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Double Bind

Part 8

Chapter 8

"What do you think we should do?" Scott asked his girlfriend. "Well, I know what comes first," she replied. Lauren picked up a plastic male chastity device from the table and knelt down in front of Dave. She pulled down his pants and boxers and was relieved to see that his cock wasn't hard yet. She fed his penis into the translucent plastic tube of the device, then clicked its hinged ring shut behind his balls and locked the two parts together. He could now be driven into an erotic frenzy by stimulation of his exposed ass and balls, but the head and most of the shaft of his penis were totally inaccessible. Scott had never worn something like this before, and he relished the snug feeling it caused.

"It's your birthday," she continued, "you get to decide. You can do anything you want to me with all these toys, or you can leave it to me and I'll tie you up."

Scott thought for a moment about all the ways he could toy with his girlfriend's perfect body, but the chastity device and the blindfold earlier had put him in a very submissively horny mood. His mind also kept flashing back to his last experience in this room, when he had been tightly bound and forced to take a load of the man's cum down his throat. "You take control," he quickly said.

Lauren stood over the table, conscious of the need not to waste time, but also overwhelmed with the options available to her. She ordered her boyfriend to remove all of his clothes while she figured out a plan. After a minute, she picked up a penis-gag - it might have been the same one that had silenced her on their last visit - and strapped it firmly around Scott's head, liking the idea of a thick plug lodged between his lips. Maybe it will make him think about what it's like for me to give him head, she mused to herself, not realizing that he was well aware of what it felt like to have a cock stretching his jaws. She took a wide leather collar from the table and buckled it around his neck, then strapped his hands into a pair of cuffs that were attached to the collar by short chains. Scott's hands were now out of the way, pinned behind his head.

She then took the bow-shaped wooden toy that Scott had observed on his last visit, letting it swing open as she stood behind her boyfriend and reached between his thighs. Scott saw that it was actually two pieces of identical wood connected by a hinge. It looked like it could be some kind of bludgeoning weapon. But before he could ask, Lauren had grabbed hold of his balls and pulled them backward between his legs, squeezing them tightly in her left hand as she pushed down on his upper back with her right. Scott felt weak in the knees and groaned through the rubber penis; ignoring the noise coming from his bent form, she pulled his balls through the central half-circular hole in one of the wooden planks, rotating the other plank into place behind his stretched sac. Scott now understood that the device was a small stock that trapped his balls away from his body. With the locking ring of the chastity device already tightening his sac, his balls were now under a lot of strain. But when he tried to straighten his back, he finally saw the device's true purpose. The bar of wood extending behind him pressed into the backs of his thighs, right below the crease of his buttocks. The higher he tried to stand, the more severely his balls were stretched away from his body.

"It's called the Humbler," Lauren said, enjoying the sight of how vulnerable his balls now looked. "At least, one company makes a version of it by that name. I saw it online. But, you know, I don't think you look humble enough yet. Get down on your knees, and stick your ass in the air." Scott struggled to comply without devastating his testicles in the process. It was hard with his hands locked behind his head. He squatted down and used the slack now available on his balls to tip forward into the commanded position. Without his hands to brace himself, though, he lay with his chest and forehead on the floor. His ass was high in the air. Lauren grabbed some rope and started wrapping it again and again around the Humbler, so that it became thicker and thicker with the surrounding rope. She managed to add several inches to the diameter of the bar on each side of his trapped balls. Scott could now feel the rough hemp rope pushed right up against the back of his thighs, even in his fully bent position. At this point, there was no way that he could lower his ass or really move much at all.

Lauren loved it. The site of her boyfriend forced to kneel in a humiliating position with his ass and balls on display made her juices flow. She decided to reward herself with some nipple stimulation and wanted to try something new. Taking two small vacuum cylinders from the table,  she placed one on each nipple and felt a sharp tugging sensation. She knew that blood flow would increase to her sensitive buds. To increase her pleasure, she then took a fifteen-foot rope, looped it around her waist, and pulled it between her legs. She knew that placing a strategic knot above her clit might cause her to cum accidentally, so instead she determined the exact spot where the rope passed under her asshole and placed a knot there. In fact, she knotted the rope several times in the same place, so that a small, rough sphere started to form. Taking a bottle of lube from the table, she poured some on the knot, spread it around, and then forced the knot into her puckered anus, pulling the crotch rope tight before tying it off. It felt amazing.

"If I remember correctly," Lauren said playfully, "there's an old tradition of a birthday spanking. What do you think?" Scott's muffled answer was incomprehensible. She rubbed his butt cheeks for a few seconds, massaging them with her fingers, and then gave his left cheek a loud smack. He twitched and automatically tried to shift forward, but the tug on his balls reminded him that he couldn't get out of the way. Letting him consider his situation for a minute, she got up and returned to the gear table. She didn't think there was anything else that she really needed to say to her boyfriend for the next fifteen minutes or so. By now she was very aroused and wanted to satisfy her oral craving. A stuffed leather gag lying near the front edge of the table appealed to her, so she picked it up and strapped it tightly into her mouth.

A moment later, smack, as Scott's right cheek felt a sting. She started spanking him every few seconds, trying to vary the pattern so he couldn't guess where the next smack was coming. It turned her on to watch his creamy ass blush into a bright shade of pink. She wished that she had a chastity device on too, as it took considerable self-restraint not to rub her clit with one hand while spanking her boyfriend with the other.

With a few minutes left, Lauren picked up a small flogger and alternated between hard hits to her boyfriend's red ass and careful thwacks at his totally exposed balls. These latter blows drove him wild and he grunted heavily with each one. Enjoying herself, Lauren was almost disappointed when she was drawn out of her concentration by the sound of the opening door.

Review This Story || Author: dale10
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