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Part 1

Okay, okay, I have wanted to write a story with Kim Possible for quite a while, come on a heroic cheerleader who saves the world was made to be abused…but she wasnt legal. Two things have occurred that brought this story to bloom. Kim graduated and became legal and I found a couple of nasty pictures of Kim tied and being used. So here is it Kim Possible 19 and ready.



                               KIM POSSIBLE: LEGAL AND LUSIOUS



“Nice try Drakken!” Kim Possible laughed as she somersaulted over an evil looking device to avoid the blue ray shooting past her. She landed on her hands and flipped onto her feet, twirling around to avoid another blast of the gun in the blue skinned villains hand.

“Hold still!” Drakken snarled as he kept shooting at the red haired heroine spinning and turning around, sometimes bouncing off the wall. “Once I hit you with this beam you will shrink down to the size of a Barbie doll! Ha! Ha! I put you a little cage in my lab and force you watch as I take over the world.

“In your dreams, Drakken!”  Snapped the young shapely heroine as she hit the wall with one foot spun and kicked the gun out the creeps hand. “Barbie doll! I dont think so!”

The gun flew into the air as Kim kicked her foe in the gut sending him to the floor. She stood over her fallen enemy and laughed not noticing the gun hit the floor.

Ron ran into the room and spotted the ray gun. “K.P. look out!”

“What!” Kim said as she whirled around ready to fight, expecting Shego but the green villainess was still lying unconscious on the floor where she left her after their battle.

The gun bounced gave off double click and fired a pink ray, which hit Kim Possible. The heroine staggered back as Drakken jumped to his feet.

“HA! HA! You are doomed, Kim Possible!” He laughed, “Wait the beam was suppose to be blue not pink. I didnt know it shot a pink ray. HMP? I must be smarter than I thought. Now shrink!”

Kim Possible gasped as she waited for the effects of the ray to begin but nothing happen. She smiled, walked up to Drakken and grabbed him by his lab coat.  “As if any of your inventions work! Night, night!”

“UGH!” The villain grunted as he punched in the jaw sending him to the floor.

“Are you all right Kim?” Ron asked as he ran to his girlfriend.

“I am great. A little tingling but it kind of feels good. Lets see, ah there it is.”

Kim walked over to a table and picked up a black orb with several wires and lights on it. She picked it up and studied.

“Well, here is the transmodidfier that he stole.” Kim said, “Let get it back to is rightful owners. Apparently it doesnt work either.”

“So Drakken used something that doesnt work to design a ray gun which didnt work?”

“Typical Drakken plan.”

“What did he want to transform you into?”

“A Barbie doll.”

“What…you mean you would have given you…”


Kim tossed and turned in her bed unable to sleep. The tingling had turned into at throbbing especially around her bosom. She rolled onto her back and pushed her long red hair away from her face. The nineteen-year-old beauty threw the covers off and went into the bathroom. She turned on the lights and was about to splash water onto her face when she saw her reflection.


Kims mom jumped out and bed and ran to her daughters room. She spotted the light in the bathroom, stepped in and gasped at the sight of her daughter.

Kim was wearing her pink baby doll pajamas except they were now stretched out and ripped in several places. The teenagers once perky tits now so big they spilled out over the ripped top. They were now large round and juicy looking. Her panties were so tight there were rips down the crack of her ass and crotch where a hint of her red curls peeked out.  Her daughter seemed to have grown a couple of inches to boot.

“Kimmy what happen?” She asked.

“Drakken hit me a ray that was suppose to shrink me.” Kim said as she stared at her new voluptuous body in the mirror, “I am freak!”

“Honey, you are now a freak…you just have the kind of body some women would kill for.”

“None of my clothes are going to fit! Thank Goodness it summer and I dont have to go school tomorrow.”

“Yes, well we will have to go shopping tomorrow. You will definitely need some new bras.”

“You think?”

“Well, lets see what the new measurements are.”

Kim Mom found a tape measure in the kitchen and was soon taking her daughters measure.

“I would say you about five ten now…maybe eleven. Oh mine, thirty-six on the chest….D for sure maybe double D.”

“Great. I am a big titted bimbo.”

“Twenty-four on the waist and another thirty-six.  Shall we call Playboy?”

“Cute. The question is what will I wear to go shopping.”

“Well some your fathers tee shirts and shorts will have to due.”

“Well Wade?” Kim asked as she tugged the large tee shirt she was wearing. Even with the baggy top it was still obvious she had a huge bosom. Even the huge shorts couldnt hide her new and improved ass and long shapely legs.

Wade tried to keep his eyes on the keyboard as he typed trying to ignore the huge fat tits. He was also trying to ignore the hard on he had.

“Well, Kim, the good news is the effects of the ray had stopped.” Wade said as he licked his lips and hit a key. He glanced up and smiled as his x-ray cam came on. He moaned as he adjusted to until Kims baggy clothes vanished and it looked like she was sitting naked on her bed with the pink comforter. “Whoa!”


“Nothing. I think you are done changing?”

“So my boobs are done growing?”

“Yes, but I picking up something else.”

“What now?”

“Well it appears you are giving off some kind of scent.”

“What I stink now? Will perfume cover it up?”

“No, no, not that kind of scent. It is more subtle. People really wont smell per say. Their brains will react to it.”

“Okay, so what does this mean?”

“I dont know yet. But you are giving off this scent. I will run some tests.” 

“Please and thank you.” Kim said as she logged off.

Wade pulled up the naked shots he had just gotten of Kim and sighed. He made sure his door was locked and dropped his pants.

“RON!” Kim snapped, “Would you stop staring at my chest! NO! I dont want to make out in the changing room with you! What has gotten into you?”

“I am sorry, K.P.” Ron said as he stared at his girlfriend who was standing in front of a mirror modeling a short tight black dress that hugged her rich full body. The low cut front really showed off her new tits. “I cant help myself…youre…youre…just so hot!”

“Well control yourself…oh God have you got a hard on!”

“NO!” Ron gasped as he turned away from the hot redhead trying to conceal the tent on the front of his pants. “I am sorry, Kim…I just cant….look I better go. I need a shower. A very cold shower.”

“Ron, maybe you better stay away for a day or two.” Kim snapped unaware that every guy in the room was checking out the beautiful redhead with the big tits and firm round ass.  “Until Wade and I figure this out.”

“A day or two? You mean not even see you?” Ron gasped looking at her tits.

“GO!”  Kim yelled as she shoved him away. “ And take a cold shower or something.”

Ron muttered something under his breath, shoved his hands in his pockets and walked off. Several guys made sure he was gone before they walked and smiled at the stunning redhead.

“Hey, how about lunch?” asked a guy who was old enough to be her father.

“I dont think so.” Kim snapped as she gave the guy a look of disgust.

“How about a drink.” A younger guy in a turtleneck and jeans asked with a big smile.

“Ah, No I dont drink.” Kim said when she realized she was surround by a small crowd of men of all ages and types. “Will you leave me alone!”

“Aw come baby, you just too hot!” laughed a young guy in the leather jacket as he walked up took her arm and tried to led her away from the mob, “How we just go back to my place.”

“Hands off!” Kim yelled as she twisted his arm, spun him off his feet and then flung him into a rack of clothes. The shapely beauty did a back flip away from the guys landed with the grace of a swan and took a fighting stance. “ENOUGH! LEAVE ME ALONE. JUST BECAUSE I GOT BIG TITS IT DOESNT MAKE ME A BIMBO! NOW!  GO AWAY OR I WILL START HURTING PEOPLE!”

The group slowly broken up still leering over her huge tits and wonderful ass muttering the word bitch and whore as they did.

Kim kept the stance until a beeping made her pulled out her communicator. “Go Wade.  You okay?”

“Yes, fine.” Wade panted as he glanced down at his hard cock. “Monkey Fist has stolen a gold monkey idol.”

“I dont have my mission clothes yet.” Kim said as she glanced around at the racks of clothes. “I guess I can grab a top of some kind and some shorts. Where is the monkey man?”

“By now back at his temple. I already had your ride lined up.”

“Thank you. Let me grab something and I am there.”


Kim steered the parachute down into the jungle and lightly landed in a clearing. She had to tug the parachute straps off her huge boobs and let the harness drop to the ground. The shapely redhead pulled down her midriff top and tugged down the short shorts wishing she had gone with jeans and a sweatshirt. She was now just wondering why she picked such a sexy outfit.

“I cant believe Wade set up a ride with that pervert. So he gave me a ride in his plane. It doesnt give him right to cop a feel.

The shapely redhead tugged down her top again She looked around and trotted into the jungle.  A few minutes later, the eighteen-year-old beauty was running through the jungle, leaping over fallen logs and ducking low branches. She burst out of the jungle and into a small clearing.  The nineteen-year-old heroine scanned the area and saw no danger.  The redhead just about to the trees when the ground gave away and she found herself dropping into a hole. Kim fell a few feet before something broken her fall. But a second later it pulled up and wrapped itself around her whole body pulling her up into a tight ball.

“WHOAAAAA!” Kim cried as she yanked up into the air and found herself trapped in a rope net hanging her over a hole. “Good move Kim.”

“Kim Possible.” said Monkey Fist as he walked up. He was a tall well-muscled man with monkey like features.  His feet were hand like just like a monkeys.  “I was expecting you and laid out the welcome mat so to speak. Now that I have you…what is that?”

Kim struggled to get free as she watched the villain move closer and sniff.  She pulled and twisted as the creep moved even closer and sniffed her again.

“Oh my there is some different about you….Yes, you are must more…just more in very way. I must have you.”

“WHAT!” Kim cried as Monkey Fist reached into the net and pressed the side of her neck. The heroine felt a stab of pain, gasped and fainted.

“Must have you!” Monkey Fist panted over and over as he cut her free of the net.  The villain licked his lips as he stripped her naked and giggled at the site of her fat tits, firm round ass and the red curls on her crotch.  Unable to stop himself, Monkey Fist began to play with her huge tits, mashing them around and hungrily kissing them.

“Wait! Wait! Monkey Fist panted, “This Kim Possible. She has defeated me more than once. Now If I am to have her….must have her.”

He stopped his fondling and pulled her arms behind her back.  He quickly wrapped rope around her wrists and elbows, pulling it so tight her arms were pulled to the middle of her back which forced her chest out which made her tits looked even bigger.  He wrapped more rope around her waist and above her new ample bosom.

“She has proved to be most skillful.” Monkey Fist said as he tossed a rope over a tree branch tied one end to the rope around her waist. He pulled the bound beauty up until she dangled an inch or two off the ground. “Now you mine to play with Kim Possible.

The villain licked his lips and grabbed her huge tits.  Kim came to just as he began to play with her boobs.

“What the heck are you doing!” Kin screamed when she realized not only was she hanging helpless off the ground but Monkey Fist was playing with her tits. “Get your monkey paws of me!”

Monkey Fist ignored her screams as he pulled and twisted her fat mounds. He clamped his lips around her tit and began to suck it with loud slurps and grunts of pleasure.

“AWNOOOOOOOO!” Kim wailed as a man touched her breasts for the first time. She not even let Ron touch them when they made out.  The young beauty had protected her body like a scared temple. Now it looked like one of her worst enemies was not only going use her body as a plaything but steal her virginity. “MONKEY FIST STOPPPPPPP! I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOUUUUU!”

The villains captives cries and pleas fell upon dead ears. Monkey began to grunt like a monkey in heat a she gnawed on one tit and the other. His powerful fingers squeezed the tender mounds of flesh.

“OHHHGODSTOPPPP! Kim howled as she felt her boobs begin to throb and ache from the animal like foreplay. She sobbed when they began swell and harden in hard mounds of flesh. “S-TOP PLEASSSSE!”

“OH! OH! OH!” Monkey Fist howled as he dropped one hand and grabbed her crotch. He began to rub it while still sucking and fondling her tit.

“AHH!” AUGH!” Kim gasped in horror, as her most private area was not only being touched by man but also roughly fondled. The bound beauty pulled and twisted but couldnt escape the lust filled villain. The shapely let off a squeal as her twat began tinkle and get wet. Her tits were throbbing in respond to the sucking and squeezing.

“MPH! HMP!” The monkey man grunted as he sucked and chewed on the tasty tit. He felt her juice begin to spray onto his fingers. He chuckled around the boob filling his mouth as he pushed his finger into her slit.

“AHHHHHHHHHNOOOO!” Kim wailed as the finger began to probe her pussy making it hotter and wetter. She leaned back her head and screamed in horror, as her young body seemed to betray her.

“Must have you!” Monkey Fist panted as he stopped his attacks as yanked open his black pants and ten inches of cock popped out. He grabbed her ass with one hand and lifted her leg with his other. Then shoved his cock into her red haired pussy.

“AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Kim squealed as she lost her virginity in a flash. She screamed her lungs out as a huge pole filled her young body for the first time.  The helpless heroine whirled her head around making her red locks whip around and around. “NO! NO! NOOOOOOO!”

Monkey Fist howled and hooted as he pushed her leg up higher while using his other hand to push her pussy into his cock. He began to pump his cock in and out with increasing lust. He began to kiss and lick her face and neck.

“YUCKKKKK!” The bound beauty sobbed as she tried to avoid the smelly mouth smothering her face with sloppy kisses and licks. She gasped and grunted as a huge cock fucked her tight twat over and over.  Her cries were cut off by her captors tongue pushing into her mouth. “MMPHHHHH!”

“MMMPHHHHHH!” Monkey Fist moaned as he chewed on her mouth and rolled his tongue around. He bucked his cock in and out the tight hole as he dug his fingers into her ass. The vile villain draped her leg over his shoulder and grabbed the ass with both hands.

“MPH! MPH!” Kim whimpered as she was forced to kiss the foul mouth of the monkey man. She squealed as his hands groped her butt and pushed it onto his spike like cock.  The bound beauty gasped for air when he freed her mouth. She screamed in disgust as he ran his tongue over her face and then down to her throat. Kim gasped as he began to gnaw on her throat while he continued to fuck the hell out of her.  “UGH! UGH! UGH! PLEEEEEEEESESTAPPPPPPPP!”

Monkey Fist grunted and panted as he increased the speed of his fucking as he slurped on her sweet flesh. He squeezed her butt as he kept thrusting his cock into her pussy.

Kim rolled her head around as her body got hotter and hotter. Her pussy was now sopping wet, which added to the heat filling her body.  The bound beautys tits began to throb and tingle as unexpected pleasure. Then it exploded as Kim Possible had her first orgasm. “AHGAWDDDDDDDDDD!”

Monkey Fist leaned back his head and howled as he kept driving his cock into the tight pussy. He began to pull her body against his with the same lust.

“GANAAAAAAAAAA!” Kim wailed as she came again.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Monkey Fist howled as he shot his wad into her pussy.

“AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Kim screamed as she had her biggest orgasm yet. She bucked and twisted as the climax rocked her body. The helpless heroine slumped as the cock left her body. The shapely beauty sobbed and panted as the ropes held her up. Kim was grateful the rape was over.

“MORE! MUST HAVE MORE!” Monkey Fist panted as he untied the rope and let her drop to the ground. He dropped to his knees and spread her legs.

“NO! NO! AUGHHHHHH!” Kim squealed as the cock plowed back into her pussy. She arched up and screamed as the cock began to fuck her for the second time. The bound heroine twisted and turned around on the grass as Monkey Fist began to fuck her. “AUGHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Over the next hour, poor Kim endured four more rapes and seven orgasms.  Ravished and exhausted the young heroine could do nothing as Monkey Fist slung her over his shoulder.

“You will be my monkey queen!” He panted as he ran off into the jungle. Monkey Fist leapt up into the trees and began to swing from branch to branch. As she swung back to his temple his head filled with images of fucking his captor for years to come. “No! No! You will be my monkey slave!”

Even slung over the shoulder her captor Kim managed to get her strength back and began to use she nimble fingers to work on the knots. She kept her eyes closes trying to avoid getting dizzy as they swung from branch to branch.

Monkey Fist landed lightly by the river and the flowed past the ancient temple he uses as a home.  He lay his prize down and knelt down by the river. He splashed water on his face. Refreshed he stood up and turned, looking forward to another quick fuck before he took her into the temple. Instead of his bound captive he only saw the bare foot coming at his face.

“UGHHHH!” Monkey Fist grunted as the foot slammed into his jaw sending him to the ground. His training kicked in but too late. Kim was on top of her before he could react.

Kim landed on top of Monkey Fist and was raining down punches on the man who had just raped her. She only stopping hitting after the villain stopped moving. Panting and gasping she staggered to her feet.  The shapely heroine looked around and spotted a small speedboat moored at the end of a short pier. Kim heard some monkey cries coming from the temple and quickly stripped Monkey Fist, pleased to find a small pouch of gold. She ducked herself in the river and pulled on his clothes. The shirt was so tight she had to leave the top three buttons undone. More monkey cries made her look up and spotted several ninja monkeys coming out the temple. Kim ran to the boat and leaped in. She was speeding away from the shore as the monkeys reached the bank.

Monkey Fist staggered up and looked around. He leaned back his head and howled. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

It took two days to reach a major city where she bought a dress that was too short and tight. She used the rest of the money to buy plane ticket that got her as far as Scotland.


Once in Scotland she made her way to a hotel and called her parents who wired her some money. The shapely redhead got herself a room and took a long shower and then an even longer bath. After an hour-long soak, the shapely redhead dried off and slipped into a white mini slip she had bought. Kim stepped into the room.

“MMPH!” Kim gasped when someone grabbed her from behind and shoved a foul rag into her face. Caught off guard the young heroine soon succumbs to the drug soaked cloth.

“Ohhhh.” Kim moaned as she came to and found herself chained to a cold stonewall. Her hands were pulled over her head and her wrists locked into steel shackles. She could barely touch the floor with her toes. The chained beauty shook her head and realized she wasnt alone.  Her eyes opened in shock when the short man with red hair and beard stepped out the darkness. “DUFF KILLIGAN!”

“Aye lassie.” Duff said as he mover closer to the helpless beauty unable to take his eyes off her heaving bosom. “Monkey Fist has offered a reward for your capture. I heard you were in Scotland and it was such a nice piece of cash I couldnt resist…I was going to ship you off right away. But you have changed…you…are more…ah…desirable.

“Killigan!” Kim snarled seeing her had the same look in his eyes as Monkey Fist did just before he raped her. “Unchained me!”

“I just cant do that right now…I dont think I will be sending you to monkey man…just yet. I need…I need to really fuck the hell out of you!”

“NOOOOOO!” Kim screamed as the Scotsman ripped open her slip freeing her large tits. She sobbed as the horny man grabbed her tits and buried his face in them.    The chained heroine gasped as her tits began swell and her pussy started to get wet at once.  She yanked and pulled at the chain in anger and frustration.

Killigan hungrily chewed on the fat boobs as he mashed them together, grunting and panting like a dog in heat. He rolled his tongue over the twin mounds loving the sweet taste.

“Oh geez not again!” Kim wailed as her tit ached and throb from the spirited foreplay.

“All right Lassie, you are about to find out the age old question of the Scottish kilt!” Killigan panted as he pulled up his kilt, uncovering his spike like cock. He spread her legs apart and thrust his pole up into her pussy.

“AUGHHHHHHHHHHH!” Kim howled as she was impaled on the huge cock. She gasped as the Scotsman grabbed onto her tits and squeezed them as he began fuck her. The chained beauty screamed as her boobs were mauled as the cock slammed into her pussy over and over.

“AH! AH! AH!” Duff panted as she drove his cock into the tight pussy. He mashed her tits around as he clamped his mouth over hers.

“MPHHHH!” Kim sobbed as she as his tongue pushed in between her lips. It was made worst because it tasted of tobacco and beer. She couldnt stop herself from sucking on the tongue because the cock was driving her insane. The shapely beauty couldnt believe she was almost enjoying the feel of the cock. Kims spotted some shiny. She focused her eyes on the gold pin stuck into his hat.  The chained heroine stretched out her fingers. It took all her skill to pull the pin out. Kim almost dropped the pin when an orgasm hit. “AUGHHHHHHHH!”

Killigan felt her come and laughed around her mouth. He kept chewing on her lips as he squeezed her tits together. The Scotsman increased the power of his fucking when he felt his cock swell.

Kims head began to spin as the orgasm swept through her body. Her tits were now aching and her pussy felt like it was on fire. She tried to keep the pin in her fingers as she moved toward the keyhole in the shackle. The young redhead gasped for air when the creep freed her lips and began to gnaw on her throat. She slipped the pin into the lock and screamed as she came again.

“OHHHHHH!” Duff howled as empty his cock into her twat. He bucked against her until he emptied his load. The Scotsman staggered back, gasping, “Oh lassie, we have to do that again and again. He never saw the fist slamming into his jaw that sent him to the ground.

Kim used her free hand to unlock her other hand and dropped to the ground. She lashed out her foot as Duff looked up.

“OW!” Killigan grunted as the kick sent him back down. Three more kicks and two punches sent him to La-La land.

Kim gave him several more kicks out of anger. She muttered a curse as she stripped him out his kilt and cleaned out his money purse. The shapely redhead put on the kilt and left.

Killigan woke up to find himself half naked and locked into his own dungeon.  He swore like an Irishman and then began to bang on the heavy wood door.

Kim walked across the beautiful countryside as she used Duffs cell phone to Wade.

“KIM!” Wade cried, “Where are you? We need to talk.”

“No time.” Kim snapped, “I am about a hour from Killigans castle. I need a ride now!”

“Kim, this is important. I ran some…”

“Wade! Ride now! Please and thank you!”

“Okay, okay!”

“Killigan, you have Kim Possible.” Monkey Fist said, “I will deliver the money myself when I pick her up.”

“Forger it monkey boy! Im keeping her for myself.”

“She is mine!”

“No any more!”

“I am coming with my monkey ninjas!”

“Dont bother…she escaped. But I am getting her back!”

“Not before me!”

“Dream on! Kim Possible belongs to me!”


A few hours later Kim walked into a small village that sat by the ocean and looked around. She didnt see a chopper but saw a dress shop. The shapely redhead was soon in the changing room trying on a red plaid skirt and blouse, which was once again too tight.  Once she had to leave the top buttons undone. She completed her new outfit with white knee socks and saddle shoes. The young beauty was unaware or didnt care she was now a walking male fantasy. She competed the fantasy by tying her long red hair into twin pigtails tied with red ribbons.

Kim was soon walking around the village munching on an apple trying to ignore the leers she was getting from every male and some females. She wandered out toward the coast, wondering where the heck her ride was. The shapely redhead came to a cliff and looked down. She frowned at the huge white yacht moored in the bay. Kim studied the trim lines and gold trim. Then her eyes fell on the double S monogram on the stern.

“Senor Senior Senior?” Kim said as she studied the yacht, “What are you doing in Scotland?”

“I may ask you the same question?”

Kim whirled around and stared at the old man dressed in the white slacks and a blue blazer with a family crest.  He smiled like he always did as leaned on his cane.

“Senor Senior Senior.” Kim said as she studied the old man.

“As always it is a pleasure to see you.” He said as he stepped closer, “Is this a happy accident?”

“Ah poppy, you were right.” Senor Senior Jr. said, “It is Kim Possible and looking quite attractive in her schoolgirl uniform. I did not know you attended local school?”

Kim turned find the young son standing behind her wearing an incredibly tight tee shirt and black jeans. His black hair was perfectly combed and his smile was too bright.

“I dont and this is just coincidence. I am just waiting for a ride.”

“Oh I see, forgive me my dear, but there seems to be something different about you.” The old man said,  “I cant put my finger on it.”

“Perhaps it is her more ample bosom and nicely rounded bottom.” 

“Yes, my son that could be it but there is something else.”

Kim watched him and saw the change in his eyes and started to walk away.

“Good seeing you.” Kim said, “I have to go.”

“I dont think so.” Senor Senior Senior said as he brought up the end of his cane right into her face.

“AHHH!” Kim gasped as a white gas was sprayed into her face. She staggered back, dropped to her knees and gasped once more before she fell forward onto the girl.

“Pick her up, Junior. We taking Miss Possible to the yacht…I must have her.”

“As must I father.” Junior said as she scooped up the sleeping beauty. He happily carried the heroine down to the ship feeling his cock getting bigger by the second.    

“AHHHHHH!” Kim screamed around the ring gag holding her mouth into a wide oval. The heroine was tied down on a large ottoman that so her head dropped over the edge.  Her hands and feet were tied to the legs of the leather furniture.  The helpless heroine pulled and twisted at the ropes binding her. From her upside down position she could see that her two captors had begun to undress.

“Lie back and relax, my dear.” Senor Senior Senior said as he dropped his pants, “I do apologize but I just cant seem to help myself.  I need to take full advantage of your full rich body. I do apologize for the ropes and gag but I suspect you would protest our advances. Now my son let us inspect this amazing new body.” 

“AUGHHHHH!” Kim sobbed as the old man moved between her spread legs and pushed the red plaid skirt over her hips, smiling at the white cotton panties. His hands continued up to her bosom and grabbed her them.

“These are quite wonderful.” Senor Senior Senior said as he began to squeeze her breast through the cotton blouse. He slowly massaged them with his fingers for a few minutes and slowly unbuttoned the blouse, uncovering her white cotton bra.

“Now Kim Possible, I shall pleasure myself by inserting my manliness into your open mouth.” Senor Senior Jr. said as he moved over by her head and began rubbed his cock around her face.

“AUGHHHHHHH!” The helpless heroine cried as the smelly cock rolled over her nose and mouth. She could feel hands groping her unsnapping her bra and groping her boobs. She squealed as his fingers began to pinch and tweak her nipples.

“Oh my dear, you make an old man feel young again.”  Senor Senior Sr. said as she mashed her tits together and began to suck on her nipple.

“Aughhhhh!” Kim sobbed as the old man sucked and played with her boobs.  She turned her face away trying to avoid the cock rubbing over her face. The bound beauty pulled at the ropes to no avail. She could only lie there for as the two men toyed with her rich young body.

“MMMM!” Senor Senior Sr. sighed as he slurped on her tasty tits. He kept mashing them around as she ran his tongue down her flat belly. He caught her panties in his teeth and pulled them down until her uncovered her red curls. He brought down his hands and ripped the panties off.

“NAAAAAA!” Kim squealed as the old man began to lick her pussy. Her squeal was cut off the cock pushing into her mouth.

“Here is my large manhood for you to suck on.” Jr. said as he pushed his cock into her mouth. The young man gasped as her hot wet mouth wrapped around his cock.

“UGH! UGH!” Kim grunted as the cock began to pump in and out her mouth. She began to squirm and twist as the tongue licking was making her pussy heat up.

“MMMMM!” Senor Senior Sr. sighed as he licked up her sweet honey. He stopped his licking and sat up. He grabbed onto her firm thighs and pushed his cock into her hot wet twat.

“AUGHHHHHH!” The helpless heroine arched as she was impaled on a second for the second time in the day. The cock thrusting into her pussy made her suck on the cock. Each time the cock pushed into her pussy she slurped on the cock.

The two Seniors fucked both her holes with increasing lust. Jr. grabbed onto her fat tits and began to fondle them as he pushed his cock deep into her throat. Senior Sr. rubbed her thighs as he continued to pound her hot pussy.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Kim grunted as she took the two cocks with increasing lust. The shapely redhead began to suck on the cock with loud slurps. She tried to stop herself but her own lust was taking over. The young heroine realized she was changing. She was beginning to enjoy the sex.

“OHHHHHH!” Junior gasped as the hot wet mouth started to suck on his cock with increasing enthusiasm. He mashed her tits together as her tongue rolled over his pole.

Kim began to move with the cock pumping into her pussy. She let off a muffle scream as she suddenly came. The bound beauty thoroughly enjoyed the climax as it swept through her body.

Suddenly both men yelled and shot their wads.

“MPHHHH!” Kim wailed as she had her first taste of cum horrified that she liked it. She sucked down the sweet seed with low slurps. The bound beauty arched up as the cum filling her pussy made her climax. The ravished beauty bucked and twisted as the orgasm rocked her body. She slumped down when the climax past.

The two men stepped back and watched their captive pant and gasp as she tried to calm her body.

Poor Kim didnt have the chance because the two men changed positions and was soon taking the two cocks for the second time.  Ten minutes later she was sprawled across the ottoman panting and moaning. She lay there as they untied her discussing what position they would put their new sex slave in. The words “sex slave” made something snapped in her head and she made a fist. Kim swung and hitting Junior in the nose. At the same time she bought up her legs and twirled them around. She rolled off the ottoman, landed on the floor and did a back flip onto her feet. Senor Senior Sr. was charging her with his hands stretched out like claws.  The heroine lashed out her foot hitting him in the gut.

“OWWWWW!” The old man gasped as he flew back onto the floor.

Kim turned and ran out the room. She flew up the stairs and came onto the deck. She saw lights on the distant shore and ran for the railing. The young beauty dove over the railing, making a perfect swan dive into ocean. She hit the water and was swimming seconds later.

The two Seniors came onto the deck and watched their captive stagger onto the beach and run off into the darkness.

“Father, she is escaping! We must catch her and bring her back. I must have her again!”

“Dont worry my son we will track her down. We will have Kim Possible back”.   

The two men heard the sound of a helicopters engine start. They watched the chopper fly off into the night.         



       Kim jumped out the plane she had caught in England and glared at the pilot who was following her out.

       “NO! I dont want to have a drink, dinner or anything else!”

       Kim was still wearing the schoolgirl outfit except it was still damp from her swim.  She rushed across the runway looking for Ron who was supposed to pick her up.  The shapely heroine was walking past as hangar with an open door, still looking for Ron when someone stepped out and stuck something in her back.

       “AWWWWWW!” Kim screamed as a powerful shock hit her body.

       A huge man with a blonde mullet scooped up the stunned beauty and carried her off into the darkness.

       “Youre coming with me Red!” Motor Ed laughed as he ran up to a van and tossed her into the back.

Kim grunted as she landed on the thin mattress in the back of the smelly van. She tried to sit up the stun gun had left her helpless.  The young beauty watched her captor jump in and pulled the door close.

Motor Eds ripped tee shirt and jeans were stretched across his massive frame. The mechanic flipped her over and pulled back her hands and used duct tape to bind her arms together. 

       “Motormmmoph!” Kim moaned as Ed taped her mouth close.

       “Sorry Red, but a lot of people are offering some serious bucks for you.”  Motor Ed said as he stopped and stared at her body. “The Seniors, Monkey Fist and Killigan both have rewards for you…I figure I can start a bidding war…Red, where you get the major boobs? I got to check those babies out.”

       “NAAAAA!” Kim sobbed as Ed ripped her blouse open and yanked down her bra freeing her huge round melons.

       “OH RED!” Motor Ed laughed as he leered over the big boobs and grabbed them with both hands.

       “AUGHHHHH!” Kim sobbed as the incredibly strong hands began to fondle her tits. She twisted and turned but couldnt escape the fingers mauling her tender flesh. The nineteen-year-old beauty couldnt believe she was about to get raped by yet another villain.

       “You are totally hot!” Motor Ed panted as he mashed her tits around and round. He began to sloppily lick the jiggling boobs, slobbering drool over them as he did.

       “MMMP!” Kim wailed as the disgusting creep fondled and sucked on her tits. He turned her face away when he began to kiss and lick her. The long tongue rolled over her face.

       “I got to do you Red.” Motor Ed said as he yanked out his long pole.

       “NAAAAA!” Kim sobbed at the sight of his ten inches of cock meat. She gasped when he wrapped her huge boobs around his cock and began to pump his cock in and out.

       “OHHREDDDDDD!” Motor Ed sighed as he titty fucked her. He loved the feel of satiny flesh rubbing over his tool. He grunted and moaned as he worked the cock back and force.

       “AUGHHHH!” Kim sobbed as the cock ran through her tits and pushed up against his taped mouth. She kept turning away but the long pole just rubbed up over her cheek and into her hair. The bound beauty screamed as she shook her head as he continued to use her tits to stroke his cock.

       “OH! OH! OHHHHRED!” Motor Ed panted and gasped as he pumped his cock through the soft flesh. He looked down and loved the look of horror and shock on his captives face. He leaned back and howled as he spray his cum into her face.

       “EUGGGG!” Kim moaned as the hot seed splattered onto her face. She wearily watched the huge man slid down and spread her legs.

       “More! I need more!” Motor Ed panted as her rubbed the tip up and down the slit of her pussy. He laughed and pushed his cock into her twat.

       “AIIIIIIIIIII!” Kim wailed as the monster cock filled her pussy. She arched up and gasped as the long hard pole began to pound her with long hard strokes. The helpless heroine sobbed and squealed, as she was royally fucked. “UGH! UG! UGH! UGH!”

       “OH! OHREDDDDDDD!” Ed grunted as he slammed his cock deep into her pussy. He lay across her soft body and grabbed her tits. He began to mash her tits around and kiss and lick her face as he fucked her like a plow hammer. He loved the way her tight twat was squeezing his cock.

       “AUGHHHHHHH!” Kim wailed as the relentless fucking made her come. The huge climax screamed as the orgasm shook her body down to the tools. The helpless beauty could tell she was losing herself to this creep. She realized if Ed kept fucking her and gave her enough orgasms she would submit him. Frantically she pulled at the tape binding her hands. Her fingertips touched something cold and hard…and sharp!

       “OHYESSSSSSSSS!” Motor Ed gasped as he came again.

       “AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Kim squealed as the hot seed made her come over and over. She bucked and twisted around on the floor. She slumped down when Ed pulled out and fell back on his knees. He wiped his sweaty brow and tried to catch his breath. “Got to do you again, Red…. Forget those losers, Im going to keep you for myself.” 

       Kim leaned back on her shoulders and threw up her long legs. She wrapped them around the surprised villains neck and then swung his head against the side of the van.

       “OWWW!” Motor Ed grunted as his head banged against the metal wall. He blinked as his captive swung his head back against the other wall.

       Kim swung his head back and forth, slamming it against the van over and over. She used the piece of metal to cut the tape binding her arms. Suddenly her hands were free. She unwrapped her legs and let them drop. Kim sat up and punched her rapist in the face over and over until he fell back on the floor. She scrambled to her knees ready to fight as she found the door handle. Kim pulled open the door and leapt of the van. The shapely redhead pulled down her short skirt trying to ignore the cum running down her thigh. She pulled up her bra and knotted the ripped blouse between her tits. The ravished redhead used the back of her hand to wipe the cum off her face. 

Kim spotted Ron standing by his scooter and the flowers he was holding.  She let off a loud sigh and walked down a dark street.  After few blocks she flagged down a taxi.



       Kim came out the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her amazing body. She used another towel to dry her hair as she sat down in front of the computer. It clicked on and Wade gasped and turned back to screen.  He glanced back and smiled the holographic image of a naked Kim lying on his bed.

       “Kim!” Wade said trying to ignore the scantily clad woman on his screen but his finger hit the key to record. “Where have you been?”

       “Dont ask.”

       “Kim you are in big trouble.”

       “I was but I got away…”

       “No, no. Remember I told you about that scent. I figured out what it is.”

       “Talk to me.”

       “Well you know how female animals will give off a scent when they are in heat…”

       “WAIT! I am giving a smell that says I want to be fucked?”

       “Basically it will turn on any guy who comes close.”

       “Okay that explains what happen on my last mission. Monkey Fist, Killigan, the Seniors and Motor Ed got weird and horny.”

       “Kim…did they…well you know.”

       “NO! I got away.”

       “Oh good. Because if they did they would become addicted.”

       “Addicted to me?”

       “Addicted to having sex with you. But your body had changed too. Apparently you had something called the Aphrodite gene.”

       “The what?”

       “Most of the records come from a bunch of heroines in Delta and Star City. They all have pretty amazing bodies just like you and they have the same weakness.”

       “Which is what?”

       “They can be tamed.”

       “Not liking the sound of that.”

       “Apparently if they have enough orgasms it will make them submit to the guy…hmmm. Well you know. The word they use is tamed.”

“Tamed? Like tamed to be his sex slave!”

“According to these files all these heroine at one time or another has been tamed.”

“The taming resulting her becoming a sex crazed bimbo.”


       “So if I get raped enough I will not only become a sex slave but enjoy it!”

       “Well there have been studies that say strong independent women secretly want to be dominated.”

       “NOT ME! How do we fix this?”

       “Well, we could try to reverse the effects but to do that. I would need that ray gun.”

       “The ray gun back in Drakkens lair?”

       “Yes…oh something just came on line. There are numerous rewards out for your capture.”

       “Let me guess, Motor Ed, Monkey Fist, Killigan and the Seniors are offering the rewards?”

       “Its a lot of money…the bad guys will come looking.”

       “I need to get that gun.” Kim snapped, “I am not going to end up some creeps sex slave. I am Kim Possible all that and more! There is nothing I cant do.”




Kim now wearing a tight black tank top and shorts used her graveling hook gun to climb up to the window of the mountain lair of her arch foe. She pushed the window open and dropped into the dark lab. She scanned the huge room with its high walls. The shapely heroine crept over and under the numerous machines and devices. She stopped by a pillar and spotted the ray gun sitting on a worktable in the corner. Kim smiled to herself and snuck toward the weapon.

       Suddenly the lights came on and Kim leapt into a fighting stance. She spotted the blue skinned villain and his sidekick Shego clad in her tight green costume with her long black flowing around her rich full body. Drakken was holding a strange looking device. He fired it three times.

       Kim didnt have time to react as three elastic bands wrapped around her body. Two wrapped around her upper chest and waist. The last one locked around her knees. It took all her skill not to fall onto her firm ass.

       “Well Kim Possible.” Drakken said, “I did it! I did it! I finally got the drop on Kim Possible!”

“Drakken, I am really not in the mood…untie me and well call it a day.”

“I think not. I am going to hold you prisoner until I get the best price for you. It seems you have annoyed my fellow villains long enough to the point they are willing to pay big bucks to have you back. You wouldnt believe what Senor Senior Sr. is offering. Now I am going to set up a web site for the bidding.”

Drakken put down the weapon and walked over to the struggling heroine with Shego beside him. They stood in front of the teetering heroine, gloating but their smiles faded. They both scratched their heads as they frowned.

“Isnt that a new look for you?” Drakken said as he began to nervously twinkle his thumbs as he sniffed her hair.

       “It certainly is.” Shego hissed as she licked her lips and moved so close her lips almost touched Kims.

       “Aside from the new revealing outfit you seem to have….mmm. Grown.”

       “In all the right places.” Shego giggled as she began to toy with Kims long red hair.

       “I like it! “ Drakken said with a leer, “No I love it!”

       “Oh great.” Kim muttered as the two villains began to grope her body. She pulled and twisted but the bands held tight. “Not again.”

       “Shes legal right?” Drakken asked.

          “Nineteen as of her last birthday?”

       “Excellent! To the bedroom!”

       “NOOOOOO!” Kim screamed as Shego slung her over her shoulder and carried her off. She pulled and twisted but it was useless. The bound beauty grunted as she was tossed down onto a large round bed. Kim could only lie was Shego pulled down her tank top freeing her tits.

       “Oh goody they even bigger naked!” Drakken laughed.

       “Theyre bigger than mine…not caring!” Shego smirked as she used her green energy to blast off her shorts right off. “Ohhh, she looks just so tasty.”

       “Wait! Wait!” Drakken said as he began to undress, “This explains why those other fools want her back. Well, forget that. Youre ours Kim Possible!”

       “Absolutely!” Shego said as she peeled down out of her skintight costume. “We got those chains and stuff downstairs. Oh and that cage downstairs!”

       “Oh! Oh! I bet she will look amazing in leather…garter belts.”

       “Ohhhh, fishnet stockings and stiletto heels.”

       “I am not some toy for you to dress up and play with!”

       “No Kim Possible. You are not just that! You are now our sex slave! You better learn to be a good one fast! Shego get you little friend and the paddle!”

       “Paddle? What!”

       “YESSSSSSSS!” Shego laughed as she ran off.

       “Let me gooooooo!” Kim sobbed as the blue skinned villain dropped his pants and reveal a cock as big as Motor Eds. She screamed as he sat down on her belly and grabbed her tits. “GET YOUR HANDS OFF MEEEEEE!”

       “Oh these are real!” Drakken laughed as he mashed her tits around. “I thought you got a boob job! Oh Kim these are amazing!”

       “Okay!” Shego laughed as she ran back. “Lets play bitch!”

       “OH MY GOD NOOOOOOO!” Kim screamed when she saw Shego was wearing a strap-on with a long curved green dildo. The shapely villain was holding a rubber paddle.

       “Excellent!” Drakken said as he rolled off the bound beauty and forced her onto her knees and bent her over. “You fuck her in the ass and spank her.”

       “NO! NO!” Kim wailed as Shego moved behind her and began to run something cool and wet on her butt.

       “This will loosen up your ass.” Shego giggled as she tossed aside the lube and patted the amazing ass. “You going to fuck her face?”

       “Oh no. She is going to ask to suck my cock.”

       “NEVER!” Kim snarled, “I will die first…I…AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!”

       Kim screamed as the plastic dildo pushed into her cherry ass. She bucked and twisted as the sex toy went deeper and deeper into her tight hole. The bound beauty barely noticed the cock beginning rubbed around her face while strong hands began to mash her tits.

       “Oh Kimmy, Im the first to fuck your ass.” Shego hissed as she drove the dildo all the way in. “You liking this! I am loving it!”

       “YOU BITCH!” Kim swore as the villianess taunted her.

       “Oh my.” Drakken laughed as he played with her tits. “Kim Possible swore? She is being a bad girl.”

       “We know what bad girls need.” Shego laughed as she brought the paddle down on the butt.

       “OWWWWWWWWW!” Kim howled as the rubber paddle came down on her soft flesh. She began to gasp and sob as Shego began to fuck her.  Drakken kept rubbing his cock over her nose and mouth while he pulled and twisted her boobs. “OUCH! OW! OW! OW! S-STOPPPPPP! OW!”

       “Not a chance, Kimmy!” Shego panted as she thrust her strap-on in and out while she kept spanking her. “Heres the deal, Bitch! Ill stop spanking when you ask the doc if you can suck his cock!”

       “NEVER! AWWWWW! OW! OW!”

       Drakken laughed and giggled as he rubbed his cock under her nose and tapped it against her full lips. He pulled and twisted the soft mounds between his fingers, loving the feel of them.

       “Oh Doc, you have got to try this ass!” Shego panted as she continued to fuck the firm butt. She drove the dildo in and out with increasing speed without letting up on the spanking.

       “I will! I will!” Drakken laughed as whacked his cock across her face. He squeezed the tits together and loved the sound of her screams and sobs. He was defeating Kim Possible for the first time….and the last time.

       “OW! OW! OW! OW!” Kim wailed as the plastic cock plowed in and out her ass along with the paddle slapping her burning. “Drakken let me suck your cock!”

       “Say please bitch!” Shego snarled as she swatted the ass.


       “Thats Master Drakken!” Drakken laughed as he wagged the cock in front of her gasping mouth. 

       “MASTER DRAKKEN MAY I SUCK YOUR COCK!” Kim sobbed just wanting to the spanking to stop.

       “Say Master Drakken, Mistress Shego may this worthless slave suck your cock.”

       “OH GODDDD!” Kim sobbed knowing she had no choice if she wanted the spanking to stop. “MASTER DRAKKEN, MISTRESS SHEGO MAY THIS WORTHLESS SLAVE SUCK YOUR COCK.”

       “Oh I love it!” Drakken laughed, “At last, I have defeated Kim Possible. Yes SLAVE! You may suck my cock!”

       Drakken put his hands on his hips and a huge smile on his face. Shego dropped the paddle and stopped her fucking to watch the girl who had defeated them over and over was about to suck Drakkens cock.

       Kim sniffed as she licked her lips and then stuck out her tongue. She began to lick the tip of the cock.  The helpless heroine glumly wagged her tongue over his cockhead and then ran it down to his balls. She rolled her tongue over the twin sacs coating them with her spit. Kim kissed and licked back up to the head. The bound beauty was soon lapping the whole pole drooling as she did.

       “Oh yesssssss.” Drakken sighed as the tongue stroked his tool. He looked up and watched Shego slam the plastic cock into her ass over and over.

       Shego panted and laughed as she drove the dildo deep into the tight hole.  She dropped the paddle and playfully slapped the firm round ass.

       “UHG! UGH! UGH!” Kim grunted as the butt fucking went on and on. She gasped as she licked up to the top of the cock. Another thrust of the sex toy made her gasp again and she pushed the cock into her mouth. The bound redhead let cock slid deep into her mouth and began to slurp on.  She began to pump the cock in and out as she licked it.

       Shego and Drakken laughed and taunted as they continued to abuse the helpless captive. The longhaired villain held onto the thin hips as she buried her strap-on in the ass producing a squeal. Drakken gasped as the hot wet mouth sucked his cock all the way in and gulped on.

       “AUGHHHH!” Kim squealed as the dildo fucking her ass gave her a small orgasm. The climax made her suck on the cock with loud slurps of delight.  The ravished beauty sighed in unwanted delight.

       “OH! OH! OHHHHHHHHHHH!” Drakken howled as he came in her mouth.

       “MMPHHHH!” Kim screamed around the cock as it filled her mouth with cum. She sobbed as she gulped down the sweet stuff. The redhead could feel the cum dripping down her chin but kept sucking.

       Drakken staggered back and wiped the sweat off his brow. He motioned Shego to the come around. “I need to fuck her pussy.”

       “Please do.” Shego laughed as she pulled out her strap-on and took it off. She moved in front of the bound beauty and lay back. She spread her legs and grabbed a fistful of her thick mane. “Time to lick some pussy, sweetie.”

       “Oh please noooooo!” Kim sobbed as her face was pushed in the black curls.

       “Stop sobbing and get licking!” Shego snapped as she rubbed Kims face around her pussy.

       “Now this is a fine piece of ass!” Drakken snickered as he moved behind Kim and rubbed her twin moons. “But Ill fuck that later. I am in the mood for some pussy.”

       “So is Kimmy!” Shego smiled as he held the young girls face in her crotch. “I am not feeling any licking. Do I need to get the paddle?”

       “NAAAA!” Kim sobbed as she pushed out her tongue and began lick the pussy. She licked the twat with low sobs. The bound beauty ran her tongue up and down the slit. Kim got her first taste of pussy juices. Her face burned with shame when she realized that she liked it.

       “OHHHHHHHHKIMMMMMYYY!” Shego gasped as the tongue tickled her twat in the best way sending shivers of delight through her body. “Right there Kimmy! Keep it going!”

       The blue skinned villain tried to push his cock into her pussy but her knees were so tightly bound he couldnt get it in. He muttered a curse and got up.

       Shego squirmed around on the bed as Kim hungrily licked her twat. He pushed her face around. She didnt notice the doctor coming back and pointing small red box at his captives legs.

       Kim felt the band around her legs come off and her legs pulled apart. A second later she felt something drop by her knees.

       Drakken grabbed onto the shapely butt and pushed his cock into her red haired pussy. He laughed at the high-pitched squeal Kim made as he began to fuck her.

       “MPH! MPH!” Kim grunted as she licked on the pussy with loud slurps and licks. The bound beauty miserably serviced both villains with her mouth and pussy. The bound beauty squealed as she came, which made her, push her face into pussy and lapped in a mouthful of juice.

       “AIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Shego squealed as the tongue licking made her come.  She shook her head and screamed again.

       “How you like this Kim Possible!” Drakken laughed as he kept slamming into her pussy with increasing lust. He slapped her butt with his open hand as he kept fucking her. “OHHHHHHHYESSSSSSS!”

       “AIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Kim screamed into Shegos pussy as the cum filled her pussy making her climax over and over. Her whole body shuttered as the orgasm rocked it.  She gasped for air as Drakken pulled out and Shego pushed her face away.  Kim rolled onto her back and felt around with her fingers.

       “This time lets double fuck the bitch.” Shego laughed as she grabbed her strap-on. “You take the ass and I take the pussy!”

        The two villains turned to their helpless captive and both got a foot right in the face. Both were caught off guard so the kicks sent them sailing off the bed onto the floor.

       Kim tossed down the red box and leapt off the bed and slammed her fist into Shegos face twice. Drakken got three punches and kick. The shapely heroine made sure they were out cold. She grabbed Shegos costume and pulled it on. The young heroine stomped out the room, grabbed the ray gun off the table. Kim went out the front door and stole Shegos car, dumping it at a shopping mall close to her college.


Shego and Drakken still naked staggered out the bedroom. They both jumped back when Seniors came crashing through the skylight holding onto ropes at the same time as Motor Ed came charging through the front door. Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan right behind him.

       “WHERE IS SHE!” They all yelled at the same time. “She is mine!”

       Everyone began to argue and yell over who owned Kim Possible.

       “SHUT UP!” Shego screamed, “The bitch got away!”

       “Oh she stole my ray gun!” Drakken cried.


       “Hurry it Wade!” Kim snapped as she paced around the young scientists lab.

       “I am almost got it.” Wade said as he worked on the gun with his small laser. “There!”

       “Okay, are we ready?” Kim said as she stared at the small Wade, noticing the tent in his pants. “Oh good God, you to!”

       “I am sorry!” Wade snapped, “I am human. Stand over there.”

       Kim moved by the wall and waited. She flinched when a yellow ray hit her. The shapely redhead gasped as her whole body throbbed and tingled. It was engulfed in a yellow glow, which slowly faded. Once the glow was gone, Kim found she had her old figure back.

       “Well?” Kim asked as Wade went to his computer and typed away.

       “Its gone.” Wade smiled, “The scent is gone.”

       “Thank God! I have my life back!” 

       Kim Possible parked her car and trotted into her house unaware that Drakken and Shego were watching from a hovercraft. Duff was hiding behind fence and Monkey Fist was up in a tree. The Seniors watched from the back of a limo while Motor Ed glared from the front seat of his van.

       “Damn!” Ed snarled, “Red aint hot no more.”

       “Is seems Kim Possible has returned to her former self.” Senor Senior Senior said. “Pity.”

       “Father I am so disappointed.” Junior said.

       “Shego!” Drakken sighed, “She! She is back to the old Kim.”

       “Thats why she took the ray gun.” Shego said, “Hmp…looks like the whole gang is here.”

       “Yes, yes….Shego, I just had a idea…maybe my most evil idea…let get back to the lab. I need to find some printouts while you make some phone calls.”



Kim pulled on the short pleated skirt of her new cheerleading outfit. She tugged down her midriff top over her perky breasts. She brushed out her long thick hair and smiled.

       “Off to practice?” Kims mom asked.

       “Yes, cheerleading is much more demanding in college.” Kim said, “I am glad I am not captain it would be too time consuming. Well I am off.”

       Kim trotted out the door and out of the house. She was soon in her car and heading to campus. The nineteen-year-old beauty parked and ran toward the gym. She pulled open the door and jumped back as a bright pink ray hit her. Kim flipped away from the door landing in a fight position but no one attacked.  The shapely redhead crept up to the door and peeked in.

       “Come Kim!” A fellow cheerleader said as she trotted up to the door. “You okay?”

       “Im fine…just fine.” Kim said trying to ignore the tingling in her chest.  She was thinking she had to Wade and pulled out her communicator. She hit the button but no Wade.  “What the heck?”



“MMMMPH!” Wade yelled as Motor Ed wrapped more duct tape around the chair, binding the young genius to it. Killigan was using a nine iron to smash his computer and the ray gun.

       Kim had no choice but to go to cheerleading practice. Even as she jumped and spun she could feel her body changing. Her costume was already feeling tight. By the end of practice her growing breasts were pushing up her skimpy top and her panties were feeling like a tight thong. She wrapped her arms across her chest and ran into the locker, hoping get a hold of Wade.

       Three attackers leaped down from the top of the lockers.

       “WHAT THE MPHHHH!” Kim cried as Monkey Fist grabbed one arm and Shego pulled back her other one. Drakken pushing a foul smelling rag into her face cut off her cry for help. The struggling redhead fought like a wild cat but the two villains held her tight.  As she sucked on the chloroform soaked rag as she pulled and twisted feeling her strength fading. The shapely cheerleader slowly slumped into her captors arms. As darkness swept over her, Kim sobbed because she knew what the villains had planned for her.


       Kim groaned as she came to and forced herself to her knees because she was unable to move her arms. As her head cleared, the young beauty realized she was strapped into some kind of leather harness.  A strap ran around her waist and up her back to another strap wrapped above her tits, which now seemed to be bigger than ever. She gasped when she felt the cold metal of a collar around her neck.  After getting over the shock of having the old voluptuous body back, being bound and collared, Kim saw she was kneeling on a giant mattress. Her green eyes slowly took in the seven naked figures standing around the bed.

       “GOD NO!” Kim gasped as she recognized her captors.

       “Welcome back, Kim Possible.” Senor Senior Senior said, “We have brought you back to my island.  Since you were the only one who knows the location of my island.”

       “Wade and Ron do!” Kim spat. “They know I am here!”

       “I am afraid your two friends will be having a hard time remembering the location.” Junior said.

“Not with the drug we gave them.”  Motor Ed said.

       “As you can tell by the return of your big tits I recreated the ray to give you back your amazing body.” Drakken said, “And then with the help Motor Ed, we made you a new collar.”

       “Yeah, Red, it made of an alloy that cant be cut or burnt off.” Motor Ed said, “So its on permanent. Its not only has a tracking device but a stunning device if you try to leave the island.”

       “It also is sending a signal into your head.” Monkey Fist said, “That is short circuiting certain areas of the brain.  To be specific the memories of your fighting skills are slowly fading away.”

       “So lassie there will be no more kicking and punching anyone.” Duff laughed.

       “So Kimmy, you are here to stay.” Shego smiled, “We joined forces to capture you and now you will be fucking and sucking all of us! I believe Drakken, Duff and Motor Ed won the first round. Gentlemen dont keep our slave waiting.”

       “NOOOOOOOO!” Kim sobbed as the three men climbed onto the bed. The bound beauty struggled as they manhandled her. Drakken lay back on the bed and laughed Motor Ed and Duff planted the struggling redhead on his hard cock.

       “AUGHHHHHHH!” Kim wailed as she was forced onto the pole. She squealed as Duff moved behind her and pushed his cock into her ass. “AIIIIIIII!”

       “Open up Red, I am coming in!” Ed laughed as he grabbed her hair with both hands and pushed his cock into her screaming mouth. “Get sucking!”

       “MMMMPHHHH!” Kim sobbed as she was forced to suck on the huge cock. She grunted and gasped as the other two began fuck her two other holes. Huge tears filled her eyes as the gangbang began.

       Hours later, a ravished and defeated Kim lay in a small cage.  A chain hanging from the top of the cage was locked to her collar. Her hands were locked into steel shackles bolted to the floor. The dome shaped cage hung over a shark filled pool.  Around the edge of the pool was a ten-foot high force field. Four laser set on stun were trained on the helpless captive.

       All the security was unnecessary, Kim didnt have the energy to plan an escape let alone make one. The naked beauty curled up and slept knowing she was facing a long day tomorrow.

“WAKE UP SLAVE!” A robot voice called out.

Kim sat up and rubbed her eyes as the force field dropped the cage moved over and down to the floor. The chain and shackles unlocked and the door opened. Kim crawled out and staggered over to a bathtub. The shapely beauty moved like she was in a trace as she bathed, ate and dressed.  She put on the outfit laid out for her. Black hip boots and fishnet stockings, a black and pink lace up corset that made her tits look even bigger. Kim pinned her hair into a loose bun and leaving several strands of hair to dangle down. Heavy eye makeup and bright red lipstick finished her new look.

“On your knees, Kimmy slut!”  Drakken snapped as he twirled a leash in his hands. “Your new masters and mistress are waiting. Come on! Come on, slave on your knees!”

“Yes, Master Drakken.” Kim sighed as she dropped to her knees and she just knelt there as he snapped on the leash.

“Crawl Kimmy!” He laughed as he tugged on her leash “Crawl! Crawl my slave!”

“Yes Master Drakken.” Kim sobbed as she crawled along the floor with her archenemy trotting along beside her.        

“KIM POSSIBLE YOU ARE ALL THAT.”  Drakken laughed, “AND A WHORE!”     

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