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Bonnie - Her Brother\'s Slave - Volume II

Part 2

Bonnie - Her Brothers Slave - Vol. II

Chapter # 2

by Lewis Chappelle

Marge was looking for love and, she was eager to find it with Bonnie who was sprawled out naked in the back of the van parked down the street from the bar, just as Mom had promised. Marge was mesmerized. As soon as the doors on the back of the van were closed, Bonnie knocked her out with a big whiff of ether and then injected her with a shot of a debilitating drug that would wipe away any recollection of her recent experience, and perhaps even more than that.

Skippy saw the unconscious girl when Bonnie arrived with her back at the mansion with her, and he was sure he had a winner. He called the intermediary to come to the compound to check the girl out and make sure he was on the right track with Marge. Skippy told the go-between it would take up to three, or even as many as five months, to train the girl properly, and that prices for such a prize had gone up to seven hundred thousand dollars.

When the agent saw Marge laying naked in the isolation cage, unconscious, he was absolutely delighted with her, and said he was going to call his employer immediately to advise him of the good news.

After a brief discussion, he sounded excited; “Yes, the girl would be perfect. The price was satisfactory as long as she was in flawless condition upon delivery,” he said.

Skippys started his indoctrination process immediately. He posted a message on the placard next to her cell which simply said, “You are our slave girl in training! You will not get any food or water unless you cooperate with us.” There was a sketch of a skull and cross bones underneath the writing.

What Marge didnt know was that Skippy had a low light, motion sensitive camera, as well as audio devices, trained on the inside of the cage, running all the times.

Marge was frightened. No one came to see her or give her food for twenty- four hours. Marge had no idea what time it was, or even what day it was.

There was a bucket in the corner for her to use if she needed to relieve herself. Actually, she threw up in the bucket from a reaction to the drugs she had been given. She was one beautiful girl, yet a very sick chick; hungry, cold and without a friend in the world.

Late on the second day of her captivity, Skippy came into the cell room wearing a mask. He brought a dish of cold oatmeal and water. He lewdly offered her his cock through the cage bars. She was so sick she didnt know what was expected of her, so she just turned away. He put the food, such as it was, out of her reach and left the cell.

Skippy returned early the next day. Same routine. She screamed at him when he offered his cock to her. This time he pointed to her ass. She refused. He departed leaving her screaming full throat. But, he did leave a large unopened bottle of water nearby the cell as he didnt want her to dehydrate. She drank it all after he left. And, she did begin to see that he was her only chance for survival, which was the true beginning of her conditioning as a slave.

By the fourth day, Marge was eager to spread her ass cheeks in exchange for some real food. Skippy lubed her and aggressively fucked her ass through the cage bars. She held herself in place for him and didnt resist. He gave her hot food and more water for the first time in many days. But, the water was drugged and she lost consciousness quickly. When she awoke she was sick and crampy. He motioned to her on his next visit that he had a pill which would make her feel better. She took it and felt immediate relief.

Marge was beginning to appreciate Skippy as her savior not her captor. The Stockholm effect was in play.

The next day he made her suck him off. She was in quite a compliant mood ,but lacked good cock sucking technique. He would find an appropriate training technique to fix that! Hs spoke to her for the first time.

“Listen slut, you need some experience sucking cock. From now on you will get your liquids from this hose. As you can see, it has a cock-like nipple on it. You will have to get that cock deep in your mouth and suck on it to get whatever liquid we put into it at the other end. Being a competent cock sucker is vital to your ultimate survival and success as a slave girl; so get good at it, and be learn quickly, because if you dont, you will be punished.”

Skippy quickly stepped out of the cell to let her think of the penalty that could come of his demand. He monitored her progress and was satisfied with what he saw. The next time he went into the cage room, he motioned Marge over to the small opening to the cage and raised the slotted door.

“Im going to put chains around your ankles and pull you out of the cage. Then, once out of the cage, I want you to lay on your back and spread you legs so I can fuck you. Dont make this difficult or you will regret it,” he said.

Marge was repulsed by the threat, but resigned herself to the idea that she would be fucked without a struggle. As she was being dragged through the small opening, legs first, she just hoped that he would fuck her fast. When her legs were unshackled, she raised them back over her shoulders. Skippy spread k-y jelly on her dry cunt and entered her roughly.

“Thats a good slave. I hope you begin to like being fucked in all three holes, because thats the primary job of a sex slave. Youll be in demand a lot around here. Soon, Bonnie will introduce you to the “lucky seven,” and they will fuck you and expect you to respond to them for as long as Bonnie lets them. Dont struggle against them, because they will hurt you if you do,” he said. “I can protect you only so far and then the others take over. Im your most valuable ally around here.

As circumstances for Marge were soon to change, unbeknownst to Skippy, his threat never came to fruition and he continued, “Until they get here though, Im going to help you remember just how important your tongue is when you suck cock. Get your hands behind your back,” he said. Marge, by now, was very compliant and she did as he had demanded. “Stick you tongue out for me.” She did that as well.

Skippy loved the complicated Japanese Clover Clips, because they looked so awesome and could be adjusted to hold tight. He snapped one end of the clips on her tongue, pulled it further from her lips, and secured it to a hook in the wall. Marge literally stood on her toes.

After ten minutes, Marges calves were aching, and her mouth was full of saliva. For good measure, Skippy pulled her nipples and told her that this position would be used on her anytime any of the guests complained about her cock sucking ability. Her moaning indicated that she got the point quickly but, to make sure, Skippy kept her stretched out for another ten minutes. He made her crawl back in her cage for the night.

Marge had never witnessed another slave being whipped, and Skippy wanted to have her see what that might be like if she misbehaved.  He trumped up a charge against Bonnie and made her confess to it.  A whipping in the SQ would be the punishment.

Skippy attached clips to Bonnies nipples and pulled her to the entrance of the SQ. Jane open the door for them and led them to the dungeon. Skippy pulled Marge through the small door to her cage again, and tied her wrists and elbows together for the trek to the dungeon. The other two slaves in training were waiting along with Bonnie and Jane in the dungeon when he got there.

“Slave, you probably have seen my Sister here in the Slave Quarters by now,” He said to Marge. “Well, she has confessed to a serious offense against me and as punishment, she will be whipped with this single tail whip.

“Slave j, will start the process and these others will finish the job. Bonnie will be hung from the rafters and spread wide so that the whip can reach every area of her body. She will be gagged so we wont here her cries for mercy.

“Slave, do you understand just how easily I can have you punished in the same way if you misbehave?” he asked her.

“Yes, Master, I do understand you are in control here, and a poor slave girl is at your mercy. Believe me I will obey your every wish and impulse,” she responded with a quaking voice.

Skippy motioned for Jane to come to him. He told her quietly she was only allowed eight strokes on Bonnie so she must space them out and that the other slaves would only get five apiece for a total of eighteen. Furthermore, the slaves were not allowed to whip Bonnies tits; those were for him to abuse.

“And, now slave j, I see you have Bonnie all in place. Take the single tail and begin to whip her. If Im not satisfied, you will get a whipping from me that you will not soon forget. So, get to it.”

“You, slave, whoever you are, get over here and pleasure my cock while Im being entertained,”  he bellowed to the shortest of the other two slaves. He had Marge wincing in pain as he clipped her nipples with the set of clips Jane had just take off of Bonnie. The whipping began slowly.

The End of Volume II  Chapter # 2  

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Note # 2: I expect to contribute several additional chapters to this story in the next few weeks.

Note # 3: The author claims copyright protection for the work published above, and any derivative work, under the provisions of the Berne Convention as signed by the USA in 1989.  LC

Review This Story || Author: Lewis Chappelle
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