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Review This Story || Author: Stormvet

MsC, Master slave Colony

Part 3

MsC Discovered Links

My slave suggested that we open one of the links and see what really happens on Visitor Entertainment Day in the Public Yard. 

I left my slave tied to her chair with her hands over her head exposing her helplessness and I left her bound bare feet on my lap as I clicked the first link.  I massaged her toes and rubbed her naked body as the screen loaded the link.  I wanted her to not only be helpless but to also feel helpless.

When the picture appeared the first few seconds were of the logo of MsC, then it opened on the MsC Main Gate entrance and a car pulling up to enter.  They are met by the MsC Guard and he invites the couple in to the gatehouse. The camera followed the Master slave couple inside to verify their invitation.  The female was wearing a short dress and walked barefoot into the guardhouse.  The cameraman asked if they were the visiting couple that applied for residency and agreed to be videotaped throughout their first visit.  They both agreed and said that they would like a copy at the end of the visit.  This was agreed and they were told that the tape would be sent to them at their home address.  The guard verified their invitation was correct and asked the slave girl to place her left foot into his lap.  He took some rubber o-rings in different colors and placed them on her left middle toe.  The rings were 2 white rings with a bright red ring in between.  This shows the staff that you have been cleared at the gate and that these rings are your marking to show that you are visiting with the hopes to make residency here.  The guard tells them to enter and to pull over once inside and have the slave strip and lock her clothing inside the trunk.  They will not be needed from here on in until you leave.  When you leave this evening, the slave can dress in the same pull off just before exiting the Colony, if you permit her to wear clothing when leaving in the dark.  You may proceed to the locker room of MAsC which is on the right side of the road a little way up the dirt road. Park your car and escort your naked, barefoot slave to the door of the locker room and ring the bell.   They will be expecting you.

When the picture appeared again, it opened on the parking lot side of the locker room door and followed the Master slave couple to the door where the slave rang the bell.  They were obviously a visiting couple just as we will be, said my slave.   The announcer said that we will document this couples visit to MsC and follow her journey this weekend.  She was naked and barefoot.  She looked so sweet and innocent.  The announcer said that this was a couple that is visiting to decide on residency and that they were given the initial tour yesterday and wanted to experience the Public Punishment and Entertainment day. 

The girl was met by two naked and chained barefoot slaves who helped to walk the visiting slave into the locker room.  Next she was taken to an open space and her hands were secured in leather locking cuffs and then to a chain hanging from the ceiling.  Once her hands were locked to the chain, a motor was heard and her hands were slowly raised until her feet were barely touching the cement floor.  The tending slaves both knelt down and secured matching ankle cuffs on her ankles.  Then a 3 foot spreader bar was secured to her ankle cuffs and her legs were spread wide.  The bar was connected to the floor by a 1 foot chain.  She was then raised up higher until the floor chain was tight and so as the slave was stretched and exposed helplessly.    A Master entered and asked the visiting Master to walk with him into the yard.   Your slave will be brought out when she has been prepared. 

The camera pulled back and panned around the locker room.  There were dozens of hanging slaves that were in various stages of preparation.  Most of the slaves were in their 40s and 50s but there were numerous young female slave girls also being prepared.  The rules for a visiting Ms couple and admittance are simple.  The Master and slave must be a couple interested in Ds and the female must sign the temporary MsC slave Contract that permits MsC to use them in any manner desired for the duration of their Entertainment Day stay.  They do not have to be married.  This allows for more participation from the surrounding communities that are still working and can not commit to the full time MsC lifestyle for some time. This is also a community public relations help in that the outside community has people that look positively at our community.  There is a small Gate entrance Fee of Fifty dollars per couple for the weekends events.  This helps defray the costs of food, refreshments and the extra leather shackles that are needed.  If the visiting Ms couple wish to return on Sunday for their own individual use of the Colonys devices they are welcomed.  There are usually no formal ceremonies scheduled on Sundays.  Some of the visiting regulars have made friends with some Colony Ms couples and are welcome to spend the night if asked.  If this happens, the slave must be secured, blindfolded to the Post in the apartment with the flood light illuminating her to sleep overnight in full view of the outside public yard or she can be secured to any of the public devices if desired.  This way they can get an early start on the devices.   Normally, the slaves are the ones to ask for their treatment..  

The camera went back and closed in on his visiting slave girl.  Next she was sprayed down with a garden hose soaking her entire frame from head to toe.  Her hair was washed with some kind of soap.  Then she was rubbed down with the same soap.  Both tending slaves stepped back and grabbed heavy duty scrub brushes and went to work scrubbing every inch of her including her groin area.  She was scrubbed twice all over in this manner while the hanging slave attempted to avoid the torment, but to no avail.  She was helpless to do anything but hope it would end soon.  One of the tending slaves told her that this treatment helped to make the slaves body more sensitive to touch.  Now she was rinsed off and left to hang dry.  With her hair still wet and a complete mess the slaves saw that her body was dry.  One tending slave stood in front and the other behind the hanging slave and squirted a large amount of some kind of thick oil and went to work rubbing the oil on to every square inch of her body including her hair and the soles of her feet.  This helps against sun damage and also helps to heal the punishment and whip marks besides making the slave look beautiful when outside in the sun. 

Now the slave was lowered slightly until there was enough slack in the ankle bar to release her ankles from the bar.  A short one foot chain was locked connecting her ankles together and a steel collar with a four foot chain dangling down between her tits was padlocked together.  Now, the slave was lowered to the floor and her wrists removed from the ceiling chain and each tending slave each lowered an arm and connected her wrists behind her back with a short chain.  With her leash, she was pulled through the locker room and exited through a door and into the Public yard.  His slave was in awe when she was led into the entertainment/punishment yard.  The slave was lead to a post that was directly in front of the stage where her Master sat on a nearby bench talking to another Master and watched as his slave had her wrists unlocked from behind her back and locked together in front with the chain and hooked them to a hook on the front of the post and then each knelt down and locked an ankle to either side of the post leaving her legs spread.  The tending slaves stepped back checking out the secured slave girl and turned and walked back into the locker room.  The camera panned up and down her helpless body and then around the yard to show several other slaves in the same manner.  It was early yet and only a portion of the posts were holding a slave.  The camera showed her Master continuing to speak with the other Master.  A few Masters were walking around the grounds and stopping at each posted slave and rubbing her chest and groin areas then moving along to another posted slave. In a short while they made it to her post and rubbed her tits.  When they reached for her groin, she struggled to escape their groping hands.  Ahhh, a feisty one!  Well see how that works for her. The Masters walked away while you could hear her say, I think that I messed up.  Pretty soon more and more slaves were being secured to posts around her and she felt better about her helplessness.  More Masters were also wandering around feeling up the glistening posted slaves.  Many Masters checked her out by rubbing her over and over again.  She realized that she was definitely on public display.  After what seemed like forever her Master walked to her and spoke.  Do you think that was a good idea to try to avoid those Masters?  No, she said.  But, But what he said to her.  He grabbed her by her ass and pulled her toward him stretching her away from her post.  Ill bet that you are in for it.  Maybe that is what I want, she said.  You had better want it because I think that you are going to get it!  With that he walked to the slave posted beside her and began feeling her up.  Hey, she said. What?  Stop that.  I am your slave!, she yelled.  She turned back and saw the two earlier Masters that she struggled against were standing on her other side writing down her post number.  She knew she was in for it for sure now.  You did that on purpose didnt you Master.  No, I believe that it is all on you slave.  I hope that you enjoy your day slave!, her Master said.  I am sure that I will enjoy watching, he continued.

With all of the posts now filled, and the time was 10:00 oclock sharp, the Master of Ceremony walked to the stage right in front of her.  Next he spoke!  MASTERS, Secure your slaves to their post!  With that command the camera showed the front of our slave as the lever was pulled and she was stretched to the limit with her toes just barely touching the ground.  Once it was apparent that all the slaves were stretched, and secured helpless to their posts, he began his speech.    I would like to welcome everyone.  All of the Masters are permitted to partake in the punishment of any and all slaves that are chosen today,    especially the slaves who will serve as our entertainment this morning.  We plan to have an outstanding program for you today.  This is a visitor day as you know and we have quite a few visiting Master slave couples joining with us and volunteering their slaves to the festivities.   The visiting slaves are on these front posts so that they can observe better what we do here.  The camera then panned through all of the visiting slaves that are all posted and stretched, and then around the entire crowd of posted slaves. 

We will begin with same types of punishment first.  The following slaves are sentenced to the wooden ponies for sexual infractions.  As he began to read the numbers of assigned slaves to these punishing devices, two tending slaves went to each slave girl and released the lever stretching them and removed them from their post and escorted them to their device and aided in mounting them on the pony.  Each one of these wooden ponies has an eight inch dildo type of protrusion that the slave is lowered on to and has her hands secured to rings behind their back and then further to have their ankles attached to heavy weights pulling their pussy down firmly onto the log and inserting the dildo even further inside of them.  Once all were secured, the MC said Three hours commencing with 25 body lashes each set followed by 25 lashes each hour for three hours uninterrupted, and allowed to be tormented by the crowd in between, netting 100 lashes on their helpless slave body plus the wishes of the Masters who will be wandering through the varied devices.  .

The following slaves are sentenced to the stretching racks!   With that the MC read another list of numbers and the slaves were taken in the same manner to their rack and secured hand and foot.  These slaves are sentenced for disobedience commencing with 15 body lashes, further and immediately followed by 5 groin lashes and further followed by 5 sole lashes and stretched one notch farther each set for three more sets and allowed to be tormented by the crowd in between netting each slave 100 sentenced lashes and whatever punishment that the crowd desires.

Next, these slaves are sentenced to the wheel.  A group of slave id numbers was called and these slaves were taken down from their post and escorted to the spinning wheels and secured spread eagle and then their wheel was spun turning the slaves and leaving them all in different positions.  Our documented slaves Master stepped behind her and reached around her and pinched her breasts and said “you are one lucky slave” Not yet she said.  Did you notice that each group of slaves seems to get harsher than the last?  Yes, that is what I thought, he said. 

Now for the premier punishment of the morning.  This slave is sentenced to the center stage frame.  This frame is dreaded by all of the slaves that have endured it.  They are completely suspended and stretched, and every inch of her body is exposed, including the soles of her bare feet. He gave the number and it wasnt hers.  Wow what a relief, she thought.  The slave girl was taken up and secured to the frame.  Once she was secured, he said that she is to be turned every hour rotating from right side up to upside down.  Her punishment will commence with 20 lashes to her entire body, followed by 10 to the groin followed by 10 to the soles of the feet, each hour for five consecutive hours with the slave netting the slave 200 total lashes including 50 to her groin and fifty to the soles of her feet then left for 30 extra minutes to recover as she may.  Then of course and as always, allowed to be tormented by the crowd in between each set and the following 30 minutes.

She thought that she was spared and a calm came over her.  The MC sounded as though the slave on the frame was the last slave to be punished.   The tending slaves left the stage when the MC said that we have a bonus today for everyones added entertainment. Shortly before the ceremony a visiting slave volunteered herself for the most severe punishment of the day.  This slave attempted to avoid the testing of her body by the Masters Punishment Committee.  Then when the punishment committee returned to her she was mouthing off to her own Master.  Visiting slave number V-233 will be sentenced to the last frame on the center stage.  The camera was focused on her the entire MCs speech.  She would have sunk away into the sand if only she could move.  With that two tending slaves stepped to her and lowered her lever and released her but only re-chained her ankles and pulled her to the center of the stage and spun her around so that she was forced to face the crowd.  The entire crowd booed her.  She was taken to the last remaining frame and hoisted up and secured in a spread eagle position that once her legs were spread apart left her completely suspended off of the frame.      

.  Once she was secured, the MC turned and faced her directly and said, slave, your sentence is as follows. Next he said that her sentence will commence with 25 lashes to her entire body, split front and back equally followed by 15 to the groin followed by 10 to the soles of the feet, each hour for five consecutive hours with the slave netting the slave 250 total lashes including 75 to her groin and fifty to the soles of her feet.  Additionally, a large vibrating dildo will be inserted into the slaves vagina that is secured to a n extension handle and left vibrating the entire time that she is secured to the frame.  Then the slave will be left for 1 extra hour to reconsider her behavior as she may.  Once her sentence has concluded, she is to be carried back to her post and secured and stretched until 5:00pm this evening allowing for a continuous 7 hours of time to reflect on her behavior.  She is to be fed once by the tending slaves once she is returned to her post and stretched by her Owner.  This of course and as always, allowed to be tormented by the crowd including the other slaves in between each set and the following remaining time on her post.  If she passes out, she is to be revived where she is bound to allow for the continuation of her deserved punishment.  She said out loud, Man did I screw up, to herself.

Masters leave your posted and stretched slaves in place for at least the next 45 minutes and enjoy the entertainment.  At 11:00 you may remove your slave and secure her hands behind her and chain her feet together with the 1 foot  hobble and walk her around the yard to see the slaves chosen for entertainment.

The MC announced, let the entertainment and punishment begin.  Upon hearing our slaves sentence it was decided to place a camera on a tripod and record her entire sentence and just cut in and out of her scene in order to view the rest of the entertainment also.

Two Masters approached her helpless form, one in front of her and one behind her and began alternating lashing her back then her front until 25 body lashes were meted out. The frame was inverted upside down and once again the whipping commenced alternating blows to her groin until 15 lashes were administered in an alternating manner.  The slave screamed and flailed as much as she could drawing the crowd to watch her sentence being carried out.   Once these 15 lashes were landed, they began to whip the soles of her feet.  She screamed and cried out with each lash. Only five more hours and five more whipping sessions slave.  The Masters clipped their whips to their belt and left her upside down for the crowd to use as they wished including slaves and walked away. 

Her Master approached her helpless, bound and upside down form and told his slave, I feel sorry  for you my slave, however, I have been telling you about your attitude and I believe that this just may be the adjustment that you need.  I realize that you hoped to be punished; I just hope that this is what you wished for.  You really pissed off the wrong Masters.  The slave asked for his help in reducing her present situation.  PLEASE, she asked, negotiate something.  You are good at that Master.  I am willing to do anything.  Help me, please!  Ill see what I can do. 

The Master walked away and disappeared.  About 45 minutes later he returned to her and said that he came to an agreement to lessen your ordeal.  If you agree!  Right then the punishers returned to her and told every one to step back.  No, she screamed.  Since she was still upside down the punishers decided to start on her upturned vulnerable groin area first.  They again took their position in front and behind her and told the slave to prepare yourself to receive your sentence.  Please No she cried out.  They began alternating blows only the Master in front of her lashed her with the first stroke. 15 strokes finished, now they positioned themselves for the soles of her feet.  Please god no.  And again they began.  She screamed and thrashed as much as she could but to no avail.  By the time that they finished with her feet they turned her right side up again and took their places. The slave hung limp in her bonds. Slaves, one called out, and the slaves both came up to her form and said to them revive her.  One tending slave threw a bucket of cold water over her that brought her back with a jump.  She looked at the sight in front of her and remembered where she was.  The Master behind her called Continue.  With that the last 25 body lashes of this set began to land on her chest, then back, stomach, butt, chest, thigh, thigh randomly all over her until they counted 25.  Throw the last bucket over her.  It began to burn. Apparently she was bleeding and this one had salt water in it.  She thrashed and screamed.  The crowd was clapping enjoying the show that she was putting on. 

Her Master stepped back to her and asked if this was what she had in mind when she acted up.  No Master she said quickly.  Well here is the deal; it was the best that I could do under the circumstances.  You must agree and sign the deal.  Just get me down.  If you agree, you will be given a reprieve of the last 2 sets of lashes and 2 hours of the sentence on the frame and the post part is dropped for now.  You Must agree to stay here for a one week of basic slave training class in the training area and then you will be brought back to the post next week to be part of the Entertainment in the yard and tested again.  Anything Master, wait, I am not done yet.  You also Must also agree to have the permanent shackles applied and welded to your wrists and ankles.  Yes Master, anything!   Wait, and you Must agree to be marked with your slave number and your Masters name by having your nipples pierced and the MsC I.D. rings inserted and secured to your nipples.  You also Must promise to follow all of the rules of the Colony in our daily life when we leave until we move in, in a few months.  I agree.  Yes, Master!  I will do that.  If the Board agrees, I will present this to the Board and see if they permit this deal.  If so, You will be taken down and you Must, sign the MsC Contract and you will be taken directly from here to the training site for your training. Upon successful completion of the training you will have the Basic training toe ring permanently secured to your toe at graduation!  Do you fully understand the agreement?  Yes Master!  When we leave here and return home together, i will be expected to be an MsC slave in all aspects of the contract and follow all rules and regulations, including wearing the MsC dress and follow the always barefoot rule.  Master, i submit myself to the MsC for training and markings. 

With that, her Master left to tell the Punishment Committee of the deal.  The committee was glad to hear that she accepted the agreement in whole.  They forbade me from letting her know what their decision was.  They said that as a show of good faith that she would be left secured for the rest of the hour and when they approached her they would allow her to think that they were going to continue with her sentence when the MC would call everyones attention to the stage and inform them of the agreement, then blind fold her and release her and chain her wrists behind her back and secure her short ankle hobble chain and allow me to say goodbye and kiss her and they would lead her off of the stage and out of the Compound and lead her blindfolded, naked and barefoot through the crowd and out the dirt road to the training area for her training.  Do Not breath any of this to her. 

You will not see her again until she is brought to her post next Saturday.  A trained MsC slave, then after the festivities next week she can go home with you as your slave.  This is a win / win for us, I told the committee.   Thank you very much.   

I followed the Punishers on to the stage and walked to the side of the stage to watch her reaction.  My slave began to beg, NO, please no.  i agree  to slave training.  Please No more!  The MC walked on to the stage and up to the microphone and called for everyones attention.  I have an announcement to make.  This visiting slave has requested to attend the initial slave Basic Training class instead of enduring the rest of her punishment.  She will be removed from the frame and allowed to rest and get hydrated then she will sign the MsC fulltime slave contract and be taken immediately to the training facility.  A cheer came from the crowd.  The Masters went to her and removed her from the frame and carried her to the bench where her Master sat.  The slaves entire body was covered with whip marks.  Form head to toe.  She looked beautiful.  Thirty minutes slave.  That is all!  We sat and talked while she drank liquids to replenish her body.  I told her that I supported her decision and I would see her next Saturday at her Post.  The Head Master brought her the MsC Contract to be signed.  She did not even wish to read it.  She said that what ever it read would be fine with her because this is what she desired.  She signed the last page and initialed every page.  You have 5 minutes to say goodbye to your Master until next week.  The tending slaves stepped up to her and chained her wrists behind her back and chained her ankles with the short hobble chain, then placed a collar on her neck with the 4 foot length of chain and stepped back.  My slave stood up then surprisingly knelt down and kissed my feet.  She thanked me for bringing her here.  The tending slaves walked back to her and lifted her back to her bare feet and said that it is time.  I grabbed her and pulled her to me and held her chained hands behind her and felt her seem to melt with her helplessness and told her to be brave and that I would see her next Saturday on her Post.   She asked me to call her work and tell them that we are extending our vacation by at least a week.  I had not even thought about that part.   She had plenty of time to do that with.  I watched as the tending slaves secured a leather blindfold over her eyes and secured it.  The tending slaves took hold of her leash and walked her off of the stage and led her through the crowd where the Masters that she passed slapped and pinched her vulnerable helpless body.  With that she was led out of sight.  

The committee said that I was welcome to stay in an empty apartment if I wished to and enjoy the public slaves, Theme Bars, Themed Pathways, and swimming pool,  or I could return home and come back for next Saturdays Entertainment Day.  I asked what type of training that she would undergo during her week?   They added that if I stayed on the Colony, that every evening they would feed an abbreviated 2 hour video of her training that day to my room and that I could watch her situation.  I said that would be great. 

The Head Master said that if I stayed for the week, that they would give me some classroom Masters training and explain what she would be getting her training in and occasionally actually watch her being trained on the in house camera system.  They told me that in order to make her the best slave that they would need to break her will down to nothing and then build her back up.  The first few days will be long and exhausting for her.  She will not be permitted much sleep and she will be kept blindfolded to assist in her retraining.  She will not see daylight for days.  She will learn to listen and let her mind wonder what her punishers look like and her training will be learned by touch and feel.  She will endure long periods completely helpless and learn to sleep when she can while bound in many varied helpless ways.  This will not be fun for her, but she will look back on her training and remember it fondly.   It will definitely include obedience training on the devices and sexual techniques to enhance our sex life.  She will also be secured on every kind of device that we have here to familiarize her with every one of the devices and their uses.  If I remained at the Colony for the week, I would be taken to her Final Test on Friday and participate in her Graduation ceremony while she was blindfolded and wouldnt know that I was there.  She will be completely obedient when you see her next.  I could watch her having her slave nipple rings being pierced onto her nipples on a DVD that they would make and actually attend her Basic Training Graduation Ceremony and watch her toe ring being secured to her foot.   As far as she would know, I wouldnt see her until she was secured to her post on next Saturdays Entertainment Day. 

I told the Head Master that it sounded too good to be true.  I will remain on MsC for the Masters training.  It would be better for when I take her home next week.  We would both be prepared for this new chapter for our fulltime lifestyle.

Now that I was without my slave to watch, I decided to stroll through the bound entertainment slaves for the remaining time left in todays session.  The camera followed my naked slave as she left the yard to document her slave training. I walked around and took in all of the sights.  I sat on a bench and another Master came and sat down beside me and he complimented me on the show that my slave put on for the crowd.  I am Jim, he said.  I am Ralph he answered.  He told me that his slave was also in slave training area for the week.   Ralph asked him about how long that he and his slave had been here.  He answered that they had moved in about three weeks ago but the Masters Committee had determined that she needed more Basic Training.  After the first week here, I decided that she could use additional hours of work and I volunteered her for 20 extra hours on the slave chain gang doing the necessary chores here.  She would get to know some slaves and her tan would darken, also a bonus.  Apparently, they thought that she needed additional training and the Masters Punishment Committee decided to sentence her to another week for slave Basic Training Camp. We were awakened while we were sleeping in our bed and thank goodness I had her chained properly and she was taken away and led from from our bedroom, naked, blindfolded and in chains during the night last night.  I told him that at least they would have another femaleslave to train with.  He said yes and that he was told that two male slaves were in the training facility as well.  This is common practice here and that they were all under complete control of the trainers.  Both sexes of slaves are used to assist in the training of each type of slave.  They learn from practicing on the opposite sex and the one not learning the technique is receiving the training of learning to hold back while they are bound and helpless also.  If either slave disobeys an order, they are immediately whipped.  When the week is through, all of the slaves are tanned and marked from head to toe with stripes from the whippings.   He told me, wait until you go to their graduation ceremony and watch the presentation of their graduation.  It is very erotic to watch and the slaves put everything that they have into the ceremony. 

Chapter 4 will follow the visiting slaves training and some of the other sentenced slaves, but only the readers will get to read or see what happens to them in slave Basic Training camp.  We wont show the training to prospective slaves and tip them off as to what happens before the slave receives their own training.  Stay Tuned for Chapter 4.

Review This Story || Author: Stormvet
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