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Wicked Femdom Tales: Debbie and Sandy

Part 3


This story is intended as sexual entertainment for adults only

Wicked Femdom Tales: Debbie and Sandy-part 3

Sandy peered over the row of DVD's carefully, keeping an eye on the Adult Video door. Debbie was engrossed in a block of love stories nearby, and glanced furtively at short intervals in the same direction. She moved close to Sandy and talked in a low tone. The store was fairly busy and customers were milling about everywhere.

"Any possibilities yet?", she whispered.

Sandy read the cover of the container carefully. She spoke in that low but understandable tone that she and Debbie had developed over time.

"It's hard to get one alone, this might take awhile." 

Debbie fingered through several more DVD's.

She grinned mischievously at Sandy, moving closer to be heard clearly.

"The last one was almost perfect", she murmured, "he was so fucking scared shitless, he bawled like a baby."

"At least I got to try out my needle work on him, imagine, stitches where none were required."

Sandy turned slightly, her pale glossy lips twisted into a simulated grin.

"Now there's an idea sugar puss....why not cut him first, then sew him up.  Eeeeoooo.....that would sting!"

Debbie pursed her pretty lips in agreement, then bent over to examine a movie on the lower shelf, her cute ass sticking up seductively.

She stood again, and looked knowingly at Sandy.

"You like that honey babe?"

Sandy got closer...."Your little ass drives me nuts puss but we'd better stick to schedule.....ok?"

The thought had occurred more than once to Debbie that Sandy looked just like a movie star when she talked....someone right out of a B movie from the forties.

Sandy touched Debbie's arm....calling her to attention.

"Look.......this guy here.....where's he going?"

"What, that one?"

"Yes, brown slacks nice shoes."

"Hmmm, looks like a possible, he looks kinda meek don't he?"

Sandy glanced quickly to Debbie and smiled imperceptibly. 

"Like a real momma's boy."

Debbie held a video in her hand, keeping an eye on the door.

The man was about thirty, give or take, and was very nervous about going into an adult video room. He was sweating bullets, as a matter of fact, and glanced behind him and quickly opened the door and disappeared inside.

Sandy turned the video tape shell over in her hand feigning interest.

"Weren't there two in there before?", she murmured, "a guy and a woman."

Debbie was wearing tight bluejeans, and rubbed her leg near her crouch nervously. She continued the quiet conversation. She always became a bit heated in her genital region during a caper, and this was no exception.

Debbie touched Sandy's shoulder with hers..."I think so sweetheart, as near as I can tell."

"We'll wait, and be patient.....I hope this is not going to take awhile, like last time."

Debbie reached in front of Sandy and grabbed a video box, rubbing against the beautiful blonde's breast.

Sandy smiled , and took a deep breath instinctively.

"Easy baby, we don't want no gawkers do we?"

Debbie smiled and took her hand away, rummaging through several other cases.   "Uh uh."

They waited for awhile, becoming very impatient, moving up and down the row, all the while keeping an eye on the adult door. Suddenly it opened, and the woman came out carrying one DVD, and within two minutes, the male came out, holding an armful.

Sandy glared at Debbie, putting down the DVD box rapidly.

"Fucking typical male!", she grunted. "Women are just sex objects, to be used!"

Debbie glanced at her gorgeous lover, and smirked lightly...."Got that right!"

Sandy quickly moved to the adult room with Debbie behind her, hoping desperately that no one would come in before them. Sandy opened the door swiftly, and whisked inside as Debbie adroitly slapped a closed sticker on the outside of the door.

Once inside she took a door stop from her pocket and placed it, blocking the door. Their target was not visible now, and was apparently behind a second row of dirty movies, leering at the inventory.

They knew they would have to work rapidly, and had rehearsed their roles tirelessly, knowing exactly what to do.

Sandy walked over to the row of movies, and around the other side. Debbie followed her, being careful to act as if she were busy looking over the DVD stores.

The male hardly noticed them, and was bent over, engrossed in the study of a cocksucker movie container, glaring at the cum splattered face of a pretty porn star.

Sandy moved near him, and was smiling already.

"Gonna jack off tonight you fucking pervert?", she snickered.

He tore his head around in complete shock, shaking visibly, and with a look of horror on his face. He was handsome, and had a good body, but obviously had no respect for women, and probably could not even get a date.

"I'll bet you spend most of your time playing with herself don't you?"

She was grinning sarcastically at him now, her hand on the shelf looking at him inches away.

He was near passing out and could barely speak...." I....I hardly ever rent them."

He was shaking so much he dropped the tape, and Sandy reached down, looking at him all the time, and picked it up. She looked carefully at the cover, and at him, pure revulsion on her face.

"You can't get a woman, so you need this!", she sneered.

He started to leave and Debbie moved in to block his way. She pulled a snub nose pistol from her jacket, and shoved it in his gut.

"You ain't going no where fuck face!"

He froze and stood rigidly, as though he had been freeze dried on the spot.

Debbie grabbed his throat tightly, as Sandy quickly pulled his hands behind him, and cuffed them.

He was making squeaking sounds now, so terrified he could barely stand. 

"I'll bet he sucks cock Sandy, what do you think?"

Sandy tested the cuffs to make sure they were secure.

"Sure looks like a cocksucker to me Deb",  she said in her clipped tone.

"Please...oh please I..."

Sandy whirled him around and slapped his face hard, causing him to lose his senses for a moment.

"Shut your fucking mouth asshole....if you want to watch a dirty movie we'll show you how to do it!"

She deftly unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, and jerked his shorts to his ankles.

He looked at Debbie in complete shock, and his eyes were wild  with fear.

Sandy reached into her pocket and pulled out a small, strange looking device. It was about half the size of a cigar, and had a metallic cap on the end.

She pulled his asscheeks apart, and slid it in deeply, and turned a knob on the end, locking it into place.  Then she pulled his briefs  and pants back up and buckled his belt, tucking his shirt in neatly.

She squeezed his mouth tightly, making his face scrunch into a grotesque mask of panic.

"Listen carefully, we don't have time for me to say it again..."

"I just put a small explosive device up your ass,  and it is radio controlled by this remote."

She held up a small remote clicker, with a red button on it, and he looked at it in disbelief, and horror.

"If I push this button the device will explode. It is a little more powerful than a firecracker....nothing big, but can you imagine what it will do to your asshole."

He nodded desperately, sweating and sobbing in terror.

"Now....if you are a good boy, and do exactly as we say, without question, to the letter, you will come out of this alive and intact."

She always loved the look of stark horror on the face of her male victims, but truth is, she wound never harm anyone seriously on purpose. The victim never knew that, however, or also what could be done to a man without inflicting serious harm.

The device was real, nonetheless, but that was primarily for her's and Debbie's benefit, knowing that they actually had the power to do this to a man if they so chose.

Sandy quickly uncuffed the man, and he stood there petrified,  hardly able to form words.

"Oh'll do anything....please don't hurt me!!"

Sandy pulled on his hair...."You listen to me, very're going out to the customer  counter, with this DVD, and you're going to check it out. We will be right behind you. After you check it out, you will say loudly to everyone in the room......"I'm going to have fun jacking off and eating my cum to this one, it's my favorite".

"No matter how humiliated you are, you will say exactly that, am I clear?"

"Do you believe I will push this button you fucking pervert?"

The man was nearly hysterical by now and nodded rapidly in absolute compliance.

"Yes...yes..oh please don't hurt me...oh please....."

Sandy slapped his face hard, and he came out of his panic.

She poked the DVD in his hand, and shoved him forward, and Debbie moved to the door, removed the doorstop, and looked carefully outside, then quickly removed the 'closed' sticker.

There were two people viewing movies not far away, but usually people coming from the adult rooms were not stared at, most customers realizing that this was a potentially embarrassing situation that they themselves might experience on occasion.

Then Debbie walked quickly toward the front with their victim right behind her.  He was wobbling noticeably, and Sandy hoped he would not be too freaked to check the DVD out.

He waited in line for a short time, and finally the pretty female counter person checked the movie, barely noticing the content.

She laid the nasty DVD on the counter, and looked at the man tolerantly, as he paid, a mischievous smile on her face.

Sandy was right behind their victim, and grinned widely, speaking to the pretty young counter woman....

"Looks like someone is going to have fun tonight!", she said loudly.

The young woman laughed and looked at the poor man, as he stood there in stunned mortification.

The other women at the counter looked over in amusement, staring

at the obscene DVD.

After he'd paid, he stood there ready to collapse, looking at Sandy.

She glared at him, and reached in her pocket and gripped the remote.

His voice was shrill, and pathetic, but he held the dirty movie up and yelled for everyone to hear...

"I'm going to have fun jacking off and eating my cum to this one!", he screeched, "it's my favorite!"

The counter girl looked at him in horror as did the other employees....

"Sir....we don't allow that kind of talk in here...after you return this movie you will not be welcome in here again." 

The waiting customers were laughing loudly, and a male manager came over, glaring at our poor victim.

"Don't come back again", he said angrily, "if you cause any disturbance I'll call the police!"

The man could not control his shaking, and stumbled blindly out the door as the crowd laughed at him.

He headed to his car and when they were out among the parked vehicles, Sandy, grabbed his shoulder...."Easy you fucking pervert, we're going this direction."

Debbie gripped his arm tightly and steered him to their van. They opened the door and he got in....sitting carefully behind the driver's seat, with Debbie beside him, holding the pistol in her hand.  He was almost sobbing, and the desperation on his face was total.

Debbie cuffed his hands again, and Sandy drove rapidly out of the lot.

Sandy looked in the mirror at the fool behind her.

"Where do you live?", she frowned.

The man was beginning to compose himself and answered her dutifully, giving his address.

"How do we get there from here?", she glared, in a withering tone.

He gave her halting directions as she drove, and Debbie reached inside his pants and began playing with his penis.

Sandy was all business and gave not an ounce of sympathy as she directed the van down the street.

"Do you live alone asshole?"

"I...yes mam....I do."

Sandy laughed outloud...."Mam!,  Did you fucking call me mam you fucking freak!"

He had a look of utter despair on his face.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean......"

Debbie and Sandy both laughed.

He was fully erect now,  and Debbie gripped his large prick tightly. The bulge in his pants was becoming painful for him.

"When is the last time you had a piece of ass?", said Debbie, squeezing his balls tightly.

"I ah....well it was quite awhile....I ah, don't remember."

"Fuck I'll bet you've never had any pussy!"

She pulled her hand out and pinched his ear painfully...."Are you a fucking virgin you bastard?"

His erection was bulging awkwardly and he shifted around, trying not to  disturb the explosive charge up his ass.

Debbie slapped his head and pinched harder. He yelped and squirmed uncomfortably.

" I just like porn movies better."

"Do you jackoff everyday?", she piped, pulling his head around to look in his eyes.

"Ah...well.....yes I....."

"You pathetic bastard."

They were pulling into his driveway, and Sandy parked in the garage, got out, and closed the electric door.

She opened the door of the van and the man stepped out and nearly fell in the process.

The beautiful blonde grabbed his bulging crouch, causing him to gasp in pain.

Debbie was close behind them, and stood watching.

Sandy gripped his throat and balls tightly...."Are you married?", she said evenly.

"No....I....I never married."

"Good! now get your ass moving and let's go into your house."

They exited the garage and walked into a door leading to the inner was a nice place and very well kept.

When they were in the living room Sandy unbuckled his trousers and dropped them around his ankles, she pulled his shorts down also. Skillfully, she removed the device from his asshole and laid it on an end  table.

Then she motioned everyone back a bit, and pushed the button on the remote. The device exploded loudly, producing a large puff of smoke and acrid fumes. There was a large burn spot on the table surface.

He looked on in horror at the display, and his eyes clamped shut in relief.

"You see I was telling you the truth."

Sandy put the remote into a small case and shoved it into the larger equipment container.

She pushed him backwards onto the couch, and he flopped down awkwardly, his hands still bound behind.  The women quickly pulled his shoes, socks, shorts, and pants off, and ripped off his shirt so that he lay naked before them.

Sandy then left to go back to the van. Debbie sat beside the frightened male and stroked his rock hard dick.

"We're going to purge you of your guilt now, all those dirty movies and whacking your pecker off, and grunting when you cum. You need to learn proper respect for the women you've disgraced so often, and so shamefully. You're going to suffer for each time you spit your seed into your hand while you looked at a dirty movie."

The man was shaking from fear as well as the chill, and shifted uncomfortably as Debbie pinched his bouncing cock.

"Please don't hurt me!", he pleaded, please let me go and I won't tell anyone...please I promise!"

Debbie slapped him very hard several times.  He was knocked a bit senseless, and fell back on the couch.

"You speak again without permission and I'll cut your balls off!"

He lay there in a semi conscious state, as Sandy came into the room.

She had a large suit case, and sat it on the floor.

She unlatched it quickly, and it fell open, revealing a vast  assortment of strange looking sex devices, and a full complement of shiny stainless steel instruments.

The two women went back out to the van and carried in a sturdy wooden chair with flat metal fasteners attached to the bottom of the thick legs.

They sat the chair directly in front of the television, and Sandy brought out a large drill and attached a thick screw to the tip. She held the drill in position above a hole in a flat metal leg plate,  and drilled it easily into the wooden surface below. When she'd finished all four legs the chair were tightly secured to the floor.

"What is your name?", Sandy asked quietly.

Debbie squeezed his balls painfully and he groaned in pain, terror driving him so that he found it difficult to speak.

"J....John...please don't hurt me." He was sobbing now, begging for mercy.

Sandy looked quietly at him...."John, calm down, you're going to come out of this perfectly intact and alive, I promise you. We just have a few painful lessons that we must teach you."

They pulled him up to walk him over to the chair and he resisted, and Debbie pinched his nuts between her fingers until he screamed.

They finally managed to sit him down and strapped him in tightly, arms, hands, legs, chest, head, and ankles.

Sandy took a small jar from the large case and unscrewed the cap. Inside were bright red flakes, and she dipped out a teaspoonful, and held it to his lips.

Debbie gripped his swollen nuts tightly again...."Open your fucking mouth!", she wheezed.

He was so petrified that obeyed instantly, and looked at Sandy as she shoved the spoon into his oral cavity.

Sandy then slid a piece of duct tape over his mouth and pressed it down firmly.

His eyes burst wide open, and he jumped in agony, jerking around violently.


His muffled screams were delightful to the girls, and they looked on with pleasure as he jerked around in pain.

Sandy gripped his jaws tightly, and looked into his watering eyes.

"Do you like hot peppers?", she laughed.


"I take that to mean you don't."

"Oh well, they're an acquired taste."

"These are flakes of the 'Wild Tepin' pepper John. Tepin is the hottest pepper in the world, several times hotter than any other."

"They grow in Northern Mexico, and are called 'Gringo Killers' by locals. You're going to share your pain with us John, we want to take you on a special journey that you will never forget."

He was lurching violently now, his eyes hot coals of agony.

We want you to think of the women you have disgraced by your lecherous habits. Debbie squeezed the base of his large penis so that it was rock hard and shiny red.

She was squirming in pleasure as she squeezed his pisshole until it was wide open.

Sandy bent down and kissed Debbie, as their poor victim twisted in agony.

Then she looked into John's pitiful eyes....

"John, John, try to calm down, another half hour and we'll be finished."

She took out a tiny seasoning spoon and dipped out a small portion of the fiery flakes. As Debbie held the raw pisshole open she dropped them in, and worked them down into his urethra with a shiny metal probe.

He became even more animated as the terrible pepper flakes were inserted into his tender urinary channel, and when they had burned clear to the bottom of his penis his muffled shrieks filled the room.

The women stripped naked and kissed passionately, rolling on the thick carpet beneath the chair.  The man was still grunting wildly, and Sandy took out the porn DVD and slipped it into the video player.

The two sat beside their unfortunate victim, as a pretty young woman in the movie performed oral sex on a huge cock.

Debbie's hairy pussy was sopping wet now, and she rubbed her clit forcefully as Sandy took out a device from the case. It was similar to a standard masturbation tube, but larger, and had an electric cord.

She smeared a clear gel all up and down his blood raw cock, and forced the tube downward on it roughly.

Then she plugged it into an electric outlet and watched his swollen eyes as she switched it on.

A powerful current tore through his large member, and John pulled  violently against the restraints, a shrill and hoarse grunt escaping from his throat. He jerked a few more times and fell limp. Sandy turned the device off, and quickly checked his vitals. Her medical kit was nearby just in case.

When she was satisfied that he was alright, the two women kissed passionately again, and slid into the sixty nine position, their faces buried in each other's hairy vaginal slits.

Debbie was in ecstasy, and kissed Sandy's wet pussy passionately.

"Girl you taste so good!", she moaned, "mmmmm....can't get enough of you!"

They moaned loudly as they pleased one another, and Debbie's long tongue buried itself in Sandy's well formed anus.

Within a few minutes the man came around again, and was crying under the gag, shaking uncontrollably from the severe pain.

They got up, and sat beside the chair as Sandy started the video show again.

The porn starlet was sucking voraciously now, and the man snorted  in pleasure as he neared orgasm.

Their victim was wailing with intractable pain as Sandy turned on the current again, and a snapping sound indicated that electricity was once again tearing through John's tortured male fuck pole.

His body stiffened tightly against the thick restraints as a muffled shriek came from his nearly ruptured vocal cords, and Sandy moved the device rapidly up and down his penis, jacking him off as the beautiful porn star gulped down a thick load of seminal fluid.

Simultaneously, John groaned in agony-pleasure as he ejaculated, and pieces of hot pepper erupted from his pisshole propelled by a thick gusher of hot cum, and he jumped and made weird grunting sounds as his balls emptied out.

He continued jerking for a full minute, his eyes glazed with unthinkable pleasure-pain, and his face was sweating profusely, and the drainage from his nose had wet down his entire chest area.

Sandy and Debbie got very close to his face and spoke softly to him.

Sandy smoothed over his wet hair.

"You've learned a hard lesson haven't you John?"

He whined piteously and nodded his head up and down as he looked into her beautiful eyes.

"Are you going to be a good boy now?"

"Do you think watching a dirty movie makes you a man?"

He nodded his head back and forth, and pulled against the straps in anguish.

Debbie pulled out several of John's pubic hairs making him lurch upward violently.

"I think he's lying to us girl, maybe we should give him another taste."

Sandy looked into his eyes as he nodded his head violently back and forth.

"Women are not sex objects John, didn't your mother ever teach you that?"

He sat there shaking uncontrollably, and jerked in excruciating spasms of torment.  He was in severe pain, and finally Sandy relented, swabbed his arm,  and gave him a hypo, and he passed out quickly.


The two women dressed, and released him,  and dragged him back to the sofa, lying him down on his back.

As Debbie removed the duct tape from his mouth, Sandy brought out her medical kit. She took a syringe with a long tube at the end and held his blood raw penis as she pushed it into his swollen urethra. She slowly washed out the interior of his tortured pecker, then she took a long cotton swab and applied a salve deep inside all the way to the base. Then she  cleaned his genital area thoroughly.

Meanwhile Debbie took a suction device and removed all of the hot pepper flakes from his mouth, and smeared a thin layer of a special salve around his inner oral cavity.

They left medical instructions for relief of pain and proper self care.

Then they removed the heavy duty screws from the chair leg mounts, and carried the wooden seat back out to the van along with the equipment case.

They came back in and Sandy checked John's vitals again. 

"He's good to go Deb, what a blast!"

She took her lipstick and left their D+S trademark on his forehead.

They kissed passionately, and Sandy caressed Debbie's hair as she held her.

"I love you pretty and me are for keeps."

Deb looked deeply into Sandy's eyes and kissed her tenderly.

"Ummmm baby we got to do this again, maybe we'll find us a real macho man next time...wouldn't that be a kick!"

Sandy winked at her in agreement, and they left for the van.

A weekend's rest was in order, some quality relaxation time. No doubt about it.

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