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Kai's Story

Part 6


Sweat poured from Kai's naked body as she swung the machete back and forth,
cutting into the dense jungle undergrowth.  By her side, Selani labored also;
her sweat-drenched body grunting with exertion.  Their movements were hampered
by the heavy chains that circled their waists and supported another set of links
that joined the ones connecting their ankles.  Behind them, a dozen other female
prisoners gathered up the debris left by the two wielding machetes.

Standing guard was four of the prison jailers.  The bullwhips in their hands
assured the continued effort of the prisoners as they worked to clear the brush.

After a long and bumpy ride in the back of the enclosed van, Kai and Selani had
been deposited in front of the state prison where they were taken to the
Warden's office.  A fat, bald man stood with his arms folded as he studied his
two new prisoners.  Warden Gomez was well known as the most sadistic director of
a penitentiary in the entire world.  Few of his prisoners ever made it back to
the free world and those who did were permanently affected by his cruel
treatment.  A thick droopy mustache hung beneath a huge crooked nose and his
black eyes flashed cruelty as he eyed his new inmates.

"I know why you are here.  A confession would have saved you much hardship. 
Here at the San Elmo prison, we have no tolerance for prisoners of the State. 
You will be expected to work and work hard while you are here.  Any laziness or
malingering will be punished severely and immediately!  To remind you of the
fact that you are prisoners, you will be subjected to discipline daily.  The
degree of discipline will depend entirely on your behavior here.  Do you

Kai and Selani stood dumbfounded, unable to speak.

"I asked you a question, prisoners.  I expect a response."

"Yes. . .," replied Kai.  "All right," Selani whispered.

"In the future, when you address me, you will say 'Yes, Master,' or 'Yes, Warden
Gomez'.  Failure to do so will result in punishment.  Understand?"

The two chagrined women responded in unison.  "Yes, Warden Gomez."

"Now, you will be taken to the indoctrination quarters.  All prisoners will wear
chains to make clear their position.  After you have been equipped properly, you
will join our work crews.  I have been instructed to give you the toughest work
we have.  Make sure I am not required to discipline you for any laxity."

It was following this disquieting meeting that the two women were taken to a
blacksmith's shop where chains were attached permanently around their waists and
shackles, joined by a short length of chain, were bound to their ankles.  A
length of chain connected the other two and brushed against their sex as they
struggled to walk.

Shuffling along, they were then taken to another part of the prison where their
prison number was tattooed on their right arms. Kai was given the number '45'
and Selani '46'.  Kai looked on hopelessly as the needle etched the permanent
marking on her flesh.  Coupled with Joaqu¡n's branding and the rings through her
nipples, her body had been forevermore changed.

A degrading physical examination followed whereby a dirty old man in an equally
dirty white smock poked and prodded into every orifice of their bodies while
remnants of tobacco juice ran down his chin.  Kai had never felt filthier than
when she was allowed to stand from the gynecological table.

After that humiliating encountering, the two were taken to the prison yard where
Warden Gomez awaited them.  He was standing by a post from which several sets of
manacles hung from the top.  Kai and Selani stood submissively while their arms
were raised over their heads and their wrists locked into the manacles.  Kai
stood facing Selani and saw the look of dismay in her eyes.

"It is time for your daily discipline.  This will remind you that you are
prisoners and encourage you to follow orders immediately and completely.  Guard,
five strokes each, at your pleasure."

Kai heard the whip whistle through the air and the sound of leather meeting
flesh.  Selani's eyes grew wide and she grunted as her body surged forward.  The
next think she knew, her back was ablaze from her shoulders to her hips and the
air left her lungs in a gigantic gasp.  While she fought to recover from the
pain, a second stroke fell on Selani and she threw back her head and cried,

Kai didn't have time to digest what was happening before the second and third
stroke buried themselves in her back.  She heard strange sounds and realized
that they were coming from her throat. Her eyes were cloudy and stung from the
sweat that dripped down into them and she struggled to stay on her feet.  She
was faintly aware that Selani was screaming and the mixture of confusion had her
near fainting.

It was only when her wrists were released that Kai realized her 'discipline' was
finished.  She sank to her hands and knees, panting and shaking her head in
shock.  The Warden's pronouncement of  'daily' slowly sank into her mind.  If
this was what she would have to endure on a daily basis, Kai was certain she
would never survive.

Given no respite, the two prisoners were loaded onto a flat-bed truck and driven
out into the jungle with a dozen other women prisoners.  It was there that Kai
and Selani were armed with machetes and instructed to start clearing a path into
the jungle.

The day grew hotter and hotter as the two women toiled unceasingly.  Pungent
water was fed to them to keep them hydrated and a couple of pieces of stale
bread was their lunch.  Kai worried about Selani since she was obviously slowing
her efforts, despite warnings from the guards.  A stroke of the whip across her
back did little to speed up her efforts.

When Selani finally collapsed to the ground, the angry guards grabbed her by her
feet and dragged her off into the jungle.  Kai winced as Selani's screams echoed
through the undergrowth.

When the two remaining guards started laughing at the sounds coming from the
jungle, Kai could take it no longer.  She turned toward the guards, her eyes
flashing anger.

"Shut up, you filthy bastards!  You dirty, low-down sons-of-bitches!  Shut up!"

A blow from a bamboo cane brought Kai to her knees as the two guards surrounded
her.  Another sent her sprawling in the dust.  Kai groaned as she rolled over in
the dirt while the two guards continued to beat her.

Abruptly, Kai felt her legs being spread apart and raised up into the air. 
While she struggled against the tight grip on her ankles, she saw one of the
guards kneel between her legs, his trousers open and a huge cock jutting out
from the fly.  Kai screamed as the guard brutally plunged his cock into Kai's
pussy. She struggled to escape this onslaught but only served to increase the
guards efforts.  In and out he plunged; his hairy stomach grating against Kai's

Kai finally realized that her struggle only served to intensify his lust and lay
motionless as the guard thrust in and out of her.  After what seemed an
eternity, she felt his body tense and his load of sperm erupted inside her.

Kai tried to get up but the other guard quickly took his place between her legs,
his pants down around his ankles.  A short, thick cock jutted out from his groin
and Kai grimaced as drool ran down from a corner of his mouth.  Without
hesitation, he drove his cock into Kai's moist pussy and began to fuck her fast
and furiously.  Kai gritted her teeth and tried to think of something other than
the merciless attack on her body.  When she heard her attacker grunt and
stiffen, she breathed a silent prayer that her ordeal was over.

But that was not the case.  The two guards grabbed her by her arms and dragged
her off into the jungle.  Undergrowth tore at her flesh as she was hauled to a
small clearing within the dense forest.  As ropes were bound around her ankles,
Kai saw Selani, suspended upside down and hanging from a tree limb; her arms
dangling beneath her inches from the ground.  Her hair hung down over her eyes
and vivid red welts covered her body from shoulder to knee.  She was twisting
slowly and appeared to be unconscious.

Abruptly Kai felt her legs rising and she found herself being lifted into the
air, upside down, and inches away from the suspended Selani.  Her legs were
spread obscenely and Kai loathed the fact that her most private parts were fully
exposed.  To add to her degradation, the guards began to finger her pussy,
pulling on her labia until her clit popped up like a small nipple.  The fondling
caused her body to begin to betray her and her breath began to come in gasps. 
As they continued their strokes, Kai started to moan and shake, unable to stifle
the growing erotic sensations that were developing in her body.

The four guards were laughing now as they brought the helpless woman to orgasm. 
Kai screamed as she reached her climax, her body bucking frantically to milk the
last possible sensation from it.  Sweat dripped from her while she shook
helplessly against the rising pinnacle of lust.  Kai was powerless to stop her
response to their stimulation and she yielded to her basic instincts; grunting
and shuddering in wild abandon.

So intent on her own gratification, Kai was unaware that the guards had stepped
back and removed their thick leather belts from their trousers.  Two took
positions behind the spasming woman while the other two stood in front.  At a
nod from the apparent leader, they all drew back and lashed out at Kai.  In
moments they had her screaming at the top of her lungs as leather cracked
against her flesh.  The ultimate agony consumed her when two of the guards took
aim at the juncture between her thighs where moments before such pleasure
reigned.  Kai fainted as the pain overwhelmed her but was quickly revived when
water was splashed in her face.  For what seemed an eternity she endured the
onslaught from the four guards until she could no longer scream but was only
able to moan at each hit of the belts.

Selani did not escape the wrath of the guards as they attacked her at the same
time.  The jungle echoed with the screams of the two women until they were only
able to make mewling sounds above the slap of leather against flesh.  Their
bodies twisted and jerked under the barrage of lashes until they both succumbed
to unconsciousness.

When Kai regained her senses she found that she was no longer suspended in the
air.  Instead she was laying face down on the ground, her knees drawn up beneath
her.  Two hands were spreading the cheeks of her ass and a hard knob was probing
at her sphincter.  Kai groaned as the stiff cock entered her ass, filling her to
the point that she felt the need to expel what ever was inside her.  Instead the
cock began to plunge in and out, rocking her body back and forth and grinding
her tits in the earth beneath her.  Through tearful eyes, she saw that Selani
was suffering the same fate while two of the guards waited their turn.  Kai
closed her eyes and clinched her teeth as the stiff cock tore at her insides. 

Suddenly the guard pitched forward, landing on Kai's back and sending her
sprawling.  Kai was surprised at the sudden movement and even more puzzled as a
pool of blood began to form next to her face.  The heavy weight of the guard
drove the air from her lungs and she gasped for breath while trying to
understand where the blood was coming from.  Just as abruptly, the guard was
lifted from her back and the warm air of the jungle caressed her tortured flesh. 
Kai rolled over and saw Joaqu¡n staring down at her, a smile on his face.

"It's about time you showed up, you  bastard!" she grinned.

"I hated to break up your little party, seeing as how you and Selani were having
such a good time!"

Joaqu¡n reached down and offered his hand to Kai, pulling her to her feet.  Kai
saw Pedro lifting Selani in his arms, her head resting on his shoulder.

"Sorry, love. . .we would have gotten here sooner but I had a hard time shaking
the cops.  These four won't be bothering anyone again soon."

Kai glanced down and saw the four dead guards laying on the ground; their
throats slit from ear to ear.  She glanced back at Joaqu¡n.

"They were so busy fucking the two of you, we had no trouble relieving them of
their lives.  I guess that's not a bad way to go."

"Oh, Joaqu¡n!  Get us out of here!  Quick!  And take these goddamn chains off of

"Oh, I sort of like them, pet!  Let's leave them on for a while until you finish
showing me your gratitude.  Maybe I'll send you back to the DEA with those on!"

"You bastard!  You know I'm not going back!  Think you can handle two whores?"

Joaqu¡n Morales laughed hard and loud as he swept Kai up in his arms and strode
off through the jungle to his waiting helicopter.  Kai Stevens smiled as she
rested her cheek against his shoulder. 

							THE END

Review This Story || Author: kemosabe
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