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Review This Story || Author: robert

Lisa's introduction to becoming a BDSM slut whore

Part 2



Lisa woke up the next morning and found herself alone in large bedroom. She tried to get her thoughts together, remember all she had done and been through....was it all real? She knew it was and also remembered being taken to the bedroom by Kim, bathed, given 2 pills and told to rest.

She got up and found she was naked, her body had been marked with small cuts and scratches to her lovely breasts, but she knew it wasnt permanent and would heal soon. This had been caused by Pamelas thrashing of them. Lisa couldnt find any clothing so tried the door, it was locked so she went into the adjoining bathroom. She then saw some clothing and a note. She slowley read through the note which were instructions from Pamela. Lisa was to get dressed, prepare her make up and be ready for 10am. The door would be opened by Kim who would then take Lisa to complete todays tasks. Lisa went back into the bedroom and glanced at the clock, god, she had less than 15 minutes to prepare, so hurrying, started to get ready. She washed her face and prepared her make up, the instructions were to wear it heavy and fasten her hair up. Then she looked at the clothing....dressing in black hold up stockings, black 6 inch heels, very short red skirt virtually showing the tops of her hold ups and her thighs, white button top blouse and leather collar. When ready, she looked at herself in the full legnth mirror barely recognising herself.......she looked like a whore but knew she had to comply. She remembered the photos being taken of her and the threat of Pamela to expose them. Lisa also remembered the shame of reaching up willingly to lick Pamelas pussy.

At precicely 10am, the door opened and Kim walked in. Lisa was checked and approved by kim who then attatched a leather leash to her collar and marched her out. Lisa said she was hungry and thirsty but Kim ignored her protests and just slapped her telling her to shut up. Lisa got the message quickly and wondered what was about to happen. She didnt wait long as Kim put on a jacket which made her look quite respectable, then pulled the leash and Lisa followed. They went outside the house and stood by the main door, a large black car pulled up and the male driver grinned and opened the rear door for Kim and Lisa. Lisa felt so ashamed and wanted to cry but knew it would ruin her make up but couldnt as she was sure she would be punished. The car pulled off out out of the main gates and drove to a suburb of the city, Lisa knew roughly where she was but couldnt really be sure as everything seemed a little run down. The car stopped outside a row of shops and Kim ushered Lisa out......Lisa could hardly hide her shame as a few people stared at her. She was then lead into the shop which was clearly a tattoo parlour......Lisa became fearful at what might happen and started to plead with Kim to leave...."dont worry bitch, your not having tattoo, maybe another time, we just have a little inspection". Lisa calmed a little and was greeted by a guy who introduced  himself..."hi, i'm Jim...well...very nice Kim...I have my instructions from Madam Pamela so lets get started".

Lisa was taken into the adjoining room which was private and told to remove her top and skirt. She did this and actually found she enjoyed showing herself to Jim who was pretty fit. Kim removed the leash and sat near her. Jim asked Lisa to sit back in the medical chair, then proceeded to secure her hands with cuffs to the sides. Lisa thought she might enjoy the mans penis in her and started to get wet thinking just how big his cock might be. Jim then attatched side stirrups and put her ankles into the rest which were strapped in tight. Her collar was fasted back so she couldnt pull her head up but at least she could see sideways. She groaned a little as the stirrups were widened and her pussy was exposed, a slight trickle of juice running out down her slit. Jim put a ball-gag on her which made her think if his cick might be huge and hurt her, the gag being in place to keep her noise down. Lisa looked at Kim who smiled at her..... she saw kim put her own hand up her skirt....the maid was obviously playing with herself! Jim looked at Lisa, a needle in his hand, Lisa's eyed started bulging in fear and her body tensed before Jim said, " dont worry girl, this wont hurt, its a little jab to numb you". Lisa felt the needle in each breast and around her pussy. It didnt hurt but why had she let herself be so stupid last week in the ladies rest room with Pamela, she really regreted what had happened but couldnt explain why she was so aroused.

After several minutes, Jim bought over a medical trolley and began to work on Lisa's body. He used a tool to stretch each nipple and pierced the base. Silver bars were inserted and the ends fastened. Lisa was aware of what was happening but not in any great discomfort. Jim then proceeded to pierce her outer labia in 5 places each, into which siver rings were fastend. Her clitoris followed with 1 piercing and a larger ring attatched. Lisa knew this had been done professionally and when this ordeal was over and she was reunited with her husband, she hoped all would heal quickly and there would never be any trace.

Jim removed her ball-gag and turned her head to the side....." I am not allowed to fuck you girl but I want paying, you will suck my cock now". Lisa could hardly refuse as his cock was unzipped, it must have been 9inches and very thick, and was pushed into her mouth. Oh my god she thought, she actually enjoyed it, her pussy was soaked and she needed this in her but knew it wasnt going to happen. Jim pumped her slowly then as he became closer to orgasm he upped the tempo in her mouth. Lisa was nearly choking as he withdrew and spurted semen all over her hair and face. She caught a few drops in her mouth and licked what she could off her lips. She really wanted fucking now!


Once dressed and back in the car, Kim gave her a drink, a wipe to clear her face and told her to reapply her make up. Kim then informed Lisa they would be visiting Madam Pamela's closest friend and to obey everything she was asked to do. In Lisa's aroused state she felt she would do anything.

The drive took about 10 minutes and Lisa could now feel her nipples, clit and labia gently throb as the numbness wore off. Kim lead Lisa out of the car and to the front door of a very nice house. Lisa couldnt car who saw her now but hoped she might get a nice cock up her, so great was her arousal, and the throbbing kept her mind on those newly adorned parts of her body. If the idea of piercings were to heighten the sensations, as she had once read, it was certainly working.

The door was opened and Lisa took in the lovely interior of the goergian home. The woman who opened the door introduced herself as Susan, Pamelas friend. She was maybe around 60 years old, pretty overweight, but hair done well and dressed very well which then made Lisa feel very slutty. "you are here for my pleasure dear" said Susan and took my leash from Kim who was dismissed. " Pamela said you had a beautiful firm body and initally it looks good" said Susan. "Thank you maam" stammered Lisa. Susan told lisa not be nervous and took her into a large day room. As Susan sat down, she ordered Lisa to stand in front of her, facing forwards, hands behind head, shoulders arched. Lisa did as she was told and immeadiately felt her top rub over her pierced nipple....the sensation bringing her pleasure. Lisa was the ordered to turn around and was again given approval of her body by Susan. Lisa felt like a naughty schoolgirl in front of a strict school mistress and found herself getting rarther turned on by this performance. "now get on your hands and knees and crawl around like dog" Susan ordered. Lisa lowered herself to the floor and knew her far too short skirt must be revealing too much but obeyed Susan and started to crawl. "good little bitch.....I think my friends will here soon, you can entertain us, but first I have to sort out your hair, I have noticed semen in it". Lisa had forgotted about this and felt ashamed.

Susan took Lisa to a huge bathroom, sat her down on a stool and took out some scissors. Lisa had to obey and cried as Susan cut chunks out of her beautiful hair, her beautiful blonde hair! The end product was was quite  short and spiked as Susan brushed it up before using gel on it. Lisa made up her face again and this time really did find it hard to recognise herself.

Back in the day room, Susan's friends had arrived. Diane must have been in her 50's, and was accompanied by her two daughters who were not introduced by name. They all dressed beautifully and looked quite classy. Susan spoke "these are my friends and your duty Lisa is to show them the road not to go down by being a slut and a whore"......."this is how you will look and end up girls, if you have slut cravings"......"remove your blose and skirt Lisa, you filthy slut whore!". Lisa did as ordered, taking off her top and her skirt. The girls stared at Lisa's body, how  had this woman turned herself into a slut they thought. Lisa's shame subsided as Susan ordered her to crawl around the room again, only this time all she had on was a collar, hold ups and heels. She knew her pussy was glistening as she felt herself gettind aroused be each movement. Susa then ordered Lisa to stand facing the wall in the corner while Diane and her daughters finished thier cups of tea.

The girls left the room and Lisa was bekoned forward. Susan said that as Lisa was a slut, Diane would like to sample her. Lisa was ordered to remove Dianes clothing so all she stood in were her panties, bra and shoes. Diane then lay on her back on the sofa while Lisa was ordered to stroke the older womans shoulders, neck and back. As Diane became aroused, Susan told her to take out Dianes breast and lovingly kiss them, followed by the order to finger fuck Diane. Lisa found herself enjoying this but was really aroused too. Diane pulled Lisa forward and kissed her, darting her tongue in and out of Lisa's mouth as she climaxed over the sluts hand. "what filthy little slut she is" said the daughters who had re-entered the room without Lisa seeing or hearing. Still Lisa had no shame as she was so aroused. Diane got dressed and left, "well done dirty girl" said Susan, "now undress me!"

Lisa undid the plump womans top and removed it. Susan had tattoos all over her arms and shoulders. "now my skirt" ordered Susan, which Lisa pulled off her. Susan had large thighs and Lisa was not at all impressed. " now by panties followed by my bra slut". Lisa removed her panties as ordered and saw the womans pussy, covered in grey hair, moist near her slit, a large clit protruding, Lisa shuddered. She then got up and removed Susans bra and her massive tits were released. Susans tits were covered in tattoos and looked grotesque thought Lisa. Susan went to the sideboard and produced some ankle and wrist cuffs which were put on Lisa. She was then led down to a cellar room adorned with every BDSM implement you could imagine!


Lisa was shackled above her head by a single chain attched to a ceiling ring which caused her to stretch. Her legs were opened using an akle spreader and she was ordered to lean forward slightly, causing her ass to be pushed out. "you may cry out, scream, whatever, the room is sound proofed" Suan informed Lisa. "under Madam Pamela's instructions, you will visit me here twice a week and you will be flogged by varoius implements on any part of your body. You will never resist, but will learn to enjoy our sessions. Today we start with 200 strikes of your body which I am sure we can increase to over 1000 within a month. Let us begin!".

Lisa shuddered as the leather tawse cracked against her proud ass. The sting made her arch her back. 19 more blows rained down on her not so cute pert ass before she could think about the pain. When Susan stopped, Lisa was in agony and knew she had cried out for mercy. "relax you peice of filthy shit" said Susan, "you will only make it worse, you must learn to enjoy this as soon as you can and you know you eventually will". Next Susan used small paddle on Lisa's thighs and buttocks. This really hurt more than before and Lisa bucked with each strike which Susan informed her had been 30. "as a reward for reaching 50, I have a surprise for you". Susan went around to face Lisa and pulled the shackled sluts nipples..."mighty long slut, but we will get them longer in time"...and attached what looked like a small rest about 1/2 inch long behind each nipple, then placed Lisa's pierced nipples bars onto the rest and fastened them tight. This pulled her nipples forward the 1/2inch as the bars had been pierced at the base of her nipples, stretching them to a total of 1 1/2 inches. "they will eventually remain stretched and perhaps we can get 1inch or more stretchers for you slut girl" laughed Susan. Lisa's nipples were massive and she groaned at the pain the stretching caused. "we shall be done in about an hour, so dont worry, they can be removed but you will get instruction from Madam Pamela to wear them at an increasing rate each day".

A small whip was used 50 times on her back and breasts which actually brought about Lisa's first screams of agony. She was then given water and a 5 minute break. " thats 100 so now another reward" Susan told her. An adjustable pole on a floor stand was positioned between her outstretched legs. At the top was a verl large black dildo. This was raised to the tip of Lisa's pussy so as to only just reach it. Susan faced Lisa and told her to admire her tattoos. Lisa thought they were horrible but Susan asked her what she thought. "they are lovely maam" lied Lisa. "good, we may get some done on you then!". Oh my god, why did i say that thought Lisa.

In the same position, Susan struck Lisa's breasts with a short riding crop. This caused Lisa to jerk forward, her pussy straining against the dildo touching her. 9 more strikes saw Lisa groan and her juice trickle down her thighs. "yes my little whore......want to cum?" asked Susan, mocking the shackled young woman in front of her. "yes maam" said Lisa truthfully. Susan raised the notches on the pole so the dildo fully entered Lisa's dripping hole, her pierced labia stretched either side and her proud pierced clit to the fore. Lisa groaned at the sensations throughout her body and the actions that this old fat woman was doing to her, but in her aroused state Lisa knew her position. The crop was used again on Lisa, on her legs, arms and back. "thats 150 now and we will make you into a pain slut wont we"asked Susan. "yes maam" moaned Lisa who had yet to orgasm due to the pain of the crop which kept interrupting her sexual arousals coming from her pussy, even though the pole between her legs was saturated.

Susan got a whip from the wall and without waiting, totally let fly at Lisa. The screams echoed around the room. Without stopping, Susan struck Lisa 50 times bring red wheals to her body. Lisa shuddered to several orgasms in tears. She had been reduced to orgasming on a dildo in front of an ugly god she thought.

When released, Lisa was made to crawl over to a leather padded chair that Susan sat upon with her legs open. Lisa was ordered to kiss Susans nipples, they were awful but Lisa obeyed before being instructed to give Susans grey haired pussy the work over with her mouth. Lisa orgasmed without touching herself as Susan told her again and again that she was going to be good whore slave girl.

to be continued..........      

Review This Story || Author: robert
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