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Mexican Donkey Slut

Part 1

Mexican Donkey Slut

By Shabbadew2002

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  Chapter 1

Mama’s Punishment

It was Sunday, after church and Maria sat on the toilet, peeing, brushing her hair, and looking at herself in a worn, hand-held mirror.  She liked what she saw.  She had a pretty, round face, full lips, even white teeth, beautiful dark brown eyes with thick lashes and her skin was smooth, supple and brown.  She was a full-figured, pretty chica. 

Brushing her long, thick black hair, cut just below her shoulders, made it lustrous.  Her full bladder, pissing and the sensual act of grooming herself made her horny, and without thinking twice about it, she put the brush and mirror down, and as she finished urinating, began to touch her breasts.  Actually, the feeling of a full bladder, pressing on the nerves in her urethra, always made Maria horny. 

Her most noticeable asset after her big butt were her big chichis - she was a chichona, a big-breasted girl.  She had been teased about them ever since she was 10 ½, when they began developing.  She was a double D girl, in comparison to her mother, who was small-breasted. 

Her nipples, the aureoles as big around as the mouth of a coffee cup, were dark brown and the nipples, especially the right one, was as big as an unshelled peanut.  She played with them.  Pulling and teasing and rubbing them until both nipples were puckered and erect.  Then she reached down with one hand and began to touch herself there....

  Between her legs was a thick mat pubic hair barely concealing a very big clitoris, which even when she was not aroused, poked out of its hood and the surrounding labia.  She began rubbing, pulling and teasing her mons and sex lips.  The more she did that the more her clit got erect.  Soon it had reached its full size, and was now as big as the first joint of her index finger.  

  Her vagina, as she became more aroused, produced a lot of musky lubrication.  She was a girl who got very juicy.   Maria had a very strong libido and was a compulsive masturbator.  She took after her father’s side of the family…sturdy, strong and passionate.  Her mother was thin and delicate by comparison with a nervous, anxious temperament.

  Maria was passionate girl with a very sexual nature, but raised in her world, she had to hold herself in check.  A single Mexican woman was game for any man, but if she succumbed, her reputation would be shot.  Like most girls her age, she was waiting to marry and start a family of her own.  In the meantime, her mother was as watchful as a hawk when it came to Maria.  

  When she was a little girl, if she found any evidence her eldest daughter had been masturbating, her punishment was swift and sure.  She would drag her Maria to the tub, no matter what her condition, naked, dressed or half dressed, and hose her down with cold water to cool her off.   Then, she would spank her.

  She’d caught her eldest daughter with her skirt up and her panties down a dozen times as a teen.   Mama punished her as an example for her two younger sisters.  And it was no different that Sunday.  Maria forgot to wash her hands after she masturbated and when she came into the kitchen, her mother asked her where she had been.

“I was just in the bathroom,” came her reply.  Her mother, looking at her face, saw a smidgen of guilt there and said, “Come here baby. Let me smell your hands.”

  Maria tried to argue, but it was no use.  Mama made her hold them up and when she smelled them, she said, “They’ve been in the wrong place.”

  She knew that Maria had been playing with her wet, smelly pussy again.  First, she fetched a rubber glove.  Next, she took down the paddle from a hook behind the door and laid it on the table.  Then she yelled for Juanita and Norma, her two youngest, to come and witness Maria’s punishment.  This was the signal for a session of “hot and spicy buns” and then the paddle.  She scolded Maria who sniffled and tried to offer excuses - saying she was sorry, but Mama wouldn't listen. 

She said, almost spitting at her, “I’m telling you, I will break you of this dirty habit.  ‘Hot and spicy buns’ for you and then the paddle.  I want you to be a good girl.  A good girl.  Do you hear me, Maria?"

  Mama grabbed her by her thick hair and yanked her head this way and that as she scolded her.  Maria who almost a half-foot taller than her mother, obediently let herself be treated like a little girl.  A bad little girl.

  “It’s wrong…The church teaches it. Do you hear me, Maria? And when you do that dirty thing, it is my job to see that you are punished? Do you understand me, Mija?”

  “Yes, Mama.”

  She pushed her daughter over to the table.

“Bend over the table.  Pull up your skirt - all the way up... to your waist.”

  Maria got into position and grabbing the hem, pulled her skirt up.

“Oh Maria! You are going to become a cusca (slut).  Then no good man will want you.  Is that what you want?”

  “No, Mama.”

  As many times as Mama had punished her this way, it was always humiliating.  She hesitated in pulling down her panties.  Mama, meanwhile,  was picking out a Serrano chile` from a bowl of hot peppers.

She picked a big one.  She was talking to Maria all the while about how this was for her own good.  She pulled a rubber glove on her left hand,  grabbed the chile` and then, with her other hand, scored the skin with a fork to let the juice run free.  Maria started to sob softly, as she watched her mother get the chile` ready for her.  She had been a victim of her mother’s “hot and spicy buns” before.

  “Pull your panties down.  Now! If I have to tell you again, I will take you outside and whip you so everyone can see you.  Is that what you want?”

  Maria crumpled at this and turning her face away from her sisters, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties.  She pulled her panties down to her knees.  Norma and Juanita stood off to one side, close to each other, and watched with nervous eyes.  They had seen Mama do this before, but it was always an overwhelming experience.  Neither one wanted to be the recipient of Mama’s wrath.

  “Take them all the way off.”

   Maria wiggled to get them to fall to her ankles… then kicked them off.  It was always a humiliation to have to do this in front of her sisters.

  “Open yourself for me,” her mother said softly.  

  There was a touch of real sadism in Mama.  She actually relished the opportunity to punish her big-titted daughter in this humiliating way.  She had been punished cruelly herself for similar sins when she was a girl by her mother.

The two younger girls now watched, big-eyed, as their 18 year old sister grabbed her big butt cheeks and spread them.  They looked at each other and suppressed a giggle as they spied Maria’s hairy, pulpy gash in its nest and the brown rose of her anus nestled in her dark crack. 

Both girls were curious to see how they compared with their older sister.  The hairy, fleshy treasures between her legs were an older version of Juanita’s treasures since she was almost 11 years old and had experienced her first period.  Her pussy was already getting hairy like Maria’s.  Norma was only nine, so she was still a girl, on the threshold of womanhood. She and her sister held each other’s hand as the scene unfolded....

“No Mama no! No! No! No! Please Mama. Oh, Mama please,” Maria whined.

  She pleaded as Mama got ready.  Her mother put her left hand on the small of her back to steady her, and then touched the tip of the pepper to her exposed anus.   She wiped the oozing tip over and around her daughter’s tight anal sphincter.  There was a moment of silence - Maria squirmed - and then she exploded in a frenzy of wriggling and crying.

  “Mama! Mama! Aaaaeeeeeee,” she screeched as she began to feel the mounting fire as the juice irritated the delicate tissues there.  

  She wiggled and writhed as Mama continued to rub the bleeding pepper against her anus.   Mama, the tip of her tongue peeping out of her mouth, as she concentrated on doing the deed, ran the tip up and down her daughter’s ass crack; then pushed to get it inside her – into her rectum.  

  She worked it in a little ways then pulled it out.  She knew from past experience that the tender membranes inside would really feel the pepper’s heat and hurt the most.

  “Mama! Oh, Mama Aaaaaeeeeeee!!!!”

  Maria began screaming.   She held her ass cheeks open as wide she could.  Her hairy fringed anus was opening and closing like a little thirsty mouth. Even if Mama let her, she wouldn’t have wanted let her go of her cheeks.  It stung so much she needed to let the air cool her off.

  "Mama I will never do it again!  I won't touch myself anymore.  Please! I promise by the Virgin Mama, please!  I’m burning up Mama!!! Mama! Aaaaaaeeeeeee…No more Mama!"

  Mama wasn’t done and went to work on her daughter’s anus again.

  “Hold still for me…and keep yourself open wide, Maria.  I will not tell you again.  If you don’t, I’ll take you outside, do you understand?!”

  Maria wailed in surrender and kept herself spread open as Mama worked the tip further into her asshole this time.

"Mama! Mama! Mama,” Maria screamed, as her legs frog-kicked straight out.  Some of the fiery liquid had gotten onto her sex lips. As her mother took her hand off her back, Maria stood up and began hopping up and down frantically, holding open her butt cheeks…. trying to cool the acid heat.

  "Mama, Oh, Mama. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh," she wailed. "It's on my pussy! It's on my pussy, Mama!  Oh! I'm on fire!"

  Mama took off the glove, tossed it into the sink, and picked up the paddle.  Maria was still hopping around, making her sisters grin at her predicament, when Mama grabbed her by the hair, pushed her back down onto the table.  She began by rubbing her cheeks with it – tormenting her – letting her know what was next. 

Then she began paddling her with hard strokes across her big butt cheeks.  Maria made an awful racket, as she had been forced to let go of her cheeks and now felt the hot sting of the smooth wood as Mama beat her.  The paddle had been a family tradition.  Even Luis, Maria’s older brother, had been beaten with it.

  Maria wailed and cried out as Mama beat her.  The screams turned into shrieks when the blows overlapped.  Welts began appearing as the flesh got redder and sore.   Mama made sure some of the blows landed where they could do the most good.  

  Her daughter’s big  bottom grew hot red, as mother sweated with the effort.  The two younger girls cringed as their sister was beaten.  The “hot and spicy buns” made them grin, but now they held each others hands and felt the blows, as Maria was beaten unmercifully.

  “Mama ….Oh Mama," Maria cried!  "Please No more! Mama aaaaah!!! Oh, Santa Maria!”

  She wiggled and writhed, as the blows began landing on her thighs.

  "OOOOOWWWWWWWW," she cried out.

And then she began wetting herself.  It was always this way.  First “hot and spicy” buns, then the paddle, and most of the time, Maria lost control of her bladder.   Since she had just urinated, there wasn’t much.  But some hot piss shot out from between her legs to splash on the kitchen floor.  

  Maria kept her face covered with her hands as the humiliation of losing control of her bladder only added to her pain.  Mama scolded her for this; got a towel and wiped up the mess.  Then she sadistically gave Maria ten more hot, hard ones; making her wait for each cruel blow; and making her count each punishing smack.  Each one sounded like a pistol shot.   

  When she was done, Maria’s ass was a sorry picture. There were hot red lines crises-crossed all over her butt cheeks and thighs.  She reached back to gently touch her butt, it was on fire and she could not rub her ass - it hurt too much.

  “Go to your room and stand in the corner, with your hands behind your head.  And pull your dress up so everyone can see your red behind.  Keep the door open.  Now go.”

Maria stopped sobbing and stood up gingerly.

  “But Mama," she whimpered, "what if someone sees me?” 

“Then they will see your big red behind and know that you were punished for being a ‘bad girl’.  Now don't give me any more back talk or you'll get more,” she said brandishing the paddle.

Maria found it impossible to fully explore her developing sexuality under such a regime.   She had a strong libido, but in the strict Catholic world she grew up and lived in, it was difficult, if not impossible for her to find any outlet for her desires.   So, she smoldered like a fire that has been banked, but will flare up at the first provocation. 

Maria was crazy with sex thoughts.  She was always horny and her fantasy life had become supercharged, with no real outlet for her, but her fingers.  Not if she wanted to keep her reputation and find a marriage partner.  So, she masturbated whenever she could find some privacy.

Chapter 2


One afternoon, she had gone to see her widowed Uncle Juan.  Juan was a big, gruff fellow, but Maria loved him and he considered her almost like a daughter.  She was always going over to see him for comfort and support.   He was not home, but she decided to wait and as she did, Bruno, her Uncle’s dog came inside with her from the yard. 

Maria always liked Bruno.   She knew the dog when it was just a pup; now the animal was full grown.  It was a mutt, but a big one; a black lab and German shepherd mix, weighing nearly 100 lbs.   Maria petted him and wrestled with him a little.   Soon, the big dog, either catching her feminine odor, which in Maria’s case was always crusty in her panties,  or just responding to her touch, began to show its cock.   Its penis emerged hot and red from its sheath.

  Maria noticed and couldn’t take her eyes off the dog’s dick.  Bruno, at one point, a very sweet animal, lay down on its back and whimpered.  It wanted her to rub its belly and Maria obliged.  But she kept staring at the red tip as it snaked out and then retreated into the sheath.   She stared at the animal’s big balls, and the sight of its testicles and penis was hypnotic.

  As she rubbed its belly,  the penis came out even more.  Mesmerized, she found her hand reaching for the tip - just to touch it - nothing else - just to see how it felt.  With her index and middle finger, she made contact.  It felt so hot - she was amazed.  And Bruno just lay there panting.  The animal was concentrating on the sensation it felt in its most sensitive organ.  Maria touched it again and the tip just shot out.  She jerked her hand back surprised, and Bruno showed it liked that by whimpering.

  Before she knew it, Maria was touching the dog’s penis in the most intimate way.  As she explored the hot spear, it kept coming further out of its sheath.  Maria was amazed at how much cock a dog has. Already it was long, bright red and so hot.  And it was slimy as there seemed to be a steady drool coming from the pointed tip.

  Maria used her finger to rub the tip back and forth and Bruno showed by every way it could that it liked it when she did that.  She let the dog’s cock tell her what it liked.   When she diddled the tip, it began to spurt in little “pops” and it got her hand wet.  She looked around, a bit guilty and that’s when she decided to go to the door.   She opened it - looked outside and seeing no one, least of all her Uncle, she closed the door and locked it.  Then she returned to Bruno.

  She continued her explorations.  She found the dog wasn’t too interested in having her touch its balls…in fact, she felt tension when she did that.  She enjoyed cupping them in her hand - feeling them - imagining how much of the dog’s male seed was in them.  

  But the animal loved it when she worked the whole cock out of its sheath, and especially when she teased the tip.  It just popped and spurted like crazy when she did that.  So, she concentrated on seeing how much she could stimulate the beast.

When the dog’s “knot” emerged and began swelling, Maria, amazed, touched that too - felt it - gave it little squeezes.  After a while, she stopped. It was not that she didn’t find all of this interesting or enjoyable.  It was very stimulating. The problem was that she was feeling it herself.  She could feel her pussy throbbing -  and she felt the wetness in her panties.  She could smell her own arousal.  Playing with the dog had gotten her “hot”.

  And the dog could smell her sexual odor at this point too.  When she got up off her knees and sat on her Uncle’s daybed, with her legs apart, Bruno bounded up and came over to nuzzle her.  She petted the animal and before she knew it, the dog had stuck its muzzle into her crotch.  Her skirt prevented the dog from getting to her pussy, but the wick had been lit.

It felt warm  - very warm down there now - and it wasn’t the first time that a doggy had stuck its muzzle into Maria’s crotch.  When she was 10, a neighbor’s dog liked to smell anyone’s ass or crotch as dogs want to do.  Maria’s Mama discovered the dog sniffing her eldest daughter and yelled so quickly and so loud that it startled both Maria and the animal - sending both scurrying for cover.

But Maria remembered the forbidden little thrill she felt as the dog nuzzled her.  It all came back to her now as Bruno was showing her it wanted to smell her – “there”.  She knew it was wrong - she could almost hear and even see her Mama standing over her, shaking her finger and scolding her, but she did it anyway.  Maria lifted her skirts and spread her legs.  She sat there and waited.

  Bruno lifted its head to look at her…and then the big, black dog made a beeline for that hairy, moist, smelly place between her legs.  And as soon as the animal’s cold wet nose pushed up against her wet crotch, Maria knew she was lost - just lost.  

  Feeling very quickly that her panties were in the way, Maria pushed the dog back and pulled them down and off.  Then she lay back on the bed with her legs spread and her feet on the floor and allowed Bruno complete access to her dripping honey pot.

  Her cunt and asshole were completely exposed in this position.  She could smell her leaking pussy.  And at this point, Maria was so juicy.  She looked down and saw her clitoris sticking up out of its hood, throbbing slightly.  Her oozing, smelly cunt had always been an embarrassment to Maria, but now it was a powerful lure to the dog.

Bruno was excited as it found the source of the delightful odor.  The dog sniffed once and then its tongue snaked out quickly to lap directly at her hole. The animal licked, its big tongue like a soft pink paintbrush covering her whole cunt.  The dog salivated like mad and added to her copious secretions, her pubic hair was soon wet and got all plastered down.  The dog used its tongue to explore every fold and crease.  

The animal started licking at her asshole; then it slurped back up through her labia before getting to her now swollen clitoris.  With each sloppy kiss now, Maria could see her clit standing up like a finger.  She couldn’t stop it now; it was so arousing.  She leaned back and felt herself getting ready to cum.  After a really slow stroke of its tongue, she came hard. 

“Oh…OH....OH….OH……..OOOOOOOOOHHHH..OOOHHH….OOOHHHH….oooohhhh….oooohhhh.....OH MOTHER OF GOD.....OH GOD....OH....OHHHHH, Oh God, OH GOD,” she screamed in the throes of her first ‘doggy’ orgasm.   

  Her mind spun and her brain exploded, as her body just shook and twitched.  She’d almost passed out.  It was sooo good.  She realized that her taste and smell must be very exciting to the dog.  She had always been embarrassed by her strong musky odor.  It seemed fitting that the dog liked it.  She considered sex as something “dirty”.  

Mama said so;  so did the priest.   It was animalistic.  For animals.  This beast seemed to want to lick her as long as she was juicy.  It licked her from her asshole to her clit in a deliberate way.  Sometimes the stroke was slower, and Bruno seemed to concentrate on part of her pussy.  Then the tongue went from her asshole to her clit. 

The more the dog licked her, the more her pussy juice flowed.  The animal even thrust its soft, wet, big tongue inside her vagina trying to get at the source of the tasty fluids.   Every time its thick tongue penetrated her vagina and twisted around trying to lick it up, the cold nose pressed hard against her distended clit, which stuck out a mile. 

This combination was too much for Maria and she came hard each time the dog did it.  It was one orgasm after another.  Bruno eventually stopped and Maria slumped back on the bed, exhausted.   Afterwards, guilty, she got herself together - cleaned up and left.

  After that first time, Maria sought out every opportunity to visit her widowed Uncle - especially if he was not at home.  When he was there, the dog paid a lot of attention to her, and she had to push it away.  Her Uncle looked at her “funny” once when it was apparent the dog found Maria very interesting. 

When her Uncle left for a temporary job, it was Maria who volunteered to come over to his little house and take care of Bruno.  Of course, it was Bruno who took care of her.  Her favorite thing was to strip completely and rub some sugar on her nipples as a preliminary to get the dog to lick them.  

  This could get her close to cumming - all by itself.  Then the dog’s natural interest in her pussy took over and she would let the big dog lick her pussy until she’d cum so many times she’d almost pass out.

When Uncle Juan was out of town for that two-week period, Maria and the dog developed a “relationship”.   Touching the dog’s penis, Maria got a totally wicked thought - and since she knew that with the door locked and no one was expected - that she was alone and free to indulge - she bent down and began to explore the dog’s penis with her mouth.  

  Ever since she was 13 and had gossiped with her girlfriends about what men did with girls, Maria’s interest in the male organ had grown, including putting her mouth on a penis.

She soon found what the big black dog liked.  When she ran the tip of her tongue around the tip in circles - then diddled the tip - flicking the tip back and forth - then just kissing the tip - and then sucking it in just an inch or so, the dog went wild.  Actually the dog’s cock went wild. 

The tip began spurting and jetting so much sweet, salty cum that Maria was shocked and then in heaven.  She liked the feeling of doing it.  The feeling of the dog’s cock in her mouth; and the taste and the smell of the dog’s maleness.   This was the purest essence of the animal’s maleness.  There was so much…

  She would get the tip in her mouth and her cheeks told the story.  She would suck and her cheeks would bulge from the copious amounts of watery cum, until she swallowed.  Then her cheeks would bulge again. This went on for awhile.  She kissed, teased and licked the tip.   Soon this would make her a sloppy mess as her cheeks, nose, mouth and chin got coated with the dog’s fuck slime.

If anyone had caught her, she would be whipped and hung from a post as a witch.  But Maria didn’t care at that point.  She was discovering her sexuality in a culture that made it very hard on young women to do just that.  And she was a very sexual person.  

  And in a culture that controls and restricts such things, she was always in danger of going to “hell”.  But for now, she was in “heaven”.  She made the dog cum and cum.  It got all over her face, and she swallowed quite a bit of it too.  The dog would ejaculate almost a cupful of its thin watery semen and then a thicker cum, similar to a man’s.  

  On many occasions, she sucked the dog off.  And each time, it was easier and a hotter experience for her.  She had discovered a more guilty pleasure than masturbation.

  Chapter 3

Uncle Juan

She kept finding opportunities to go to her Uncle’s tiny one room house.   She was discovered of course.  Her Uncle came home early one day.  Maria was letting the dog lick her.  Naked, on the daybed with her legs spread wide and her feet flat on the floor.  Moaning and whimpering as the dog’s muzzle was buried in her hairy crotch.  She was enjoying the feeling of its fur rubbing her thighs and the animal’s unbelievable tongue driving her crazy.

  Juan came in and was greeted with a sight that shocked him into stunned silence.   Maria didn’t even see him at first.  He had come expecting to find no one there - heard some noise, and came in slowly to see who or what was in his house.  He wondered if it was Maria, but didn’t think that at this time of the day, she would be there.  Seeing her naked with the dog’s muzzle between her legs shocked him numb.



  “What are you doing?”


She began crying.  She knew she was in big trouble, and on some level, she knew that tears could help her.  She had pushed poor Bruno off her…and the animal didn’t understand it at all – but it saw Juan and bounded over to him, who unconsciously pushed the dog away.  In the meantime,  Maria’s 40 year old Uncle just stared at his niece who struggled to cover up.

  “What are you doing? What are you doing?”

  Juan was in shock…he just kept repeating the same thing.   She was the apple of his eye and now she was doing this horrible thing.

He had always known, especially from her Mama's complaints, that his niece was a hot female - a sexual women and therefore a threat, to the social order and marriage.  Married women were not expected or encouraged to climax when they had sex.  Sex was for pregnancy and the glorification of the man’s power over her.  

  As a single woman, Maria, of course,  was fair game in Mexican culture.  Any male would try to have sex with her.  Juan would have wanted his niece to be a traditional woman - one who knew her place.  Deep down, Juan knew it was impossible for some women to control their hot pussies.  But with this thing he just discovered, he was shocked and struggled like mad to understand it.

“Maria, what are you doing? WHY? WHY?”

  Maria cried and cried.  Uncle exiled Bruno to the yard.  In the meantime, her Uncle just sat down and stared at the floor.  When Maria was able to talk…she could not tell him why she did what he found her doing.  And Juan allowed his anger and frustration to spill out.  He began to berate he as a slut and a whore. Maria cried even more.

  She had pulled a thin, ragged blanket over her to cover up.  She kept clutching it tightly around herself as he  angrily scolded her for her slutty ways.  Then he stood up and yanked off his belt.

  “You do not know how to control yourself.. Get on your belly you little puta  and I will give you what you need.”

  He made her give up the blanket and lie across the bed.  It was then that he saw how fulsome and female his niece was.  He had always unconsciously noticed how big her butt and tits were.  But now, to see her naked on his bed....well, he was a man first and an Uncle second!  Angry, confused and guilty at his own thoughts, he pulled of his thick, brown leather belt to give her a whipping.

She hugged a pillow and clenched and unclenched her big butt cheeks as he got ready to whip her.   He stared at her big ass and realized that he was getting wood.  To quell this feeling, he began to whip her.  She began whimpering and then crying.  Her tears excited him.  At one point she humped the bed crying out as he made the end of the folded belt strike her right in her dark crack.  When he finished, he had a huge hard-on.

Seeing his naked niece lying on her tummy …..clenching and unclenching her full, full butt cheeks as he whipped her - the sound of the belt - a very erotic sound - hitting her fat brown puppies - and her whimpering and moaning as he beat her - it all got to him. 

She was now an adult female, and very attractive. Seeing her naked had a huge effect on him.  Even though she was family, he found himself wanting to do something - he didn’t know what - just something. He yelled at her in his confusion.

“Get up….on your knees - puta.  ON YOUR KNEES.”

  Maria clambered to get on her knees.  This exposed her tits to him. And now, her big, cow-like teats were right there -hanging down like big udders.  The dog had made her cum and she was still very wet.   She glanced down and saw that her nipples were swollen and erect.  Uh..Oh!!  She felt her pussy hot, swollen and wet and knew in this position that she was exposing herself totally to her Uncle.

Juan, as he looked at her tits and her hairy nest - with its swollen, purple labia - the big clit poking out - huge and distended - and the drool of her juices and the dog’s saliva all down her thighs.  He pointed out her “sin”.  

  “Look at how nasty and wet you are between your legs.  You have the soul of a puta!”

  All this only fueled his anger and his lust.  He was very aware of his hard cock straining his trousers.  And the more he noticed the wetness and her big, brown nipples with their huge aureoles, the more he wanted to punish her - and then a lightening bolt hit him - ‘he wanted to touch her tits’!!

  He tried to blot it out, but it was there - tormenting him - and the more he tried to suppress it - the more it seemed to grow.  He threw down the belt and pulled her into a half-seated position.  It didn’t take long, but before he knew it, he was slapping her face and then her tits, which only kept her nipples hard.  And then he began pinching and pulling them to hurt her.  And Maria began moaning in a hot and sexual way.

The more he called her a slut, the more she felt like a slut.  It was the first time that being called a “slut” made her hot.  Having a man tell her that and seeing that he was getting excited as he kept slapping her tit, and pinching and pulling on the nipples, did something to Maria.   It felt soooo good.  Both of them were shocked as she began juicing so much that she was wetting his bed.  

  And that’s when Juan went completely off track.  He bellowed that she was a hopeless puta.  And then he did something that shocked and surprised both of them: he bent her over and began rubbing her wet pussy and then smacking it with his open hand.  The more he did it, the more Maria wiggled and moaned. Soon it was obvious to both of them that he was masturbating her.  And it came as no shock to either of them when she came.

  “Oh God....Madre`Dios.....oh....oh....oh....OH....OHHHH....OHHHHH!”

  Rubbing and slapping her wet pussy, Uncle Juan made Maria cum.  When it was over, they were both breathing hard.  He looked down and seeing how uncomfortable he was in his trousers with cock full, turgid and throbbing, he stood up.

  “See what you did, you whore.  This is what happens with a whore.  You did this to me.”

  With that, he unbuckled his trousers and yanked them and his shorts down exposing his largish uncircumcised cock.  He grabbed Maria by her hair and yanked her head around - pulled her to him.  She stared at his erection and licked her lips.  She had never seen a man’s erection before.  She stared as he pulled his foreskin back to display the reddish head to her.

  She felt her pussy wet and hot – the sight of a man’s cock was what she had been waiting for.  She looked up at him with a question in her eyes.  ‘What was he going to do?’

  “You dirty puta (whore)…you filthy little cusca (slut)…you’ve made your Uncle hard…you are a daughter of Diablo.”

  Before either of them knew what was happening, Juan had pulled her mouth close to his dick and made her kiss it.  When she did that, he groaned like a man who had been stabbed.  Maria, liking the effect she could have on him, began to give his cock, the object of her desire, little wet kisses everywhere. 

She was on her hands and knees on the bed and he was standing facing her.  He moaned when she licked it.  She did it tentatively, but seeing that he liked it, she began to use her tongue on him the way the Bruno had tongue-fucked her.

  She found that, unlike a dog, he wasn’t as responsive to having the tip, his pisshole licked a lot.  But as she kissed and licked him up and down, he gave in to his desires and soon had her take it in her mouth.

  “That’s it, suck it Maria...suck it baby. Ohhh yeah.  Do little cocksucking whore.”

  Maria liked the dirty talk now.  Hearing it from her mother all those years grated on her, but now that a man, a virile man with a big cock was calling her those dirty names as she kissed and sucked on his dick, made her hotter.

  And the more she sucked it, the more Uncle Juan began to treat her like a common whore.  Soon, he grabbed her by her thick hair and began to yank her head back and forth on his cock.  Maria, feeling free now, reached up with her other hand to cradle and caress his balls.  She wanted to feel them....full of hot seed....and compare them to the dog’s.

The more this went on, he started making her gag. The more she slobbered on his cock - drooling and slobbered; and the more she made those gagging noises in her throat - exciting both of them - the hotter Juan got.  Finally, he went into a frenzy of humping her mouth - making her gag!  So much so that Maria began to feel that she was going to vomit; but before that happened he erupted like a fire-hose - filling her mouth with his cum. 

There was a lot, so that  she coughed - a sloppy cough, and it squirted out the corner of her mouth in a torrent.  She liked the taste.  It was different from Bruno’s ....thicker and saltier.  And his cock wasn’t as hot as the dog’s, but it was all she had ever dreamed and more.....

  Afterwards, Maria lay gasping on her back.  Her mouth and tits wet and messy from her Uncle’s ejaculation.  And Juan had sagged into an old dilapidated chair trying to figure out what had happened.  He eventually began to talk to her in a low, emotion choked voice.  He got maudlin and soon began begging her for forgiveness.  Maria got up and hugged her Uncle.

He patted her head; he was still in shock over what he’d done.  He kept telling her that she was a “bad girl’, but he loved her.  And he was sorry he’d lost control.  But this was the start of a new relationship for them. 

Maria came over regularly to her Uncle’s house.  Here was the new relationship:  Uncle Juan became her new disciplinarian.  Like Mama, he would grill her about whether or not she had been a good girl or a bad girl. 

And then he’d ask her if she was, “wet”. 

If she hesitated -  and she was so cute when she did things like stare at her feet or fiddle with her hands, he pressed her.

“Are your panties, wet, Maria?  I have to check you,” he would say.

And then he’d make her pull up her skirt and spread her legs to show him the crotch of her panties.   If her panties were crusty with her secretions or wet, he would make her bend over, pull down her panties and then he’d give her a whipping.  

  Usually with an old bath brush that had a concave head.   When he beat her full, womanly buttocks with it made a satisfying “smack” sound.  Sometimes with just his belt, like the first time.  Then he would lecture her about being a “bad girl”. 

This was the routine.  Then, he would make her take off her blouse and bra to display her tits to him.  He’d tell her to “control yourself” as he pulled and pinched her nipples.  

  “Let’s see if you can control yourself,” he’d say.

  If she displayed arousal, he would spank her some more.  He would pretend to discover how wet she was.   Then, telling her she was a slut, he would masturbate her - telling her if she came – he would spank her again.  She came - came like a fire hose, wetting the bedcovers and his hand.  And, he beat her ass  again.  Usually when she left her Uncle’s house, she would not be able to sit down for several hours.

  Once, when Mama noticed the marks on her butt, and asked what was going on, Maria admitted that Uncle Juan had spanked her for something she said.  As a widow, Mama was glad, in a way, that her brother was taking an active interest in getting her daughter to toe the line.  If she only knew what her brother was really doing, she would have had a heart attack!

  By the time that Maria was sobbing from having her ass whipped, Uncle Juan had a big erection.  That’s when he began blaming her for arousing him.  He would take it out, blame her for making him “hard” and make her suck it to completion.  

  If he was feeling particularly nasty, he would give her a “pearl necklace” calling her a dirty whore and slut as he came.  He had forbidden her from ever having sex with Bruno, of course.  He told her that she would go directly to Hell if she had bestial sex.

The illusion that he was “correcting” and “disciplining” her allowed both of them to rationalize what they were doing.  For Maria, this was very satisfying.  She had a strong masochistic, submissive streak and these “sessions” with her Uncle gave her the sexual outlet that she was craving before marriage.  

  She had, of course, begun to be very curious about being penetrated.  She had only a remnant of her hymen.  It had been torn when she was playing as a child.  She had never put anything up her vagina.  Now, when she could, she began to masturbate by putting her fingers up her pussy.  She loved it....

  Juan was of two minds.  He felt guilty as hell for messing with his sister’s daughter.  But Maria was a sexual jewel and he never tired of seeing her big tits and ass and exploring that wet, musky pussy of her.  He had examined her thoroughly and discovered that she had only a sliver of her hymen left.

He had also taken to making her confess her “sins” to him.  So, in addition to having access to her body, which made him hot,  he had access to her mind too. And this made him hotter.  He knew she was a virgin.  Since she had never had a cock up her pussy, and her hymen was already torn, he thought about fucking her.  He began finger fucking her, which she loved instantly. 

Especially the way he would rub the front wall of her pussy with two fingers- frigging her so hard and so well, the she would gush like she was pissing.  This excited both of them to frenzy.

  Eventually, after a number of months, he took the big step one Saturday afternoon and took her virginity.  Maria loved being “taken”.  He wore a condom and had already cum once in her mouth.   He lasted a fairly long time and by the time he was done, Maria had experienced her first “vaginal” orgasm. 

It was a delicious experience.  Coming after her ass whipping, being masturbated by hand and a forced blow job, Maria was a drippy slut waiting for what he Uncle gave her. 

He had a largish penis and when he was done, he took it out, pulled off the condom and said, “see what you made me do, you slut?”

He ordered her to lick his cock clean, which Maria dutifully did. 

Then still holding the bag with its warm contents, he pointed to it and said, “Bite it open and then suck the seed.”

  Maria did as she was told and consumed her second hot meal of the day.  Then he turned the condom inside out and made her suck it totally clean.  Both Uncle and niece found their games enthralling.

So, she became a “woman”.  Bruno, of course, had lost his best friend.  The poor dog didn’t understand and would whine when she came over.  Juan took to exiling the dog to the yard when she visited him.  Fifteen months later, Uncle and niece were still playing this game.  

  In this way, they preserved the illusion that he was not corrupting her – after all - he was “disciplining” her.   It allowed him a hot sexual release.  It was terrific for Maria too.  Her Uncle “punished” her, if she couldn’t resist temptation.  And she never could!

  Chapter 4

Mule in a Trap

In time, Maria, at 19 left home. She never seemed to find her place in the town of her birth, Tampico.  She never found the right man, and so ended up in Monterey.  And while she found work in a small shop, she was unsatisfied with her life.  She met a man, Saul, and thought she was in love with him.  

  He took her virginity and for two months they got along fine.  He was small in his equipment and Maria found it hard to cum with him.  He liked to spank her though.  But she was interested in the totality of him as a person.  And in this he was seriously lacking.

  What she knew, but hated to admit to herself was that Saul worked for a drug lord.  His job was to recruit “mules’ - people to smuggle the drugs across the border.   This is what happened to Maria.  Saul helped her transition from a small town girl to a big city Mexicana.  She lost a little weight, cut her hair short, and began wearing tight blouses and short skirts.  

  He was intimidated by her sexuality and unconsciously kept looking for reasons to betray her.  The fact that he couldn’t make her cum when he fucked her was all it took.  He accused her of being a puta and fucking other men.  It wasn’t true, and it broke Maria’s heart.  What he did to her next would condemn her to a degraded life.

  He convinced her to smuggle some drugs across the border from the city of Nuevo Laredo into Texas.  She did it because  she loved him.  It was a huge mistake.   That fateful morning, he had carefully packed the drugs into a tube and convinced her to stash it in her rectum.  

  He lubed it and made her bend over and spread ‘em.  Then,  he inserted the banana-sized hard plastic container up her shit-hole.  Next,  he filled condoms with the drugs and one-by-one, inserted them into Maria’s deep, and by this time, well-used vagina.  

  He pulled on her nipples to get her wet and didn’t even need any K-Y jelly to get all six of the packed condoms inside her.  She was embarrassed, but loving him and trusting him, she allowed him to stuff her like a turkey.  But at a checkpoint on the Mexican side of the border, she was caught.

The federales stopped her car, were suspicious of the hot chicana and asked to step out.  They decided she was walking kind of “funny” and this alerted them that she might be a “mule”.  They cuffed her hands behind her back and transported her by police car to the city jail for interrogation.  

  Hustled down the dark corridors and finally to the basement, they made her sit and wait.  They had her under a bright light and this made her sweat, along with her fear.  She was cuffed and scared to death. 

After thirty minutes of so, a big-gutted, rough looking older cop named Manuel Morales, showed up with a handsome, sweet-faced younger cop.  He sat down opposite her and began asking her questions. When she balked or gave him an answer he didn’t like he began threatening her.  The other cop, the kid, named Ramon, attempted to calm him down…trying to show her he was on her side. They were playing the Mexican version of “good cop - bad cop”. 

Maria was trying to come across as cooperative and sophisticated.  Her new hairdo and clothes said she was a smart city girl, but underneath, she was still the farm girl from a rancho outside Tampico.  Morales began telling her that he knew she was a carrier.  She knew, at that moment, that she was in deep shit.  

  “I think you’re packing,” was how he put it....

  She was hoping still that somehow she could get away with it when Morales told her to take off her clothes.

  “I’m gonna strip search you.”

  She gulped - this was what she feared.  She had been creaming her panties on and off ever since Saul had “packed” her.  Both men just sat there and enjoyed the show.  Here she was, having to strip in front of strange men, one of whom was going to stick his fingers inside her.  

  Her stomach was filled with butterflies.  But she took off her tight blouse and then her skirt.  Finally she unhooked her bra and her big tits were exposed.  It was hot in the airless room, but her nipples - out of fear and God knows what else - were getting erect.  Morales had his young partner going thru her clothes to see if there was anything hidden, so Maria was handing him each piece as she stripped.

  Then she pulled down her panties.  Morales held out his hand - he wanted to see them.  He looked at the crotch.  They showed multiple stains, and there was a wet oval right showing.  Maria had creamed her panties!  Morales held them up and showed them to Ramon, who grinned.  

  Maria’s face showed her humiliation.  She watched as he pulled on a rubber glove (‘UH, OH’ – this reminded her of when her mother pulled on a rubber glove!) and standing up, grabbed her by the nipple to lift her tit so he could examine her underneath her heavy breasts in turn.  She was sweating there and her tits were so heavy, that she could have secreted a lot there....

  When she resisted a little, he smacked her hand down and barked at her to just stand still, “..... Hands by your side, puta.”

  In the process of examining her there - he was pinching and  pulling on her nipples and noted her reaction.  Her breathing became heavier and her nipples erected completely - the aureoles and her big, brown nipples just popped up like pebbled road.  Maria whimpered and it was sexy.  

And Morales knew he was going to have fun with this one.  He found her very hot and now that she was naked before him, he had a big bulge in his trousers.  Maria noticed it too.


Then he made her bend over with her hands on her knees and worked his fingers into her wet vagina.  He didn’t need to use any K-Y jelly.  The full-figured pretty chichona was dripping.  He soon discovered the packed condoms inside her.

“Get on the table, puta.”


  He made her get up, lie on her back and pull her legs up to her breasts.  Maria wanted to die.  Here she was naked in the “birth position” in a dark, dank police station basement - with her wet pussy and asshole totally exposed.  Morales took his time - pulling the labia open and inserting a single finger easily into her juicy hole.  Then when he got two fingers inside her he was able to grab one of the full condoms and pull it out.

  “Look at this Ramon....she’s packing....”

  He took his time - and sometimes with his thumb on her clit - he fished around and eventually got all of the bags in her vagina.  He shoved his fingers in as far as they would go - making her grunt.  He knew she was “empty”, but he was going to have some fun with her now.

  He noticed how she responded to having the bumpy front wall of her vagina touched.  And when he pushed his fingers in deep.   So, he got two fingers into her and began rubbing her G-spot and the area just beyond it.  Soon,  Maria’s hips were doing a jig as he went faster and faster.  And then, he began making her squirt. 


  “WHAT A DIRTY SLUT YOU ARE,” he said to her.

  “You cum like a slut dog.”

  Maria closed her eyes.   She was humiliated by how she responded.  Then one by one he got all his fingers inside her up to his knuckles, getting his gloved drippy wet in the process.  Maria could hear the wet, squelching sounds as he worked her.

He tucked his thumb underneath his fingers forming his hand into an arrowhead, pushed and opened her pussy lips wide and stretched the sphincter bit by bit until it popped through - allowing her outraged, stretched out pussy lips to close slightly.  

  She felt his wrist inside the mouth of her pussy and groaned.  Her pussy lips gripped his wrist as his hand slid around in a slow circle inside her, twisting completely around, then back again.  He rotated his hand back and forth inside her - opening and stretching the tight sheath of her pussy tunnel.

He pushed his hand in deeper.  It felt to her like he was shoving his fist into her belly.  He pushed past her cervix – past the knob until he reached the deepest pit of her cunt-hole.  He began twisting his fist around again; rotating it fully one way, then the other way.


He began to pull it out – but only a few inches before sliding back in slowly.  He worked his fist in and out of her pussy.  He was fist-fucking her.  He slid it in and out, making slow twisting motions at the same time.  She never had something that big in her pussy before and it felt sooo good.

This put tremendous pressure on her g-spot and her epicenter and as he pistoned his fist back and forth - mashing it against her hot spots, it got to Maria. Her breath was coming in snorts through her flared nostrils - her mouth was open and her eyes were shut.  Instinctively, she began to thrust her sex against his fist. 

His fist was a huge, hard ball inside her, the knuckles digging into the front wall of her pussy.  As he worked her, she gushed and came again, wetting his forearm.  She began to jerk, shake and tremble; her body went into spasms as she came.  It was a deep uterine orgasm.


  “Only a dirty slut comes when I inspect them for drugs.  That’s what you are,  aren’t you,” he taunted her.

  He smiled – it was fun making her cum.  It was even better when he verbally abused her and she hung her head in shame.  She was just a stupid slut to him – one of hundred nice farm girls who’d gotten in over her head.  He knew what to do with sluts like her.  Maria was devastated.  Not only was she in trouble, but her hot pussy had gotten her labeled once more  as a “puta”.

  Of course, he didn’t find any more contraband in her vagina, so Morales turned his attention to her other orifice.  He pressed her bulging anus with his finger and looked over at his partner and smiled.

  “What do we have here Ramon….hmmmm?  Look at this...there’s something in there that wants to get out.”

  He could tell she was packed.  Ramon grinned at Morales as the older cop pushed on the tight brown ring - clenching and squeezing to hold the load in her rectum.  He wormed his finger tip in and felt the end of the tube.

  “I think you have something big up your ass, puta…. I want you to shit it out….”

  Maria was horrified…he was going to make her shit it out.   With him yelling at her to do it... ‘do it faster’…she concentrated on squeezing.  This made the rim of her anus bulge - the tube didn’t want to come out.  She grunted and squeezed her bowels harder and only then the plastic became visible as the tube began to open her sphincter.  

  The two of them leaned in close watching her try to shit it out.  It hurt making Maria moan as she tried to get it to come out of her. The pressure made the rim of her anus go thin and white as the cylinder began to emerge. 

When it poked out, Maria groaned, “Madre`Dios.”

  The ivory colored plastic cylinder was 7 inches long and 5 inches around.  It had really been a tight fit inside Maria’s asshole.  It began coming out more and more, like a dirty sausage as Maria closed her eyes - she was so ashamed.  Finally it landed, clattering, on the table, and it sounded so loud to Maria in the small airless room.  Morales picked it up in his gloved hand, twisted open the cylinder and saw what was inside….

  Chapter 5

The Water Balloon

“You’re in big trouble, puta. Between what you had in your pussy and this…you were carrying a big load to Estados Unidos.   And you know what…I think you have more up that dirty shithole of yours.  Get on your hands and knees, puta – we’re gonna give you an enema.”

  Maria hadn’t had an enema since Mama gave them to her as a little girl. She groaned as she was not expecting this.  She pleaded and told him that there was nothing else up her asshole, but it was no use. He got her up on her hands and knees on the table and greased up her anus.  Then he brought out a big, black rubber plug.  

  He greased this up and attaching it to a long red, rubber hose, forced the nozzle into Maria’s rectum.  It pressed on a hot spot in her vagina through the thin membrane separating her rectum from her sex hole - and Maria, feeling a tingle, whimpered and groaned.  She was afraid that she would cum again…disgracing herself once more.

  Morales, having noted how easily she responded to being stimulated, took the nozzle out and reinserted it slowly - making her groan again.  He was having fun with her.  It was easy to humiliate her – to  reduce her to a little puppet and degrade her by making her cum.  He would have more fun with this big-titted chica.  

  Maria fearfully watched Ramon fill a two-quart rubber bag with hot water.  Then he hung it up high over her head on a hook.  Morales grinned at her – hooked it all up and told her to get ready.  Then he opened the clamp and slowly began filling her bowels with hot water.  He pulled and pushed on the nozzle - in effect, fucking her - as the water flowed.   This made her groan.  Morales grinned at Ramon.

  “She likes it up the ass,” he said.

  Maria began moaning as the water stretched her belly and bowels and pressed on the nerves on the front wall of her vagina.  Soon her pussy was “weeping” copiously again - wetting her labia and perineum.  The anus and the genitals share a lot of sensitive nerve endings, and the enema was making Maria react.   

  Her sphincters were soon spasming around the thick black nozzle in rhythm with contractions in her vagina.   Both men watched fascinated as the tight muscular ring squeezed the nozzle embedded deep in her rectum.

Maria, to her horror, was being aroused at this stage.  The distention of her rectum by the water put tremendous pressure on her sex nerves and the sensitive stretch receptors – and this stimulated the sex muscles of her pelvic floor in a very powerful way.   Both men got very hard and hot watching her writhing and struggling and watching her asshole squeezing the nozzle.

It was humiliating, what they were doing to her and she kept her face turned towards the far wall.  This was no casual cleansing.  Morales planned to make hurt - this was a “torture enema”.  He was going to pump as much as five quarts - as much as her body could handle.  He planned to fill her until she vomited.  He administered the first two quarts, and it went pretty quick.

He had Ramon fill the bag again.  At three quarts, the pain began begin to overwhelm any sexual feelings she had and Maria began groaning and moaning in pain.  Soon she had taken four full quarts and began to beg pitiably.  The bag was filled again and now Morales enemated her slowly, clamping the hose for longer periods.

“Mother of God….please….oh….God….oh…ah….oh….ooooohhhhh.  PLEASE NO MORE.....DEAR GOD.....MOTHER OF GOD.....NO MORE....NO....PLEASE....ANY MORE!

  As a fifth quart was forced into her bowels, she began gagging and then retching.


  Morales sadistically continued filling her until he made her vomit.  He had done this to others.  Ramon got a bucket in front of her mouth in time to catch the torrent.   This was very nasty as the vomit contained brown lumps.   

  Morales had forced so much water into her that it went past her pyloric valve - up into her stomach.  This made her throw up.  Afterwards, her eyes were red.  She had cried during the ordeal and her chin was wet with drool - she was a sad sight when it was over. 

Following this, he made her get up to display her huge swollen belly with the nozzle still embedded in her rectum.  Then he and Ramon had sport with her.  They made her walk around and squat, which put a lot of pressure on her asshole.  

Ramon eyeballed her full thighs, big ass, her swollen belly and her grapefruit sized breasts that bobbed and jiggled erotically with their big, brown nipples and saucer-sized aureoles as she clumsily walked and squatted at their command.


With about twelve pounds of water stretching her guts, she was soon begging and pleading to be allowed to sit on the toilet and shit the enormous load.  Ramon was amazed at how big her belly had gotten and kept remarking on it. She had taken more than five quarts.  It had been a penetration and filling fuller than any other sexual act short of pregnancy. 

In fact, her swollen belly made her look seven or eight months pregnant.  They had turned her into a “water balloon”.  Morales finally allowed her to sit on the toilet.  She was sweating and whimpering with the heavy load in her bowels, as he pressed her on her swollen stomach.  It was so humiliating and painful - all of it.  

  The sounds and odors that issued as she expelled the enema added to her humiliation.  She kept her face covered with her hands and her whimpers added to the symphony of sounds her body was making as she shit.  Maria had never been so humiliated in her whole life; having to shit in front of someone, two strangers.   It was the most degrading, humiliating thing she could have ever imagined as a woman.

Morales examined the contents of the bowl when she was done.  It was an added degradation to have someone look thru what had been inside her.  He found no more drugs…only her feces in the dirty brown water.  Following this, they locked her naked in a dark, dirty cell by herself and left her there for several hours.  Someone came by and brought her some water to drink.  She was huddled in a corner with the thin, dirty cotton blanket wrapped around her. 

Chapter 6

The Interrogation

Later Morales came back with Ramon and another guard and then the real fun began.  He wanted names and addresses…and when Maria didn’t tell them what he wanted, he had his partner pull her out of her cell and force her up against the bars of the cell door.

  Ramon cuffed her hands up high over her head – the other guard made her place her feet on the bottommost bar and tied her ankles to the bars with her legs spread. The tied a rope around her waist; the position put her tits on display as they protruded thru the vertical bars and hung over a horizontal bar.  

  Morales got behind her with a spray bottle filled salt water.  He sprayed her butt cheeks until they were dripping and then spread her cheeks to wet her asshole.  Maria had Ramon and the other guard stand in front of her on her side of the door facing her. She turned away to avoid their cruel, grinning, mocking gaze….

  “Here we go,” Morales announced. 

Maria laid her head on her right bicep and whimpered.  She didn’t know what he was going to do next, but she expected something bad…very bad.  The guards licked their lips and stared at her with lust and excitement showing in their hard, dark eyes.  Her naked beauty excited them, but the thought of the ordeal she was facing excited them too.  

  Morales brought out a cattle prod!  It was about 18 inches long. It had a blue plastic handle with a red tip with two closely set aluminum contacts mounted there, and a yellow activation button.  He displayed the colorful device to Maria.

  “Isn’t it pretty,” he asked her sadistically?

  “What is it,” she asked frightened?

   “This is a cattle prod,”  he explained – pointing to the two aluminum pegs. “When I press the button - watch,” with that he pushed the button and a blue spark arced across the contacts, making a crackling noise which startled and frightened her.  

  Maria began to beg for mercy…

  “OH GOD, please....I don’t know anything....I’m just a mule.....I only was supposed to carry....please....don’t hurt me....”

  “Refuse to tell me what I want to know and it will be worse than anything you can imagine,”  Morales said to her.  “I want the name of the man you work for to start.  If you don’t tell me, I’ll start with your ears first.”

  Maria squirmed in agony. She couldn’t tell him the name of the man she loved.  She had to see if she could hold out.  She shivered in fearful anticipation, and then, trying to be strong, she straightened up and told him her answer….

“I understand… but I have nothing to tell you,” she said, looking at him directly to emphasize her point.

  Morales smiled. He touched the tip to her earlobe, and she screamed as the current bit her.  He kept asking her questions and telling her that it could get much worse.  He used the prod on her fingers and toes. 

And when that didn’t work, he told her that as much as that hurt, could she imagine how much the prod would hurt if he used it on the more sensitive areas of her body, like her nipples, her pussy and her asshole?  

  Her ass was wet - she had been sweating.  It was hot.  Maria licked her lips and whimpered, shaking like a leaf and trying to control her bladder, as she felt like she had to piss.  Morales went behind her and rubbed the tip all along her cheek…and then down her crack.

  “Wanna tell me?”

  When he got no answer, he touched the prod to her butt cheek – and pressed the button.  Immediately she was driven erect by the current.  When he pulled it back, she slumped in her bonds.


  Each time he stabbed her fat cheeks, her forced her onto her toes and Maria was shaken as if by an invisible hand.  Her asscheeks clenched involuntarily each time he shocked her…. on and on until he stopped… allowing her to collapse, whimpering…hanging from the door like a bug pinned to a board. Her brown butt cheeks were soon stippled with angry pairs of red marks from where the contacts had been applied.

He wormed it in between her cheeks and began whispering in her ear about how it was going to feel…heightening her anticipation of how much the shocks would hurt when it was applied to that sensitive, nerve-laded orifice.  Then he spread her ass cheeks and shocked her on her wet anus – making her howl like an animal.  

  She humped the bars - wiggled and writhed when he worked it in between her cheeks to get it right on her anus - and then he let the prod kiss her there, the writhing and convulsive spasms gave the two guards quite a show. 

The were tickled pink watching old Morales working her butt and shit-hole.  The prod made her butt cheeks and legs vibrate and shake with the current.  In front, even her belly muscles clenched involuntarily - so tight  - it hurt!

  When she still wouldn’t tell him who her contact was, he went around to the other side to work on her tits.  He began by pinching and pulling on her nipples…. stretching them out as far as they would go…making her groan and then cry out as he pulled them until she thought that he would pull them off!  Then he picked up a wooden slat and showed it to her.

  “I’m gonna tenderize them first,” he announced.

  He began slapping her puckered tits mostly right on the nipples.  He went all around the aureoles, but mostly he just smacked them hard there.  Maria’s nipples were very sensitive and as this went on she began to scream each time he hit them. 

Ramon came over to watch his older partner do this to her.  It was very arousing to the young cop.  Usually, when they were finished with a female prisoner’s tits, like this one, there was no permanent damage.  But they would be marked from hard abuse!

  He kept this up until he had her squirming, writhing, and screaming.  Then, he sprayed her puckered teats with the water bottle.   Wetting them with the salt water, so the electricity would have the max impact.  Bound to the bars, there was no way she could  escape what he was going to do next.

  He held up the prod, stood in front of her and pressed the tip against her right nipple - indenting the aureole and squashing the teat in the process.  Then he pushed the button.  Maria screamed and jerked as a heavy jolt of current zapped through her tit. The two men watched the cone rise when he took the tip of the prod away …the nipple growing painfully erect in an instant.

She slumped in her bonds and sucked in her breath, her eyes distant as she concentrated on recovering from the strange but powerful sensations that had gone thru her breast.  When she found her breath, he repeated the drill on her other nipple.  When he pressed pushed the button, immediately she went rigid, as if hit in the small of the back.  The current sizzled through her tit, making her belly cramp.  A keening sound broke through her tight throat and her eyes flew open.

Her nipple swelled up as big as a strawberry and began turning purple. Smiling, he stopped - letting her gasp for air.  He used the prod to work her tits all over - everywhere on the smooth, creamy tit flesh - leaving a trail of red spots everywhere he shocked her, but Maria really went crazy when he concentrated on the nipples themselves.

  “OH...MOTHER OF GOD....HELP ME.......OH...OHHHH....OWWWWWW.....AHHHH....OH GOD! HELP ME....OH... GOD.....SAVE ME.........

  When he shocked her aureoles and her nipples - the sizzling current made them puff up and soon they had swollen to comic proportions.   With her nipples being very sensitive, it didn’t take him long to break her down - only about 10 minutes of shocking her there and she broke.   He never had to use it on her clitoris....

  But, before she “sang”,  she lost control of her bladder and pissed on the stone floor like a cow in the field - adding to her humiliation.  She babbled her boyfriend’s name and soon, she was telling Officer Morales anything and everything he wanted to know.  He finally let his partners take her down and she collapsed on the bunk. 

Chapter 7

Anal Torture

Later, he and Ramon and five other officers others came back. 

“What do you want,” she asked fearfully?

  Morales ignored that and yanked her into place on the bunk face up, her ass at the edge.  Her legs were pulled wide - her pussy gaped, glistening in the dim light and inviting all of them to fuck and abuse her.

  Morales dropped his trousers and displaying his hot, hard erection to her, her entered her quickly and began to fuck her forcefully, cumming quickly.  Another cock took its place and soon her wet, hot pussy allowed each man to quickly reach a powerful orgasm.  Hands were everywhere - feeling her up, pinching her nipples, and probing the folds and openings of her body. 

Maria had an orgasm as her pussy became sloppy with cum.  Finally she was turned over.   Morales used some of the semen to lubricate her shit hole.  Maria had never been anally penetrated.  She flinched when she felt him preparing her asshole.   He then spit on her anus.  That was another degradation.  When he was ready, he impaled her with his cock.  The other cops crowded closer, their attention on the one-sided struggle between Morales’ cock and her tight asshole.  

The expressions on his face and hers were similar.  Both appeared to be in the grip of pain.  Maria by the pain and humiliation as Morales sodomized her in front of his amigos, and Morales by his lust to hurt her.  The look in her eyes said she was in pain.  And in truth, Maria had a tight hole.   As he penetrated her, the pain was terrific. 

Just as if she were giving birth, she panted like a dog as she tried to deal with the pain in her shitter.   Frantically she tried to resist - her sphincter trying to relax.  But it was no good.  She couldn’t relax it enough for it not to hurt like hell. 

He leaned on her and this forced his hard cock deeper into her.  His cock, embedded in her asshole, overloaded her mind with waves of pain.  She had never been sodomized before.  Morales brutally forced his way deeper inside her virgin ass, cruelly stretching her rectum.  Maria felt as if a baseball bat was being forced up her ass.  It felt like he was going to split her in two.

“OH GOD, IT’S KILLING ME.....OH GOD....NO....NO....PLEASE....NO....!”

  Her body began to surrender to his cock as it was too painful to resist any longer.  In her mind she began to open up to him totally.  There was no other way....

  “Please... not so hard.... it hurts soooo much.”

Her shit hole had loosened a little and it took him only three or four strokes to fully penetrate her up to his pubic hairs.   Her sphincter gripped the base of his cock tightly - squeezing his cock. 

As his men watched, Morales then began to ride her.  He started moving relentlessly in and out of her asshole like a machine, brutally stretching her.  Now that he was fully inside her, Morales knelt, his knees shoulder width apart on the bunk.  He gripped her slick, sweaty shoulders to pull her now pliant body back onto his hard cock, so he could plow into her asshole with hard, powerful strokes. 

He slammed into her ass with all his power to hurt her, brutally and relentlessly impaling her on his cock.  Involuntarily, Maria, underneath him, cried out, a low constant moan coming from her full lips.

Everyone could see her hands clench helplessly each time Morales plowed her.  Her body had gone limp.  Nothing angry or pleading came out of her mouth, just incoherent animal-like sounds and a long moan, the volume rising and falling in time with Morales’ humping.


  Morales  sodomized her as the others men joked or clapped their hands in time with his thrusts into her open ass hole.  It seemed to Maria as if it would go on forever.  It hurt her and what was worse was that she felt so helpless.  There was nothing she could do to make him stop.  Morales stayed hard stroke after stroke,  battering her body. 

He came only when he threw himself forward onto her back, grabbing her thick black hair to force her head to one side, so he could see her tear-streaked face as he raped her with power strokes.  Only then, after he had looked into her eyes and felt her submit totally,  did he cum in her ass.  He cried out in triumph as he filled her asshole with hot cum.  

He lay on her wet, warm back for a moment, crushing her with his weight, until Ramon, impatient now for his turn,  tapped him on the shoulder and asked for his place.   Ramon was just as rough as Morales.  In a single thrust he impaled Maria, sinking up to his pubic hairs in her. 

He  plowed relentlessly into her wide open ass.  Poor Maria just made small moaning sounds underneath him.  She could manage nothing more.  Each time he slammed into her, it knocked the wind out of her lungs. 

Unconcerned with her agony, he took his pleasure as quickly and as brutally as he could.  Then he too filled her with a flood of hot cum before also collapsing on her nude back.  He got off her and was replaced by another. 

Maria lost track of how many men raped her ass.   She took 7 men.  It seemed to go on and on as one man would finish and the next man would ram it into her.  It all became one long rape.  The cock became one monstrous cock, repeatedly and painfully sodomizing her.

She only knew the hurtful impalement, the feeling of having her ass stretched and invaded, had become her whole reality.   She lay passive.  Just as she had surrendered to Morales, she surrendered to each man who followed him.  She became nothing more than their fuck toy.  

The pain in her shit hole became a constant ache.  Through it all, she lay there on her belly - her full lips open, panting between moans.  Her sweaty body gleamed,  the light creating a shadow play between the combination of muscular male power and her warm, hot beauty.   Her naked body, buffeted by the violent thrusts, was just a thing for them to use and abuse.

Afterwards she lay there, her beauty defiled by their foul cum and sweat. Morales began whispering in her ear.   She was so “out-of-it” she couldn’t make sense of what he was saying to her.   She lay on her back sated in a pool of cum; her legs splayed wide, her pussy gaping, her clit, swollen red and rigid. She looked up at the ceiling her mind blank, exhausted.  Her asshole was raw, stretched .....An open “O” .....A toothless mouth....with semen smeared all over and drooling in a steady stream. 

Her next bowel movement was a torment.  Her asshole was so sore that she could not touch herself there.  And having to shit hurt so much that she gripped the toilet seat and groaned as each turd emerged from her ravaged anus.  

The next day,  Morales came to see her and presented her with a choice.  She could go to work as a cocktail waitress at a club a friend of his owned in Nuevo Laredo or she could face charges of attempted drug transport.  The crime could put her in prison for 5 to 7 years.  Maria didn’t have to hesitate long to make a decision.  But there were strings attached to the deal and she soon found out what she had gotten herself into.

  He brought her over to the club and the owner was a fat disgusting little toad of a man.  He told her that she would wait on tables and showed her the costume she would wear.  He presented her with a very short skirt, skimpy panties, a bra and heels.   Maria asked if there was prostitution.

“Do I have to go with the men,” is how she put it.

“No, there’s no prostitution at the Club Paradiso.  It’s not legal anywhere in the zone,” he told her.

  Morales chimed in, “Cardenas runs a tight ship.  And he makes the good contributions to the policeman’s retirement fund. “

  “But, Maria, it is legal for a waitress to go up on the stage, take off her clothes and dance for the customers,”  he informed her grinning, and then winking at Cardenas. 

“One of my girls is getting married and I need a replacement.  The job requires a big strong girl.  Officer Morales tells me that you are strong.  I will pay you well and you will work from 6 to midnight, six days a week.  You have to start immediately,” he informed her.

  She had no choice in the end.  It was either become a stripper or face a long, hard prison sentence in one of Mexico’s dirty federal prisons.  The worst part in her mind at this point was the public exhibition she would be facing. Being on display in the bar for men to fondle - and then having to take her clothes off.  She shook her head sadly that her life had been reduced to this…

It was degrading.  But, one part of her knew she would be in situations at times that would make her cream her panties.   But, she worried about the degradation and humiliation she would endure at the same time.  It was a life that would stamp its mark on her to be sure.  

  But there really was no other choice. Getting caught reduced her options to this or jail.  She told Cardenas that she had missed her period and she might be pregnant.  He grinned and told her he would take care of that.  He had a special doctor that took care of his girls. A week later, Maria had an abortion...

  Chapter 8

Cocktail Waitress

At the club, Cardenas put her to work, wearing a short black skirt, frilly panties, a lacy white mesh bra, sexy little pink ankle socks and black high heels with a strap.  There were four other girls working that night. Maria met them in the dressing area.  

  All but one were Mexican ‘farm’ girls like Maria.  There was one American blonde, but she seemed like a burnt-out case to Maria.  The customers were a mixture of some locals with a lot of rawboned Texas farm boys and middle-aged gringo businessmen.  She went among the tables and soon found that working as a cocktail waitress in this club exposed her to tons of male lust.

Guys hit on her as she served - patted her ass.  The more aggressive ones put their hands up her skirt to feel her ass  or her crotch; some pinched her nipples.  Some of the tougher customers would try to finger fuck her.  And since she was wearing a lacy bra, her nipples could be clearly seen.  Since they were so big and prominent, it didn’t take men long to reach up and pinch her chichis.

  The first night, after an hour, Maria got wet, and since she lubricated heavily, she had soon creamed her panties.  It was very humiliating.  Then Senor Cardenas was up on stage making announcements in Spanish and English.  When the Club would be closed….and stuff like that.

And then he began to talk about the show that would be starting in five minutes.  He pointed Maria out, and as he did so, she was bathed in light from an overhead spotlight.  Maria wanted to melt into the floor as he talked about her “charms”.  He made mention of her big tits!

  All part of the show.  Maria had been working for an hour and a half, and a dozen men had the opportunity to fondle her.  But Maria was clearly going to have to take off her clothes.  Senor Cardenas built her up and promised the hooting bar patrons that they were going to see something hot and new.

  He summoned her up on the stage and made her drop her tray and stand with her arms by her side.  He then got behind her and undid her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders.  As it fell, he caught it and Maria stood there with her big, tits on display.  Senor Cardenas began playing with her tits as he told the audience, holding the microphone in one hand, what he was doing and what effect it was having on Maria.

They were already half-erect and as he pulled on them and pinched them they swelled and puckered, making her hot and feeling like a sex puppet up there on the stage for the amusement of a roomful of horny men.  All of this was having an effect on her. 

Her pussy began drooling again.  When he made her take off her skirt and panties and threw the panties to the crowd, she cringed with embarrassment.  The crotch was wet and the man who caught them showed them to his friends and then held them up to display them to everyone.   Maria was mortified!

  Recorded music began playing and Cardenas ordered her to dance.  Maria self-consciously began swaying and moving to the beat.  The guys yelled and stamped their feet and most of them, in loud voices, told her what they’d like to do to her. It was all very crude and male.  

  She danced, but later couldn’t remember what she did.  It was like she was someone else up there.  This was her new life.  Six nights a week, she exposed her tits, pussy and ass to half-drunk men who pawed her and then she took off her clothes and wiggled to the music.

Part of her found some of it stimulating.  And part of her hated it.  She discovered an exhibitionistic side and her power to arouse men - to command their attention with her feminine charms.  It was somewhat intoxicating.  But it was pretty degrading too.  

  After two months, Senor Cardenas approached her and told her that, after watching her work, he had a special job for her.  She had been making good money at the club.  With tips, she was making the equivalent of $100 a week.  She was saving most of it. 

She hoped to put together a nest egg that would allow her to move on.  She saw Officer Morales from time to time and didn’t want to ask him how long she would have to work there before she could leave.  She was afraid of the answer.

  Chapter 9

The Donkey Show

So, Cardenas offer of a special job wasn’t something she jumped at.  She had worked into a routine and only wanted to know when she could leave.  But Cardenas was insistent.  It had always been rumored that there were “donkey shows” in Mexico, but most people believed it was mostly myth and urban legend.

He told her that at a rancho he owned, he produced such a show once or twice a month.  The girl who performed was the one who left to get married.  Cardenas had decided that Maria was the perfect replacement candidate.

  First off, she was incredulous that such a thing existed.  She expressed doubts, but he reassured her that it was for real.  Then she was horrified.  But she also remembered that she had fantasized about having Bruno fuck her.  The possibility of what a donkey could provide presented something to consider.

  Other than masturbating in the tiny apartment she shared with two other “farm” girls, she had been without a sex partner.  But to have sex with a donkey in front of the men from the club seemed too gross for words.  So, she refused.

  But Cardenas told her that she was there to pay a debt to society.  She could have been sent to prison - working for him was the alternative she chose.  It dawned on Maria that this was the real reason the Officer Morales had sent her here.  Not just to wait on tables, strip and shake her ass.  She was there to perform.  The full implications of that made her feel very violated.  

  A week later she was driven late on a Saturday afternoon to a remote rancho in the foothills.  She was taken to a small bedroom and told to put on her costume, the kind she wore every night.  Nervously, she changed.  Then a young man, almost a boy knocked on the door and led her to the barn.  Inside, it had been set up with a stage and chairs.  Taken behind the stage, she looked out to see that there were 20 gringos in the audience.  Mostly middle-aged.  Probably these were the only ones who could afford such an illegal performance.

Cardenas got up on the stage and made the introduction.  Maria came out and he told her to strip.  He exhibited her, as he often did in the club - holding up her tits - pinching and pulling on her nipples.  Cardenas pushed her front and center.  Maria’s pussy was already throbbing, and she covered her face with her hands and groaned as he made her bend over and pull her cheeks apart to display her wet pussy and asshole.  

  Having to show everyone her most private parts was always humiliating and exciting at the same time.  She began whimpering like a little girl, as he pulled her labia open to display her “pink” - allowing the men to enjoy the sight of her exhibited like a slave.   

  Maria kept her eyes closed as her hairy wet pussy and tight brown anus was exposed, with everyone staring at it.  Obliged to be naked in front of a group of men was always a fresh violation.  

  Then Cardenas announced,  “See Valentina (Maria’s stage name) take the measure of the beast,” and finished with a theatrical wave of his hand.

  There was a commotion.  Everyone turned to look.  Three young men were leading a donkey stallion with a smooth dark gray coat - about a third the size of a horse.  When Maria saw the donkey – her hand went to her mouth and she bit her knuckle.  She knew what was coming, but until she saw the beast it had all been something of a dream or a nightmare!

She found herself saying, “OH NO – no –  NO – NO – NO – please – PLEASE - NO – PLEASE - PLEEEEEASE!!!”

  This really got the crowd going.  They wanted to see her resist a bit.  Be the nice girl who gets in over her head - forced to take a bestial cock to the hilt.  This was just what they wanted.  

  The boys brought the donkey forward.  The beast’s cock dropped as it got closer to her and picked up her scent.  The cock was black and hung down until it seemed like it would touch the ground.  Maria’s eyes went wide as she contemplated it.

  “I’m not sure this farm girl’s pussy is built for a cock that big, amigos,” Cardenas stage whispered into the microphone, egging the crowd on.

  The boys brought out a padded bench- the top was round and leather covered; and it was mounted on four heavy legs.  They set it up stage center.  The other boys  got the donkey turned.  Cardenas made her lie down on the bench with her feet flat on the floor.  

  This position exposed her pussy nicely.  The whole setup allowed the crowd to see the curve of her big buttocks.  Maria turned her face away.  Everyone would be watching her - enjoying her degradation and humiliation.  She felt overwhelmed and wanted to hide.

The smell of donkey on the stage was strong.  And Maria’s pussy odor was strong too.  The boys laughed and joked amongst themselves, excited.  Now that the show was soon to begin, they got ready.  Jostling each other, they got into position so they could get the donkey to ready to mount her.

  Maria lay there realizing that she was going to be fucked by a donkey.  Nothing in all her 19 years had prepared her for what Senor Cardenas was going to put her through.  She had become the ultimate female receptacle - fucked by a donkey stallion. This was the ultimate rape.   

  She lay there submissive and ready and thought about Saul in Monterey.  She had been forced to betray him under torture.  He was one who got her into trouble in the first place.  He was probably suffering now too, but in a way he deserved it, Maria thought.  She had a fleeting thought that it would have been nice if they could have escaped together to the United States…

  Maria glanced over at the boys.   She saw looks of lust on their faces.   She looked in the other direction at Cardenas.  He had a look of pure evil on his toad-like features.  Then she looked back over her shoulder to see the boys getting the donkey into position and that the beast’s cock was now fairly hard and long.  The clatter of its hooves on the stage was loud….

  The oldest boy used both hands on the animal’s cock to get the beast ready.  Drops of slippery juice trickled from the hole at the tip.  He plunged his fingers into a can of white cooking grease, came up with a big dollop and smeared it all over Maria’s pussy lips and into her waiting sex-hole.  

  Maria moaned as he worked it in.  What she didn’t know was that there was an ovulating donkey mare’s urine in the grease.   This guaranteed that the stallion had all the motivation it needed to fuck the shit out of her.

  The animal edged closer to her ass.  It bent its head down so it could sniff at her pussy– so temptingly presented.  It put its nose against her wet pussy and got the scent of the mare mixed in with Maria’s hot smell.  The beast reared its head high with its lip curled and let out a loud whinny.   

  The men in the audience began buzzing at this.  The scent excited it, and it began to snort and toss its head.  The crowd went wild, as the primitive donkey smelled “mare”.  This meant “mating”.  When it smelled her pussy odor mixed with the pheromones from the mare’s urine, the beast’s smell brain was racing now.

  The animal’s cock was rubbery and waving around before it got the scent. When it got a whiff, the cock stiffened and IN AN INSTANT, was fully erect, rigid as a board and slapping its belly.  Cardenas grabbed her by her hair and made her look at it.  Maria could hear the animal’s cock and see it as it slapped up against its belly. 

Now fully erect, the cock was as big around as a man’s wrist and as long as her forearm from fist to elbow.   She knew the animal was going to shove that spear into her vagina, and for the first time she felt afraid.  This emotion added to the excitement and shame she was feeling and propelled her to new depths of masochistic readiness…

“OH….oh….oh….uh….oh…..ohhhhh,” was all she said wide-eyed as she took in the animal’s huge cock. 

That’s when they got the donkey to mount her.  Cardenas told her to hold on to the bench with both hands and slapped her ass to get her up on her toes, with her back arched.  This made her pussy gape open nicely.  One boy used a prod and the little stallion rose up on its hind legs and came over Maria’s back with its forelegs on either side of the table. 

It had done this before, so it wasn’t hard to get the donkey to rear up and get its chest on her back and its forelegs straddling the table.  The donkey’s rear hooves were behind her, so that with its front legs straddling her, it was ready to thrust its cock into a warm, wet hole.

There were two projections mounted on either side of the bench and it was over these that the animal rested its front legs.  The slapping cock had stopped slapping against its belly as the donkey hunched forward trying to find her hole.  Maria felt the cock head touch her pussy and slide up her crack.  The donkey kept trying to find her hole… humping ….trying to penetrate.

  “OH… NO– OH… NO – OH… NO  – OH… NO  – OH… NO –OH – OH NO,” she cried out!

  The donkey continued to thrust forward.  It got its cock at the opening finally -  then the animal’s powerful hind quarters flexed and drove the cock in.  Inside now, the animal began humping, pushing her forward.  And while her sex-hole had been opened, it had to stretch a lot to take the lemon-sized head.

“OH GOD,” was all she said, when the big cock opened her.

  As it dilated her and the head slid inside her warm, greasy hole, Maria began groaning and moaning.  The parting of her vaginal sphincter and the opening of her hole was overwhelming and eye-watering!  The big glans punched in deeper - touched her cervix and then plowed past.  Then it was all the way in… stretching her hole to the max - a combination of pain and pleasure.

  She tried to scoot forward again when she felt the donkey trying to force more inside her, but there was nowhere for her to go.  There was so much cock and as the thick penis reached bottom, she groaned out loud.  The penetration had her groaning so loud that the men in the audience began clapping and hooting.  

The massive dick stretched her – then the donkey pulled it half way out - and rammed it back in.  A hard thrust forward - just slamming it in her.  It was hard to believe a woman could find room for a cock that big.  It was like having an arm, from the fist to the elbow, shoved into her hole.

  It felt like it was about to come out of her mouth.  The boys crowded closer to see how much of the huge cock was inside her. The donkey had erected to its full length and girth.  All but 3 or 4 inches was inside her.  Maria had taken almost all of it.   

  She braced herself as the donkey began to whinny and snort,  then pulled it out some and thrust it back in again.  It went in easier as her greased, reddened hole was really opened up now.  It went all the way in again…past her cervix and deep into the bottom of her birth canal.


   The men in the audience were awed and mesmerized by what they were seeing.  The depth and girth of the penetration was totally beyond everyone’s imagination.  Her whole pelvis had been INVADED when the lemon- sized cock head “flared”.  The donkey, neighing, then began to fuck her for all it was worth.

She cried out each time the animal’s haunches thrust forward…forcing the embedded cock deeper into her.  But then the beast would stop…pull back and its cock would slip out.  The cycle with the big dick waving around would resume.  The donkey would hump and find her hole - penetrate her again - and then fuck the shit out of her.  The donkey brayed and whinnied, getting louder each time as it got closer to ejaculating.

  She groaned loud and her eyes kept rolling back in her head, as her nipples rubbed against the table with each powerful thrust.  As the donkey drove in and out of her pussy, Cardenas knew that it wasn’t going to be too much longer before it would cum. 

He could see the animal’s big testicles going up and down in its hairy ball sack.  Maria’s orgasm was building also since the donkey had started to fuck her.  There was no part of her hole the animal’s cock had not touched or stretched.

  Cardenas was impressed.  His pleasure at seeing the new girl take the donkey’s dick meant he again had a show – and could make the big money.  Everyone was smiling, grinning, joking and drinking.  He could see now that Morales was right - Maria was a strong girl - something special indeed.

  Sweat poured off Maria.  As the donkey pounded her, she had a huge orgasm and screamed like a madwoman.  Like a sword had been shoved in her belly.  The audience looked on in wonder; it was a most unbelievable spectacle. The boys watching - all sported erections.  Every man in the audience was hard...

  The beast kept slamming its haunches in and out – in and out in a cruel, parody of honeymoon human sex.  It was easy to see how hard the donkey fucked her - it rear hooves scooted forward with the force of its powerful thrusts.  Maria’s cries and moans left no doubt that the big cock hurt when the animal slammed it into her.

  The stallion got closer to cumming.  By instinct, the animal shoved its cock in as deep as it could trying to push the head all the way in as the glans flared to seal off her hole.  The slit in the donkey’s cock head was up against her epicenter now.

Everyone was excited by Maria’s response to her bestial rape as she grunted out loud when it went in all the way.   Grunted like a man had punched her hard in the stomach, every time the cock went in deep.  To a man, they felt that this was a fitting thing to do to a woman. 

The whores all wanted a big dick.  What better than to punish such a whore with a monstrous dick.  An animal cock for the maximum degradation you could inflict on a woman.

  The animal was huffing and puffing and kept clomping his rear hooves to gain purchase, braying, whinnying and shoving its cock into her fast and hard.  Its tail flicked up and down too.  Mar was drooling too, and not knowing or caring about it.  In truth, she was out of her mind.  

  Everyone watched – hypnotized at all that was going on: her big milkers were jiggling; she wagged her head from side to side; sometimes she rested her face on the bench; other times she held her head up and stared at nothing.  

  Her long, thick, black hair was all over her face in sweaty strands as the donkey shoved its cock into her with a couple hundred pounds of gristle, bone and flesh behind it.  Men drinking in the seats wondered aloud how she took it all.

  The beast finally ejaculated, braying.  When it came, it was like a fountain of white slop had overflowed her hole.  It shot out around the rubbery black shaft, pumping like a heartbeat.  Each time the beast shoved in - hosing her more -  the pressure would squirt cum out.  With its arm-sized member buried deep, the donkey filled her totally.  Maria felt very full with the huge load of hot cum inside her.

The donkey’s ejaculation was so strong that cum sprayed out and splattered all over its balls.  Cum dripped from its nuts as well drooling and dripping down the insides of her legs to the stage floor.  The beast paused, her sex hole stretched tight around the cock-shaft.  The penile contractions slowed and finally stopped as the last droplet of cum dribbled into her stretched hole.

  Maria and the donkey were both breathing heavily as they both waited for the flared cock head to relax.  The donkey tried to pull back and Maria grunted as the cock didn’t want to come out -  her pussy was gripping it so hard.  The animal pulled again and it popped out. 

The donkey whinnied and shuddered – its cock shrinking as cum ran from her distended hole.  The boys crowded around as her hole was so open now…one of them mimed putting his hand in her ravaged vagina.

  The animal’s phallus hung down - dripping cum from the tip.  A huge gush of semen ran from her pussy and splattered on the stage as more ran down the inside of her legs.  The audience erupted into applause.   The donkey got down off her back. 

But the little stallion was not done.  It still had lots of cum in its balls. The show wasn’t over.   The stallion remounted her three more times in the next 15 minutes.  Each time fucking the shit out of her.

  One time the animal’s cock slipped out and the animal dismounted....Cardenas ordered the boys to get Maria on her knees and one of the boys jerked the animal off holding the cockhead in front of her face, sprayed her with cum when the animal, braying, came like a fire-hose.  

  Cum slopped all over her hair...her face....her tits and dribbled down to her belly.  When the donkey finished ejaculating, Maria was a mess.  She was wet with donkey cum from her hair to her crotch.

  On each remount, she came like a whore.  The big cock pushed her into howling orgasms; she sounded demented as she came.   Finally, the animal was done and the boys led it away.  Maria was exhausted and was ready to collapse.  She was sloppy from her pussy to her knees.  

  Donkey cum dripped in a steady stream from her hole…she was messy everywhere  - her mound - her ass - her pubic hair plastered down…and wet and sticky all down her thighs.

Cardenas got a bowl to catch the cum that poured from her raw hole.  He made her drink it, and then lick the bowl clean as a humiliating climax to the show.  When she got back to her room later that night she was still dripping cum from her pussy. 

She worked two or three times a month for a year as the star of Cardenas’ donkey show– this was her sentence in lieu of prison.  Even though this was not a “Zona Rosa” – a red zone - the police looked the other way when it came to Cardenas’ show.  After all, there was no prostitution going on and he paid off the cops regularly and handsomely. 

Even when she was on her period, Maria was fucked by the donkey.  Her menstrual blood satisfied audience members who expected and were excited to see her bleed a little being fucked by such an enormous cock.   She was totally fucked two or three times a month,  so she didn’t need a boyfriend....besides, who would want such a whore.

She earned 200 US dollars for each donkey show, an enormous sum at that time and in that place, which she mostly saved along with her tips as a waitress.  She felt totally degraded each time she was penetrated by the donkey, but the orgasms were mind-bending.   She was fucked more than 30 times by a 400 lb. animal with 14” cock.  

She eventually drifted north and ended up working as a domestic for a family in California.   She married a first generation Mexican-American who worked as a construction foreman, had two children and kept her earlier sexual experiences a secret from him......

  2008© Shabbadew2002

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