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Part 1

Hi guys, I have a feeling most of you are too young to remember the comic with Brenda Starr, ace reporter for Chicago Tribune and totally hot redhead who always showed a bit of leg and some cleavage. Well I do I have been wanting to use her in a story for a while. So her is my take for the stunning beauty. Oh I have purposefully left the time period vague and whether China is now Communist or not.



                       BRENDA STARR: OCEAN BOUND

       The stunning redhead sat at her desk fuming. Her mile long legs stretched out making her black skirt slip up revealing a lot of her muscular thigh than she realized and just a hint of the garter belt holding up her silk stocking. The ivory silk blouse she was wearing was unbuttoned just enough to show off her more than ample cleavage.  Brendas famous red hair hung around her beautiful face in an ocean of curls.  More than one of the reporters in the Chicago Tribune newsroom was giving the ace reporter a lecherous leer. 

Chip the cub reporter, all of eighteen with a buzz cut, jeans, shirt and checkered vest that shouted geek was standing behind her like a lovesick puppy. From this vantage point he could see right down into blouse. He shoved his hands into his pockets to hide his major hard on.

       “Aw come on Miss Starr.” Chip said, “Its not your fault he got away.”

       “I know but it is so frustrating to see him get away.” Brenda said as she sat up and pushed back her long hair. “James Van Gelder is The Cat!”

       “I believe you.” Chip said as he stepped back and around to get a better look at her bosom. “But you got no proof that this guy is the infamous cat burglar. The Cat has robbed every one with bucks in this town.”

       “Yes, but I think I have an idea where he will strike next.”

       “Nowhere. He left town.”

       “What!” Brenda gasped and jumped to her feet. “Left town! When!”

       “What kind of reporter are you.” Chip laughed as he leered over firm round ass. “He left town two days ago. Hes in Marina Del Rey, California. He bought a huge sailboat and is planning to sail around the world or something.”

       “Big boat…mmm. I will bet my last dollar his ill gotten gains are on that boat.”

       “I think its called a ship…maybe it is boat.”

       “No time for a grammar lesson.” Brenda said as she grabbed her purse and headed for the door. “Ive got a plane to catch!”

       “Where you going?” Chip asked as she watched the shapely reporter waltz out the room.

       “Sunny California!”

       “Shouldnt you tell the chief?”

       “No time and dont let him hear call him chief!” Brenda said as she stopped and turned. “Chip, you better stop staring at my bottom and breasts, you little pervert or Ill get the chief to fire your ass!”

       Chip gulped as she walked out and then slumped into Brendas chair. One the older reporters walked up and patted his shoulder.

       “Dont worry about it, kid, we all have been checking out her ass and tits including the chief. Hey, didnt you just come into some bucks?”

       “Yeah, yeah, my aunt died and left me at least a couple of million.”

       “A couple of mill? And you aint buying us dinner and drinks?”

       Chip looked up at the smiling reporter and grinned back.

       “Well I cant drink but that shouldnt stop you guys.”

       “Thats the ticket! Come I know a bartender who will slip you a beer. A couple of mill. Damn!”


Brenda was quickly packing one suitcase when she spotted a scribbled note on sitting by the phone. She picked it up and tried to make the sloppy writing.


Chips aunts died.  Police rolled it acceptable death.

                    Check with…ousekepr and grder..

There were a few more words but the shapely redhead couldnt make them out.

“I forgot all about this when I started on The Cat story.” Brenda said as she crumbled the note ands tossed into the waste can. “Desperate for story and too much wine. Chip doesnt have the guts to murder someone.”

Brenda flipped her suitcase close and headed for the door not noticing the note had missed the can.




       The shapely redhead was standing on the patio of the hotel room she rented. She had to lean over the railing and use binoculars to scan the Marina. She smiled when she spotted her man walking toward a sailboat.  The young reporter followed him with the glasses until she came to rather impressive sailboat. She trained her binoculars on the aft of the boat.

“The Wicked Ways.” Brenda said as she read the name of the boat. “How droll.”

Brenda turned away from the window and walked back into the room. She tossed down the binoculars on the bed and grabbed the phone. She dialed and listened to the rings.

“Brenda Starrs desk.”

“Chip, Brenda here.”

“Miss Starr. The chief is really mad. You better get back here.”

“Cant. I found my man.”

“You found The Cat?”

“I need you to let the boss know.”

“Ill tell him but he is not real happy with me right now. I just gave my notice.”

“You quit?”

“Yeah, turns out I inherited more money than I thought. Even got a huge house out in California. Some town called Beverly Hills and beach house….”

“Chip! Just give him the message before you go.”

“Okay. Where are you?”

“Got to run.” Brenda smiled as she hung up and headed for the door but stopped. “Chip inherited a big pile of money. God takes care of the stupid…or does he?”

The shapely redhead stood for a second, shook her head and grabbed the doorknob.  

A short time later Brenda was standing under a palm tree watching the boat. She was so focused on her prey that she did noticed the men slowing down to give the redhead a long look.  The baby blue dress hugged her voluptuous body lie a glove. The buttons on down the front looked like they might burst at anytime. Brendas long red hair was stuffed into a wide brimmed hat and large sunglasses covered her eyes. She tapped the toe of her blue stiletto heel as she studied the large sailboat. It was not only new but obviously expensive.  It certainly was capable to sail around the world. Brenda knew something about sailboats thanks to her dad.

For the last hour she had watched James Van Gelder work on his boat.

He was an older man but still quite handsome. It took her a moment but she realized her looked like the actor David Niven. Not as handsome but he had that sophisticated air about him. He was even wearing the white slacks and blue blazer.

“I know youre hiding something on the boat.” Brenda said to herself as she debated her next move when her quarry jumped off the body and walk off. She watched him climb into his Jaguar.  She pondered her options and decided this was her chance. Brenda wandered down toward the boats, casually looking around as she did.  Brenda sauntered up to James boat and glanced around. Then climbed on board like she belonged there. The shapely redhead climbed down into the hull, pulled on the door and smirked. She pulled out her lock picks and worked the lock like a pro.  “Sweet.”

Brenda climbed down into the hull and gasped at the rich interior. The walls and furnishing were all dark wood with white trim. Her high heel sunk into the plush carpeting. All the brass shone as did the glasses hanging over the wet bar.

“Welcome to the good life.” Brenda said as she moved down the short hall noting there were two small cabins and one master cabin. She stepped into the huge cabin with round walls of the small redwood. There was a large bed built into the far wall. She glanced at the dressers and cupboards also built into the walls.  The shapely woman wandered around the room, searching it with her eyes. Her eyes stopped at the base of the bed. There was a secret drawer that was not completely closed. She knelt down and pulled it open.  Brenda smiled at the stacks of money and piles of gems filling the drawer. “Got you!”

The beautiful reporter stood up and smiled to herself as she debated her options. As she was doing this someone grabbed her from behind, pulling her arms back and pressing a foul smelling cloth into her face.

“MMMMPHHH!” Brenda screamed into the drug soaked rag as she struggled to get free. She pulled and twisted but the more she struggled the weaker she got. The young beauty made on last effort to escape before she slumped into darkness.

Brenda woke up to find herself bound and gagged in the main cabin. Her hands were pulled over her head and tied to ceiling beam with white cord.  The same white cord was wrapped around her ankles binding them to brass rings mounted in the floor. A cloth with a large knot was jammed into her mouth ensuring that she could only give off muffled grunts. The shapely beautys head clear and she realized where she was and began to struggle. The helpless reporter pulled and twisted but the ropes held her in place. She could hear voices outside and screamed for help. The bound beauty sobbed when she heard the people outside laugh.

A few minutes later she heard them move into the main cabin and more laughter.

“MMMPHHHH!” Brenda screamed through the knot but only heard people talking and laughing mixed with the sounds of wine being open and the clicking of glasses. The helpless reporter sobbed and moaned as the party got started. Brenda struggled to get free as she listened to the people outside. Finally she slumped down and let the ropes hold her up. The miserable beauty just hung there and listened to the people talk and laugh, as the room got darker.  She was standing in compete darkness when the door opened and James stepped in.

James wandered around the room taking in the bound beauty stopping to cup her tits and gave them a good squeeze.

“AUGH!” Brenda grunted as when she felt his hands on her breasts. She blinked in shock that a man was feeling her up. The bound beauty tried to pull back but the ropes held her in place.

“Relax, my dear.” James said as she moved behind her and grabbed her ass with both hands. He squeezed it as he whispered into her ear. “I thought I left you and your big tits back in Chicago. I have to be honest I have lusted for you from afar. Now here you are.”

“MMPHHH!” Brenda sobbed as his fingers squeezed her butt. She whimpered as the hands roamed over her body, rubbing and fondling it. They stopped at her breasts and fondled them.

“I am set sail tomorrow for China.” James whispered in her ear as he licked it. “I was going to sail alone but it seems fate has brought us together…I do hope you enjoy the feel of ropes.”

“MMPHHHH!” Brenda moaned as her tits were played while a wet tongue licked her ear and neck. She whimpered when he moved in front of her and slowly unbuttoned her dress.

The older man undid her last button and pulled the dress apart. He sucked in his breath at the sight of the full rich body barely covered by her blue bra, lacy panties and garter belts holding up blue silk stockings. He reached into his pocket and took out a small jackknife. He clicked it open and sliced off the dress, letting it drop drown around her ankles.

“NAAAA!” Brenda sobbed as his hand cupped her breasts and squeezed them.

“Amazing body.” He said as he gave the tits a good feel.  He ran his hands down her flat stomach and moved around her waist. James smiled as he groped her ass he looked right into her face. 

“STAAPT!” The bound reporter sobbed as he ran kissed her face and neck. She whimpered as he rolled his tongue over the gagged mouth, squirming as his finger dug into her ass.

“It is too late to stop, my dear.” James said as he ran his hands over her body, fondling while he kissed her face over and over. He pulled out his knife and cut off her bra and panties leaving only her garter belts and blue stockings to cover her rich young body. The old man took moment to savor her large round breasts with red nipples that pointed right up. The fire red curls on her crotch. He reached up and yanked off her hat letting her long curls fall around her face and shoulders reaching down the small of her back.

“NAAAAAAAA!” Brenda moaned as her captors eyes leered over her naked form. She could see the lust in his eyes and then sobbed as James undressed, carefully folding his clothes over a chair.  The helpless beauty gulped at the first cock she had seen. She wondered if all men were this big. Brenda was sure the huge long pole would rip her body up.  She gasped as a mans hands grabbed her naked boobs for the first time. She pulled and yanked but there was no escaping strong fingers kneaded and pinched her tits. The bound reporter gave off a squeal when he began to suck and chew on one of her nipples.

       “Mmmmm!”  James sighed as he slurped on her soft flesh while mashing her tits around. He pushed and pulled them around like a child would play with clay. The man now lost in his own lust sucked and chewed on one tit and moved to the other. Soon he lust over came him and he running his mouth over the twin mounds as he slurped on them.

       “AUGHHHHH!” Brenda wailed as her boobs were roughly played with. She could feel them swelling and throbbing from the talented foreplay. The bound beauty could feel his hard cock rubbing against her body as he pressed against. Brenda couldnt believe she was about to lose her virginity to old man while bound and gagged on a sailboat. She squealed in shock and horror when one of his hands cupped her pussy. “NAAAAA!”

       “Relax my dear.” He laughed as he rolled his tongue up her chest and planted several kisses on her neck. He began to suck on her throat as he rubbed his fingers over her soft curls. James smiled to himself when he felt her twat began to get wet.

       “NA! NA!” Brenda begged through her gag when she felt her pussy begin to get hot and wet. She had never felt anything like this before. Her eyes popped open and she squealed as he worked two fingers into her twat. “AHGADNAAAAA!”

       “Oh you tease.” James whispered into her are as he rolled his fingers around her increasing wet pussy. He licked the side of her face as he probed her body. “Running around in those sexy outfits and never sharing the pleasures of your body. Oh my little tease, I will teach you how to please a man and not tease him.”

       Poor Brenda rolled her head around and moaned as the finger made her pussy begin to burn and throb. The mouth now sucking on her tit only added to the fire. She knew only thing would put out the fire in her young body.

       “Time to make you a real woman, my dear.” James panted as he pulled out his fingers and ran both hands down to her ass. He cupped her ass, gave it a couple squeezes before gripping it tightly. He kissed on her gagged lips as he looked into her eyes. Then The Cat thrust his cock into her pussy with one hard push. He smiled at the mixed look of horror and delight in her green eyes.

       “AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Brenda screamed as she lost her virginity to this cad. In one quick moment he had popped her cherry and taken the prize so many had tried to get with expensive dinners and gifts and hundreds of flowers. All had failed now this cat burglar had stolen it like he had stolen so many other things. The helpless heroine leaned her head back and sobbed as the long hard pole began to pump in and out her untried pussy. It hurt like hell….at first but the pain began to fade. Brenda moaned as the cock began to give her unexpected pleasure.

       “Oh yes, my dear, you are a prize.” James grunted as he fucked is cock into her tight pussy while he held her ass with both hands. He fondled the tender flesh as he pounded his cock deep into her pussy loving the sounds of her grunts and sobs. “I will show you how to use this amazing body to give pleasure…yes, you shall learn many things from me.”

       “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Brenda grunted as the cock pumped in and out her body with long hard strokes. Each time made her gasp in delight as the pole stroked her twat like she could never imagined. The hands fondling her ass only increased her pleasure. The bound beauty thought she would die when he began to suck on her tits. She was unable to stop herself from rubbing her boobs into his face.

       James grunted and moaned as he drove the cock into her pussy over and over as he slurped on her jingling melons of soft flesh. He squeezed her butt with both hands as he pulled into against his body, making his cock go even deeper into her pussy.

       “AIIIIIIIIIIII!” The helpless redhead squealed as a wave of unbelievable pleasure swept through her body making it shiver clear down to her toes. It took a second for Brenda to realize she just had her first orgasm. The bound beauty cursed her weakness and tried to calm her body down but it was like spitting on fire. Brenda leaned her head back and screamed as the bastard made her come again.

       “See my dear, I have freed the whore inside of you!” James laughed as he continued to fuck her with increasing lust. He hungrily sucked and chewed her boobs as he pounded his spike in and out. The old thief buried his cock in her tight hole and shot his wad. “OH YES! OH YESSSSSSSS!

       “AWGAWDDDDDDD!” Brenda wailed as she had even more powerful orgasm. This one shook her whole body. She couldnt stop herself from whipping her long hair around as the climax gave her sheer ecstasy.  Finally the ravished beauty slumped, panting and gasping for air. She suddenly felt a chill and realized her body was coated with sweat. The bound beauty let the ropes hold her up as she tried to glare at the man who had just raped her. Then she whimpered when she saw the cock was still hard and coming back for a second time. “NAAAA!”

       James wrapped his arms around her body as he pushed his cock back into her well-fucked pussy. He grabbed a fistful of her thick mane and pulled back her head, forcing her to look into his face as he began to fuck her again.

       “AUGHHHHHHH!” Brenda squealed as she came at one. She sobbed and whimpered as she stared into the smiling face of her rapist. The bound beauty feebly tugged at her bonds but could already feel another orgasm coming. 

       James came quickly and stepped back laughing.

       “Why dont you hang out here for a while.” James said, “I need a shower and since we are sailing off together I think I need to pick up some things for our trip.”

       “NAAA!” Brenda weakly moaned as her rapist patted her ass and walked into the bathroom. She heard the shower start and began to pull and twist at the ropes but her struggling only seemed to make them tighter. The helpless reporter could only hang there while he showered. He came out dressed and then picked up a small bottle and white cloth.

       “I think you need to lie down for a while.” James said as he poured something from the bottle into the cloth. He smiled as he came up and pushed the foul smelling cloth.

       “MMMPHHHH!” Brenda sobbed as she was forced to suck in the chloroform. Her eyes fluttered and the darkness took her.

       James reached up and untied her hands and let her drop into his arms.

       “MPH!” Brenda groaned as she came to and found herself spread eagle across the bed. Her hands and feet were bound to the corners of the bed. Something was stuffed into her mouth. Tape plastered over hers kept her lips shut. The bound beauty found not only was she naked but she smelled of lavender. She realized that she had been bathed and shampooed while she was out. The helpless heroine once again began to struggle but after a few feeble tugs she slumped back on the bed and waited.


       After what seemed hours James came in carried several bags. Brenda saw the logo on the bags was for LOVE BOUND SHOP.  The bound beauty whimpered as he dropped the bags and began to undress.

       “I bought you some things to wear and some toys for us to play with.” James said, “But that is for tomorrow…tonight we will just have some more straight fucking. Lay back and enjoy, baby.”

       “AUGHHHH!” Brenda sobbed as the naked man climbed onto the bed and lay across her soft body. She whimpered as he started to kiss her face and fondle her boobs.  The bound beauty arched up and squealed as his cock pushed into pussy. “AUGHHHHH!”

       James kissed and licked her face as mashed her tits, thrusting his cock into her over and over.

“UGH! UGH! UGH!” The bound beauty grunted as the cock plowed into her body again.

Two long rapes later, the ravished reporter lay on the bed with her rapist sleeping on top of her. She whimpered and sobbed knowing this was just the start of a long voyage.

Early the next morning Brenda was still bound the bed. James had untied her hands long enough for her eat a breakfast of orange juice, a bagel and strawberries. After this she was retied and she was could only lie there as James got the boat ready to sail.  Brenda whimpered when heard the engine started and the boat began to move.  Stuck with the fear of being a helpless captive on a slow boat to parts unknown, Brenda began frantically yank and pull at the ropes. She screamed and sobbed as the boat sped up.

It was a long time before James came down into the cabin and looked through some of the bags. He pulled out some handcuffs, a black leather collar with spikes and a chain leash.  The Cat came over to the bed and jingled the cuffs over her face.

“I am going untie you and handcuff your hands in front of you.  You can take off the gag, scream if you want. Then you will go into the bathroom and clean up. Be a good girl or I will spank. Nod if you are going to be good.”

Brenda glumly nodded and just lay there as he untied her hands and handcuffed them together. She watched James step back from the bed and waited.

“Untie your legs.” James said as he folded his arms. “I should mention that I studied Karate.”

“OW!” Brenda cried as she ripped off the tape and spit out the wad of cloth. She glared at the man as she fumbled with the knots binding her ankles. “So what is the plan? Keep me on board as you sex slave?”

“Thats the idea. At least until I get to China then I will turn you loose. How you get home is your problem.”

“So I be a good girl, let you rape me until we get to China and you let me go.”

“Thats plan.”

“Good plan.” Brenda snapped as she got her legs untied and rolled off the bed. “If you dont mind I need a shower to wash you off my skin!”

James laughed as she stomped into the bathroom.

Brenda stepped into the shower and turned on the water. The shapely redhead moved under the hot water and let it wash over her body.  She slowly began to wash her aching body as she plotted her next move. Brenda took her time in the shower as she worked out her plan. She turned off the water and climbed out the shower.  The reporter dried off and found spray on deodorant. She sprayed under her arms and walked out.

“Got you!” James said as he grabbed by the elbow and flipped her over his hips. He laughed as he saw the spray can drop out of her hand. He got her face down, pulled her hands over her head. He unlocked one cuff and pulled her hands back.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Brenda screamed as her hands were locked behind her back. She fumed as her put the collar around her neck and snapped on the leash. “Bastard! Ow!”

James gave her a good swat on the ass and laughed as he tugged on the leash. He kept swatting her ass as he forced up on deck.

“OW! OKAY!” Brenda squealed as she trotted up the stairs. “I MOVING! OW! OW!”

The bound reporter came out onto the deck and gasped when all she saw no sight of land. There was nothing but water as far as the eye could see. She stopped and scanned the horizon but a swat on her ass and a tug on the ass made her stumble forward. The bound beauty walked to the back of the boat and moved in front of the large round steel wheel

“Against the wheel.” James snapped as he swatted her ass.

Brenda muttered a curse as she pressed herself back against the cold metal. She gritted her teeth as her captor wrapped the leash around the wheel.  The helpless heroine could only stand there as he unlocked her hands and used some rope to bind her wrists to the wheel.  Brenda grunted as her legs were bent back and tied her knees. The reporter found herself hanging on the wheel with her legs spread wide.

“Now I can take you for a spin.” James laughed as he spun the wheel around.

“AUGHHHHHHH!” Brenda screamed as she twirled around and around.  She moaned as her head began to get dizzy.  The wheel stopped spinning and she found herself upside down.  The bound beauty moaned but the cock pushing into her mouth cut it off. “UGH!”

“Ahh.” James sighed as he pushed his cock deep into her mouth and held it there as he began to lick her the red curls on her twat.

“MMMMPH!” Brenda gasped as she choked on the pole filling her throat.  She struggled and squirmed as the mouth began to make her pussy hot and wet. The bound beauty couldnt stop herself from sucking on the cock as her body became more aroused.

“MMMMM!” James moaned as the hot wet mouth slurred on his cock. He ran his tongue over the pussy as he began to pump his cock in and out her mouth. Slowly at first but he was soon thrusting his cock with heated lust.

“UGH! UGH! UGH!” Brenda sobbed as her mouth was fucked. The pole rammed into her throat and out again. She sighed in unwanted pleasure as the pussy licking made her hornier and hornier.  The ravished beauty couldnt stop herself rolling her tongue around the shaft and she slurped on it.

“Thats a good little slut!” James gasped as he pumped his cock in and out her mouth as he lapped up her sweet juices. “Ill make you into a full class whore in no time. Have your first taste of cum bitch!”  

“MPHHHHHH!” Brenda sobbed as the sweet seed filled her mouth and down her throat. Some of the white stuffed dibbled out her lips and down into her eyes and hair.

James untied her legs and spun her around. While she was still dazed he untied her from the wheel and forced her over to the main mast. He pulled her hands over her hand and bound them to the pole. He then tied to lengths of rope to her elbows and then pulled one of her ankles. He tied her foot to the end of the rope. Her leg followed.

“”Oh God let me down!” Brenda sobbed as she found herself bound to the pole with her legs spread out and pulled up. “Please let me down!”

James patted her cheek and went down into the cabin. He grabbed a few things from his bags and came back up.

“James, please untie me!” Brenda moaned as she watched walk back up w with some things in hand. “Ill be good, really…MPHHH!”

The ring gag being pushed into her mouth cut off the bound redheads cries. She whimpered as he bound it around her head. Then she yelped when he clipped some nipple clamps with three chains onto her tits and then tugged on the chains. The helpless reporter could do nothing but suck on his tongue when her captor as it pushed into her open mouth while he tugged on her tits. She gave off a muffled scream when he thrust his cock into her pussy.

“UGH! UGH! UGH!” Brenda sobbed as she was fucked. As the cock plowed into her body over and over, she knew this was just the start of a very long ocean voyage.

James fucked two more times and then went back to the wheel. He spent the rest of the day steering the ship as he watched his bound captive struggle and whimper.

Brenda was right over the next several weeks she was tied and gagged in numerous ways and fucked over and over. She forced to suck and kiss him on command.

Which what she was doing now.

The bound redhead was on her knees, her hands handcuffed behind her back as she sucked on James cock as she steered his boat into a Chinese harbor. She could hear the sounds of the harbor as she pumped the cock in and out her mouth. The ravished and defeated beauty thought this was the end of her torment and forced slavery.


A few hours later the famous reporter found herself standing in a small back room being leered over by three Chinese men. The shapely blonde was wearing a black negligee that barely covered her ass and left a good position of her tits bared. Black fishnet stockings and high heels completed her outfit. Her washed and brushed hair fell around her face and shoulders in an ocean of fire red curls. The heavy make-up and red lipstick made her look cheap slutty.  Leather straps wrapped around her elbows and wrists came her hands bound behind her back and ring gag kept her mouth open wide. James stood behind her holding the leash attached to her collar.

Brenda could only stand there as the skinny China man dressed in a yellow suit with black pinstripes and bowler hat to match walked up and rubbed his hands together. Two much larger Chinese men stood by the door dressed in ill fitting suits watched their boss inspect the bound beauty.

The young reporter had no idea what James had planned for her when he forced her to clean up, then dress like a common whore and brought her to this place until the skinny guy had shown up.  She had screamed through her gag and struggled until James had swatted her ass a few times. Now she wretchedly stood there, as her possible buyer who she suspected was a pimp check out his new whore.

Wang ran one of the better waterfront whorehouses, which wasnt saying much. He had taken a small fleabag hotel and rundown warehouse and converted them into a combination strip club, bar and whorehouse. The warehouse was the strip club where the whores would work, getting the clients to buy overpriced watered down drinks and then get them into one of the rooms of the hotel that was now connected to the warehouse by a short hall.

The shinny man walked around the redhead, he had already decided to buy this prize. A white whore with red hair and huge tits would not only make him a fortune but would be fun to fuck on his own. He cupped her firm ass and pussy.

“UGH!” Brenda grunted as his fingers probed her pussy.

“Pity, she not cherry.” Wang said as his hands moved to her body, ripped the slip garment freeing her tits and grabbed them. “Very nice….good mouth too. Big and wide…can take big cocks.

“UGHH!” Brenda grunted as he pushed his dirty fingers into her mouth and rolled them around.

Wang stepped back and studied the bound beauty as if he was debating.

Brenda whimpered at the prospect of being sold into prostitution. She was well aware once put to work in a Chinese whorehouse there would be little chance of escape. The shapely beauty would most likely spend the rest of her life sucking and fucking for this disgusting little man.

“I dont know.” Wang said, “The price is a little high.”

“Get off it Wang.” James said, “Im giving you a real deal. I can take her to Chang or Po and get twice as much. She would fit right into their high class establishments.”

“Then why not go to them?” Wang said as he tweaked Brendas tits.

“I dont want this snotty bitch sucking and fucking high class clients.  He might enjoy whoring rich clients. Might even find herself a rich husband. No, I want the great Brenda Starr fucking and sucking smelly fisherman, nasty sailors and other scum all for what she would spend on a pair of stockings.”

“So I would be doing you a favor….but she is so very nice…Done!”

“NA!” Brenda sobbed as Wang pulled out a wad of bills and peeled off several bills and handed them to James. She couldnt believe that James had not only sold her to a Chinese pimp for a bargain price.

“Have a nice fucking life, Brenda.” James laughed as he took the money and tossed Wang the leash. He gave her ass a pat and walked out leaving her with her new owner.

“Come woman!” Wang snapped as he yanked on her leash pulling her toward the door. “I need to have you working by tonight. We need to give you a name…Brenda is not slutty enough!”

Poor Brenda stumbled after her new pimp out the old shed and soon found herself in the back of a very old and rusted Rolls Royce. She gasped as Wang grabbed her tits and mashed them around.

“These will fat tits will make back your price in one night.” Wang laughed ass he worked her tits with both hands. “I would have paid double for you. These are wonderful.”

“UGHHHH!” Brenda sobbed as the pimp began to bite and suck her tits with heated lust. She rolled her head around as her boobs were roughly played with. Through tear filled eyes she caught glimpses of the city that was her new home. She yelped as Wang chewed on her nipple.  She could only squirm and sobbed as the pimp played with her boobs making them ache and throb. It was humiliating to feel them swell and harden.

Wang sucked and fondled the tits as he yanked open his pants and freed his hard cock. He glanced down and smiled.

“Suck me whore!” Wang snarled as he took off her gag and forced her face into his lap.

“OHGODNOOOO!” Brenda sobbed as her face was rubbed around his smell crotch. His cock and balls rolling around her nose mouth. Then she yelped as the vile little man began to spank her ass. “OW! OW!”

“You must learn to obey!” Wang said as he spanked her ass with his open hand. “You are a whore now! My whore! My whores dont say no! They say yes sir! They say how much you got sailor! Wanna a blowjob? Thats twenty bucks, mister! Ass fucking extra!”

“OW! OW!” Brenda sobbed as her butt was paddled. She tried to roll away but the skinny man was stronger than he looked. “OW! OKAY! OKAY!”

“What do whores say?” Wang laughed as he spanked her ass.


“You gonna be a good whore!”


“Good, now get to work whore!” Wang snapped as he leaned back in the seat.

“Yes, sir.” Brenda sobbed as she began to lick and kiss the cock. The bound redhead remembered what James had taught her as she ran her tongue up and down on the pole, giving quick kisses as she did. She worked down to his balls and gave them a good licking. Then she lapped her tongue around the cock coating with her spit. Then with resentful sigh she spread her lips into a wide oval and began to swallow the cock. She gulped down the shaft she rolled her tongue around it.

“Ah good, you suck cock good.” Wang sighed, as she wanted the white woman pushed his lips down his cock. He groaned as she got his whole cock into her mouth and slurred on it. “You will find a whore must give great head…it what most clients want and ass fuckings.”

Brenda whimpered at the thought of someone raping her in the butt. James had never done it. Now it seemed she would be getting fucked in the ass on a regular basis. As she thought about this the helpless heroine began pump his mouth up and down the pole with low grunts.

“Good, good.” Wang said as he watched her head bob up and down in his lap while her wet mouth slurped on his cock. He ran his hand down her back and began to finger her ass.

“AUG!” Brenda squealed as his finger probed her but hole but she kept sucking on the cock. She twirled her tongue around it as she worked the cock deep into her mouth, forcing it into her throat. She would hold there for a second and then pull back.  The bound beauty could tell the cock had swollen in size and was about to pop. She gave the cock a few good sucks and pulled back to the tip when she heard Wang groan. Brenda spread her lips and let the cum spray into her mouth. She used her tongue to lap it in.

“AHHHHH!” Wang grunted as he emptied her cock into her mouth and face.

         After the flow stopped, Brenda licked the remaining cum off the cock and around her lips. Then she glumly sat up. She sobbed as Wang pulled her close to her and began to grope her tits. He began to kiss her his mouth stinking of tobacco, cheap booze and something rancid smell that she didnt recognized.

       “You gonna make me very happy, slut.” Wang said as between full tongue kisses, “You gonna fuck and suck me and you gonna whore yourself out every day.”

       The bound beauty could only sit there and let the nasty pimp used her, kissing her full on the mouth while his hands mashed her tits around.  After what seemed a decade the car stopped and Wang pulled her out the car. Brenda blinked at the site before her. They were close to the waterfront, standing in what was once a warehouse but now had neon lights blinking the words “ GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!” There was line of customers made of what Chinese workers, fisherman, some businessmen and sailors of several different uniforms. Beside the stripe club was three-story hotel that had seem better days. She noticed all the windows were barred and there several large guards carrying long heavy sticks wandering around.

       “Come whore!” Wang snapped as he pulled Brenda along by her leash toward a back door.

       “Hey Wang!” a sailor called out, “Is that a new whore? Ill pay double for her!”

       “Count me in two, Wang!” Another laughter.

       “God, look at those tits!”

       “Look that ass, sweetheart. I am gonna get a piece of that!”

       The Chinese men were making comments too but Brenda could understand them but by the sound of their laughter they were just as crude as the sailors.

       “I need to break her in a little, boys!” Wang laughed as he stopped and turned Brenda toward the line. He cupped her tits and fondled them. “But she will be ready in a hour or two….as you can see she is worth the wait.”

       “God save me!” Brenda sobbed as she forced to stay there while her pimp played her tits and ran his tongue up and down her face.

       Wang twisted her head around and kissed her full tongue. Brenda sobbed as she sucked on the disgusting mouth again while the men watching laughed and hooted. He laughed and pulled her to the back door. They came into a large area where a dozens of girls most of them Chinese, there few were black and small number of white girls. They were all dressed in different costumes, sailors, nurses, schoolgirls and other male fantasies. Under the costumes they all wore sexy lingerie. Brenda could hear music and laughter coming from behind a black curtain. 

       Suddenly a young Chinese woman came through a black curtain wearing only garter belts, stockings and high heels. There was money stuffed into the garter belt and she was holding more money in her hands. The girl walked over to an older man sitting at desk and dropped the money on it.  The money in her garter belt followed.

       “Apparently the girls keep nothing.” Brenda thought as she watched the girl walk toward another door that led out to the audience.

       “I got a double with two sailors.” The hooker said the old man as she walked out.

       “Make it fast.” The old man snapped. “We got a full house.

       The girl ignored him as she walked out.

       “As you can see, my whores work very hard.” Wang hissed in her ear as he moved Brenda toward a staircase in back. Some of the girls glanced at the new whore but most just went about their business.

       Wang forced Brenda up the stairs and into a rather seedy looking office. There was old desk and chair along with a beat up leather sofa and overstuffed chairs. She was moved through the off through another door. They came into a small bedroom with an old brass frame bed and dresser. 

       Brenda gasped as she was shoved onto the bed and watched Wang begin to undress. She looked around but there was only one door and the one window had bars.

       “There is no escape Red Rose.” Wang laughed as he dropped his pants. “Thats your name. You may as well accept your fate.”

“GOD NO!” Brenda sobbed as Wang pushed her back on the bed and flipped her over. She screamed as the vile man rubbed her firm round ass. PLEASE NOT THAT!”

       “So you have a cherry ass.” Wang said as he fondled her cheeks. “Even better nothing shows a bitch that she is truly a whore by a long ass fucking. It will be better if you relax.”

       “GODNOOOOOO!” Brenda wailed as she felt his hands spread her ass and begin to push his cock into it. “NO! NO! NO! OHGAWDNAAAA! OHAIIIIIIIII!”

       “God you are tight!” Wang panted as he forced his cock into her hole inch by inch. He grabbed onto her hips and pulled Brenda up onto knees, which pushed his cock into up to balls.

       “AIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Brenda squealed as her virgin ass was fucked for the first time. Huge tears spilled down her cheeks as she howled in shock and horror as the cock began to pump in and out of her ass. “UAH! AUGH! UAHHHH!”

       “There we go!” Wang said as her ass loosen up and his cock began to move in and out with more ease but the hole still squeezing like a vice. He held on her slender hips as he pounded her ass with increasing lust.

       “OH GOD! OH GOD STOPPPP!” Brenda sobbed as her ass was reamed up. She was horrified to find the pain fading and was replaced with pleasure as her butt hole began to accept the cock. The bound beauty screamed into the mattress as the fucking when on and on. She prayed for the bastard to come. “UGHHH! UGHHH! OH GAWDDDDD! PLEASEEEEEEAWWWWWW!”

       Wang happily fucked his new whore with wild abandon.  He was almost sorry he would have to share this slut with his clients but his greed was greater than his lust. Besides she would come to his bed every night after she finished her long night of whoring. He closed his eyes and began to thrust his pole in with even harder strokes.

       “AUGH! UGH! UGHHHHHH!” Brenda sobbed and wailed as the ass fucking went on. Suddenly she screamed into the sheets as an unexpected orgasm rocked her body. She blinked away the tears of humiliation as the cock kept pounding her throbbing ass.

       “OHYESSSSSSS!” Wang howled as he filled her cock with cum.

       “AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” Brenda wailed as the hot seed made her come. She panted and sobbed as the cock left her butt. But then she was rolled over and Wang lay across her body. She moaned as he began to suck on her tits as he pushed his cock into her pussy. The bound beauty arched up and squealed in unexpected delight.

       Brenda spent a long hour with Wang getting her ass fuck two more times, sucking him off three. After he was done with her the ravished beauty was taken across the hall to another small bedroom. The bodyguards untied her hands and shoved her onto a small bed. The ravished beauty looked up and whimpered as the two huge men began to undress. “OH GOD NOOOOO!”

       The two men forced Brenda onto her hands and knees between them. One pushed his cock into her mouth while the other took her pussy. The helpless beauty began to suck his cock with being told while moving her pussy with the cock pounding her ass. The redhead serviced the two men for another hour. Then the old man came in and she sucked off his cock twice and let had to full tongue kiss him over and over while he played with her tits.

       After all this Brenda was given a shower and dressed in a red negligee, stocking and heels. She was shown how to put on the heavy make worn by a couple of whores and brought to Wang who was sitting behind his desk with a smug grin.

       “Now Red Rose, are you going to be a problem?” He asked with an evil smile, “I have other methods of training which are less pleasant.”

       “No, I wont.” Brenda whimpered.

       “Thats no Boss. From now on I am the boss and you are the whore.”

       “Yes, boss, I understand boss.”

       “Good, I have decided you gonna only wear red from now on since you are now Red Rose.”

       “Anything you want boss.”

       “Now you gonna fuck and suck whoever comes to your room.”

       “Yes, boss.” Brenda whimpered as she looked down at her red shoes.

       “Now some places rent out there whores by the hour. Not here. It does happen from time from time but the guy has to put down some big bucks to tie up my whore for an hour. It would be major bucks in your case. Here they pay for the sex act. Blowjob, straight fucking, ass fucking are standard. Spanking, bondage and kinky stuff is extra. But dont worry I dont want you beat up so you will be doing mostly straight sex. What this means the johns are going to go through your room pretty fast. The goal is john every ten minutes so thats six guys an hour. More if you can. So fuck and suck fast. Got it.”

       “Yes, boss.” Brenda sobbed trying to comprehend she was expected to service six guys an hour.

       “Good news you dont have to strip.” He laughed, “I already got a list, a long list waiting for Red Rose. When you done with the assholes you come back here. I am going need some of that sweet loving later.”

       “Yes, boss.” Brenda sighed realizing her pimp expected her to fuck and suck him after she had down God knows how many guys tonight.

       “Take to her room.”

       Brenda followed a big man out the office and down a hallway that led to the hotel. She walked past several rooms and heard the moans and groans of fucking and sucking. They came to a room and the man motioned her in. She stepped into a tiny room with a double bed cramped into it. There was a small sink mounted on the wall. A large spray bottle of pink liquid sat on the sink. There was a shelf with several sheets on it.

       “Try to wash down after each client and spray yourself and the clients with the perfume.” The man said, “It helps. Change the sheets when you can. Just toss them out the door. Ill take care of them.”

       “Yes, boss.” Brenda said as she wandered over to the sink and sniffed the bottle of incredibly strong perfume.

       “No, I am Chan. There is only one boss.”

       “Right, Chan…will I be fucking you too?”

       “Later baby after the johns and before you go back to Wang.”

       “When do I sleep?”

       “When you can…usually during the day. No much business during the day but when word gets out about you.”

       “I am going to be very busy.”

       “Not many hot looking redheads with a body like yours around. You got two minutes to get ready.”

       Less than two minutes later a skinny Chinese man rushed in. He was only wearing a dirty undershirt and short, no shoes. The man was one of the ugly men Brenda had seen and he stank of fish. She suspected Wang had purposefully picked this vile man for her first client.

       “A blowjob and pussy fucking.” Chan said as he closed the door.

       Brenda reached for the bottle but the little creep grabbed her and threw her onto the bed and was on top of her before she realized. She gasped as he began to kiss her on the mouth while he played with her tits.  The man foul body odor was nothing compared to his breath. The young beauty was sure she was going to throw up as his putrid mouth sucked on his lips while his tongue wagged around in her mouth. Not wanting to hold the disgusting man, she grabbed on the headboard and closed her eyes.

       The small fisherman kissed her long and hard as he mauled her tits. He kissed and bit down her big boobs and began chew on them like a dog in heat. He forced her legs apart and pushed his cock into her pussy.

       “UH!” Brenda gasped with the realization that not all men had huge cocks. She turned her face from the stinking fisherman as he began to fuck her.  The new whore bit her lip and couldnt stop from thinking Wang and James was much bigger and better with their cock. She hear the man grunt and realized her had come. He rolled off her head and knelt up. The disappointed whore climbed onto her kneels and sucked her breath, not believing his cock could smell worst than his breath. The redhead had no choice, wrapped her fist around the cock and began to pump it into her mouth. Brenda almost laughed because she was able to get the whole cock into her mouth with no effort.

       The fisherman gasped and laughed as he watched the American whore suck on his cock. He licked his lips and sighed as he fell it swell.

       “MPH!”  Brenda grunted as she sucked down a mouthful of cum. She sat back and waited for him to leave but instead the man shoved her back. He rolled her over and grabbed her ass. “Hey you didnt pay for that! CHAN! CHAN!”

       The door crashed open and Chan charged in, grabbed the guy and literally threw him out the room. Hew nodded at Brenda and walked toward the door.

       “Ill kick the shit out him in front of the other clients.” Chan said, “Let them know there are no freebees.”

       “Thanks.” Brenda said as she got up and tried to wash off the stink and but ended up dousing herself with the perfume. She held onto the bottle as a fat short Chinese man walked in.

       “Blowjob.”  Chan said as he glared at the guy and closed the door.

       Brenda quickly sprayed the man, put down the bottle and motioned him to the bed. After he sat down, Brenda dropped to her knees and opened his pants.  But her shoved her back and began to play with her tits. He giggled as he pulled and mashed her tits around. The young beauty grimaced when her pinched and then chew her nipples. After five minutes he sat back and pointed to his cock with big grin. The once proud reporter was servicing her second cock as a whore in less than ten minutes. The ravishing redhead wrapped her lips around the cock and began to suck.  The new whore gulped and slurped on the cock while using her hand to pump it into her mouth. Like her first john he came quickly, stood up, bowed and left.

       Brenda got up, washed out her mouth, thinking the water tasted as bad as the cum. She turned when the door opened and a man who looked a hundred years old stepped in. He wore a long tattered black robe and licked his lips at the site of the redhead.

       “Titty fuck.” Chan said as he turned to leave, “I really taught that creep a lesson. You shouldnt have any more problems.”

“Thanks.” Brenda said as he watched the old man let his robe drop to the floor and then doused him with the perfume. She wasnt sure what a titty fuck was but had a good idea, went over to the bed and lay back on the bed.

The old man straddled her waist grabbed her tits and began to fondle them as he sucked on her tits. He pulled and twisted the huge boobs while lapping his tongue over them. After while he wrapped the two soft mounds around his cock and began to pump it back and forth.

Brenda just lay there as she watched the cock move in and out her boobs. She licked her lips and realized her pussy was really hot and wet. The redhead gulped when she realized fucking and sucking these disgusting men were turning her on. She had heard of woman being aroused by humiliation but not her.

The old man gasped and sprayed most of his cum into her face and then pushed his cock into her mouth.

Brenda took the cock and happily sucked on it before she could stop herself. She drank the cock dry and then licked it clean. The young reporter would have let the guy fuck her but he just got up, put on his robe, bowed and left. She got up washed her face but didnt gargle this time.

“Ass fuck and blowjob. Back to back.” Chan said as he showed in two large fat Chinese men who had to be twins.

“Good God.” Brenda gasped as she sprayed the two fat men who were undressing. She let the two men moved her on to the bed and was soon being crushed between them as they both kissed and fondles her soft body. They would take turns with tits by spinning her around. After several spins she was forced onto her knees. She squealed as cock pushed into her ass but a cock filling her mouth cut off her cry. The redhead found herself sucking on the cock as she thrust back against the pole in her butt. Brenda slurped on the cock with eager lust as she enjoyed the feel of the cock pounding her ass.

The two giant twins left her panting on the bed as they left. Brenda forced herself up, washed and sprayed. She turned and stared at the police officer standing in the doorway.

“Straight fuck.” Chan said and glared at the office. “Thats all. Your badge dont mean nothing here.”

The cop nodded and waited for Chan top leave and pulled Brenda up and shoved her against the wall.

“Spread them!” He ordered as he pulled her arms up and held them against the legs. “Do it!”

Brenda felt like she was being arrested as she assumed the standard position of suspect being patted down by a cop.

“Dont move, whore! Im in charge here!” He snarled as he began to pat down her soft body, giving her tits, ass and pussy a good feel. “Dont move whore! You under arrest! You going to get it now!”

Brenda heard him drop his pants and then gasped when his cock pushed into her pussy. She cried out as he began to pull and twist her tits as he began fuck her with quick hard strokes.

“Thats it whore! You being fucked by the law now! Yeah, the long cock of the law!”

“UGH! UGH! UGH!” Brenda grunted as the cock pounded into her body over and over. She squealed as the bastard made her come. The ravished whore closed her eyes and enjoyed the fucking.

So it when for the long, long night.

After the cop, she sucked and fucked a couple sailors and then a fisherman who fucked her doggie style while he yelled at her. Brenda suspected her was calling her vile names but by now really didnt care because she was lost in her own lust and depravity. Then there were more sailors, straight sex and blowjobs. A soldier who spanked her ass while he fucked it.  After a while it all became blur of fucking, sucking and numerous orgasms.

Finally Chan came in and told the exhausted whore she was almost done. He helped her down the hall into a small bathroom where she showered. After she cleaned up Chan took her to his room where she had to fuck and suck him for another hour.  Another shower and it was a totally defeated and drained Brenda who stumbled into Wangs room and dropped to her knees.

“You did good tonight, Red Rose.” Wang laughed sitting on his bed bare ass naked as he counted out a wad of money, “Make me lots of money. Once you get up to speed you will make me even more. You are wasting too much time.”

“Sorry boss, they all want to play with my tits and kiss me.”

“Hmp? Well, well just have to charge extra for that.” Wang said as he put the money into a metal box. “All get up here and get to work on my cock, whore.”
         “Yes, Boss.” Brenda whimpered as she forced herself up onto the bed.

This became Brendas life in the whorehouse fucking and sucking dozens and dozens of men a day. Most were fishermen who sank like pigs or sailors who smelled of sweat, booze and tobacco. The other whores got most of the day off but Brenda was so popular Wang had her working double shifts until she collapsed in sheer exhaustion. It was then the pimp realized two things he might be working his prize whore to death and she was starting to look pretty haggard. He started to give her descent meals and let her get enough sleep. He made up for the lost by doubling her rate.

Soon Brenda was doing overnights for local government and military leaders. Needless to say the once proud reporter became a shell of the woman she once was. She went through her days in a daze all the cocks blurred into one. It really didnt matter who it was fucking or sucking anymore. She was Red Rose the most popular on the waterfront.

Brenda was just getting ready for another long day when Chan stuck his head in and smiled. “Boss wants to see you. Be careful he has been gambling all night and is losing.”

“Great.” Brenda muttered as she pulled on mini silk rob over her red camisole. She smoothed down her red stockings, stepped into her spike heels as she checked her make up.  The shapely redhead headed down to a room behind the stripers dressing room. Brenda stepped into the smoke filed room and noticed a calendar on the wall. She was shocked to realize she had been working as a whore for four months. 

“Hey, hey Rose get your fat tits over here.” Wang slurred as he studied some white tiles in front of him.

Brenda could tell her boss had been drinking and was in a foul mood since he was an obviously chain smoking cigarettes.

“Yes, boss.” Brenda said and walked over to her pimp.

Wang was sitting at a small table with four men, two she recognized as local businessmen and frequent clients. The other was large fat man with a baldhead and a Fu Manchu mustache.  He was wearing a red cotton shirt, black pants and sandals. There were white tiles with different symbols on them. She knew the game was called Mah Jong.  Brenda had picked up a little Chinese and could pick up that Wang had lost a lot of money.

“Show him your stuff.” Wang muttered as he drained his glass and used one cigarette to light another one.

“Sure thing Boss.” Brenda sighed, thinking she would have work off his losses. She undid her robe and let it slip down around her waist. She used her thumbs to push the camisoles straps off her shoulders and bare her tits.

“So this is the famous Red Rose.” The fat man said as he studied the redhead, “You are in deed beautiful and your tits are huge and firm.”

The big man leaned back and stroked her mustache as he continued to study the young beauty. He laughed and banged his hand down on the table making the tiles jump.

Brenda listened to the men talk and realized she was the bet. If Wang lost she would belong to the fat man whose name was Fong. He was a smuggler or something. But whatever he was he had a large boat known as junk.  The shapely beauty knew this was a new low. She was no longer a person she was something to be traded and bet on.

It was for this reason two hours later; Brenda was sharing Fongs bed in the cabin of his ship. The newly acquired slave on top of the fat man riding cock like the well-trained whore she was. She was surprised Wang gave her up so easily. She had gotten to know her pimp pretty well and was shocked to find he just let Fong walk out with her. Fong didnt seem concern since he was shipping out at first light.

“I will keep you for a while.” Fong sleepily said as he enjoyed her tight pussy. “Then I will sell you to a whorehouse in Hong Kong. You will do better there. Maybe get you into…”

Brenda had been listening as she fucked herself on his long cock. She gasped when she made herself come but then stopped when she heard snoring. The young beauty looked down and watched her new master sleep. 

“I guess the long night of drinking and gambling caught up with you.” She said as she moved off the cock. “But lets be sure.”

Brenda bit her lip and gently slapped Fongs face. He grunted and rolled over onto his side sending Brenda to the floor.

“My God.” Brenda gasped when she realized she was out Wangs clutches on an empty boat since the entire crew had gone ashore. The only guy on board was dead to the world. She looked around and her eyes fell on the pile of money sitting on a table.

         Wang and four of his best men walked up the pier toward Fongs boat barely noticing the man dressed in black cotton pajamas wearing a large straw hat that covered his face standing by the boat. The small man bowed at men and quickly walked down the pier.

       Brenda kept her head bow as she walked by her pimp and headed toward the dark streets. She had found the clothes in a crewmans locker and stuffed her red hair into a hat she found on the deck. Just to make sure she had rubbed dirt on her face. She carried an old canvas bag with contained water, some food and Fongs winnings. 

       Once Brenda hit the streets she increased her speed, darting in and out of the shadows. She had to find some place to hide. Wang had would have the word out in minutes most likely offer some kind of reward.  She knew whoever caught he would fucked her before turning her over to her pimp. Or worst another pimp might find her. There were worst pimps than Wang.

The young beauty made a wrong turn and found herself back at the waters edge again and swore. She almost turned away until she saw a large sailboat with a name she knew all too well.

       James sailed out the harbor disappointed to find Brenda had escaped Wang but the pimp was sure he would have her back by nightfall. He was tempted to hang around. He really wanted to have one more go at the red head before he sailed back home. But a little voice told him is was time to leave China.  He knew Brenda was not a woman to under estimate.  James was well aware he caught her off guard.

The older man set his course and sailed away from China heading for the U.S. of A.

After a few hours he decided he needed some sleep and went down below. He never saw what hit him. But was shocked to find he was tied up with his own ropes when he came to.  Brenda standing over him wearing one of his shirts and shorts, wet hair hung around her face.

“God, you are still beautiful.” James thought but it was her face that concerned him. It was now had a hardness to her and her eyes were cold and dark. He gulped when he saw she was holding a long knife.

       “Give me any trouble.” Brenda said, “Ill cut your throat or just throw you over the side.”

       “Do I have a choice?” James asked.

       “Yes, I want to take you back to the states and see you in jail for what you did to me.”

       “I see. So you need me to sail you home…Well then…”

       “I can sail this boat just fine. My old man taught me to sail and navigate before I was twelve. I bet I am better sailor than you.”

       “I bet you are. That makes me baggage. Ill take my chances in court rather than with a really pissed on bitch.”

       “Good call.”


“BRENDA!” Chip cried into the phone, “Where have you been?”

       “Long story.” Brenda said as she studied her nails thinking she really needed a good manicure. “Look I am at the Santa Monica Police station. I need a ride and loan. I think you can manage it.”

       “Ah, yeah sure.” Chip said as he looked over his new billiard room at the stunning redhead about to make a shot. “What are you doing at the police…”

       “Later, lets say The Cat is a cage.”

       “Wow, you got the guy. Nice going. Where can I pick you up?”

       “Here. I will the one in the baggy clothes.”

       “Look I have an account at Banana Republic. Why dont you walk over there and get whatever you want. Ill pick you up there.”

       “Sound great.”

       Chip hung up and turned to the young beauty.

       “Baby, I need you to do me a favor.”


Later that night Brenda dressed in a new white dress that hugged her body like a second skin. The three top buttons were undone so her more than ample bosom was almost spilling out. She was lounging on the huge sofa that sat in Chips front room. It had an incredible view of the beach. She sipped some wine while she watched Chip who was slumped back in chair facing her.

       “I have changed, Chip.” Brenda said as she sipped her wine.

       “I can see that.” Chip said as he sipped his coke.

       “Yeah, being a sex slave in Chinese whorehouse changes you. I was lucky to escape. But thats behind me. I have a lot time to think on the voyage. What was I was going to do with my life…and you.”

       “I am flattered.”

       “Youve done all right. Turns out you got way more than two million. How much did you get?”

       “Close to thirty million not including the properties.”

       “And dating a Playboy Playmate.”

“How did you know that?”

“One of the cops who booked James is a fan of your new squeeze.  Who has big tits and long red hair like little old me? Couldnt have the real thing so you found a replacement. Where is the little woman?”

“She is out with some friends. Shell be home later.”     

“Goody, Ill get to meet my clone. You dont mind if I stay here for day or two.”

“Brenda, what do you want?”

“I want half of everything or I will prove you knocked off your aunt. No more money. No more beach house. No more redhead with big tits.”

“Just like that?”

“Like you have choice.”

“After you disappeared I cleaned out your apartment and found your little note.  Searched your place and you got nothing.”

“Please I am Brenda Starr. I brought down Senator and several millionaires. How hard can it be to bring you down?”

“That Brenda Starr is gone. I know what happen to you over there in detail. I dont think you will able to….”

“How do you know?”

“My old man is a merchant marine. He paid to fuck you a couple of times. He wrote me and told me all about it. Even sent some pictures…Red Rose.”

“I see. By this time tomorrow everyone will know about Red Rose.” Brenda said as she suddenly felt every sleepy. “ So you cant blackmail me.”

“My plan was not to blackmail you?”

“Oh please tell me geek boy.”  Brenda slurred as her eyes got heavy, “You…still…wait…the wine…you little…..”

Chris watched the shapely beauty rolled off the sofa and land on the floor.

“…” Brenda moaned as she crawled across the floor and then collapsed.

Chip got up, walked over and looked at the sleeping redhead.

“Sorry Brenda, I just got too much too lose. I was hoping you would just go home to Chicago…. But no. Dont worry I know just what to do with you.”

Chip grabbed the phone and dialed.

“Dad, how you doing? Are you still in port?”

Brenda drifted in and out a deep sleep. She could feel herself being moved and woke up in a car trunk. The drugged woman tried to get up but fainted again. The redhead woke up in a small cabin.  She drunkenly pulled at the handcuff locking her wrist to the cot she was lying on. Then she went back to sleep

Thus another long voyage began for Brenda Starr. She was woken to eat and drink and of course get fucked by the sailors. But most of the trip she was dead to the world.

After a long time her head began to clear and she woke up to find she was bound hand and foot lying on a cot in a back room. Brenda tugged at the ropes holding her and grunted around the knotted rag in her mouth. It took second to realize she was dressed in a red silk slip that barely covered her ass. The bound beauty struggled until the door opened. She sobbed at the sight of the man standing in the door.

“Welcome home, Red Rose.” Wang smiled, “I hope you enjoyed your vacation. Time to get back to work.”

“NAAAAAAAA!” Brenda screamed as her old pimp laughed as he rubbed his hands together. She kept screaming as Chan came in, slung her over shoulder and carried her out the cabin. “NA! NA! NA!”

That very small night Red Rose was back in her old room fucking and sucking like a good little whore.

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