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Story 69 Alison's Punishment

69 Alison's Punishment

Alison walked down the stairs to the basement. She was very nervous. Her
punishment, which she had been waiting for for almost forty minutes, was
now at hand. Her mother and her Aunt Janet had made Alison wait in the
corner of the living room like a naughty little girl. She had been instructed to
remove her panties and hold her dress to her waist with her nose pressed
right into the corner of the room while she waited for her cousin Jennifer to
be punished in the basement. Alison had waited quietly while the muffled
sounds of Jennifer's spanking carried upstairs.

At 18, Alison found it humiliating to still get child-like spankings but she
had to admit, she deserved one this time. Getting caught shoplifting with
Jennifer was one of the stupidest things she'd ever done. She could only
hope that a simple spanking was the only punishment she'd receive. Her
parents had been known to punish her in other ways.

Alison stepped onto the basement floor followed by her mother and aunt.
Facing her in the middle of the floor was a strange contraption.

"This is a punishment bench Alison," said her Aunt Janet. "You'll be
making its acquaintance in a few moments. First I want to see you out of
those clothes. Come on, strip down, completely."

Alison hesitated a moment. Although she had been baring her buttocks for
the last forty minutes, stripping nude would reveal herself more than she had
counted on.

"Come, come Alison," said her mother. "There's nothing you've got under
there that we haven't seen before."

Alison squeezed her eyes shut as she pulled her dress over her head. It was
all she was wearing. Her hands dropped immediately to cover her pubis.

"Hands on your head young lady," said Aunt Janet sharply.

Alison's hands dashed to the top of her head at the command, leaving her
body completely exposed. Alison's body was a little fuller than her cousin's.
Her breasts were firm but round with rose coloured nipples and surrounding
areola that were currently crinkled erect in excitement.

Both older women's eyes were drawn directly to the teenager's bare
protubing pubis.

"Hmmm," said her mother, "I guess I was wrong. How long have you
shaved your pussy bare."

Alison hung her head miserably. "About a month," she said. "I did it for my

Sara chuckled. "Well I guess you didn't count on being this exposed. Ok, lie
on top of the punishment bench."

Sara and Janet placed Alison over the bench so that her head and feet were
lower than her bottom. Janet moved around her niece fastening the leather
straps across the small of her back and around her wrists. Alison could still
feel the warmth and moisture of her cousin's body on the leather. Imagining
Jennifer in this position left Alison with a strange feeling of arousal. She
hoped her mother and aunt wouldn't notice.

With the leather straps fastened, Alison's upper body was now completely
immobile. Janet moved around the wood and leather restriction table and
lifted Alison's legs and placed her knees over the strategically placed pegs.
This left her spread open and more exposed than ever. Alison's view was
restricted to the leather pad for her head but she could imagine what she
must look like to her mother and Aunt Janet. Her breasts hung freely below
her given the design of the bench to leave her body unsupported from her
shoulders to her belly. Her nipples were still hard, achingly hard as they
pointed her breasts at the floor.

The view from behind was even more interesting. With the pegs and leather
straps now holding her legs splayed wide apart, Alison could feel the air in
the room waft across her spread open inner pussy lips. At least it was just
her mom and aunt. Jennifer had just been spanked by her father and uncle!
In fact, looking from behind, Jan and Sara could see not only Alison's pussy
lips but also between them. With no pubic hair to obstruct their view even
the tip of Alison's clitoris could be seen peeking from its hood. The erect
clitoris and obvious moisture on the pink extended lips of Alison's pussy
made it obvious that she was aroused by her predicament.

Looking further up, Alison's buttocks could be seen spread wide-open
thanks to the over-extended position of her thighs. Her anus was light pink
and crinkled shut.

'She probably doesn't even know it's on display,' thought Janet with a
smile. Well she will soon enough.

"Sara, should we use one of these?" asked Janet, holding up a ginger

"What is it?" asked Sara, curious.

"Janet ripped open the foil packet and let Sara smell the ginger. "It will get
very hot," she said in low voice, smiling.

Sara's eyes widened in understanding. "Alison," she said, "Do you know
why you're being punished?"

"Yes, Ma'am," said Alison. "I know the shoplifting was wrong and I
promise never, never, never to do it again."

"Well we are going to help you remember that promise young lady. You can
expect to leave this room with your bottom scalding hot. Moreover, I think
the severity of your crime warrants a good enema."

Alison moaned.

"I know you find them embarrassing but the embarrassment and discomfort
will serve to remind you not to get into this kind of trouble again."

"First though," said Sara as she patted her daughter's smooth buttock, "Your
aunt is going to prepare your bottom for your enema with something that
will be probably uncomfortable.

'What was this?!' thought Alison as she tensed up.

Janet was standing now between Alison's spread thighs and holding the 1-
1/2" ginger suppository in her fingers. She watched the young girl's anus
clench tight at her mother's warning. Janet tickled the tip of the slippery
capsule directly into the center of the crinkled anus.

"Relax it Alison," she said.

Alison could feel the cold slick sensation of something touching her bottom.
'What was it?' she wondered. Alison forced herself to unclench her bottom
and as she did so Janet smoothly slid the first inch into her anus. Rolling the
end with her fingers she twirled the half-inserted capsule in the tight opening
to the girl's rear passage before pushing in completely. Using the tip of her
finger now, Janet slowly pushed the suppository deep into Alison's rectum
with a twisting motion until her finger was buried to the hilt in her rectal
canal and she could just feel the tip of the suppository with her finger.

Janet slowly pulled her finger out leaving the melting capsule deep in
Alison's rectum.

Taking a step back, Janet waited for the caustic suppository to take effect.
Alison would feel it first on the ring of her anus, she knew. It took about a
minute. First Alison squirmed for a moment then Janet and Sara watched as
the teenager's toes curled and her thighs squeezed the wooden pegs holding
them apart. Alison let out a low moan as the effect of the ginger began to
take effect.

"Owww Mommy it's hot, take it out!" cried the young girl in a plaintive

The two older women watched Alison's anus now clench and release in a
'winking' motion as the deep-seated ginger began working through her

We'll be back down in a few minutes to continue your punishment." said
Alison's mother in reply. Alison's barely heard her, the sensations deep in
her bottom taking all of her attention.

Janet and Sara went back to the living room where Jennifer was now
waiting, completely nude with her nose pressed firmly in the corner. Her
bottom was still a deep red and Sara and Jan watched for a moment as
Jennifer clenched and released her buttocks in a vain attempt to alleviate the
heat she was experiencing.

Janet and Sara's respective husbands were soon found out on the patio.

"Any trouble with Alison?" asked Doug.

"No, none. She's down there waiting for her enema and spanking on that
marvelous spanking bench."

"Yes, John and I were just discussing it. He's going to give me a hand
building one for us." said Sara's husband.

"Well it certainly does leave you completely exposed," said Janet, blushing.

Well I wouldn't mind seeing you both on there," chuckled Doug.

"We've got someone on there now who needs her bottom warmed first,"
said Sara. "Although her rectum is getting an internal warming with that
suppository. When did you start using those?"

"About two years ago," said John. "They're certainly effective."

"They certainly had Jennifer squirming," said Doug.

"Yes, I'll bet you liked that view," chuckled his wife as she playfully
punched his arm.

"You bet I did, although the view I liked the best was the sight of Jennifer's
nipples. Have you seen how large they got when erect?"

"They're quite spectacular," agreed John. "She takes after her mom."

"Well, your daughter has a surprise view for you when you get downstairs,"
said Sara. "She's shaved herself pubis completely!"

"Speaking of which, I guess we should head down and finish Alison's
punishment," said John.

"Alison's face was wet with tears. She was miserable. The hot ginger
suppository was now completely melted deep in her body and she could feel
the effects from just behind her belly button all the way out to her anus and
her punishment hadn't even started yet! For the last ten minutes the only
sound Alison had heard was the sound of her own breathing and whimpering
leaving her nothing to concentrate on but the discomfort in her bottom.

The sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs behind her were almost a

"A little uncomfortable Alison?" asked Janet.

Alison nodded her head miserably.

"Well I imagine you're looking forward to your enema then," smiled her

Alison could hear the sounds of what must be the enema equipment being
organized behind her.

"This punishment bench leaves you quite exposed back her Alison." said

Alison started! Her father was in the room and he could see everything!
Alison felt the tip of something cool and flat stroke her inner thighs towards
her pussy. It was the end of a riding crop that had most recently been used to
spank her cousin. The flat leather tip struck her naked pussy lips gently and
then rubbed lengthwise up her now soaking slit.

"I can see what you mean about her pussy being bare," said Alison's uncle.
"It leaves her even more naked than just undressed.

Alison's head pulled up like a shot! Her thighs strained as she tried in vain
to pull away from her restraints. Her uncle was here! That was his hand
holding the riding crop to rub her bare, oh God, her shaved and bare pussy!
To make matters worse, Alison's pussy was now soaking wet with sexual
tension. She had never been so embarrassed in all her life.

Now the crop slid higher along her side, making a trail to her left breast.
John smacked the tip of her hanging breast gently then again sharply
enjoying the sight of Alison's nipple crinkling to an even more erect state.

You've filled out since I saw you last Alison," said John.

The tears were flowing freely now as Alison suffered the indignation of
being stroked again across her naked nipple by her uncle's crop.

Alison could still feel the tip of the crop moving here and there on her body
when the sensation of someone standing directly between her thighs made
her aware that the next portion of her punishment was at hand. The cool
sensation of a fingertip at the entrance to her rectum was almost a relief. Her
rear passage and the portal to it had been on fire it seemed forever. Alison
wondered fleetingly who it was that was tickling her anus as the lubricated
finger applied a blob of Vaseline to the tight brown opening. Alison was
sure it was either her mother or her aunt from the delicate movements of the
fingertip. The four adults had watched with interest how Alison's teenage
anus had opened up like a flower with the suppository. When they had
descended, the muscles between Alison's buttocks had been clenching and
releasing frantically in a vain attempt to release some of the intense
sensations originating deep in her young body. Now Sara's long thin finger
had a large blob of Vaseline on its tip and Sara was rubbing that Vaseline
gently and slowly around the rim of Alison's anus. The adults watched as
Alison's hips rose in an automatic response, trying to seek more of the cool

Sara smiled as she teased the tiny opening a moment longer. She was
rewarded with a moan from Alison at the erotic sensations she was
experiencing through her entire pelvic floor. At the sound of Alison's
pleasure, Sara firmly but slowly pushed first the tip and then her entire long
finger into Alison's rectum, continuing until it was as embedded as deeply
as it would go. Alison's toes curled in response and everyone could see her
tight body trembling with the tension it had built up.

Sara twisted her finger through a full rotation feeling how hot and tight her
daughter's rectum was. 'It will give some lucky boy quite a thrill one day,'
she thought to herself. Gently pulling the finger all the way out, Sara noticed
how Alison's anus pulled at her, trying despite her to hold the finger deep
inside. She applied more lubricant and slid her finger deep inside again,
twisting and turning, coating the first 4 inches of Alison's rectal tube with a
liberal portion of the clear jelly.

By the time Alison was lubricated, her body was a mass of sensations. First
her bottom had been burning hot. It was still irritated enough that it was
making her squirm but the Vaseline had taken most of the sting away. Now,
the sensation of her mother's long and cool finger twisting and sliding deep
in her rectum had her squirming from different feelings.

Alison felt her mother's finger pull from her and felt the tip of what must be
the enema nozzle touch the center of her anus. Again it was Sara who was
attending to the enema preparations. Alison felt the tip of the hard, cool
plastic separate the tight anal ring. The effects of the suppository made her
more open than she had ever been back there. She was completely unable to
resist the initial penetration of her rear.

Sara twisted the tip around a couple of times to get Alison's bottom used to
the feeling before pushing the nozzle forward. As she did so Alison realized
that the nozzle being used wasn't the simple enema nozzle or even the
longer, thicker douche nozzle. It was the hated enema. This long nozzle
came complete with two inflatable bulbs. One of these deflated bulbs would
be inserted into her anus, the other close behind it would be left out. When
they were both inflated, they would press close together making an
unbreakable seal between them and ensuring that the water injected into her
body would stay there until released. The insertion of the first bulb was
always uncomfortable for Alison but this time her bottom seemed to flare
out and accept it. 'Probably because of that damned suppository,' she

Alison held her breath, waiting for the dreaded inflation of the bulbs to
begin. She didn't have to wait long. The inflator bulbs looked much the
same as those on a blood-pressure cuff. Each squeeze would send air
directly to the balloon surrounding the enema tube now inserted into her
bottom. Alison heard the sound of the squeezed inflator at the same time she
felt the object in her rectum move. Several strong squeezed had her
squealing in protest as first the internal, then the external bulbs were filled.
The inflating of the nozzle had pulled her anus wider open but with both
bulbs pushing against each other, the rubber had effectively taken control
over any evacuation Alison might want to do. The sensation made Alison
push at the bulbs. It was involuntary just as though she was in the middle of
a bowel movement. No amount of pushing would have any effect on the

"Very effective," said Janet as she inspected the arrangement.

"This table makes it even easier," said Sara, wiping her hands. "Her bottom
is at the perfect position for accessing Alison's rectum. I'm sure looking
forward to getting one of these for ourselves. Also, that suppository must
have opened her up. Getting the nozzle into Alison's bottom is usually a
struggle but this time it just slid right in."

Alison waited. She knew that the next step was to release the enema into her.
It was Alison's father who did the honours. Reaching up he undid the clip
holding the water in the enema bag hanging a couple of feet above Alison's
naked and spread body. Alison felt the rush of water start into her with some
apprehension. She never knew what might happen at this moment. In some
cases the enema bag would be filled with hot, hot water and the resulting
sensation would be like liquid fire being injected into her. Other occasions
had seen very cool water sliding into her with the resulting cramps being
instantaneous. Other opportunities had seen water with various solutions
added all which served to increase her discomfort. This time the water was
warm, just a bit warmer than body temperature. 'Was there soap or
something else in it?' she wondered.

"You're fortunate that your enema is water only tonight Alison," said her
father as though reading her thoughts. To make up for this you'll be getting
a little extra water in your bottom. Alison whimpered in reply, her attention
completely absorbed with dealing with the sensations occurring now deep in
her bowels.

"This ought to keep you from making an accident," said John as he giggled
the end of the enema nozzle sticking out of Alison's spread anus.
Alison strained at the sensation as the inserted section of the nozzle wiggled
back and forth well inside her rectum.

Alison barely heard the sound of the adults moving back up the stairs,
leaving her to the automatic actions of the water filling her belly. The
position and design of the table let Alison's belly expand and hang below
her as it slowly filled with what seemed an enormous amount of water.
Alison was thankful that there was nothing in the water that caused cramps
although she knew that the water alone would be uncomfortable. 'God. How
much water is it?' she wondered as the sound of the gurgling water
continued to fill her. At last the bag was empty and the water now held by
gravity and the nozzle deep in her bottom.

It was a few minutes later that Alison heard the sounds of a single person
descending the stairs behind her. 'Who was it,' she wondered. Alison could
sense the person moving quietly closer until she was sure that they were
standing directly between her flexed and outstretched thighs. For a moment,
there was absolute silence as Alison waited to see what would happen and
the person behind her waited, observing the young girl.

The sensation of the long enema nozzle being touched was like an electric
shock to Alison. She started as she felt the nozzle being manipulated. It was
just the nozzle being closed and the hose to the now empty enema bag being
detached as it turned out. Still the wiggling of the device deep inside of her
body as the hose was removed caused Alison to moan softly and squirm in

"You still have your spanking coming to you young lady," said Janet.

Alison closed her eyes. She knew this was coming and now she knew that it
would be her aunt who delivered her punishment. At least she wouldn't be
spanked in front of all the adults especially her uncle.

Alison felt something hard and smooth rub in soft circles around her

"I'll be spanking you with this," said her aunt.

'A paddle,' thought Alison.

Janet turned the hairbrush over and rubbed the bristles gently across the pale
white buttocks of her young niece. With her bottom pulled tight by her
extended position she knew there would be no escaping the punishment to

'Oh God a hairbrush,' thought Alison. She knew that her bottom would soon
be as fire red as her face had been from blushing for the last forty minutes.

The sharp bristles of the hairbrush wandered all over the naked flesh, around
each buttock, down the spread open right thigh and back up the sensitive
inner thigh all the way to the top. Alison tensed as the bristles approached
her smooth pussy. Janet pulled the brush away just before touching Alison's
pubis and brought it down to Alison's left leg to repeat the process. Janet
reveled in the sight in front of her. The hard-bodied teen was as spread out
as her body could allow. Looking down, Janet was presented with the
stretched muscles of Alison's thighs spread out over the wooden pegs that
held them apart. Alison's pale white buttocks were spread out due to her
overextended position. The end of the nozzle and the outer bulb
squeezed up tight against her anus.

Janet lifted the brush from the stroking of Alison's sensitive thighs. She new
the effect she was having on the younger girl. The lips of Alison's pussy
were very puffed out and very, very wet. Janet tapped lightly on the end of
the nozzle buried deep in Alison's rectum. Alison gasped at the sensation.
The shock wave of the tiny tap ran like a shock wave down the rubber and
plastic tube to reverberate deep in her overfull belly.

"Are you ready for your spanking now Alison?" asked Janet.

"Yes Ma'am," she answered weakly. The physical sensations running
through the young girl were overwhelming and the spanking now looming in
front of her was an almost welcome relief.

The first smack of the brush was sharp and hot on Ali's left white buttock.
Just the first smack was enough to release a floodgate of tears. They had
been bottled up since her humiliating punishment began. Janet kept up a
furious pace, smacking first left then right until each buttock was a bright
red. It was perhaps five minutes of spanking before Janet paused and rubbed
her palm over the red cheeks.

"Mmmm, nice and warm I think," said Janet.

With her left hand, Janet grasped the end of the nozzle sticking from
Alison's bottom. Any touch on the deep-seated device caused Alison the
most conflicting sensations. It was obvious to Janet. With the brush in her
right hand, Janet continued the spanking. Each smack of the brush was like
fire to Alison but with all the sensations at the same time it was difficult to
concentrate on any of them. The warm water was still stretching her belly
out as though she was pregnant. The punishment bench itself still restrained
Alison in the stretched out spread open position. The ginger suppository and
the following lubrication and insertion of the nozzle had left a deep
stinging warmth that Alison could still feel deep behind her swollen belly
despite the water that had passed through her rectum into her body. The
nozzle itself of course was still inflated both inside and outside Alison's
stretched open anus. Finally the spanking and the teasing of the nozzle left
conflicting sensation of stinging heat and heat of a more sexual kind.

Suddenly the spanking stopped. Alison's breath was coming now in ragged
gasps. She wasn't sure if she was gasping from the spanking or the
excitement of all the other sensations. Janet lifted her hand from the nozzle
and reversed the brush in her hand. It was obvious that Alison was aroused.
Passing a hand once again over her niece's hot buttocks, Janet could feel
their heat. Taking the hairbrush, Janet lowered the bristle side close to the
shaved swollen pubis. Alison's clitoris had been erect and peeking out of its
protective hood almost from the moment she had been fastened over the
punishment bench. Both it and her nipples were achingly hard. Even with all
the other sensations running through her, Alison could not get the feelings in
her clitoris and nipples out of her mind.

Alison could feel the sharp stroking bristles of the hairbrush move down her
hot buttocks toward her wet pussy. 'Oh No' she thought, 'Is she going to
spank my pussy?' Spanking Alison's pussy was not in Janet's plans. Using
the bristle side of the brush, Janet reached as far up as she could and gently
stroked down from the top of Alison's bare slit along toward the bottom.

"Noooo" moaned Alison as she felt her control slipping away. This last
sensation was too much for her. As much as she had been trying to hold
back, the bristles dragging along her swollen slit, pulling at her clit drove
Alison over the edge. Her orgasm seemed to start deep behind her naval
button, deep within her water-filled belly. Janet tapped her finger against the
end of the nozzle as Alison's hips bucked and struggled with the onset of her

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