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how she turned my life into a hell

Part 1

A real story about how she turned my life into a hell.

The start

Weve been married a few years and it all went well. When we made love every now and than she tied me up or otherwise. No big deal. After a while I started searching the internet about BDSM and femdom because it really turned me on. We spoke about it, but she never would go farther.

Finally Friday afternoon, finished with working and looking out for a nice and well deserved three weeks holidays, she called me to the basement. I thought what the hell shes doing there? Is there something wrong with the washing machine or so? Anyway I went down and when I noticed her, I was stunned. She looked gorgeous! She had some combat shoes on, a tight leather legging, a black top, her long black hair was in a tight ponytail and she put on some black make-up. All I could say was wha… Hush my love, she said. I know you like some sm and femdom, I searched the internet also for gathering some ideas and since we have now three weeks... Would you like that? Of course I liked it.

Well then, what are you waiting for shithead, she said. Get naked and on your knees. Immediately I started to strip and went down on my knees. I was so aroused by her looks and the thoughts of a dream that would come trough that I already had a hard on. Teasingly she rubbed her boots over my balls and cock while she laughed mean. I didnt know I give you permission to have a hard on, she said in a stern voice witch made me shiver. Were gonna fix that. Kiss my boots and then follow me to the coal shed. I started kissing her boots and when she said enough I raised up to walk to the coal shed. Out of nowhere she kicked me in the nuts. Although she didnt kick very hard it hurts, so I scale down in pain. Slaves dont walk, they crawl, she said in a sinister voice. You are going to be punished for that mistake shithead! Follow me. I crawled behind her to the coal shed and to my surprise there were ropes, handcuffs, whips and a lot of other things ready to use on me. Apparently she did some shopping. She started to tie my ankles and just above my knees. Damned she was good in tying someone up. On your knees, was all she said. Then she tied my right hand to my feet so that I was in a vertical hogtied. She took another piece of rope and tied it to my left wrist. Then she messed around and took a plastic bag what was sealed. She opened it and took something out. Open wide, she said. Afraid for more punishments I opened my mouth. She stuffed something in and took a panty out of the bag and put it over my face. It smelled awful and ripe. While she duct taped it she said: the sock in your mouth and panty over your face I wore for three weeks so you could taste your Mistress very good. Isnt that sweet of me? I mumbled in my gag and nodded. Good boy. Then she took the loose end of the rope on my left wrist and said: I know that you are right handed but to spice things up, start wanking with your left. I did as told. Being aroused it didnt took long before I reached the point of no return. At the moment that I came, she pulled on the rope so that my orgasm was ruined. You see shithead, this is what they called a ruined orgasm and to me its a much worse punishment than being denied and it saves me the trouble of milking you. She tied my left hand also to my feet and then she took something out of her pocket. Look here, she said, this is a chastity device called the curve. It protects you from playing with your cock, from floor humping when youre tied up and it might hurt when you want to have an erection. So lets see how it fits. When she was ready, she tapped my head and pushed my to the floor. Nighty night shithead, was all she said when she turned of the light and locked the door behind her. There I was lying, all tied up, gagged, frustrated and in the dark. I thought that I could free myself but no way. All I could do was waiting and hoping that she will return soon to free me. Soon I lost track of time and I started to get hungry and needed to pee. I moaned in my gag hoping that she would come but no. Apparently I felt asleep and when I woke up I peed myself. I started to cry. Was this the life Ive dreamed of?

Suddenly I heard the door clicking and the light went on. Finally she came to free me. I didnt know how long she left me there, but I was more than happy to see her. I was starving from hunger and thirst. She started to untie my legs and massaged them so the blood would start running again. Then she helped me up but she didnt make any moves to untie my hands or to put out the gag. My Mistress looked again very gorgeous, wearing a red catsuit and high heels. Her long hair loose and a little make up. Now I knew what she meant with protecting me from an erection, it hurts.  Well shithead, looks like you peed yourself. Couldnt you do anything right? Follow me upstairs. With a lot of trouble I followed her up the stairs. Any time I walked my legs hurt. We went to the living room and there she ordered me to sit on my knees. When she took some papers I noticed that it was Sunday morning! She left me there for two nights and a whole day! Was she crazy? She sat in the sofa and placed a foot on my shoulder as a rest. I mumbled into my gag, trying to explain that I was thirsty, but all she said was sshhht and she looked very stern. You see I had to take care of some things. I have a friend who is a notary and explained the whole situation. So we made a contract and it is very legal. I tell you whats in it. First of all, the bedroom is forbidden territory for you, you are going to sleep in the coal shed unless I give you permission. I choose the food and the drinks for you. You must ask permission to go to the toilet and to shower you. Youre supposed to be naked all time except to go to work of course but you are not allowed to wear underwear. When you come home from work or whatever youll greet me by kissing my feet. You have to do all the housework and to spoil me. I decided what is good for you. You are not allowed to talk without permission. When you are punished you would be tied up like you slept two nights. Of course I can tie you up whenever I like. When you disobedient me, you get spanked, depends on what you did. I rule about the money, so your pay check will be mine. By all time you have to listen to my. Your new name is shithead and you will address me as Miss. You have two choices: first youll sign the contract and you do as told or well forget about the whole thing but dont ask me again to play your mistress then. You may think about it while Im going to smoke a cigarette. When she came back, she undid my gag and left me working my jaws. That felt great. So honey, what is your decision? Of course I was hoarse but I managed to said I will sign and serve you Miss. She smiled lovingly and kissed me deep. You wont regret your decision, shithead. She untied me and let me massage my wrists. When I was ready, I signed the contract what changed my life completely.

You would be hungry and thirsty by now, isnt it shithead? Yes Miss, I answered. Good, crawl after your Mistress like the dog you are and follow me to the kitchen. In the kitchen there were two plates. One with some mess in and the other with water. I know, I didnt have the time yet to buy you some food so these are the eggs I eat on Friday and the water is from the bath I took, so it wont kill you. Start eating dog! Dying of hunger and thirst I started to eat. When I was done She took me to the bathroom and ordered me to take a cold shower and to shave myself.                

The next step

It looks that she liked being a Mistress. The next day she bought a dog-cage, a dog collar with leash and some dog food. She placed the cage into the garden and put the collar on me. You see shithead, youre gonna wear this collar when your into the house. When I have some visitors, youre going to be locked up into the cage or as a punishment. The food is all you get, so get used to it. She was going to treat me like a dog? I started to complain, but She smacked me hard in the face. Dont even think about complaining, remember the contract or should we quit? No Miss, I answered. Fine, now crawl in the cage so I can lock you up, I have some things to do. When She locked me up, She left. After a while it started to rain. I called her, but no answer. Apparently She left the house. I thought this couldnt be happening. I was getting cold from the rain, but I couldnt move. It started to get dark and suddenly I saw the light flashing on. Finally, She was home. I called her again and saw her standing behind the window. She had no intention to free me, She was laughing with my misery. Then She turned away and left. Shivering from the cold and feeling helpless, I started to cry. After a while She came and free me. Inside the house She handed me a towel that I could dry myself. You see shithead, I can be mean, so never ever complain again or you will regret it, understand? Yes Miss, I mumbled. Oh by the way, I have to punish you again, you know? Why, I asked. Well for starters, you didnt kissed my feet when I freed you, you didnt thanked me for freeing you and you walked inside instead of crawling. Immediately I went on my knees, kissed her feet and begged her not to punish me this time. She smiled devilish and said sorry but youll have to learn it the hard way. Follow me. I crawled behind her to the living room. There She tied my hands to the bottom of the closet and She placed a spreader bar between my legs. She took off her boots and her socks. She pushed the socks in my mouth and duct taped it. She went away and retuned with her combat shoes, some high heels shoes, a whip and a lot of clothespins. She placed the clothespins on my nipples, balls, inside my arms and legs. Then She put on her high heels and started to trample my. The heels hurts a lot when She digged them into my balls, stomach and neck. When She saw the pain in my eyes, She laughed out loud. Then She took the whip and whipped all the clothespins of my body. Now its time for your real punishment, She said cruel while She put on her combat shoes. I thought that She wanted to trample me with those boots but instead She crushed my balls, then She kicked me a few times in the nuts, every time a bit harder. I cried again. So shithead, did you learned your lesson? I nodded. Good, then its time for some rewards. She put on some gloves and unlocked my chastity device. She started to stroke me and when I was hard, She placed three condoms over it and blindfold me. Then She undressed herself and started to ride me. Of course I felt something but it was not enough to get me off. After a while She came. She took off my gag and ordered me to lick her clean. Soon She started to spasm again and had another orgasm. She turned herself and while She smothered me, She gave me a handjob. I will not raise myself before you come, She warned me. It was difficult with three condoms on, but was it the lack of oxygen or her hands, I managed to come. Again She ruined my orgasm!

The next day, when She let me out of the coal shed, She said, I have a surprise for you. She handed me my sport shoes and said put them on. When I wanted to put them on I saw that She glued crown corks in it. Come on, put them on shithead. Youre allowed to walk all day, but it will be painful. I warned you that you will obey me and youll learn it the hard way. After that day I never walked again in her presence. I also never saw her naked. She always blindfold me and She never touched me with her bare hands, always wearing gloves. When She fucked me, She always placed two or three condoms on. I never felt her for real. She also loved to tease me, giving me some Viagra and making me hot. But always with my chastity device on what hurts a lot because I couldnt get a hard on. But her most favorite game was tying me to a chair and placed a plastic bag over my head. She loves to see my struggle for breath and enjoyed the fear in my eyes. Once She almost went to far, when I fainted. After that, She was more careful playing oxygen games. It all went well for a few months, but one day She came home with a plastic doll. Here shithead, this is your new girlfriend. When I allow you to fuck, you will fuck her. You will never fuck me again! So I also bought this gag with a dildo on, a vibrator and a strap on. The strap on is for you to fuck me, but never with your own cock. The first time that I was allowed to have a real orgasm was when I first fucked the plastic doll. It was really humiliating but She loved it. She laughed so hard that She had tears in her eyes. She even pushed on my butt, yelling come on shithead, cant you even fuck a doll? Or do you prefer being denied or a ruined orgasm?

The end

It was now eight months that She became my Mistress but it wasnt like in the beginning. Yes, She was more cruel to me treating me like dirt but She locked me more and more in the dog cage or the coal shed. In the weekends sometimes for the whole weekend, leaving a bowl of water and some food. On a Saturday morning She said that we went to my parents. When we arrived there nobody was home. Lets play a game, shithead, get naked. I stripped and She started to tie me to a chair in front of the television. She tied my hands together and to the rung under the chair. My feet were also tied to the rung, then she tied another rope above my knees and my arms. I couldnt move an inch. Next She took a Viagra and let me swallow it, then She gagged me with duct tape. She started to arouse me by playing with my nipples and nibble my ears. Are you excited, She asked. I nodded. Would you like me to take of that chastity belt? I nodded again. Let me think of it, She said while She started to tie another rope to my head and to the rung so that I was forced to keep my head straight. No, She said, you see your parents will come home tomorrow evening and youll stay here. That belt wouldnt come off unless you paid me €25000 and signed the divorce papers. I would never see your stupid face again. I looked scared in her eyes, thinking that She was playing a mind game but her eyes were as cold as ice. For five months now I have a new lover who fucked me, thats why I bought you that doll and locked you so much. First I thought that I would kept you as a slave, but Im fed up with this shit. Remember the contract you signed. You are going to pay and sign the papers and then Ill send you the key. With that said, She put some nipple clamps with weight to my nipples, ears and nose. She put on the dvd player with a gay movie on, the sound almost on maximum, she took my clothes and left. I have nothing against gays but its not my kind of thing. Right now I was forced to watching it, my cock throbbing in its cage. How could a game turned so bad? I was lucky that my sister came the next morning and freed me. I explained everything, crying as a child and with a head as red as a tomato. Till today, my parents know nothing of the situation except that Im divorced.

After three years, I managed to write this story and even now I still missed my life as a slave. This is a real story and if anybody has comments or questions just send an email to

Review This Story || Author: smotherboy
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