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Review This Story || Author: dale10

The Daughter and the Dick

Part 1

     Come on, you fucking whore, crawl to Daddy! Crawl across the kitchen floor to your ever-lovin' Dad. KEEP YOUR FUCKING EYES ON MY BIG FAT DICK, BITCH! You want tht dick, don't you? You need that thick hunk of fuckmeat in your pretty little fourteen year old mouth, don't you? I fucking know you do. Well, you know Daddy's rules. You want my prick, you gotta work for it. Look at this big beatuiful slab of cock just hanging here for you. There is a nice big drop of pre-fuck hanging from the pisshole. Crawl on over to your dad and get it. Remember what I told you about crawling, Fuckhole! You crawl to show respect to the dick! When you crawl, you make sure of several things. First, you make sure those fucking tits of yours are swinging. That's what God gave you tits for, to please your dad. those big fucking cow udders are for my pleasure. No twat of fourteen should have udders like that, but since you do, Whore, you might as well put them to use. Swing those jugs, Bitch as you crawl. And when my buddies come over tonight, you better put on a good show and make Daddy proud. You better stick those big tits out for my friends, and those nipples of yours bette be sticking out two fucking inches. Stop  moaning like a bitch in heat. Stop complaining and crying. Do you want me to get out the cattle prod again and fry the inside of your cunt? You don't enjoy that, do you?  Then swing those tits. And remember to keep that ass high and those legs spread, so any guy standing behind you can easily see your asshole and your cunt! We want those fat swollen fourteen year old cunt lips to be on display. And you remember when you sit, you keep those legs far apart so me and my buddies can all see that teen whore cunt of yours. 

        It's your own fucking fault, and you know it. I was the perfect father, trying to do everything for my little girl. You were my Angel after your mother died. And then I come home from work early to find that my daughter who has just turned fourteen is a fucking whore. Oh don't cry that you are a good girl and weren't doing anything wrong. I saw you, you piece of shit! I saw you making out with a sixteen year old boy. You were tongue kissing him and your hand was rubbing his teenage dick through his pants. I saw your hand holding and squeezing his prick through his jeans. What a fucking slut! God gave you big tits at fourteen to tempt the boys, but he didn't give you a fucking filthy mind and horny slut body. That the Devil gave you. Well, if that is what you want, then you might as well get it from Daddy. My dick is at least twice as big as the wimpy cock of that teen your were whoring with. Daddy's dick hangs six inches flaccid and eleven inches hard. Your mother never got used to it. She always screamed that it was too big to fit into her asshole. And when I shoved it down her throat, she would almost pass out. Fuck, a guy has a right to fuck a face balls deep. But you are finding that out, aren't you, my little piece of Cunt flap?  You are learning to take my big fat leaking dick all the way, aren't you? And because Daddy can't keep his horny little slut satisfied, you are learning to take the dicks of all of my buddies too. Right?  Don't embarrass me tonight in front of my friends, Dickhole! You swallow all those dicks without choking. You make love to those cocks,each and every one, the same as you make love to Daddy's cuntstuffer. 

       KEEP YOUR EYES ON MY FUCKING DICK, BITCH, HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES DO I NEED TO TELL YOU THAT? WHEN  MY FUCKING COCK IS HANGING OUT, YOU LOOK AT NOTHING ELSE!  YOU SHOW ME THAT YOU LIVE TO SERVE THIS THICK FUCKTOOL. Look at Daddy's big balls. You like licking those don't you? I had to whip your cuntpad to get you going, but once you accepted it, you became a really good nutsack licker. You want to lick the sweat off Daddy's nuts, don't you? Well, you be a good little slut, and maybe Daddy will give you his balls to suck on.

      If I hadn't come in when I did, you would have been sucking on the dick and balls of that high school boy in no time. I could see the "cocksucker" look in your eyes. I can always tell when a bitch gets a "cocksucker" look. Good thing I came in when I did. And what a fucking lucky slut you are. Instead of some thin pink teenage prick, you have your daddy's fat veiny, leaky horse dick to suck on. And you get to sleep with it in your mouth all night. Such a lucky little slut. How many girls your age get to sleep with a big dick in their mouths all night? Or up their assholes, or in their full lipped teen cunts? 

      Yeah, Daddy and his friends are stretching his little girl, real good. This weekend she is going to take two big dicks up her cunt at the same time. And then two dicks in her asshole. How we going to do that? Wait and see. It will sure be fun. All that stretching is so that Daddy can fist fuck his little girl real soon! One fist up your dirty little cunt, and one in your shitty asshole! At the same time! Won't that be fun? 

       ALL RIGHT YOU HUNK OF CUNT SLIME, GO BACK AND CRAWL OVER HERE AGAIN. YOU ARE FORGETTING SHIT THAT I SPENT PRECIOUS TIME TEACHING YOU.  I am trying to be fucking patient, but you are such a useless dumb cunt, I just have no patience left. I fucking taught you that when you crawl toward a guy's dick, you keep your fucking face cunt open. You open your fucking mouth and let your ball licker hang out. You let that fucking ball and ass licker hang out of your mouth to show how much you want and need cock! Is that so fucking hard to remember. I don't want to have to get that cattle prod out again. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE STOP CRYING. I know some guys like it when their little bitches cry cause the big old cock is just too thick and is hurting the little cunt, but I get God damned sick of it.I hear you crying at night when I am trying to sleep. You lay there with my dick in your mouth crying when you should be getting your rest. I hear you crying when you are licking my asshole for me. There I am trying to watch television, and you are making a racquet crying with your tongue up my asshole. You cry when I make you do your tit exercises. If you don't work your fucking nipples, how the fuck are we going to get them to stick out four inches? I want those nipple nubs to stand out like fucking pencil erasers. You cry when I tell you no panties and bras any more to school. Well, no panties and bras anymore anywhere, anytime. You have no need for panties and bras. Everyone should know what a fucked up slut you really are at fourteen. I can't get over the fact that my little girl was sitting there squeezing a boy's dick. Oh stop the shit about how you weren't really squeezing it. I fucking saw it! You were behaving like a dick hungry whore. And so that's what I am going to turn you into. That's what you want to be in life, okay with me! You will be fed dick morning , noon and night! You will live for dick and you will live on dick! Cock isn't going to be the most important thing in your slutty life, it is going to be the only thing in your life. After you are trained, you are going to go out and suck fifteen to twenty cocks every single fucking day! I might as well make some money off of you, you useless piece of teen tramp shit. You will get fucked eight to twelve times every day! We'll see how much you love dick then. I just wonder how many cocks of boys in your school you have already sucked. I know you say you never had sex with anyone until me, but you can't trust a lying whore. For all I know, you could have been blowing the whole fucking football team. Well, that's why I am going to pull you out of school as soon as possible. I want you home, so I can control your cocksucking. I can control your cunt and ass fucks. And I can make some money on it as well. Who knows, maybe I can retire from the plant. Maybe I can live on my daughter's filthy cock loving habits. 

        Open that mouth. Get that tongue out. Show me how much you want to lick my balls and asshole! If I'm going to make money from you, TRamp, you are going to have to learn how to please a man. You are going to have to learn how to drink piss without making a sour face. I showed you those piss videos. Those fucking tramps love it, and you need to learn to love it too. The nice fresh taste of a man's strong yellow piss! Look at this beautiful fucking dick, Baby. This is your daddy's dick. This is the dick that fucked your mommy to bring you into this world. This dick is your God. Look at how fat and full it hangs. Look at the big cockhead. 

Isn't that beautiful? I am thinking of naming your new website, "Daddy's Cock Loving Daughter." What do you think of that?  Isn't that clever? It's like a fucking pun or something. It  means you love cock. But it could also mean you love Daddy's Cock.  Get it? And you do love Daddy's big fat cock, don't you. When I come home from work and you kneel in front of me, waiting for me to lower my pants and underpants to show you my fat sweaty prick, all ready for baby daughter to lick and suck on. You dool at the sight of the big pink twatbasher, don't you?  And your cunt gets all itchy, doesn't it. Your fourteen year old cunt gets all itchy for prick. Your swollen pussy lips tingle and your fat young clit throbs, cause if you are a good girl, Daddy is going to give you his big fat dick. Keep your eyes on that dick. Get those tears out of your eyes. If your eyes tear up, you can't see my Dick clearly. Thiis s a prize winning dick, baby. At the gym, the faggots can't keep their fucking eyes off of it. Just like you. Faggots and my daughter, both nuts for my fucking cock.  That's why I let you lick treats like pudding off my dick. I know how much you love my dick flavor mixed in with your food. Before I am through with you, every fucking thing you eat will taste like dick. Look a the jerk-off jar on the shelf over there. That's almost one full quart of cum. A quart of dick slop from me and my friends. And one night soon, Daddy's little slut baby is going to get to drink all of that down in front of Daddy and his buddies. Baby loves the taste of the cock snot of Daddy and his friends, doesn't she?  That is because we mix it with all of your food, 

Cunt. And my pal John G. has a dog, and he put some dog cum in that jar as well. I know you will love the taste of dog cum. And some day soon, you  are going to suck dog cum right from the dog dick itself. That's right. My little girl will suck dog dick and take dog pizzle up her dirty teen cunt and asshole. Won't that be fun. You always liked doggies, honey, even when you were a little girl. Even when you were Daddies, sweet little girl, you liked doggies. You were probably thinking about dog cock even back then. Even when you were a tiny tot, you were probably all wet in the pussy thinking about doggie dick! And when I think of all the times you sat on my lap and bounced, You were probably trying to feel my dick on your baby twat way back then. You fucking whore. Look at your nipples throb. I bet you are thinking about puppies sucking milk from your udders, right? You want to suckle some dogs on your tits? How about baby pigs?  Baby pigs for the fourteen year old cock pig! 

      Get your worthless ass over here and look up at my dick. Raise your head and look at my dick. Keep that mouth open, Shitbrain.  Let me drip some of my dickleak into your mouth. You love Daddy's dickleak, don't you? Oh yeah, let me coat your tongue and lips with my dicksnot. You look real pretty that way. Daddy's little girl looks real pretty with her face covered in cockslime. She looks even prettier when me and my buddies coat your fucking face with cum!  Get our fingers on your nipples and stretch them out. I want to see those nipples stretched out six inches. Pull on those fucking tits, you scumbag. Stick that tongue out. Here, lick my scrotum with your tongue. Lick my fucking sweaty balls with your whore tongue. You fucking fourteen year old ball licking tongue. Yeah, taste my nuts. Get my ball hair caught in your teeth. Lick that scrotal sack. Is that so good? Is that so fucking delicious? Daddy doesn't need to wash his balls anymore. He's got his own little ball licker. Jesus Christ, what a fucking whore you are.  OH, oh, Daddy's dick is leaking like crazy now. His little whore daughter is causing his fat dick to leak. Scoop up that dick leak on your tongue, Fuckhole, and swallow it. What is your favorite flavor, Dickbreath, pre-fuck or cum? I bet it's cum cause the taste is so much stronger. But you like Daddy's pre-fuck took don't you?  Does Daddy's cocksnot taste better than his buddies'? That's just because the little whore loves her daddy's dick so much. Keep pulling those tits. Here let me dig my toes in your dity cunt and wiggle them around.  You like Daddy's toes in your cunt? Better than the fucking toes of the jocks at your school, huh? Daddy's toes are bigger. Everything about Daddy is bigger. Daddy doesn't need to go visit the whores any more. He has his own private whore. His own private Dick ditch. His DIck Ditch Daughter. I am going to kick you in the cunt now. Not too hard. Don't worry, Daddy is not punishing you. No, I am just kicking you in the cunt to get you going. Just a little fun cunt kicking. Just enough to hurt a little. Keep those legs spread, piece of shit. How the fuck can I kick you in the cunt if you close your legs? Ohhh look at this big dick swinging here. Look at my big dick swinging over your face. Let me rest my fucksausage on your face for a minute. Let me just drape my dick over your fourteen year old  whore face. doesn't that look nice? Isn't that pretty. My daughter with my dick draped over her face. I got to get a picture of that for the website. Yeah, that will make a nice photo for all the guys. The Daughter and the Dick!  Oh you want to lick that so bad, don't you, you cock hungry whore?  You just had the fucking thing this morning when I woke up, and here you are hungry for it all over again. That's why I need my buddies to help me. One guy just hasn't got enough dick sauce to make you happy. You need constant dick, 24/7.  And Daddy's going to make sure you get it. I swear to you, Whore, that when I get through with you, not a single hour of the day will go by, when you have not got dick in your mouth or ass or cunt!  I promise, Baby's going to have all the cock she needs. Now stop crying and suck dick!

Review This Story || Author: dale10
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