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Beginnings - Dark Love 1

Chapter 8


Morgan rode beside Azrael in the limousine, head against his chest. David was on the seat to her right. Anna and Joseph were in the back with Michael and Jason. She was tired, but happy, and wanted to stay where she was, close to her master.

"I will not put you to bed, yet, precious. I know how upsetting all this is at the beginning. You can rest in my lap while we talk. I shall not send you away till morning, and I must seek my own bed." Azrael kept a close ear out for her needs and emotions. She was still sick, regardless of his blood, and needed pampering. He had given Megel and Jason his word that he would care for her, and care for her he would.

"I love you," she said in a tiny voice as she snuggled closer.

"Are all your pets so free?" David watched the display, openly jealous. "Would you show me how you do this? Mine are mine because it's either death or me. Yours are yours."

"I make them completely mine. She is completely mine heart, body and soul. You have to break them first. The blood helps, but you have to force the issue."

"How so?"

"I train my pets. They will do anything I tell them to. They do not enjoy facing my displeasure. For a month or so, I chain them while I sleep. It helps to drive home the message that I own them. I am gentle and kind. Even in punishment, I forgive them and take them back. They respond well."

"You're gonna chain me?" Morgan asked, scared.

"Only one wrist. I believe you are my pet, precious. But until the domination is complete and your soul is mine as well as your body, I remove temptation. Don't be afraid, my darling. It does not hurt. I will not chain you until I go to my rest, and will release you upon my rising."

She lay back down again. Begging would do no good; she would be chained, anyway. The thought was a weird one. She was afraid, of course, yet also excited. She would be held captive, chained to a bed, and she couldn't get away. It was almost like one of those cheap bodice-rippers she read.

Azrael smiled. She would be such fun, learning all her desires and exploring her fantasies. "Rest against me, darling. Tell me, did you enjoy yourself as much as I think you did?"

She blushed as she smiled. "I, yeah, it was really fun. I didn't know it would be like that. If I'd have known how much fun it was, I'd have been chasing guys and girls at twelve."

"Be glad you are sixteen. Younger and you would have been too young for me to take. Your age is part of what saved your life. I am glad I was gifted with your innocence. I would have missed it greatly if it had been given to another." He felt possessive of her. For the first time, he felt possessive of a pet. 'It must be her virginity' . Nothing else about her was any different from his other ladies. It had to be her near-total innocence and naiveté.

'Have I found my next Childe' ? He wondered.

Jason liked being in Michael's lap. It felt so safe, and he knew it was no hardship for his powerful master. He had been telling Michael what he and Joseph had done. Noticing that his master liked to be told these things, he whispered all the things he wanted his master to do. "Please, I want it to hurt, I want to feel you like earlier. I want to belong to you," he finished breath, hot on Michael's cheek.

Michael looked at Anna and Joseph. "Forgive me for being a poor host, but as soon as I get this one home." He trailed off and grinned at Jason.

"His mouth has gotten his ass in trouble again, I see." Joseph chuckled. He had suspected as much about Jason. " 'Poor host' , nah. Don't worry about it. I've seen how good your boy is. I understand completely."

"When we get home," Michael said in a low, cold voice, "I'll take you Jason. Remember that. I'll tie you down to the bed and make you know who your master is." With those words, he flipped Jason over and spanked him, just hard enough for him to feel it.

Jason cried softly. It was the most stimulating thing he'd ever felt. "Master," he sobbed, giving Michael the tearful response he wanted.

"Yes, I am going to make you completely mine," Michael continued, rubbing Jason's ass before spanking him harder. With each blow, his, own, needs rose.

David had watched, impressed. He turned back around and said to Azrael, "Break them completely, huh? This is going to be fun. I have seven, six males and one female. I believe I am going to enjoy this."

"If you wish, I will help you. We all will. If you do this correctly, you will have them eating freely out of your hand within a fortnight."

"Thank you again, Elder. Living with so many young ones, I forget what it is like to deal with one of the ancient ones."

* * *

Azrael's three met him at the front door. Maria spoke first. "Is that her, love? Oh, poor thing." The women clustered around Morgan as they entered the front hall.

"Yes, my dear. Morgan, this is Maria. She is my first pet and in charge of my home. Those two are Jenna and Valerie, they are your sisters now."

Jenna wrapped an arm around Morgan. "Master, she is tiny. She needs to rest and build up her strength."

"I agree. I turn her over to you three during the day. Make sure she eats well and take her out for some sun. Not off the property, the back yard, and on a leash. She must be chained for a while, but she also needs sun and fresh air."

"Master," Maria drew Michael's attention with a light touch. "Nikki--I mean, Amber--is in her room, heartbroken. May she come out, now?"

"Yes," he reached out, gently, with his mind. *Pet, I am home. You can come out, now. *

"Maria," Azrael said, "this is Vincent. He goes by his human name of David. He and his Fledglings, Anna and Joseph, are coming to stay here. They will be bringing seven half-trained pets with them. We are opening a covenstead, you girls will get the company you so crave."

"Master," she curtsied to David.

"Hello, Maria. We won't be a danger to you."

"I know that. My master cares for me well." She smiled. More vampires, 'male' vampires, maybe now she'd get the attention she needed. With Morgan here, not even her place as first would get her more than a few minutes of Azrael's time every now and then, at least for a while.

They went to the stairs that led down. Morgan had seen a two-story house before they entered. Did Azrael live in the basement? She entertained a brief, amusing picture of a basement done up like a vampire's castle, then banished it. He probably had a complete house downstairs for himself.

Another short hall, and a beautifully made wooden door, that opened onto a lush, expensive room.

Morgan would admit that she wouldn't know Chippendale from Chip and Dale, but the place looked expensive. Cream walls, walnut molding along the ceiling, walnut baseboards, wooden armoires, sideboards, cupboards, display cases full of crystal, glassware, and china, a wood floor with an Oriental carpet in blues, reds and greens. The carpet pattern didn't look anything like the ones sold in stores. "Cool," she approved.

"Master." Amber stepped shyly into the room. She would be good. She would be very good. Then she saw the newcomers. "Who are they?"

Michael let her draw closer to him. "This is Vincent, but he prefers David. These are his Brood, Anna and Joseph." He smiled down at her, his smile freezing when he saw her face.

No, he hadn't! She hadn't had a chance to prove herself.

"Amber?" He asked softly. Then, "Nikki?"

"Please," she begged, pressing so close that she lost her footing. He tried to hold her up. "Please, Master, I'm sorry." Her voice rose, drawing attention. "Don't do this. What did I do wrong?"

Michael tried to get her to stand up so that he could look her in the face, but she refused to let go. "What? Baby calm down. What are you talking about?"

She looked at David in horror. "Please don't send me away, again, Master. I'll be good; I'll do better. What did I do, Michael? You haven't even given me a chance. I'll be good. I'll love you."

David looked like he'd been hit. "What is she talking about, Michael?"

"Wait a bit, my friend." Michael gathered Amber up and guided her to the couch. "Amber, precious, David is not here for you. He and his are guest's here, nothing more. Azrael is opening a covenstead. I just accepted you, pet. What possible reason would I have for throwing you out? Trust me, Amber, trust me."

"They're not here for me?" She began to relax. "I'm sorry, I just thought since Azrael forced me on you, that you'd found someone."

"Azrael didn't force you on me, Amber. He asked if I would have you. I accepted. I didn't have to, but I wanted to." She sighed under his kiss, gave in to his advances. "Neither you or Jason are getting much rest, tonight. When you go to your rest in the morning, you'll be happy

Household crisis averted, Azrael noted. "David, you know where we are. How long will it take you to move?"

"Less than an hour. We're still living out of suitcases." He smiled apologetically. "I am still trying to gather enough money for our own house." He hugged Anna. "I've just contacted Aaron. He is starting to pack."

"Good, I am anxious to see you settled. I will be here when you return. Just come right on in, but please announce your coming so that my new one is not frightened by your sudden appearance."

Valerie made fussing noises over Morgan. "Azrael," she chided, "that child should be in bed. She's worn out, can't you see that?"

David, choose to politely disappear at that moment. "We will return."

"Valerie," Azrael said, "I am not going to chain her, yet. She can rest in my lap. I have been doing this for much longer than you, and do not appreciate your criticism." His tone was dark.

She dropped to her knees. "I'm sorry."

Azrael looked down at her, silent for a moment. "I have been remiss in my duties to my ladies. It has become obvious that without constant attention and handling you all begin to develop a sharpness of tongue that I do not care for. I will see that something is done to keep you all sated and in line. For now, however, I am going to see if I can convince Megel to let his two enjoy themselves in my sight."

"Jay, Amber?" Michael smiled. It would be nice, a pleasant diversion. "Will you perform for us?"

Jason nodded freely. As though in front of Azrael was so much different than in the back seat of the car. Amber blushed but said yes. It wasn't the first time that he had asked to watch as she pleasured one of her sister pets.

"Is performing for you all we're allowed to do?" Jason asked, taking step towards Azrael. "Master, wouldn't it be better if we performed 'on' you?"

What, a, temptation, "perhaps that can be arranged. Let us see how my little one here holds up." He stroked Morgan's head. It would not be long before she was completely his. He would do a double nightly feeding, to speed her along.

Michael took a comfortable position on the couch. Azrael sat in his favorite chair, Morgan in his lap.

Amber was not going to be easy to bring over to him, Michael thought. She still suffered because of what she saw as abandonment. He would have to break her to his hand. To do so, he would have to be much harder than his Sire had been. But he would have to be careful. He wanted to break her to him, but he could break her totally if he wasn't cautious. He did not enjoy the thought. "Amber, Jason, take off your clothes," he ordered, keeping his voice pleasant. "Amber, during your retraining you will not be allowed clothing in the house." He checked her soft cry of protest. "'And' you will stop protesting my orders. You will now be required to make yourself available to any and all within the walls of this house. It is time you learned humility, young lady." She flinched, but made no sound.

*Should I do the same? * Jason could see how much it bothered her, and hoped that she wouldn't feel singled out if he also had to go naked. *Please, Master, if you can hear me, let me do this. It will be easier on her. *

Michael smiled at him, nodding pleased with his Chosen's forethought. *Yes, Chosen. Both of you, during your initial training, I want to see you both willing to follow any order I give.*

"Thank you." Jason wasn't ashamed of his body. His manhood was proud and hard already.

"Take her. Lay her on the floor, and seduce her. Show Amber how much of a darling you are. Share your love."

"Don't be afraid," he told Amber, taking her into his arms. "I won't hurt you. We share a master. Let's be friends."

She looked pleadingly at Azrael. How could Azrael have done this to her? She would have done anything for him. "Please," she begged, pushing Jason away, "don't do this."

Now was not the time to chastise her, Michael knew. It was all so new. "Amber, precious," he said gently, "you're going to be sharing a room with Jason for a while. Don't you think it would be easier to accept if you knew you were safe?"

She didn't want to be safe with him. She wanted Azrael back, but she knew he'd not have her. She was too much a trial for him, had driven him away with her willfulness. "Okay." She dropped her arms. Fighting was useless.

Jason laughed at her. "Thanks, Amber. Make me feel real wanted, why don't you. You're the first girl I ever made it with who protested."

His humor helped a little. She sat on the floor with him. "I'm sure your ego will survive."

"Yes, but it's gonna be bruised. You want to be responsible for that?" He lay her down and straddled her. "Oh, the rejection! I might never recover."

Amber looked up at him, giggling. She couldn't help it. He was really quite nice. At least, if she was forced to share herself with someone, he was nice. She studied his erection. Would it be like it was with Azrael or Michael? Michael had been the first man to touch her since Azrael had saved her from death.

She licked her lips. "Come here." She reached out, tugging him forward as she scooted down. If they wanted to be entertained, then by God, she'd give them what they wanted. And she didn't care if both of them heard every thought she had.

Jason watched, stunned, as her head came up, her mouth taking him into her. "Oh." He thrust into the wonderful warmth. "Yes. Harder, baby, go on."

Azrael chuckled. As much at Amber's thoughts, as at Jason's whole-hearted response, "I must say, Megel, he is a physical one is he not?"

"Yes, I am very fortunate. No cringing, blushing virgin."

Morgan raised her head from Azrael's shoulder. "I resent that." She pouted a little, lips pulled together. "Was I a cringing, simpering, wuss?"

"No, sweet, you were wonderful," Azrael placated. "I was pleased with your open, honest enjoyment. Never doubt that. Now rest. It has been a busy night for you."

"I don't wanna go to sleep, Azrael. I want to stay with you."

"Who said you were leaving? I promised you would be with me till the sun's rising, but if you do not rest, my other pets are going to make a fuss. Close your eyes, Morgan, take a nap."

"It must run in the family." Michael laughed openly as he watched Amber blow his Chosen. Yes, they would do fine as soon as they became used to all the changes.

"Baby," Jason's said, voice tight, "I'm gonna," the heat took him.

She swallowed greedily, fingers squeezing his balls, trying to drain every drop.

"I'm gonna make you scream," he promised, voice hot in her ear as he pinned

her beneath him. "Lock your fingers in my hair, and let me have you." The kiss was brutal, passions high.

"Yes!" She gasped, as teeth sank into a nipple, not hard, wonderfully firm, without pain. Her body came alive under his, his hands and mouth seeking to pull her into his pleasure.

Her cry sounded through the room as Jason's mouth locked onto her clitorisoris, teeth pulling hard, adding pain to the pleasure as her hips bucked upward encouraging him.

"Please." It hurt. He was almost brutal. But she wouldn't ask him to stop. Nothing could make her push him away. Pain or no, this was heaven.

"Up." He pulled away. "On your knees, baby." He pulled her hard against him, hands forcing her knees apart. She was so wet as he slid in. "Have you ever," he asked, "been fucked in the ass, before?" Her cry of denial as he thrust was all the answer he needed. Azrael had never done it. "Master," he asked, looking at Michael, "let me. Please."

"No, Chosen. Leave that for me. But please, finish your play. You both seem to be having such a wonderful time."

Amber sighed. He wouldn't do that. She didn't know how long a reprieve she had been granted, but Jason couldn't do it now.

Then all thought left her again, as fingers found her sex and stoked her in time with his thrusts.

Azrael was so caught up in Jason and Amber's play that the soft touch on his mind startled him. *Elder, may we enter? * David asked.

*Yes, come. * He looked down at Morgan. She had fallen asleep. They would not startle her. "Michael, they come."

Coldness filled the room and a crowd of people appeared.

"Oops." Anna giggled at the obvious interruption.

Jason froze, arms locked tightly around Amber. He looked questioningly at Michael.

"Go on, pet. They live here now. Finish your play."

David grinned at Jason and Amber. "Did we come at a bad time?"

"No, not at all. We were just enjoying some erotic amusement. It is another plus of having so many pets in the house." Azrael's eyes scanned the mortals behind the vampires. "I must say, Vincent, they look terrible."

"I have to keep then in this state. If I let them remain as healthy as yours I would end up hurting them in their struggles. As, is I don't dare feed from them as much as I need, what with Joey's hunger and mine. If it weren't for Anna being able to hunt, so that I could feed off of her, I'd probably be insane now." He shrugged. "This way they're docile. There are several that refuse to accept the facts, still."

"Get rid of them." Azrael advised. He rose and set Morgan in the chair. She curled up, reassured by his smile, and promptly dozed back off. "You can choose more pets, so can this sweet sister, and train them correctly. If you need more because of you age, we will work something out. I have not had a working bond with Kin since my last left me. You will not need as much that way."

"You what?" He pulled back, yanking both Anna and Joseph behind him.

Michael came to his feet, ready to step between the Fledglings and his Sire.

"Oh, please," Azrael said, and waved him back. "If I had wanted you as slaves, do you seriously think you would have stood a chance against me? Or that Sharra would do more than fuss at me? I'm serious about opening a covenstead. I only offered a blood-bond to help with the dire situation you have gotten yourself in. I will not have these animals in my home the way they are. They will distress my girls."

"Master," Anna laid a hand on his arm. "He's got a point. The three of us, combined, couldn't even slow him down."

"You're mine." He hissed. "I made you, I mastered you. You are mine. No-one will take you from me."

Michael moved like lightning across the room and grabbed the vampire by the throat. "If my master or I had wanted your Children, we would have taken them already. You are in his territory, and as senior Kin, he could. Now back down, boy, and think, before your mouth gets you killed."

"Stop it." Anna jumped Michael, trying to dislodge his grasp.

"No!" Jason's voice echoed as he leaped into the fray. He didn't understand anything that had been said, but this bitch wasn't going to jump his master, not two against one.

Azrael caught him before he could reach them. "No, boy. Back away. Your master is in no danger. That Childe is not even enough of a nuisance to draw his attention." He held Jason, honestly pleased that the boy was willing to defend his master. "Now, if everyone would kindly calm down, we will continue this conversation. Megel let him go. He is on edge right now, and rightly so."

Michael released David, and reached around to pull Anna of his back. "Hello, pretty one, did you want my attention?" He smiled, fangs showing plainly.

"Megel." Azrael's tone was firm. "Let the girl go."

The room was silent as Michael returned to his seat, arms open motioning Jason and Amber to come to him.

"So, are we calm now?" Azrael settled in his chair again, pulling Morgan against him.

"I meant no disrespect." David was quick on his feet. His life hung in the balance now. He had challenged not one Elder, but two.

"My dear boy, if I had thought you were seriously challenging me, it would have been my fingers around your throat, not my First-Born's. Now sit. Let us see if we can talk this through like rational beings, rather than silly children playing 'King of the Mountain' .

"I agree." David turned to the seven behind him. "Down," he pointed to

the floor. Six sat immediately scared into compliance by the added vampires. But one, a boy with dark hair and eyes, braved his master's stare. "Go on, Aaron, sit, baby." David reached out to stroke the boy's cheek. "Live or die tonight, I won't let them hurt you." This was the only one of the lot that he really cared about. The only one who didn't resist him at every turn.

"So you 'do' know how to encourage loyalty." Azrael's tone was pleased as he turned into the gracious host, motioning for them to sit across from him. "You are just young, don't feel too badly about the others. These two are fine examples. You have done well with them. You are just too lenient on your pets."

"What do you plan, Elder?" David asked, returning to the subject at hand.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, I have no need for your service. I have four sweet pets that see to my needs quite well, but what of you? You can not hope to keep up with the needs of your office. Each pet you add, along with your Younglings, means you loose a little more control. Will you listen to my suggestion? It is only a suggestion, not a requirement. As I said, I do not need your life's service." David nodded. "Good. Now I assume at your age, you're still feeding nightly, correct?"


"And those two, the girl has been able to fend for herself?"

"Yes, most of the time. She still needs a phenomenal amount of blood. Twice the amount she needed when she fed from me, even more because I am feeding off of her as well."

"How many pets have you killed?"

"I loose, on average, one or two a month."

"That bad?" Azrael clucked. "Very well, this is the offer I make you. Your Fledglings are yours of course. The boy could not survive another's blood right now. The girl, once you stop feeding from her, should be able to survive on her hunts, or pets, if she chooses. You the same, if you are willing to bond with me. I am like your master, a true Elder. Rid yourself of these pitiful excuses for pets and choose two or three others that are tractable and sweet. Between them and a nightly sharing with me, you should be able to control yourself and care for the boy without the dark fear I see in your eyes. Killing disturbs you."

"And in return?" David looked at Joseph. It was becoming harder and harder to feed him and keep up with his own needs.

"Oh, the usual one hundred years service. Call me 'Master' . Accept my will. Nothing too great for one who will see eon's."

"And Sharra?"

"Will come to terms with it. I am older than she, and not your Sire. This practice of a Fledgling running off, completely alone from all Kin, is a new one. Flee your Sire of course, but it was always my impression that once a newly freed adult, you should seek out an older vampire as advisor, or mentor. I did, Megel did, all the Elders I know of did." He smiled. "After all, what good is being an Elder if you can not enjoy some of the benefits; children that you are not truly responsible for; youngling's that you can send away if they get on your nerves too badly. If you wish, Vincent, you can say no. The offer of sanctuary is still open, as long as you avoid bringing danger to my home, and never hurt one of my pets."

David looked around him. If he stayed here, claimed sanctuary, would he be able to keep from killing one of the mortals here? Would his tendency to kill his own bring danger to his Kin? But was he willing to bow again. He'd been a slave for over one hundred years. Was the offer worth it? "And you will leave Lilith and Cain alone?" He asked, indicating Anna and Joseph.

"Unless they violate the rules, they are not my concern. But warning; keep, your Brood in line."

David ran a hand through his hair. "I'm not worried about that." He glanced at his group. "And them, do I have to sacrifice all of them?"

"No, only the ones that you do not want. They cannot all be unredeemable."

That was true. He reached for his favorite. "Aaron, come here, baby."

"Master?" Unlike several of the others, he hadn't found slavery to be a great hardship. He had learned quickly that the most difficult ones didn't last more than a month or two. He had no intentions of dying any time soon, so he bent willingly.

David caressed the line of Aaron's jaw. He had come so close, more than once, to killing him. Of them all, this boy was the one it would really hurt to ose. "Sweet-heart, you don't know,, you have no idea, how close I have come to killing you." He felt the boy tremble at his touch.

"Do you need my life, Master? Are you going to kill me?"

"No." David hissed, dropping his hand. "Others have died to keep me from you. I could never hurt you. Anyone but you." It was decided, and he knew it. He couldn't take care of Joseph any other way. He'd already killed too often, once even come close to taking Anna's life. "No, Aaron, I don't want you to die. I'm entirely too fond of you for that."

"And us?" The speaker was a black-haired man in his twenties. Hate filled his face and voice. "You're going to kill us aren't you, been planning it."

"Silence!" David commanded, leaping to his feet. "You--you are food. You had your chance, Mark. All of you did. You resisted; refused to be mine."

"I'll kill you." Mark promised his voice cold. "Know that, you damned monster. One of us is going to die tonight." He'd had enough. He wasn't going to let that freak, touch, him again.

"So be it." He turned to Azrael. "A gift, Master. I wouldn't touch him if I were starving, and the only other was my favorite here. Feed well, Master his life is forfeit tonight."

"Accepted. The others?"

David looked at them. "Billy?" A small blond boy looked up at him, a trapped expression on his face. Mind-killing terror emanated from him. "You've been fighting me for a week. Which way do you go? Will you be good now, or do you want to follow Mark and his idiocy?"

The boy looked from Mark to the vampire. A week ago, he'd been a runaway,

with no life or anyone to miss him. David's offer of a bed and food in exchange for sex had looked like a lifesaver. It wasn't until David had taken him home that he'd discovered the true meaning of the offer. He'd been struggling against it ever since. But now he had a choice, live or die. "I don't wanna die," he whimpered.

"Will you stay with me? Will you stop fighting us?'

"You gonna bite me again?"

Azrael cleared his throat. "Vincent, far be it for me to tell you how to keep your pets, but I have noticed that none of these chattel are bonded to you."

"Of course not. I don't intend to give them the gift."

"You do not have to. But your blood would be an incentive. It grants them many years of youth. I have discovered that the promise of a century and a half of health and beauty, makes, them more agreeable. Bonding also helps them to recover after each feeding. You can feed from a bonded pet every two or three days, instead of every ten with an un-bonded one--unless you want to kill them."

David looked stunned. "'Bond' with them?"

"The ones you would keep, yes. It links them to you, makes their will much more obedient. Mine would never dream of disobeying me; they are too much a part of me."

Such a simple solution, yet he had never thought of it. It did explain the others in Sharra's service. He wondered why Sharra had never pointed it out to him, or had she and he not been aware?

He looked at Billy. The boy had reacted more out of fear than, anything, else. What the others would do if granted a further century didn't bear consideration. "Billy, will you join Aaron and stay with me?"

The boy was near tears. "I'll be good, I promise David, please don't kill me."

"I won't. Come and sit by Aaron." He looked at the other five. Mark glowered back. "We'll feed well tonight, Master."

"So decided. Megel, if you permit, let Amber take our pets out. They do not need to see this. It will not take long."

"You two go with them." David told Billy and Aaron. "You too, Cain, I'll feed you again soon, okay."

Michael quite purposely refrained from showing his fangs as he smiled down at her. "Amber, go take those two, see about getting them a snack. I'll call you soon."

Amber nodded. She had no desire to watch. She'd seen Azrael kill before.

Joseph misinterpreted her fear. "It's all right. I won't hurt you," he soothed. "My master would have my ass, if yours didn't first."

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