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Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca

Part 6 Pain for Sally-The Examination

Pain for Sally-The Examination-Chapter 6

	Sally was released from the bed.  She dragged herself over to the shower and
began to wash the traces of her rape from her body.  Her pussy and asshole stung
as the water ran down her, washing the dried cum down the drain.  She dried off
and lay back down on the bed and tried to sleep, but any little noise woke her.

	Sally must have dozed off because she jumped from the sound of her cell
opening.  She watched as the Sheriff and two other deputies came into her cell. 
"Where is Rebecca, is she all right?"

	"She is in temporary foster care and is being taken care of.  Continue to
cooperate and she will continue that way.   You must be examined so come with
us," the Sheriff ordered, pulling Sally up from the bed and securing her hands
behind her back with his handcuffs.

	Sally was pushed into the hallway, naked, her arms handcuffed behind her
back, followed by the two deputies.  She could feel their eyes on her naked ass
as she was led down the corridor until the arrived at a door marked "Examination
Room".  The door was opened and inside was a gynecological table in the middle. 
In the two corners near the head were leather straps attached to the corners. 
The stirrups were higher than normal and attached to them were also leather
straps.  Sally cringed in fear as she realized that if she was placed on the
table, she would be bound tightly, unable to prevent them from taking advantage
of her naked and spread body.

	"On the table, slut.  On your back, hands over your head and place your feet
in the stirrups.  Spread your legs wide," she was ordered by the Sheriff.  He
released the cuffs from behind her back and helped her onto the table, taking
liberties with her naked body as he did.  One of the deputies was at the other
end of the table as she slid back, grabbing her arms and pulling them to the

	"Where is the Doctor?' Sally asked as the deputy strapped first her right
wrist into a leather cuff and than proceeded to secure her left wrist.  The
deputy bent down over her faced, "We know what to do to a slut like you, we
don't need a doctor to tell us." 

	The deputy grabbed her head and whispered "stick you tongue in my mouth or I
will punish you" forcing his lips over hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth. 
He continued to kiss her, Sally forced to return the kiss with her tongue,
tasting the foul breath of the deputy.  His hand roamed over her body, pushing
down toward her naked breasts.

	Sally could feel hands grab each of her ankles and push them into the
stirrups.  She could feel per pussy lips spread as her legs were spread wide,
her embarrassment returning at being treated like a piece of meat.  Leather
straps encircled her ankles, securing her legs wide open.  Hands ran up her
legs, her inside thighs, seeking her spread pussy.  The other deputy continued
tongue fucking her mouth, his hands now kneading her breasts, searching and
forcing her nipples to become erect.  His fingers became more insistent, pulling
and pinching her tender nipples.

	"You like that, Bitch, how about a little pain," his fingers tearing at her
nipple, stretching her breast into a cone.  "If you like this, you will love
what we have in store for you.  We are going to abuse your body.  We get hard
from hearing your screams of pain.  Than we are going to rape your body. All
three of us are going to fuck you at the same time.  We are going to fuck your
asshole, pussy and mouth.  You will be so full of our cum by the time we are
finished with you.  If you fight us, we will visit Rebecca and take her

	Sally moaned in pain as her nipples were pinched and pulled.  The other
hands had reached her spread pussy and two hands pulled her pussy lips apart,
spreading her pink insides open.  Another hand pulled her clit hood back,
exposing her clit to their abuse.  A finger grabbed her clit, forcing it to
become hard like a pebble as it was manipulated and pinched.  "Your pussy is
getting wet, Sally.  You're nothing but a slut.  We are going to make you cum so
many times before we even fuck you.  You are going to get off on the pain and
the pleasure."

	"Get her tied up."  Sally could feel motors begin and the stirrups began to
part her legs and push them back toward her head.  Her legs spread open wider,
her thighs aching as they spread.  Her pussy was opening, spreading wider, her
hips rising from the table as her legs were pushed toward her head.  She could
feel the cool air on her anus as her cheeks opened.  The table began to retreat
from under her ass, leaving her ass and pussy unprotected.

	A platform began to drop from the ceiling, chains and clamps, dangling from
it.  The clamps were large and were meant to inflict the maximum amount of pain. 
They would tighten as they were pulled.  Sally knew they would tear at her flesh
and she would provide them their pleasure as she screamed in pain.
	"Tie her tits up first.  Get the clamp on them."  One of the deputies
approached her breasts, two one-inch boards, over 18 inches long, joined by long
screws with wingnuts.  He pushed her breasts between the two boards, the screws
open over three inches.  He pushed them far down and than began to tighten the
wingnuts.  Her breasts began to push between the ever shrinking boards, pushing
her breasts out, the blood pushing into her nipples.
	"No more, they are becoming too tight," but the deputy continued to tighten
them, compressing her breasts between the boards.  Her breasts were flattening
out, the pain beginning to get worse.  "Oh, God, that hurts," her breasts being
crushed by the deputy.  He flicked her nipples, inciting a sharp pain as the
blood surged to the tips of her tits.
	"Look how red and flat they are becoming," the boards now open two inches
and still closing more.  The deputy began to kiss her again, forcing her to
tongue fuck him as he continued to compress her breasts, exciting him as her
groans of pain filled his mouth.
	"No more," the pain was radiating from her crushed breasts.  His fingers
kept tightening the wingnuts, the gap now only 1 1/2 inches, her breasts now
pinched tightly, her nipples erect and hard from the abuse.  "AAAAHHHH, take
them off," Sally cried.
	The guard had to put considerable pressure on the wingnuts to tighten them,
her breasts squeezed to the maximum, the pain now intense.  Sally felt his
fingers release the wingnuts but now began the manipulation of her nipples
again.  Blood filled her nipples, forced by the tight bondage of her breasts,
making them tender to the touch.  His fingers seized the nipples, forcing a
scream of pain from Sally as his nails tore into her tender nipples, a drop of
blood forming on the nipple.  "Just getting them ready for the nipple clamps.  I
have some nice clover clamps for them.  As they pull from your body, they
tighten.  They also have teeth on the clamp that will bite into your nipple.  It
will feel like I am ripping your nipples from your tits.  And I will be trying
to do that.  Your screams of pain will bring pleasure to my cock."
	Sally watched as the Deputy pulled the clover clamps down toward her
nipples.  Her breasts were already in a considerable amount of pain.  She knew
that it would soon become even worse.  The Deputy grabbed her right nipple
between his fingers, stretching it, getting it ready to feel the bite of the
clamp.  It seemed like slow motion as she watched the clover clamp spread open
and placed over her erect and hard nipple.  Suddenly it snapped tightly over her
nipples, her screams ringing in the room as Sally felt unbelievable pain as her
nipple was crushed between the teeth of the powerful clover clamps.
	"You scream so nicely, are you ready for the next?"  Again Sally watched as
the other clover clamp pinched her left nipple.  She screamed in pain, the
clamps forcing her to endure the torment on her bound and tortured breasts.  She
continued to scream as the Deputy began to play with the clamps, each time
igniting a fresh batch of pain in Sally, as the clamps crushed her nipples.
	"Stretch them out, I want her to feel the pain continuously, I am going to
make her cum," shouted the Sheriff, Sally's screams echoing off the walls.  The
Deputy began to pull the clamps up toward the ceiling, her nipples stretching
from her chest, the clamps beginning to pinch and tear her tender nipples.
	  Sally watched as her nipples pulled higher and higher, the pain
increasing.  Her nipples were now stretched as far as they would go, the clover
clamps smashing her nipples, the teeth tearing.  Her screams were constant, "No
more, you are pulling my nipples off, AAAAGGGGHHHH, I will do anything."
	Sally felt the Sheriffs hand move toward her spread pussy again.  His
fingers pushed into her pussy.

	"You are such a slut, your pussy is so wet."  His fingers began to
masturbate Sally, another pair of hands returned to her clit, grabbing it,
forcing a scream from her lips as it pinched it cruelly, the pain from her clit
mixing with the pain from her bound and clamped breasts.  Three fingers searched
deep into her pussy, spreading her wide, forcing her pussy to open wider.  The
Deputy at her head began to pull on the chains connected to her nipples, screams
coming from Sally's lips as her nipples were pinched tighter, crushing her hard
nipples.  "Cum, Bitch, cream for us or we will tear your nipples off."

	The hands and fingers continued the masturbation of bound and clamped Sally. 
Sally began to fell the first signs of an orgasm as the pleasure began to mix
with the intense pain they were inflicting on her tender body.  Four fingers
were now spreading her pussy open, plunging deep inside her, than pulled quickly
out, her pussy juice coating his fingers.  They continued their ruthless finger
fucking as her clit was continually abused.  Her hard clit was tortured by
fingers tearing at it, pulling and twisting as her nipples continued to be torn
from her body.

	"OHHHHH, GOD, AAAAHHHH," screamed Sally her body beginning to tremble as the
first orgasm hit her.  Five fingers stretched her pussy wide, the pain mixing
with the pleasure as her clit was masturbated.  The first orgasm began to
subside just when a second, more powerful orgasm shook her body.  Sally screamed
again in a mixture of pain and pleasure.  The fingers were removed from her
pussy and pushed deep into her mouth.  Sally could taste her own pussy juice
coating her fingers.  Her tongue ran over them, licking them clean.  "Take the
clamps off my nipples, they hurt so bad."

	"We are just getting started, slut.  I am going to clamp your pussy now. 
Than you are going to have to cum for us again. "

	" Clamp her pussy now," the Sheriff ordered the other Deputy.  Sally felt
her pussy lip pulled from her body as she saw three more clover clamps fall from
the ceiling.  "Two for your pussy lips and one for your clit.  That one is
especially tight.  It is serrated so that it will bite into your clit as it is
pulled from your body.  It will be hard to cum when your clit is clamped, but if
you don't, we will not let you loose."
	Sally screamed in pain as the first clamp bit into her tender pussy lips. 
It was pulled up, stretching her open as the same time as the second clamp bit
into the other pussy lip.  It too was pulled high, stretching out toward the
ceiling.  The worse was the one on her clit.  Her clit was already tender from
the orgasm's she had just experienced and now it was pinched cruelly by the
powerful clover clamp.  Her throat began to get hoarse from the screams as her
body trembled from the terrible pain they were inflicting on her tender body. 
Her hips tried to raise from the table, but they just continued to pull the
chains, forcing Sally to arch her ass up from the pain to try to relieve the
pain radiating from the all of the clamps attached to her delicate sexual
organs.  When she began to tire from the raised position and her hips began to
fall, the clamps tightened, forcing her to resume the raised and spread
	"You son of a bitch, take the clamps off of me, you are tearing my body
apart," yelled Sally at the Sheriff, her body rocked by the pain they were
inflicting on her.
	"If you cum again, we will take them off."  The Sheriff reached between her
legs again, finding her clit, now pinched between the clamp.  He grabbed her
clit at the base, the part not pinched by the clamp and began to masturbate
Sally again.  The Deputy now pushed all five fingers in Sally's' dripping wet
pussy, forcing it wider.  The other Deputy began to rub Sally's nipples, forcing
them to get harder, making the clamps pinch tighter.  "Cum, Bitch."  All of
three of them was forcing Sally again to cum while she was in unbearable pain. 
They continued their forced masturbation of Sally while tapping the chains
attached to the clamps, bringing a fresh batch of pain to her punished nipples
and pussy.  Her pussy bathed the fingers in her pussy with her cream. 
	"I'm cumming, you Bastard," yelled Sally, the forced masturbation having its
desired effect on her ravished body as her orgasm began to overwhelm her.  Her
body shook in pleasure, forcing the clamps to bite into her nipples and pussy as
her body pulled on the clamps.  The added pain mixed with pleasure and her next
cum was bigger than the first.  Her body began to shake as her orgasm
diminished, the pain returning again.
	"Take off the clamps, I did what you wanted, it hurts so bad," her screams
beginning again as her now tender clit began to throb in pain from the cruel
	"If you agree to fuck us all at the same time, we will let you lose,"
ordered the Sheriff.
	"I will do anything, just take the clamps off, I hurt so bad."
	Screams rang from Sally's lips as the clamps were released from her body. 
The blood began to rush back into her nipples and pussy, sending a fresh batch
of pain to her brain.  The pain seemed worse than when they were on.  Finally
they were all pulled from her body and the wood clamp released her bound tits. 
Her nipples were red and sore, as was her clit.  It had retreated back under her
clit hood, tender and abused.  Her legs and arms were released from the leather
straps and she was pulled into a sitting position.
	The two Deputies and the Sheriff began to undress.  Soon they were naked,
their hard and erect cocks waiting to plunge into Sally's orifices.   The
Sheriff laid down a bed, his cock pointing up, waiting for Sally to ride it.
	"Come over here, slut and park your nasty cunt over my cock and fuck
yourself down on it."
	Sally moved slowly to the bed, her body still riddled in pain from the
torture they had inflicted on her.  Her pussy ached as she walked and she knew
that the gang rape of her body was going to be painful for her.  She sat on the
bed and straddled the Sheriffs middle, raising up over his cock.
	"Down you go, Bitch, fuck my cock into your cunt.  If you don't fuck us
good, it's the clamps back, but this time it will be Rebecca that will feel the
bite of them."
	Sally cringed in pain as she spread her pussy over his big cock and began to
lower herself down, forcing her pussy to open wide.  It hurt, but she continued
to fuck her pussy down, each time forcing more of his cock into her spread
pussy.  She finally reached the end, his cock now trapped in her hot and wet
	"That feels so good, slut.  Your hot and tight cunt is gripping my cock
	Sally felt hands push down on her back, forcing her to lay down on the
Sheriff, her body jumping as her abused nipples brushed against his chest, new
pain rushing to their tips.  She could feel one of the Deputies get on the bed
and push between her legs.  She knew that he would soon be forcing his cock into
her asshole again.  It was still sore from the previous rapes and now it would
be stretched open again, at the same time her pussy was also raped.
	"Open your asshole for me, it will be easier for you if you do.  Push out
like you were trying to shit."  Sally felt his cock, wet from his saliva push
against her defenseless anus and she cringed as it began to spread open.  She
tried to relax her asshole and the helmet shaped head of his cock entered her
anus, stretching it open, forcing a gasp from Sally's lips as she was again tore
open.  "Here comes my cock, Bitch," his cock forcing deeper into Sally, screams
coming from her lips as her anal track was torn from the brutal rape.
	 She suffered as the cock pushed deep into her body, going into her rectum
and deeper into her colon, forcing her to relieve the previous rapes of her
asshole. His cock brought back fresh pain.  Soon he was pushed deep into her
colon, his cock flexing inside her, bringing fresh pain and cramps from the
cruel rape.  Her body trembled in pain, twin cocks stretching her groin, a tiny
membrane of skin separating the two big cocks.
	"Open your mouth, cunt, it's time to suck cock," hands lifting her head up,
fingers entering and opening her mouth.  She could feel another cock brush
across her lips, precum dripping onto her lips, the heavy, salty tasting cum
filling her mouth.  "Wrap your sweet lips around my cock and do a good job of
sucking me off.  When I cum, you better swallow every drop or I am going to fuck
sweet Rebecca until she can't stand any more."
	Sally's lips grabbed the cock in her mouth, her tongue running over the
head, the cock pushing deeper into her mouth.  Sally choked as it reached her
throat.  It pulled back out and he began to fuck her face, holding her head
tightly, his cock pushing to the back of her throat each time, choking her. 
	"It's time for a good fucking, cunt."  All three of the men began their
brutal gang rape of Sally's tender and abused body.  As the Sheriff pushed into
Sally's pussy, pushing painfully against her battered clit, the Deputy behind
her pulled his cock almost all the way out of her asshole.  It felt like he was
pulling her insides out.  As soon as the helmet of his cock was squeezed tightly
by her stretched asshole, it forced itself deep into her asshole, tearing
Sally's anal track, cramps ravishing her body.  The cock in her mouth was
continually forced deeper and deeper, choking her as it reached for her throat. 
Each time it went deeper, forcing her throat to accept its rape.  Her throat
grasped his cock tightly as it entered, feeling like a tight cunt gripping his
	The three raping cocks continually buffeted Sally's body, each trying to
force a scream from her lips as they tore into her body.  They moved faster and
faster, their cum getting ready to shoot into her body.  The cock in her pussy
pushed deep into her, battering her cervix, bruising her insides as it beat her
from the insides.  The cock in her ass began to get bigger as it was ready to
cum, tearing her anal track wider, blood on his cock as it pulled from her raped
asshole.  The cock in her mouth pushed deep in her throat, his hands preventing
from moving off of it, her air supply stopped.  Her body began to jump around,
trying to escape the asphyxiation by the cock in her mouth, fucking the other
two cocks in her unwilling body.
	All of a sudden all three cocks began to hose Sally's body in their cum. 
Her pussy filled with cum, as did her colon, the hot cum shooting deep into her. 
The cock in her mouth pulled back from her throat just in time to shoot on her
tongue, the hot, salty cum choking Sally as it filled her mouth.  The gang rape
of Sally continued until all had filled her body with their cum.  They pulled
from her body, leaving her collapsed on the bed, cum dripping from her lips,
down her thighs and her asshole, bleeding and soaked in cum.   They all wiped
their cocks clean in her hair and left her on the bed.
	"You are such a whore," the Sheriff said, leaving Sally alone again.
(To be continued)

Review This Story || Author: Powerone
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