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Beginnings - Dark Love 1

Chapter 12


Azrael stood over his newest two as they slept. Their arms and legs were intertwined. Mark's chains, almost, tying them together. This was a good sign. He had hoped that what he had started in Mark's mind would take without any need for greater effort. "Good evening," he said, sitting gracefully on the foot of the bed.

"Azrael?" Morgan sat up and tried to pull away from Mark. A comical struggle to untangle themselves, removed all dignity. She grimaced slightly. The chains had been fun last night, when Mark had used them to keep her against his body. Now they were a bother. "It's night, already?" She shed the last loop.

"Yes. I did not peek in anymore after I went to sleep. What time did the two of you finally call it a--day?"

"I don't know." Morgan admitted.

Azrael looked at Mark. "It was probably around ten or eleven." Mark looked up at him. "Master."

Azrael nodded. "So you have not chosen to forget. Good. I am pleased. I would rather not have to harm you." This was going to be even better than he anticipated. Was Mark really that weak-willed, or was he, Azrael, a better master than he thought. "So, were you finally able to prove to my sweetheart here that you would not cause her pain?"

"Several times." Mark grinned. Morgan blushed. He held up his hands. "Can I be unchained, please." He swallowed. "Or are you still planning to punish me for disturbing you?"

"I honestly have not made up my mind." Azrael pulled out a key. "Are there going to be anymore of these little episodes?" He looked at them both. "I am not mad at you Mark, you sought to obey me. Morgan here, on the other hand . . .."

"Master," Mark said, rubbed his wrists, "if you feel that someone needs punishing--well, I started it. I hurt her." He laid a hand on Azrael's arm. "I didn't mean to, Master. You know I didn't. But it hurt, and she's a little girl, she didn't know any better."

Azrael was awe-struck. This was not his doing. This was a character trait of Mark's own. "Why, Mark--chivalry from you? I would have never guessed it."

"Yeah, well, I'm an asshole, but I ain't never hit a girl before. My old man used to beat my mom and me. I'd never do that."

"Kiss me, and show me that you are still my obedient pet, and I will let it go."

Kissing was easier today. It was as if his mind had accepted this new reality as he slept. There was no fear, none at all, he had come to terms with the fact that he had no life now. Or at least none outside what Azrael chose to give him. "Master?" There was no tremble in his voice as Azrael tilted his head back. "Master, are you going to?"

"Yes, pet. I must." He placed light kisses along the base of the young throat. "Will you fight me this time, or will you welcome me?"

"Do I look like I'm fighting?" God why did, it, have to feel so good. "Master."

He gasped as Azrael fangs sank home, then, like the night before, and the few times David had fed from him, he was lost. Soft whimpers escaped him as he held Azrael's head at this throat. "Please." He didn't want it to end, he held on as Azrael tried to pull away. "Please."

"Ssshh, it's all right, pet." Azrael kissed him. "Poor lad. You cannot fight it. It is in your veins. Your blood is sweet, I will cherish your life more than you ever have." He opened his shirt, reaching for his knife. "Will you drink freely this time? No threats?"

Mark didn't use words, just his body. His mouth closed on Azrael's tit, biting and sucking. He was no fool. He hadn't survived as long as he had by being stupid. Even though a part of him still hated this, was disgusted at what he did, a greater part understood that he either gave in freely, or suffered. "Master?"

"Yes, pet." Azrael didn't move. Let the boy play this out, see where he was going.

"Am I doing right?" He was careful with his words. But he needed to know what the Vampire wanted. "I--I give, Azrael. I'll be good, but--"

"Ssshh, Mark, pet. I'll teach you. I promise. And yes, you are being very good. Now drink." He cut himself over his left breast, severing the artery there. "Drink boy."

The pleasure was sharp. Mark sobbed against his Master's flesh. Two, maybe three, sips. "No," he bit at the firm skin of Azrael's chest. "Master, please."

"Pull away. Just for a moment." Azrael cut himself again, deeper. The extra blood would deepen the tie, leave Mark that much more helpless. "Yes, that is the way," he crooned, joining Mark in the pleasure of the blood.

"You gonna do it?" Mark tried to pull Azrael's shirt off, sought to warm his flesh with his hands. "I--" he began, and cried out as Azrael pushed him to the bed, hands seeking his growing maleness. "Please, Azrael, don't make me beg. I'll do it. See I'm willing."

"Later, pet, I promise. I'll see your willingness rewarded. You may entertain us tonight. But Morgan needs this as well." He kissed him. "I promise you boy, if you keep this up, I will not break you. I shall not have

to. Give yourself to me freely. Let me leave your will intact. Now, while I feed Morgan, I want you to masturbate. From here on, unless it is while you sleep, or shortly after waking, I want to see this hard and ready at all times. I will punish you every time it is not." He stroked him. "You will clean up after yourself with your own tongue every time you achieve release. Do you understand?"

"Yes." His voice was soft. "I have to keep it up or be beaten, and I gotta eat my own cum. I understand."

"And here I thought I would have to beat you to make you mind. What happened, pet? Why the change of heart?" Azrael wanted to hear this.

"I don't understand what you mean. I--I gave my word. I said I'd obey." He looked up at Azrael. Lost in the feelings his hands were giving him. "Do you want me to keep on fighting? I--if beating me is what you want I'll fight, but--" He swallowed back a lump. "Don't cut me. Please Azrael. I'll do anything, but don't cut me."

"Ah." The threat of emasculation was his focal point. The boy would do anything he had to do to keep from being unmanned. "Soon we will join the others. You will go to your old master and beg him to take you. Offer yourself to him and be willing to suffer or enjoy anything he desires." Azrael's strokes were slow and powerful.

Mark moaned. "Is he gonna--I'll do it--but he hates me. He'll--I mean--" He shuddered. "I'm going to-"

Azrael bent to take his release, swallowing the victory with Mark's semen. "I told you pet." He slapped him gently as he pulled away. "No one will hurt you, I am far too pleased with your acceptance to allow it. Learn to trust me, Mark. I will never go back on my word as long as you are good."

Morgan watched as Azrael dealt with Mark. It was going to be all right. Mark wasn't fighting, and Azrael seemed happy. "My turn?"

"Yes. I will not have you suffering. Come, offer me your throat, and accept my blood. Then I will have the two of you fed. We will spend a quiet evening at home tonight, unless either Megel or Vincent insists on going out." He lifted her chin, kissing her throat briefly before sinking his teeth into her tender flesh.

Her blood tasted different. Healthier, already the change in her body was taking place. His blood was killing off the cancer, leaving her whole.

She shuddered under him. This was heaven. As he gently pulled her head to his chest so that she could accept his life-giving blood, she came, an exquisite climax that left her clutching him.

"Again, pet? He teased. "I offered Mark my blood twice, do you need more?" The few sips they took were no hardship for him.

"Please," she moved her head long enough to let him cut himself again, but he wasn't quick enough in to pull the blade free. It sliced her lip as she hastily bent to drink. "Morgan?" He dropped the knife at her cry of pain. Her mouth had been cut badly. The blade was very sharp. "Ssshh, poor dear," he soothed kissing her, licking the blood from her mouth as he held the wound shut, waiting for the properties in his saliva to perform their magic and heal her. "Ssshh, wait. It's all right." More licking, more soft kisses. "All better, now?"

She nodded absolute trust in her eyes. It had not frightened her. "I'm sorry."

"No bother. It was an accident. Here try again." And this time she waited until the blade was well free of his chest, before she bent to drink.

* * *

"I am very pleased with the both of you." He lay with them after Morgan fed, allowing him the leisure of quiet. "Your willingness and openness are treasures to me. Treasures that should be rewarded." He grinned at Morgan. "What would you like as a prize, a reward for your sweetness?"

"A present?" She sat up and looked down at him. "You'd get me a present?"

Azrael laughed. Oh, how sweet this little one was. So young, she had suffered badly, but unlike the rest, it was not by the brutality of others. "Yes, a present. You will discover that I am famous for spoiling my pets quite rotten."

She thought it over. She knew what she wanted. Would he? Could it hurt to ask? "Anything?"

"Within reason, of course." He was curious, but as he was here, and she was safe, he refrained from looking into her mind.

"I--" She grinned. "Can I have a dog, Azrael, a puppy? I--Sheba died a couple of years ago, and well, what with my being sick, and my parents dying, we could never afford to get a new dog." She bit her lip.

"What kind of dog would you like, baby?" He found her request charming, a pet, of course, what else? It was in keeping with her personality. "Please do not tell me you want some mongrel or one of those vicious little lap dogs."

"No, Sheba was a Mastiff, a huge, black, beast. I--could I have another? It won't be too big. I will house-train it, feed it, clean up after it, I promise."

'It won't be too big' . Azrael was amused by her words. He had owned mastiffs large enough to pull wagons "A 'real' dog. Yes, pet, we will see to it. It is only a little after six. I woke early. Mayhaps we should dine quickly and catch the mall before it closes." He kissed her nose before turning to Mark. "What of you, pet? What prize may I offer you?" He stroked his cheek. "Please, do not ask for your death."

"Would you give it to me?"

"If you ask, yes. I offered you anything. Do you still seek it?" He rested a hand on the side of Mark's face. Now he would see what he had accomplished. "Have I been so cold, so uncaring, that you can not bear living here with me?"

Mark closed his eyes and turned his face slightly to press against Azrael's hand. He could die now, be free. He had prayed for this. But here, in this bed, he was finally being offered it, and the thought brought him no joy. He had accepted this life. He knew it. Had known it this morning. Gone to sleep sated and feeling safe for the first time in years. Knew it again when Azrael's blood flowed into his mouth. It was the blood, it made you part of the vampire, made you want to be with him. And he did, he hated it as much as he loved it. The old way of thinking was dying. Struggling, but dying. Soon he wouldn't mind being here. Did he want it?

The answer brought tears to his eyes and shattered his old self. Yes, he wanted it. He wanted to be here, to learn to live like a decent human, to laugh at good things, to be safe.

He turned and let Azrael pull him close. Burying his face in his long soft, sable, hair. His soul was lost, it was no longer his, and he didn't care. "No." He whispered. "I don't want to die anymore." He felt a shudder of pleasure run through his body as his mouth opened to Azrael's lips and tongue, eager for his taste.

"Then what would you have?" It had worked. The boy accepted this for life, and he was forced to acknowledge it.

"You." There, it was out. "I know I don't deserve anything but the worst abuse you could dream. I--I did horrible things before David took me. I've stolen and I've killed. I hurt a lot of people. And I know I've been a real jerk here, but--" This was the hardest thing he had ever done. "Please, I want you. Love me if you can, even a little."

Morgan cried as he spoke, as Azrael pulled him even closer, wrapping his arms around him, comforting him. "How horrible." She reached out to gently touch his arm. She had grown up surrounded by so much love that it hurt to hear anyone beg for it.

"I know." His said, voice devoid of feeling. "I have no right to ask, but--"

"No," both Azrael and Morgan said at once. "No, Mark," she went on as Azrael watched her, "it's not your wanting love that is horrible, it's that you have to ask."

"Yes." Azrael smiled at Morgan. "So you 'do' understand, precious." She was a dear and absolute darling. So much like her brother. "Mark," he gently tilted the younger man's face up, "will you be mine, freely, do anything I say to please me always, gladly and willingly?"

"I can't think of doing anything else." Did he dare hope?

"Then yes, you shall have my love, as much as any of my girls. You will be safe, cared for, protected and loved until the day you die. I will always love you. But that is not a reward for good behavior. That is your right and privilege as my pet. Now tell me, what would you like as a present?"

Mark thought about it for a moment. So far, so good, this might not be quite as bad as he had feared. "Can I walk, please? I don't mind being naked so much. I'll live with that, but I gotta walk."

"Yes, I grant you that, gladly." He noticed, with pleasure, how aggressive Mark's kisses had become since last night. "Now, when I go out with Morgan to fetch her prize, will you stay with Vincent if he is here, or Megel if he is not?"

Mark nodded. He would just have to trust Azrael to keep them from chewing him up. "I'll be cool."

"Good. Let us go. I wish to hurry home. I look forward to many hours of pleasure locked between the two of you."

* * *

Michael was cuddling with Jason and Amber in the living room. Becoming more intimate when David and his brood entered the room. "Has the Master not returned yet?" David asked.

"No," Michael replied grinning. "He's with Morgan and that one you gave him last night." Michael smiled at Anna as she sat beside him. "Did you sleep well, brother?

"Very much so. When did you bring Cain to us? I was up late with Aaron, but I don't remember you coming in."

"On my way to my rest this morning. The sun was fully in the sky before I sought my rest. At your age, I am sure you had been asleep almost as long as he had by that time."

Jason pulled away from Michael, draping himself over Joseph's lap. "You owe me another night, Master." His tone was teasing, but it caused Joseph to look down, fidgeting.

David looked from his Fledgling to the boy in his lap. "What did you do Joey?"

"Nothing. I didn't do anything." The embarrassed look deepened.

Anna laughed. "My God, David, the boy is blushing. I didn't think we could anymore."

"He's not fully Kin, yet, Lil. He won't be till he comes off the breast. There is still a little humanity left in him." A smirk, "so," he continued, choosing his words carefully. "What didn't you do?"

Michael decided to help Joseph. "Sleep took him at a rather inconvenient time." He smiled at Jason. "Cain, tell my boy not to sulk too much. I assure you, I made certain that I finished what you began. I won't have it said that I'd sit back and let anything one of my own began remain unfinished."

"Hello." Maria entered the room, followed by both Valerie and Jenna. They carried trays of food. "Here. We brought food for them." She bent and kissed Michael.

"Why, thank you, sweetheart. That was kind."

"This is my home, and I take care of it and all who are in it." She squealed as Michael pulled her into his lap, then reached for him, sweet and eager under his attentions.

"Go on, all of you, eat," he chuckled nibbling at Maria's neck. "Have you eaten, too, dear?"

"Yes. We had dinner an hour or so ago. We're used to eating together. But now we have to go back to a later supper, so we can eat with the house."

Michael smiled at both Jenna and Valerie. "Come here, you two. Join us." The two were no less willing than Maria had been. "You three have been so helpful, I thank you." Poor pets, perhaps he would see if he could talk Azrael into letting them spend time with Jason and himself. They were practically starving for affection. Not love. They were assured of that, but simple affection.

"And what goes here?" Azrael's amused voice came from the door. "Trying to snatch my pretties from me, Megel?" He entered, sending Morgan and Mark to eat.

"Simply marveling at how sweet they are, Azrael. Perhaps they need a little attention."

"Well, then," the Elder vampire agreed, "with all the men here now, they should go about getting some." He opened his arms, and the women leaped from Michael to come to him. "Hello, my darlings."

"How is our new little sister?" Maria kissed him, followed by Jenna and Valerie.

"Fine. She is much better. How are the three of you? I do not mean to ignore you. But I have been rather busy the last two nights."

"Don't worry about it, Azrael," Valerie laughed. "We know where we belong."

"I am glad. Now that we have a covenstead and more men, you can get more of the physical side of love."

"You mean, scratch our itch." Jenna hugged him. "We can ask, really?"

"Any male here, as long as their Lord doesn't mind. As for mine, I am sure Mark would gladly spend time with you three."

"If Jason is not with me, I guess he is free if he wishes it. Maybe trying to dominate all his time would be selfish." Michael almost laughed at the look of gratitude on his pets' face. "So, you decided that you like the feel of a woman as much as me?" Jason and Amber had been adorable.

"If they are not afraid of me, I would welcome them." Joseph smiled.

"Billy and Aaron are free as well, when they aren't with me." David looked at Billy, who sat leaning his head against his knee. "Would you like that, little one?"

"Anna was nice to me." He smiled. "I like girls." He blushed.

Azrael threw his head back, laughing at the boy's comment. "See, my darlings? Plenty."

David watched Mark as he ate. There was something profoundly different about the young man. It was as if he had completely changed his persona. "Master," David looked to Azrael. "I must confess; I am truly impressed. He is so different."

"Why, thank you. I am pleased with his response. He came to peace with this, and is ready to embrace it."

"I would have killed him."

"Yes, but I found a better way." Azrael stretched. "I am taking Morgan out for an hour or so. Would you care for him while I am gone? He owes you the finish of what you began last night."

"Yes," David smiled. "I'll keep him."

"Now, do not forget what I said last night. Do not hurt him. If you choose, to, dally with him, all well and good. But be sure that neither you, nor anyone else who touches him, cause him true pain."

"And he will welcome this with you gone?" It was still beyond his belief.

"Mark," Azrael reached for him. "Pet, will it be hard for you to be good while I am gone?" He brushed the hair from Mark's dark brown eyes, smiling. "Will you test Vincent's patience and honor?"

"I don't need to answer that." Mark smiled back. "You know as well as I do what I feel." He took Azrael's hand, went to him. "Should I show him?"

Azrael felt the length of Mark's body against his; the hardness of his manhood as it brushed his belly. Tasted the desire in his kisses and heard his needs in the soft whimpers of want that slipped from Mark's throat. "Yes. Go, before I forget my promise to Morgan and take you myself." My, but he was a temptation.

Mark met David's eyes as he knelt between his legs. His gaze never wavered as he slowly undid David's belt, unzipped his pants, and freed his maleness.

His eyes did close, finally, as he bent to take the hardening piece of flesh into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around David's hips as he began to blow him.

"God," David moaned, as, Mark's head bobbed up and down, his mouth hot and hard on his erection, pulling more and more until he felt like his whole organ was in a sweet, hot, wet, delicious vise. He looked down at Marks head. "Look at me," he said, voice husky.

Mark's head cocked slightly to one side and he opened his eyes. The raw want and, hunger, David saw brought him to release. He cried out softly as he fed his pleasure into the void within Mark.

"Do you feel secure that he will behave?" Azrael was pleased. Mark actually grinned as he licked his lips.

"Go, Master. He will be safe here. I will care for him and protect him as if he were mine and precious to me."

"Come, Morgan." He looked down at what she wore, T-shirt and jeans. The T-shirt was old, and the jeans might have been Jason's castoffs. She deserved her own clothes. "Maria, tomorrow afternoon, wake this one up and do something about her choice in attire." He would try to remedy some of it tonight, but he had no talent in choosing women's clothing.

"Yes, love."

"Come precious. Shall we go shopping?"

Michael looked from Jason to Amber. "Is, there, room for company? My Chosen here has nothing fit to wear. Last night, I promised to remedy that."

Azrael shook his head, chuckling. "I should have known that you would spoil him. The Gods know I spoiled you. Yes, by all means bring your two and come with us. The more hands, the better." Then to David, "Vincent, the house and my pets are left to your keeping."

"Don't worry, Master. Everything will be as you left it."

* * *

When Azrael had left, David looked down at Mark. The youth still knelt, watching him. He had become wary again. "Relax, Mark. I just told Azrael that I wouldn't hurt you."

"I know." The wariness faded, and Mark smiled softly.

"What did he do to you?" Anna asked, amazed.

Mark shrugged, and smiled at her. "He made me want him." It was so unbelievably simple.

"Yeah. I know the feeling." Joseph agreed. So did Anna.

David still didn't understand. "But 'what' did he do? I tried. What did he do that I didn't?"

"He didn't give me a choice. He made me choose between him and hell. He was going to cut me up if I fought. Then he offered me a chance at the one thing I had begged for, death. I discovered after all that I had come through, I no longer wanted to, and I didn't need the fear of death to make me do what he wanted. I wanted him and would do anything I had to get him." He looked at David. "He made me want him," he moved closer. "And through him, all of this." His hand found David again as they kissed. "Do it, please. I don't care if it hurts. Let me make up for being such a dick. Please, man. I need it so bad." Marks fingers spread the reddish fluid that seeped from David's tip over the head. "Please."

It would have taken a will greater than. David's to resist such an offer. As he entered, he wanted to sink his teeth into the firmness of Mark's muscular throat, but he held back. It would be folly to break his word to the ancient Kin. "Oh, God." Mark had been a virgin last night, and was still so incredibly tight. "I'm not hurting you am I?" His voice was ragged with pleasure.

"Please," Mark gasped. "Now, yes, oh God, now." He didn't care if it hurt. He wanted it to hurt, to feel the total possession. "Now."

"Yes, now." David agreed, and began to move, feeding the lust that burned, letting pleasure begin to heal the bad blood between them.

Review This Story || Author: Veronica Leigh Marquette
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