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Catherine Makes a Change

Part 2

Catherine Makes A Change

Part 2

By Petricia

          Catherines time was up. Sixty minutes in the clutches of her merciless machine had changed her forever. She now wore shining cups over her breasts, held permanently in place by thick rivets pierced behind her nipples. Where she once had a vagina she now had a huge hollow dildo holding her wide open and also keeping her clit well out of reach.

     As the timer sounded, the straps holding her arms tightly together behind her back released. The body of the machine backed into its original position, allowing her to extract the now spent penis from her mouth. The cups separated from the vertical beam in front of her, leaving her breasts permanently encased in gleaming metal. Catherine rested a bit and finally found the strength to pull her arms from the straps. She reached down to the saddle and released the dildo, followed by the clamps on her labia. Summoning all her remaining will she clamped her knees together and released the buckles to the knee straps. Carefully she lifted off the saddle, revealing another appendage inside of her mammoth intruder. This was the source of her vibrations. She, of course, felt nothing as she remained impaled by the now hollow tube riveted inside her. With a final push she managed to swing her left leg over the saddle and plant it on the floor. Unfortunately she was too weak, and collapsed near the machine.

     Catherine awakened to a dull throb in her breasts and crotch area. Struggling to comprehend, she first reached a hand to her breast and was greeted with hard steel. Now fully awake, memory of last evenings activities came flooding back. Her hand shot to her vagina, where she confirmed the worst. She was instantly on her feet and making for her bathroom , her heels carrying her as fast as she dare.

     Flipping on the light she beheld her new additions for the first time. Her breasts were now covered in shining metal, pointing straight out from her chest, a one inch false nipple on the end of each. She gently pressed and twisted them. She was so very sore and the motion caused her to wince in pain. She was certain, though, that once healed her only stimulus to her nipples would be to pull and twist the cups.

    She decided to inspect the new addition between her legs, although she knew she wouldnt like it any more than her new breasts. She spread her legs and examined her now metalized sex. The tube held her wide open. Even through the pain she could feel herself stretched tight. She knew she could never be fucked in a regular fashion again. She would have to insert the soft sleeve she had designed to fit inside of the tube and the man would have to derive pleasure from that, rather than her.

     Catherine regarded herself in the mirror. Here she was, a brilliant and successful woman with a great career, nice home, expensive car, looking like a complete slut after a long night of being used by strangers. Her hair was a mess, stuck to her forehead in places. Her makeup was smudged and smeared, mascara had run from her crying. Not to mention her little additions to her body. Worst of all she had brought it all on herself.  As her stomach grew tight with anxiety, she ran the bath. Perhaps she would feel a little better after a long bath.

     She removed the tall heels and rolled the stockings down her legs. Stepping into the warm water she eased her exhausted body down. She felt a strange sensation in her sex. Startled, she looked down to realize she had been filled with warm water. The sensation was strange to her but not really that bad. In fact, it felt rather nice and the warm water seemed to help the pain of her piercings slightly. As she settled down into the tub the water found her new breasts as well. The water swirled around the cups but she felt nothing. She had hoped it would at least be able to soothe her sore piercings there. She pulled the cups away as best as she could to allow water to slip under the cups, which helped a little but the pain of pulling was too great and she released them again.

     Sullen, she sunk down deeply into the water. As she looked down she noticed small bubbles emanating from her elongated steel nipples. She had forgotten that she had designed pinholes in the ends, originally to allow for the suction of the machine and also to allow air to reach her skin underneath.

     Catherine washed every inch of her body, as if to wipe out the events of last evening. She instinctively began to soap her breasts, only to be reminded of her new body. She used extra caution in her pubic area as well, only washing the area around her tube. Her first instinct of course, was to wipe over her clit like she usually did, but it was out of reach and she felt nothing. She felt a tiny spark of frustration, even though she was intellectually prepared for it. She hadnt thought she would feel the need this soon. She decided it was best to concentrate on something else.

     As she rose from the tub, she felt herself drain, the water running down her inner thighs. She felt the deep humiliation, thankful that nobody was here to see. Wrapping a towel around herself she pulled the dildo plug from a drawer and inserted it into the waiting tube, sealing off her womanly charms to the world. She was horrified to find that inserting a very large dildo into herself had no effect at all. She felt nothing. Looking up into the mirror was no less shameful. She had no eyebrows and the effect was really quite strange. It was clear she would require makeup at nearly all times until they grew back in. With a dejected sigh she finished drying herself and made her way to the dresser to seek out something to wear. 

     Opting for more utilitarian clothing, she selected simple white bikini panties. She instinctively began to put on her bra, but she was made painfully aware that a bra was not only unnecessary, it was impossible. There was no way it was going to fit over the cups with the long steel nipples. She discarded the bra, deciding to put on her simple work clothes. She turned and headed for the dungeon where they still lay.

     She purposefully entered the room and snatched up her clothes, but as she turned to leave she began to get that feeling again. A chill ran down her spine along with the spark that lit in her sex. The machines presence was still ominous and looking at it gave her all the same feelings as before she had given herself to it last evening.

     She quickly left the room for the sanctuary of her bedroom. She slid her shorts up her long legs. Fastening the clasp caused her pain, placing pressure on her abused labia. She quickly shed the shorts and replaced them with baggy sweatpants. She finished with her t shirt, which tented obscenely where her steel nipples pressed against it.

     “My god, this might be harder than I thought” she fretted, to nobody in particular.

     She searched and searched, trying every top she owned. None would sufficiently conceal her new nipples. Even her largest, bulkiest sweater made her look as if her nipples were permanently erect which, she noted, was more or less the truth.

     Resigned to the fact that she could not possibly hope to appear decent for the moment, Catherine made her way down the hall. Reaching in to close the dungeon door she tried her best not to look at her creation, but her eyes found it nevertheless. The queasy feeling in her stomach caused her to close the door quickly, in spite of the twinge of erotic fire that was caused by being in its presence.

      Turning, she caught sight of herself in the hall mirror. What had she done? How could she go out like this? What would people think of her? Her hand sought out a rigid nipple, but found only unfeeling steel. While she felt nothing, a sudden shock of sexual energy shot through her. She jerked her hand away, but it was too late. She was getting excited and there was nothing she could do about it.

     With a groan she made her way to the kitchen and prepared a light breakfast. Sitting down, she picked at her food with little interest. She knew she must eat, as she hadn't for a long while. Her heart simply wasn't in it and her mind was definitely occupied with other matters.

     She turned on her computer and navigated to a few lingerie sites, hoping to find a bra that could at least allow her to look decent in public. At last she settled on a few that might help. She guessed the size necessary to be 36d, but also ordered one with a larger cup size just in case.

     Catherine spent the rest of the day moping about, examining her new additions between bouts of tears. She treated her new piercings with a spray antiseptic and tried to work out her next move. She knew she had to leave the sanctuary of her home sometime, but needed a way to hide the long steel nipples. She had tried every top she had and nothing could hide the enormous twin bulges of her new nipples. Dejected, she finally collapsed into bed. She fell asleep immediately but her dreams were troubled, filled with visions of the machine, herself impaled by it, subservient to it, controlled by it, forever changed by it.

     She awoke very disturbed by her dreams, yet her sexual arousal seemed to have grown exponentially. Trying everything to reach her sex, she wept in frustration. The reality of her plight was truly setting in and she wept uncontrollably.

     The rest of the week progressed much the same. Catherine simply could not muster the courage to go out in her present state. Finally, on Friday, her food supply exhausted, she reasoned that she was without options. She had to buy food at the very least. She also needed to find a solution to her problem.

     She finally decided the best way to cover her steel nipples was to tape large gauze pads over them followed by her thickest sweater. Examining herself in the mirror she was not pleased but had little choice now. Looking like a victim of overzealous plastic surgery, she headed to the grocery store. She was grateful that her lower piercings had healed enough to allow panties, even though she still could not tolerate jeans or slacks. She opted for a skirt rather than bulky sweat pants. In addition, while she seldom went grocery shopping fully made-up, she had no choice now. She tried her best to keep it conservative, but the penciled in eyebrows seemed to give a sluttish appearance anyway.

     As she put away the groceries she noticed the second vial, a twin to the one she had used a week ago. She shuddered involuntarily and slammed the refrigerator door. But it was too late. This new reminder of her status as a fuckdoll set her ablaze. She sat down and tried to collect herself but the fire grew and she desperately needed relief. She had found earlier in the week that she could slide something slim under her clit guard and in desperation decided now to try a butter knife. She quickly grabbed one from a drawer and slipped it in, her need growing by the second. She worked it around under the tight covering, felt the coolness massaging her hood, but try as she might she could not even come close to making any kind of satisfactory contact with her clit.

     Breaking into tears she threw the knife across the room and buried her face in her arms on the table. She had done a superb job in engineering her means of denial and suddenly the full weight of realization crashed down on her. She would never, ever have another orgasm, not ever!

     Catherine's somber mood brightened slightly with the arrival at the door of her new bras. Perhaps, she thought, things were beginning to look a little better. She ripped open the packages and tried on the first bra. As she expected, the cups were far too large for the breast coverings themselves, but the idea was to hide the long nipples. She began packing them with tissue until they filled out. The 36d bra, even when stuffed full, still was unable to conceal the  hard steel nipples. Trying on the DD cups worked better once fully stuffed, but she looked like a porn star, her breasts now appearing completely out of proportion with her slim figure.

     With a sigh she decided on the larger cups, at least for her first day back at work. Pulling her sweater over her head she discovered another problem. The sweater was not made for a woman with such large breasts. She pulled and stretched until finally it was over the mammoth cups. Smoothing it into place she was certain a seam would give. Worse yet, this was her largest top! She stripped it off and grabbed a few of the tops she normally wore to work. None of them would close over the massive breasts.

     Now in a panic, Catherine struggled for ideas. How could she go to work in less than 48 hours without any tops to fit her new figure? She could not possibly buy anything online and expect to have it so soon. She had to actually go out in public and shop and she had only one incredibly tight sweater to wear.

     Realizing there was little choice and no time remaining, she pulled the sweater back on over her mammoth breasts and slipped into a knee length skirt, deeming it more appropriate for her new look. She then headed for the bathroom to put on makeup. As she looked in the mirror she realized how trampy she already looked, her sweater stretched tightly over her huge breasts. The familiar spark ignited in her sex and grew as she applied makeup. With each passing moment she felt more slutty, fanning the flames of desire. Her sensiblilty being overcome by her passion, she soon found herself looking at the image of a whore in the mirror. She had started out not wanting to draw attention to herself, but instead had become a true slut. As she admired the bitch in heat reflected in the mirror, her sex virtually spasmed and she was thankful she was plugged as she was certain she was soaking wet.

     Catherine was losing her ability for coherent thought, replaced by seething lust as she replaced her sensible skirt with her shortest, tightest black skirt from the closet and drew it up her long legs. Her only concession to decency was a lacy, nearly transparent pair of black bikini panties. She slipped on a pair of black 4" patent pumps and grabbed her purse.

     Slinking down the hall she paused at the dungeon door, a pit in her stomach. She had to get going as time was limited. Somehow, of its own accord, her hand found the doorknob and slowly turned. She pushed the door open slightly. It was still there, just as she had left it a week ago. Its ominous presence overpowered the room, making her feel small, insignificant. The familiar feeling of dread rose in her stomach. The flame burned white hot. Her hand sank to the source of her heat, only to be thwarted by hard steel.

     "Ohmygoooood." she gasped from both fear and frustration.

      She retreated to her office and almost hypnotically brought up a program on her computer. She hesitated as the mouse pointed to the words "Run Program". Her hands shook, her finger poised over the mouse button. This was getting out of hand! It already had gone too far but she could still stop now, cut her losses. But oh how she was excited, her sex doing the thinking for her. Her finger lingered another moment over the mouse and then she pressed it.

     She knew there would be no action from the program just yet so she snatched up her purse and headed for the door. Yet she knew that she had set something in motion, something only her thoroughly twisted sex crazed mind could conjure up. As she started the car it occured to her that she may be losing her mind.

     Catherine completed her errand, finding a few items that would fit her new form. Seeking only small boutiques as opposed to the mall, she completed her purchases to the stares and smirks of both men and women. She was relieved to finally pull into her driveway and the sanctuary of home.

     As she closed the front door a small sensor detected the motion, sending a signal to her computer. Instantly the television in the living room came to life.

     "Hello slut!" a voice from the surround sound system greeted her.

     Catherine looked to see the image of a severe looking dominatrix glaring back at her with a superior look. The woman had jet black shining hair, combed out completely straight. High cheekbones accentuated her heavily shadowed eyes, pale complexion and black cherry lips. The woman wore an impossibly tight corset with full cups that lifted and presented her breasts without revealing too much. Around her throat was a black choker with the letter "K" studded with diamonds hanging from the front of it. Below she wore painted on black leather pants which emphasized every curve of her delicious behind down to her shapely calves. She stood on 5 inch patent black ankle boots and held a riding crop in her hand.

     Catherine remembered taking hours to perfect the look as well as practicing for hours in front of a mirror to achieve the proper effect. After all, she was not dominant and had no experience at it. Once she was satisfied that she would display the proper attitude, she began filming the scenes she would be experiencing for the next few days.

     "What do you have to say for yourself, little whore?" Mistress Katerina demanded, sneering at her in all her high definition glory.

     Catherine was momentarily taken aback. She had written, performed and filmed the script, but surprised herself at how imperious her alter ego now seemed. Blushing, she took her purchases to her bedroom and spilled the bags out on the bed. The image of her alterego glared at her from the flatscreen mounted on the wall opposite the bed.

     "Just look at yourself, cunt. Nothing but a little whore! Why don't you just admit it? You know what you are."

     "NO!" she retorted to the unhearing seductress on the screen.

     "Why fight it, tramp? It's pointless and we both know it. You are nothing more than a little slave slut. Just look at you! I'll bet you are just dripping right now, aren't you?"

     Catherine knew this to be true. Her hormones were in overdrive and her sexual need was rising relentlessly.

     "In fact, you are such a little trollop, you don't deserve a name like Catherine. I think from now on you will be........ hmmmm....let's see. What sort of name is more befitting a little tart like you, hmmm?"

     The stern woman on the screen made a show of pondering the name deeply.

     "Candi! Yes that's it! From now on your name is Candi. Oh it fits you so well, don't you agree?"

     Catherine felt a surge of humiliation wash over her. While she knew the script and had performed it, those words still rushed through her. She tried her best to concentrate on more mundane things, but Mistress Katerina was relentless. She had made sure of that.

     "Give in, Candi. It will be soooo much easier once you do. Give in to your true nature."

     Catherine stripped off her clothes and headed for the bathroom to start the shower. Of course she found no sanctuary there. The image of Mistress Katerina waited there for her on the small monitor previously hung on the wall.

     "Come on Candi, just give in! Look at you already! Such a hot little slut! But so conflicted! Poor poor Candi! Trying to be so good, but knowing she is soooo bad." The Mistress feigned sympathy, teasing and prodding Catherine further.

     The rest of the day was a blur for Catherine, the Mistress taunting her, daring her. Worse yet, she was indeed tempted. Tempted to give in, to do the unthinkable, to become the true slut that resided deep inside of her. She knew the Mistress would torment her through the night as well. Knowing that at some point during the night she would succumb to the urge to rip the television from the wall or to shut down the program, she decided to remove that possibility. Turning out the lights she crawled into bed and locked a collar around her throat. The collar was attached to a chain which was padlocked to the wall with a combination lock. She would have to wait for the morning light to see the combination and release herself. It was going to be a very long night!

     As morning light streamed through the window Catherine awoke, having finally fallen asleep well after midnight. To her surprise she had slept well, most likely due to exhaustion. The Mistress had been relentless, teasing and taunting her until she thought she would go mad with frustration. Once she had finally fallen asleep the motion sensor in the room had alerted the computer, which had lowered the television volume and run a loop that repeatedly reminded her of her place, a subliminal message of sorts. Evidently it had worked, because her arousal was now in full swing, her sheets soaked with her juices. She sat and stretched a bit, the motion sensor letting the computer know its victim was awake.

     As Catherine fussed with the combination of the padlock, Mistress Katerina appeared on the screen once again.

   "Hello again Candi slut!"

     Catherine groaned and her hand instinctively flew to her pussy. God, she was turned on! More than before, more than ever! She desperately tried to at least slip a finger under the maddening device. She pulled and tugged, near tears. She needed some relief, needed it in a way she never thought possible.

     Sitting at the table she had little appetite. Her mind focused on the burning desire in her womb. She idly played with a long steel nipple as her Mistress Katerina continued to tease her.

     "Why are you fighting it so hard, Candi?" the Mistress chided.

     "You know what you are, a slut, a silly sex-crazed little tramp who is ruled by her pussy! Catherine is gone and you are by no means worthy to take her place. Just finish it now Candi! In the end you know I am right and I will win."

     Those last words sliced through Catherine's sex-fueled mind, surgically removing the last of her resistance. In that moment Catherine, the highly intelligent, educated and rational woman disappeared and was replaced by Candi, the slave slut fuckdoll. Before she even realized it, she found herself in front of the mirror applying her sluttiest makeup yet. A tiny part of her wondered why she felt the need to do so, but she was past the point of giving it any real thought. In no time at all she saw a true bimbo slut reflected in the mirror. Blue eyeshadow, heavy lashes, pink cheeks, glossy bubblegum pink lips all shouted common whore. All the while Mistress Katerina taunted her, pushed her deeper.

     She reached into the drawer and extracted a special box designed just for this occasion. Placing it on the counter she lovingly opened it to reveal a pair of gleaming hoops. Constructed from the same material as her other adornments, the rings were 3 inches in diameter and incredibly strong despite their delicate appearance. Carefully slipping one through each earlobe, she grabbed the ends of the right one and with a sigh she slid the serrated end of one into the receiving end on the other. A small ratcheting sound preceded a final click, signifying the ends were now permanently sealed. She quickly followed with the other ring. Scrutinizing her new slut earrings in the mirror she could only barely see the seam where the ends joined.

     Candi sauntered to the dresser and removed a new pair of hot pink stockings along with matching garter belt. The belt fit seductively around her hips, she carefully rolled the stockings up her shapely legs. After fastening the tops to the garter belt she unplugged her gaping pussy, marveling at the amount of juices she had produced. She dipped two fingers into the huge opening, coating them with her nectar. Eyes closed dreamily, she plunged her fingers into her wanton mouth, savoring the taste, the feel, the depravity of the moment.

     "Mmmmmmmm", she slid her fingers in and out of her mouth, her tongue caressing and fondling the moist intruders. Still Mistress Katerina prodded and teased her, reminding her of her place.

     She coated her fingers once more, sliding between pink pouting lips and thought "This IS what I am, a slut, a whore, meant for nothing more than this."

     Candi padded to the closet and brought out a shoebox from the back. Inside were a pair of pink patent leather 7" stilettos with ankle straps. Buckling the delicate straps around her ankles, she knew these would be very difficult to walk in. But they definitely denoted a tramp and that was the point. Satisfied with her look she carefully made her way down the hall to the kitchen, hips swaying sexily side to side, thrust forward as if to present her charms. As she moved her inner thighs became slick with her juices.

     She removed the second vial from the refrigerator and headed for the dungeon. As she reached for the doorknob all of the fear and trepidation she had felt before came flooding back to her, but the voice prodding her from various screens throughout the house steeled her resolve. She purposefully strode into the room, inserting the vial into the microwave to warm the contents. Working quickly, she moved to the machine, opposite where she was mounted last week. Filling another dildo with the nasty liquid, she inserted it into a mount in an arm which extended horizontally from the main frame of the machine at a level just above her head.

     In the meantime the motion sensor in the room alerted Mistress Katerina, who now appeared on a screen across the room. Beaming with satisfaction she now addressed the slavegirl.

     "Well, I'm glad you have accepted your position in life Candi. Soooo much easier now, hmmmm? No conflict, no choices, just surrender."

     Catherine stood on a small pedestal under the waiting dildo, her legs spread due to a large bulge of machinery in the center resembling a large Sybian device. She reached down, spreading her feet wider, and buckled two waiting straps around her slender ankles. Straining now due to her awkward stance and the impossibly high heels, she quickly reached between her knees and raised a large dildo mounted on a strong arm from the machine.  She felt the deep frustration caused by lack of sensation in her most womanly region, but this was her only possible hope of stimulation. She hoped against hope that she would receive enough from the machine to make it. If not, then it was what Candi deserved anyway, and so be it. Of course, since this particular phallus was destined for another target, she thought, perhaps it didn't even matter. She slid the black intruder into her behind and slowly worked her way down onto it. The dildo contained it's own lubrication which now was aiding in the impalement of the cute bottom now spread so tightly around its base.

     She locked the dildo in place and pressed the power button on the machine. From behind her a thick pole slid into position just behind her, it's cool surface just touching her filled derriere. Mistress Katerina cooed her satisfaction from the screen. Mounted on the pole was a gleaming collar, fashioned from the same alloys as her other adornments. She felt the ends slip around either side of her slender throat.

      Catherine pushed a last button on the machine and suddenly felt a stab of fear. Suddenly panicked, she began to fumble with the dildo embedded deeply in her behind in an attempt to escape the awful device, but Mistress Katerina continued her prodding.

     "Almost there Candi. Just a bit more, accept it slave, relax, accept what you have become. Do it, dooooo itttttt!" she hissed.

     Catherine wiped the tears from her eyes, swallowing hard. She knew she was, in fact, almost there. The device was ready to accept her surrender. Her breathing became shallow, coming in short, rapid gasps.

     "Let go Candi, let go. Surrender, just let it all go. Do it now...."

     Catherine looked up through teary eyes. She reached up and pulled down on the overhead arm. Slowly her pink lips parted, allowing the dildo to penetrate her warm mouth. She let out a cry as she pulled harder down and the arm locked in place. The ends of a large ring were pressed into her nostrils, seperated by her septum. The mechanics inside the arm were holding the ring open and, she knew, would release the tension on the ring and allow it to pierce her. She tried in vain to extract the dildo from her mouth but her resolve melted with Katerina's soothing voice. She suspected she might be able to release herself still but, tears running down her rosy cheeks, she reached to her neck and slowly pressed the two ends of the collar into one another. A soft click told her the collar was permanently locked in place. She then placed her hands behind the pole and into a waiting strap.

     "It's not too late, it's not too late" she repeated to herself.

     She was just about to withdraw her wrists from the strap when she felt a drop of her wetness run down her inner thigh to her stockingtop. With a groan she tugged hard on the strap. Suddenly the strap tightened around her wrists, trapping her without hope of escape. As her wrists were pressed hard against each other, the strap was drawn up and away by a motorized pulley. Catherine cried into her gag as her arms were mercilessly drawn out and up behind her. Just as the pull became near more than she could take, she bit down hard on the gag. As the pungent mixture shot down her throat, the pulling stopped.

     Bambi was now completely at the mercy of her evil device once again. Feet widespread, impaled, stretched tight as a bowstring and forced to look straight up, she felt the first effects of the horrible cocktail. First, a general warmth and slight numbness, accompanied by a renewed wave of lust so strong it caught her completely off guard. It had not hit her this way the first time.

     "OOOOHHMMMMMMGGDDDD!!" she wailed into the monster stuffing her mouth. Her pussy positively gushed, a flood of her juices soaking her stocking tops.

     She jumped in shock as far as her bonds would allow at the first movement of the dildo in her behind. At first it was just a nice slow stroke in and out. But it began to gain pace, accompanied by soft vibrations. She knew she would be taking the intruder for the next hour and tears began anew.

     Just then Mistress Katerina appeared on a small screen directly overhead. Since Candi's head was held in this position she was compelled to watch. Mistress was clearly quite pleased, a smirk of victory on her dark lips.

     "Good girl, Candi, very good. You have finally become what you were meant to be. Everything is different now. Catherine no longer exists."

     Mistress glided over to the computer desk and sat on top of it, sexily crossing her legs. Catherine couldn't help but congratulate herself on her own performance--definitely Oscar-worthy!

     "Just a few loose ends now Candi", running a sexy tongue over dark sensuous lips.

     The dildo began reaming her in earnest now as the screen faded to a live view of her own computer screen in her study. The groaning and grunting slut watched in horror as hundreds of emails were sent to various Masters, couples, dungeons, professional Dommes. Each email contained photos, videos, personal information, contact numbers, and most of all a lengthy letter describing her need to be completely subservient. In short, her resume as a potential slave! She had spent countless hours compiling the list of recipients, assembling the materials, and composing her introductory letter.

     She watched, transfixed, as the program sent email after email, some to entities she was fine with, others to ones who frightened her, and a few to people she suspected she should truly be concerned about. Meanwhile the dildo pounded away at her ass. She hated referring to her bottom so crudely, but given her current station in life it was appropriate.

    The feed from her computer continued. The bound slave went wild, thrashing and screaming, as she watched her letter of resignation emailed to her company, including a scathing commentary ensuring she would never be rehired. She bit hard into the dildo, releasing a gush of the odd mixture. With her head held back, gravity took over and the slimy mixture oozed down her throat.

     "NNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnNNNNnnn" she protested into her gag.

     Finally, an email to her attorney, with instructions to liquidate virtually everything she had, extract his fee, and give the remainder to charity.

     As the last of the emails disappeared from the screen, Mistress Katerina faded in once again. Smiling her sweetest, and most menacing, smile she placed a finger on the enter key, looked directly into the camera and said "Goodbye slave."

     Candi knew what was coming and sucked frantically on the dildo to extract its contents. She wanted to ensure she had all of the anesthetic in her before the final phase, even if it meant falling further into the clutches of the aphrodisiac. As the foul mixture filled her belly, it soon was coursing through her veins. Her head felt light and she felt the anesthetic working. She had done it! Really done it. She had crossed a threshold through which there was no return. A wave of unbridled lust swept through her and with it left the very last of her resistance. She was frantic now, her pussy spasming, her ass greedily sucking and caressing the black invader. She knew what she had done and what was about to happen and she no longer cared. Her only concern was the eroticism of the moment.

     Just then a timer appeared on the screen. “10…9…8…7…”

     “This is it!” her sex crazed mind told her.

     But rather than panic or fear, she anxiously pushed upward, the ends of the ring well inside of her nose.

     “2…1” Candis world exploded in stars. Completely unnoticed were the pain of her septum being skewered or the sound of the ratcheting which sealed the ring permanently in place. The bound slave was instead consumed by the biggest, most intense, all encompassing orgasm she had ever known. Her world was a panorama of skyrockets, shooting stars, exploding colors and mind bending pleasure.

     Candis world went black.

















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