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The Taming of Lou

Part 1

The Taming of Lou


This story is about taking a sexually precocious 16 year old girl and stripping her of not only her ability to have sex, but to bear children or even enter into a normal, consummated heterosexual relationship. If the thought of ripping the womanhood from a girl, however wayward she may be sickens you, stop reading now. Dont forget, it is fantasy and not something I (or I hope you) would ever even consider in reality.

My step sister moved to Germany for a new job, dumping her teenage daughter Louise on my family. She was very career minded and found it too much hassle to find a new school etc. for her, preferring to leave it to me to give her board and lodging and drive her 30 miles each way to her old school. I think also that Lou reminded her of the failed relationship that had created her. My step sister hates failure.

Lou simply went from bad to worse. Never a conforming child, without the controlling influence of her mother, she developed into the worst sort of shop lifting truanting, sexually active 16 year old. When her mother wrote to say she had found someone new and was remaining in Germany to marry them, her behaviour became even worse. As Lou was over 16, we could not adopt her, but carried on giving her food and shelter. We did decide however, to modify her behaviour.

We decided to tackle her overdriven sexual desires. We cut off her contact with the boys who were treating her as a collection of holes to fill and started a punishment program for any sort of sexually driven behaviour, as well as the stealing and lying. Being forced to wear unflattering clothes including a training bra that pressed her bust down into 2 small bumps and large full brief tummy control knickers, comprising of very thick, stiff material with tight cuff legs and waist that removed any possibility of feeling “sexy” in them was a start. We forced her to wear her school uniform at all times, and with the threat of exposing her huge knickers to the world, she always wore the skirt at regulation length, usually complemented with knee high white socks. We had her name stitched onto her coat and bag, so everyone knew who she was.

Her little triangle of pubic hair I waxed off to begin with, and then humiliatingly shaved every 3rd day. I also shaved around her anus and her underarms. Any hairs around her nipples were plucked out with tweezers. Being so minutely examined by her uncle every 3rd day was not a turn on for Lou. I stripped her naked and after she had showered or bathed on front of me, forced her to lay on her bed. I smeared on a thick layer of shaving cream and shaved have twat bald again. I was very thorough and make the whole procedure last as long as possible. I finished off with a dose of aftershave smacked onto her pussy just to let her know whos boss. At some point in the past, she has had her clit pierced and wore a bar or ring, often seen glinting obscenely through the flesh surrounding it.

At night we found she would masturbate, lying on her bed, strumming her engorged pierced clit and exploring her vagina with her fingers, licking her own juices or smearing them around her nipples and pushing her lubricated fingers into her anus. She used anything she could find as a dildo, pushing deodorant bottles and even candles into her pussy while flicking her clit and rubbing her breasts through her night shirt. We moved her bed into our bedroom and forced her to dress, shower and even toilet in our presence. It did not stop us having sex in front of her. I would screw my wife long and hard while Lou peeked out from under the duvet, caught between disgust and desire. I would never pleasure or screw her, but the threat hung over her all the same. I would usually dry my cock on her pillow to taunt her with the smell of sex next to her all night. She became rather constipated, hating to crap in our presence, so I bought a commode and positioned it over the toilet so that she could be restrained to it and viewed with even greater degradation. After some hours, her anus would pucker and unwillingly expel her embarrassed shit into the pan. If she would not perform, I would administer a powerful enema to flush her out. For this, I would tie her to her bed frame and while my wife held her legs apart, insert 12” or so of plastic pipe up her bottom. The enema bag would be loaded with 5 litres of water and soap and we would let the bag empty over 10 minutes or so. I would then insert a butt plug and carry her over to the toilet. Restrained back on the commode the plug was pulled out and the flow commenced. We would then wipe her bottom before releasing her from the chair. My frequent examinations also discovered her clitoris stood proud of her hood, and even peeked through her labia. We surmised that this might have been source of her abnormal sexual urges, as she admitted even walking or riding could get her wet. I thought of making Lou wear the big knickers to bed, but the material was too thin and the waistband too loose to prevent her gaining access to her privates. Instead, we tied her to the bed and dressed her in thick terry nappies. By coating or pubic area in a very thick layer of Vaseline, not even the slight roughness of the nappy could touch her clit. This did the trick, but took time each evening and of course Lou rather enjoyed the application of the Vaseline !  Maybe we should have removed the piercing, but future events made me pleased that we did not.

Most physical punishments were useless. Lous pain threshold was high, and spankings and beatings were often part of her sex play and simply turned her on. Even beating her clit with a riding crop until it was bruised and black did not stop her. As soon as we had left her weeping in agony on her bed, her fingers strayed down and were pressing inside her cunt to find an undamaged part to manipulate. Ordering her to strip in front of me, having her bend over my lap her breasts resting one side of my lap, her pussy the other would humiliate most girls into submission before the beating began, but Lou took it in her stride, looking bored as she waiting for the first blow to land. I even called in some friends to assist, older woman with a heavy hand and a rough style, young men, their manhoods straining against their trousers as she wiggled and squirmed on their laps, but best of all, girls the same age as Lou, 16 18 year olds whom I employed to baby sit Lou, changing her nappies, smearing her pussy with Vaseline and of course spanking her for every misdemeanour. But still, as the bruising subsided, Lous urges strengthened again and she resumed her quest for sex as urgently as before.  One night, we even caught her having a lesbian encounter with one of the girls employed to baby sit her. Lou kneeling in front her as the poor girl lay sprawled on the sofa, kissing her genitals and massaging her own cunt through her nappy, caring not for the girls feelings, just her own. We beat them both soundly and dismissed the baby sitter, Lou was grounded for a month and we forced her into nappies whenever she was at home, denying her access to her greatest pleasure for the whole period.

During her period, we stopped her using tampons, but put her into nappies 24/7. Disposable for school and terry for home. She hated that. The blood and uterus lining mixed with the urine irritated her skin, leaving her red and raw.

Unfortunately, Lou refused to take the hint and sneaked out whenever possible, brought home on a number of occasions by the police for shop lifting and anti social behaviour. We caught her fucking some random guy in our garden shed, and examining her mobile phone showed just how many lads she was still in touch with.

Eventually, we had had enough. I searched the internet and found a procedure common in Africa and some parts of Asia called Female Circumcision. This involved the partial or total removal of the clitoris and surrounding tissue and in some cases the stitching up of the vagina as well. Used to subjugate and keep pure girls until they were married, it seemed to offer the perfect solution. We decided to find a doctor willing to carry out the procedure, but first, I wanted to see what the results might do for Lou.

After her shower in front of me that night, I ordered her to sit naked on a large wooden chair normally reserved for spankings. I tied her arms to the arms of the chair and her legs also to the legs of the chair, finishing by tying her knees to the chair legs as well, forcing her vagina to part and bringing her privates to the front of the chair. Lou looked nervous but did not speak out as I brought out a packet of sterile syringe needles. Pushing my finger into her pussy, I pulled out the inner lips, my index finger now inserted into her cunt. Lou groaned and even now tried to ride my finger. I moved my hand and with my thumb, pressed her clit into the surrounding tissue. Deftly, I pinched the labia across in front of her clit burying the piercing and using one of the needles, pinned it closed. Lou gasped in pain as the needle went through both lips and out of the other side. More needles and howls of pained followed as I stitched her cunt closed, all the way down to the perineum. There was very little blood or swelling, just a neat line of needles straddling the pussy lips that had probably not met for many years. I took one last needle, and probing along the slit, located her clitoris, now risen to just below the stitching. I plunged the needle right in, all 2” of it, feeling it penetrate through the flesh of the clitoris all the way until the plastic end of the needle was buried into the closely bound slit. I believe this was the worst pain ever inflicted on Lou. She almost broke the straps holding her to the chair shrieking in pain as the needle pierced her most intimate organ, but it was evident the pain subsided a little once I had finished pushing it in. I wiggled the needle and slowly turned it around, glorifying in her agony as she continued to thrash around and scream.

I left Lou in the chair and got a mirror so she could see the result. Even after the final needle had pierced into the depth of her clitoris, there was still very little blood. I left Lou bound and stitched for a few hours before withdrawing the labia piercing needles and untying her. I left Lou to withdraw the clit needle herself, even though she begged me to do it myself. I watched as she slowly pulled the thin steel shaft out, panting and weeping as the withdrawal caused her clitoris to rise up, drawn along with the needle. I reached down and rubbed and slapped her genitals to get the blood flowing again, causing her to cry out again. Satisfied with the result, an appointment was made.

Less than a week later, I found myself in the sumptuous offices of a Harley Street plastic surgeon. Strapped, naked and gagged on his examination table was Lou, a look of pleading in her eyes we were determined to ignore. The doctors gloved hand had probed Lous genitals, noting the size of her clit and pointing out the tell tale signs of regular sex, both vaginal and anal. The marks from the trial infibulation were almost gone. Lous clitoris, badly bruised from its own special attention sat between her lips, inviting further examination. Using locking forceps, the doctor pinched Lous clitoris tightly until the lack of blood turned it almost white. The muffled shrieks from Lou confirmed how much pain this must be causing her but the doctor merely tightened the clamp one more position and we moved away to discuss Lous treatment.

Amongst the options open to us was the complete removal of the clitoris including a substantial amount of the shaft buried inside Lou. Trimming and sewing together the inner lips the Labia Minora with dissolving stitches, ablating and sewing the outer lips the Labia Majora together, leaving a smooth transition from tummy to anus, with just 1 tiny hole for urine. To prevent anal sex, a stiff plastic tube was to be inserted and stitched into the sphincter. This would narrow the opening to prevent penetration, but would also leave Lou unable to control her bowels fully, effectively leaving her incontinent and in nappies until she had learnt to recognise the signs of imminent need. She would also need a special diet so her stools remained soft enough to pass through the opening. We also discussed laser hair removal to her crotch, breast reduction and hysterectomy, all options we decided to take. The last option would leave her sterile and sexless, a perfect sub for the right masters.

The date was set for the following day. Lou was sedated and moved by private ambulance to a clinic outside of town. The doctor allowed us to watch via video link to another room. The procedure was also broadcast on a pay per view internet site, helping to cover some of the costs of the operation.

Lou was wheeled into the operating theatre already sedated by the pre-med. The anaesthetist gave her an injection and connected up the monitor and face mask as the nurses prepped her for surgery. As well as the circumcision, we had decided to reduce Lous breasts and spay her as well. The surgeon agreed to leave the nipple, but would remove the bulk of the tissue and also sever the nerves to reduce sensation. This was the first area to be prepped, and soon Lous chest was covered in antiseptic solution and pen marks showing the incision. The Doctor deftly cut around the bottom half of the left nipple, leaving it connected by a hinge of skin at the top. A triangular flap with the nipple at the top was then cut away, leaving the breast tissue exposed. A combination of cutting and liposuction was used to remove the fatty material from the breast. Once enough volume of material was removed, the breast could be closed by stitching down the triangular incision and sewing the nipple back in place. The second breast was then reduced and the surgeon checked for size and shape. Satisfied, drains were inserted and a pressure bandage was applied, Leaving Lou almost totally flat chested. As the wounds healed, she would flatted down even more, resembling  more like a young boy than a young woman.

I was quite surprised as the surgeon instructed the anaesthetist to wake Lou up. I thought all the operations were to happen in one go. I need not have worried, the surgeon had decided that Lou should be conscious as he circumcised and spayed her, so that she could see her ability to have sex destroyed forever.

A spinal block was administered to prevent movement and pain, and once this had taken effect, the surgeon continued. Lou sobbed into her face mask as she gazed up at the monitor above her, connected to the camera now trained between her legs.

Lous pussy was already hairless. 16 year olds only have a small triangle of pubic hair at that age and I had shaved her only the previous day. Her legs were clamped well apart in stirrups, her vagina and anus held open by the combination of her position and the muscle relaxant. Even now, a little sticky fluid seeped from her gaping cunt, her clit still poking obscenely out from under its hood. The surgeon started by making 3 small incisions into her tummy for the keyhole surgery to remove her womb, cervix and reproductive organs. Her stomach was inflated CO2 to almost pregnant proportions and a small camera and cutter inserted into the holes. The fallopian tubes and ovaries were cut free from the stomach cavity and the womb was severed in a similar fashion. A large pair of forceps were inserted into Lous vagina and used first to open up the neck of the womb and then to pull through the destroyed organs, inverting the womb and bringing it all out onto the operating table. The womb was then cut from the cervix and her entire reproductive system was tossed into a waiting waste bucket. I am not sure Lou fully grasped the implication of the operation, but I was sure it hit home later. With a last fanny fart, the gas escaped from her stomach cavity, the instruments were removed and the head of the vagina stitched and sealed forever.

The surgeon continued by removing the flaps that formed the Labia Minora. Although not large, their removal allowed much easier access to the clitoris and surrounding tissue. Lou pleaded for him to stop as her pussy was destroyed, but he simply ignored her. It was clear the loss of ability to have an orgasm was more important to her than childbearing, something which helped me to conclude we were doing the right thing. With his view now clear, a catheter was introduced into Lous urethra. This was not only to drain her bladder during the remainder of the operation, but also to act as a guide for the creation of the narrowed opening for urine.

Now the surgeon could begin in earnest. Using cat gut and forceps to lasso the clitoris, he pulled it as far out of the vagina as he could before beginning the task of cutting the shaft free. Lou wailed, shaking her head as she felt her most intimate organ cut away. He pulled and cut, revealing more and more of the bloody shaft until at last he was satisfied that he had removed as much as he good. At last we saw her clitoris in its totality, lying in the kidney dish, piercing still inserted, its life extinguished. I was amazed how much like a penis the whole clitoris appears. Nearly 4 inches long and the thickness of ones little finger, the whole organ really did resemble an under developed boys dick. Satisfied that he had removed as much sensitive tissue as possible, the surgeon sutured the hole closed. As soon as he had made the last stitch and clamps were removed, Lous vagina seemed to contract into itself, almost as if it was admitting defeat. The surgeon held the clitoris for Lou to see, pinching and rolling the nub between his fingers. Lou lay there, sobbing silently clearly lamenting her loss. The surgeon held the worthless piece of flesh to her lips, allowing her to kiss it goodbye before he flung it into the waste bucket, the piercing glinting out of the bloody mess.

Narrowing the vagina came next. Starting deep inside Lou, almost at her cervix, the surgeon used a scalpel to cut deep incisions into the walls of her cunt, before using medical super glue to stick them together. As the wounds would heal over the next few weeks, nothing would  be left and the muscles would waste away. Lou could feel the tightness of her pussy as the speculum held her apart. She could feel the scalpel slicing into the soft flesh that made up the vagina and the cold drops of glue permanently ruining her feminine entry.

With the narrowing complete the stitching could begin. First, a row of dissolving stitches, placed close together for strength was put into the remains of the Labia Minora. This pulled the vagina tightly together, the catheter protruding from close to Lous bottom. The clitoral hood was stitched down over the wound left by the removal of the clit. The surgeon explained this would prevent any sensation returning to the area as Lou healed. With the internals complete, a laser was used to blast thousands of tiny holes into the skin of the Labia Majora. Once brought to together with small stitches, the skin would soon heal to leave nothing but a slightly red vertical scar to indicate where Lous overactive pussy had once been.   

Happy with the work so far, the surgeon turned his attention to the last part of the operation, fitting the restrictor too Lous anus. The theory is simple. A plastic tube no thicker than a little finger and with a flare at each end is inserted into the sphincter. In normal conditions, one would be able to expel the tube fairly easily as the muscle around it contract and release. To prevent this from happening, shallow cuts are made into the anus and the ring super glued into place. Holes in the sides of the ring encourage the sphincter to heal and grow through into the ring making removal very difficult. The muscles soon loose tone and the nerves die leaving the anus effectively paralysed and unyielding. Until the patient learns to understand the messages from their bowel that a motion is moving into the rectum, they become totally incontinent. Training takes 3-5 months and during this time, nappies are the only solution.

Having made the cuts into the anus, the surgeon pressed the tube into place, tugging it back to ensure it was seated correctly. Satisfied, he added the glue and a few stitches for good measure. His work complete, Lous legs were released from the stirrups, the catheter cut back so that the end just protruded from her greatly reduced vagina and a thick nappy strapped into place. The TV camera was switched off and we made our way to the recovery room to meet Lou and accompany her back to her hospital room.

During her stay in hospital and for the following few days, we changed Lous nappy every time she wet or messed it. This was important to encourage good healing. The catheter dripped urine most of the time, but would be removed once the healing in the vagina had reached a stage where the narrow opening would not close over. The combination of the stool softener and lack of continence left Lou with a smell all the time. Unable to prevent herself even farting, we would soon find ourselves selecting foods that did not smell so bad on the way out. Baby food worked well. It contains plenty of fluid, so does not gum her up, and no strong flavours or tastes, resulting in less powerful smells and predictable, soft stools.

6 months on and Lou is settling in to her sexless life. The boys she hung around with are no longer interested in this flat chested smelly kid, and more importantly, she is no longer hungry for sex all the time. We engineered an intimate meeting with one of her former partners and covertly videoed the meeting. Follow a brief kissing and groping session, he had placed his hand inside her blouse, only to remove them disappointed. He had then moved south, removing her knickers from under her skirt. As he ran his hand over where he expected to find her sopping cunt, he stopped, obviously confused by the lack of labia, hole or clit. He had lifted her skirt for a better look, before forcing his cock back into his jeans and making a swift exit. Success !

Lou now craves massages of her back and shoulders instead of groping her pubic region. We have paid for laser hair removal for her pussy and anus, so she does not need to shave or wax. With the catheter removed and some level of continence recovered, Lou now only wears nappies at night. During the day, she wears ordinary plain knickers, as any showy underwear is totally pointless for her. She only thinks about her genitals when she needs to wee or shit, as she cannot gain any pleasure through touch. Her nipples are equally unresponsive, and she finds having them touched no different to any other part of her body.

When she had been home a few weeks, we went through her wardrobe together and forced her to cut up and destroy all the unsuitable items of clothing within. All her bras and skimpy underwear went, all her skinny fit T-shirts that now hung loosely across her flat chest, in fact anything that accentuated any feminine shape. Her short skirts were also no longer needed so we got rid of them, replacing them with jeans and leggings. We also cropped her ginger hair fairly short and she can now pass a boy or girl. When we went on holiday, we bought her a pair of boys swimming shorts and she bathed and sunbathed topless without shame. At home she will often do the same, wearing loose t-shirts out and about, but stripping off in the garden and around the house. She is quite happy to be nude in front of us and some other house guests. She says with nothing to show, why should she worry ??

Post Script:

We have found a Master and Mistress for Lou. A middle aged childless couple, looking for a slave, but one the Master would not be tempted screw. Lou is perfect for them. She can lick and suck them and help them to enjoy their own sex lives, as well as cook and clean and her high pain threshold is perfect for their little games. What they paid for her was enough to pay off the rest of the operation and so its happiness all around. They have given her a house uniform of a tennis skirt (Only) and she seems quite happy to bend to their will. In the long term, we will move her back in with us to look after us in our old age. She shows no real lesbian tendencies, and cannot consummate a straight relationship, so I think live her life as a subservient spinster.

Review This Story || Author: Cherrypicker
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