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Master Rewards his Cunt Pig

Part 1

Master Rewards his Cunt Pig

I had been Masters property for over two years before he rewarded me with my number one sexual fantasy for being such a good slave.  Over the past two years I had been my Masters slave in training.  Within the first two months I was ordered to move in with him so my training could progress to being full time and my only priority in life.  I was thrilled beyond belief when Master told me this was going to happen and as of this point I had formally become His property, he now owned me to use as he wished or to whore me out to any number of his BDSM connections.  These men would also be able to use me as they wish upon his approval and I must serve and please these men however they saw fit to use Masters whore since to embarrass Master within his own community would be completely unacceptable.  There was no question that I would ever displease my Master, I adored him, worshipped him and knew my life only remained in existence in order for me to serve him as my God.

Master told me over and over again that even though I was an excellent slave and had pleased him greatly it was also true and I must never forget that I am nothing more than fuck meat, a human toilet, a cum dumpster, a slab of slut meat with fuck holes and that I am less than human and would be used this way by not only him but whoever he chooses to use his whore as well.  There was no question for me, I knew who I was and the mere thought of knowing that was nothing more than filthy fuck holes just fuck meat to be used anytime by anybody in any filthy way imaginable made my cunt throb and drip, my shit hole contract and open and my throat open up, it physically hurt from the intensity of my need, my craving, my hunger to have every single fuck hole used, abused, filled with cum, spit, fists, piss and shit.  Master had trained his filthy little fuck meat slave very well indeed.

Master had also morphed my physical appearance a great deal during my training.  The first part of my physical transformation was several tattoos.  One just above my cunt, another just above my shit hole, one that spread completely across both of my enormous tit bags and two that went down the inside of my thighs.  Every one of them were words that stated what I am so anyone who was to use me knew as well as them being a constant reminder to me of exactly what I am.  I was covered in short descriptions of what I had been morphed into such as; FUCK MEAT OWNED BY MASTER GREG, PROPERTY EXISTS ONLY AS FUCK HOLES, and FILTHY HUMAN TOILET.  Yes there was no mistake whatsoever as to whom I was.

Master also ordered to me to get several piercings and both nipples had very thick rings and even though I already had very extended large nipples they were now stretched to a good 4 or 5 inches as a result of being ordered to hang weights from the rings for long periods of time.  My cunt fuck hole was the one that had gone through the greatest morphing though.  Master had spent literally hours pinching, pulling and stretching my clit so it was now 6 or 7 times larger than when my training had first begun.  It quite resembled a small penis and stuck out so visibly that often the men who were approved to use my cunt would gasp when they first saw it.  Both my inner and outer labias had four very thick rings in both and as with my nipples Master had placed heavier and heavier weights onto the rings which I was ordered leave dangling from my stretched cunt lips for days at a time which of course I would obey even though I was often reduced to tears and even feeing dizzy from the pain they would cause me.

But Master knew what he was doing because now after two years of stretching with the weights my cunt lips were magnificent with the thick rings adorning them as they dangled a good six inches below my cunt hole.  I could always feel them swinging around below my hole or rubbing against my inner thighs and when my cunt drips from my greedy pig need to have my hole used I love to stand in front of the mirror and watch my cunt slime drip down my enormous lips and slowly drip from the rings and to feel my inner thighs completely coated all the way to my knees with my filthy cunt slime just made me ooze bucket loads of more slime.  Masters rule whenever he would take me out for dinner was that I must wear a very short skirt, nylons but no panties and high heels and also the chain that wrapped around my waist and thighs with clips attached to the rings on my inner labia with the chain pulled tight enough that my labia was stretched right back leaving my gaping cunt hole completely gaping and exposed.  I could feel gushes of cold air rush up into my gaping hole as we would walk down the street and the sensation of having my cunt gaping open wide in public without anyone knowing made hotter than hell so my hole would become a river of cunt slime with nothing to stop it from oozing down my inner thighs and by the end of the night both of my legs would be coated in my slime and often my feet would also get wet as it would drip into my high heels as well.

We would sit in the restaurant as if everything was normal and Master would ask me how wet my filthy cunt hole was and if there was enough slime dripping out of it to completely soak my chair so I could slide my gaping wet hole around on the chair for him.  Other times he would order me to sit back in my chair with gaping hole resting right on the edge of it and to spread my legs wide open and he would then remove one of his shoes and ram his foot up inside my nasty big sloppy hole and this was one of his favorite things to do to me right as we would order our food!

Obviously a big part of my training was to have my fuck holes stretched considerably.  My Master had no desire for tight fuck holes and he found mine to be obscenely tight when my training first began.  On an almost daily basis Master would spend a good couple of hours stretching either my cunt hole or my shit hole.  He would push enormous dildos and any object that interested him up inside my fuck holes and they got larger and larger as time went on.  Master was fisting my cunt hole very early in my training since I am quite obsessed with cunt fisting so had stretched it considerably myself before I became Masters property.  Now after two years of His training I was only a fraction away from Master being able to double fist the cunt hole.  My shit hole took quite a while longer to be large enough for his fist but when it finally was and Master double fisted both my fuck holes at the same time I was in an ecstasy that I will never forget in my entire life.  Never have I cum as hard and as many times in one session of being used before, I get a quiver through my entire body just thinking about it!

I also served as my Masters human toilet at any time of the day or night when He chose to me as his piss or shit slave.  His preference was to use my mouth at his toilet most of the time however he often like to use either one or both of my filthy fuck holes for his needs as well.  Many a time He has woken me from my sleep at 3 AM and ordered me to position myself in the bath tub with my legs spread and both my fuck holes gaping so he may chose which one he would like to use for both his piss and his shit.  I would lie in the bath tub in anticipation with my stretched fuck holes gaping open for him until he would stand over me or straddle over my holes and fill his fuck holes with his waste and if He allowed me to cum during the experience I would often cry from the intensity of the experience of that orgasm.

Master had two beautiful male dogs and it was made very clear to me from day one when I moved in with him to serve as his full time slave that since I was Masters property as were his dogs that his dogs also owned me and while he was home they could fuck me only upon his command but if he was not home the dogs may use me anytime they wanted to and I should consider myself ranking lower than them and make my fuck holes open and available to them for however they also might choose to use them.  I was often fucked in any or all of my fuck holes up to 5 or 6 times a day by the two dogs.  Sometimes Master would lock me inside a dogs breeder cage for an entire day and night with my legs spread and restrained to the sides of the cage and my gaping ass hole pressed right up against the back of the cage where the platform and access hole was located for the dogs to use.  Many of my Masters BDSM buddies had their own male dogs which they used to fuck their own slaves and it was nothing for my Master to call a few of them and tell them to bring their dogs over for the day so they could use his fuck meat in the breeder cage to relieve themselves.

The most intense of these experiences was a full day from very early in the morning until almost midnight when I was restrained in the breeders cage in the dungeon with both of Masters dogs plus and additional five dogs from his buddies.  Between the seven dogs, or large breeds there is no possible way for me to begin to know how many times I was fucked by the dogs.  They all had at least a half dozen turns each at ramming my ass as far as I know.  I was fucked relentlessly all day and into the night by the dogs, by midnight when Master finally released me the entire floor of the cage was an inch thick with dog cum that had oozed out of my shit hole all day and night.  I was covered in dog cum and stank of it.  My ass and legs had layers of dried dog cum in thick patches as well as a thick cover of fresh wet dog cum.  When Master came in to release me he rewarded me with the verbal humiliation I so desire; laughing at the site of me and telling me he was very proud of his filthy dog cum dumpster, reminding me that I was a very good little fuck pig for Master and all the dogs and asking me how hungry I must be since I had been the dogs captive fuck meat all day and night.  This was his lead in to ordering me to lick up pretty much all of the dog cum swimming around on the bottom of the cage before he would allow me to come back out.  As his good little fuck pig I gobbled up the dog cum just as I was told.

When my Master felt sure that I could serve him well to be whored out to other Masters at his discretion he installed a web cam system in the dungeon so he could watch how I was being used by the Masters he had whore me out to on his computer at work.  He whored me out hundreds of times over the next 18 months or so and I was used as filthy fuck meat in ways I could never have imagined in order to fulfill the various fetishes of each Master.  I was defiled, degraded and humiliated in ways that I only have to give a minutes thought to and I would find my cunt hole dripping relentlessly with my depraved cravings driving me to usually fist my own cunt or spread my shit hole wide open and push my hole down onto an enormous dildo or butt plug.  One of the most memorable experiences I had being whored out was with a Master who would arrive at the house every single day for a month at the exact time he took his regular morning shit.  I had to make sure I had pushed a huge butt plug or dildo up into my shit hole for a good twenty minutes at least before he arrive so my shit hole was nicely stretched and gaping wide open for him and had to make sure I was positioned on one of the tables with leg restraints in the dungeon so I was ready for him.  The Master would come into the dungeon and say to me; “Good morning shit meat.  Are you ready to have your nasty shit hole filled like a dirty septic tank because I have the nastiest bowels full of stinky shit that I need to dump in that disgusting tank of yours so I hope you managed to stretch your skanky toilet hole good and gaping wide for me so I can fill it up”.

He would restrain my legs so my shit hole was elevated and my legs spread as wide open as they could possibly be then he would take an enormous dildo and fill my shit hole with lube and plunge this monster deep inside my shit hole grinding it from side to side to stretch me even more.  I would moan and my enormous tit bags would heave in excitement and he would tell me what a filthy fucking shit pig I was getting so aroused by the idea of having his take a big stinky shit inside my dirty pig hole so by now my cunt is leaking so badly the slime is coating my stomach and working its way to oozing down all over my fat tit bags.  Before too long the Master would squat right over my gaping shit hole and line himself up then take a deep breath before his grunting shit noises would commence and I knew it was coming and I would be filled with his filth.  He always took a huge dump, endlessly long turds that would sometimes curl on their way out and he always aimed them perfectly so they would drop right inside my gaping hole.

Often there would be two of these huge shits before the aftermath smaller and wetter turds would shoot out like bullets.  Every single morning he would fill my shit hole to overflowing with his stinky filth and I would cum over and over and over again.  My Master watched his fuck meat serve as his shit whore for his buddy every day from his office.  When the shit Master was finished dumping inside me he would take some time to view his shit sitting inside my gaping shit hole.  He would describe what kind of shit it was to me telling me; “Mmmm shit pig this was good one this morning, a couple of good solid medium brown logs that almost filled you up then some nice big mounds of small, wet and I believe very stinky aftermath filth right on top which I know will ooze down over the solid ones giving you a lovely wet stinky pile to enjoy, what do you think about you filthy little shit pig, you like”?  I would groan; “Yes Sir, I like very, very much.  Thank you Sir for considering your shit pig worthy of being filled with your glorious shit”.  “Youre most welcome toilet pig and I know you will enjoy it all day being the disgusting toilet hole that you are”, he would respond.

Then while my shit hole was still suspended he would take one of the biggest butt plugs and push it inside my shit hole packing his shit deeper inside my hole until he had worked the plug entirely up my disgusting hole and it was firmly lodged inside of me with his shit packed deep inside my shit chute.  He would release my leg restraints and throw a diaper in my face and grunt at me; “You know what must be done shit pig, put it on for me”.  I would put the diaper on with my shit hole packed full of his filth and the butt plug rammed right up inside my chute and was not permitted to remove the diaper until my Master arrived home that evening from work.  I would go about my business throughout the day and even wore the diaper while out running errands knowing that I stunk like a filthy septic tank and people would stare and wrinkle their noses at me but I didnt care at all.  By late afternoon the pressure in shit chute had become almost unbearable since the Masters shit had no way of escaping other than my diaper becoming almost completely soaked with shit juice and hole slime that could work its way around the butt plug and ooze out of my hole into the diaper.  By the time my Master would arrive home my diaper would be completely shit soaked and very wet and I would smell horrific.  He would come into the house and immediately tell me what a filthy fucking pig I was with my disgusting fuck hole oozing shit slime out all day.  I was then ordered to go to my “toilet pig pool” which was actually a rubber kiddies pool in the corner of the dungeon and I would begin my disgusting and humiliating procedure for my Master which entailed me getting on my knees slowly removing my stinking diaper then spreading my legs wide open so Master could get a good look at my filthy shit hole and I would slowly remove the huge butt plug and knew relief was soon to come.  When I finally managed to pull the entire fat plug out of my hole my shit hole was gaping so wide Master would verbally degrade me to the point of having my cunt ooze its slime into the bottom of the pool.  I was not allowed to let the shit out until Master said so and would start to sweat like a pig with the effort of trying to hole it inside of me when my shit hole was a huge open gaping hole.

When Master finally gave me the command to let it out I could relax my anal muscles and this alone often caused the packed filth inside my chute literally explode from my hole coupled with very loud wet farts.  The whole thing was absolutely disgusting, it smelled like a dead rat had crawled up inside of me all day and my ass and legs would be splattered in horrible runny shit often even splattering up over my back and into my hair from the force of the explosion.  For the next 45 minutes or so the shit and the slime would keep bursting out of me periodically until it would finally become a trickle then an ooze.  The entire bottom of my shit pig pool would covered in wet, smelly shit and Master would command me to rolled my entire body around in this filth even to rub my hair into the filth until I was completely covered in the filth.  I would then have to sit in the pool facing him with my legs spread wide open so my gaping cunt hole could be viewed smothered in runny stinking shit, my hair dripping with it, my face and entire body smeared with it so Master could take photos of his filthy whore shit pig which he then liked to post on several fetish groups on the local BDSM site this way sharing how disgusting his fuck meat was with his colleagues.  Later that night after I had cleaned up and Master had given me a good fisting in one or both of his fuck holes he would delight in reading the responses from the BDSM groups as to what a nasty pig I truly was and would also run countless photos of my degrading behavior from not only my shit pig pool performance for him but also of his Master buddy using me as Masters whore early that morning which were taken from his web cam recording.  I would sit and watch myself with my labia ring chains on so my cunt hole was exposed wide open and would get so fucking hot I could die.  Mmm yes indeed is it any wonder at all why I worship my Master more than my own life?!

Master also whored me out to one of his best BDSM friends many times which made me so happy because I knew he was pleased with me to have honored me so by allowing me to serve as his good friends filthy fuck meat.  His friend who told me to always call him Sir would call me a couple of hours ahead of time to give me my instructions of where and when I was to meet him or be ready for him.  The first time I was to be used by him I had to be in the mens toilet located in the back of a local Safeway.  I was told to wear a very, very short black skirt, high heels, no bra with a see through blouse, no underwear or nylons (my legs must be bare) and to make sure I wore my thickest rings in my cunt piercings with leather straps tightly wound around my thighs and a chain that connected the inner labia piercings to the straps pulled tight so my cunt was gaping as far as it possibly could.  I was also to do my hair and make up and to make sure my cunt was freshly shaved without one hair to be seen.  I had no idea what Sir had planned for me but I got ready with anticipation and headed out.

At the appointed time I was ready and waiting in the mens bathroom at Safeway just as I was told.  Very soon I heard a very deep masculine voice at the toilet door ask; “fuck meat are in there”?  “Yes I am Sir”, I replied with my voice shaking a little.  “Very good whore, now I want you to sit on the toilet with your legs spread with your feet on each wall to support you and you better have that cunt hole gaping and ready do you understand”?  “Yes I do Sir”, I replied with my voice shaking even more.  Then the door opened and he entered the filthy mens toilet and locked the door behind him.  He was tall and dark haired with an aura of Dominance that was unmistakable.  This was so hot to me I felt my cunt immediately get wet and my clit start to throb.  He stood a the door and viewed me intently for a good five minutes, looking me up and down, inspecting my gaping hole and said to me; “Well, well your Master told me what a nasty cum dumpster you were and he was right”.  “He also told me to use your fuck hole in any way I see fit and I can see that you are a slut who has a well used hole so I assume you are more than ready for me to use it and stretch it right now”.

Then he came over to me spread on the toilet never looking at my face but looking intently at my gaping cunt hole.  All of a sudden he roughly grabbed my clit between two fingers and pinched it so hard it brought tears to my eyes at the same time causing my cunt to slime fiercely.  “Yeah I see how you like that already fuck meat, what a filthy whore you are indeed”, he said.  I moaned and without control pushed my hips forward in an effort to get my gaping hole closer to him.  Seeing my reaction he roughly grabbed a handful of hair pulling my head back and for the first time looked directly into my eyes with his steely gray stare and spat two great gobs over my face while hissing at me; “you fucking nasty fuck hole whore Im going to ravage that cunt hole of yours and I know you will scream for more, filthy fuck meat you are”.  Oh God I couldnt help myself as I shuddered and came at the sound of these words which made him slap me hard across the face while still pulling my hair and he spat a couple more times in my face.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven by now!

Letting my hair go from his iron grip he brutally plunged his fist into my gaping hole without any warning taking my breath away.  There was no lead up to the ravaging of my cunt hole he was literally cunt punching me for all he was worth within seconds and was within minutes cunt punching my hole almost up to his elbow.  I let out a little scream and came twice instantly, which motivated him to punch my cunt even harder and faster until I thought I would die from excitement.  I could feel my cunt stretching wider and wider and I spread my legs even further apart to give him even more access to my stretched hole and as I did he growled at me; “thats right fuck meat spread that gaping filthy gash for me so I can stretch it until it splits” and he cunt punched me relentlessly harder and further until his arm was coated in my cunt slime and the sweat was pouring off me.  I dont know how long he fisted me this way I lost all sense of time and reality and I just didnt want him to stop but eventually he did by ramming his huge cock down my throat and ordering me to take it all and suck.  Then he pulled it out of my throat and jacked off with his cock pointing at the entrance of my now cavern cunt and before long an almost projectile explosion of cum burst from his cock pouring into my exposed gaping fuck hole.  I felt sure my cunt as big as it was must been at least half full with the amount of cum that came from him.

I was told to stay exactly in the position I was in and with his cock still at the entrance of my gaping cunt he started to piss inside me filling my cunt until it overflowed and when it did he shifted aim and finished pissing over my blouse, face and my hair.  Then he told me to remove the chains holding my labia back and ensuring my cunt was gaping and told me that I was to now leave the toilet without cleaning myself up or wiping my filthy cunt hole and that I was to walk through the store to the parking lot with his piss and cum pouring out of my hole, down my legs and into my shoes so that everyone could see the filth gushing out my dirty fuck hole and know what a dirty piece of fuck meat I truly was.  My heart started racing and I knew my humiliation as I did this would be extreme and as I set out from the toilet trying to clench my cunt muscles tight to keep it from gushing down my legs I knew I was fighting a losing battle since Sir had stretched my cunt so wide and with such force there was not way I had any cunt muscle control right now anyway.  I managed to get out of the hallway where the toilet was and as soon as I entered the store with the bright overhead lights and crowds of people the first gush of piss and cum shot out of my hole and soaked my legs and shoes so my shoes now squeaked as I took each step which made people turn and look at my shoes then give me a total look of disgust and horror which made me go a deep shade of red from the neck up.

Somehow I managed to get myself back home and the entire way there my cunt keep squirting out gushes of his piss and cum.  My car seat and the floor of my car were completely soaked and this plus my humiliation at the store made me so hot my cunt hole was literally twitching.  I got home and cleaned up because my Master would be home any minute and when he did get home I could tell he was very, very pleased with me.  His friend had called him after using me and said I had served him very well and he was very pleased so Master was very happy with his pig fuck meat he told me.  He told me he was so pleased with me that he was going to reward me as I had come through every training test he had given me.  My reward he told me was to have any fantasy, any at all fulfilled, whatever I desired, however I would like to be used and he would put it together for me.  My eyes lit up and he laughed telling me; “you filthy fucking slut you already have something cooked up in that nasty mind dont you”?  Smiling I nodded my yes to him and asked permission to share the fantasy with him now and I did.  Being the Master I so worship he came through on his promise of my reward and did so within the next couple of weeks and it was an experience I never dreamed would happen and one I knew I would take to my grave with me.

Since my shit hole had always been maintained to stay reasonably tight for Masters use my cunt hole was up for grabs and was open to be ravaged as much as I wished or could tolerate and this was my fantasy.  That night my Master asked me to share my fantasy with him with as much detail as possible and told me that he would plan the scene as detailed by me but with a few of his own additions and ideas added to it.  “So my pet tell your Master what it is that you wish for as your fantasy and dont hold back”, he said.  “Well”, I began, “I would love to have my cunt absolutely ravaged and used by many men while you supervise.  I want to be spread and restrained with my cunt gaping and exposed so as many men as my Master would like can fist my cunt hole easily and stretch it until I will never be able to cum from a mans cock alone ever again.  I went into much more detail with him, as this was a scene I had played out in my very creative and filthy imagination many times for a very long time.  Master took it all in, even writing notes as I spoke and before I knew it we had been discussing it for over four hours.  It was time for sleep for the both of us but not before I got to be used by my Master until he was satisfied.  He rammed his enormous cock in my shit hole while fisting my cunt for almost an hour before exploding deep inside my ass and filling it with his cum.  I was cleaning his cock with my mouth to soak up the rest of the cum that usually dribbles out of his cock for quite a while after he cums and of course to clean off the shit slime from my ass when I fell asleep happily only to wake up the following morning still with his magnificent cock in my mouth.

I knew my Master was busy planning and organizing my “reward night” but he wasnt giving anything away wanting to shock and surprise me with the details as he usually does.  He told me the night was planned for the following week and from that point on my cunt was on over drive just thinking about it.  Finally the night arrived and all day I had been following the instructions Master had given me in order to get ready.  I went to the special BDSM salon Master had made an appointment at for me and with my legs spread wide on the gyno chair I smiled as the girls shaved my cunt very closely so there was not even one tiny hair to be seen.  They removed my labia rings and replaced them with the thickest rings I had ever had and inserted extra large rings through my nipples as well.  They stuck their fingers up inside my cunt to make sure everything was in working order and I smelled OK.  My clit was pumped and pumped until it resembled a small penis and the pump was given to me to take with me that evening and one of the girls would accompany me to the “cunt party” to pump my clit up throughout the evening.  I was fitted with a spreader bar to make sure my tattoos would be readable and the right cunt gape would be visible to all who would use me.

They showed me what was being packed in two large suitcases and my cunt slime was running a river at the sight of what they were packing.  One case contained nothing but various objects; a baseball bat, some very large vegetables, wine bottles, soda cans, an assortment of speculums including some that could spread a hole so wide it gave me goose bumps, they also packed bottles and bottles of lube, fisting creams and so forth in the same case. The other case was where all the dildos were being packed and not even a single one of them was of an average size.  Some were what I would consider just very big but most of them were absolutely enormous!  There was one that was at least 11” wide and resembled a drill, which I assumed, would be screwed into my cunt.  All the dildos were extremely wide for the purpose of stretching me more than fucking me.  I was so fucking excited I couldnt believe it.  I was told that the crowning achievement of all dildos was already at the party site but I probably wouldnt see it until after it had been shoved up inside my big sloppy cunt hole because in the object case there were also several blindfolds.  They also packed many different types of restraints aside from the spreader bar, there were chains to attach to the bar to lift me up toward the ceiling, there would be a gyno chair with restraints and so much more and I couldnt wait!

I had my hair, make up and nails done then picked up my outfit and new boots for the night then went back home to get ready.  My Master was already at the “cunt party” site so I was home by myself and put on some great dance music as I happily danced around putting my outfit on which Master had chosen for me.  When I was finally dressed I went to the full-length mirror to check myself out and my jaw dropped wide open when I saw myself.  Holy fuck I murmured as I stared at the person in front of the mirror.  Everything about me screamed, USE ME LIKE YOUR FILTHY FUCK MEAT, I WANT YOU TO DESTROY MY DIRTY CUNT and I looked so fucking hot there was not one doubt that everyone of these men tonight would do their very best to do exactly what my look was screaming at them to do!

My hair just looked thick and gorgeous which it always does.  My make up was perfect giving me a great glow and heavy enough on the eyes to give me a great slut look.  I was wearing a black corset that had pinched my waist in tight and had a shelf bra so my DD natural tits were pushed right up and straight out with the huge nipple rings dangling out from each extended nipple.  I was not wearing a garter belt or nylons but instead a pair of black boots with an extremely high sharp stiletto heel that came up as high as the middle of my thighs.  They were wickedly sexy and I felt so hot in them.  My cunt as always was fully exposed, as I am not permitted to wear panties anyway.  It was completely hairless and the new thicker labia rings obviously had a lot more weight in them so both my inner and outer labias hung down my inner thighs at least four or five inches and when I tested the weights for the new rings that I was to take with me I gasped when I now saw my labias dangling from my hole a good 7 inches.  I walked up and back in front of the mirror with the weights and watched with my whole body tingling as my cunt lips swished from side to side and flapped against my inner thighs with each step.  My cunt lips dangled down my thighs so far they actually brushed the top of my leather boots!  I softly murmured to myself that I really had a big old cow cunt with my cunt lips slopping around down my legs with every movement.  God it was hot to see my cunt morphed into such glory, dangling far enough down now to actually touch the top of my boots!

Well fuck I was so ready now and I looked at the time praying it was time to go and it was very close.  My Master had arranged for a limo to pick me up through his BDSM group so I was not required to wear anything else so I could remain exposed this way while traveling to the party site.  I heard the doorbell ring and knew it must have been the limo driver so grabbed my little purse and my coat, which was only for later when I came home if I needed it and opened the door.  The limo driver stared openly at me as I stood in the doorway, checking me up and down without shame and this was how I should be checked out, as the fuck meat my Master had worked so hard in training me to be.  In a rather strange combination of a smile and his words he greeted me in a polite voice; “Good evening, you must be the filthy fuck meat I was told to pick up”.  “Yes I am Sir”, I replied.  “Well then fuck meat lets get you on your way but before we do that I will need to do my own inspection of the fuck hole you wish to have ravaged this evening in the back of the limo”.  “Absolutely you must do an inspection and I would be honored for you to inspect my filthy hole as you wish”, I responded.

He held my arm as he escorted me to the limo, opened the door for me and I slid into the enormous back seat while he jumped right in and sat directly opposite me pulling out a flashlight from his pocket.  He told me to put my legs on the seats on either side of me and in front of me, which spread my hole wide, open instantly.  He then told me to grab a ring on each side of my inner labia and pull my totally distorted dangling cunt lips right away from my gaping hole, which I did for him gladly.  Then he peered deep inside my cunt hole with his flashlight making abusive comments about my fuck hole and he did.  All of a sudden his fist plunged deep inside my hole and a look of surprise came over his face as he punched my fuck hole a few times and noticed that his fist was dripping with my cunt slime.  “Yes indeed you are a filthy cunt just as I was told thats for sure”.  And with that he left and jumped into the drivers seat and we took off.

God I was so hot and so excited and the drive just seemed to take all that much longer due to my intense anticipation.  I had a cocktail hoping to calm myself down but it didnt help at all.  I was nearly out of my mind with anticipation and had to something to help the time pass until we arrive at the site so I alternated between pinching and stretching my clit and pushing my fist deep inside my cunt.  By the time the limo arrived my hand was slick with my cunt slime and my clit throbbed and protruded like a little whore cock.  I was so relieved when the limo pulled up outside a dark building somewhere downtown where I knew most of the S & M dungeons were located.  I waited for the driver to come and open my door and as I stepped out he slapped my cunt hard and gave my rings a good yank as he said; “what a filthy fucking whore you are cunt with your big udders hanging out and your nipples stretching with heavy rings, your filthy cunt exposed with those cow cunt lips so stretched out they touch the top of your boots.  You are going to be used like never before tonight, all these men will take one look at what a filthy cunt you are and will use you like you could never have imagined.  I will be back to pick you up when everyone has tired of using you and will see what a filthy fuck pig you truly are by this time, enjoy having that dirty cunt destroyed whore”.  Then he was gone and my Master was opening the door to the building looking at me with a big smile on his face and stroking his huge cock, which was already pulled out from his leather pants.  I was again wetter than hell just at the site of him.

I walked toward him and he slowly checked me up and down taking in every inch of me while stroking his cock.  When I got to the door he reached down and pulled on my cunt rings roughly then probed his hand up inside my pussy to check my wetness before he stepped back and looked at me once again and said; “Damn you look hot fuck meat.  These guys are going to fuck the living shit out of you all night when they see what you have to offer them.  Those cunt hole lips are superb whore and I am already imagining all these guys yanking your cunt hole wide open by pulling the rings on those lips”.  He motioned for me to come inside the building and I followed him down a dark hallway to another door and into a room that sent a visible tremble right through my body when I looked around.  “So what do you think fuck meat, are you absolutely sure you are ready for this”, Master asked me.  “Oh yes Master I am ready for this”, I replied in a husky strained voice.

The dimly lit room was in fact an extremely well equipped dungeon with the furniture, toys and even the flooring set up perfectly for a group of who knows how many men to use a filthy cunt such as mine over and over again.  There was a gyno table with restraints on the stirrups, a bench with a very wide leg spreader attached to a chain pulley system connected to the ceiling floating above the bench, a top of the line sling, a medieval rack, a pair of handcuffs chained to the ceiling with steel ankle restraints built into the floor directly below them.  The walls in the room were made of some kind of rubber and the floor was concrete with drainage holes in various places with a hot water hose coiled in one of the corners of the room and I trembled at the sight of these things knowing full well I would also be used a human toilet that night.  There were equipment tables scattered all throughout the room with any number of items spread across them that clearly were to be used to fuck my cunt hole and spread it more than I could probably imagine.  Some of the dildos were so enormous my eyes bulged when I looked at them and my cunt started to drip thinking of how they might feel being pushed up inside my aching cunt hole.

There were also a few cameras set up in various positions to obviously cover the entire room so I could be filmed.  Next to a couple of the cameras there were laptops set up on tables and my Master caught look of confusion when I observed these items and told me that I would learn what the purpose of them was shortly because for the next hour it would be just the two of us during which time he would be stretching my cunt hole with some of the large dildos to prepare me for the men who would ravage my hole all night long.  He told me that while he was stretching my cunt in preparation he would also explain to me how he had set my “party” up to take place and the rules should there be any and instructions to the men who would be arriving soon.  He ordered me to sit in the gyno chair with my legs in the stirrups which he quickly restrained then used a crank under the table to spread the stirrups further apart and soon my legs were spread so far I knew I had never been so exposed or so vulnerable.  He quickly put clips attached to chains on my inner labia steel rings and attached the chains to another clip at the very top of my thigh high boots.  This way he told if I tried to wriggle in order to move away at all I might well pull the rings right out of my cunt lips.  I knew I would have to take whatever my Master was going to give me in the next hour and not squirm or I would rip my magnificent dangling cunt lips to shreds.

Restrained, spread wide open and my cunt a gaping hole exposed and vulnerable I dripped with the thrill of it just as my Master poured lube right into my cunt hole and worked it around inside my hole with his fist.  Then he began to slowly push a huge dildo deeper and deeper inside my nasty hole.  While he was working on my hole he explained the set up for my “party” that night.  “The first thing I want you to understand is that tonight your name is CUNT PIG since your piggy cunt so badly wants to ravaged.  A few of the men may call you FUCK MEAT since you have already been whored out to many of them over the past year or so but any men who have not used your filthy hole yet will call you CUNT PIG.  Your sloppy cunt will remain gaping and open for the entire party for all men who choose to use it.  The men have been told they may do whatever they like to your huge sloppy fuck hole.  They may fist it, double fist it, fuck it with any dildo of their preference, they may fuck it and double fuck it, they spit in it, shoot cum in it, piss in it, discuss it without regard to you since you will be consider as usual nothing more than a fuck hole and tonight a greedy CUNT PIG FUCK HOLE.  As the night goes on and you have been used by the majority of men invited to use your hole I will give my approval for your cunt to now be used as their toilet and you know what I mean by that dont you fuck meat”.  I could hardly breath and could not even push out the word yes hearing this news so I nodded at my Master as he proceeded to fuck me with a huge black dildo that must have been close to 11” round, I could feel my hole stretching so beautifully and my excitement intensified.

Master continues with his sharing of my party plan as he kept on stretching me more and more.  “So you understand that later in the night when your cunt is wrecked beyond recognition and you have been morphed into an enormous cave your hole will be ready and you will serve as the septic tank for the men who deem your hole worthy of filling with their shit.  As many of them that need to may shit inside your filthy cunt hole, they may also fist your hole with their shit if they wish to.  I have already arranged for a course of antibiotics which you will being tomorrow morning as it will be inevitable after all the piss and later all the shit that will fill your filthy hole that you will contract a urinary tract infection so this will be taken care of.  I have invited all of my BDSM connections and friends many of whom I have know for well over 30 years now so you will be used by dozens and dozens of experienced and very strict Masters.  As well as my BDSM connections a general invitation will go out live to the BDSM site we met on.  You will be filmed and the film will run live on the site for the general public to view.  The laptops will be monitored so any men that want to know how they may get the opportunity to join the party and use your nasty cunt hole as well will be advised through the laptops.  You know what this means slut dont you?  It means hundreds of men could end up using that hole of yours however they wish.  All activities with your hole will be tallied through the night so you can be reminded in the future just how filthy you are and how many men have fisted you or pissed in you or taken a shit inside you.  So fuck meat thats all you need to know for now but tell me again; are you sure you are ready for this”?

“Oh yes Master, yes I am ready, I am so ready for this”, I responded almost begging.  “How ready are you whore, tell me how ready, let me hear you beg your Master to allow your cunt hole to be destroyed by hundreds of men tonight and how you worship your Master if he chooses to let you have this reward”.  Almost in tears I responded; “Master I want this more than I ever thought I could want anything, I am so, so ready, I was born for this night, please allow my cunt hole to be destroyed by as many men as it takes to ravage it completely and my worship of you my amazing Master with or without my reward fills me completely, you are my God, my Lord and I live to always serve you should you find me worthy.  With a smile and a savage thrust of the big dildo he was currently working my cunt hole with my Master said; “Well then my filthy cunt pig lets get your party started”.

He instructed me to move to the bench with the spreader bar and chain hoist floating above it.  My ankles were placed in the restraints connected to the spreader bar and my wrists drawn above my head and attached to the handcuffs attached with chains to the ceiling.  The spreader bar was very, very wide but I should have known that Master would make sure they could be even wider and with a clunk it was extended even further and I dont think my legs could actually be spread open any wider now.  He then cranked the chains connected to the bar which lifted my legs up in the air and even further until my ass was lifted up off the bench and soon I found the lower part of my body almost upside down and I knew that whatever was dumped into my filthy hole could not escape as a result of gravity anymore.  The chains pulling my cunt lips back were hooked to a chain he put around my waist so now the big gaping hole was suitably exposed for use and my big dangling cunt lips would not get in the way until he chose for them to do so.  After taking a good long look at me he nodded in approval, pulled my nipples rings roughly gave me a couple of stinging whacks across the cunt then went and opened the door to the dungeon.

I hung there exposed, gaping, open and helpless and trembling with pure adrenalin and excitement when I heard the mens voice greet my Master like old buddies then being to discuss the cunt pig hanging like the slab of fuck meat they knew it was and how much they were looking forward to using its fuck hole as the filthy thing should be used.  I was literally not even in the room to them or if I was it was as something so far less than human my cunt dripped and dripped to be talked about this way and thought of this way.  I couldnt count exactly but I think it was roughly 12 to 15 men circled my suspended fuck hole and continued their discussion of the filthy cunt that gaped open for their intended use.  “Mmmm fine job you have done on exposing its nasty hole”, one said to my Master.  “It looks good and stretched already but clearly needs to be stretched twice as much as it is now at the very least” another commented.  “Yes I agree and it must be used well enough in order for it to become our septic tank and hold all that shit and piss we intend to dump inside of it”, was another of the comments.  Many of them came and peered right inside my cunt hole then spat inside it several times saying things like; “Filthy cunt pig hole on this slab of fuck meat, big cavernous whore hole the pig has and it wants its whore hole to be used even more, greedy fuck hole slut it is, well it asked for it so its going to get what it so badly wishes for”, were some more of the comments made while I hung there gaping and exposed to them all.

My cunt was probably half full with spit when I felt a mans fist plunge deep inside my cunt, he kept pulling his arm all the way out then plunging it back so deeply and was cunt punching me to the point that I was already moaning and grinding myself towards his punching fist.  “Yes cunt pig suits it as the name for tonight, look at it wanting more up that filthy pig hole, cant get enough the filthy pig”, he said.  Then another man told him he wanted to ram his big hard cock up its hole before it got so filthy he would never consider ramming his cock inside of it.  The fisting man stepped aside and I felt a steel hard enormous cock plunge deep inside my hole and grind inside of me from side to side stretching my cunt walls with his enormous shaft.  As he continued to bang from side to side deep inside me and I could feel my hole stretching and even craving more inside of it another man asked him if would mind if he rammed his big cock in my hole at the same time to see if the pig could take both of their huge cocks up its hole at the same time.  I heard the first man say sure, go for it then felt another huge cock join his and push its way deep inside my hole.  I thought I might black out from the intensity of my hole being pushed to the limit with the two big cocks plunging and grinding deep inside it and I was thrilled and so unbelievably excited at the same time I thought I might die from the sensation.  I knew that I was going to cum very soon and just as I was thinking this very thought I came so hard the entire lower part of my body which was suspended went into spasms as if I was possessed by a devil.  The two men pounding their huge cocks into my cunt together grabbed my hips and started to slam my lower body onto their cocks in unison, I couldnt help myself but cum again within minutes and this time without even realizing it I let out a scream that pierced the room and got everyones attention.  As I let out my scream the men fucking me let their own primal grunts and groans and they both exploded inside me while still ramming my cunt down onto their cocks as hard as they could.  It seemed like forever before they finished exploding theyre cum deep inside my cunt but finally with a grunt and a groan they slowly pulled their cocks out from deep inside my cunt.  They slapped their still dripping cocks against my pussy and wiped the rest of their cum into the entrance of my ass hole.  Even though my cunt lips were pulled back with the chains attached to two of my cunt rings one of them still grabbed one on each side of my cunt and pulled my cunt open even further.  He then looked up inside my cunt to inspect their cum buried deep in my hole.  Roughly he jammed four fingers up inside me of me then pulled them out to see they were dripping with both of their cum.  In a rough voice he looked at me with his cum soaked hand extended toward me and said; “Look at this filth buried deep inside that monstrous pig cunt of yours bitch and you better believe that this is the very beginning of what is to come with the use of your sloppy, ravaged fuck hole.  By the time we are all done with you your filthy fuck hole will be dripping cum, spit, piss and shit for weeks to come.  I promise you your hole will be so filthy and rotten it will take months to clean it up if ever so what do you think of that cunt pig, huh”?

All I could was breath as if I had just run a marathon, my huge heavily pierced udders heaving and manage to nod at him.  “See already you are fucking speechless you nasty slab of fuck meat and we have only just begun”, he then said to me and he was dead on, I was indeed speechless and so hot by now I was already whimpering to have more ravaging my cunt hole, I wanted it filled and stretched and abused so badly I was almost in tears.  “See how you are you fucking dirty pig you want more already, you would do anything to have your pig cunt filled twice as much wouldnt you”, the man asked me.  All I could do was whimper like a child and nod yes at him with big tears in my eyes but I could feel the lower part of my body grinding and pushing toward the end of the bench as if I was trying to suck anything else into my sloppy cunt.

I didnt have to wait too long fortunately because within moments theyre a couple more men standing at the end of the bench inspecting my greedy hole.  They chatted to one another as if were merely and object with a big hole hanging there in front of them just as they should treat me as their cunt pig that night.  I heard one say the other; “what do you think Rod its cunt hole looks to me as if still needs a ton more stretching, especially if we are all going to mount its filthy hole on the killer in a couple of hours”.  I guess it was Rod who responded to his question by replying; “hell yeah Alex I couldnt agree more.  Even though the pigs hole is already cavernous, sloppy and just about used up it is not nearly stretched enough to handle the killer and its up to us to make sure its hole is prepared”.  It was Rods voice again saying; “well my thoughts are that right about now would be a great time to work its disgusting cunt hole over with some very wide dildo stretching.  I think we take the fattest dildos in the room like the black one on the bench over there with the ridges circling down it so it acts just like a screw which we can wind into its pig hole further and further and you know that sucker is about 14” thick and thats gotta stretch its hole real good once we screw the whole damn thing up inside it”.  Alex whole-heartedly agreed with the plan and they began their project immediately.

They lubed my hole up really well then preceded to push a slightly smaller dildo than the black one discussed into my pig cunt.  The fucking was not quite as thick as the black one but was still unbelievably thick probably around 10 or 11” I was guessing.  They were both pushing the monster into my hole together and between the strength of them both it was making progress and my cunt felt as if it might fall out of me and scatter all over the floor.  They pushed further and I was getting extremely light headed and started to lose my vision before it would come back momentarily then I would lose it again.  Oh God I was thinking to myself while I could still manage to string some thoughts together, I dont know if I can handle this, what have I got myself into here.  I was biting my bottom lip in an effort to deal with the pain and I could taste my own blood in my mouth as I bit down on it so hard.  I let our quite a few yelps and short high pitched screams and was trying so hard not to be a cry baby and show all the men in the room that I could handle the abuse and my cunt hole would be all that I wanted it to be.

Just as I was losing my vision again I felt two large hands pinching my nipples firmly but not painfully and I knew it was my worshipped Master at my side to comfort me and help me through this experience.  Then I heard him quietly say to me; “its alright pet, yes you are the cunt pig tonight but right now to me you are my pet, my good girl who I am so proud of and know can do this for her Master”.  He was stroking my hair and my cheeks and his voice was so quiet and gently as he told me to breath, to focus on my breathing to let my cunt muscles let go and not resist.  I felt safe and protected by him and was renewed by the energy he was breathing into me with his touch and his words.  I finally started to relax and felt my cunt muscles loosen their grip which instantly allowed the monster dildo to push right up inside my big hole, I did not take the entire length of the monster but no one was expecting me to anyway the mission was more for me to take the girth of the monster in order to stretch my hole further.  Alex and Rod let out a big whoop when the dildo started to glide further up inside my cunt hole with such ease, they were pretty excited about my hole stretching so far that it was taking such a fat huge thing as everyone wanted it to.

Soon enough all the men who were at my “cunt party” so far were surrounding me on the bench watching with delight as Alex and Rod ravaged, stretched and worked my fuck hole to the very extreme with the monster dildo.  They were all stroking their cocks and everyone one of them were so rock hard and so huge I looked around at them with wide eyes and fantasized what it would feel like to have a cunt hole stretched wide enough to take four or five of those huge cocks fucking my sloppy hole at the same time.  Mmm, heaven I thought thats what it would feel like, fucking heaven.  The conversation around me as the dildo stretched my dirty hole more and more was all to do with stretching my cunt wide enough to get me onto killer with success.  Who the fuck was killer I kept asking myself.  What in the hell are they talking about but of course I would be severely punished if I had dared ask what killer was or questioned any of their intentions so I had to keep my questions quietly in my own head but the talk about all the stretching the needed to do in order for me handle killer had me more than a little terrified to be quite honest.  Well until I have my encounter with this killer I may as well stop the thoughts in my head and if the men were saying my cunt needed to be stretched beyond belief to handle this then thats where my focus was meant to be, stretching my already huge, sloppy pig cunt hole.

Rod and Alex pulled the monster dildo out of my fuck hole and took a moment to inspect their work and discuss the results.  They seemed quite pleased with how well my pig hole was coming along and suggested to a couple of the other men that they might want to get busy with fucking the filthy pigs hole with the black screw driver dildo because that fucker would have my pig hole looking like the Grand fucking Canyon in a heart beat.  The men who agreed that they would be happy to rip my cunt apart with the black dildo went over to pick it up from the object/toy table and came back with two of them holding the unbelievable thing.  The other men had continued to stroke their hard cocks around me and many of them mustered up huge gobs of spit, which they shot every drop they could manage deep inside my gaping cave of a cunt hole.  I could feel my hole becoming filled up more and more with their big nasty spit gobs and the fuller it felt the hotter it was for me.  This is what I wanted, my dirty fuck hole to be turned into the filthiest dumpster, a nasty receptacle to be used as a septic tank for all these men to use and abuse.  Before the new men could get the chance to start destroying my cunt with the big black screw dong several of the men who had been jacking off around me and spitting into my dirty hole started to grunt and groan and asked if they could wait for a minute or so before starting to rip my hole apart with the dildo because they were about to cum and would love to shoot their wads of hot cum into my hole adding it to the gobs of spit swishing around in there.

Of course there was no argument about this from any of the men and their stroking became more furious and they all edged toward my gaping hole pointing the tip of their hard cocks right at the cavernous entrance to my hole.  Now they were all grunting and groaning and two or three of them started to projectile shoot streams of hot cum directly into my cunt hole with such good aim.  Barely 10 seconds went by when two more of them exploded wet but warm and very sticky wads of cum to join the filth party going on inside my nasty fuck hole.  By the time the new guys got the opportunity to start screwing the awesome black dildo into my hole about 12 to 15 men had shot their big loads into my hole.  My cunt was so full of there cum and spit that it had actually overflowed and I could feel the warm filthy mess dribbling down into my ass hole.

Once the men had filled my dirty pig hole with cum and spit they stood around and watched as three men almost worked up a sweat grinding and screwing that fat black cunt annihilator of a dildo up inside me.  The more the dildo went up inside my hole the more the cum and spit would ooze out of me.  The combination of the dildo now stretching the walls of my pussy further and further than they had ever been along with the fact that the hole full to the brim with spit and cum resulted in the dildo fucking causing my cunt to make the most outrageous wet farting noises and squishing wet noises and needless to say my cunt definitely sounded like the sloppiest, well used, monstrous cave hole of all time.  The men cheered and hooted and hollered with each disgusting noise projected from my ravaged hole.  They had a great time yanking on my nipple rings tugging on all my labia rings and pulling my big cow cunt lips in every direction and loving to pull all the rings back so my cunt hole was the biggest gaping monster anyone had ever seen.  They made sure to pull my cunt so wide open the gape was something to behold and the three men destroying that hole as much as they possible could with the black screw monster made sure to manipulate the big fuck toy in such a way that my cunt was a continuous chorus of sloppy and disgusting pussy farts and noises.

The verbal humiliation that accompanied the disgusting slop noises coming from my hole was so intense that it made me cum three times in a row and each time I came my pussy would fart out an explosion of sloppy filth which would then dribble down my ass and into my ass hole, down my back finally creating a sticky pool of fluids on the bench my upper body was lying on.  There was nothing I could do to control the sloppy explosions erupting from my stretched out dirty hole, I believe at this point I had lost all control over any cunt muscles that may have existed previously and had this exhilarating sensation that my hole was now not much more than a gaping slop bowl with twisted cunt lips that stretched to my knees and I no longer had control of my cunt whatsoever.  I felt that as of now if a man was shoot a load up inside my cunt that the minute I stood up straight his cum would literally gush out of my cunt hole and spurt onto the floor beneath me without me having any ability to hold it inside my fuck hole at all.  I felt it was quite possible that when I had my period the blood would just flow out from my hole like a river, gushing down the inside of my thighs an splashing beneath me on the floor.  It was an amazing sensation that I wanted to go on forever however there were already another three or four men standing close by watching all this action that were getting quite insistent on; “giving the filthy fuck buckets gash a good work over with a nice combo of cock & fist”.  The men fucking my hole with the gigantic dildo reluctantly stopped and moved aside for them with an audible sigh.

Without any hesitation two of the men plunged their lovely thick hard cocks right up inside my ravaged cunt together and started to pound their cocks into me real hard.  Before long the third man asked them to stop for a moment and when they did he pushed his fist up inside my hole as well.  Oh my God I moaned, it felt so incredible to have my hole stretched with two cocks and a fist all at the same time and as soon as I moaned the three of them fucked me and fuck me hard.  It didnt take long for both the men fucking me with their cocks to explode cum inside me and when they pulled their dripping cocks out of my sloppy hole the man fisting me jacked off until he shot his load inside my gaping hole as well.  My cunt felt absolutely filthy by now and I felt like the dirtiest fuck pig on the planet, I felt totally HOT!

All of a sudden I heard my Masters voice instruct everyone to take their seats because the “killer show” was soon to commence.  I still had no idea what the deal was with this “killer” thing they kept mentioning throughout the night but knew I was soon to find out.  Master came up beside me and told me to make him proud in front of everyone and that I had been a good pig for him all night and he was very pleased with me.  Thats all I needed to hear was his praise and to know I had pleased him and I felt a glow creep up over my entire body listening to those words.  He then blindfolded me and unshackled my legs and arms and I felt several big arms lift me from the bench supporting me underneath my knees and carry me quite a few feet. I could feel my Master in front of me pulling my rings wide apart and instructing the other men to start lowering me.  All of a sudden I felt this absolutely enormous object starting to fill the opening of my gaping cunt and I gasped knowing it was a total monster.  The men kept lowering me onto the “thing” and I knew it must have been at least around 18” thick and I admit to freaking a little while trying desperately not to show my fear so I didnt embarrass my Master.

Several men started to make loud comments as I was being impaled on this monster.  “Yeah impale the dirty cunt pig on that thing”, “lower, lower it wanted the hole stretched so stretch it good”, “look at the filthy cunt pig, her hole is dripping piss and cum all over the killer dirty fucking pig it is”.  They pushed me down onto the monster further and further and I had sweat running in buckets from every corner of my body.  I could hardly breath and knew I couldnt take much more of this when I started to black out.  I dont know how long I was out for but I came to the men were gone except for my Master standing beside me and I was literally impaled on this thing with my legs dangling on either side of me and my cunt stretched beyond recognition as it was spread over the enormous thickness of the killer.  Master removed my blindfold and I looked down at whatever this thing was that help me captive by the cunt and almost blacked out again.  I could see how far my gaping hole was stretched in order to be impaled on this thing and the sweat ran even more in buckets, dripping on the floor beneath me.  I heard Master speak to the audience of men observing me; “gentlemen I give you my cunt pig and I thank you all for stretching its filthy cunt this evening, I now invite you to use its hole once suspended again as your urinal and the pig will be made to drink the piss from its own gaping hole with a hose that will be inserted and ran to its mouth”.  “I also invite you once you have used its hole as your urinal to take your shit inside its filthy cunt as well, feel free to fist its cunt with your shit if you wish to and you will find disposable gloves on the bench located next to the human toilet”.

Two of the men came back to me and slowly started to lift me off the killer.  As they did I could feel air blow up inside my gaping hole and I knew that it must have resembled a huge cave by now as it felt so enormous to me I couldnt even imagine what it must look like.  They took me over to the bench and suspended my legs with the hoist spread them with the spreader bar then clipped my cunt rings to straps around my thighs leaving my hole gaping wide open.  Within minutes several men came over and pissed inside of me so Master inserted a hose into my hole with the other end in my mouth and instructed me to suck the piss out of my cunt and drink every drop.  I sucked on the hose and gulped down the warm piss from my dirty hole as I was told.  Then I heard a man ask Master if he may take his turn to shit now and Master told him it was fine.  The man got up on the bench and spread his ass over my gaping hole and took a long brown shit that he aimed perfectly to drop into my nasty cave cunt.  He grunted a little and managed to push another small one out which also landed perfect inside me.  “Thanks pig I needed that and looks like that filthy hole of yours works pretty good as a shit hole”.

Several more men were lined up to shit inside of me as well and one by one they hovered over my hole and filled me up with their filthy.  A couple of them were very runny and exploded from the shit chutes like chocolate milk.  By now my nasty cunt was full so one of the men offered to put some gloves on and shit fist my hole and clear some room if anyone else needed to shit as well.  With his gloved hand he plunged his fist deep inside my cunt and as he did this disgusting sloppy sound started farting out of my ravaged hole and shit was forced out of my hole so it spilled over my cunt and down my stomach even spilling over my fat udders.  I also felt some oozing down my ass crack and down my back and plopping onto the bench underneath me.  A couple more men interrupted to shit and piss in my hole then the fisting continued so by now I was getting almost drenched in shit and piss and could feel it wetting my hair while another man scooped some up and smeared it all over my face the wrote the words; SHITTY CUNT PIG across my forehead in solid shit.

After servicing all the men as their human toilet they were eventually done and had nothing more to piss or shit inside of me.  They all came over and took a good last look at me covered in their filth with my gaping cavernous cunt hole stretched wide open just to remind me of what they now thought of me; “you should see yourself, what disgusting shit pig you are”, “you liked that didnt you filthy cunt pig and I bet you would like to stay stuffed with all that piss and shit for the next week wouldnt you”, “so is your nasty fuck hole huge enough for you now fuck meat”?  I must have come a dozen times from the comments made to me and the filthy state I was in as a result of their use of me.

It was almost five in the morning by the time they all left and Master started to hose out my hole and hose me off with the hot water hose I had seen earlier coiled up in the corner.  Once I was hosed off he instructed me to hose down the room and get it cleaned up which I did feeling like the happiest pig in the world.  It took me a good couple of hours to get the room all cleaned up so it was just after 7 am when Master put me in the car and we drove home.  He told me how pleased he was with me and I could tell how happy he was and for me it just doesnt get any better than that!

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