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Review This Story || Author: slavenikkii

nailing my balls

Part 1

Hello Mistress,
Mistress to please your nikkii nail his balls. Mistress as your nikkii first tie his balls to the chair and then sit on them. Mistress after that your nikkii fill bucket with 15 liters and and tie it to the head of the cock and mistress it stretches cock like hell and feels that my cock will tear off from its base and Mistress pressure was so much that the rope was cutting his head. Mistress to increase the pain i apply icy hot gel and then Mistress i sit like that for 2 hours on my balls. Mistress after 30 minutes it get worse and feels no my cock is no more mine and it will tear off Mistress. Mistress the stretching pain becomes unbearable in my cock and i am getting mad due to this pain Mistress.
Mistress after one hour My condition become that i am going to die because of pain in my cock. Mistress pain increases so much that i forgot pain and stretching of my balls but in between icy hot gel doing his work and cooking my cook and making situation more worse.
Mistress i only able to sit more 15 minutes and Mistress your slave's limit reached and i am crying due to pain. Mistress after 15 minutes passed and Mistress now my cock was stretching from 1 hour and 15 minutes. Mistress i passed 15 more minutes and not able to do it more half an hour more. so mistress i removed the bucket. Mistress i feels a great relief in my cock because it back to its original size but Mistress it hurts after removing of bucket mostly its head and base. 
Mistress then i sit on my balls 30 minutes more so. After 2 hours Mistress i take 10 minutes rest because my balls were also hurting.
Mistress after that i beat each ball 300 times and stretches its skin 5 to skin times so ball sac becomes loose and i can nail my balls. Mistress i started it, Mistress firstly i am very nervous and afraid about nailing my balls. But Mistress i take a wooden plank, put it on the top of my computer table and then i put my balls on the plank. Mistress my cock becomes hard and i am confused why it becomes hard.
Mistress but it was getting in my way, so mistress i tie it to my stomach and stretches my balls to the plank and with my left hand i stretches my balls sac and in my right hand i took a nail and a board.\
mistress its difficult to stretch and hold hail in one hand but Mistress i stretches one part of the skin of my ball sac with help of two fingers and places a nail in between fingers and get ready to hit the nail head. Mistress i first hit it slightly it pins and feels pain but Mistress then i remember what you said that hit hard and it will get inside the ball sac. so mistress second time i raise the hammer and hit it hard Mistress i feels a sharp pain and feels that nail penetrates through one layer of skin. Mistress i feels a new type of pain.
Mistress i don't stop and continuously hit the nail three or four more times and feels great pain and my cock becomes soft. Mistress i feels that nail passes both skin layers and goes slightly inside the board. Then mistress i hit more and nail goes more in the plank.
Mistress first nail was nailed my ball and then mistress i decided that to make you happy i had to put second also. so mistress i again stretches my left side of skin of sac and place another nail in between the fingers and hit the nail but mistress after hitting it twice it goes half inside the first layers and Mistress due to pain i looses my grip and skin gets collected. Then Mistress when i try to nail it it doesn't to i removed the nail and search for other place. Mistress suddenly blood comes out inside the ball from where i removed the nail and i worried but become calm.
Mistress after searching next place i stretches it good and made a good grip so it doesn't looses when nail my ball. Mistress then i put nail and start hammering it. Mistress i feels same pain and its horrible. Mistress i want to stop but also want to please you, so i doesn't stop and nail it without stopping and taking all pain. Mistress at last it was also inside the plank. then mistress i take plank from the table and hang it in air with my nailed balls. Mistress it hurts and when i walk with it, it swings and hurts.
Mistress after that i removed my nail. Mistress i doesn't have nail remover so i had to removed them with my hands and mistress it takes lots of force to remove them. Mistress first i removed second one and blood come out of it
and then first one. Mistress it takes out with difficulty and when mistress it separates from the plank its doesn't comes out from my sac and Mistress i had applied force and it causes pain. Mistress from it a little blood comes out.
Mistress hopes you like it.
Waiting for your comments.
Your nikkii...

Review This Story || Author: slavenikkii
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