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Review This Story || Author: Sam E.

The torment of Casey

Part 7


Casey opened her eyes. She saw some lights. She tried to speak, “where am I?”

“Shhh,” said a familiar voice, “get some rest.” She couldnt place the voice. She closed her eyes. She could smell antiseptic around her. She felt warm. She wasnt able to move.

When they did move her she found herself in a small room with padded walls and a padded floor. Her arms were folded in front of her and secured in a long sleeve. She was naked except for a diaper. But there was a plug in her butt. She looked at her feet. They were clean. Her hair had been shaved off. It was no more than a stubble at this point. She curled up in the corner of the cell. A bright light was on. She wanted to scream but couldnt. She didnt have much strength, plus she was gagged.

After a while she heard a voice through the door, “you were muttering nonsense so we brought you here. We cleaned you nicely and calmed you down. The medication will help. You will be saved. We all have to be patient.” It was the voice of the grocery store lady.

Casey took a deep breath. The diaper made her uncomfortable. It was already soaking wet.

When they took her out two hours later, they put her in a wheelchair and strapped her legs. They removed the gag and gave her a generous drink of water, through a straw, followed by some thick liquid. They took her outside into the fresh air for 15 minutes and then brought her back inside, where they moved her from the wheelchair to a bench. There, once she was lying down, they changed her soaking wet diaper, wiping her down with a wet cloth. They had waxed off her bush, every last hair was gone. They had done the same with her armpits. They applied a cold gel to her pussy and put a fresh diaper on her. Then they put her in her cell for the rest of the evening, visiting her twice with water, but keeping her gagged the rest of the time.

In the morning, they brushed her teeth, washed her face and fed her breakfast, which was another thick shake. They removed her diaper and butt plug and sat her down on a toilet. After that, they wiped her down from head to toe, with a wet towel and dried her off. Then they put a fresh diaper on her, restrained her and led her back to her cell for the rest of the morning. After a mid-morning drink of water, she was brought out for lunch and a diaper change. Overall Casey was mellow and quiet but she was slowly coming to her senses as to what was going on. She had to be patient. Very patient.

Then there was the treatment. Once a week she was given an injection after her morning routine and within minutes shed fall asleep. For the next twelve hours theyd infuse her with certain medication. They would also place a crown on her head which was studded with electrodes. Various forms of signals were transmitted into her head while she lay there, unconscious.

Shed wake up in her cell, usually shivering and convulsing, soaking her diaper, unable to scream of do anything. Her ankles would also be strapped together. Shed break into a sweat and writhe on the floor. Then shed fall asleep and wake up with no recollection of the previous day.

Casey would be very quiet and disoriented the day after her treatment. She would be completely passive and submissive as the attendants took care of her needs, feeding her, washing her, changing her and rolling her around in the wheelchair. Her mind would be blank, shes just stare out into the distance, responding to basic commands like “drink” and “get up”.

What were they doing to her? Shed wonder when her senses would return.


Casey had been there for six weeks. She was being given a little more leeway with her movements. They were letting her walk around the floor and even feed herself, which meant her arm restraints had to be removed. She wasnt causing any trouble but for her protection, they restrained and gagged her whenever she was alone in her padded cell.

She was fully aware of herself and her surroundings. Whatever drugs and waves they were pumping into her didnt seem to change any of that. But she always felt tired and run down. Her life before this place seemed like a distant memory. She vaguely recalled some of the torment she had experienced. She couldnt recall faces as well. But she could hear familiar voices and her own screams at times. Shed wake up at night in a cold sweat, remembering momentarily something she had experienced, such as the ditch digging or the taser. All in all, she was uncomfortable, especially with the diaper and restraints.

Instead of the usual treatment Casey was restrained on a large padded table. Her arms were stretched above her. Her knees were folded and pushed up to her breasts, her legs spread for all to see. She was gagged and blindfolded.

A warm gel was smeared on her pussy and down into her butt crack. A gloved hand applied a strip of cloth to her pussy, and yanked. She shrieked through her gag, unable to move. One lip at a time, and then her butt. They removed the stubble and tiny hairs that had grown since her first waxing. That waxing happened after it took them three hours to scrub her clean, removing all the dirt and mud that she had collected after weeks digging and days being buried. They had to remove all her hair as a result.

They wiped her pussy and ass with a wet cloth and waxed her underarms. They finished by waxing the stubble off her legs and thighs.

They released her from the restraints and let her sit up. She dangled her legs off the side of the table. She was still blindfolded. Someone handed her a bottle of water. “Drink it,” she was instructed. Casey drank the water directly from the bottle instead of through a straw.

She had gained some weight. The color was back in her cheeks. Her breasts were a little fuller than before. Physically she was as healthy as she could get. But she still felt drained and tired.

She was helped off the table. She took a few slow steps and sat down in the wheelchair. Her blindfold was removed. She blinked her eyes in the sunlight room. An attendant stood before her. Casey felt the urge to pee but before she could say anything she felt the towel underneath her get wet and warm. Had she lost bladder control? She tried to say something to the attendant but couldnt find the words. All she could say was “Why wet.”

The attendant pressed a switch near the door. Two men showed up and picked up Casey. She didnt resist or couldnt resist. They carried her out of the room and down an elevator. She saw them press SB for sub-basement. Once there she carried through a dimly-lit catacomb until they came to a dead-end. They were facing a heavy metal door. A picture of Casey in her better days hung on the door. One of the men opened the door and swung it out into the corridor. They dragged Casey inside. One of them held her down onto the padded floor while the other pushed her legs up to her chest. Then, unzipping his fly, he entered her making his intentions clear. Casey let out a moan but didnt have the strength to struggle. This was all too familiar for her. However, she didnt feel any pleasure or pain as the man moved inside her.

They took turns and after each had fucked her three times, they decided that enough was enough and they left Casey on the floor, in near darkness. She lay there, cum dripping out of her pussy, sticking to her inner thighs.

She turned her head and surveyed the cell. The walls were padded as was most of the floor. There was a square foot that wasnt padded but that was the hole. She slowly brought herself to her feet and shuffled to the door. She could see out the tiny barred window. All she saw was a long corridor with several dim lightbulbs lining one side. But there were no people, no voices. She was by herself.

She discovered a tap near the hole. She slowly turned it and water came trickling out. She cupped her hands and collected some water and drank it. She did it over and over again to quench her thirst. Then she took some water and rubbed it onto her pussy, cleaning the cum and her own piss off her freshly-waxed pussy.

Casey couldnt really comprehend what was going on. Familiarizing herself with her surroundings seemed to take a huge effort. She was tired. She fell asleep on the floor and woke up some time later, wet between her legs and the padded floor underneath her was damp as well.

Review This Story || Author: Sam E.
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