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Apache Torture

Part 1

Apache Torture

By Shabbadew2002

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It was a cold fall in 1876.  The Arizona desert and nighttime was falling.  Abigail Hart sat in a rocking chair by the fire and listened to the coyotes as the days shadows lengthened.  She pulled her shawl tighter around her shoulders.  Her husband had left four days prior to round up strays.  He should have been back, but hadnt returned and she was worried.  The high desert was a lonely and sometimes frightening place.  As soon as the sun started to set, she had locked the cabins door, barred the windows, fetched the spare revolver and checked to see it was loaded.

Abigail, at 30, was a willful, passionate redhead who had lived the ordinary life of a ranchers wife for ten years.  There had been good times and bad, typical of those who extract their livelihood from the land.  Her only regret in life was that she and her husband, Luke, were childless.  She wanted children, but her husbands seed had not taken root.  She prayed often for a son for them. There were few friends because families lived miles from each other.  Abigails bible was, besides her husband, her only real companion. 

As the sun set, the usual sounds of night arrived and she kept watch.  Finally, Abigail went to bed and fell into a troubled sleep.  She was awakened by the sounds of the chickens in the coop.  Figuring it was most likely a coyote, she pulled on a cloak, grabbed the revolver and slipped out the front door in her bare feet.  Actually, it was a Chiricahua raiding party, part of Sanis band.  Since Cochises surrender to the government in 1872, he was one of the dominant Chiricahua leaders of the scattered bands, until the emergence of Geronimo. 

His band had caught and killed her husband in an arroyo two nights prior and now the couples livestock was the target.  The red-haired woman was surprised before she got past the barn.  The braves overpowered her and tied her hand and foot.  She yelled, kicked and fought, but it did no good. There were too many of them. She had no more chance than a rabbit caught by coyotes.

Abigail, bound, watched them in fear.  They rifled through her cupboards and chests, ransacked the house for clothes and trinkets and tossed what they didnt want on the floor.  They took the horses and the cows from the corral.  The partys leader found her husbands bottle of liquor, gave shout and the others quickly gathered around to drink their share. 

Then the braves packed up what they wanted, including Abigail, and got her on a horse.  What they had done that night would add to the Apaches cruel reputation. The raiding partys leader was Sani himself, the bands chieftain.

Sani took her horses bridle and led Abigail forward as the raiding party rode for home.  They rode hard and swift over the hills, between cactus and chaparral.  After several hours, they left the foothills and moved higher into pine tree country.  They reached a spot and dismounted - then lead the horses on foot. The braves untied Abigail and got her down.

Within a half mile there was a stand of willows and cottonwoods by a small stream.  Here were a dozen or more wickiups....Apache huts.  This was their current camp.  The braves began pulling down the packs from their ponies.  The sun was just starting to come up in the East. 

There were squaws in camp starting to build the morning fires, and children were beginning to play and run around, the way all children do.  They pulled Abigail down off the horse.  They set her down in the center of the camp.  The squaws all came to see what the raiding party had brought.  There was much glee as Abigails dresses and various trinkets were distributed by Sani.

The booty, especially the horses and cows, were great prizes and there was much whooping and merriment.  And they all began to take notice of the white woman with her hands bound behind her back.  She was soon surrounded by squaws.  Abigail looked around and realized there was no escape.  She was at their mercy. There was nothing else she could do but try to be brave. She was sore from being tied and in truth, she was terrified at what fate had in store for her. Apaches had a fearsome reputation in those days....

The squaws dark eyes and inscrutable faces made it impossible to see what was in their minds.  Abigail looked from face to face and feared the worst.  Then, without a word, the squaws began pulling at her clothing.  She struggled, but as they got in a circle and pushed her from woman to woman, she was untied. As they continued to push and paw at her, they began to strip off her clothing.  Soon they had stripped the full-figured, red-haired white woman until she was naked as a baby.

She was now exposed before the entire village.  She covered her big white bosoms and her crotch, but this only made them laugh and mock her.  There were children running around and the humiliating exposure, before men, women and children made Abigail blush from her cheeks down to her breasts.  Much laughter and pointing at her tits and hairy mound.  Those behind her pointed at her big ass.  Her fat white buttocks amused them greatly.

The squaws again tied her, only this time they lashed her wrists to her elbows behind her back.  Abigail trembled in fear and shame as the squaws and the children formed two parallel lines.  Sani came up behind her.  Being naked before him now made her blush even more.  He pointed to a spot at the end of the two rows and roughly pushed her forward.  Abigail gulped and looked around.  Already she could see that the squaws and the older children had armed themselves with switches, branches and leather strips.  Sani put his hand on her back and gave her a shove to get her going.... 


She was made to walk the “gauntlet”. This was a preliminary torture that allowed the Apache` to test a captive for spirit, as they valued bravery under torture.  As Abigail stumbled forward, those lined up stuck her on the buttocks, her back and her legs.  The thin birch branches stung like fire and the leather thongs landed with a loud “splat”.  The women and children shouted with glee as they whipped her.  Her fat buttocks received the majority of the blows. The women were the worst.  They knew just where to hit her to make it hurt.  Some tried to hit her breasts, but she kept hunched over and was able this way to avoid most of the blows to her vulnerable breasts. 

Before she reached the end of the line, she had fallen once only to be humiliatingly pulled up by her hair and set on the path again.  By the time she reached the end, her buttocks, shoulders, arms and thighs were reddened and marked from the blows.  It was a fun game.  Every time she was struck, stumbled or cried out made the squaws and the children yelp and holler with savage pleasure at the humiliation and pain they were causing her.

The cruel delight that the women and children displayed appalled Abigail.  Here she was naked in the camp of Indians, and they were whipping her like a dog and just loving it.  It was awful.  Abigail began sobbing with pain and shame.  What she didnt realize was that any display of weakness really served to lower her in the eyes of the band.  Apaches valued bravery and stoicism in their captives.  To cry or beg for mercy showed weakness and virtually guaranteed further torment.  When she reached the end, she hoped it was over, but her sniveling and sobbing earned her more torture.

They made her walk the gauntlet again.  And this time it was worse. They beat her unmercifully. The squaws concentrated on her tits as much as possible. Hitting the nipples so they could make Abigail shriek with pain.  She was a sweaty mess at the end - her buttocks, back, breasts and thighs were raw and her eyes were swollen from crying.  Because she had reacted so poorly, she was made to endure a third and then a fourth trip down the “gauntlet”.  She fell repeatedly.

The women began spitting on her - degrading her further. Two old women pulled her up by her hair and spat right in her face. Abigail moaned in shame as the spittle ran down.  Sani finally called a halt and let her lie there on the ground.  Having a captured white woman at their disposal and seeing her weakness exposed inflamed the squaws.  Abigails time as a captive was going to be one of total humiliation and degradation from this time forward.  The men began drinking their corn based liquor, tulapai, and soon they were wild...

Sani gave the word and two braves grabbed her by her hair, pulled her up and dragged her towards a hitching post.  They lashed her by her wrists and neck to the vertical beam.  Ropes were tied around her ankles and then to stakes pounded in the ground.  Sani came over and spread the cheeks of her buttocks to the mob. He did this slowly to humiliate her as much as possible.  Abigail cringed in shame as he displayed her pussy and anus and the men howled and the women cackled with glee. 

A squaw came up and began to rub her pussy.  She teased and tickled her until she got some reaction from Abigail.  At first, she just bit her lip and prayed for deliverance.  But as the woman knowingly stroked her labia and clitoris, Abigail began to whimper.  When she began moaning, the squaws and the children yapped and barked with pleasure.  Satisfied, the squaw dipped her fingers into a pot of bear grease and rubbed it all around Abigails anus.  When she had the tight brown sphincter well lubricated, she used her finger to get some inside her rectum. 

Poor Abigail grunted with the intrusion....but worse was to come.  To be exposed this way and now realizing that she was facing rape and sodomy made her plead and sob like a little girl.  Her pleadings sounded pathetic. She desperately feared rape.  She was terror struck at the thought of being violated against her will, as all women do. 

But the loss of control and what her body might do was a further torment.  She was a woman with a strong sex drive.  It had been a problem for her in her marriage and even before when she was the preachers daughter.  Abigail felt tremendous guilt at feeling anything in her womanly parts.  In her mind this was “sinful” and the thought that she was facing forced sex frightened her because of her fear of how she might react.  She was already a tormented woman of her time because of inner conflicts about her sexuality.

Sani let the women play a little while longer with Abigail.  They slapped her ass, pulled her pubic hair and her nipples, trying to make her cry out.  Poor Abigail alternately whimpered, moaned and cried out as they molested her.  Then Sani shooed the women away.  The braves began to gather - pulling aside their breechcloths and exposing their cocks.

They displayed their hard, hot erections threatening her with their manhood and making her close her eyes as she contemplated her fate.  Sani got behind Abigails fat buttocks and with no preliminaries, forced his cock into her tight and unprepared pussy.  The wetness that the squaw had forced from her had since dried as she was tormented.  Now her dry, tight vagina, one that had never borne children, was about to be violated.....

His braves cheered and Abigail winced as she realized fully for the first time how bad things were going to be for her.  She wasnt prepared for his penetration and when he hurtfully rammed it into her and began reaming her out, she grunted in pain at the intrusion and then cried out.  He began thrusting hard and deep and ejaculated quickly. 

The next brave took his place.  And then another.  After a few had filled her vagina with semen, it drooled from her violated hole and ran down her thighs.  One after another they raped her.  It was an act of war, not so much a sex act.... a victory celebration of a sort.  As her pussy drooled semen and her own copious juices between rapes, a brave would scoop up some of the mess and wipe it on her nose and mouth - making her smell and taste their violation.  The feeling of being totally at the mercy of the men was overwhelming.

She was totally theirs to rape at will.  If she tried to squat down a bit to escape their cocks, she choked herself on the pole.  The raw, cruel violation was humiliation enough, but Abigail experienced real shame when one brave raped her like a demon and made her climax.  Her cries and vaginal convulsions as he sexed her left no doubt that he had won a victory over her.  She was overcome with guilt that she had somehow “let” this happen to her....

Another brave also made her cum like a whore. The humiliation devastated her.  Later she would rationalize what had happened by telling herself that she had been forced to experience arousal and made to “sin”.  It wasnt her fault.  But she was truly shattered by this feeling that she was somehow guilty of sin.  It only added to her pain.

Then a brave worked his cock into her rectum.  This was virgin territory.  She had a tight nether passage, but experience with childhood enemas had alerted Abigail to the fact that this shameful, dirty part of her body, heavy with nerve endings, had the potential to harbor sensitive as well as painful feelings.  She cried out as this perversion shamed her totally.  It hurt terribly at first, but the grease lubricated the invasion.  Soon, to her horror, it produced feelings of arousal as well as discomfort, causing her even more mental pain.

Finally the last brave satisfied himself.  All the men of the band, even the oldsters and the young warriors ejaculated in her pussy and several came in her rectum.  Over thirty men used her as a receptacle for their lust.   Exhausted, she hoped they were finished with her.  As the men drifted off, a group of squaws came over.

She saw the hatred in their eyes. After all, their men had just sexed her.  One of them brought over a small pot.  Inside was a powder made from ground, dried, hot, chili peppers.  She scooped out some and began rubbing it into Abigails dripping, sloppy sexhole. 

She worked the powder into a paste, as it mixed with pussy juice and the semen, and got it on Abigails clitoris, her pisshole, her labia, in and around her vagina and then on her anus.  For a finale, she worked some into her rectum.  Her messy pussy and brown anus were already reddened and sore from the multiple rapes.

Once the capsicum in the peppers had a chance to build heat, Abigail began writhing and squirming.  Soon, it was as if someone had shoved hot coals into her pussy and asshole.  She began crying out and then screaming as the pepper scorched her tender inner membranes.  Her genitals and anus would become so red and sore from this torment.... and framed by her red pubic hair, it inspired one squaw to mockingly give her the nickname: “fire pussy”! She wriggled and squirmed so much, in her bondage, that this made the women howl with excitement.

And then they untied her neck and ankles and retied her by her wrists to one of the posts.  They left her bound in the morning sun, overwhelmed with shame, the pain in her sore pussy and asshole and with their semen drying on her body.  The day wore on.  From her tether, Abigail couldnt see the camp because she was facing the wrong way.  She could hear the women as they busied themselves with chores.  The men butchered one of her cows.  In the late afternoon the women stoked the fires and began roasting strips of beef.  The men sat down to eat.  The smell of meat roasting made her hungry.  She hoped they would feed her.

Finally the men had eaten and the women and the children took their turn.  When theyd finished, a squaw brought her some meat and corn.  She grabbed Abigail by the hair and pushed her face down to eat from the bowl, like a dog. She ate ravenously, but it was humiliating.  The light faded away quickly after supper.  It was early spring and the dark came on with winter speed. 

Except for the cooking fires, the moon and the stars, it was dark and frightening.  Two braves came by and untied her from the hitching post.  She was retied to a tree with her arms wrapped around it, like she was hugging it.  She would finally fall asleep in this position, but this uncomfortable bondage, occasional insects, and the cold night air would torment her for hours.

The next morning, two braves forced her to the hitching post again; made her bend over and bound her by her wrists, neck to the post and with her ankles lashed to stakes again. They began slapping her ass and pinching her nipples, making her wince and try to escape their cruel fingers.  It was soon obvious that having sport with her aroused them.  When they pulled aside their breechcloths she saw both men had hard, hot cocks.  She groaned in shame as they began molesting her - feeling her up between her legs.

One held her face, occasionally slapping her, while the other brave forced himself inside her.  He thrust vigorously and came quickly.  Then the other took his place and raped her.  They left her tied like that with semen drooling from her pussy.  She wept and then more men came and used her at their leisure, making her grunt, moan and cry out.  One of the men made her climax again.  Abigail began praying to God to forgive her and spare her any more indignities.

In painful agony from the enforced bondage, she wept.  Finally, one of the women came and untied her.  Abigail was grateful to be released.  But the squaw tied her hands behind her back and took her over to one of the wickiups.  She huddled in the corner, wishing she could vanish.  In late afternoon she was given another meal of meat and corn. They made sure she ate from the bowl like a camp dog....

Later, when men came back to camp, she was retied to the hitching post and bent over for a third round of rape and sodomy.  The men behaved as if they considered her a “hole”, to be used at their convenience.  Each rape brought with it the possibility that her body would betray her.  Two more times, it did.  After she cried out in orgasm, she began loudly begging “God” for forgiveness.  The braves laughed at this.  


At mid-afternoon on the third day the squaws showed Abigail that, to them, she was like a small animal they had trapped.  Abigail remembered, as they took hold of her, with a shiver something shed overheard a friend say when the men-folk had gotten together to talk.... when they didnt think the women were listening.

“The Chiricahua are cruel, but when it comes to torture, their women are worse....”

That day the squaws began really torturing Abigail.  This is what they did to her first. They tied her naked and spread-eagled to an old wagon wheel.  The wheel was set on a vertical post about 2 ½ feet high.  In this position, she was facing the ground and her breasts hung down vulnerably and her head, unsupported, soon hung down painfully too.  The women began collecting small twigs, bark and branches and piling them underneath the wheel, but to one side of it. 

Then they lit the kindling to start a small fire.  As soon as the fire got going, they put wet leaves on it.  Then they spun the wheel and got Abigails face right over the smoky fire.  The smoke rose and got in her eyes, nose and mouth.  This was an old Apache torture.  They “smoked” their victims over a wet fire.  The heat and the smoke made the victim gag and choke.

Sometimes they left her face over the fire, so she couldnt breathe as the smoke burned her eyes and filled her nose.  The blood rushed to her head and her nose filled with mucus.  She eventually vomited in this position.  Then they spun the wheel so that her crotch was positioned right over banked fire.  In this way, the smoke and the heat tormented her pussy and anus. 

This was a cruel torture that could be continued for hours.  The fire was kept low and the wet leaves insured that it would generate lots of smoke and banked heat.  They turned the wheel at intervals so that her face and crotch got an equal share of the smoke.  Over and over, until she was crying, babbling and begging for them to release her.

“Oh God, please no ....please, Oh me........please” 

Her face got grotesquely swollen.  When they finally took her off the wheel her eyes were bloodshot and her face, especially her lips and tongue were swollen.  Her red pubic hair had been heat-singed and her labia and clitoris were in the same condition as her lips and tongue swollen and sore to the touch.  Her anus was glazed and puffy from the heat and her buttocks and ass crack were swollen and sore from the heat and smoke.  She had cried herself dry and when they took her down, she was a broken doll. 

From this point forward, Abigail had been reduced to slavery.  They kept her tied at night and during the day forced her to perform menial tasks.  Unless someone stumbled on the band, it seemed unlikely that she would be freed and she soon despaired.  At night she prayed for deliverance from her hellish existence. 

And it continued to be a hideous experience when a few days later four squaws led her away from the camp towards a dry creek bed.  They went only a short distance before they stopped by a mound.  It was an ant hill. They all looked at her; she saw them grinning and in that moment she looked at the mound and then the ground....saw the ants scurrying this way and that and realized why theyd brought her there. 

The Apache` were infamous for torturing their victims by staking them out on an ant hill.  Abigail had heard stories and now she was horror struck as she realized what awaited her....  The oldest squaw, Ooljee, barked out a command.  The others grabbed her, threw her down, crossed her wrists and bound them with leather thongs. The pounded stakes in the ground on either side of the mound and tied her ankles to them.  

This position pulled Abigails legs open wide.  It was an unpleasant position as it exposed her cunt and asshole.  She couldnt really move at all.  Then she felt the ants.  The ground seemed alive...they were crawling all around.  The stakes had been driven into the ground right next to their nest and this put the colony on high alert... 

She began yelling as Ooljee, and another squaw named Sitsi, approached her holding jars.  Inside the pots was thick, cactus blossom honey.  They drizzled the sticky, sweet stuff all over Abigails feet and along the inside of her calves up her inner thighs, creating a trail leading to her crotch.  Abigail felt a dread that made her shiver.  She began to plead with them like a little girl.  They ignored her pitiful pleadings in a language they didnt understand.

The two squaws got it all over her crotch and smeared the sweet stuff in her red pubic hair.  Ooljee carefully poured the honey so that her labia were well coated and the runoff drooled down her ass crack to glaze her hair framed anus.  The squaw took her time with the honey.  The proceedings greatly amused the other squaws who squatted to watch closely. 

Ooljee then made a honey trail from her pubic mound, up over her plump belly, to Abigails fat white tits and nipples with their large rose-brown aureoles.  Abigail looked down at her breasts after she was done and sobbed. 

Ooljee made a snorting sound, showing her derision for the white woman.  Ants had come pouring out of the mound and were now swarming over Abigails feet, her toes and the soft webbing in-between them.  The incessant scurrying all over her sensitive feet made Abigail twitch in an effort to dislodge them.  Soon the whole colony had mobilized and had discovered the honey.   Abigail began to sob and blubber when the ants began to climb up her legs.

As Abigail felt the little monsters with their six tiny feet scampering and scurrying this way and that - and moving toward her sex organs, she began crying and writhing in her bonds.  Feeling them crawling up her legs drove her crazy.  She kept her eyes closed and the squaws laughed as she cried out and prayed to her God as the ants infested her. 

It didnt take long for the ants to swarm up and over her crotch.  Within ten minutes her pussy and asshole was covered with hundreds of ants.  The distress kept all her attention focused there.  The insects had her screaming, as they feasted on the honey which had drooled from her pussy down between her buttocks as they swarmed over and invaded her sex.  Some had begun to squirt formic acid as a defense and this burned everywhere it landed.

It was a disgusting feeling.  Abigail couldnt close her legs and began shrieking as she felt them penetrate and pollute her hole. They harried and pestered her clitoris…irritating and tickling it.  Several explored the small opening from which she pissed….this felt even more awful.

They packed her cunt.  The honey and her feminine secretions drove them into a teeming mass.  She was tied so that she couldnt close her thighs.  The torment of her anus was especially awful.  They overran the honey-glazed, puckered opening.  The itching sensation was so horrible that she was afraid she might go mad. Her crotch was alive with a thousand ants. 

A few scouts had followed the trail up her belly to her honey-smeared tits.  The creeping, crawling itchiness was horrifying, making her whole body spasm and wriggle, hump her hips and wriggle her toes.  Abigail craned her head forward to watch helplessly as they swarmed over her tits, finding the honey-daubed nipples and driving her nearly insane with their tickling, itching assault.  Having them walk all over her breasts and nipples was maddening. 

And she could do was watch, horrified, as they took their time with her.  Very quickly, each of her fat, white tits was covered.  Through tear-blurred vision, Abigail stared as sensitive parts of her body were ablaze with itchy red spots left by the formic acid. 

She screamed and begged, “please, oh, please! No more…please....PLEASE!”

Abigail was at the high point of the torture and her sufferings were terrible.  She could do nothing, but try to endure it.  She squirmed and cried, watching as the swarm infested her en masse, covering her loins from her clitoris to her anus and over both tits.  She had not lost consciousness....

Time passed, and in some part of her mind, she feared that if this continued, she would go insane.  She would look down - stare horrified at the swarm crawling on her - then pull her head back, close her eyes and pray out loud to God. 

She twitched and writhed as much as her bonds would allow; but her bondage had very little slack.  So, helpless, she could only sob and cry out as they infested her unmercifully.  Abigail struggled, but she knew it was only a matter of time before she lost control of her mind and went mad....

She begged the squaws to cut her loose, but they only grinned or laughed at her.  They had squatted down to watch the growing, pullulating mass get bigger and blacker at the junction between her white thighs and on her breasts.  The squaws whooped and hollered, enjoying her suffering at the violation of the poor white woman. 

Abigails crotch and tits were almost completely covered.  From a short distance, it seemed she was wearing black fur on her teats and womanhood.  As the feelings of disgusting infestation overwhelmed her, Abigail lost it and began babbling like a madwoman.  This made the women howl.  They mocked and taunted her in their language.  They laughed and pointed at the spectacle of the poor white woman, tormented beyond endurance.

The ants stayed to devour all the took over an hour.  And in the end, Abigail had been reduced to a twitching shell of a human being.  She had screamed herself hoarse and finally slipped into unconsciousness, only to awaken and find that she was still in hell.  Crushed by the experience, she was truly a broken woman when they cut her loose.  Two women took her to the stream and Abigail was barely conscious as they dunked her. 


Time passed.  Abigails life had been reduced to meaningless toil, mind-numbing bondage and incidences of savage torment.  In some ways, the cruelest things were done by the children of the band.  Supervised by an older squaw, Nizhoni, Abigail was staked out, one afternoon, on the ground under a cottonwood tree.  There was much laughter as the children were thrilled by the prospect of having her to play with.  Abigail looked at their faces and cringed as they seemed to her more like demons than children.  A fire was lit and the children were encouraged to heat up the tips of green twigs.

They crowded around her, both boys and girls, and used the twigs to sadistically treat her to repeated small burns all over her body.  They concentrated on her breasts and nipples....her fat white belly....and her thighs.  After awhile the squaw had some of the older boys turn her over so that the torture could be continued on her buttocks. 

Soon they too were stippled with angry red marks.  They worked on her crack, especially the dark grove leading to her anus.  Their savage gleeful shouts, laughter and merriment appalled Abigail.  She could not imagine children so demonic.

They delighted in making her whimper, groan and cry out.  This went on for more than an hour.  Then the older girls got the idea of sexually tormenting and humiliating her - encouraged by the squaw.   They flipped her over on her back and took turns manipulating her genitalia.  Masturbating her.  Pulling on her sex lips.  They got her clitoris erect and teased her to the point of orgasm.

Just when Abigail thought she thought she was going to climax….they stopped and let her twitch in agony.  The shame of experiencing sexual arousal was additional mental torment.  At this point in her captivity, Abigail had been stripped of her humanity and had become an “object”.  Becoming a plaything for the children caused another “breakage” in Abigails mental structure....

Grins and laughter at this.  Soon, Abigail felt the intense need to climax, but the girls kept bringing her to a boil and then letting her suffer. Then one of them, Yazhi was her name, kneeling between her splayed thighs, made her cry out when she grabbed Abigails clitoris by the hood between her index finger and thumb and cruelly twisted the bud.

She slowly and sadistically pulled and twisted it making Abigail scream in pain.  Another two girls did the same to her nipples.  This soon became an excruciating game.  This continued until her nipples and the clitoris swelled up grotesquely.  Purple and swollen from the abuse. 

Two girls sat on either side of Abigail's legs and one girl got between them. They kept playing with her sexually - getting her clitoris erect; making her writhe and squirm and beg for release.  Her pussy oozed as the girls chattered like birds enjoying the opportunity to humiliate her as her pussy drooled. 

Abigail sobbed and groaned, but before she could climax - they stopped and grinned as she twitched and throbbed in frustration.  The girls laughed and smiled at the boys as they showed them how to sexually torture the white woman.  The boys acted frustrated, watching the girls have all the fun. 

Yazhi pinched and hurt her clitoris and they rubbed her pussy to arouse her…this was repeated over and over again. Arousal frustration, and then pain -over and over.  The girls were efficient torturers. The boys wanted in on the fun and began yelling as one of them approached holding a jar.  In the jar, he had captured some bees.  You could hear them as they buzzed angrily.  He carefully extracted a bee from the jar by its wings.  The bees abdomen thrust frantically trying to find its attacker. 

With a sadistic smile he brought the bee down to Abigails nipple.  Abigail looked down and watched in horror as the stinger lanced its way into her nipple - the abdomen pumping its venom into her. The pain seared hotly thru her nipple and immediately it began to swell even more. 

The boy brought a second bee to her other nipple to sting her there.  Soon that nipple had swollen to comic proportions.  Abigails head flailed from side to side, as she panted, sweated and squirmed.  Her eyes flew wide open when she felt someone pulling back the hood of her clitoris, exposing the little bud.  A loud moan escaped her lips as the boy produced another bee and held it right the insect could sting her clitoris.  As the stinger reached its mark, she screamed like someone had stabbed her with a knife!

The boys were having their revenge on the girls!  They were showing that they too knew how to torture the white woman.  Very quickly, Abigails clitoris swelled up to three times its normal size.  Her rose-brown nipples now looked like a purple grapes.  And her clitoris was a purple knob as big as the tip of her pinky finger. 

The girls, now seeing how much more vulnerable the white womans precious bits were, went back to tormenting her; arousing and then frustrating her; then hurting her until Abigail was nearly insane. They tortured her to the point of babbling idiocy.  This amused them to no end.

Then Nizhoni, the older squaw, took a curved, slim white rod with a bulb at the end out of a leather sack.  It had been carved from the tusk of a peccary.  She told Yazhi to pull open the white womans labia.  When she did this it exposed the urethra and made it flare open. Nizhoni inserted the tip of the rod into Abigails piss hole. The white woman howled as the squaw forced the probe into her most private orifice.

She kept pushing, making Abigail gasp and cry out as the rod had been forced into her fully, so that it penetrated the sphincter guarding her bladder.  When it was fully inserted and the bulb protruded from the tip, she and Yazhi took turns slapping Abigails pussy, making her shriek in pain. 

Then all the girls and some of the boys took turns drawing the rod out of her pisshole and re-inserting it.  In effect, raping her with it.  Abigail was soon howling like an animal.  They laughed at her and made clucking noises; mocking her reaction - her weakness.

Eventually, Nizhoni took out the rod and finger-fucked Abigail - making her spurt, causing the other children to yawp and scream with pleasure.  When she spurted, Abigail cried out and groaned with relief.  The squaw wiped up Abigails musky pussy juice splattered on her thighs with two fingers and smeared it on her nose and mouth. 

Abigail was exhausted and drained by what the children did to her.  What they did hurt her terribly and even worse, it made her experience sexual arousal.  This was, for her, mental torment.  She felt like a slut...a whore.  It was horrifying that sexual torture could arouse her.

They were not finished with her.  There was more to come.  Two boys, real sadists, Niyol and Yas, had something really gross in mind.  They encouraged the girls to untie her ankles and force Abigails thighs back against her breasts, so her cunt and anus were completely exposed.  Nizhoni spread Abigails labia....reveal that her well-used cunt was already very wet.  Then Yas showed the abused white woman what theyd brought for her.

Abigail screamed when she saw the frogs. Yas held the little reptiles up to display them to her.  The green slimy creatures writhed and struggled to get free.  At the sight of them, Abigail began squirming too. 

All the frightened creatures wanted, at that point, were to get away and find a nice, dark place to hide.  Abigail with her legs spread and her wet cunt provided a moist hiding place.  Yas, holding one of the creatures, brought its head close to Abigails wet vaginal opening.  Abigail looked down between her tits and upraised legs.


But there was no one to save her.  The creature decided it didnt like being forced into this hole, but Yas lost no time in forcing it into her vagina.  First the blunt head and then, inch-by-inch, the children watched as he got body and then the legs into her sexhole until just the tip of a webbed foot protruded from her hole. It was an obscene sight. Her hairy pussy, the labia swollen from being abused and a green webbed frogs foot sticking out. 

Abigails reaction was not to be believed.  She began to scream and scream and scream and scream!  Her voice made sounds like never before.  Even when she was covered with the ants, she didnt howl like that.  But when the frog wriggled inside her warm, wet cunt, Abigail descended into hell.  Enjoying her suffering, Yas sadistically forced a second frog into her....

Then they tied her legs together.  Abigail wriggled and writhed as the intruders frantically moved inside her. The children really enjoyed her reactions. The frogs was so far up her cunt and with her legs tied, all you could see was her reddish-brown pubic hair and her hot reddish-purple pussy lips pressed together by her position.  Her belly seemed to bulge and ripple as the frogs squirmed around in her hole in their panic.  Every time someone pushed on her tummy, Abigails reactions provided more comic relief for the little mob of sadistic children.

She began sobbing uncontrollably and it was heartrending to hear.  Her tears just rolled down her cheeks.  Some of the children went and told everyone to come to see what theyd done to the white woman.  They left her there with the frogs in her pussy for an hour, making her moan, groan, scream and cry. 

The frogs would lie quietly for awhile…..and then something she did, some movement on her part frightened the creatures again.  And they thrashed around inside her, crawling over each other and squirming like mad.  Abigail was driven nuts.  She howled like a beast as the frogs wriggled in the warm, wet confines of her vagina.  Braves and squaws came by to see what all the fuss was about.  It was fun for the whole band.

One woman rubbed her crotch, attempting to masturbate her.  This disturbed the slimy creatures.  They thrashed around and as she continued to rub Abigails mound, she got aroused.  This only added to her miseries.  There was much laughter from everyone crowded around the staked out woman.  Braves came and went enjoying the sight of the white woman being tormented by their children.  Abigail was forced to hold the creatures in her vagina for quite awhile. 

Abigail, when they finally released her and she could open her legs, tried to stick her fingers in her cunt to get the frogs out.  This only frightened them, but with the lack of oxygen, they were sluggish and soon came out on their own. They were disgustingly wet with her vaginal mucus. 

Abigail was finally free of the little monsters.  She was broken by this experience totally. Her dreams, when she slept, were filled with dragons and monsters now.  She was in the terrifying position of someone who was horrified and disgusted by what was being done to her and on some level had begun to yearn for more abuse....

Abigail had been changed by her capture.  Through systematic abuse , they changed Abigail into an obedient slave.  Always tormented by guilt feelings because of her abundant sexuality, she had become convinced that God had sent the devil to punish her for her “sins”.  So, one part of her was prepared to accept the extravagant torments the Indians visited on her. 

In her mind the Apache`, a savage godless people, had become Satans tools sent by God to punish her for her sinful nature. In her mind, she was in hell because she was a “bad” woman.  A female who “sinned” by experiencing sexual pleasure.  In her mind, broken and twisted by torture, Abigail Hart had begun to embrace her degradation.  In the weeks and months ahead, this would be noted by her captors, who considered her submissive acceptance of what they did to her as more evidence of the white womans disgusting weakness and their superiority.


One night, in a smoky wickiup, several squaws decided to have some fun with the white woman.  They drove a stake into the ground to the height of Abigails crotch. They wrapped it in leather, making a formidable dildo and greased it with bear fat.  Then they fingered Abigail until she was wet and juicy.  Two of them, Nizhoni and Shima, made her stand; tied a cord around her neck and tied her thumbs to the cord. 

Next, they made her straddle the pole and squat up and down.  Up and down - fucking herself on the pole.  Abigail did it; she had no choice.  In order to make her do it harder, Nizhoni used a bunch of nettles to brush up and down her ass crack.

Abigail squatted down obscenely and stood up again.  Squatted down and then stood up.  She had to do this over and over again.  To encourage her to fuck herself harder and make herself cum, Nizhoni spread her ass cheeks and tickled her anus with the nettles.  Abigail screamed when the fiery nettles stung her brown rosette.  Soon the burning in her crack and on her anus was replaced by a vicious itching. 

Nizhoni handed the nettles off to another squaw who used it to whip the white womans fat buttocks.  Another squaw used a bunch to whip her fat, white tits.  Soon, Abigail was fucking herself silly on the pole.  Alternately whimpering, grunting, moaning and crying out from the stinging, itching nettles and the feeling of the pole stretching and rubbing the inside of her hole.  She eventually made herself cum. 


The women laughed and clapped their hands in glee!  They kept this up for sport and made Abigail cum again.  Afterwards, her ass and tits were stippled with an itchy sting rash.  She looked like shed been stung by a hundred bees.  When they took her off the pole it was coated and dripping with her pussy juices.


On hot afternoon, Hokee, the shaman, had an inspired idea, so he went and fetched Abigail.  He stripped her and forced her to her knees.  Following this, he and a brave tied a leash around her neck and led her around, attracting a group of boys.  A group of young boys of the camp followed the procession.  Hokee led  Abigail to a grove by the stream. There they tied her with her wrists behind her back. 

Now, Hokee encouraged the boys to examine and play with Abigail.  Naked and humiliated, Abigail had to endure the boys touching her everywhere. They felt her up everywhere.  Their fingers felt like living animals squirming all over her tits and pussy.  Fingers were inserted into every orifice.  Abigail moaned as they stimulated her roughly.  She saw their loincloths tented as they quickly developed hard, hot erections.

When all were very excited, Hokee encouraged the boys to jerk off.  The bravest and boldest started the action and soon everyone lifted their loin clothes…a little timid at first.  Soon, they were all jerking off like crazy!

When the boys were ready to cum…Hokee had them crowd around her and jerk off onto her face and tits. One-by-one they all spurted their seed. Soon she was covered with their semen.  It was an initiation rite for the boys.  Marking the white captive with their seed.  For Abigail it was a disgusting ordeal.  Much of their ejaculate, still warm from their bodies, landed in her mouth. 

Abigail gagged twice as she was made to swallow -much to everyones amusement.  It was viscous and a string of cum drooled down to her tits....still connected her lips.  For a final indignity, Hokee bent her head down and lifted her tits to make her suck her own nipples and lick up all the semen splattered on her tits. 

By this time, most of the boys were hard again. They were allowed to cum on her face and tits again....When they were done, Abigail was a sloppy mess.  Hokee hauled her back to the camp by her leash. Her tears mixed with the runny semen on her face as she was humiliatingly displayed to everyone who was in camp at that time.



Abigail found herself tethered like a goat in a wickiup one day as four women, Ooljee, Sahkyo, Doli and Nizhoni gossiped and then bored, decided to have some fun with her.  They tied her hands over her head to a stake in the ground.  They turned her over, spread her cheeks and raped her with a greased, leather wrapped club, smeared with hot chili powder, in her rectum. Then they turned her over on her back, leaving the club in her asshole.  They took turns masturbating her.  They teased her pussy until she was dripping. The hot burning in her shithole combined with the stimulation of her pussy had her groaning and yelping. They would play with her, but wouldnt let her cum.

Abigail cried out in shame and frustration.  They didnt understand her words, but they understood her distress very well. They mimed “orgasm”.  Abigail nodded yes-yes-yes, and they laughed and pointed to their crotches.  When Nizhoni straddled her face, Abigail understood what they wanted her to do.  The older squaw lifted her shift and took the first turn riding her face.  Abigail had to stick out her tongue as the fat squaw rubbed her cunt and asshole over her nose, mouth and chin.

The others teased her clitoris, keeping her excited, but she was not allowed to climax.  It was agony as she suffocated and slimed by the squaws vaginal secretions.  Nizhoni smelled very strong and musky.  Her clitoris was big and she brought herself off very quickly using her captives face.

Sahkyo took a real long time to climax.  It was degrading and exhausting as she “rode” Abigails face for the longest time.  Ooljee faced her feet and rubbed her anus on Abigails nose.  Awful, she had to smell the squaws shit-hole.  Abigail began to hump her hips up and down, begging for release.  They laughed and continued to tease her. 

Finally, when Nizhoni smeared her secretions teasingly over her swollen clitoral bulb and hood and all around the sensitive glans, and then rubbed her crotch hard once, twice…three times…Abigail ejaculated.  The squaw milked her pussy and the poor white woman moaned into Ooljees sexhole covering her nose and mouth. Two of them took turns urinating on her face trying to make their piss land in her mouth.  Finally, after all of them had enjoyed her, they took the club out of her shit-hole.

But the eldest, Ooljee, a fat wench, brought over a thin carved bone.  As it was waved under Abigails nose, she cringed.  Her face was wet with their secretions and Abigail felt so small and helpless. There was terror in her eyes as the bone got a coating of grease and several drops of juice from the end of a cut pepper.

Abigail saw the other three were watching her carefully as the old squaw got the bone ready.   Nizhoni sat on her chest, squashing the air out of her.  Doli held her sex open.  Ooljee put the tip of the bone against her pisshole and worked it up her urethra an inch. 

The juice from the pepper and the grease made it easy to get it in.  Having her piss hole violated was among the most unpleasant feelings she had been made to experience.  The tip poked out from between Abigails labia with the urethral sphincter stretched open around the bones shaft.

Nizhoni, sitting on her chest, got off, but the others held her legs.  Soon the juice from the pepper, the capsicum, began to burn and it became apparent why they were sitting on her legs.  As the fire built, she began to hump her hips slowly at first and then more frantically. 

They smiled and giggled as the sensation became unbearable.  Soon her piss hole was on fire as the hot juice went to work on the sensitive membranes.  The fiery liquid had turned her into a writhing, frantic puppet. She humped her hips up and down like she was being fucked by Satan!

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh," she wailed. "Im on fire! My cunny! Oh...GOD.....OH...GOD....OH...GOD.....I'!"

Abigail cried and screamed as the heat built and built and there was no relief.  They left the bone inside her for a long time and she humped and wriggled the whole time.  She sobbed and  felt so helpless. When the burning sensation finally subsided, Ooljee removed it.  Doli, the young squaw, held up a small hot pepper.  She had scored the skin with a knife to let the juice run free. 

Abigail started to wail again, begging and crying.  She turned her face toward the far wall of the wickiup.  Snot ran from her nose and her eyes were nearly swollen shut from crying.  Doli reached back and spread Abigails cheeks.  The white woman whimpered in anticipation of the pain to come.

"No, no! No! No! No more! Please. Oh God no! Oh no!!!”

Doli put her left hand on the small of Abigail's back to steady her, and then touched the tip of the pepper to her tight, brown anus.  There was a moment of silence in which the white woman squirmed - then she exploded.

"OHHHH... Uhhh... OH... GOD... OH... God... OH... GOD!"

She screeched as the juice irritated the membranes.  Her big bottom wiggled, flopped, clenched and unclenched as the young squaw ruthlessly pressed the pepper against her shit-hole.  Then she ran it up and down her crack. 

"Oh, GOD HELP ME.....OH....OH....OH...OH."

When they let her up, she grabbed her ass cheeks and held them open as wide as she could, and jumped up and down.  Her red, irritated, anus winked like a mouth in search of a cool drink.  Doli and the others got her on her belly again so the young squaw could go back to work on her.  Abigail wailed in surrender as Doli worked the entire hot pepper into her shit-hole. 

She screamed, her legs frog-kicking out.  Later that day, they cut off her red hair to humiliate her.  By this time, she had completely broken down mentally and was no longer the same woman.  She was a slave with a mind torn by Christian guilt who believed that Satan lived between her legs and every time she had an orgasm, she needed to suffer for it.  She came to crave torture.  She needed to be punished to atone for her “sins”... 



They kept her tied to a post or a tree, like a dog, when they werent working her as a slave.  The first days of her captivity were terrifying and then her confinement at the hand of the Chiricahua band became just plain degrading and disgusting. While the threat of death was always lurking, they considered her a mere amusement.... a plaything.  Apache` were known for their cruelty to captives, but the variety of torments the women visited on Abigail were particularly horrid. 

They tormented her in truly fiendish ways.  After the men had raped her, the squaws imposed a moratorium on sexing her.  But the torture didnt stop.  The opportunity to torment and humiliate a white woman, the hated “enemy”, was a boon....a delight for the women of Sanis band.  Ooljee, the oldest, in particular, had a deep-seated hatred for Abigail. 

She named her “fire pussy”, because of her reddish pubic hair.  Ooljee and her confederates: Sitsi, Nizhoni, Shima, Sahkyo and Doli, all widowed or spinsters except for Doli, who was young and unmarried, got together one afternoon and began gossiping, as women everywhere are wont to do.  After awhile, bored, they began, as was becoming their custom, to think what they might do to Abigail that would amuse them.  They came up with a particularly cruel torture and sent  Doli to fetch Abigail. 

“Please dont hurt me,” Abigail wailed as soon as she saw the women sitting cross-legged in the wickiup. 

Shima, Doli and Sitsi stripped her of her single garment, a deerskin dress.  Then they staked her out, with her arms over her head - wrists together and her legs open.  Ooljee shoved a small log under the small of her back.  Abigail whimpered as she fearfully wondered what they were going to do to her next. 

“Dont hurt me, please,” she begged like a child.

Ooljee came over and spread her labia.  She wet her finger and began to tickle and tease her pussy.  Abigail began squirming, but her bonds didnt permit her much movement.  Soon, what the older squaw was doing to her began to have an effect.  Abigail hated and was horrified the squaws were able to arouse her.

It was so perverse that every time it happened was mental torture for her.  The squaws, sensing that that white woman had a different idea about sex, were quick to pick up how easy it was to cause the white woman pain this way.  Their culture had a different sense of the body and sex than the white women of that time. 

Shame and humiliation were much more ingrained in the psyche of white women of the 19th century.  And when the squaws saw how easy it was to make her ashamed or anxious, they grinned and took full advantage.  Oh.......please let me control myself, Abigail alternately prayed to God and admonished herself silently.  God, help me.....dont let this demon shame me, Abigail thought to herself. 

Ooljee masturbated her until she had her moaning and squealing, writhing and wriggling like a nose-hooked pig.  The old squaw wet her finger in the oozing slit to rub her sex-lips and nubbin up-and-down and then side-to-side.  She alternated this with shaking the whole mound.  Soon, Abigail began to breathe heavily and moan softly.  And she began to get “very juicy”.   Ooljee pushed back on the hood to expose her clitoris more. 

After a few minutes, Ooljee had Abigails pussy very hot and wet.  The horror of her situation had her face flaming.  She prayed silently for deliverance, but her body had betrayed her again.  It was a torment to be forced into smelly, wet arousal in front of these savages.  When Ooljee had her nice and sloppy, she turned to Doli, said something - and then the young squaw handed her a fearsome bunch of nettles.  The young squaw had wrapped the stems carefully in a piece of leather and handed them to the older woman.

Ooljee used them to fret Abigails clitoris.  She began to wipe and stroke up and down her wet slit, concentrating on the swollen bud at the top.  Cooing and laughing she held a conversation with the others as she casually tormented Abigail.  She dragged the spiky leaves slowly over the bud - first down - then up.  Abigail couldnt see what she was doing but squirmed when she felt the leaves on her pussy.

“Oh, God, not that.  Not the flowers from HELL,” she cried out as Ooljee sadistically and slowly touched the most sensitive parts of her body.  As she raked with the leaves, causing the super fine hypodermic tips to release their poison, Abigail stiffened and then try to arch her body in an attempt to get her spread open pussy away from the nettles. 

There wasnt much she could do staked out.  As the old woman, with the tip of her tongue protruding from her mouth in concentration, worked the nettles all around, she kept the hood of the white womans clitoris pulled back to expose the reddish bulb.  She wanted to apply the nettles where they would do the most good.  Abigail began to moan and wriggle.... leaving no doubt that it had begun to sting. 

“Oh... GOD HELP ME,” she cried out, at one point. 

But there was nothing she could do, except endure as Ooljee kept it and used three fresh branches.  Abigail was sobbing like a little girl when she was done.  But this was only the beginning.  The leaves had caused Abigails slit to become inflamed.  As the women sat back to enjoy her writhing and suffering, it began to itch until the itching sensation was so virulent that Abigail thought she would lose her mind.  The severe itching and her inability to scratch that itch made her hump her hips up and down..

“Oh God, I cant stand it,” Abigail cried out.  “Help me....God help me!”

She humped and gyrated her hips looking like an excited wife responding to her husbands coital thrusts.  Chewing on something like cows, the old squaws grinned at her predicament.  It would get much worse.

Sitsi went out and returned carrying a small bowl with some brownish paste in the bottom.  This was a very old concoction.  Certain herbs, leaves and mushrooms had been boiled and combined and when this was done, the brown paste remained.  As a poultice, the paste would make Abigails rash-stippled clitoris and its hood swell horribly. 

Sitsi used a kitchen tool to get it right on the swollen, protruding clitoris.  The skinny squaw smeared it all over and around engorged clitoris.  As soon as the paste was applied, Abigail could tell that there was something terrible in the mixture.  As the paste went to work on the sensitive, nerve-laden organ, she began yelling.  


The women just laughed as she began shrieking.  The paste had no purpose except as torture.  In their search for healing potions, the women had discovered the mixture.  What it did was to make whatever mucus membrane it was applied to swell horribly. 

After a time, her clitoris swelled up to truly comic proportions.  When Sitsi wiped off the excess, the bud stood up like a reddened, swollen pinky.   Abigail had stopped screaming, but was hyperventilating.  Her chest heaved up and down as she tried to catch her breath.

They ignored her and talked amongst themselves.  Occasionally Shima looked over at her and smiled evilly.  Abigail was oblivious, in her own hell.  She could only feel the stinging, itching and swelling between her legs, and felt so helpless. Shimas fingers were busy.  She was making a little lasso from a string of cat gut.  When she was satisfied, she came over and knelt between Abigails legs. 

The others followed her and soon they were crowded around Abigails loins peering intently at what Shima was doing.  With her hips canted by the log under the small of her back, Abigail couldnt see, but she felt it when the old hag slipped the loop over her clitoris and hood and pulled it tight.

“OHHHHHHHHH,” she moaned as Shima cinched it tight.

Abigail stared at the top of the wickiup and then she looked over at Doli imploringly. 

“Please make them stop,” she begged the girl who looked at her with uncomprehending eyes. 

The white woman is so foolish, Doli thought to herself. Why does she beg and reduce herself in our eyes when we are having such a good time torturing her.  Doesnt she understand this is our way? How foolish she is!

Nizhoni pounded a stake into the ground a short distance from Abigails crotch.  Once Shima had the little lasso tight around her clitoris, the bud bulged even more and turned redder.  Shima tied off the stretched cat gut to the stake.  Then they all sat back and waited.  In the hot wickiup with a low fire burning the wet cat gut would shrink and stretch Abigails clitoris.  This would traction her clitoris.

Over the next hour or so, the gut dried stretching the most sensitive part of her body and making Abigail scream and scream.  When they released her, Abigail had the beginnings of a new clitoris.  It was larger than normal and now poked out of the hood without being stimulated.  It hurt some when it was touched.  It would also become super sensitive, when it healed.

The squaws subjected Abigail to this treatment every day for a week. In the end, her clitoris was permanently enlarged and much more sensitive to stimulation.  When they were done, it was as big as her pinky up to the second knuckle, and it was then that Ooljee used a sharp knife to circumcise her.  She cut away the entire clitoral hood.  There was some blood, of course but Ooljee cauterized the thin wound with the knife after she plunged it into the fire and got it white hot.  During this part of the ordeal, as Ooljee worked the glowing tip around the edges of the wound, Abigail passed out. 

When she awoke, she had been permanently altered, as her clitoris was now fully exposed. No longer protected by its sheath, even walking or rubbing her legs together, made her pussy lips rub up against her enlarged bud, causing her to be in a highly aroused state almost all of the time. And, in this way, she could be brought to humiliation and orgasm more quickly. 



One afternoon, the old squaws got together for a “hen” party.  Before long, Nizhoni, the nearly toothless spinster, came up with an idea.  She excitedly communicated it to the others and there was agreement all around.  So they sent Doli to fetch Abigail.

She was tethered and working a skin when Doli untied her and motioned for her to follow.  When Abigail entered the tent, this is what the women saw:  a 30 year old white woman with pretty green eyes, reddish hair and a full figure.  They had cut off her hair three months prior, but it had grown back some since then.  She as wearing a sort of blanket with a hole cut for her head and moccasins.  Ooljee looked her over and grinned. 

Abigail gulped.  She had come to fear the old squaw and when summoned she knew, in her bones, that she was facing some new terrible ordeal.  She sent Doli and Shima looking for a shovel, a pot of grease, a wooden pole and ropes.  She and the others marched Abigail to a cottonwood tree by the stream.  There they made her strip and tied her hands behind her back.

“Oh God, dont hurt me, please,” Abigail begged, but it was no use.  No one spoke a word of English.

“No....please,” she groaned.

They had soaked leather thongs in water and used these to tie Abigails full white milk pots. The tied them fairly tight, making her squeal in the process.  Then they threw the thongs over the lowest branch and strung her up so that she had to stand on her toes and the balls of her feet. 

Doli had been dispatched to round up thorns and small stones.  When she returned with a basket, she was smiling.  She showed the contents to Nizhoni and Sitsi who smiled and clapped her on her back for a job well done.

Doli then began strewing these around Abigails feet.  Strung up by her tits, she had begun to whimper and moan.  When she stepped on some thorns or the jagged stones, she began to hop around and this only added to her suffering. 

She was tightly bound and when she moved, the thongs only tightened on her tits.  Already bound they way they were, they had become two reddened, swollen bags.  Her rose-brown nipples stood up in the afternoon coolness and had become darker and more prominent as they filled with blood. 

As the thongs dried in the cool dry desert air, they began to tighten.  In the meantime, Sahkyo and Shima had cut a handful of switches from some nearby bushes.  These they distributed to the others.  Then the fun began.  They took turns whipping Abigail on her tits, especially the nipples, her belly, her pussy, and her full, white, dimpled buttocks.  Not all that hard at first.  As Abigail reacted to a blow, she tried to turn or pull away and this only caused her pain in her tied tits. 


Ooljee stood in front of her and used her switch to give Abigail a series of fast blows on her nipples, making her cry out.  Behind her, Shima and Sahkyo whipped her ass.  Each squaw concentrated on one cheek.  Whipping her buttocks and her thighs.  Nizhoni lashed the bound white captive on her round, white belly and pubis.  Doli crouched a few paces away watching what the old ones were doing to the white captive.

“Oh God....have mercy on me,” Abigail prayed as they beat her.  “Please deliver me from evil.”

Every time she moved her feet, she stepped on something sharp and this added to her agony.  They continued to whip her and traded places.  Smiling and joking, they beat Abigail and turned her into a dancing pain puppet.  The sound of the switches hitting her soft skin and her moans as she was beaten floated above the sound of the creeks running water.  Sailing above this were the happy yelps of the squaws as they enjoyed the cruel game Nizhoni had devised. 

They finally tired of whipping her and sat down on the grass on the bank, ignoring Abigail, who hung limply in her bonds, whimpering.  She was glad they had stopped whipping her.  There were red marks and stripes everywhere.  Her tits had become two red balloons.  The skin was so stretched and taut that it looked like it would burst. 

As the squaws chatted among themselves, the leather thongs around Abigails tits continued to dry and tighten.  And soon she began to wail in excruciating agony as her tits turned purple.  This only made the women look back at her and laugh.  But they were not finished with her.  Ooljee had come up with her own variation of the “tree of woe”.  And this was even more fiendish than what Nizhoni had devised. 

Ooljee had Doli dig a hole right next to Abigails feet.  She came over and thrust the pole into the hole.  She had been shaping the wood with a stone knife for two weeks.  It was wide at the base and narrowed on the other end, except at the tip where an acorn shaped knob protruded.  It was a crude phallus and as Doli implanted it in the ground, it made the other women titter and giggle.  

Ooljee supervised three more ropes from the overhanging branch.  Two were looped and tied around Abigails knees and the third under her arms.  When they had her secured, Ooljee had two women take hold of the ropes around her knees while she grabbed the rope secured under her arms and they hauled Abigail up until her feet were off the ground and then higher.

When they had tied this off, Abigail was hanging in the “squat” position, with her knees up beside her purple, swollen tits and her pussy exposed.  Ooljee retied the leather ropes around her tits so they were taut again too.

What Ooljee had devised was a sex torture ....a sort of impalement.  They already had Abigail  suspended and the old squaw greased the pole and positioned Abigail over it so that the knob was right at the opening.  Then she had the women lower her slowly until the knob stretched Abigails vaginal sphincter until it popped inside, making her cry out.  Since the pole was much thicker at the base...... every inch that she was lowered stretched her vagina that much more.

As the knob popped inside her, they let the ropes go slack so Abigail was left to fight the impalement with the muscles of her pussy alone to control her decent.  It was impossible. There was no way she could keep the pole from impaling her.  The feeling of having something splitting her open and not being able to stop it ....the inevitability of it ......was terrible..... As more of it entered her, it stretched her vagina unbearably.

Ooljee had them lower her a little more, making Abigail suffer horribly.  As it penetrated her cunt, it stretched her vaginal walls painfully. The pressure and pain was like that of childbirth, as the wooden phallus was more than 12 inches around at the base. 

Abigail sobbed and begged for them to stop, as it felt like it was tearing her open.  Ooljee had the others pull her up and sadistically start the torment all over again….slowly.  This was repeated until she was seated with phallus more than 8 inches inside her.  She groaned and then passed out from the pain. 

Then they slapped her awake and pulled her up.  One of them smeared a ring of chili laden grease around the shaft, about 6 inches below the knob.  Then, letting Abigail see how close it was to the mouth of her vagina, she was lowered slowly. They let her down....and hauled her up.  Up and down....fucking her that the hot grease was soon smeared all over her pussy and up inside her sex-hole. 

She screamed as the hot shaft stretched and then began burning the tender membranes inside....It was all part of that afternoons fun and games.  They were truly agents of the demon the way they tormented her.  At least thats how Abigail saw it.  This went on for another hour and in that time, the young widow knew what it meant when it was said in church that Jesus had been on a “tree of woe”.



The bands shaman was Hokee. It was he who had subjected Abigail to the initiation by the boys at the stream.  He was older and had been wounded in battle as a young man.  As a result of his wounds, he was crippled and walked with a pronounced limp.

Now what happened to Apache` captives was normally the responsibility of the leader.  It came under the heading of the spoils of war.  But Hokee had a vision that involved their white captive.  When he awoke, he told Sani that the “Life-Giver,” Ysun, had spoken to him in a dream about the white woman.  Ysun said she was to bear a child.  A child fathered by one of the young boys of the band. 

When born, this child was to be consecrated signifying the bond between Sanis band and Ysun.  As long as this child lived, he would guarantee the bands victory over the whites in every confrontation by calling on the Ganhs (the mountain sprits) to protect them.  Sani was skeptical, but Hokee was very convincing. 

“She is to bear the child of one of our own, who is not yet a brave.  It is only then that the future of our people can be made safe.  It is the will of the Life-Giver, Ysun.... Our young seed will use the womb of the white woman to give us the guarantee we need to destroy our enemies.  Ysun has shown us the way.”

“She is a foolish cow.  How can this woman be a guarantee for our destiny?”

“It is not her, Sani.  She was delivered to us for our salvation.  She is only like the wood we use in our fires to warm ourselves.  The wood is not noble, but it has it purpose.”


In the end, Sani agreed.  And so it was decided that a mass ritual was to be staged.  And that Abigail was to be used as a vessel in this ritual.  There was no one to tell her what they were going to do to her.  No one spoke her language.  She had been living for months in an alien world.  She had learned a few words, but she was not fluent. 

Because of this she had retreated into her own mind to escape the horrors of her situation.  Alone and with no one to guide her, she was about to be subjected to a ritualistic gang rape by the young boys of the band.  Raped until she became pregnant and then forced to bear a half-breed child.

At Sanis orders, she was given more food and treated better.  The women took close interest in her now, including her menstrual periods.  Something was up, but Abigail didnt know what it was.  She continued to pray to her God for mercy and courage.  She would need both in the weeks and months ahead.



What Hokee had devised was this:  there would be a “conception wickiup”.   A special hut was designated as the place where the impregnation was to take place.  They had been monitoring Abigails periods to determine when she was optimally ready to conceive. 

And the boys of the band had been restricted to two special wickiups for the duration.  Under the eye of two older braves, thirteen boys were selected and  would be prevented from masturbating for a week to increase the semen in their testicles.  Abigail would be brought into the conception hut for impregnation and the older braves, led by Hokee, would guide the boys to copulate with the older white woman.  They would be encouraged to fuck her as many times as they could until they had no more seed in their testicles to deposit in her vagina. 

Hokee was convinced that, under the guidance of Ysun, Abigail would be impregnated and when the baby was born, he would determine which of the 13 boys was the father.  This boy would be rewarded with an immediate initiation ceremony as a brave and given the choicest young virgin squaw as his bride.

The child would be consecrated in a ceremony and afterwards Abigail would nurse the child.  When the child was weaned it would be taken from her and raised by Sanis squaw.  They would then dispose of Abigail.  As long as this child thrived, the success of Sanis band against the whites was insured.  Or so it was suppose to go....

The squaws got Abigail ready.  They took her down to the creek and scrubbed her down.  The braided her hair and when the time approached, she was quite presentable and pretty.  The conception wickiup was clean and well lit with a fire and light pots.   Hokee was there leading the ceremony.  The boys, wearing only loincloths, were brought in to the hut and stood around in a circle.  The  bands eldest braves, plus Sani himself were there to provide gravitas.  Ooljee and her close cohort of friends were there also. 

And then a young brave escorted Abigail into the hut.  She knew something was up from the fairly elaborate preparations.  She looked pretty in a creamy white buckskin dress with fringe on the hem.  Her hair had been freshly combed and she wore a pretty beaded necklace and carried a ceremonial eagle feather.  She looked left and right and saw all the men and the boys in the hut.  She felt a familiar swelling and a growing warm sensation between her legs.  Against her will, she felt her fear and arousal grow at the same time.

She locked eyes with Sani and looked away.  And then Hokee came up, took her eagle feather from her and looked at her with an intensity that was frightening.  He began to shake a rattle and look heavenward.  He started to chant and dance around Abigail, waving the feather.  He was sanctifying her, but she didnt know what it all meant and the strange chant made her nervous.  She was afraid that she was there to be cannibalized. 

But, the hut smelled pleasantly of manzanita and the press of male bodies provided, in its own strange way, a connection.  It had been months since the men had raped her and Abigail felt the tingly stirrings of a deep itch that frightened her as much as the braves did.

Hokee danced around, beating on a small drum he carried and he continued to chant.  He was invoking the blessings of Ysun.  All of this made Abigail fidget.  She kept opening and closing her hands nervously.  She had no idea what was expected of her.  Then dramatically Hokee stopped and the hut grew ominously silent.  He pointed at her and in that moment, the two braves, senior leaders in the band, stepped forward and took hold of Abigail.

She squirmed a little in the grasp and then looked each man in the eye.  What she saw there made her wriggle and squirm.  It was lust!  Now she had some inkling of what was in store for her.  She looked over and then, in a flash, she realized why the boys were there.  It was some sort of initiation ceremony, involving her....

The men quickly pulled the buckskin garment off.  She stood there naked and quickly her hands darted down to cover her tits and pussy.  The man on her left pushed her hands away so that all her charms were on display.  Her heavy breasts hung down swayed and bobbed.  Abigail was humiliatingly aware of every eye in the hut on them.  She also felt hot eyes staring at her big buttocks and clenched them defensively.

A pallet was produced and the men got her down on her back.  She kept her legs tightly closed and her big tits wobbled on her chest as she squirmed.  She looked up and everyone had edged in closer to her. Then Hokee handed two men eagle feathers.  They proceeded to tease the feathers down her neck and onto her tits. 

Their job was to get her ready.  The tickled her nipples...letting the tips trail down to her round, white belly.  They traced circles and spirals and then one brave pushed her thighs open to tease her sex-lips.  Soon both men dropped the feathers and used their fingers to tease her nipples and pussy.  Her permanently engorged and swollen clitoris was all too ready to be stimulated.  And one brave concentrated on it almost exclusively.  It soon stood up like a shiny was a humiliating display of her most disgusting erotic body part!

Meanwhile, Hokee and Sani got the boys ready.  They had been assigned rank and were soon lined up.  As the two men teased Abigail she began “wetting herself” - her pussy soon dripped with excitement.  She looked up and the first boy was being pushed into position.  His erection tented his loincloth and he looked nervous, even scared.  He was expected to perform in front of everyone and wanted to be seen as a brave not a boy.  It was a lot of pressure on him.

He was being shown the white woman as a sexual offering.  The men had gotten her rose-brown nipples erect and the pebbled aureoles and bean sized teats showed how aroused she was!.   With her legs open the boy could see her hairy pussy wet, hot, red and glistening with her arousal.  The man working her pussy had pulled the inner lips open to expose the hole. 

The angry red bud of her clitoris had gotten so big and looked gross.  It was a compelling sight and the smell was arousing to the boy.  His erection began to throb and was now pointing up at 45 degree angle to his hips.  He reached down to take hold of it and began stroking himself to keep it hard.

The men pulled Abigails legs back over her head to spread her open and tighten her pussy for his entry.  Hokee encouraged the boy to kneel and lift his loincloth.  When he did, he looked over at his friends some of whom were giggling in their nervousness.  Hokee, hovering over the boy, whispered words of encouragement and instruction to him.  Ooljee and the old squaws began to encourage the boy.  Doli, the youngest, began to giggle...

Abigail had begun to pant and wriggle her hips slightly from side to side on the pallet, awaiting penetration.  She had expected torture and her body had its own needs, which were now almost fully displayed for her audience.  Her pussy was throbbing and oily with her womanly secretions and her nipples were pebbled and erect.  Her eyes were lidded and she kept licking her full lips.....

The boy, Gaagii, was nervous.  He was excited, but his nervousness threatened to overwhelm him.  As he knelt, with Hokee on his left, pushing him to perform, he reached down and pulled his loincloth aside, revealing his near man-sized uncircumcised cock.  There was a pearly drop of pre-cum at the tip and it was throbbing.  He took is cock in hand again and began to jerk off, trying to make his erection as hard as it could be.  His nervousness threatened to make it deflate and his actions betrayed his anxiety.

He shuffled forward, as instructed, and Hokee pushed him down to her breasts. He roughly told him to suck on her nipples.  Shima and Ooljee shouted crude instructions to him.  As he got closer and the smell and texture of her tits excited him.  His erection began throbbing and pointed up at the top of the wickiup at an even greater angle.  He let his lips brush her breasts.  Shadi yelled at him to grab it first.  He looked over at her nervously and then he took hold of Abigails right tit, the bigger one, and squeezed it. 

He let out a little moan of pleasure as he felt the bouncy softness of the tit.  Abigail groaned as he began to squeeze it a little harder.  Then he put his mouth on the nipple and began to suck it and then he pulled back a little and licked it.  Her nipple responded by getting more turgid and erect.  Abigail bit her lip as he got more oral with her and when he moved over to her left nipple she groaned.  The squaws clapped at this...

The more he sucked on her tits the more excited he got.  After all he could be the one to impregnate her and she could bear his child.  Then these wonderful tits would be filled with milk.  The thought inflamed him and as his young cock was close to Abigails furry nest, he tried to aim his organ at her pussy, but not being sure of where the vaginal opening was exactly he bumped into her wet, soft lips.  He did this more than once and then he lost control and began ejaculating! 

Ooljee began laughing at this and led a chorus of cruel laughter at his premature ejaculation.  Being young, and having been prevented for a week from ejaculating, his balls were full and he began to spew his heavy load all over Abigails belly and hairy mound. He groaned as he held his cock and it just kept spurting, embarrassingly.  His young balls, so full of cum, jetted spurt after spurt of semen all over Abigail.  She was humiliated by this and tried to cover her eyes.  One of the braves pushed her hands away.

Gaagiis penis continued to spurt wetting Abigail almost everywhere, it seemed.  The boy was mortified and in defense had tried to put his still hard cock back underneath his loincloth.  Abigail was humiliated as he came all over her in his clumsiness. 

Sitsi, who was married to an old brave and in her late thirties herself, yelled at Gaagii that his cum would drown the white woman but that he had to get it in her cunt to do any good!  The boys friends had begun to laugh until Sani shot them a look and then they shut up immediately.  Nothing could stop Ooljee and her friends from having fun however.

Hokee pulled him off her and sent him to the back of the line.  The boy, holding his deflating penis and shamefaced, shuffled to the rear of the hut.  Some of his friends clapped him on the back as if to say, you did your best.

Hokee pulled the next boy forward.  This was Ahiga.  He was big for his age and did not seem as nervous as Gaagii.  He pulled aside his loincloth and Doli gasped.  The older squaws reacted as he had a very big cock.  His balls were big and he was not very hairy, but his cock was the size of an ear of corn!  Shima, who was a widow in her forties, and would never have a young cock like this again, began yelling at Ahiga.

“You are like the stallion that mounts the mare.  Make her yours,” she said. “Do it hard to her!”

Nascha and Shadi, two infertile older squaws, began to cheer him on too.

“Put it to her and make her bleed,” they yelled.

“His balls are as big as apples....he has the seed to fill her good,” said Shima.

Hokee was frustrated at the squaws.  This was supposed to be a religious ceremony and they were acting like it was a sport.  He shot Ooljee a look, but she ignored him.  She always found him a bit foolish...

The boy went to his knees, and with Hokees hand on his shoulder and words of encouragement in his ear he shuffled forward and lined up his big cock with Abigails wet and messy pussy.  Hokee was not going to have this boy miss the mark, so he made sure the boys penis was right at her vaginal opening. 

He told him, “push.”

And push he did, entering her fairly easily, despite his size.  Abigail groaned sexily as she was penetrated and the boy got his cock almost fully encased in her hot, wet pussy.  He began to hump her as instructed, but mostly by instinct.

Ooljee told him to push harder and them mimed how he should hump her.  This made the other squaws laugh.  Abigail was dimly aware of the women yelling and laughing.  He only thrust a half dozen times, when he too groaned and began discharging his hot, young seed into Abigails hot, wet hole. 

It had not provided enough stimulation for her to cum, and she groaned, in unconscious frustration, as he came too quickly.  Hokee was happy; this one had delivered his potent seed where it would do the most good.  As his seed pooled at the entrance to her sex-hole, Sitsi, Nascha and some of the others began to clap at his successful mating. 

Shadi, the spinster, said, ”the young stallion filled her.  She is full now to overflowing!”

Ahiga got up smiling, his big moon face wreathed in a self-satisfied look of accomplishment.  He swaggered to the back of the line, where Gaagii congratulated him.  The next boy was average in size and appearance, but this one, when he was inside Abigails pussy, began to thrust his hot, hard cock into her like a mature stallion and this made her groan and whimper in response. 

He bent down and grabbed both her tits and squeezed them.  As her nipples protruded upwards, he bent down and began roughly sucking and biting on them.  He was a little tiger and as he worked her over this way, Abigail cried out and began to beg him to stop hurting her this way. 

Her pitiful cries only stimulated him to suck and bit harder.  He imagined her tits filled with milk and this goaded him on to ram his cock into her harder too. Abigail began crying and shrieking as he pummeled her. This got the other boys cheering him.  The hut was filled with youthful war whoops!  To make the white woman react was a badge of honor. 

Now they could see how it was done, and the ice - so to speak - had been broken.  The rest of the boys now had a mark to aim at.  This boy, Nastas, fucked Abigail until he made her cum.  She grunted when he pulled back and then pumped her hard.  She began to groan and moan and finally screamed as she reached her orgasm.

“Oh. God...Oh...God...OH..MY..GOD...OH...OH..OH..OHHH!”

The next boy now shuffled forward and got into her wet sheath with more confidence.  He lasted longer, and the next boy ejaculated quickly, but a rhythm had been established.  The squaws clapped and hooted when a boy got his cock inside Abigail and then again when he got a good rhythm going.  And when he reached his precious moment and ejaculated in her warm, hot red pussy, they gave a regular war whoop, which irritated Hokee to no end.

Abigail felt shame and arousal and this combination made her feel sinful and guilty.  As the young boys sexed her, she was responding.  No one but Nastas had made her cum, but the sheer animal act of being inseminated was arousing.  She felt the devil was inside her pussy again and she knew it was wrong, but there was nothing she could do to stop the feelings she was experiencing.

Some of the boys were almost pathetic in their attempts to mount and copulate with her.  They had been masturbating to keep their erections.  And when they got their opportunity to mount the white woman, several of them came on Abigail rather then inside her.  It was very humiliating for them and for her as she was soon splattered and sticky with semen everywhere. Ooljee, Nascha and Shadi, being the oldest, were the cruelest when it came to their humiliating comments.

When the youngest boy ejaculated prematurely and his cum spurted onto Abigails belly, the old squaws mocked him, “look, Yanisin is like a rabbit. He runs and makes a quick, frightened deposit,” Shadi cackled making the others laugh.

The next boy came too soon and tried to get his softening penis into Abigails vagina, but, humiliatingly, it wouldnt go in.  He tried and failed and the squaws teased him unmercifully.

“Tiis cannot reach the target... his arrow is soft... ha ha ha ha! Limp arrow... hahahahaha!”

When all 13 boys had a go with her on her back, the men turned Abigail over on the pallet and got her on her elbows and knees.  Unconsciously she began to wriggle her hips and this encouraged the boys.  Now, Gaagii, up for the second time and having cum already, was more prepared this time.

He got his cock into her easily, as her pussy, in this position, seemed to beckon to him.  When he was encased in her sex-hole, he began to thrust his cock forcefully into her.  He loved the feeling of power and entitlement this gave him and grabbed her hipbones, as instructed by Hokee, and just fucked the shit out of Abigail.

“Oh, the young mountain lion is taking the deer....see how he ruts her,” Shima yelled.

Ooljee chorused, “yes, he knows how to go for the kill now.  See how his spear pierces the doe in her most tender part.”

This was what she needed and wriggling her hips and thrusting back against him, Abigail reached the second orgasm her body had been craving.  She cried out and this made Gaagii rut harder.  He soon came with roar, as the other boys cheered him. 

Now the rest of the boys got their turn fucking the white woman in the “doggy” position.  In a way, this position was easier for the boys as they had always seen animals mate this way.  When they had observed adults mating it was often face-to-face and covered by a blanket so it was more difficult to observe how the genitals coupled this way.

The boys fucked her again and again.  Soon her pussy was filled to overflowing with their potent seed.  When it was over, her vagina was a sloppy mess. It drooled down the crack of her fat ass and wet her tight, brown anus.  Hokee and the elders kept the boys at it until they were exhausted and could not cum anymore.

Of course, the breeding was successful and Abigail became pregnant.  This was the plan and now that she was bearing the bands “talisman child”, the squaws were under command to work her less, feed her more and take better care of her. Nine months later Abigail delivered a fat, healthy baby boy.  Hokee pronounced the boy the son of Nastas and Abigails tits filled with milk and grew to huge size as she nursed her baby. 

Abigails life grew easier.  While she was still on the bottom of the pecking order in the band, the squaws, for the most part, left her alone.  She still had to work, but as long as she was nursing the baby named Bidziil, she was not subjected to torture.  But she had aroused a lot of hatred in the band, as a result of this pregnancy and birth.  The squaws considered the white woman a stand-in for all the hated whites.  And not everyone in the tribe was prepared to believe Hokees dream. 

Even among the younger members of the band there were some who harbored resentment towards Abigail.  Young Ahiga, the boy with the unusually large cock, had a young girl who fancied him, Nal-tzuk-ich. She was a plump maiden with a small scar on her nose (her name meant “cut nose”). Of all the boys of the band, it was Ahiga she wanted as her man some day. 

When her beloved was selected to mate with Abigail, Nal-tzuk-ich wondered if he would be the father and as the white womans pregnancy advanced, the girl would stare at Abigails expanding belly and silently curse the white woman for the threat to her own dreams. 

If Ahiga was determined to be the father, then he would be allowed to select his own mate, the prettiest girl in the band.  That was Tzes-ton, whom all the boys fancied.  Nal-tzuk-ich silently prayed for anyone other than Ahiga to be the father of the “talisman” child. 

When Hokee pronounced Nastas the father, Nal-tzuk-ich was overjoyed, but Ahiga was furious at the outcome and her reaction.  He took his resentment out on her, who he accused of jinxing him.  In an ironic turn of events, Nal-tzuk-ich then blamed Abigail for her troubles.



The two infertile older squaws, Nascha and Shadi, also hated the white woman for her newfound status. One day, they could stand it no longer and spirited the lactating woman away to an out-of-the-way glade.  They werent sure what they wanted to do to her, but they wanted to humiliate or hurt her in some way.  Nascha ordered her to pull down the top of her buckskin dress.  Abigail resisted and Shadi grabbed her by the hair and slapped her face. 

She barked at her, in Apache`,” strip!”   

There they forced her to strip so that they could better see and fondle her swollen, milk-filled breasts.  They forced her to her knees and Nascha grabbed both her wrists and twisted them behind her to hold her.  Then Shadi began to milk her.  She grabbed Abigails bigger right breast squeezed it and then began to squeeze the nipple between her thumb and forefinger to make her spray her milk. 

But Abigail had fed Bidziil about an hour before they came for her and her breasts were somewhat empty.  Shadi, seeing just a dribble of milk, was furious and began yelling at her.  Just then, the faint sound of an infant crying could be heard wafting over the breeze coming from the encampment.

At that moment, Abigails “let-down” response kicked in. Her body responded and her breasts swelled and started to spray her milk.  She begged the women to let her go so she could nurse her baby, but Shadi and Nascha were having none of that.  They understood what she wanted but they had other plans.  The squaws had tied one of the camps mongrel dogs to a nearby tree before they brought Abigail. 

The animal had been whining constantly when they got to the glade.  Something was exciting the dog and it didnt like being tied.  Nascha untied the dog and brought it over. The black dog, a good 65 pounds of bone and muscle, sniffed at Abigail and smelling her milk, gave a little yelp.  Nascha smiled as Shadi let the dog go.  The hound began licking and lapping at Abigails milky tits.

“No.....dont let it do that, “Abigail begged.  She wanted to keep her milk for her baby and the feeling of having her milk forcibly taken from her was compounded by the fact that they were letting an animal do it.....

But letting the dog nurse on her tits was exactly what the spinster squaws wanted: to degrade the white woman. The dog licked and lapped at the nipple and then it just began sucking on her tit.  The squaws had kept the dog hungry and it just kept nursing on her.  After this, Shadi pulled the beast off and got it sucking on Abigails other milk-filled mammary gland.

Abigail cringed as she was being forced to breast-feed a scruffy animal.  It was more mental cruelty.  When the dog had its fill, they went forward with the second part of their plan.  They tied the dog again to the tree.  And then the two squaws forced the protesting Abigail on all fours.  They pounded stakes by her arms and thighs and used leather thongs to bind her to the stakes. 

The squaws were shaking with excitement - their faces showing cruelty.  Shadi began to play with the white womans enlarged clitoris and soon she had her pussy slippery with her juices.  Thats when Nascha went and fetched what had been causing the dog to whine.  In a covered bowl she had a rag she had used to wipe the genitals of a female dog in heat.  Nascha wiped the musky smelling rag all around Abigails pussy making sure to get the female dogs scent mixed with the white womans own copious secretions.

As the black dog was untied, it knew just what to do.  Excited, it came over and smelled Abigails pussy glistening like a slimy peach.  The dog sniffed and then licked her pussy.  Following this, it growled and jumped on her back.  Its front legs and paws wrapped around her ribcage and its hips began humping. The beast tried hard to get its cock in her hole.

It was at this point that Abigail, with eyes bugging out of her head, began to scream, “OH NO no NO NO NO please PLEASE - NO PLEASE PLEASE.”

The dog kept jabbing at her with its hot, red cock.  The organ was slimy and dripping.   Even worse, the knot looked big and the squaw grinned as they contemplated how the white womens pussy would take it.  And, as soon as the dog found the white womans warm, wet hole with the tip of its cock - it shoved it in so deep and fast that Abigail lost her breath. 

The dog drove it in and out like a demon - very fast - just punching it into her.  She began howling as the black dog fucked her like a rag doll.  The dog used its front paws to pull her closer and humped her like a machine. 

The beast drooled on her back as it fucked her and never stopped.  Poor Abigail had no time to pause or catch her breath, as her pussy was fucked mercilessly.  She was soon dripping with sweat… her face, neck and underarms…even her back was wet in the afternoon sun.

She could feel the beasts cock thrusting in very deep and the dogs knot was bumping up against her vaginal sphincter.  The white woman looked down, horrified, between her legs and saw the fat knot right at her vaginal opening.  The squaws crowded in closer to watch the knot pressing the opening to her hole. 

The knot was very big now, and the animal kept pushing to get it inside her.  The dog wouldnt be denied. The knot pressed against her wet opening and began stretching the vaginal sphincter open...more and more… Abigail began grunting, feeling the added pressure.

Shadi said to Nascha, “look …look..…its going in.”

When it popped inside her, Abigail howled as the mouth of her vagina stretched open.

She began crying out to heaven, “OH GOD ....HELP ME!”

Her hole had been stretched open like she was giving birth.  One second it was outside her hairy, red pussy…and then, it had disappeared inside her.  The two squaws, hating her and enjoying her suffering, crowed in triumph!

“Isnt it a wonder? She took it all,” Nascha said to Shadi.

Now the dog worked its cock to the end of Abigails vagina.  She soon began groaning like a madwoman……with the dog thrusting, the tip of the beasts cock went all the way past her G-spot to the epicenter of her vagina.  There were nerve endings in that part of her sex-hole that when stretched and pounded, pushed her towards a uterine orgasm. 


Abigail soon sounded like a babbling idiot.  Filthy words tumbled out of her mouth.  She was enveloped in a bestial mating.  The knot, now fully inside, throbbed, and the tip kept spurting as the shaft and knob vibrated and pulsed.  The dog had stopped humping.  It just held itself inside her and kept spurting and vibrating inside her vagina. To Abigail, it seemed like her whole body had become her vagina and she was being raped by Satan himself.

She had become Satans bitch.  As the dogs cock vibrated and spurted, she felt her whole pelvis bear down.   She soon felt herself approaching an orgasm.  She contracted her abdomen and, as she did so, her vaginal muscles convulsed against the dogs penis in an attempt to grip it and she CAME hard, screaming and crying out to her God.

Her mind spun as her whole body shook.  When she relaxed her vagina, the squaws could see the knot trying to come out.  But it was too big, so it did not quite make it out.  Then when she squeezed her pussy muscles, the knot was pulled back inside her about an inch.  That inch of travel made the knot massage her G-Spot and vaginal front wall.  This also forced the dogs blunt shaped cockhead deeper into her epicenter.

Shadi said to Nascha, “You see.  When she squeezes, it moves the big part of the dogs cock in and out. The fat, white pig is fucking herself.”

Nascha smiled and nodded.  The result was all too plain: Abigail was owned by the dogs cock.  And nothing had ever felt like the animal ejaculating DEEP in her hole.  Abigail felt the cock spurting and spurting….hosing her with hot, watery, bestial cum.  The organ pulsed and it seemed hotter than a mans as it spurted and jetted inside her for a long time. 

Throbbing and spurting..... it made the demon in her pussy come alive.  Her shame and humiliation at this violation was almost more than she could bear. Thankfully, only these two crones were witnessing her ordeal.  The dogs hot cock and the heat of the dogs semen had turned her birth canal into a volcano.  The knot held most of the hot cum inside her.  The fiery semen coated her hole and sent waves of pleasure into her stretched vaginal walls.  The big knot compressed the front vaginal wall, thinning it so that heat flowed into her urethral sponge as well.

The result was that she came convulsively over and over again.  The effect of the hot, copious ejaculations right into the nerve rich epicenter drove her to multiple orgasms.  The dogs knot kept the animal locked inside her pussy for a long time. She had been thoroughly fucked....

Abigail slowly came back to her senses when the animal wanted to pull out.  She felt the dog pulling back and it hurt as the knot was well embedded in her sex-hole, just behind her pubic bone.  And when the dog persisted and its cock shrank, it finally popped out; and she felt like a log had popped out of her. 

There was so much pressure - then nothing.  The animals cock was still erect.  The organ from tip to base was as long as an ear of corn, and the knot at the base was as big as two plums.  The dog stood there for a moment, then bent down and licked itself. Shadi led the animal over to a cottonwood tree. The dog lay down and began licking its cock clean.

Still lashed to the stakes on her elbows and knees, Abigail panted.  She was wet and sloppy everywhere, from her belly down to her mound ..... her thighs and her buttocks.  A disgusting mixture of bestial semen and her secretions oozed from her hole and ran down the inside of both thighs.  Her hole had been stretched open, reddened and swollen.  Her clitoris was so swollen it looked as big as the tip of her thumb.  Her shame was considerable, but thankfully it was only the “spinsters” who witnessed it.



As the months went by and Bidzill grew on the rich milk Abigail produced, the time drew near when the child would be weaned, taken from her and given to Sanis wife to raise.  Sani wanted the white woman gone.  She had been a disruptive element in the band. 

There were some who were for adopting the white woman as one of them.  After all, she had given birth to a child with the bands blood.  Occasionally tribes had adopted a few whites.  Abigail realized, as her captivity went on, that it was unlikely she would ever rejoin the white world and even if she could, her half-breed child would make her a candidate for ostracism in white society. 

Some of the squaws were jealous of the strange status that had been conferred on her by Hokees dreams.  As spring approached, and the child would soon be weaned, things were progressing to a head.  Some of the boys, led by Ahiga, who had been in the initiation ceremony, sulked and feeling jealous and vindictive they had not been selected by Hokee as the father took Abigail to a cave.  

There Ahiga made Abigail kneel and slowly walked around her, much like an animal about to pounce on its prey.  He suddenly reached out and squeezed one of Abigails engorged breasts, causing her to wince in pain.  He grabs her by her wrists, twists them behind her and ties her hands. Abigail pleads for mercy.  With a knife, he cut a seam down the back of Abigails buckskin dress, and then grabbed the material around her shoulders and jerked it downwards, partially stripping her. 

As Abigail became denuded from the waist up, the boys reacted to the sight of her white engorged breasts.  Aroused by the large, dark nipples, they were eager to suckle her breasts and taste her milk.  Ahiga forced Abigail into a half nelson hold and told the boys to “drink her milk”.   As the boys pushed one another out of the way, they began to mouth, tongue and suck on her large nipples.  The exotic pleasure in taking her milk excited them.

Abigail agonized from being forced to feed these hooligans.  Ahiga however, wanted to see Abigail humiliated further.  After the boys were through suckling, he unbound her hands, and forced her to express the remainder of her own milk, all the while taunting her and calling her names.  Ahiga forced her to empty them by hand, spilling her milk onto the ground to deprive her newborn half-breed of milk. 

The boys were all older now and the mature white woman had been their first, and in some cases only, experience with mating.  They were intoxicated by her luxuriant red hair, green eyes, full milk-filled tits, her fat white buttocks, her hairy pussy with its engorged, protuberant clitoris.  Watching her milk herself, they got worked up.  So much so, that they raped her in hopes of impregnating her again. 

They got her on her hands and knees and as some held her, the all took turns raping her. They took her savagely - slamming their young, hard, hot cocks into her until they hosed her full.  Some of them, especially the big, hulking Ahiga, made her reach a hot, wet climax.

The long months of slavery, sexual abuse, torture, pregnancy, and lactation had turned the already passionate Abigail into a hot, squirting sexual female. Almost every hard, hot cock could now make her cum if its possessor had the stamina to fuck her hard and long. 

Raped repeatedly by the boys, Abigail experienced several orgasms that made her shriek.  Hidden in the cave, Abigail could wail and holler, but no one but the boys heard her.  They spent a happy afternoon sexually abusing her in any way that amused them.....Ahiga even tit-fucked brutally her making her spray her milk as he raped her this way.    


Two nights later Hokee had a dream.  He awoke with the idea that Abigail's milk had magical properties that must be shared with the entire band.  He convinced Sani to allow a public milking for the entire band to participate. Then, afterwards, the baby would be taken from her. The white witch would be disposed of in whatever way Sani decreed.

Hokee recruited Ooljee and gave her the privilege of conducting the “milk ceremony”.  The idea was that Abigail would be milked and the entire tribe would partake to ward off the white mans evil.  Somehow in Hokees dream, the milk of this particular lactating white female had become a magic potion with the ability to protect the band from harm.

After the evening meal, with two big, bright fires burning, several braves sank two poles into the ground in the center of the wickiups and mounted a cross bar. Flanked by the fires, the scene was set.  Abigail was with her baby.  Ooljee and her friends came for her, took the child from her and pushed her out of the wickiup

Droplets of milk wet the front of her buckskin dress. They brought her out where everyone was assembling.  Crying out for mercy, she was pushed to the center, ceremonially stripped of her dress and had her wrists tied behind her back.  Bidzill had begun to cry and this triggered the “let-down” response. Abigail begin to lactate furiously.

“Please let me go.  What do you want of me?”

She was made to kneel on a drum and then Ooljee and Sitsi used thin bark ropes to tie her fat, wet teats. They wound the thin ropes around her breasts and this made them bulge obscenely. Soon, streams of milk could be seen spraying from the multiple tiny openings in her nipples. As the ropes were pulled tighter, her milk began spraying more. 

The oldest, toothless squaw was allowed to “gum” Abigail's nipples to start the affair. After her, other squaws brought forth puppies and even a piglet and let them nurse on Abigails spraying tits. Her white teats were crisscrossed with blue veins and the nipples had grown darker and larger with the aureoles now a full two inches across.  Ooljee and Sitsi, assisted by the vindictive Nal-tzuk-ich, threw the ends of the ropes wound around Abigails teats over the cross bar and then Nal-tzuk-ich began pulling on them.

This caused the milk to spray.  The girl then stationed herself by Abigails side and it was her job to jerk on the rope and make the milk spray wildly.  She smirked in quiet satisfaction at the opportunity to pay Abigail back for her problems with Ahiga...

The youngest children were led forward and if they were too small to nurse, they were held up by the squaws.  Finally, Nal-tzuk-ich was allowed to milk Abigail by hand into bowls.  Before she began she took her turn sucking on Abigails nipples too.  What she expressed by hand into the bowls was then passed around to the band. 

Under Sanis and Hokees stern gaze, everyone was expected to take a sip, both the braves and the squaws.  This went of for awhile and Nal-tzuk-ich kept at the task of milking the white woman.  Abigail was a good milker and she was able to fill up three bowls by the time it was all over.


Abigail Hart was a prisoner of Sanis band for two years.  After the “milk ceremony”, they traded her to a band of Mexican outlaws for some horses. What the Mexicans did to her was also cruel and perverted. Abigail was whipped, raped and mouth fucked. They tortured her by shoving a rod up her rectum and heating it. They let a donkey fuck her and she had to suck the donkeys dick.  She ended up a slave owned by a wealthy ranch owner in Mexico.

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