escort us out. Could not hear what was said but i saw him nod and leave. The police woman sat in one of the chairs. For the lewd remark you made to and about me and boasting about it i am going to give you a sound spanking. Get your trousers and under pants off and over my knee. If not the two women in this room will do it for you. When i did not move she went on.

Let me remind you that in admitting you made the remark. I would like to fuck a police woman, and now boasting that you enjoyed it that you have committed perjury. I could have the warden here contact Judge Thompson. Ms Jenny Penny would raise the clamor demand justice. Believe me within two hours you would find your self over there getting your buttocks Whipped. Thats what we should do Jenny Penny said hes still getting off lightly this way. Don t worry Jenny, i heard the police woman say it wont be too light. Frightened now of getting a birching like Edwards i quickly took my shoes jeans and underpants off. I also became aware of a sexual static both the woman were now sitting with their legs crossed high Jenny Penny i noticed had large thighs could see the suspender clip at the top of her nylons on her right leg, at my age i had only seen that in a mag called spik span. The younger one was also sitting in a similar manner she had a very tight green skirt on i remember that. I know that i reddened and got an erection as the police woman adjusted her skirt and said over boy. Just then the warden came back into the room he had a black canvas rubber soled gym shoe in his hand. O good the police woman said just leave it with Jenny for now. Ok he said i am not supposed to know about this so i will wait outside the door. It began she was strong and had a hard hand full force smacks at a steady pace. I did not want to call out or give verbal indication that it was taking effect so i bit my lip but started wriggling a lot as it had now been going on for about five or more minuets it went on till i really started gasping and writhing. She then paused and i was aware she hitched her skirt up under neigh me and sort of positioned me over her left leg brought her right leg behind mine locking and holding in that manner. The gym shoe please Penny my hand is getting sore. I could feel the womans nylon stocking under me rubbing against an erection i had never experienced before. Then the added feel of the nylon from her other leg. If not for the serious situation and setting i would have had an orgasm.

The gym slipper stung like hell. Like Edward i shouted out sorry missus sorry the rhythm of the spanking and my bucking was causing me to ride the police womans nylon covered thigh under me i was clenching my teeth looking up now and then at Jenny Penny then at her thigh and at the one in the green skirt again i blurted out i was sorry then started hissing though my teeth as she Jenny Penny watched me have an orgasm like i have never had before or since i shuddered a lot. I looked away and started to cry and cry. All up the spanking lasted for about 15 20 minuets. When it was over there was a substantial visible glistening patch like the white of an egg on the top of the police womans left stocking top. I could see the police woman looking at it as she pulled her skirt down. The other two had not missed it ether. But apart from the police womans curt get up and a smirk from Jenny Penny, and silly giggling from the one in the green skirt,they acted like it had not happened. I have never been spanked so long and hard by a women. Still crying and bright red from embarrassment i put my cloths back on. As i heard the police woman say pull yourself together.

The Police woman then called out ready for discharge. A warden came in followed by the governor in his immaculate Grey suit with a large book in his hand it had Crest and HMP CI in gold on the out side. One offender ready for discharge the Warden said. Are the aggrieved party's satisfied. Yes thank you we are Governor Jenny Penny announced. The Governor guy tuned to me and said i hope you have now learn t a lesson a lesson from this experience, and what you have seen will deter you from further ante social behavior. Have you anything to say. Just to say i wont misbehave again Sir then i apologized to Jenny Penny and her friend. Then signed the discharge book there was a bit written in but i just signed. That was it i was escorted out. At the rear of the prison the police woman said you can go now. But if you are ever caught doing anything again i personally will escort you here from the courts and see you get the Whipping you deserve..

Review This Story || Author: Nightshade
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