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dog-gone eating

Part 1

Oh FUCK!  Im burning up, my pussy cant take it.  It hurts.How the hell did I get myself into this mess?  Im so fucking horny, I dont know what to do with myself.  I cant touch myself, my clit hurts too much when I touch myself.  That alligator clip I was forced to wear all day yesterday really did a number on me.  I am still swollen and cut from it. 

My nipples are still distended from the nipple clamps. They were tightened till I bled.  At the time I was too mindless to realize what they were doing to me.  The gang bang was amazing, but now I am paying the price.  They had to have dropped something in my drink.  I am so horny Im on fire with it.

Im so fucking wet,  its dripping down my legs.  I have to get my underwear off, I cant stand anything against my pussy.  They plucked the hair from me.  There is no way I was in my right mind when they did that.  I only remember flashes of sensation, and some guys standing over me with tweezers.  I came so many times. I was mindless with pleasure.

I remember the tweezers plucking at the alligator clip.  I screamed so loud, my throat was horse within seconds.  It hurt.  Everything hurt. 

I remember the rope burning into my wrists and ankles. I think I was spread eagle, I dont bloody remember what position I was in.  What did they do to me? 

I remember the whip, the paddle, the hands slapping me all over my body.  I remember feeling pins dragging up my instep making my feet arch.  I remember teeth biting my neck until I felt warm fluid flow in between my breasts.  Was that blood or was that someones drool.   Shit, I dont remember!

I cant take it anymore, the clothes are coming off.   Fuck, my pussy hurts.   What will relieve it…I cant sit still, I cant stand still, I cant move without it setting off my pain receptors.  They are on such high alert. I feel like Im going crazy.  I feel like I need to claw my way out of my skin.  

What the hell is happening to me?! 

How did I get home this morning?  Why dont I remember?   When I went to the bathroom, there was so much blood. What did they do to me?  Where did they tear me?!  Wait, I know the answer; in the two places that can possibly tear.  I cant call what they did rape because I wanted it. 

I wanted it didnt I?  I was willing right? They must have forced me to be willing. What did they give me?

Oh shit, oh shit, I cant stand this! I need a fan, anything that will cool off my body.  Maybe a bath of cold water.  Im burning up all over.  Sweat is running down my body and stinging all my welts and cuts.  Shit, shit!  I have to run the bath.


Run faster water!  Its not moving fast enough, I need relief.  Damnit, my clit is on fire.  I cant take it, Im going to lose it if I cant keep it together. 

I cant catch my breath.  Damn it, I cant breathe!  I need to orgasm.  I dont think I”ve needed to come so badly in all my life.  I need to touch myself.  FUCK, Im going to hurt myself.  How can I give myself what I need when Im in such bad shape.   Oh Lord….

I writhe on the bedspread tossing back and forth, moaning and crying.   I  roll onto my stomach, because my nipples need the pressure against them to get any sort of relief. 

Oh no, oh no….  Who where those men and what did they do to me?

I dont have batteries for my vibrator!  Shit, I dont have anything but my fingers.  I just cant bear to touch myself.  My skin is too coarse.  Skin on skin would make me pass out. 

I need relief.  Please Lord! I need relief!!!

Benny, OH Benny!  

I roll over and hoarsely call my dog to me. 

Pleas Ben, I need you.  Please sniff my crotch.  I need to you give me any relief you can…. Oh Jesus, please give me relief.  I hurt so badly!

The dog moves up in between my legs and starts sniffing my crotch.

Hes always attracted to the scent of me, especially after Ive had sex.  He loves the taste of our combined release.   Add to that blood from my hurts, and he should have no problems giving me what I need. 

EAT ME!   DOG FUCKING EAT ME!!!! I need it now!  I need relief and youre the only fucking thing available because I cant fucking touch myself.  I just cant do it!

The dog buries his cold wet nose right in between my pussy lips and sniffs. 


Tentatively the dog takes a little lick. 

I know hes waiting to be scolded. I always scold him for sticking his nose by my pussy, but there is no flippin way Im scolding him now…I need this.

When I dont scold him, he becomes bolder.  His tongue peeks out again, right over top of my clitoris, and gives a more forceful taste.

OUCH!  Fuck YES!!

I arch my hips towards the dogs mouth and spread my legs farther apart. 

Without further a due the dog starts lapping.  His tongue is large and feels so incredibly rough I begin to cry.  I can stop the tears about as much as I can stop his tongue from licking.    I writhe back and forth on the bed; my head whipping back and forth because I cant come to terms that my dog is eating me out. 

His tongue dips into my vagina and I convulse and almost fall of the bed.  I need this so badly, I need to come in the worst way. 

I mumble encouragement to my dog.  Telling him hes a good boy even though its excruciating.

I dont give a fuck if it hurts; I need this to keep my sanity intact.

His tongue dips so far into my swollen channel it feels like a cock stroking my insides.  Not as substantial, but it will do the trick. 

Bennys tongue on the pull out swirl flicks my clit and all I can do to keep from screaming is bite my lips until it bleeds. 

Im so fucking desperate to come, I dont care if I bleed.

Over, and over the dogs tongue laps at my pussy. He is relentless and forceful. There is no letting up on the pressure. Its my own personal torture. 

I hope nothing gets infected from having him lick my cuts.  I dont really give a fuck right now, but later I think I might.

The relentless dog snout pushes against my  puffy bare lips. 

Unexpectedly the dog bares his front teeth and latches onto my clit.


My hips arch off the bed and I spasm; coming the hardest Ive ever come.  Over and over the convulsions rack my body.  My breasts jiggle with the force and my hips lift off the mattress.  I scream the loudest  I can completely mindless of the neighbors.  

Over and over waves of pain and ecstasy torture my body.  My mind falls into black oblivion even as I know the dog is still latched onto my clit.  

I cant stay conscious anymore. I think to myself as blackness overcomes my vision.   I welcome the dark, because the light is just too much.  I still cant believe I let my dog eat me.  Its sick and perverted, but I dont have anything left over to be disgusted with myself!. 

The dark over takes all.  I slip into oblivion.

Review This Story || Author: Persaius
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