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The Chair

Part 1

I felt something soft rubbing back and forth across my lips. Regaining consciousness this time was a delight.  I parted my lips and rubbed the tip of my tongue across her nipple.  I gently kissed and lightly sucked knowing how much I would please her.   As I was enjoying this little respite I tried to recall how many times I had been through the cycle. 

I tried to lift my arms but the restraints were still attached.  How long had I been asleep, I wondered.  I was grateful that she was allowing me to pleasure her like this.  Surely she would now let me go.  I had done everything she asked.  I had earned my freedom.


It all started like any other night at home.  We cooked dinner together, cleaned up the kitchen and made plans to watch a movie together on the TV in our bedroom. 

:”You go ahead upstairs and get ready” she said, “Ill finish up in the kitchen.” 

I went upstairs and on the bed was a change of clothes with a note pinned to them.  The clothes were neatly arranged: panties, bra, tights, and bodysuit, all in red.  She liked when I dressed up for her, it was something we both enjoyed.  The sensuous feeling of tight lycra was a big turn on for both of us.  The note read, “Please wear these for me.” Happy to comply, I stripped and made quick work of getting dressed, I set up the movie to play, got under the covers and waited for her to come upstairs.

When she finally came in to the bedroom, to my delight she was identically dressed as I, but all in black.  She brought me a cup of tea, and slid under the covers and snuggled as we settled in to watch the movie.  I started the movie, and sipped the tea.  She started to stroke my legs and crotch through the lycra. 

The next thing I remember was waking up to find myself sitting in this chair!  I tried to open my eyes but they were blindfolded.  My arms and legs were secured with straps.  I felt disoriented, I couldnt move. 

“Whas goin on?”  I said.  The words came out of my mouth sounding slurred.  It slowly dawned on me that I hade been drugged.

“I see you are waking up!” she said,  “Im sorry, I had to slip some GHB in your tea to give me enough time to set you up.”

“Set me up?”  My mind was clearing a little, “What do you mean?”

“Dont worry dear, everything is under control, just sit back and enjoy!”

No sooner had she said sit back when I felt the chair begin to recline.  The back slowly went down as my feet went up.  The movement of the chair and the after effect of the drugs made me dizzy again.

“Hey what was that?” 

“Relax” she said.

The next thing I knew she was grabbing my nose, pinching it shut.  It was only then that I realized that my head was restrained in this contraption as well.   I had no choice but to open my mouth, and she immediately stuck something in it.  As she was fastening the object with a strap around head, I felt around it with my tongue and lips and realized that it was a dildo. 

All I could manage to say was “mmph” into the gag, it was so big I couldnt possible speak.

Next I felt a set of headphones being slipped over my ears.  Instead of music, all I could hear was white noise, loud enough to drown out anything but my own thoughts.

Because I was effectively deaf and blind now, my sense of touch was now hyper vigilant.  I could sense movement around me somehow, but I had no idea what was happening.

Next I felt my legs spread a little as the chair pulled my feet apart.  I felt the support under my butt give way.  Then I was aware of something pulling my bodysuit aside in the back, then pulling down my tights and panties.  Even though my brain was still foggy from the drugs, I knew what was coming.

Sure enough I felt her insert something up my ass, it must have been well lubricated as it went in with little effort. 

Next she started to pull the front of the bodysuit aside, and she pulled out my now semi erect penis.  With practiced hand she began to stroke me to full size.  I tried to buck my hips to meet her touch, but there was a strap holding my hips down as well.  I felt a warm lubricant being applied and then something soft and rubbery was forced down over my shaft.

There was a little more movement around me. First the dildo in my butt, then the dildo in my mouth and finally the sheath around my penis were moved around, I felt a slight push, followed by a twist on each one as though something was being attached to each one.

There were a few more minutes of agonizing anticipation before anything else happened.  The pressure of knowing all three of the devices were attached began to be unbearable..

Then the noise in the headphones ceased and her voice came through.  There was something much more intimate about having her voice come through the headphones, it was as if she were whispering in my ears.

“I guess youve been wondering what next.  I want you to nod your head to signal that you are hearing this.”  As best I could with the restraint, I nodded in compliance.

“Good, well get started soon but I thought you should know something about the little predicament that youre in.  You see this device youre strapped into was specially designed to my specifications.  I call it my exquisite torture machine.  You will soon learn what this device is capable of.  While you are engaged in this machine, I want you to focus on your new role, to serve me at all times!  Do you understand?”

I had no choice but to nod in compliance.

“Good, then lets get started!”

I braced myself for some kind on onslaught, but nothing happened!   After several minutes I noticed the probe in my ass was getting warmer.   Then gradually the sleeve around my cock was warming up as well.  Lastly, the dildo in my mouth followed suit.

The heat from the three appliances felt good, not so hot as to cause discomfort.   It was then that soft music began to play through the headphones.  One by one each of the devices came to life.  First the dildo in my mouth began move slowly in and out.  Her voice came on over the music telling me to caress it with my tongue, to make it “feel good”  Next, the dildo in my ass began to gently vibrate.  It actually felt so relaxing that I barely noticed that it was starting to pump in and out as well.  Finally the sleeve over my now rock hard dick began pumping me slowly. With all of the stimulation, all I wanted to do was to fuck that thing silly, but the straps held strong.

Then the whole chair started to move under me, raising and lowering my hips, it was moving me in rhythm to the three devices.  Even the music was in time with the thrusting.   My only frustration was that it was moving too slowly to allow me to come.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” her voice came on over the music again.  I nodded in assent.  “Good then lets go to the next level!”  I was definitely ready for more of this!

The pace started to pick up.  It was as if she read my mind.  The movement of the chair and the two dildos slowed as the pace on my penis increased.  She had timed this to perfection.  All my attention was now focused on my dick. I could feel myself  getting ready to explode when it suddenly all stopped.  I groaned into the penis gag.  I pleaded into the penis gag.  I mentally screamed for her to turn it back on!

Then things got even more interesting.  The penis sleeve felt like it was being  flushed with ice water, the two dildos turned cold, I was being cooled off!  The music was replaced by the white noise.  I was incredulous.  My brain and body were being betrayed by this machine.  My heart was racing and I was breathing heavily though my nose.  The cold treatment caused me to convulse in shock.  I felt like I wasnt getting enough oxygen and was about to pass out. 

“Calm down,” I heard her voice again.  Then I felt her hand on my chest, she was stroking me trying to get me to relax.  “Would you like to continue your treatment?”  I nodded yes.  “Will you do anything I say?”  I nodded again. 

The cold shock treatment was over!  I felt the warmth return through my mechanical lovers.  My penis had shriveled, but I felt her gently stroking and soon it was up and back into the warm and soothing sleeve.  All the while her other hand was still stroking my chest, and she had taken to massaging my nipples until they were rock hard.

It was starting all over again from the beginning.  First the warmth, then the music, then the buzzing, fucking and sucking.  Again it was too slow for me to get release. 

“Are you enjoying yourself?”  She asked again.  I nodded.  “Do you promise to obey me all the time”  I nodded.  “Will you do everything I ask” I nodded.  I felt her hand leave my nipple with one last sharp pinch.  “Good!”

Once again the pace started to pick up.  I was beginning to understand the pattern of pleasure and denial, intellectually.  My body was focused on the sensations.  I just couldnt tune out the sexual bliss that I was experiencing.  The machine took me to another near climax and stopped again.  Again the cold treatment.  I began to cry underneath the blindfold.  The tears were hidden from her.

The next cycle started again just as the previous two. And the next. And the next.  I lost count.   Each and every cycle was reinforced with promises I made to her.  I promised total subservience.  I promised to do all the housework and laundry. I promised to do whatever she wanted me to.  I promised to wear whatever she told me to. The combination of stress and exhaustion must have caused me to pass out at. 

I felt something soft rubbing back and forth across my lips. Regaining consciousness this time was a delight.  I parted my lips and rubbed the tip of my tongue across her nipple.  I gently kissed and lightly sucked knowing how much that would please her.  

The dildo was out of my mouth, the headphones were gone, the blind fold was off, but I was still strapped to the chair.  She was kneeling above, straddling me gently feeding her tits to me one at a time.  The sleeve was also off of my penis, as I felt her hand reach behind and gently stroke me to full attention.  She then guided herself over my cock and impaled herself on me.  It tried to meet her thrusts but the straps were still around my hips.  The dildo was still in my ass. I felt it come alive.  Gradually the machine started pushing my hips up in time with her thrusts.  My ass was being fucked in time with her rhythm.

This time there was no stopping me. I began to explode inside of her.  The dildo inside of me erupted squirting hot liquid in time with my spurts inside of her.  She came too, riding the machine and me together. 

She reached down, stroked my face and kissed me passionately.  I was in ecstasy.

She then moved her lips over to my ear and whispered, “Will you do anything I say?”

I nodded yes.

Review This Story || Author: Dela
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