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Getting Even

Part 1

Getting even

Usually I work in the happy-painslut-genre…. This time I have to make an exception. I recently had a very bad encounter with a new neighbour who turned out to be a nazi-bitch. Even though she will most likely lose her apartment and perhaps her job (luckily being racist nazi scum IS a felony in Germany) I still feel even if she ends up giving blow jobs for food karma might still treat her way too nice….. so here we go

Saturday could have been so nice. I just planned on having a nice relaxed evening at home, having a nice glass of red wine and watching Inland Empire again… and yes, I do watch that kind of movies for relaxation. Soon enough I heard a commotion from the apartment above me. The blonde that moved in a couple of weeks ago obviously decided have her house warming party that evening. So much for a nice relaxing evening. For about an hour it was the usual commotion when all of a sudden I heard her and her guests shouting out a “sieg heil” Do I really have to describe the look on my face? Anyway the evening dragged on and even though the walls arent exactly paper-thin I could clearly hear her rant about foreigners in general, about Jews and blacks, homosexuals and any kind of people she considered perverts and of course ending with a “what Adolf would have done with those people” bitching. As her “guests” left I had already planned my move.

The next morning, well rather noon, I went upstairs holding the taser behind my back. I rang the door bell and after a while she opened the door. She looked spent but little did she know it was the best shed feel for a long, long time. I put on my best fake smile and introduced myself as her neighbour from downstairs. Just as she started to deliver a half-assed apology for last nights noise I hit her with the taser and she dropped to the ground unconscious. Oh, so easy….

When the bitch opened her eyes again she was staring at what must have looked like a frightening sight. Three leather clad figures were standing in front of her, smirking. Myself, Julia (a close friend of mine and professional dominatrix who happens to have an Italian mother) and her live-in slave sara. She was bound to a wooden horse, naked, with a nice jawbreaking ball gag in her mouth that sara kindly kept in her cunt for an hour. After the initial shock the bitch didnt seem to waste time and started cursing and shouting threats. However neither of us was very impressed. Each of us grabbed a fibreglass cane, obviously one of the advantages to work as a pro you always have the really cool and expensive toys ready. Julia started hitting the bitchs tits while I took care of her lily white ass and sara took care of the soles of her feet. We skipped the part about dramatic pauses, little moments of recovery and teasing and settled for imposing the most pain as soon as possible. The bitch started screaming in her gag but we kept on going until she was hoarse and just basically a sobbing mess. Needless to say her tits and ass were but a bloody pulp and her feet didnt look any better. And I have to say it felt good. Julia saw the smirk on my face.

Julia didnt have to make that suggestion twice. I settled back in an arm chair and sara was crawling over to me starting to suck my cock. Even though being Julias personal sara has quite some skills sucking cock and it was enjoyable to be pleasured while being entertained. Julia walked up behind the bitch and put on a rubber glove. Not the surgical ones but a plain red kitchen glove. Instinctively she reached for the lube but stopped in her tracks and obviously reconsidered. She winked at me as she started to push the first three fingers in the bitchs asshole. The bitch started screaming again and I couldnt help but think that weve been too easy on her if she could still scream like that. It took some effort from Julia but after some painful minutes she got her whole fist into the bitchs ass and started to fuck her roughly. It didnt take long for sara to make me cum watching this spectacle. After a minute I looked at sara as if to ask if we should go on the bitch again. She loudly swallowed my cum and smiled. While I picked up the bull whip to work on her back, sara dove under the bitch to her badly beaten tits and started to bite down hard on her nipples. Julia warned her.

The warning had an impact on sara. While she still bit down hard she had obviously given up on biting off the bitchs nipples. We were all working on the bitch nicely when I heard a buzz. Julia had to stretch but was able to grab the tens unit and turned it up to its highest setting. She didnt even smile at me as she usually did when she was about to do something vicious to sara. She just shoved the metal end of the tens unit into the bitchs cunt. The bitch went rigid and after about two minutes she fainted. Julia seemed disappointed but then shrugged.

She withdrew her hand from the bitchs ass and reached for a butt plug so big she only used it to scare her customers or sara and pushed it in with one swift push. She saw the look on my face, since I never saw her use that rubber monster.

She had a point there.

We dragged the unconscious bitch to the gyno chair, strapped her down good and then decided for a coffee break. Obviously Julia also had put her mind to the treatment of the bitch since Ive told her about her. We were chatting about the bitchs new life ahead as we had some coffee and sara was softly sucking my toes as Julia gently fucked her cunt with hers. As Julia spoke about the plans for the bitch sara was gulping hard a few times. I suppose she was glad her Mistress loved her and didnt feel the same disgust as she did concerning the bitch. We finished our cups just in time to see the bitch come to her senses.

After she looked around for a second disorientated she began to struggle in her bonds and curse in her gag again. All three of us strolled leisurely to the gyno chair. Even though she still had the ball gag in she was cursing and threatening us with what was possibly the threat of her nazi-friends killing us. For a while we just let her rant but Julia soon grew tired. With a strong backhand slap she shut the bitch up and leaned in real close before she started speaking.

The bitch got pale. So there were at least some brain cells left in that useless skull. Julia continued to purr her little speech.

Julia sat down in front of the bitch and sara held up a plate with piercing utensils. I stayed to watch the bitch getting ring after ring put in her pussy lips (six on each outer and four on each inner lip) and nipples. When she punched the ring through her nose the bitch was beyond being hysterical. And once Julia put a stud through her clit the bitch finally fainted again.

It was then when I took my leave. If you really enjoy your life you have better things to do than to waste too much time on shit. Thankfully Julia kept me up to date with the bitchs downfall. The last time I saw her she had tattoos all over her body and her shaved skull. Her body was black and blue and her will was broken long ago. Julia always loved to tell that these days she almost seemed grateful to have a nice big bowl of human feces, or any feces for that matter. She wore an even bigger plug all the time by then since her asshole couldnt close anymore, neither could her cunt. Her tits were bound so often that they dangled almost at the height of her belly button. Even her customers had a hard time getting a hard-on when seeing “piece of shit” which was her new name then and Julia had to have sara perform for the customers in order to get them hard. After that even Julia got tired and sent piece of shit in a crate to the Ukraine. She wasnt lying about her friend. When she told me, that according to him she was crying all day being put through her paces, I assumed she was having a really bad time. On the bright side she is about to get married, to a dog though but still a joyous occasion. Julia will show me the tape of their honeymoon as soon as she gets it. But for the bitchs comfort: at least her new husband will be a German Shepard.

Review This Story || Author: Memento
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