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Personal Faggot Slave Letter

Part 2

 I have just come back from shower duty. It is Saturday morning. Part of my morning duties include me kneeling naked of course at the entrance to the dorm floor shower. 

The various college dudes who live on Jeff's floor  come down to the shower room in the morning wearing towels around their waists or boxer shorts. Every size and shape of dude. 

Some muscular, some wimpy. Some fat, some thin, some tall, some short. As they reach me, they drop their towels or slip off their underpants. They chat with each other about sports or school, or games on their ipods,  or some chick they are fucking or want to fuck. This is about all college guys talk about. I am naked on the cement floor at their feet. Before they go into the shower to wash off the sweat of the previous night, I lift up my head and lick their ball sacks and dangling dicks. That's right! My job is to lick their sweaty balls and cocks before they shower! Some guys sweat and stink more in the morning than others. Some still have cunt slime and dried cum on their pricks from fucking their girlfriends the previous evening.  It doesn't matter. I have to give each guy a good dick and scrotum cleaning with my tongue. 

    At first some of the guys thought it was gross, and others made a big joke out of it. But now, they pretty much all accept it. Guys from other floors even come up to our floor to shower, just so they can get a nut bath from my tongue. Let's face it, straight guys love to get their balls licked. Sometimes there is a line of guys waiting and chatting. If the dude I am currently working on, scrotum licking for all my worth, lifts his leg, it means he also wants his ass crack and hole licked. I am not allowed to refuse. This takes extra time of course, especially since I don't dare lick an ass crack and hole without sticking my tongue fully up inside the asshole. Some guys will patiently sit on the benches in the shower room waiting for their turn. Some of them want a more complete body licking including armpits and feet. So They have to wait until the line thins a bit. Outside the shower room there is a clipboard. If any guy feels I have not done a good enough job licking him, he writes his complaint on the clipboard, and I am punished by Jeff and Derek. Most guys write me up, just because they want to see me hurt and abused.  

     I hate it the most when I can smell a girl's ass on the dick I am licking. I know then that the dude fucked his chick in the ass the previous night and didn't wash his dick afterward I also hate it when some guy has just taken his morning dump before showering, the shit in his anal tract is still moist and the smell and taste really gross. 

     So here I am at nineteen years of age. Some of you have written to me asking why I didn't run away. Why I didn't just report these guys to the police. Well let me tell you, I tried. Believe me I tried and it just made things worse. First of all, you know Jeff threatened my family and little brother if I don't comply with his sick orders. He owns me.  Secondly, so many kids in the school will gladly lie for him and go against me. They think the whole thing is hysterically funny. I found out I am not the only Freshman slave on campus, but more about that later. 

     A few weeks ago, I decided I couldn't take it any more.  This was after a night when I was fucked in the ass fifteen times. My asshole was so sore it went numb on me, and my guts burned. I was certain there was permanent damage. Let me remind you that when these jocks fuck, they fuck damned hard! This is no gentle lovemaking. These guys slam their  fat dicks up my ass as roughly and hard as they can! They call me a fucking faggot and try to hurt me.  Let me remind you also that I am not a faggot, but a straight boy who has been caught up in a terrible situation.  

      Anyway, I tried to escape. I had no clothes, so I resolved to escape naked. Imagine how embarrassing this was, but it was better than staying a dorm slave and being forced to eat dog food covered in jock piss. One late afternoon, when most of the guys were in class, or playing sports, or sleeping, and I was supposed to be cleaning dirty jock straps with my mouth, I put my plan into action. Did you ever suck a filthy sweaty jock strap belonging to another guy clean? Can you imagine how gross it is? I have never denied since day one that Jeff has a magnificent dick. It is beautiful. I understand why the girls love it. It was his dick that got me into this mess. I admired it one day in the shower, and he caught me looking at it.  But still, to have to  lick his pissy, cummy, sweat stained, jock strap pouch  is totally disgusting. He says I should love the fact that the pouch held his sweaty fuckmeat. I should cherish the opportunity to suck it and thirty or so other jock straps clean. I find it revolting. I want to puke. 

        So I decided to make my break. Once out of the dorm, I would be totally naked outside on campus. I had to first get some clothes, and then get to the campus police somehow. When I went to classes, I was watched so escape was impossible.  But this was my chance.  I started to scramble naked through a first floor window, and then one of the Dorm jocks spotted me. But he didn't pull me out and beat the shit out of me which was what I expected. No, instead he slammed the window down on my body, leaving me trapped half in and half out of the window. My naked ass was hanging out for any passing girls or guys to see. I heard laughter and knew that a group was gathering to laugh at me and make fun of my predicament. Then some of the jocks from my dorm joined in. They told everyone that I was a campus faggot and was caught peeking into the Boys' Dorm trying to see naked guys in the shower. Inside the house, one of the jocks pretended to be helping  me try to get lose from the window, but actually he had unzipped and was feeding me his dick. Outside, one of the jocks had produced a frat paddle and announced to the gang of kids gathered, that I needed to be punished for running around campus bare assed, peeping on jocks. So they started to beat my ass with the paddle. I was crying as I sucked dick inside  while my ass cheeks burned with pain on the outside. 

       Not just guys, but girls as well, girls I perhaps at one time dreamed of dating, beat my naked ass with the paddle and with their bare hands.  My ass was hot and red from the beating. Some of them slapped my hanging balls. This became the new sport. The jock in my mouth pulled out and shot his load all over my face. His jizz mixed with my tears.  Know that somebody out there reading this must feel sorry for me. Surly not everyone can think I am a wimpy little faggot who deserves what he got.  

      Jeff was called and in due course showed up. First he came inside and slapped my face and then gobbed so much spit onto my face, it ran from my chin like a waterfall. Other jocks started to spit in my face. Then Jeff went outside and produced a wooden ruler and proceeded to whack my scrotum with that. The pain was so horrible I passed out, and the jocks inside slapped my face with their now hard dicks to awaken me. They pulled a shade down so the kids outside could not see what they were doing, and they lined up for blow jobs. I HATE SUCKING DICK. I TELL YOU, I HATE IT. I CANNOT STAND IT. I HATE THE WAY DICKS SMELL, AND I HATE THE WAY THEY TASTE. SOME DAYS I HAVE TO SUCK TWENTY  TO THIRTY DICKS IN ONE DAY.  Jeff takes me down to the field house sometimes to suck off the whole swim team, or wrestling team, or football team. Twice now I swallowed so much cum, they had to take me to the campus clinic to get my stomach pumped. They announce to everyone there that "the faggot sucked so much dick, he is sick from it." 

 I tried to explain that it wasn't my fault, not my idea, but one stern look from Jeff just shut me up. I can't take any more pain and abuse. 

       So anyway, there I was stuck in the window. Eventually the campus police did show up. Jeff warned me that if I reported their behavior, things would go horribly not only for me, but for my family as well. I knew he was serious, so what could I say?  I was ordered to report to the Dean. 

       And here is where things get really sick.  All dressed up and smiling like an idiot, I showed up at his office. Jeff and Derek had beaten me pretty seriously that day, warning me that if I said anything to implicate them, worse was yet to come. They had beaten the soles of my feet with sticks until I could hardly walk. They had shoved bottles up my asshole and sandpapered my nipples and dick head. They told me that if I said anything at all to the Dean, they would make sure I ate nothing but shit for a week solid. They meant it too. I have had to eat their shit upon occasion. They think it is especially funny. I want to die. 

       So I was to tell the Dean that I am a fucking homosexual faggot who was trying to sneak into the dorm to look at the jocks in the shower. 

        Dean Stevens is a nice looking, well built middle aged man. He has an understanding nature, at least that is what I thought.  He offered me a chair and studied me with his dark eyes.  

      "Ryan, we have many homosexuals on campus. We are a liberal school. We have organizations for your kind. We even have a gay fraternity.  Why can't you keep your salacious activity among your own kind? I can understand your desire to look at the penises of straight males. I know there is a kind of thrill there to look at dicks that fuck girls. I understand that it makes your own cock hard and makes you drool. But do you think the straight boys in our school enjoy having some cocksucker homosexual  sneaking around  trying to get a look at their fuckmeat? Imagine how they feel. These are normal boys who enjoy fucking cunt. I am speaking bluntly to you because it is the only kind of language you queers understand." 

        I wanted to protest that I was not queer. That I had been forced into this whole thing, but I couldn't. I sat in the chair with a stupid grin on my face, trembling in fear and anger. 

       "If you need straight dick so badly, why don't you just show a little courage and just ask some of the jocks if perhaps you could suck their dicks for them. Perhaps you could ask them politely if they might want to fuck your faggot ass. Most of them will be disgusted and probably beat the shit out of you, but you might find one or two who would help you out. Or hang around with other campus faggots. Suck the dicks of other fags and get ass fucked by them. That should make you happy. I know that for someone like you, it is not nearly as enjoyable sucking faggot cock as it is slurping on the fat dick of a straight jock. But we all have to make compromises in life. You know, I was seriously considering expelling you from the school..." 

       For a moment my heart leapt. If I were kicked out, I would be away from Jeff and Derek and the others. I would be free. I could go to school someplace else. 

        "But Jeff and Derek and some of our leading athletes feel really sorry for you. They say it is not your fault you are a disgusting cocksucking faggot. They say in these times of change, we need to be tolerant of filthy homo's like you. And they have prevailed upon me  to keep you here.  Jeff, bless his soul, who is one of the best athletes and students we have ever had here, has even offered to serve as your mentor. He will guide and aid you in this difficult time. They are making arrangements for you to stay in the dorm with them, where they can help you in your sexual and emotional struggles. And who knows Ryan, you may even get some first class straight dick if you are lucky."

        Now Dean Stevens stood and came around his desk. And to my shock and surprise, he started to take off his clothes. 

        "Jeff has implored me to be more understanding with sick motherfucking faggots like you. Personally, I would have you all kicked right out of school. But then I'm old fashioned. Kids like Jeff have more modern ideas. Take off your clothes, Ryan." 

         I blinked.  "What, Sir?"

         "Take off your clothes. I am a married man with three kids. I have a very large dick. I have decided to take pity on you and allow you to suck my dick. Don't deny that you want to. Jeff said you would try that coy shit. I know you are hungry for my big fat straight cock. So I am going to feed it to you. Out of the kindness of my heart, I am going to allow you to suck my cock and swallow my cum. But I can't do it with you clothed, that would be demaning and disrespectful toward me. So strip bare assed naked and get on your knees like the fucking homo-slut you are." 

         I blinked the tears out of my eyes and shook my head.  "I won't do it."  I said. 

        "Of course you will do it, or I will send letters to your family and high school, and church that you are a cocksucking fairy faggot who was arrested peeking at jock cock. I will tell the newspapers that you suck dick and take it up the ass. You will be destroyed for life. Your family will be mocked and laughed at. You will bring shame to your father and mother. Now strip off your clothes and suck my dick, Fuckface!" 


Review This Story || Author: dale10
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