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Cunt's leson

Part 2

Chapter 2

One of the black men pulled out his huge, semi-erect cock and pushed it through the ring gag to silence the bitch, who started to gag on it as he moved it in and out of her mouth.  A second man, white, came up behind her and shoved two fingers roughly in to her cunt as he stroked his cock with his other hand.  Satisfied that she was ready, he shoved it in balls deep and begins to fuck her without mercy.  The man in her mouth, Alex, groaned loudly and I could see cum spurting out the sides of her mouth.

“Swallow it, cunt.  This is all you are going to get to eat tonight.”

       He pulled his cock out and, gagging on it, she did her best to swallow the rest of the large load in her mouth.  Daniel, the man fucking her tight little pussy slammed into her one last time as her flooded her near-virgin hole with sperm before pulling out and sticking it in her mouth to clean it.  Jason, one of the other white men who had been watching walks around and began to lube himself with the juices from her pussy.  Bending down to look her in the eyes, I said,“Looks like you are about to get your first cock in your ass, cunt.”

       She screamed around the cock in her mouth as Jason pushed the head of his big cock into her virgin ass, groaning at its tightness.  As he started to fuck her ass, I took a Hitachi wand to her clit and she had her first orgasm on a real cock just as Jason exploded inside of her.  After resting for a moment, he moved to her mouth like Daniel did and I chuckled as she gagged.  Kevin, the other black man, now had a raging hard-on and moved up behind cunt, rubbing the head of his cock along her dripping slit as I kept the wand applied to her clit.  He pushed the head in slowly, then rammed the remaining eleven inches in to the hilt.  Once again she screamed and was quickly silenced by another white cock in her mouth.  As she was fucked, I was driving her from one orgasm to another and soon she was slurping on the cock in her mouth of her own free will, as best she could around the gag.  As Kevin drove his cock in deep and spurted his load all over her insides, I whispered in her ear,

“I know you arent on birth control, cunt.  How would you feel about a little black baby growing in your belly?”

       Her body language changed to panic, her will to struggle renewed and I was forced to tie her from the waist, thighs and upper arms in addition to her wrists and ankles to keep her still.  Kevin, cock still hard, walked around in front of her and shoved his cock down her now available throat and I could see her muscles visibly contract.  Much to my excitement, Alex was hard again and moved around behind her, wetting his cock on her dripping, swollen pussy before attempting to shove its massive girth in to her ass.  I motioned for Kevin to vacate her cunt for a moment so I could hear her screams as Alex pushed all 2.5” of his girth past her first defenses.  Once that had been breeched, he slowly (so as to inflict more pain) pushed all of his thirteen inches deep in her ass.  As he fucked her ass, she found yet another cock pushed in to her mouth and I ordered her to suck it while her mouth and ass were being fucked.

“If you dont keep sucking, he will tell me cunt, and you will be caned again.  The faster you can make them cum, the more you get to eat tonight.”

       Her cheeks puckered and I could tell that she was sucking.  The first time she let up, I laid four hard swats to her ass with a cane so thin I almost broke skin.  As she opened her mouth wider to scream, he pushed his cock down her throat and coated it with his cum.  Amazingly, Alex was still plowing into her ass and continued to do so for several minutes before he pulled it out and shoved it deep in her pussy to shoot his load.  I rubbed her belly and held the wand to her clit once again, saying,

“Thats it.  Cum on that huge black cock as it impregnates you, whore.”

       At this point, I decided to untie her and move her to the couch, forcing her to straddle and take a large white cock up her pussy before a second one was rammed into her raw little ass.  A third was pushed into her mouth and I bound her arms behind her back as they began to fuck her harder and harder.  Kevin came over next to her and began to jack off, slapping her face with his heavy cock and spurting another huge load all over her freshly shaved head.  After the man in her pussy shot his load inside of her, he pulled out his cock to allow the man in her ass to slam in to her baby hole so he could flood her with his sperm as well.  When the last cock had exploded in her mouth, the men began to clean themselves up and I re-bound her to the bench, taping the wand so that it was right on her clit.  The first round of guys thanked me and left right around 10pm.  I knew the second group would be there around 10:30 or 11, and so I decided to have some fun with her in the mean time.  I removed the gag and offered her water.  Running my hands over her ass, I said,

“I bet you feel pretty raw, dont you cunt?”

She whimpered, afraid to speak.

“Its not over yet.  You didnt get enough to eat, I can tell.  There will be another group here shortly.  Will you kneel and suck each one off willingly?”

“Never, you sadistic bitch!” She snarled, the first words she had said since she was abducted.

“Such language, cunt.  You feel that toy on your clit?  Its made you cum over and over tonight, but now it is just teasing you.  You will not be allowed to cum again until you have sucked off every man in the next group and swallowed all of their cum.  Now, I have something for you to drink.  It will help you relax.” I chuckled at the last statement as I pushed a straw in to a bottle of a specially mixed aphrodisiac drink, designed to turn her in to a drooling nympho.  Not having had anything but cum to drink all day, she downed it quickly, not realizing what it will do to her.  Putting the bottle away, I removed my pants and, putting one foot up on a chair, placed my own pussy right in her face.

“While we wait, you can have what you are used to, cunt.  I want you to lick it.”

       She hesitated and so I grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved her face in to my pussy, ordering her once again to lick it and again she silently refused.

“Alright, cunt.  I tried to go easy on you for a little while, but no more.”

       I put my pants back on and proceeded to lay into her back with two, nasty rubber floggers that left her skin bright red.  I replaced the clover clamps on her nipples and made sure the wand was secure.  By the time the second round of guys showed up, she was already turning purple.  This time, it was a group of all black men I had chosen especially for this.  She was already sweating and squirming on the wand as the men removed their clothing and took their seats.  I walked over and knelt down in front of her.

“How are you doing, cunt?  Need to cum yet?”

“Yes.” she whimpered quietly.

“What was that, cunt?”

“Yes, I need to cum!”

“You know what you have to do.  If you suck off each of these big black studs and swallow it all, you will be allowed to cum.”

       She nodded, and I removed her binds and helped her to all fours, leading her over to the first huge cock.  She took the tip in her mouth and sucked half-heartedly for a moment before he grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved his cock down her throat and held it there as she gagged on it.

“See, cunt.  If you dont do it, this is what happens.  When he lets you up, I expect you to put some effort into it.”

       He let go of her head and she began to suck and bob, starting to really get in to it just as he held her head down on it and shot his load in to her mouth.  A bit more eagerly than I had anticipated, she crawled over to the next guy and took his huge cock in her mouth. This time, I could see her cheeks pucker as she sucked.  As he got close, I ordered her to sit back and open her mouth wide so that he could jack off in to her mouth.  He aimed so that it went directly down her throat and while she gagged a little, she swallowed all of it before moving on to the next.  In about forty five minutes, she was done and visibly aroused.  Dameon, the first guy she sucked off, was now hard again.

“Cunt, I want you to sit on his cock facing away from him and take it all up your ass.  If I am going to train you to be a good little anal whore, you need to get used to it.”

       Slowly, she moved to sit on the huge cock, spreading her ass cheeks gently as she did so. When she had taken about two inches of it up her ass, he grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her down on it, causing her to scream once again.  I picked up the wand and walked over to her.

“Ride it, cunt.” I ordered her, holding the wand just over her clit.  She began to move and as she moved more and more on her own, I pressed the wand on to her clit harder and harder until she was genuinely moaning with pleasure.  As she neared her own peak, a second cock was pushed in to her mouth and she suckled greedily on it, forgetting that just a few hours ago she had refused.  She orgasmed hard as Dameon shot his load up her ass and Aaron filled her mouth once again with his cream.  As she sat on the cock catching her breath, I removed the wand from her clit and asked,

“Did you enjoy that, cunt?”

“Yes.” Was her answer.

“From now on, cunt, it is yes Miss or Mistress.  Understood, cunt?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Good.  Now, I want you to go straddle Mike, the one laying on the couch, and take his cock in your pussy.  You are going to get three huge black cocks, cunt.”

       She looked scared, but got up to move to the one on the couch, lowering her hungry cunt down on to the cock with a groan.  Once she was settled, the next guy moved up behind her and slowly pushed his huge, throbbing cock deep in her ass.  She whimpered in pain briefly before a third huge cock was shoved in to her mouth.  This time, I could actually see her fuck back as they pounded all three of her holes, and I would swear she looked disappointed when they shot their loads inside of her.  When she was once again empty, I moved her back to the bench to take the remaining six men in her pussy.  When they left around 3am, her ass and mouth were raw and her cunt was dripping cum.  I untied her and bound her kneeling at my feet.

“You are now nothing more than my worthless little cunt, a filthy little cum-dump for men to use.  And you are a whore.  What you didnt know was that those men paid me quite handsomely for the use of your holes, and that men will continue to pay me to fuck my property.  I even have some one who is ready to take you on to do porn once your belly starts to get big, and you know it will.  You have so much cum in there today, and there is no telling who knocked you up.”

       She whimpered and I grinned, enjoying her suffering.  As she was sweaty, covered in cum and starting to smell bad, I had her crawl back out to the hose in the cold and sprayed her down, shoving the hose roughly into her pussy to flush her out as well.  Feeling particularly sadistic, I once again inserted the hose in her mow rather loose ass and filled it with ice cold water.

“You better hold it all in there, bitch.  If you let it come out or get it on me, you wont be dried off before bed.  And its going to be a cold night in that barn.”

       She squirmed and moaned in pain as her belly hung farther and farther down, filled with icy water.  Finally satisfied, I removed the hose and ordered her to continue holding in the water.  With one hand, I stroked her belly, saying,

“Look down at your belly, cunt.  This is what you are going to look like for me.  And your tits will grow with the milk for the baby after I have those ridiculous implants removed.  Mmm, yes, cunt, you might actually be hot with a big swollen belly.  If you can learn to obey me without my having to use potions on you.”

       Finally, I allowed her to go squat around the side of the building to relieve herself, listening to her grunts and groans as she did so.  Once the little bitch was empty, I dried her off, bound her to the hay bale in the barn with her legs spread and shoved two good sized dildos into her holes, locking them in place with a belt.  Then, securing a small penis gag into her mouth and replacing her blindfold, I went to find something to eat before bed.  I felt good, like I was making some progress with her and after counting the money from the evenings activities, I was very pleased with myself.  As I lay in bed, drifting off to sleep, I had no idea what kind of trouble I was in for in the morning.

Review This Story || Author: FierySadist
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