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Review This Story || Author: Mia Sharona

Little Girl Ass Wipes

Chapter 6 Missy the Star

* Parts 1 and 2 of our story saw Missy, a 9 year old girl join the chic and
fashionable all girl club the AWs. All its members were grade school girls with
a lot of money and style. They also all seemed to lack any supervision by their
parents. Missy discovered they had some rather kinky secret ceremonies, which
included eating shit and watching little girl scat videos. Missy agreed to star
in one such video and found herself in the private studio being shit on by her
4th grade teacher dressed as a nun, her 11 grade school aged girl friends, while
being filmed by an all woman lesbian camera crew directed by their Club Leader
Miss Kimberly.

                               Chapter Six
                             Missy the Star

    Lying beneath the 5th girl on the desk in the set of the classroom, Missy
began to feel ashamed. She had already allowed her Teacher Miss Ashworth and 3
of her new friends to use her mouth as a toilet. Already moist semi-firm
excrement lay about her hair and blouse, and coated her face especially around
her mouth. Her own panties were filled with shit that seemed very squishy
between her asscheeks and up her vaginal crack. On Mary's encouragement, she had
started swallowing some of it as it erupted out of the little girls assholes, in
an attempt to get used to the disgusting job as a matter of professionalism. She
no longer squirmed to avoid it as Mia squatted down and placed her straining
anus near Missy's wide open mouth. Though deeply ashamed, she would not show it.
She would take it and show her friends she was worthy of their trust.

    "Ayee!" Mia said letting fly with an explosion of farts and runny stool into
Missy's mouth. It quickly filled to over-flowing as Missy choked down another
swallow. Mia looked down between her legs as she continued to allow a long rope
of brown bile to cover Missy's face from forehead to chin. "You like?" the sweet
Japanese Mia grinned down, her eyes sparkling with merriment. "It not so bad.
Taste like mung bean and curd soup to me. Only it really tongue bean and turd
soup." Mia laughed at her little pun.

   The Twins Sunny and Dawn were always featured together as part of their
novelty, and both girls mounted the desk next at once. Standing on either side
of Missy's head they lowered their naked white butts together above Missy's
face. Looking up she saw two identical assholes parallel to her eyes just above
her still sputtering mouth. By now the shit was piling up around her face and
she constantly had to clear her nose to breath. They smiled down at her with
their pearly white teeth, their china blue eyes and curly blond hair. "You know,
you are the best pledge we have had in some time." whispered Dawn.

  "Yeah" added Sunny. "By now most new girls are puking and begging to go home."
With that they splattered her in a twin fountains of fast running shit geysers,
burying Missy till her face was no longer even visible in any part. Missy
sputtered and gagged, pushing enough shit from her face to gulp a little air
before being buried again by more shit..

  Missy rose up as the twins climbed down from the desk. Shit dribbled down the
front of her catholic schoolgirl uniform. Her hair was thickly matted in it and
her face a gooey mess. Although none could see it through the brown mush she was
weeping. "How much more?" missy's voice trembled.

  Lying back down she went into a semi trance. Ass after ass, mouthful after
mouthful of shit, till at last she felt hands shaking her and pulling her
upright. "Missy? Missy? We are done. Congratulations you took all 12 of us!"
Miss Ashworth beamed , looking angelic in her Nun's habit.

     Missy rubbed the shit from her eyes staring round the room. The cameras
were still rolling, Miss Kimberly the director sat in her folding cloth chair
with a riding crop in her snatch and her pants at the tops of her riding boots.
 "Cut." Miss Kimberly shouted. "Very good girls. That was top shelf material.
But we need a climax to the film now.."

  "Not more shitting on me.." Missy begged.

  "No sweetie." said Miss Kimberly. None of the Cast have any left. You ate
about half of it. It was absolutely amazing. I've never seen a girl so small eat
so much shit in one shooting. And all in a continuous take. The guys who buy
this stuff look for cuts in film as a sign of time lapse. They pay more if its a
continuos shot."
  Walking around the set with pants still at her knees Miss Kimberly looked at
the massive pile of shit dripping from the school desk. She looked at the 11
girls still holding up their skirts with their bottoms still runny and unwiped. 
She looked at the Nun and at last little Missy, who more resembled a New Guinea
Mudman than a little girl.

   "OK. Miss Ashworth. In the next scene you lick Missy clean, including her own
shit she still carries in her pants. You direct the girls to form a circle
around you,  ass to mouth to ass to mouth in a chain, and lick each others
assholes clean. That seems like a grand conclusion to the movie."

  "Oh Goodie!" the AW girls exclaimed as the camera again began to roll.

   Miss Ashworth clapped her hands together. "Girls. Young Missy has taken her
penance and is forgiven. Let us never forget,..."

   "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." all the girls said in unison.
 "Very good. Now I will clean little Messy Miss Missy as part of my duties as
the adult present. You girls may form a circle around us and clean the girl
ahead of you with your mouth. Make sure you leave no trace of brown in or out of
her pucker. We wouldn't want your girl friend to get a sore bottom from poor
wiping would we?"

   "No Miss Ashworth." the girls again said in unison. The Nun set a chair in
the empty space near the blackboard and lead Missy by the hand.
 "Kneel in the chair child." The Nun directed.

    Missy put her knees on the seat and held the back of the chair against her
breast, leaning forward. Miss Ashworth lifted the young girls brown streaked
plaid green dress revealing panties once white, but long since fully stained in
yellow and brown. Shit was beginning to dry around the leg openings and the rear
panel bulged with a  puss full load.

  "Ahh what beauty." The Nun marveled as she slowly lowered the messy garment to
the child knees. Missy's ass was much like her face. Absolutely caked with a
half inch of mushy yellowish brown shit that had long since plastered itself to
her skin. The Nun leaned forward burying her face in the mess, slurping, sucking
and chewing. Her hands, her face and her uniform quickly became covered in
sliding dribbles and sloppy brown trails of slime blobs. "Oh its delicious." she
 The 11 other children formed a ring around Missy and the Nun, as each child  on
her knees bent forward to part the ass cheeks of the child ahead of her with her
hands. Soon they were deeply tonguing each others shitty assholes in an unbroken
daisy chain. As the Camera panned away Miss Kimberly orgasmed.."OOOOOOOhhhhhhhh!
Cut! CUT! My goodness!" A cheer rose from the entire camera crew. Comments
murmured round the room. "Best ever!" and "Award winning." and "A masterpiece!"

Review This Story || Author: Mia Sharona
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