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Tammie's Training

Chapter 9 Taking Mom's Place

             Chapter Nine......Taking Mom's Place

  True to his word, he was preparing her to take her mothers whipping the next

She was tied to the cross, and had just been brought from the bathroom. A full
gallon of water hung in the enema bag above her. A double nozzle enema setup was
in her ass, one balloon inflated inside her ass, the other outside. He did not
want to chance her blowing her enema out before he was done whipping her. This
gallon of water also had a quantity of lemon juice in it, as he wanted to see
her face as she cramped against the concoction. She would be made to hold this a
long time, and he knew she would have to piss a lot, so he showed her mother how
to slip a catheter into her daughters small urethra, and how to open and close
the clamp. He put four clothes pins on her labia, two on each side, and tied
them to her thighs with a piece of string, holding her cunt wide open, the
catheter dangling obscenely. He stuck a long needle directly through the tip of
each nipple. He stood back to admire her, and had her mother start the water. He
took some pictures of her. She was moaning in pain, and the water was beginning
to fill her.

  She was quite a sight, perhaps his best one yet, he thought. Totally bald,
obscene tattoos decorating her body, rings and needles in her tits, a ring and a
catheter in her  hairless, clamped and spread cunt, and the balloon of the
nozzle just visible between her ass cheeks. Suddenly she tensed, and her eyes
got real wide. She was feeling the lemon juice. Her mother stopped the flow.
Master stepped up to Tammy and rubbed her belly, then lowered his fingers to her
clit, and toyed with her clit ring.

  He put his mouth on hers. Tammy was surprised, he had never kissed her before.
As her body tensed and cramped, she was sucking on her Masters tongue, loving
it. He lowered His head to her moist cunt and flicked his tongue over her clit.
He could have made her cum right then, but he stopped. He nodded to her mother
and she started the flow again. The bag was half empty. The horrible cramps hit
her again, and she started to sweat.

  Master asked her,

  "Do you have to piss, slut?"

She nodded yes, and was wracked with cramps again. Master had her mother kneel
down and take the catheter in her mouth. He opened the clamp and a rush of piss
flowed into her mouth, causing her to swallow four or five times, bringing the
girl some relief.

  "More," he said, and the flow was started again.

Tammy was just about beside herself as the cramps wracked her body. Master stood
back, and with a wide leather strap, he hit her on the flanks and rib cage.

  An "Oh, god," escaped her lips. He stopped the flow again, and had her mother
take another drink from the catheter.

  He approached her again, kissing her mouth, licking outside of her mouth,
licking the word 'cocksucker' on her top lip.

  "Do you love me my little cocksucker?" he asked her.

  "Yes, I love you  Master," she moaned.

  He stood back and began to strap her thighs, below where the clamps were tied.
Another nod started the water flowing again, and he strapped her stomach as the
bag gurgled.

  He kissed her again, and ran His tongue over the words 'cum slut'.

  "Do you love me my little cum slut?" he asked her.

  "Oh god, yes Master, I do I do," she wailed, and broke down crying.

Master began rubbing his finger up and down her slit and she was uttering an oh
yes, oh yes as he stroked her. Her mother opened the clamp on the catheter and
took another mouthful of her daughter's piss.

  "Last night you told me that you were ready for me to whip you. Are you still
ready, slut?", he asked her.

   "Yeeees, Master, just please, make me cum," the tortured teen wailed.

He picked up a short, stiff leather spanker, and began to slap her with it. He
paid particular attention to her bulging stomach and it's gallon of water and
lemon juice, but he slapped her everywhere. He removed the needles from her
tits, and slapped them, repeatedly, back and forth, he slapped the top of her
head, her neck and armpits, her ribs and flanks, then down her thighs. She was
wailing in a strange, hoarse voice as he had her mother take a drink from her
catheter. He had her hold it straight up, against her daughter's tattooed
stomach, and he gave her a vicious cut straight up into her open, spread cunt.
She screamed. He stood between her legs and removed the clothespins from her
cunt lips, and she screamed again. Then he thrust his cock into her, and as he
fucked her, he kissed her, and she kissed him back, sucking on his mouth while
she came.

  Her mother was behind him, spreading his asscheecks and licking and sucking
his ass while he fucked her baby girl. He thrust up into her as hard as he could
and held there, feeling the head of his cock up against her cervix, the very
entrance of her womb, as he pumped his seed into her. Her mother cleaned his
cock and fed from her daughter's cunt, before Tammy was taken down from the

  It was time to release the gallon of water burning in her guts, but she
couldn't stand. So her leash was again attached to her nose ring and she crawled
to bathroom, being pulled by her Master, her mother holding the bag that was
still attached to her ass. Her mother lay down on her back in the tub. She knew
what to do, this was part of her everyday feeding. Tammy drug her tortured body
over the side of the tub, and took her position over her mother. When He
deflated the balloons, the whole device literally blew out of Tammy's ass. The
volume was so great that the initial sream shot over her mother's haid, but she
did her best to take as much as she could into her mouth, swallowing as fast as
she could, and finally licking and sucking Tammy's asshole gaped as the fluid
continued to come out for a long while. Her mother had swallowed some air and
began hiccupping.  He reached down and opened the valve on Tammy's catheter, and
hosed her mothers face off with the great volume of piss. It was still flowing
when he stuck it in her mouth. Tammy was literally moaning with relief. She was
spent. He turned the shower on his two fuck slaves, telling them not to come out
until they were both clean.

  He was happy, it was early. They still had all day.

Review This Story || Author: J.
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