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Sex Slave Mother

Chapter 2 Mother Raped By Her Sons



Susan soaked in the bathtub; her mind was spinning with what had just
happened to her in the garage. After she was released from her
bondage, still in a bewildered state of mind she had stood before her
young sons without trying to conceal her totally naked body. She felt
as if they had degraded her, come juice running down her thigh, her
cunt quivering and feeling as if those fingers were still jabbing into
her vagina. She went straight to the bathroom and ran a tub of very
hot water, hoping it would wash away her shame. 
Her thirteen-years-old son Marks last words: "Mom, we gonna play this
game with you again soon!" before she leave the garage keep echoing
through her mind. She knew her two young sons will do these lewd acts
with her again and she was totally powerless to stop it. She should
report them to the proper authorities, but they might send her sons to
juvenile detention or worst, take them away from her. She could never
bear to be apart from her beloved sons no matter what they did to her.

Something was very wrong here, she thought. There was unwanted
excitement still stewing deep within her lovely body, and she couldn't
think of anything else except being tied up so lewdly with her son's
finger fucking her. It was burned into her brain, the feeling still
between her legs. She had never come that way before in her entire
life. In fact, she had seldom experienced an orgasm, even when she had
fondled and masturbated herself. She never enjoyed sex at all with her
husband. It wasn't much better with a handful of men she had sex with
to spite her husband over the years for his infidelity. Her husband
thought she was frigid and looked for sex elsewhere after Tommy was
born. At one point in time she even thought she might be a lesbian and
had a very brief affair with a lesbian girl friend. 

She climbed from the tub, rubbing her lily-white smooth and silky
flesh dry with a huge towel. She wrapped the towel about her body and
walked into the hall. She met her two young sons in the hallway. 

Tommy and Mark looked at their lovely mother, grinning lustfully.
Susan stopped abruptly when she saw them, hugging the towel tightly
around her voluptuous body. She trembled slightly as a flush crept
over her beautiful face. Susan felt very vulnerable inside. Her
vulnerability made her that much more sexy, beautiful and appealing to
her young sons. 
"You're naked under that towel ain't you, Mom?" Mark asked, his eyes
burning with lewdness. 

Susan nodded, biting at her slightly trembling sexy bottom lip. They
knew, she thought frantically. They knew what she was feeling inside

Tommy giggled, and jerked the towel away from his mother. Once again
Susan exposed to her two young sons in glorious total nudity. Her
creamy flawless glistening skin clean and fresh still damp from her
hot bath turned rosy pink. She tried to cover her blonde pussy with
one hand, her quivering creamy large breasts with the other
inadequately. She was trembling while crouching down. 

"Aha... come on," Mark taunted. "We already saw it all, Mom. Don't be
bashful now." 

As if in a dream, Susan felt her young sons took her arms and she went
passively with them back to the garage. She was totally naked and
stood very still as they tied her hands to pulleys attached to the
ceiling. Next her delicate ankles were tied, and then Tommy began
pulling on the rope attached to her legs. 
Her shapely legs started to lift off the floor, and soon she was
swinging by her feet and hands as her whole body was lifted three feet
above the floor. Her golden hair hanging down almost to the floor, she
was bent in the middle and her ass cheeks hanging down. 

"You knew what we're gonna do with you, Mom?" Tommy said, twisting her
pink nipple hard enough to make his mother gasp." We decided we're
gonna fuck you." 

"No! You can't do that!" Susan said, her eyes full with shame and
outrage. "I'm your mother! You can't do that to your own mother!" 

"You just watch us," Mark said. He was looking at the way his mother's
golden cunt was bulging between her creamy thighs. "I'm gonna stick my
cock in your beautiful cunt and fuck you good, Mom. There ain't
anything you can do about it." 

"I'm gone fuck you too, Mommy." Susan's twelve-year-old son Tommy said
as he was leaning down and biting hard on one of his mother's
throbbing and extended nipples, making her scream in pain. "We're both
gonna fuck you." 

"Mark... Tommy, please listen to mother, you know this is wrong."
Susan pleaded; knowing it would do her no good. " You're not supposed
to have sex with... your own mother." 

She felt Mark rubbing the head of his cock up and down the golden
hair-lined slit of her cunt. There was an immediate response, and
Susan felt her cunt twitch, getting wet quickly. She began to cry with
shame, not wanting this, yet knowing that she did. 

In a last minute attempt to stop the sins against nature -- incest
between a mother and her own sons. Susan looks at her oldest son with
huge tear drops falling out of her big beautiful baby blue eyes and
pleaded again with him that she thought was the most powerful argument
for Mark to stop what he was about to do. 

"Please stop Mark. You can't fuck me! I'm not on the pills, or
anything else, you may get me pregnant! I'm your very own birth
mother. You just can't make your own mother pregnant!" 

Instead of stopping of her oldest son from fucking and impregnate her,
her pleas only increased Mark's excitement and made him even more
eager with determination to fuck his beautiful young mother.  Fucking
his mother might resulting getting her pregnant had never entered
Mark's mind until now, however the thought of making a baby in his own
beautiful mother's belly made his cock became even harder than ever. 

Susan felt Mark's cock head pressed against the entrance of her
vagina, and she gasped when he suddenly rammed his penis all the way
in. Her eyes buffed out and a hiss came from her lips. Susan couldn't
believe what was happening, her thirteen-year-old son really was
actually raping her!
Mark cupped his mother's hanging ass cheeks and began to fuck her.
Each thrust made her swing back and forth. She felt his cock going
deep, almost penetrating her cervix into her womb. The friction
between her suddenly fiery cunt lips sending sparks of erotic pleasure
through her naked flesh. She felt her son's cock throbbing deep inside
her cunt, the tip of his penis touching her cervix and to her horror,
Susan came. Tommy was pinching her sensitive tits brutally hard as his
older brother fucked her, and Susan cried out with a strange,
pleasure-pain. She could feel Tommy's cock brushing along her side
leaving a searing wet trail of pre-come. The situation was quite
unreal to the beautiful young mother. Her thirteen-year-old son Mark
was raping her cunt while her twelve-years-old son Tommy was abusing
her breasts. She should have been outraged and fighting mad, instead
she was loving every minute of it. Her cunt closed tightly about
Mark's cock, and Susan had never felt her pussy do that before. It
seemed as if her cunt wanted her oldest son's cock, wanted to pull it
deeper into her body, into the center of womanhood, her birth chamber,
her womb; into the place where she gave birth to him thirteen years
She began to moan. "She likes it!" Mark said, wrapping his arms about
his mother' silky smooth thighs and jerking her cunt onto his cock. He
was pushing and pulling her, making her cunt ride back and forth on
his cock.

"Mom loves my thick cock up her fucking cunt, Look, I'm making her
fuck me!" Mark exclaimed!

When Tommy moved around to watch, Susan felt her shame burn even
deeper. It was humiliating to have anyone, and especially her own
preteen son watches her cunt moving back and forth on his older
brother's hard cock. But Susan could not deny how good it was starting
to feel. She began to gasp and pant, enjoying the long hardness of her
thirteen-year-old son's cock fucking her. 

"I don't want this! You're raping your own mother!" Susan shouted out
partly because she was outraged to be sexually abused by her
under-aged sons but mainly she was desperately trying to deny what her
body was reacting to the raping by her thirteen-year-old son.

"I don't want to be tied up and used this way! Stop it. Mark take it
out of me now!" 

A stinging slap across one of her tits shut her up quickly and made
her creamy breasts bounced up and down on her chest erotically. 

"You don't have anything to say about it, Mom," Tommy said, digging
his hands into his mother's large creamy breasts, making her cry out
with pain again. 

Susan began to cry. She didn't know if she were crying because of the
pain in her tits or if it were because she was experiencing something
before which she had never felt. Something seemed to snap inside her
mind. She wanted to be treated so shamefully. She wanted especially
her sons to degrade and humiliate her and for them to do anything they
wanted with her. It would make her very ashamed, yet that very shame
was part of her desire and pleasure. She was enjoying the way Mark was
fucking her cunt, Susan wondered if she were losing her mind. It seems
so deprived to want her own thirteen-teen-year-old son to fuck her.
Yet, She really wanted it! Her young son's cock felt so good in her
pussy. She couldn't admit to herself yet that she could never do
without it anymore. She began to groan softly with pleasure. 

Mark hugging his mother's thighs with his arms, he was thrusting his
cock into her cunt faster and faster. Tommy was pulling and twisting
her nipples painfully, and Susan was coming again. Her cunt gripped
Mark's cock very hard, squeezing it as she came. 

"More! She heard herself moan. "More, please!" 

"More what, Mom" Tommy asked stretching his mother's nipples as far as
he could. 
"C-Cock!" Susan shouted. 

Mark laughed as he rammed his cock hard into his mother's tight cunt. 

"Tell me how much you want it, Mom," he grunted ramming powerfully
into her pussy, his balls beating at her swinging ass cheeks. 

"I don' want to say it... ohhhh, give it to me! "Susan wailed. "Please
don't make mother say those things. Mark I'm so ashamed... I can't say
those words... Fuck me! Oh, fuck mother hard Mark, please!" 

The pain in her nipples was forgotten, replaced by the most exquisite
feelings in her cunt that Susan had ever felt. She was coming in wild,
fiery bursts, and there were tears of ecstasy in her eyes. 

"Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me! She moaned. "Oh, give me your cock!
Mother's cunt wants that hard cock! Fuck mother's hot cunt! I want my
son's beautiful hard cock to fill my cunt!" 

She couldn't believe she was saying those things. Her body being swung
back and forth by the powerful thrusts of her thirteen-year-old son's
cock and she was urging him to fuck her faster and harder. 

"Fuck mother's cunt deep! Go deep! Ohhh, stretch my cunt... fills my
cunt with your cock! Your hard, hard sweetest cock! Fuck your
beautiful hard cock in mother's cunt, baby! Fuck me!" 

Suddenly, sanity returned to Susan. What was she saying, she didn't
want her son to rape her, just think of the consequences of their
incest coupling! Susan suppressed the feeling in her almost out of
control pussy and pleaded with her son weakly. 

"Mark, please take you cock out of mother now before its too late! You
mustn't come in me! This is my most fertile period of the month, if
you ejaculate your sperm into mother's cunt now, there is a very good
change that you might make me pregnant. I don't want to be pregnant
and especially not by my own son! Mark, you are not even suppose to
fuck your own mother let alone make your own mother pregnant!" 

Susan's plea seems to have fallen in deaf ears. She thought by telling
her son that this was the most fertile period of the month for her to
have sex, although it happens to be the truth anyway will surely
convince her son. Instead of stopping her son from fucking and coming
in her cunt, it only makes her thirteen-year-old son even more
energize. Mark redoubled his effort to spill his potent life giving
seed into his own mother's fertile womb. 

Mark plunged deeper and deeper into his mother's birth canal until the
very tip of his penis penetrated his mother's cervix opening. His
entire dome shaped cock head entered his own mother's womb, the center
of his mother's womanhood. Deep inside this very same moist chamber
where he recited for nine months before his mother give birth to him
thirteen years ago. Mark could not hold off any longer, his mother was
yelling, and screaming as she came repeatedly, she cunt was bathing
his penis with her creamy feminine come juices. The scalding way his
mother's cunt was squeezing his cock, his balls growing tight at the
base of cock, made him start to pump his come juice in his mother's
womb in huge quantity. Susan, feeling her son's baby making sperm was
splashing into her womb and coating the wall of her uterus, she
screamed out loud with lewd ecstasy. 

"Yes, yes!" she wailed. " Squirt it into me, my darling son! Squirt
your sweet come juice up my fucking cunt! Drown mother's cunt with
baby making sperm juice... come, come! Don't stop coming in me! I want
it all, every fucking hot drop of your potent sperm into your own
mother's womb! I don't care if you are going to make mother pregnant
any more!" 

Mark gave a very strong push and buried his entire penis up to the
hilt inside his mother's birth channel as if he wanted to get back
inside his birthplace through his penis. His entire cock head passes
through his mother's cervix and penetrated deep into his own mother's
womb. His piss hole open wide to eject a final gush into his mother's
birth chamber, filling his mother's entire womb completely and
deposited millions upon millions of his life giving and baby making
incestuous sperm cells in it, as if he intended to recreating himself
within his own mother's uterus. Susan's cunt was over flowing with her
own son's semen and her own vaginal secretions. When Mark pulled his
cock out of his mother's cunt, Susan moaned, feeling her oldest son's
sperm and her female honey seeping out of her vagina and running along
the crack of her naked ass crack. It seemed to burn the pucker of her
star shaped rosy asshole, and she shivered and come again! Her cunt
was leaking out huge amount of their combined incestuous sex fluids. 

She felt shameful as both her sons examined her cunt and ass, watching
the sperm and cunt juice seeping from her blond fuss covered pink cunt
lips. She felt Mark thrust his finger into her vagina and then he was
shoving it toward her face. Susan clamped her lips tightly, and Mark
smeared his come-wet finger on his mother's lips. When he saw his
mother, stick her tongue out to run along her come juice coated lips,
Mark laughing aloud. Even as Susan's beautiful face turns to a darker
shape of pink in shame, she enjoyed the combined taste of her son's
sperm and her own cunt juice! 

"Let me down now," she whimpered. "Please, don't make mother more
ashamed of myself than I already am." 

Her sons let her down on her feet but didn't untie her hands. They
shoved her to her knees, a rope looped around them and tied to her
neck. Shoving their mother back on the floor, they pulled her knees to
her tits, tying the rope securely. She couldn't straighten her legs
now. She felt so exposed to her sons; her meaty and puffy cunt-lips
were bulging from between her creamy thighs. The cheeks of her ass
were parting, and she felt her asshole puckered as they turned her
onto her knees and head. Her smooth round ass sticking in the air now
and she couldn't see her sons, but she could feel their hands as they
stroked her spreading ass cheeks. Hands ran up and down the backs of
smooth thighs, cupping her cunt and then her ass cheek. Susan felt so
humiliated and ashamed, she knew her sons could see her rosy pink star
shaped asshole clearly, a women's most secrete and private possession.

"You can have mother's pussy now, Tommy." She heard Mark say. "Mom's
got a fantastic pussy, you won't ever feel anything wrapped around you
cock as hot and tight as her cunt. 

"Not you too, Tommy! My baby, you are my good little boy, you don't
want to --aaah-- fuck Mommy, do you?" 

"I'm a big boy! Of course I want to fuck you Mom!" Tommy protested. 

Susan felt her cunt getting hot and wet again, and she knew to her
horror, that she was anticipating her twelve-year-old son's cock
plunging into her cunt. She shivered, causing her ass to wiggle
lewdly. The thought that she might be getting pregnant by her own
young sons may be all but forgotten in the midst of her own sexual

Tommy went to his knees behind his mother's ass. Susan felt hands
moved along her smooth back, over her ass, cupping the creamy firm
cheeks. She knew it was Mark's hands. He parted the cheeks of his
mother's ass cheeks wide open, and Susan felt heat on her face because
her rosy-pink asshole was now ever so slightly opened totally exposed
and gloriously displayed under her sons' watchful young eyes. Her
beautiful face turns to a darker shape of pink. She could not help the
involuntary pucker of it when she felt a finger probe the sensitive
ring for a moment. Mark's hand slipped further down and now her cunt
was pulled wide open. 

"Stick your cock up her fucking cunt, Tommy, go on and fuck Mom." Mark
encouraged his brother.

Knowing protest would do her no good, Susan held her breath, prepare
to be raped again, this time by her own youngest pre-teen son. Rages
was growing inside her once again, they were horrible little boys,
using their own mother this way, tying her helplessly, and performing
incestuous acts on her. 

Tommy's cock lunged inward; his penis went into his mother's cunt fast
and deep, spreading the hairy lips with a suddenness that startled
her. She had been expecting it; of course yet she was surprised that
her youngest son's twelve-year-old cock could be this thick and long.
It went into her cunt so far, she thought the swollen head was
actually touching her cervix as well just like his older brother cock
did a moment ago. His hairless balls smashed against her large erect
clit and the lower part of his stomach smacked against the cheeks of
her smooth rounded, upraised ass loudly. 

"Hey Mom's cunt sure is hot and tight!" Tommy groaned, "oh shit, it's

Susan's cunt was betraying her once again! It clasped tightly about
Tommy's cock as he started to fuck her. The tightness of her hairy
cunt created an intense friction, and Susan began to moan as Tommy
banged into his mother's pussy faster. 

She saw Mark standing off to one side, watching as his younger brother
fucked her. There was a gleam in his eyes that terrified and excited
her at the same time. She knew this would not be the last time they
raped and abused her body. She also knew she was losing her will to
fight against it. 

Tommy was grunting as his cock rammed smoothly in and out of her cunt.
Susan moaned, but now it was with pleasure again. Her youngest son's
cock excited her beyond believed, just as her oldest son's cock had
done a while ago. Her uplifted ass twisted sexily from side to side
moving of its own volition. Her cunt was stretching about Tommy's
cock, sucking it into her as he plunged with vigorous strokes. She
felt his hands clawing at her hips, jerking her ass checks back
against his stomach. His balls swung back and forth, beating against
her clit. He held her ass cheeks wide apart, and she could feel his
flesh against her tender asshole with each forward stab of his cock. 

Susan realized her cunt becoming hotter and wetter around her son's
cock. She was quickly approaching orgasm again. She tried to will her
cunt to be calm, not to come, not to let them know they could make her
come so often and so easily in this vile, tortuous manner.
Nevertheless, her cunt refused to obey her mind and Susan came. She
screamed as she came repeatedly unable to choke back the ecstasy of
it. Her cunt rippled in fiery waves along Tommy's cock as her whole
body was convulsing strongly. Her entire sexy nude body shivered and
twisted continuously. 

She knew Tommy's about coming in her cunt, but she didn't care any
more except her own orgasm. The deed was done anyway. Her cunt was
already fill up with her oldest son's sperm. Yet the thought that she
might be impregnate by a preteen boy, her very own twelve-year-old son
sent her over the top. Susan's cunt contracted violently and she came
repeatedly again. 

Tommy pushed his cock into his mother's gripping cunt, lifting his
head back and starts to groan as his balls tightened. " I'm gonna
come!" he yelped. 

"Don't you dare come in Mom's cunt Tommy!" 

Mark started to pull his brother's cock out of their mother's vagina.
When Tommy's cock sprung free of his mother's cunt, his prick started
to spurt his come juice all over his mother's creamy ass cheeks. Susan
came again when she felt her ass cheeks were covered with the thick
juices of her twelve-years-old son's young balls. Susan felt a little
regret that her youngest son didn't inject his life giving sperm into
her womb as well. 

"Why the hell you didn't let me come in Mom's pussy!" Tommy yelped at
his brother, fighting mad. 

"I'm the oldest, so I get to be the first to impregnate Mom." Mark
explained. "I want to be sure it's my baby that Mom will be carry in
her belly the first time. You can plant a baby in our Mother the next
time," Mark added. 

"But I want to come in Mom!" Tommy complained. 

"Sure you can come in Mom Tommy, you can come in our mother's sexy
month and her lovely little rosy butthole," reassured Mark. "However,
you can only fuck Mom's pussy, but you can't come in her until I make
her pregnant, understand?" 

"OK, but next baby Mom's having better be mine," Tommy consented
reluctantly after a little while. 

"Let's shake on it! From now on we shall take terms making babies in
our lovely mother's belly." Mark said as the young brothers shake
hands in agreement regarding to the breeding of their own mother. 

After her orgasms died down, rage started to grow again inside Susan.
Her sons talked about her as if she wasn't even here. She, a grown
woman tied hand and feet stark naked on her own garage floor by her
two young sons. Her ass and cunt exposed obscenely, her ass cheeks
cover with her preteen son's drying come juice and her cunt still full
of her oldest son's sperm mixed with her cunt juice was leaking slowly
down her thighs. Both of her sons not only raped her cunt, and now
they were talking about raping her mouth and asshole too, using their
own mother's sexy feminine openings as receptacles for their potent
sperm. When she heard that her sons even going breed her by take terms
making babies with her, one part of her mind was screaming and
disgusted that her young sons not only want to make her their sex
slave but also their breed slave as well. But the erotic and
submissive side of her nature was accepting the whole thing. Susan
could not lie to herself any longer that she loved being raped by her
two young sons now. It might be rape in the beginning or maybe not!
Susan had more orgasm during her raping by her two young sons than her
entire life combined. She didn't think she could ever live without
this incestuous raping by her own under-aged sons from now on. The
thought that at this very moment she might already be impregnated by
her own thirteen-year-old son sent shivers down her spine and Susan
came again and again. 

Mark needn't have to worry about his younger brother got their mother
pregnant before he did. Swarms of Mark's black wriggling tadpole-like
sperm cells were at this very moment reaching and attaching to his
mother's egg. A pair of his sperm cells have both successfully
penetrated and expelled their entire content of genes into his
mother's egg and precedes to fertilized it simultaneously. This pair
of sperm cells thus successfully locking out millions other sperm
cells that Mark had ejaculated just a few moments ago into his own
mother's womb. Before nightfall this fertilized egg was drifting down
Susan's fallopian tube through the clouds of remaining sperm. It was
looking for the cozy and secured chamber walls of her uterus to
implant in and started to develop into an embryo and them became twin
human fetuses. It would be almost one month later before Susan even
found out for sure herself that she was indeed pregnant. Nevertheless,
from this moment on, for all intend and purpose, Susan, a beautiful
thirty-two year old young mother of two adolescent boys was well and
truly impregnated by one of her under-aged young sons. Mark, who just
barely tuned thirteen a few weeks ago, was the father of his own
sisters or brothers! He had made his own birth mother pregnant. Susan
was carrying her oldest son Mark's incestuous twin babies! 

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