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The Spanking He Was Begging For

Part 3

The Spanking He Was Begging For

       PART 3

Ben enjoyed the shower and was surprised how interesting if felt to be hairless. He couldnt remember telling Lori he had thought about removing his hair but he had asked her to trim her bush several times. Just then he heard Lori yell. He hurried to find her standing next to the back door hold a wooden spoon and wearing a dress. Outdoors she said Ben walked outside and Lori followed. They were about 30 feet from the house when Lori told him to lay on back, cross your arms under your back and spread your legs. Ben did as told and was surprised when Lori stood over his head and he looked up and saw she didnt have any panties on. Lori lower herself down on Bens face and Ben started eating with all his heart, he was in heaven. Ben had brought Lori to 3 climaxes when Lori shifted  and placed her anus over his mouth, Ben stopped. Lori hit Bens balls with the spoon and said Im spanking until I come, Ben stared working tongue into Lori anus with a purpose and Lori spanked away. Ben thought it took hours but after about 15 minutes Lori came with a shudder. What she had read was true, that was great. Ben was glad the spanking stopped. Lori got up and told him he had 30 minutes to finish cleaning up and she went to the house. Ben got up carefully avoiding adding any pressure to his balls. As he walked to the house he thought about eating her ass and hoped he would get to do it again.

Lori was on the intermit looking for more ideas. She came across a site on golden showers and wondered if that was something Ben wanted done to him. She checked the time and realized that she needed to get Bens next trial ready. She went and retrieved the humbler  and his belt. She went outside and in the area that could be seen from the street hung the keys for the humbler and the butt plug about 4 and a half feet from the ground with a bright yellow key fob. She went back in the house to get Ben. He was just entering the room and started asking for the key to the butt plug. She said follow me and led him to the far side of the lawn. Get down on your hands and knees, Ben cringed when he saw the humbler but did as he was told. Lori quickly locked it on and told Ben the keys to your release are over there on the side of the house on that yellow fob. Ben started cramping from the need to relieve himself. Lori commented that laxative must be working you better start crawling. Ben started the 150 foot trek and whack, Lori started with the belt  concentrating on Bens ass but every 6th or 7th hit was on his balls. Ben was really in pain as he got close to the keys and saw the street. He couldnt believe that Lori was going to make him do this  and she started hitting just his balls. After 20 ball shots Lori stopped and pulled out her camera , she wanted this on film. Ben reach the key location and now was trying to reach them. Lori had measured it just right. Ben had to stretch his very sore balls as far as he could and much farther than he wanted and just as he touched the keys he cramped and down he went, pain shot though his body as he pulled on his balls again. As he regained his composer he quickly reached up and grabbed the keys.

He laid on the ground in the fetal position in extreme pain and just as he though it couldnt get any worse, cramp. Lori turned the hose on and started spraying him, get moving the water stops when the humbler is off. Ben fumbled with keys but finally unlocked the humbler, he got up and started towards the house and Lori handed him a towel and said dry off before you go inside. Lori picked up the humbler and carried it inside. Once dry Ben hurried to the bathroom for his relief. Ben had spent 15 minutes on the stool when Lori walked in carrying some enema equipment. Lori said lets get it all out. Lori gave Ben 5 enemas starting with a quart and ending with a gallon sized one that came out crystal clear. Now out to the garage.

Ben had hoped for a short break but to the garage he went . Lori  had Bens old engine lift out and Ben realized he would be only 2 feet from the door. It only a few minutes for Lori to have Ben secured in a standing spread eagle facing the door. Lori picked up the panties Ben had in his mouth from  his visitor and asked who do these belong to? Ben said I dont know. Lori grabbed his balls and squeezed, Ben pleaded I dont know. You left me tied up and blindfolded, I think that at least 2 people came and repositioned me as you found me. They put a condom on me and one of them rode me to a climax, then your panties were removed from my mouth and a woman sat on my mouth. She made me eat her out while she was spanking my balls, hard. All I can tell you is that she had a bald pussy and tasted different from you. I was gagged with those panties and was left there until you came.

Lori waved the panties in front of Bens face and said you could be in trouble, these are little girl panties, maybe she was bald because she hasnt started growing any pussy hair. Ben just said I didnt do anything wrong.  Lori asked did you like your waxing? Ben replied it hurt a lot but I like the smooth feeling. Lori commented it makes you look like a little boy and little boys can have their pants pulled down for a spanking at anytime, should I treat you like a little boy? Ben pondered the question and answered yes. Lori said remember you asked for it and Ill try to avoid spanking you around children. Ben was shocked to think Lori was thinking about spanking him in public and hoped she wouldnt do it in front of people he knew. Lori then asked what did he like best?  Ben said its hard to choose but the humbler was a surprise and I enjoyed it, especially getting the keys. What did you like the least? The person showing up as we were getting to the car.

Well I have things to do so lets get you into traction. Ben said nothing as Lori tied his cock and balls and insert the butt plug locking it in place. Lori tied his balls snug back through his legs to the floor drain. Ben was surprised when his cock was tied loosely to the garage door. Lori raised the engine lift putting Ben on his tiptoes and then she opened the garage door and as Ben was worried that the neighbors might see him and then the tension on his cock jerked him back Ben now had his cock and balls stretched farther than last week and when Lori asked if that felt good? Ben was surprised when Lori stuck the panties in his mouth and then the blindfold and earplugs. Ben was puzzled as he started to feel a strange pressure in his ass. Ben didnt look at the plug when he removed it earlier, if he had he would have noticed that an enema could be given through it. Lori was filling him with a quart of ice water. She closed the valve and removed the enema bag and left him to his thoughts. Ben started getting cold and was lost in this overload on sensations.

Lori went back to her computer and to her new favorite chat room. She picked up the phone and called her beautician and they laughed about the panties. They made arrangements to remove the rest of Bens hair and when they could get together to watch the videos. Lori then called her neighbor, Sue, and asked if she had looked out her window. Sue looked and said you did it. They had talked earlier in the week, Sues husband was gone for three weeks on his job, he worked three weeks on and one off. Lori and Sue had talked about their husbands strange sex desires. Sues husband, Joe, liked bondage both ways, Sue knew that she was going to be naked  and tied up within 5 minutes of Joes arrival and his cock would be in her mouth  and she would remain bound until Joe climaxed at least 3 times. Sue would get to tie Joe up and ride his cock and mouth from time to time. Sue tolerated Joes desires and was glade to talk to Lori. They had been talking about their husbands desires for more than 2 years now.  They talked for an hour when Lori suggested they meet in the garage.

Ben was sweating from his struggles to ease the pain. Sue examined Loris handiwork and couldnt resist feeling Bens smooth groin. Sue turned to Lori and said that feels nice, you going to keep him that way? Lori grinned and said yes and he said since he looks like a little boy I can pull his pants down and spank him anytime and anywhere I want and youre going to be his first spectator. Sue just grinned and asked what are we going to do to him right now? Lori asked are you horny? Sue responded yes. Lori said lets lay him down and we can take care of our itches. Sue smiled and started for the garage door, Lori stopped her and said leave it open just unhook the cock cord. It took a few minutes but they had Ben on his back with his legs spread wide and arms secured above his head. Lori told Sue to remove her pants and panties  so she could enjoy Bens cock and mouth. As Sue bared herself , Lori removed her panties and asked Sue what she wanted first. Sue  said I could use a cock in me, Lori said go ahead and bounce hard so his ass feels the floor. Sue didnt waste anytime and soon was bouncing and Ben was feeling every bounce. When Ben came Sue complained too soon. Lori said dont worry just pull the panties out of his mouth and put his mouth to work. Sue switched her position and soon got the relief she needed and started to get off and Lori stopped her. Make him bring you off a few times, youll love it.

By the time Sue came the third time Ben was hard again and Lori sat on his cock. Lori told Sue to  tell her when she was close to coming so she could pace Bens climax. As Sue came, Lori increased her speed and as Ben came she told Sue to move out of the way. Lori moved to Bens mouth and was soon climaxing. As Ben continued working on Loris pussy as Lori asked Sue if Joe had ever eaten her ass? Sue responded no, who would eat another persons ass. Lori said you would be surprised how many people say they have online, and Ben will. Sue get ready youll love the feeling. Lori came one more time and got off saying your turn. Sue took her place and said this is nice but he seems to be getting tired. Lori handed Sue a paint stick and said start spanking his balls. Sue responded are you sure? Lori said yes and the harder the better it will feel. Sue started spanking and was rewarded with Bens tongue working into her anus. The harder she spanked the deeper he went until Sue cam with a shudder she couldnt believe. Sue asked Lori to help her get up. Lori helped Sue and gagged Ben again. Sue, why dont you get dressed and meet me on the deck, Ill get some refreshments. Sue started getting her clothes but just left them and went outside. Lori was surprised to see Sue sitting there half naked and asked why? I have a favor to ask after our break. They just sat quietly and snacked.

After about 15 minutes Sue asked Lori, would you spank me? Lori said that depends on how hard and how much? I want to have my ass spanked hard while Ben eats me and I give him a blow job. Lori said only your ass? You can spank my pussy and tits afterwards while Im tied naked over that rock in my backyard. Lori said sure as long as you remain tied up till tomorrow. Sue said sure as long as my legs are extra wide. Lori said you may be sore for a week. Sue said promise?

The girls returned to the garage and Sue removed her top and bra. Sue removed Bens gag and sat on his face and then leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth. Lori had picked up Bens belt and started spanking Sues ass being careful not to hit Ben. After about 15 minutes Sue and Ben both came. Sue got up and gagged Ben and then picked up her clothes and said time for the other side. Sue and Lori walked over to Sues house stopping in her garage where Sue dropped her clothes and picked up some rope. Lori was a little surprised when Sue explained, Joe ties me up over that rock all the time. When they got to the rock Sue laid out the ropes and showed the tying points and then laid down in position over the rock. Lori tied Sues arms in place and then started on her legs. When Sues legs were spread as far as Lori could get them by hand Lori tightened them a little more using the ratchets on the tie down straps that were being used as the tie down points. Sue was begging for Lori to stop but Lori gave them a couple more pulls just to make it tighter. Lori felt Sues groin and said that should be tight enough, Sue commented any tighter and Ill pop out of joint.

Lori asked Sue if she ever considered getting a wax job done on her pussy. No but Joe has asked me to do it several times. Lori laughed and said youll be begging for a wax job before I stop spanking, whap. Lori spanked Sue long and hard. Sue was begging for Lori to stop and Lori kept spanking. Sue finally begged fir a wax job and another spanking, Lori stopped. Sue was in tears with a sore pussy and tits. Lori asked if Sue wanted anything else? Sue said no, so Lori left Sue laying there and went back to Ben.

Lori released Ben and let him relieve himself on the enema. Ben was then told to make a light lunch. Over lunch they talked about how the weekend was going. Ben was puzzled with the extra women and asked if there were more coming. Lori said not this weekend, but who knows about the future, maybe your sister would like to help. Ben wasnt sure he would like having his sister help because she would make sure the bruises lasted at least a week because he was mean to her growing up. Lori told Ben to clean up and be ready for bed in 30 minutes. Ben was surprised to be going to bed at five oclock and asked why so early?  Lori said I need my pussy taken care of and having in one place will let me get as much as I want.

Lori had Ben secured on the bed in the spare bedroom just like last week, with his legs raised and spread above his head with one foot tied to the foot of the bed and the other to the head. After the blindfold and earplugs were in place, Lori removed her panties and sat on his face. Just as she came a second time she heard a car pull in Sues driveway and decided she better check so she got up and put her panties in Bens mouth for a gag. Lori was wearing only a sundress and got downstairs just as the doorbell rang. She went to the door and found a young women at the door, so she opened the door. Hi Im Sues sister Linda and I was wondering if you know where Sue is? Lori  said I think she tied up at the moment and I dont remember where she said she going but she should be back soon, would you like to wait here and talk until she shows up? Linda said I guess that would be alright.

They sat around the kitchen table and talked and soon Linda said she was hoping Sue would be willing to let her practice waxing because she is training to be a beautician. Lori asked what type of waxing, legs, facial, bikini? Linda all but I dont think would agree to bikini, shes a little bit of a prude when it comes to that. Linda then said I would ask you but I can tell that you just had it done and seeing how your dressed are you trimmed or bald? Lori said trimmed and raised her dress to show her. Very nice Linda said its only fair to show you mine, and pulled her jeans and panties down showing her butterfly pattern bush. Lori responded nice you do it yourself? No, one of my classmates did, I did hers.

The talk soon turned to sex and Lori asked Linda if she had a boyfriend? No I dont but I was hoping Sue would like to go bar hopping after the waxing so I could find someone for tonight, Sue attracts guys like sugar attracts flies and since shes married I can usually catch one on the rebound. They both laughed. Linda asked Lori about her sex life. Lori said married and my husband Ben is in bed right now resting you caught us just getting done. Isnt Ben coming down? No hes in bed for the night, Ill have the pleasure of his company latter.

Lori then asked if Linda talked to Sue about her sex life? Yes we have has she talked to you? Yes we have chatted about it several times. Linda asked she tell you about the bondage games? Yes and Joes interest in sex while shes tied up. Linda added and when she ties Joe up. Did you know Sue likes self bondage when Joe is gone, Linda asked? No she never mentioned that but use rally I would start talking about Bens desires. Linda encouraged Lori to continue and promised to tell about her kinky sex. They laughed and Lori told about Bens desire to be spanked, Linda asked do you like spanking him? Well Im learning to enjoy getting what I want for giving him what he wants, but I just tolerate spanking him right now and enjoy only part of it, now Ben is enjoying being spanked although I think he still wants more. Linda said maybe I could spank him for you? Lori asked how old are you and what experience do you have?

Linda replied Im 21 and for experience let me start at the beginning. Two days after my 14th birthday three boys from my school were upset about not being invited to my party and decided they wanted to have a private party with me. My mother had talked me into wearing a dress that day with tied spaghetti straps and Sue talked me into wearing a pair of joke panties, we had written on them saying remove and spank both sides, Sue had even drawn front and back pictures showing where to spank,. These boys told me they had something to show me and I went with them not suspecting anything. The next thing I knew they grabbed my wrists and tied them together, then they tied a rope to them and tossed it over a tree limb and pulled it until I was having trouble keeping my feet on the ground. Then my straps were untied and my dress fell to the ground leaving me in a strapless bra and panties. They noticed the writing and I started to scream so they removed my panties and gagged me with them and tied them in place using my bra. I tried to escape while they were cutting some switches by trying to pull myself up on the tree limb. They caught me and then tied each ankle to a different tree spreading my feet about 3 feet and putting me on my tiptoes.  Now I was naked and spread eagled and they took turns giving me a birthday spanking I have never forgot. They had cut a switch  from a tree and after they gave me 15 swats a piece on my ass they each gave me a swat across my pussy and another across my tits, then they let my hands free. They took my panties and bra and left as I got free. They had taken my dress and tossed it in a tree surrounded by prickly bushes. I had to sit on the rough ground and get myself free, then climb the tree to get my dress. Once I was free from the bushes, I brushed my self off and dressed, I was so embarrassed that I didnt tell anyone and the boys kept quiet.

I let the  boys spank me again the next year when they threatened to show everyone my panties. This time I removed my clothes and bent over a picnic table, then I rolled over and grabbed my ankles and arched myself sticking my pussy up in the air. They spread my knees and then each gave me 2 swats on my tits and pussy. They made me put on my panties and then let me leave with my clothes in hand, less the other pair of panties. That was the last time they spanked me. I never told anyone and I just wanted revenge.

When I turned 17, my boyfriend turned 18 and let me give him a spanking, he wasnt happy when I spanked hi too hard and soon broke up with me. But I realized that I liked spanking guys and when I turned 18 and was looking for a way to earn money I found a guy who was willing to pay me to spank him. He was forty something and gave me $500 to give him a bare assed spanking that would keep him from sitting. For about six months I was spanking 3 or 4 guys a week but I had to stop because the cops were working on catching prostitutes and seemed to be getting close. I never had sex with any of them because they were old guys and I was being paid to spank them. About 3 months later one of the guys called and offered 2 grand for a special birthday spanking with a bonus if he wasnt able to sit afterwards. I couldnt turn down the challenge and made 3 grand and a few days later a fourth grand. He was so happy that he couldnt sit for three days and was still tender a week later. He calls and pays for another spanking every 4 months.

Lori responds with Ill have to consider your offer but I think its time to check on Sue. Linda asks did you here her return? No, I think its time to check on her since shes tied up in her back yard. Lets walk over but dont say anything just let me do the talking. They went to see Sue and Linda was surprised to see how she was tied up. Lori asked Sue how she was doing and if she wanted to be released or anything? Sue said I could use another spanking and have my legs tightened a little more. Im enjoying this, Ive tried do this to myself but its not the same. Lori reached down and tugged on Sues bush and asked should this be removed first? Sue replied I think your right, I think being bald might be very interesting and I know Joe would like it. Yes remove that hair. Linda gasped and Sue asked Lori whos with you? Linda replied Hi sis. Sue turned red and Linda said Ill go get my stuff. Lori told Sue that Linda was looking for someone to practice waxing on.

Linda sat up her waxing stuff and they shared small talk while it heated up. Linda first trimmed Sues bush and made it look like a star. That looks pretty good Lori said, thanks said Linda. Linda then removed the star and applied some epee stop to Sues bald bush. Lori asked what that was for? Linda replied thats to slow the re growth of hair. Lori went to the ratchets and tighten them a bit until Sue said thats good, Lori tightened them a little more. Linda put her stuff away and said she needed to find someone to take care of her itch. They all laughed and Lori asked a skilled mouth could take care of it? Linda said yes but it has to be a mans mouth. Lori said I think Ben would enjoy giving you several orgasms. Linda replied several. Lori said yes, several. Lets go and Ill show you where he is and then Ill take care of Sues spanking.

Linda gave Lori a look of disbelief when she saw how Ben was tied up. Lori told her to remove the panties from Bens mouth and enjoy. Lori left and Linda started enjoying herself. Lori went in the garage and grabbed the switch she had used on Ben and then noticed the duck tape and she remembered an article she read on the internet on ways to spank a woman. She took the tape and switch and headed for Sue. Lori was looking at the clouds and could tell that a storm might happen. Lori asked Sue how hard a spanking she wanted? Sue thought a moment and replied how about spanking me until I say stop and then give me another 20 swats. Lori said ok but I think an additional 50 would be better. Sue thought that would be fine and suggested flipping a coin and if says heads comes up, double the spanking. Lori showed Sue the switch and Sue just purred with approval and didnt know what to think when she saw the tape.

Lori tore off a couple of strips of tape and then pulled and taped Sues pussy lips exposing her clitoris. Lori tapped it with the switch and asked thats what you really want spanked isnt it? Sue replied yes, yes, yes. Lori laughed and said be careful what you ask for and started spanking. Lori spanked lightly at first and slowly spanked harder. After about 60 swats, Sue came, after 5 more swats she asked Lori to stop. Lori spotted the coin laying on the table and flipped it, then she gave Sue 100 swats, what do you know heads. Sue came one more time and was panting when Lori was done. Lori ran her hand over Sues exposed pussy and felt the warmth, Lori commented on how unlucky Sue was that she flipped a head. Sue laughed and asked if Lori used Joes quarter that was laying the table? Lori said yes, why? Sue said flip it over, Lori did and discovered that it had a head on both sides. Sue said she had hoped that Lori would use that coin. Lori asked Sue if she wanted to be released since it looked rain? Sue replied no, Joe has left me tied up through several showers. Lori said ok, but I have to see how your sister is doing with Ben and left.

Linda was coming for the forth time as Lori entered the room and asked if Lori wanted a turn? Lori replied yes and took her place on Bens mouth. Ben was tiring so Lori started swatting his balls and he picked up. Linda rested while Lori came a second time and then got up and put the panties back in Bens mouth. Lori asked Linda if she wanted some refreshments and they went to the kitchen. Lori pored some juice, sliced some apples and cheese. They snacked and Linda started talking about all that had happened. She mentioned that Bens bottom would be pretty after about 100 good strokes with a riding crop. Lori asked are you wanting to give him a spanking? Linda pondered and said yes. Lori asked how about next Friday? Linda said sure but how about a few right now? Lori wasnt sure Ben could handle more right now but said I guess 20 or 30 swats wouldnt hurt him too much. They went to see Ben and Linda picked up the switch. Lori was impressed with Lindas form and Linda talked about the importance of the proper angle and distance. Linda stopped after 25 swats and ran her hand across Bens ass and commented on how the welts felt. Lori felt them and said ouch. Linda said yes hes going to feel those for a couple days.

Lori asked would you like some wine and a movie to relax? Linda chuckled and said sure. They went to the living room and Lori showed Linda the movies and told her to pick one while she got the wine. Shortly they were watching a romance movie and enjoying their wine. They had watching about an hour when it started raining, they pondered on how Sue was enjoying the rain when it started to hail. They stopped the movie and ran to the door, as soon as the hail let up they both ran and released Sue and helped her back to Loris house just as the hail started again. Lori got towels for all of them. Lori and Linda removed their wet clothes and dried off and Lori got blankets for each of them.

They were setting there naked, wrapped in blankets, waiting for Sue to stop shivering. Lori made some hot chocolate and after about 15 minutes Sue started talking. At first Sue just said she was fine, but when Linda asked how it felt to be pelted by hail she started to shake and then climaxed. Lori and Linda looked at each other and then asked together, did you just climax? Sue grinned and said yes, just thinking about the hail hitting my clitoris and the sensation it caused. I was still sore from my spanking and instead of pain I felt pleasure and as soon as I get warm Im going to put Bens tongue to work. They all laughed and watched the rest of the movie.

Review This Story || Author: moosehunter
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