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Story 27 Special Reform School for Girls

27 Special Reform School for Girls

It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon when Lori arrived at the "Special
Reform School for Girls". She was understandably nervous. The
excitement and fear of coming to this place had been building for
weeks. It had been almost a month ago when Lori's parents had sat her
down for an important talk. Lori remembered it like it was yesterday.
She and her sister Roxanne had just received her weekly "punishment"
from mom and dad. Her bottom was stinging hot and her 16 year old pussy
was hotter especially after the "pussy spanking" from Mom.

"Lori," her father said, "You're 16 years old now and your mother and I
would like to discuss something with you. We think it is time in your
development where you should be disciplined by someone from outside of
your own family. You know that we believe that someone with the proper
upbringing can go far in this world and therefore, we have enrolled you
into the "Special Reform School for Girls" for 3 weeks of study. As you
can imagine from the name, they specialize in discipline."

Lori's heart was pounding as her mind began to conjure up images of
punishments to be received. 'What would it be like?', she wondered, 'to
be spanked by a stranger! "You will be going there on the 15th of next
month," her father said, "and you're younger sister will follow you the
week after for 2 weeks of study."

Lori started to tremble at the thought of what would happen to her
while she was there. The next three weeks were a jumble as Lori tried
not to think about her upcoming trip. On the last night the family had
its usual "punishment" session and Lori's was particularly long and
exciting. Her mom and dad told her that they would be driving her to
the special school tomorrow and that tonight she and her mom would be
packing her things.

"You won't need much." said her dad, "They'll be providing everything."
His face held the hint of a smile but she wasn't sure why. When her mom
packed Lori's case, Lori was surprised that it contained so few

"You won't need too much dear." she was told. Her clothes for the next
day had been all laid out. She was to wear a light cotton sundress that
was backless.

She was to wear shoes and panties but no bra was allowed. It was almost
a sleepless night for Lori.

She couldn't get the strange and exciting thoughts out of her head.
Being punished was not unknown to her. Her parents had been spanking
her for years but she had never been punished by a stranger or in front
of a stranger and the thought of that happening was at once
embarrassing and exciting.

The car pulled past the gate and into the courtyard. It would hold
perhaps 30 students when full. The building was old and slightly
forbidding. Lori shivered slightly as her mom and dad pulled up to the
door. The three of them went inside and were quickly ushered into the
office of the principal. Mr. Walson's office was very large. It had two
leather chairs in front of his desk and Lori's parents sat down in them
leaving her to stand submissively between them. They were not to wait
long. Mr. Walson entered a couple of minutes later.

"Good Afternoon." he said, "I won't keep you waiting long. Simply sign
these release forms turning Lori over to our care for three weeks and
allowing us to discipline her as we see fit. Lori's felt her heart
racing. Her palms were moist and she was sure that everyone could see
her trembling. A few short minutes later it was done. Lori was now
officially in the care of this strange institution.

"We'll see you in three weeks, Honey," said her mom. Lori quickly
kissed her mom and dad good- bye .

"Wait here Lori while I see your parents out." said Mr. Walson. When he
returned he accompanied by an older woman. She was a matronly type with
dark hair streaked with grey. She had a no-nonsense look about her and
her piercing gaze made Lori immediately bow her head to look at the

"This is Miss Paltir." said the principal, "You will be in her charge
while you are here."

"Follow me Lori." said the woman and Lori dutifully followed her
upstairs into a large tiled bathroom. The room was overlarge and more
than a little foreboding. Lori took a moment to look around. There was
a counter and sink off to the left and some cabinets on the far side.
Commanding the center of the room was an old fashioned bathtub. Off to
the right was a doctor's examining table.

The sight of the metal stirrups made Lori shiver again.

Miss Paltir now turned around and Lori looked up to see that what she
had been doing was setting up a video camera! Lori's eyes widened as
Miss Paltir approached her. "Your entire stay here will be recorded."
she said, "Now, I am going to prepare you. Come over here." Lori moved
over beside her and, as instructed, stood up on a small platform about
one foot high beside the bathtub.

"Remove your shoes." said Miss Paltir. Lori did so now feeling the cool
feel of the platform against her bare feet.

"Now the dress." said the stern woman. Lori pulled the cotton sundress
off over her head leaving her in only her white cotton panties. Her
hands went naturally to cover her breasts but Miss Paltir wouldn't
permit it.

"No, keep those hands down." she said. A deep blush hit Lori's face as
she lowered her hands. Her pert teenage breasts were now on display for
this strange woman. Despite herself she could feel her long brown
nipples getting hard. Miss Paltir staring right at them and Lori could
see her smile slightly as she watched them stiffen.

"Place your hands behind your head young lady." she said and
reluctantly Lori did so. The older woman now reached over to grasp the
waistband of the young girl's panties. Very slowly, she pulled on them
removing her last defense.

Lori's smooth white bottom and tan line were revealed and then her
triangle of brown hair was uncovered. A moment later, Lori was naked.
Lori was mortified as the video camera continued to impassionately
record her ordeal.

"Turn around Lori." said Miss Paltir. Lori obediently turned full
circle allowing Miss Paltir to further examine her now naked body. When
her bottom came into view, Miss Paltir instructed her to pause for a
moment. Lori felt the cool hands of the older woman stroking her
buttocks. "Mmmm perfect for a spanking." she murmured to herself. Then,
to Lori's horror, her buttocks were spread wide apart by the woman thus
exposing her most intimate opening.

A moment later, Lori was instructed to continue to turn around until
she was facing Miss Paltir again. Lori's hands were still behind her
head, submissively offering herself to the woman. Leaving Lori in this
position, Miss Paltir now drew a hot bath and filled the tub with
bubbles. When the tub was full, Lori was told to get in it. She was not
to be permitted to touch herself, she was told.

Miss Paltir began to wash her, paying particular attention to her
sensitive 34B breasts and between her legs. Lori couldn't stifle a moan
as Miss Paltir's soaping hands lingered over her pussy. When she was
finished and had been dried in a huge bath towel, she was led over to
the doctor's examining table. Her heart began to race faster as they

"Up on the table Lori." she was told. Slowly, she got up on the table
and lay on her back feeling the paper crinkle under her. Her feet were
put into the cold stirrups and fastened there with cloth straps. Then
the stirrups were adjusted far apart to completely expose her. Straps
were attached to her wrists and these were pulled above her head and
clipped to the top of the table.

Lori was left like this, completely helpless and totally exposed. She
started to tremble with the anticipation of what might happen next. She
was getting more and more turned on and she knew that her pussy was
soaking wet by now.

As though reading her mind, Miss Paltir looked down and said, "You're
going to get an enema young lady. Have you ever had one before?"

"Yes Miss." said Lori in a meek little girl voice.

Miss Paltir moved down now between Lori's outstretched legs. Lori felt
her long cool fingers touching her there. Her sensitive inner lips were
pulled apart to show the hot, wet interior. Then they were pulled back 
to expose her hard little clit. When Miss Paltir touched it, Lori's
hips jumped and she moaned softly.

Again Miss Paltir smiled. Lori now watched as she took a tube of
lubricant and applied a liberal amount of it to her finger. She
shuddered thinking about what was about to happen to her.

As Miss Paltir approached her again, Lori turned her head aside, not
daring to look. The cool touch of the lubricated finger on her anus
caused her to clench her pale buttocks but the stirrups kept her open
and vulnerable to the ministrations of her mistress. The long slender
finger slid slowly but firmly into Lori's hot bottom. Lori let out a
moan as the finger buried itself to the hilt in her sensitive ass.

Nor was Miss Paltir content to let her finger lie idle. It started
moving in and out, slowly building a steady rhythm as Lori's hips
started moving up and down of their own accord. The finger slowly
withdrew leaving Lori now breathing heavily.

The next sensation was the feel of the enema nozzle as it slid slowly,
but deeply into her. The warm rush of water followed immediately after.
It seemed to continue for a long, long time. Lori felt her stomach
getting tighter and tighter as the water filled her. It was soon
complete. As the enema nozzle was removed, Miss Paltir quickly replaced
it with a butt plug.

"Mmmppff," said Lori. She had never had such a device in her before. It
was about 4 inches long and thinner in the middle than at the end. When
it was inserted into her, it took her breath away as her anus was
stretched over the unyielding plastic. Then her ass clenched over the
thinner part of it and it was in. Miss Paltir looked up at her. Lori's
face was flushed and she was breathing in short ragged breaths.

"I'll be back in a few minutes." she said, "You need time to leave the
water in." She left the room quickly leaving Lori still attached to the
table. Lori was helpless and particularly vulnerable. She felt a dire
need to go to the bathroom but the butt plug prevented it. The butt
plug itself was holding her ass open but tight. It was the most unique
feeling she had ever encountered and she moaned out loud as she pulled
at her bonds. Every second seemed like an eternity as she waited for
Miss Paltir to return. In reality it was only 5 minutes or so but it
seemed to Lori to have lasted forever. When she returned Lori had
expected that she would be immediately released but it was not to be

Miss Paltir again positioned herself between Lori's outstretched legs.
Lori looked down to see her begin to remove Lori's brown patch of pussy
hair with a razor.

"Oh no... Please don't." she whimpered, pleading.

Her cries fell on deaf ears as Miss Paltir quickly and expertly removed
all of her pubic hair thus leaving her more exposed than ever. When all
the hair had been removed, Miss Paltir massaged the entire area with
warm oil, paying particular to her sensitive lips and the tight bud of
her anus. The constant touching of Lori's pussy kept her on the verge
of orgasm but the experienced woman would not allow it.

Soon it was done. Miss Paltir loosened her bonds and led her over to
the toilet and had her sit down before reaching between her legs to
pull out the butt plug.

Lori was embarrassed but relieved as it was removed. She was not left
by herself however. Miss Paltir stayed there, watching everything as
did the ever present video camera. Lori had never been so humiliated.

She was soon cleaned up and Miss Paltir finally decided that she was

Lori wasn't sure for what. Leather cuffs were attached to her wrists
and ankles and another thinner one around her neck as a collar. She was
told that they would remain on for her entire stay to remind her of her
status. She was given a thin cotton robe to wear. It was not much more
substantial than a hospital gown.

It came down to just below her buttocks and as she looked down she
could see that her brown nipples were clearly visible through the thin 
fabric. She was not permitted any underwear or even shoes. Her hands
were fastened behind her back and she was then led out of the bathroom
and back downstairs to the study.

The study or library was an interesting room. It was filled with
leather chairs and opulent surroundings. In the center of the room was
what looked like a vaulting horse from school. Lori suspected that's
its use here was probably very different. Over to one side was the ever
present video camera. As she was led into the room, she saw Mr. Walson
again. He was sitting in a comfortable leather chair as she approached.
He looked her up and down carefully. Lori's face was still flushed from
the constant stimulation she had had over the last hour. Her pussy was,
she knew still moist and hot. She was embarrassed to be on display like
this in front of a stranger and she found herself unable to look Mr.
Walson in the eye.

"Remove the gown." he said suddenly in a deep and stern voice. Lori
felt a stab of fear strike her stomach. Miss Paltir reached over and
undid her wrists and then in one quick motion pulled the robe over her
head leaving her again completely naked. Her hands were once again
fastened behind her leaving her now naked and exposed in front of Mr.
Walson. Her shaved pussy was now being seen for the first time and her
hot pussy juices were clearly visible on the protruding lips.

"Have her over the bench, if you please Miss Paltir," said the
principal. Lori felt herself being pulled over the leather vault. Her
bare belly and breasts pressed down hard on the cool leather. Her
wrists and ankles were stretched out taught and attached to convenient
clips in the legs of the vault. Her ankles were pulled apart and once
again she blushed as she was exposed to Mr. Walson and the camera.

She felt the rough fingers of Mr. Walson at her rear and a moment later
one was sliding into her bottom, covered in lubricant. Lori's toes
curled as the finger worked its way into her. It was soon removed and
replaced by a larger plastic intruder. It felt just like the butt plug
that had recently filled her behind.

This one was, however, different. Mr. Walson reached down and turned it
on. The rectal plug began to vibrate, sending incredible sensations up
into Lori's already oversensitive body. Lori cried out at the feeling.

She looked behind her and saw that Mr. Walson was holding a leather
crop. Lori closed her eyes at the sight. The sound of the crop
whistling through the air came just before the searing pain of it on
her behind. The strokes were quick and hard and it only took a couple
before tears were streaming down Lori's face.

She opened her eyes and saw Miss Paltir right beside her stroking her

Behind her Mr. Walson was stroking her bottom. The sensations were

The vibrating plug in her anus, the hot stinging sensation in her
buttocks and Miss Paltir who now reached over to begin tugging at
Lori's long, aching nipples. Behind her Mr. Walson inserted two fingers
deep into her pussy as he began toying with the anal vibrator. It was
too much.

Lori's whole body tightened and she cried out loud as her orgasm
started from the tips of her toes and raced through her. Her pussy was
on fire and she could feel herself bucking against the bonds as she
came. Her ass clenched on the vibrator and her pussy tightened on the
penetrating fingers as she came again and then again in the most
intense sensation she had ever encountered in her sixteen years. As she
calmed down, she began wondering if it would be like this for the
entire three weeks!

Review This Story || Author: Master Chris
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