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Fuck Camp

Part 1

Josh Flannigan pulled on his tight muscle tee shirt which accentuated his pecs and hard nipples, and slid his gym shirts up over his bulging jock strap and muscular ass globes.  He smiled at himself in the mirror. Nineteen years old and what a fucking hunk! He loved the way his big fat dick pushed the crotch of the shorts out. The little cunts would get wet panties looking at that all right. The cunts had crushes on him almost automatically, and the boys idolized him in that boycrush way that kids do. Perfect for taking advantage of them. Not that Josh had to worry about that. Before he got his job as Head Counselor at Fuck Camp, he had had to pick up kids in secret and molest them in garages and parks. Now he had all the fresh little girl pussy and all the boy ass he wanted. 

    The camp was officially called Camp Fukamori, named after the Japanese Business man who had established it in 1995. But now, thirteen years later, it was known by insiders as Fuck Camp. Liberal, and I mean very liberal parents sent their children there to be fucked! That's the only way to put it. Parents who loved incest and inter-family fuck fun sent their wee ones there to learn about the birds and bees. All activities were filmed for the loving parents to watch. And at the end of summer, their dear little children came home from camp as fucked up slutty little perverts. 

    Josh got the job at Fuck Camp when he was caught fucking the littlle daughter of one of the Camp Board Members. The parent had returned home early to find then Eighteen year old Josh, totally bare assed naked, muscular ass rising and falling as he fucked his nine inch dick into the bald  little pussy of the tiny little girl under him. In her pretty little girl pink bedroom, Josh's pre fuck sprayed the room when he pulled out to face the parent. Teddy bears tumbled from the bed. The little girl lay there her formly tiny pussy stretched into a huge gaping pink hole from Josh's beer can thick dick. Josh was sure he was headed to prison. Not only had he fucked the ltittle bitch in the cunt, but in the asshole and mouth as well. He stood there with his rampant naked dick throbbing and leaking. The little Girl's father, instead of turning Josh over to the police, offered him a job! First he sat in a little pink chair and watched as Josh continued to violate his daughter. He asked Josh to take a belt first to the baby girl's ass and then to her tender young pussy. The little cunt was taught how to properly worship and respect dick.  And Josh got a wonderful new job.  

      Now he walked across the camp grounds toward the group of awkward, shy kids standing near the bus which had delivered them. He smiled at them and shouted hello. Both girls and boys could not help but stare at the hug lump in Josh's tight shorts. They had been kept innocent by their parents until now, so that the shock of getting fucked at camp would be all the more awesome. 

      There were twelve little boys and six little girls. All beautiful children. The camp only took beautiful children. 

      Josh welcomed them and then launched into his opening speech. "You all know why you are here. You are very lucky children. YOU have very liberal, intellectual advanced parents. They want you to be introduced to sex in the most fun and beautiful way possible. Sex is the best thing in the world, and too many people, especially in America are terrified of it their whole lives. They ruin marriages and relationships because they are afraid of their own sexual urges and desires. We are going to teach you all about sex here at Camp Fukamori. All kinds of sex. Every kind of sex. In fact, we call it FUCK CAMP. If you have an adventurous spirit and let yourselves go, you will have the best time of your lives, and you will emerge from this summer as full sexual beings. If you fight the flow, go against us, or resist learning, you will have a rough time of it."

      In his mind, Josh was already deciding which of the little girls and boys he wanted to fuck first. That tiny girl on the end with the pigtails. She looked so fucking young. He couldn't wait to hear her scream as his fat dick stretched open her cunt and plowed unto her until it was battering at her womb. And that boy with the fair hair, he looked so delicate and refined. More of a sissy boy than a roughneck. He needed to be ass fucked in the worst way.  And that other boy with the pouty lips. How good those lips would look wrapped around his dick. Yes, he might go for those three first, while his fellow counselors  molested the others. 

      "Let's get to know each other. We commune with nature here in a natural state. That means we follow nudism most of the time. I know some of you feel shy about undressing in front of each other, especially about being naked in front of members of the opposite sex, but it is exactly that kind of thing we are going to help you get over. We want you to be free. So, how about everybody strip off your clothes for us!"

         The us were the other counselors, Lars Whoelk, a tall muscular Nordic type with a ten inch dick, and Ten-Cent, a six foot six black man with over twelve inches of dick. Ten-cent had been taken from prison where he was serving thirty years for raping five little girls. Lars was known all through the Netherlands for torturing young boys. They did not have the job of Head Counselor because they were better at fucking than thinking.  There were twelve boys and only six girls, so that the boys could indulge in homosexual play lots of the time, and also so they could double fuck the little girls. Also, Josh knew that some of the boys would have pretty useless dicks when it came to fucking. They would be just too small and undeveloped as of yet. Some of them would grow and reach puberty during the summer. Boys very so much when it comes to this. You can have a boy of eleven who has a five inch prick and can shoot jism and a boy of thirteen who has a peanut dick and can't orgasm at all yet. It all added to the fun. 

      "Come on kids, don't be shy now. Get those clothes off. You know your parents warned you to obey us in everything."

       The dicks of the counselors thickened as the children stripped. Clothing came off until they stood in their underwear. Some of the girls didn't even need training bras yet.  Their titty mounds were just tiny buds.  The girls had a wide variety of breast sizes, some as I said, just little tit mounds, some apple sized, and a few of the girls with real melon growth. The  nipples also varied greatly. Some had tiny raspberry like nipples, while other girls sported large quarter or half dollar sized aureoles. Josh loved to chew on young girl nipples. He loved to put clamps on them and watch the little beauties squirm in pain. During the summer, he would teach the boys how to torture a girl's tits. How to slap them and twist them and burn them and clamp them. The panties came off and six beautifully bald pussies were on display. Tender little cunt slits with puffy little girls lips. Some of the girls tried to cover their cunts, but Josh ordered them stand tall arms at their sides. 

     The boys had mostly stopped stripping and were standing staring in awe at the cunts and tits. Some of them had never seen a live pussy before, only photos on the internet. 

     "Come on, fellas, plenty of time to look at the cunt later. Let's get those clothes off and see what you've got!" 

      Pants and underpants came off, and as predicted, there were dicks of all shapes and sizes.  Four of the boy shad nice prick bushes already and good sized dicks hanging over fat teenage balls. Four more had little pubic hair, but adequately impressive dicks for their young ages. Two boys had slightly undersized pricks, and two boys had little pencil pricks. 

    "Don;t be ashamed of the size of your dick. Girls here will be taught to worship and respect cocks of all sizes! And the more you fuck, the more your dicks will grow." 

      After allowing the children to stand and stare at each other for a while, Josh decided to move on to the next step. 

    "Many of you boys and girls have never had an encounter with a real adult penis. I am now going to undress and introduce  you to my fuckmeat.I have fucked hundreds of girls and boys just like you." Josh glanced over at the boys, some of whom were making funny faces.  "Oh my yes. Boys are not only good to fuck girls. Boys are good to fuck as well!" At this some of the girls giggled.  

      Josh peeled off his shirt, knowing the kids were staring at his hairy armpits and well developed chest.  Next, he peeled down his shorts and stood facing them in just his bulging jock strap. His dick was straining the elastic material. He rubbed his hand over the prick pouch and smiled at the kids.  Some of the girls looked away, but the boys could not take their eyes off his fuck bulge. They wanted to have dicks like that.  Josh turned showing the kids his muscular ass. The full smooth hard ass globes and the deep ass crack. 

     "Look at my sexy ass, kids. That comes from working out every day. A good ass makes sex much more fun. You kids are going to learn how to lick my ass for me. You are also going to lick the asses of or two other fine counselors, Lars and Ten-Cent. And of course you are all going to be licking each others asses all the time. Even though you may not know it, ass licking is a really important part of sex."

      Then Josh turned to face the shocked children once again. He hooked his thumbs inside the elastic waistband of the jock strap and tugged it down. The little ones gasped out loud at the sight of the huge pink fleshy rampant pink dick with the cockhead the size of a plumb. Beneath the cock hung a pair of egg sized nuts in a low fleshy sack.  It was truly a beautiful cock. The other counselors had slightly larger pricks, but none as beautiful as that of Josh. 

       "This is my fucker. You are going to all become very very good friends with my  fucker this summer. You are going to kiss it and lick it and take care of it. I am going to fuck you girls in the mouth and cunt and ass with it, and I am also going to fuck every boy in the mouth and ass with it. We are going to stretch your little assholes beyond belief. Don't be scared. It's all part of the wonderful world of adult sex. I will often be fucking one of you little girls in the face while one of the boys here fucks your pussy and another camper fucks your ass at the same time. I will teach you how to fuck in rhythm, so we can all have fun. By the end of the summer, you will even be able to take two of our huge counselor dicks up your assholes at the same time. I know that seems impossible now, but we have a whole summer to work on it. Now I am going to walk down this line of shy little girls, and I want you each to introduce yourself to my cock. I want you to take my cock in your little hand and shake it and tell my cock your name!"

       None of the little girls had ever touched a cock before. They were very scared. Josh smiled and approached them, his dick bounding and swinging and leaking a bit. "Don't mind the leaking, girls. That is just called dick leak and it tastes very good. You're going to learn to love it. Only some of the boys can leak right now, because of their ages, but soon, they will all be dripping like leaky faucets. It's a special treat for a guy to leak for a girl and to give her his leak to lick up. Don't worry, it's not like pee. Although you will learn to like that too this summer. No Dick leak is different. And it's not cum. You will earn to love the taste of cum too, even more than dick leak. You love our special summer garden salad with doggie cum dressing. We want to make sure that you cunts taste cum every single day of your lives from now on. And you boys too, although not as often as the cunts. All Summer here at Fuck Camp, I want you boys to call the girls Cunts! Its their proper name. If you want to talk to one of them, you just say 'Hey, Cunt.'" 

        Josh stood in front of the first girl who barely came above his waist. She was such a pretty little thing with apple cheeks and large eyes. He stood there flexing his hips so his dick would bounce almost in front of her face. "Hi, honey, I want you to meet my fucker!" 

        The little girl reached up one trembling hand and wrapped her tiny fingers around the fuckmeat.It was so thick she couldn't get all the way round it.  

       Josh smiled. "Don't worry, it's not going to break. You can hold it harder than that. Feel how spongy it is, and yet how stiff and strong. Imagine how it is going to feel fucking into your tiny pussy." 

       "Won't that hurt?"  It was the first word out of any of the children's mouths. 

       "The first time I fuck you, it will hurt like hell. I won't lie to you. It's just something you got to put up with. Then the next five or six times it will still hurt quite a bit, but less. We'll get the boys with smaller dicks to fuck you too, to help stretch the cunt. But I promise you, after you've been fucked fifteen or twenty times, it will feel wonderful and you will love it and want it five or ten times a day."

        The pretty little girl didn't look much comforted.

         "Say how do you do to my big prick and tell it your name." 

        "How do you do, my name is Julie."  She said in the sweetest voice, gently shaking the fat dick up and down, as the balls jiggled underneath. 

        "Oh, Julie, you sweet fucking cunt, my dick really likes you already. It can't wait to fuck your pretty little face. 

        In this manner, Josh went down the line of little girls, introducing each of them to his fuckmeat. Of course it turned him on tremendously. A few times, he could not resist reaching down and cupping a bald little pussy or running his fingers up and down a cunt slit. He got to the smallest girl in the line and felt her cunt.  

       "Your little cunthole is so tiny and tight, I don't know what we are going to do! We are going to have to fuck you extra carefully. Look how you got my dick leaking. I'll bet Ten-cent would love to be the first one to fuck you. Maybe we'll let him do it and we'll al lsit and watch. We often watch the fucking and sucking to learn from it. While you kids are fucking each other, some of you will form special relationships and friendships, and that is just great. Life long fuck friends. And it's only natural that you may find for example that you like licking and sucking one boy's ass more than the others. Something about that boy's asshole is special for you. You may like licking another boy's balls better than the rest. That's fine. We all have favorites. Just so you do a good job on them all. It's very common here at Fuck Camp for little girls and boys to fall in love with my dick. I sometimes get fan letters for my dick months and months after camp is over. And why not? When you have a big fat drooling dick like mine in your mouth all night, you can grow to love it. My cock might be the first real love affair of your young lives. Sometimes the kids even get jealous and fight over my dick. The same with Lars' and Ten-cent's dicks. By the end of the summer they are not satisfied any longer with a young dick. They want only the very largest adult dicks plowing their cunts and asses. I have had little girls and boys actually get into fist fights over who would get to suck on my fat fucker all night. And while I must admit that can be fun, I do want us all to get along and love each other and share the joy."As he spoke he gently twisted the titty nubs of the little girl at the end of the line.  Next he moved down the line of boys and had each of them feel his big fat leaking dick as well. The boys who knew abut queers were a bit more squeamish even than the girls. Josh told the boys they had to experience every kind of sex including gay sex. They had to learn what they liked the most. They had to develop healthy respect for cock and what cocks can do. Eventually the boys all felt the rampant fuckmeat. Josh often reached down and rubbed the hard young tummy of a boy who was holding his fucker. Sometimes he ran a hand over a round pink ass cheek, commenting on what a fuckable ass the boy seemed to have. 

    "I love fucking girl ass and cunt, but I have a special warm spot in my heart for fucking a nice small tight round smooth boy ass! Boy asses are very special. You will all be taking turns fucking each other in the ass this summer. Of course you boys with peanut dicks will be getting ass fucked more than fucking until your pricks grow some. But if you are good boys and eat lots of cum, your dicks will soon grow like mine. Then the girls at school will go nuts over you. They will beg to suck your dicks right in school. When i was in eighth grade I had girls lined up to suck my dick. I used to drip my dick leak into their juice at lunch and they would drink it down like it was the best thing in the world. Look at these big nuts of mine. You boys have to learn how to lick them for me. We will have contests of who are the best ball lickers, the girls or the boys. The same goes for eating out ass. While Lars and Ten-cent and I are fucking little girl cunt, we like to have a boy behind each of us licking and sucking out our asses. Don't worry, it's not as gross as it seems. You'll get to like it. All sex is wonderful. The dirtier the better We are going to teach you that the most perverted filthiest fucking sex is the  very best And how lucky you re to learn all of this at your young ages. I started young, but Lars here didn't learn most of this until he was fifteen. Same for Ten-cent. He knew about fucking girls early, and enjoyed that, but he didn't learn about really dirty sex until he was sent to the reform school when he was sixteen. We have so much to teach you.  

     "But what say we go up to the canteen for a little lunch? Oh don't pick up your clothes. Just stay naked like like. At the canteen, you will see that the boys sit on stools at a table, but the girls sit on the floor between the boys' legs, facing the boys' dicks. Since there are twelve boys and only six girls, the boys will take turns with the girls.  The boys will cover their dicks and balls with some of their food and the girls will lick their lunch off the cocks and nuts of the boys. Don't worry, there is plenty of food for all, so boys really cover your dicks and balls with lots of food. Girls, you are not allowed to use your hands. You must lick the food off the pricks and fucksacks of the boys. The three girls who lick the best will get to lick dinner tonight off the counselors' pricks. This exercise is to teach cunts that the most important thing in their whole lives is to service dick! There is nothing else meaningful for a twat to do in her life except service dick. Men run the world, and cunts service the dicks of men.    

    "I truly hope you will learn to love it here at Fuck Camp. And I hope you will learn to love fucking and getting fucked and sucking as much as we do!"

Review This Story || Author: dale10
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