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Review This Story || Author: Tor Melati

The Pog Farm

Chapter 4

THE POG FARM.                   BY   TOR MELARTI


Rogers fingers trembled as he withdrew the golden chastity devise from Marys juicy cunt. From the light of his torch he could see the dildo like object was about 12 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. He had the foresight to slip it into his rucksack as it looked like a valuable piece of equipment. Now that he had released her from the object, she was once again bucking about and screaming her head off.

Roger wacked her butt with his hand to quieten her down a bit but the sight of this young naked girl, spread wide open, increased the excitement and lust that was building up inside him. Her tight little pussy lips had closed up as soon as he had removed the object. Roger placed the bulging head of his penis against her soft defences and slowly forced himself between those soft folds and into her tight little cunny. “Ahhhh!” He yelled with satisfaction as he drove his member deeper and deeper. “Girl you are such a tight fuck!”  The girls fluids were lubricating his solid dick but it still took some effort to pump it in and out. Soon though, he  was savouring the wonderful tightness around his greedy cock.”Girl you are the Fuck of my life!” he gasped.

Now she had stopped thrashing about as he got down to a smooth steady stroke. The girl seemed to be responding by spreading her legs wider and pushing her bottom towards his plunging solid member. She was clearly starting to get excited and beginning to emit little gasps and screams. He could feel the start of his own massive climax beginning to build, when suddenly all hell broke loose. A red flash was followed by a sharp pain that speared into his naked buttock. He yelled and for a moment was frozen from the shock of a sudden electric charge. He was deep inside the girls cunt and realized that most of the charge that he had been attacked with had passed down to her, for she became rigid for a second and then collapsed into unconsciousness.

He fell backwards, his rock hard dick reluctantly sliding from the girls succulent pussy. As he hit the ground he rolled sideways onto his front and as he looked up he caught a quick flash of a figure approaching at lightning speed. The blue moonlight was weak but he could see his opponent was small in stature and appeared to be holding weapons in both hands. He felt around and grasped a small branch from the forest floor and just managed to get to his knees before his enemy was upon him.

                              *                                        *                                       *

Sandy had arrived at the edge of the clearing just in time to witness the attack on Jenny, by a monstrous looking man. She had just settled into a good position when she observed the dark figure rush forward and deliver a blow to the back of her friends head. Sandys first impulse was to dash in and save Jenny, but she quickly realized that she needed a plan. On her utility belt she had five items, a torch, a pair of knife gloves , a stun gun and an alarm flair. Considering she had to act now, alone, she would have to disable this monster with her stun gun. However it was only really accurate up to 20mtrs so Sandy decided to slowly close the distance before firing her one and only shot at the evil bastard. Her hatred for upright men was stronger than her fear of them. They had been taught in school that their only goal in life was to rape and murder any female they came in contact with. Her teachers had been right, she could now see with her own eyes just how dangerous they are. She was determined to ensure that he doesnt go any further, so with a steely resolve she edged her way towards her target.

She was in luck. The vile creature had now turned his back towards her, and lowered his trousers. She now had a fantastic pair of hairy white targets to aim at. Sadly she realized that Mary was being raped by this monster. Her jealousy had dissipated and now she only wanted to save her from any serious harm. She donned the knife gloves and tested the mechanism. As she fisted, the short knives protruded about 3 inches and when she opened her hands again they returned to their hidden positions. Happy with the shorter distance, Sandy took a deep breath and ignited the flare which shot into the air with a woosh! Simultaneously, she fired her stun gun at his lunging bottom and satisfied that her aim was true, dropped the weapon and leapt forward to attack her target.

                                     *                              *                                *

Mary couldnt believe what was happening. An exciting evening with her friend had turned into a nightmare! One second, Jenny had been between her parted thighs sucking and kissing her sensitive pussy and the next thing she knew, she was being attacked by a monstrous upright man.  The tall dark figure appeared from nowhere and after clubbing and tying up her friend had proceeded to rob her of her pussy rod. She gasped as the man dropped his trousers and revealed a huge erect penis. In her mind she compared it with her Pogs  enormously impressive member that she had actually been stroking earlier in the day.  She decided It was very similar in size and looked as solid as her animals had been.

The realization that she was about to have this huge object plunged into her pussy caused her to panic and thrash about, but he held her little bottom tightly and placing the tip of his cock against her tight cunny lips, firmly eased it into her juicy slot.  Mary screamed through her gag as it felt as if her body was being split into two. She was wet from her friends attentions and this probably saved her from being seriously injured by this awful rapist. Within seconds she was being fucked at a steady pace, his meaty cock, rock hard, plunging back and forth. Mary gasped for air and tried to understand the amazing sensations that were passing through her body.

Both Jenny and herself enjoyed bondage games and Mary now realized that, what was happening to her was the ultimate in humiliation. One part of her brain was horrified that her most precious possession was being taken away whilst the other part lusted after this kind of domination. She spread herself wider and tried to meet the monsters cock so that it could reach new depths within her. A gigantic sensation had just started to well up in her groin when a searing pain flashed through her body. For the second time that afternoon Mary had received a powerful electric shock and this time she completely lost consciousness.

    *                            *                                *

Sandy covered the short distance to her quarry in a flash and attempted to deliver a vicious flying kick to the head of the crouching figure. The steel toe cap of her leather boot made contact, but it was just a glancing blow.  She was clear of the ground as she made contact and managed to land behind her assailant. He fell sideways, and began to roll towards her and as she turned to confront him again he grabbed her ankle. His huge hand wrapped around her left boot, unbalancing her, so she lashed out again with her right.

“Fucking hell!” The man cursed as he took a second blow to his face, and the grip on Sandys ankle was released. “Come here you little cunt!” He gasped, as he closed in on her. She didnt wait for him to grab her again, instead she closed her fists and stabbed out at the flailing figure. Her right hand made contact with one of his arms and she felt the satisfying sensation of slicing flesh. “Ahrrrrrrrrrrrr!” He screamed  “You little bitch you are dead!” Sandy retreated a couple of steps to see if she could get a clearer view of the damage she had caused.

Although both of them were dressed in black Sandy had a huge advantage as her assailant was struggling to retrieve  his trousers and she could clearly see his movements as he circled around her. She crouched down and as he turned in her direction she sprang forward going in low.  Sandy had been counting on the element of surprise but he was ready and dropped on top of her before she made contact with him. In one swift movement he grabbed both her ankles and hauled her up so that she was dangling upside down, facing away, in front of him. He now had a perfect view between her legs as her black rubber skirt had fallen down around her arm pits.

“Bloody hell! I have never seen such beautiful little cunts in my life!” He exclaimed.

“Let me go you stupid animal!” She screamed.

“Not before I have fucked your little pussy!” He raged at her. He twisted her round, and as he did, Sandy saw her chance, fisted again, and lashed out with both of her blades. The stupid man had forgotten that his trousers were still at half mast and was revealing a huge erection and two swollen balls to his slightly built captive. She slashed out with both of her blades, Just catching him above the knee but his arms were longer than hers and he dumped her onto the ground. He cursed again as he delivered two vicious kicks to her crumpled body. From his bag he took some bandages and dressed his arm and leg wounds, all the time cursing the comatose figure.

Roger worked fast to strip the girl of her black rubber outfit. Once she was completely naked he laid her on her front and pulled her arms under her body, lifting her naked bottom into the air, and then bound her wrists to her ankles. After gagging her, he untied the other two girls and repeated the process with each of them. Within minutes he had a trio of succulent pussies to feast his eyes on. He was desperate to fuck the little kung-fu kicker so he spread her cunt lips and after snipping her fanny rings he slid out the chastity devise.

His penis had remained hard since it had slipped out of the first girls cunt, and now he guided it into a new virgin pussy. She was dry and tight but Roger drove it in as deep as he could before starting to piston fuck the little bitch. She needed punishing for cutting him, and his anger gave him a powerful determination. As he pounded the girl she began to moan as she regained consciousness. He rested his hands on the naked bottoms either side and his fingers and thumbs began to explore the other girls orifices. On the left lay the girl he had already partially fucked and he soon filled her juicy cunt with two probing fingers. On his right he was unable to finger fuck the girl so he shoved a couple of fingers into her anus.

The combination of triple fucking these girls brought on the mother of all explosive climaxes and Roger reached a level of experience that he could only normally dream about. His thick seed filled the girls pussy as he ejaculated over and over again. When he finally withdrew, a stream of white cream began to flow from her empty cunt.  He gasped with excitement as he bent down and removed the third golden devise from the next inviting  pussy.  He had had a starter and main course. Roger now wanted desert! But first, a little punishment was on the menu. All three girls had now regained consciousness and he was sure they would all appreciate a little chastisement!

“Now my little bitches, what do these little pert bottoms need?” He asked his three prisoners, knowing they couldnt answer. He ran his hands over their soft smooth arses and laughed as they were beginning to buck and scream through their gags. “Ah, whats that? A thrashing? OK lets see what I can find!” He laughed as he addressed the bound girls.

From the light of his torch he found a flexible branch and standing with one leg either side of the first girl he began to thrash her upturned bottom. Swishhhhhh! The  stick struck the cheek of her bottom with a satisfying crack, causing the girl to buck and scream even more. “Whats  the matter little cunny? I thought this is what you wanted!” He laughed and continued to lay more strokes onto her tight little arse. Some blows fell right down the centre of her narrow arse crack punishing her most intimate spots and soon her screams became relentless. He counted twenty strokes lengthways and then another twenty crossing those at ninety degrees. By the time he had beaten all three bottoms he was sweating profusely, but more importantly was once again rock hard.

Entering the third cunt was as delightful as masturbating with a velvet glove as her pussy was dripping wet. The beating must have really turned her on and Roger began to enjoy this girls responding cunt muscles as he drove into her tight cunny. Suddenly he became aware of distant sounds. Cursing, he stopped fucking and withdrew from her cunt. He stood up and listened for the sounds. Dogs! Somehow an alarm had been raised and they were probably out searching for these girls. Roger quickly pulled up his trousers, gathered his kit together, and after a final look at the beaten, bobbing pussies  slipped away into the dark forest.

                                 *                          *                             *

Jayne saw the red flair first, just as they were approaching a second chariot that was parked beside the gravel roadway. Eve steered to a stop beside the other and they dismounted from the rear. “Hello Greta” Jayne said as she joined the small group of girls chatting beside the chariot. Greta was one of the three farm commanders and was in charge of the southern defences. She struck an imposing figure dressed in her camouflage battle fatigues and knee length leather boots. 180cm tall and solidly built, she struck fear into her troops with her commanding and aggressive attitude.

“Jayne! Youve arrived just in time. Did you see the flare over in sector ten?” She asked

“Yes.” She replied “Do you have any troops over on that section?”

“Not at the moment, I have sent an order to move a squad and some hounds down the fence and into that area of the forest. I have Pogs saddled and ready to go Jayne, so lets get over there and find out whos in trouble.”

She led Jayne and Eve over to a second group attending to their rides and immediately recognized Gretas elite troops by their distinctive maroon rubber outfits. The six gladiatorial women were waiting patiently for their orders and watched as they examined each other weapons. Jayne joined them as they each mounted one of the Battle Pogs. Soon the group of ten had pounded across the meadow  and on reaching the edge of the forest, began to fan out as they started their search.

                                 *                          *                             *

Roger retraced his footsteps looking for the path by which he had entered the forest. The trail looked familiar as he headed in the direction of his hidden camp but after stumbling around for a while he had to accept that he was lost. He ploughed on keeping the sound of the dogs behind him and  hoped that he would be able to eventually out run them.

Review This Story || Author: Tor Melati
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