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Bullying Cindy

Part 3

Bullying Cindy 3

Cindy barely had the time to spit out the nettles and remove them from her bra and panties. Her body was on fire and through the pain she already felt the heat in her cunt build up. Just as she thought about masturbating for what would have been the first of many times today her mother came home. Cindys teacher had called her at work and asked her to come over to talk. Moms face was deep red with anger. As soon as she saw Cindy she slapped her hard.

Cindy pulled down her pants and panties. Her mother bent her over the table roughly and started spanking her with her bare hand. Soon enough her hand ached and she grabbed the belt from Cindys jeans and brought it down hard on her ass. Cindy sobbed and cried all through her punishment and yet felt her cunt tingle with every slap. Once her mother was done she ordered Cindy to kneel in the corner and left saying she had some things to get to take care of Cindy. Her ass felt like it was on fire and her cunt was burning too for other reasons. It was then her brother came home from football practice.

Cindy almost told the truth but bit her tongue.

Her brother laughed hard.

Cindy just shook her head. Her brother walked up behind her then pulled her head back by her hair and spat in her face.

He playfully kicked Cindys ass and walked away leaving Cindys mind racing.

For the rest of the day Cindy had to stay on her knees and when she finally was allowed to go to her room she wrote a full report in her blog like a good slut and then masturbated only once since she was too tired. She fell asleep with her hands still between her thighs thinking about what the next day might hold for her.

Cindy awoke the next morning when her mother dragged her out of her bed and to the bathroom. Her brother awoke from the commotion and leaned in the door to watch. Mom had already a large enema bag ready.

Cindys mother roughly shoved the nozzle up her asshole and Cindy felt her bowls expand painfully as the ice cold mixture of soap water and hot pepper sauce entered her.  She was pleading with her Mom to stop which only earned her another slap in the face. Once the enema bag was empty her mother took a catheter set and put it equally rough down her pisshole to drain her bladder. Cindy cried as she began to lose control over her bladder and pissed in front of her Mom and her brother. Once her mother was satisfied she pulled the tube from her pisshole and made Cindy keep it in her mouth. She then pulled the nozzle from her ass. With a loud noisy fart Cindys bowls emptied and Cindy blushed to a shade of scarlet as her brother made lewd comments.

She was shuffling to school and already saw the bully girls waiting for her near the patch of land. They dragged her behind the bushes and started to make fun of her. They had obviously read Cindys blog and knew about the punishment her mother submitted her to. The girls thought it was hilariously funny to have Cindy being punished for the things they did to her. Then without warning they pulled her pants and panties down. They laughed hard at her deep red ass and spanked her a couple of times with their bare hands to make her jump. Then they stuffed her panties with nettles again and warned Cindy not to remove them before theyd allow it. Before Cindy could pull up her jeans again one of the girls pulled hard at her panties and gave her a wedgie that made her yelp. They then made her walk the remaining way to school in front of them, making humiliating remarks.

The first hours of school the bully girls left Cindy pretty much alone. During breaks theyd drag her to a toilet and make her drop her pants to check if she was still wearing the nettles.

During lunch break they ordered Cindy to sit by their table. Cindy put down her tray with her burger and fries on it and was looking at them not knowing what to expect. The first thing one of the girls did was to put a plastic bottle labelled “apple juice” on her tray. Then they took her fries and one by one spat a huge wad on it. When they put it on Cindys tray again the fries were soaked with spit. Once of the girls pulled out a little zip bag.

With that she took off the top of the patty and poured the pit hairs all over Cindys burger. They looked at her with a stern look on their faces and told Cindy to eat. Cindy sobbed as she had to eat the spit-soaked fries and the burger with the topping of smelly hair. One of them told her not to forget to drink. Cindy unscrewed the cap of the bottle and was instantly assaulted with the smell of stale piss. Since the girls insisted Cindy gulped down her drink. Once she finished her tray they told her to get rid of the nettles. Cindy hurried to the next restroom and pulled the nettles from her panties feeling relieved. She cupped her cunt and instantly felt the urge to masturbate. Frigging violently Cindy soon came in a shattering orgasm and collapsed on the floor panting. All of a sudden she heard a clapping noise behind her. Rushing in the stall to remove the nettles she didnt lock the stall and had the bully girls watch as she brought herself to orgasm. Cindy wanted to die in shame just as she realized her cunt contracted to yet another orgasm being humiliated like that. It was then she saw that one of the girls had taped her on her cell phone. 

If any woman has her own bully story to share, being it as a bully or a “victim” feel free to contact me

Review This Story || Author: Memento
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