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My Lucky Life

Chapter 4

Chapter IV

The next morning I woke up early, and checked on my angle. She was awake "Good morning. How long have you been awake?"

"Not too long.'

"Did you sleep well?" I touched the but plug and moved it a little.

"Not really." She smiled and asked. "Did you?"

"Like a baby" I lied. I started to undo her bonds. Unlocking the gold master locks too. "Go take a shower and get dressed."

"Yes sir." I watched her walk into the bathroom, swaying her hips like a little slut. Down stairs I made a bowl of cereal. She came down 45 minutes later in her jeans and T shirt. "What are we gonna do today?" I was gonna break her heart.

"Nothing. I'm gonna take you home. Sunday is a day of rest. You need it and I need it. So, from now on we wont see each other on Sundays. Ok?"

"Ohhhhh, I don't want to leave. C'mon Just let me stay a little while."

"No. I need to set this boundary. Your going home. We can see each other tomorrow."

"Yes sir." She mumbled dejectedly. If she could she would move in. That wouldn't be so bad but I'm sure her mother wouldn't approve.

I gave her the cell phone. "I will pay this bill. You can use it however you like, but when I call it you had better answer it. Understand?"

She was elated. "Oh thank you. This is great." She reached up and hugged me.

"I'm also going to bye you and your mother two new computers and high speed internet access. I don't want your grades to drop." She kissed my cheek and told me she loved me. "Lets go." I drove her home, and watched her walk in the door. She looked back at me and blew me a kiss.

The rest of the day was spent mostly thinking of her. I went to Sammy's strip club later in the evening. Not that I needed the companionship. I needed to prepare tomorrow's activities. I knew this place well and they knew me well. I usually bring a grand or two in here. Today I only had five hundred. I was looking for one girl in particular. Her stage name was Mistress Shay. She was a top. I knew that from prior discussions with her. I found her 10 minutes later and flagged her down. She came over to me with a big smile. "Hey handsome. Haven't seen you around here lately." I usually come in once a week. The girls get disappointed if I don't show. She sat down next to me and put her hand on my thigh.

"Yeah, I know you all missed me." I flagged a waitress down and ordered Shay a $30 drink. I'm one of the few customers that can call her that, Shay I mean. Most every one else, she makes them call her Mistress or Mistress Shay. Even the other dancers. She is a true top.

I always thought she was pretty cool. Her body is real nice to look at too. She stands at 5' 7" nice, firm C cup breasts and weighs 115. Her hair is brunette, cut in a pageboy style. Our conversations always lead to 'The Lifestyle'. She'll point out dancers that she thinks are submissive, Shay's bi. I'll get a dance or two from her, we'll bullshit for a while, then she'll move on. Kindred spirits, we are.

"I wanted to talk with you about something specific Shay."

"Ok. I'm listening."

"I met a girl and am in the process of The Introduction."

"Oh." She smiled at me. "That's why you haven't been in. Well good for you. I know you've been looking a while. What's she like?"

"Super fine. She's gonna knock the wind out of you when you see her."

She raised an eyebrow "Your gonna bring her in here?"

"Specifically to meet you. I hope your working tomorrow."

"Actually tomorrow's my day off, but I'll come in now. I want to meet this girl."

"Good. I want you to top her. We'll go back to the Champaign booth and I'll let you have your way with her." I gave her a mischievous smile. She gave me one back. "What do you think?"

"I would love too. Has she ever been with a girl?"

"No. And there are some rules. Nothing under the panties. On top is Ok. I don't want her touching your pussy either. Keep it slow at first. I want to introduce her, not scare her off. Ok?"

"Wooo. Slow down there cowboy. I can't get away with that kind of stuff. You know there's cameras in there."

I had never taken Shay to the booth so she didn't know how I worked. "Don't worry Shay. They leave me alone back there. Mike and the booth bouncer always make good money off me." I winked at her. "We have a deal?" Mike was the manager. He watched the monitors for any hanky panky. I always threw 4 or 5 hundred at him per visit. Who ever was bouncing the booth would get a couple hundred to leave me alone. It was nice being wealthy.

She smiled and nodded her head indicating she now knew what's up. "Oh. Then it's a deal. I'll break her in slowly. Don't worry I know what I'm doing." I knew she did.

"One more thing. Can you wear that outfit I bought you?"

"Oh sure."

"Thanks. Now can I get a dance?" She got up at the next song and gave me a nice lap dance. I gave her a fifty, thanked her again and left.

Monday rolled around and the anticipation was building up. She called after school and asked if she could come over. I said yes, of course. I opened the door, she walked in and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Hi." She was in an awfully good mood.

"What are you so happy about?"

"I got my report card and got straight A's! Want to see?"

"Oh yes. Show me." She had a big smile on her face as she handed it to me. Sure enough A's all the way down. This might work to my advantage.

"Well, we have to celebrate. Make yourself comfortable. I'm gonna go upstairs and pick out a different outfit. We're gonna paint the town red." I wasn't gonna pick out a different outfit. But I felt she should perceive that I changed my plans for her achievements. The outfit I had for her was a black chiffon dress. It had spaghetti straps and a tight bust line. It fell loosely down from there to about mid thigh. It was going to look good, but most of all would offer easy access. I'm a devil. I had also picked out some sheer stockings with a seem running down the back. The tops would hopefully be hidden by the dress. Mr. Epstien had assured me they would, but he said it would be close. Black silk garters and tiny black silk thong panties rounded out the lower region. For her breasts I chose a lacy black 1/4 cup pushup bra. It won't even come close to covering her nipples. Finally for shoes, black 5" open toed pumps. I smiled inwardly at what I thought she would look like.

I spent about 15 minutes up there before I came down. She was sitting on the couch watching TV. "Ok. It's ready. Go on up and get ready." She jumped up and ran upstairs with glee, glancing back with a giant smile on her face. I sat in my chair and watched some news as I waited.

An hour later I heard the heels on the wood floor. I looked over and saw an angel. She looked stunning the ruby red lipstick, beige blush and thick mascara I had picked out made her look like she could at least pass for 18. The dress was just as Mr. Epstien had said. Barely covering the tops of her stockings. Every time she moved I could get a quick glance at them. Wonderful. He is a master craftsman. The heels really looked great and she was walking much better than Saturday. I think the lesson worked. Her nipples were hard. I could easily see them trying to drill a hole through the tight bust line. The look was perfect. High class call girl.

I told her to come and stand in front of me. "Let me get a look at you. Do you like it?"

"Yes sir. It makes me feel like a woman. It's so sexy. Thank you for picking it out."

"Turn around and let me get a look at it." She did and the dress fanned out. I could see the garters when she did it. I stood up, went to her and gave her a passionate kiss. Then went back to my chair, sat down and opened the droor to the (don't know the word) and pulled out the but plug.

It was the same type as the metal one from Saturday, only bigger. This was the medium sized plug. Two inches in diameter at its widest and four inches long. The neck was 1 1/2 inches wide. It was rather heavy, I'd say half a pound. When she saw it her face went white and the smile disappeared. She started to wring her hands, but didn't say anything. I got a bottle of lube out of the droor and started to lube it up. She watched me do it, eyes big a saucers. When I had it lubed up enough, I got up and walked over to her holding the ass plug so she could see it. Her eyes followed its slow approach. "Do you want to put it in or should I?"

In a breathless whisper she replied. "I-I don't....I don't think I can." I gently kissed her forehead.

"Then I will." So far she hadn't protested at all. Although, I was sure she knew it was going to hurt..bad. "Spread your legs and bend over." She slowly spread her legs, closed her eyes and bent over. "Pull your dress up." She reached behind her and pulled the dress up. I noticed a small damp spot on those sexy little panties. Hmm. I wonder if that happened when she saw this or before. I pulled her thong to the side and pressed the tip to her ass. She tensed. "If you relax it wont hurt so much." I gave her a moment but she didn't relax. I pressed firmly. The first half inch went in ok. But as the plug widened it got more difficult. She took a sharp breath in as I applied more pressure and held it. It was only half way in and I needed some leverage. I put my arm around her thighs and held her tight. Then I really pushed. She gave out a pain filled groan. I almost had it all the way in. I pushed harder still and it popped in with a sucking noise. She moaned loudly. I made sure it was in properly and placed the thong over it. I noticed the damp spot had gotten a little larger. Well that answered my question.

"Stand up and straighten out your dress." She slowly bent back up and let her dress fall. There was visible pain on her face.

"How long must I keep this in sir?" She knew the answer but was hoping for the best.

"How long do you think you should keep it in?" I was stroking her cheek with a reassuring smile on my face.

"As long as you want."

"I want it filling your ass all night long. Do you want that?"

She looked down and replied "Yes sir. I want to please you."

I tenderly kissed her lips. With pain on her face I made her walk out to the car. She took mincing steps. It was a lovely sight. We got out to the car and I led her to the passenger side. Before I opened the door I reached up under her dress with my hand on her ass. She spread her legs to give me better access. I started playing with the plug. She closed her eyes, put her hands on the roof and arched her back. I did this for half a minute then gave the plug a quick pull. She bit her bottom lip and grunted. A quick flash of pain crossed her face. Then I slipped my finger under her panties and stuck one in her pussy. She leaned against the car and arched her back more. As I was finger fucking her I whispered in her ear. "When you get in the car I want you to finger yourself like this. Don't forget to ask for permission. Ok?" She nodded her head and I pulled my finger out. It was very wet. She gathered herself. "Look at the mess you left on my finger." She looked at it, then at me. Her hand held mine and she slowly brought it up to her mouth. She stuck the soiled finger in her mouth and sucked. All the while never taking her eyes off mine. I smile and pulled my hand away and we got in the car. She started fingering herself immediately.

A couple of miles down the road she asked in a breathless whisper. "My I please cum sir." I said yes and she came. It was a good cum but nothing earth shattering. She pulled her hand away from her crotch.

"Who told you to stop?"

"Oh." She jumped a little. "I'm sorry sir." Her hand went back down to her pussy. She came once more before we got to our destination. Just as we got there she asked if she could cum.

"No my pet, we're here. Pull your hand out of your cunt and fix yourself." She reluctantly did. This was a friend's house. He made most of his money producing fake IDs. I needed a fake ID. My money wasn't going to get a 15 year old girl in a strip club. I knocked on the door with Sarah at my side. Bill answered, and ushered us inside. His eyes never left Sarah. We bullshitted for a couple of minutes, I introduced Sarah and we walked out of there 20 minutes later with an ID that said she was 18. It cost me six hundred dollars. Bill's IDs were the best. Indistinguishable from the real thing. He had paid allot of money to get the same exact equipment the DMV uses. All the water marks and holograms were there. It was worth every penny.

When we got back in the car she asked why she needed a fake ID "Are we going to a club." There was excitement in her voice.

"Yes pet. We are. And why aren't you fingering yourself?"

Her hand went down to her pussy and she said "I'm sorry. I forgot." She came once more before we arrived at the most expensive restaurant in town. We went in and I got a secluded table. The busboys were drooling. I ordered her a salad and me a porter house steak. She was getting much better with her walk, but every time she sat down she winced. It was so adorable. I paid the bill and we left.

In the car she immediately started fingering herself. It was a twenty minute ride out to the club. She came three times. I parked the car at the end of the lot in a secluded spot and got out. I opened her door and helped her out. She hadn't seen the sign because her eyes were closed in bliss. I think she was close to another one when I told her to stop. She got out and I turned her around so I was facing her back. I put my hand up under her dress. She protested saying "What if someone sees us."

I said "I don't care." I played with her ass plug for a few minutes. She was in that wonderful position, leaning against the car, back arched and legs spread. I felt her panties, and of course she was wet as a river. I straightened them out making sure they were pulled up tight, held her hand and walked around to the door of Sammy's strip club. She was quick to realize where we were and stopped in her tracks.

"I can't go in there." she protested "It's a strip club."

"Ladies can go in if they're accompanied by a gentleman. Your with me." I beamed at her and pulled her along. We walked through the door and she was mesmerized. I tipped the door bouncer a fifty, we exchanged greetings and showed him our IDs. He gave them a cursory glance, and gave me the Ok to drink wrist band then stamped her hand with the big NO. I chose a table away from the floor and we sat down. She winced a little. "What do you think?" I yelled over the pulsating music. She had here eyes glued to the dancer on stage.

"It's allot nicer than I had imagined." She yelled back. Sammy's is the premier gentlemen's club in town. High class all the way. A waitress came over and asked if we want a drink. I ordered a Captain and Coke and she ordered a Diet Coke. We sat there watching the show for a while. I was looking for Shay but didn't see her. I hoped she was here. A new dancer came over and said "Hi." I have a rule all the dancers know about. They are not to approach me. If they do I turn them down and they don't get any money from me for several visits. Which really hurts because I spread my doe around evenly. The new dancers I give a break though. I'll give them a dance then explain my rule, and they better hope they remember me.

I said "Hi. What's your name?"

"Peaches. What's yours?" I gave it to her and introduced Sarah. She gave Sarah a close inspection and I could tell she was into girls. She looked back at me and said "Y'all want a dance?"

"I think Sarah would. Don't you honey?" Sarah's face went pale and she looked at me nodding her head no. I gave her a stern look.

"Yes." She squeaked.

"Well sweetie is it all right if I sit in your lap until the next song?" She didn't wait for an answer. She just plopped her self right down in Sarah's lap. I wondered how the extra weight was making that ass plug feel. I gave Sarah an amused smile. She gave me a snotty smile back. The next song Peaches took her top off and started dancing for Sarah. It was quite fun to watch. Sarah would look at Peaches tits and down at her little white panties. I think she may have liked it a little. On a scale of 1-10 this dance was a 5. Average. After it was over I told peaches to sit down next to me. I gave her a fifty and she started rummaging for change.

"No. Keep it."

Her eyes got big and she said "Thanks."

I grabbed peaches arm to get her attention "Peaches, I'm a regular. You need to know about my rule." She started to talk and I shushed her. "I don't like it when girls approach me for dances. I gave you a dance because your new here. Just don't approach me again. If I want a dance with you I'll find you. Fair enough?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry I didn't know."

"I know. Don't take it personally, all the girls know about my rule. Ok?" I smiled at her.

She smiled back and said "Sure honey. No problem. If you want another one you know where to find me."

"Ok. Thanks." She got up and left. I tuned to Sarah and rolled my eyes. She smiled and let out a little laugh. "Hey. I'll be right back." I gave her ten ones. "Go tip the dancers."

"Where are you going?" She looked uncomfortable.

"I'll be right back." I got up and went over to the booth bouncer. Tonight it was Walter. Walt's a cool guy. I went up to him and chatted for a few minutes. Finally I said. "Hey man. Can you hold booth three for me." I slipped him a hundred.

"Yeah man, no problem." I shook his hand a went over to the managers office. Mike was in there powdering his nose. He was surprised to see me. I slipped him five hundreds and asked if Shey was around.

"Yeah. She's in the dressing room. You want me to get her?"

"Yeah tell her I have that package she wanted to see so bad." I flashed a smile and we parted. Booth three is the most secluded booth in the place. They try to keep it unoccupied for the big spenders. I was the biggest spender of them all. Mike would probably watch the monitor but wouldn't interrupt, no matter what happened. I have received many a blow job in this place. Most of them in booth three.

I walked back to the table. Some dude was sitting in my seat talking to Sarah. She looked uncomfortable. She saw me approach and relief came across her face. He notice it to and looked up just as I got there. "Hey. What's up?" He said.

"Your sitting in my seat man." I picked my Cap' and Coke up off the table and took a sip. He looked over at Sarah and then back at me.

"Oh shit. You two are together?"

"Yeah man."

He started laughing. " Oh. I'm sorry dude. I thought she..." He looked back at her and got up. "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

I said "No problem dude."

He got close to my ear and said "Man she is fine with a capital F." He gave me the thumbs up sign and walked back over to his buddies. I sat down.

Sarah said "Don't leave me like that. I couldn't stand talking to him."

I smiled at her and said "Why didn't you just tell him to beat it?"

She grabbed onto my arm and said "I don't know." She snuggled up to me, and I put my arm around her.

"Did you spend the ones I gave you?"

"I didn't have a chance. He was on me ten seconds after you left." I laughed.

"It's Ok. Go and tip that one." It was Nikki. She sucked my dick a couple of times in booth 3. She was wearing a cute school girl outfit. Sarah hesitantly got up and went over to the stage. Nikki saw her and danced her way over. She gyrated and danced and was looking at Sarah the whole time. She took the one out of Sarah's hand and placed it in her mouth to do the whole tit grab thing, which made Sarah bend over a little and show her garter belts. Sarah had an embarrassed smile on her face when she came back. She looked so good in that outfit. Every guy in the place was undressing her with their eyes. Sarah sat back down, winced and then smiled at me. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yeah. It's kinda fun."

Shey magically appeared in front of me. "Hey handsome." She was wearing my outfit, just like she promised. It was all black shiny PVC. A one piece high cut teddy, with long sleeves and a polo type collar. The neck then plunged down to her belly button where it was laced back up to her breasts. Knee high 6" stiletto heeled PVC boots on her feet. In this club if the dancers aren't dancing then they have to cover their asses. So she had on a knee length tight PVC skirt. I bought this outfit and then realized she wouldn't be able to wear it to work because it would be allot of trouble to get her tits out of it. So, I had it modified with two zippers over her tits. All she had to do was unzip and pop her tits out through the holes. A black leather collar around her neck and riding crop in her hand rounded out the getup. She liked this outfit and wore it often.

"Hey Shay. I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. Sarah, Shay. Shay, Sarah."

"Nice to meet you Sarah. You can call me Mistress." They shook hands. I scooted over so Shay could sit down between us.

"Have a seat." I patted the seat next to me. She sat down and grabbed Sarah's hand. She sat there talking to me, holding Sarah's hand. I wondered how that made Sarah feel. We bullshitted about the new girl a little. Then the song was over and it was Nikki's turn to get topless on stage. I gave Sarah a five and told her to go and tip. "Tell her you want to see her after the dance. Understand?"

"Yes Sir." Shay and I watched her walk up to the stage.

"Wow you weren't kidding. She is a stunner. I almost came when I saw her." I laughed. "You ready to go back to the booth?"

"Hell yes. I want to show her what a woman can offer." She smiled at me.

"I'm going to need some companionship. When Nikki gets off we'll all go back. Ok?" Nikki and Shey were friends. I had the impression they were lovers at one time. It's always best if you chose friends to compete over your money. If you chose enemies things get ugly real fast.

"Sure. I'm going to be a little preoccupied." Again that little smile. We watched Sarah tip and ask Nikki to come over. Nikki dances very well. This time she danced better than usual just for Sarah. Sarah walked back and we could see that her nipples were hard. a couple of guys clapped as Sarah passed them. She was very embarrassed. Shey grabbed Sarah's arm before she could sit down and guided my angle on to her lap. I noticed Sarah position herself so Shey wouldn't notice the ass plug.

"That was embarrassing." She said.

Shay spoke. "But you liked it. Huh?" Sarah didn't say anything. That spoke volumes. "Your a bad girl." We sat there and watched Nikki finish up. A couple of minutes later she came out of the dressing room and walked over to us. I stood up as did Shay and Sarah, they were holding hands.

"Hi Nikki."

"Hi sweetie." She gave me a hug and peck on the cheek.

"You want to go back in the booth?"

"Sure. Who's the cutie?" She motioned at Sarah.

"That's Sarah. We came in together."

"She's hot." Sarah heard her and blushed. I started leading the four of us back, my arm around Nikki, Shey and Sarah hand in hand. This was gonna be fun. I slipped Walt another hundred as we went by. He winked at me. The booth is not actually a booth. Its really a small room measuring 10x10. The door was a black cotton curtain. A full sized leather couch sits on one wall flanked by small tables. Two small chairs sat in the opposite corners. I sat down and pulled Nikki onto my lap. Shay did the same with Sarah and placed her riding crop on the table. Sarah again positioned herself to avoid any embarrassing questions. I gave each girl five hundred dollars. They knew there would be more.

The Champaign room was actually rented out by the bottle. Once a bottle was finished the dancer had to get her customer to bye another or leave. The bottles ranged anywhere from $40 to $350. Each dance the customer got he had to pay for, though. Dances ran $30. I had already bought the booth for the whole night, so didn't have to worry about that. The grand I just laid out paid the dancers for the next couple of hours. I would have to shell out another grand to close the club. I brought five grand, so I wasn't worried.

We sat and chatted for a while. One of the nice things about the booth is that you can talk without shouting. The music is distant but clearly audible. I could speak in a normal voice and still be heard by everyone. I asked Sarah how she was doing.

"Good." I got the feeling this was overwhelming her reasoning skills. She didn't quite know what to make of all this. She was gonna find out right now. I asked Nikki to dance for me and told Shay she could dance whenever she felt like it. Shay sat there and the two of them watched Nikki get up close and personal with me. She was rubbing her face against my hard on and then she would hump my leg, then grind her ass against my cock. I looked over at Sarah checking to see if she was jealous. It seemed as though she wanted to take notes. She was intently watching Nikki dance for me. Shay had one arm wrapped around Sarah's tiny waist and the other resting on her thigh. Let the games begin.

At the next song, I sat Nikki down in my lap, as Shay got up to do her dance. She took off that skirt and unzipped her breasts. This was a slow song and Shay started dancing for Sarah very seductively. Sarah had her eyes on Shay's breasts, which had very large nipple rings in them. Sarah starred wide eyed at Shay's slow movements. Shay hadn't touched her yet, but began moving in. She grabbed Sarah's wrists and held them against the back of the couch as she slid her body against my angle's. Sarah's nipples were rock hard by now. I wondered how wet her pussy was. Shay never touched Sarah with her hands, she just rubbed her body against Sarah's. Then she started to nibble on Sarah's earlobe. Sarah closed her eyes and turned her head to give Shay better access. They rubbed bodies the entire song with Shay nibbling Sarah's earlobes. That song ended and another started. Shay didn't stop dancing. Still rubbing bodies with Shay still pinning Sarah's hands she started to go down to the neck. Shay straddled Sarah and began gyrating her hips into Sarah's waist. Nikki was still playing with my cock and I had to tell her to stop or I would explode. She removed her hand still watching the show. That went on for the rest of the song. Sarah occasionally letting out a lust filled sigh. When that song was over, Shay stood up and pulled Sarah up with her. She sat down and spread her legs, then had Sarah sit on the edge of the couch in between them.

"Did you like that Sarah?" I said.

She blushed and looked down. "A little."

Shay then spoke. "You liked that more than a little. The back of your dress has a damp spot on it." Sarah got a mortified look on her face, and covered her face in humiliation. "I have an idea. How about if Nikki gives you a dance. Would you like that?" after a few moments she put her hands down and looked at Nikki. She nodded her head. "Speak up."

"Yes. That's Ok."

"Yes Mistress." Shay corrected her.

"Yes Mistress." She whispered.

I said "How bout it Nikki. You want to give Sarah a little dance?"

"Ohhh yeah. I've been wanting to do that since I first saw her." Nikki stood up and stripped to just her panties and heels. She walked over to Sarah and put her hands on Sarah's shoulders and gave a show. Her hands wandered a bit, touching the sides of Sarah's breasts and running down her flat tummy. She mounted Sarah's leg and started humping. Looking directly into Sarah's eyes. She then bent down and gave Sarah a kiss on the lips. No tongue but very sensual, never stopping her gyrating hips. She pulled away and pressed her body against Sarah's, still humping that leg. Shay then guided Sarah's hands to Nickie's ass. Sarah looked over at me with confusion in her eyes. I smiled back. Nikki did this for a while, then dismounted and knelt at Sarah's feet. She looked up into Sarah's eyes and with a smile, brought her hands to my angles thighs. She slowly pushed the hem of the skirt back. Sarah reached for it but was stopped by Shay who held her hands. Nikki continued to push the dress back until all of Sarah's thighs were showing. Nikki then Kissed then inside of her thighs moving ever closer to that wonderful spot. Nikki pushed Sarah's legs farther apart and gave her one last kiss on the thigh before looking at her face and slowly lowering her head. She pushed her face all the way in, rubbing her nose against Sarah's now sopping panties. She did this for another 15 seconds then the song was over. Sarah was breathing very hard. Nikki pulled away, her face coated with Sarah's pussy juice. She grabbed the hem of Sarah's skirt and wiped her face with it. Sarah opened her eyes as she got herself under control. She watched Nikki wipe her face off and sit on my lap.

"Next time she does that you should let her lick it off." I told Nikki.

Nikki said. "That's a good idea."

Shay then asked Sarah. "No, only sluts like the taste of their own pussy. Do You like to taste your pussy juice?" Sarah hesitated, looked at me, and knew what I wanted to hear. "Speak up."

"Y-yes Mistress." She said with shame.

"That makes you a slut, doesn't it?"

She closed her eyes and lowered her head in humiliation. "Yes Mistress."

Nikki chimed in. "Ooooh. She makes me sooo hot. I need my pussy rubbed." I reached down and played with Nikki's pussy. "Oh. I kinda wanted Sarah to do it."

Shay gave Nikki a stern look and said. "Not right now." She reached around with one arm and held Sarah. Pulling Sarah's hair away from her neck she gave my angle a tender kiss on it. We sat there for a few songs, I playing with Nikki's pussy and breasts as Shay tenderly held Sarah. Shay knew her business. I chose well. After four songs passed Shey stood Sarah up and got herself up. "I need to hit the little girls room. Nikki, come with me." I stopped playing with Nikki and pushed her up. She was horny and protested but Shay pulled her out of the room.

I scooted over to Sarah and put my arm around her. She lay her head on my shoulder. "Are you having fun?" I said.

"I...I guess."

"You guess? It sure looked like you were enjoying yourself."

"But..." She pulled back and looked at me. "But, I-I'm not a lesbian. Am I?"

"Oh little angel. You have a lot to learn. Just because you were turned on by two sexy women doesn't mean you're a lesbian." She looked relieved. I smiled at her and said. "But you are almost certainly a bi-sexual." Her smile dissipated. I held her head close to my chest and said. "Which one do you like the most?"

"I don't know."

"Sure you do. If you had to chose which one would it be?"

She didn't answer for a few seconds. "Ummmm....Mistress Shay?"

"What do you like about her?" She mumbled something. "I didn't hear you."

"I like her breasts."

"Really." I was a little surprised that she answered so quick.

After a minute she said. "I like her nipple rings." This response was unsolicited. I thought about my reply.

"Maybe I should get you a set. Would you like that?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Oh. You don't want me too?"

She said in a quiet voice. "I didn't say that."

"Well, would you like it or not?"

"It'll hurt."

"I'm sure it will."

A little while went by and she said "Yes." I didn't say anything, just held her and watched her breath.

A few minutes went by and she asked. "Do you like Nikki?"

I immediately answered "Yes my pet." Then I tilted her head up and gazed into her eyes. "But your my true love." I gave her a long passionate kiss and she held me tight. Just then the dancers came through the curtain. I stopped kissing Sarah and said. "Why don't you" pointing at Nikki "dance for her the next song." pointing at Shay.

Shay smiled at Nikki and said "Only if she promises to do naughty things."

"Oooohh Mistress. I'll get real nasty, if you promise to spank me."

"I'll use the crop on you bitch." She gave Nikki an evil smile.

"Mmmmmm." she said and started dancing. I set Sarah in my lap and told her to watch and learn. She was watching with interest. Nikki started in fast, mounting Shay's leg and humping it right away. They french kissed, making sure we got a show. Nikki went down to Shay's nipples, liking and sucking on them. Sarah watched intently. I reached my hand under her to play with the ass plug. She gave me a quick surprised look and held me a little closer, lifting one cheek up to give me easier access. Then, she turned her head and watched the dancers while I moved the plug around in her ass. I whispered in her ear, asking her which one she would like to be right now Nikki or Shay. She hesitantly answered "I guess Nikki." Her panties were of course soaked. Shay stuck her hand down Nikki's little white panties and started fingering the shit out of her. Nikki never stopped her oral manipulation of Shay's tits. Sarah started gyrating her hips and my cock grew hard. Towards the end of the song Shay stopped and whispered something in Nikki's ear as she pulled her hand out of her cunt. Nikki dismounted and kissed her way down to Shay's pussy. There she started grinding her face against it and reach up to play with Shay's breasts. She did this into the next song, then brought her hands down to Shay's pussy and pulled the crotch of her outfit aside and began eating her friend out. She soon shoved her fingers in her pussy finishing the job Shay started. It was so exciting to watch. I wondered if Sarah still wanted to be in Nikki's place. They did this throughout the song and came together, just as the next one was starting. Sarah was breathing heavy and as they came she sighed. I clapped my hands as they fixed their clothes back.

"Wow. That was great." They smiled at us.

Nikki, still kneeling on the floor then asked Shay. "Do I get my spanking now?"

Shay reached for her riding crop and told Nikki to stand with her hands against the wall. When Nikki was in position, with her ass thrust out as if begging to be whipped, Shay struck it three times with moderate force, leaving nice little red marks and said. "Dirty little whore." Sarah, of course, watched this closely.

Nikki straightened up and rubbed her ass for a few moments. With pain on her face she said "Thank you Mistress."

Shay sat down and asked me "Do I get my slut back?"

"Oh. How rude of me. Sarah, go sit with your Mistress."

"Yes sir." she replied. Sarah reluctantly got up and Shay had her straddle her legs. I looked at Nikki and patted my lap. She came over and sat down with a grimace.

A few minutes went by and I said. "While you two were dancing I asked Sarah which one she would like to trade places with. Guess what she said?" Sarah looked over at me with a hurt look on her face. I ignored it.

Shay asked Sarah. "Which one did you say?"

Sarah looked down and didn't say anything at first. Finally she answered. "Nikki."

"Oh? Would you like to give me a dance?"

"Ummm, Not really." She said in a quiet voice. She looked up at me with pleading eyes. I looked over at Shay as if to say 'your in control'.

Shay got the message and said. "Oh I think you do. In fact I insist you dance for me." She reassured Sarah by saying . "You don't have to get as nasty as Nikki. Next song. Ok?"

"Yes Mistress." was all Sarah said. The next song started and Sarah got up and started dancing. Shay immediately stopped her.

"No, no, no honey. You need to take that silly dress off."

Sarah's eyes got wide and she started to beg. "Oh my god. Please, no Mistress. Don't make me do that. I'll dance real sexy, I promise. Just don't make me do that." She looked over at me for backup. I shrugged my shoulders and pointed at Shay. She looked at Shay with pleading eyes and quivering mouth. There were at least two reasons why Sarah didn't want to strip. One, she was embarrassed to do it in front of these women. Two and most urgent, she knew the ass plug would be clearly visible if she turned around.

"No. That wont do. You need to take that dress off." Sarah slowly brought her hand up to her shoulder strap and slid it down her arm. Then she did the same with the other. Next she slowly pulled the top down showing her bare nipples and 1/4 cup bra. She held the dress at waist height and gave Shay another pleading look. Shay snapped her fingers and pointed at the floor. The dress dropped and Sarah stepped over it. Then she started dancing again. Nikki made a comment about how she liked the bra and would have to get one.

Sarah looked great in that lingerie. Those sexy stockings and garter with those tiny, soaked panties and five inch heels. She could pass for a stripper in that anywhere. I was popping a boner and Shay was practically drooling. We watched Sarah's awkward attempt at dancing for a few minutes then Shey told her to imagine riding a big fat cock. Sarah's technique improved dramatically. She never touched Shay and NEVER turned around. When that song was over Shay told her to keep going through the next one. Sarah continued to dance. Finally Shay asked Sarah to turn around so she could get a look at her ass. Sarah did a pirouette. Shay sternly told her to turn with her back facing us and dance a bit.

Sarah stopped her gyrations as a look of pure fear crossed he face. She whispered a terrified "No." Shay raised her eyebrows and asked her to repeat that. Sarah bent down and started putting on her dress as her eyes teared up. Shay glanced at my with a quizzical look. She knew something was up. I don't think Nikki was that smart. I knew I had to act fast or this would turn ugly.

"Sarah." I got her attention and she stopped with the dress around her waist. She had tears coming down her face. "I would be very disappointed if you asked to go home. Do you want to disappoint me?"

She looked down and stood there for a solid minute. Her tears stopped and finally she said "No sir. I never want to disappoint you." She knew what was expected of her and let the dress drop. Closing her eyes and hanging her head she turned around, spread her legs a couple of feet and started dancing. Ten seconds later Shay looked at me with shock on her face and said. "Holy shit. Is that what I think it is?" I watched Sarah's face as I nodded my head. A tear dropped from her eye but she never stopped dancing. Nikki chimed in.

"What? What is it?"

Shay looked back at Sarah's ass and said "The slut has a but plug shoved up her ass. Has that been in all night?"

I nodded my head as Sarah said "Yes mistress."

Nikki leaned over so she could see. "That's kinky."

Shay reached out and touched it. Sarah straightened a little. "You like that slut?" Sarah didn't answer. "Turn around and dance closer you nasty slut." Sarah did as she was told, looking at Shay with watery eyes. She started to rub against Shay and kiss her neck. Shay was playing with her nipples, pulling on them and applying some pressure. Sarah really started dancing good. She straddled Shay's legs and rubbed her panties on them in a fucking motion. Shay grabbed the back of her hair and pulled. Sarah closed her eyes and let out a lust filled moan. Shay kept pulling and Sarah kept humping her leg. I told Nikki to suck my cock. She got down on her knees and started in. Next Shay gave Sarah's nipple a good pinch. Sarah bit her lip. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. "What kind of girl are you?" she asked as she pulled hard on Sarah's nipple and hair.

With pain in her voice, she said "I'm a slut Mistress."

"Your a nasty slut."

"Yes Mistress, I'm a nasty slut." Shay let go of her nipple and slid her hand down to Sarah's crotch. She started playing real rough with the ass plug. She pulled it and moved it around as much as possible without popping it out. Sarah was moaning. Shay alternated between her pussy and the ass plug for the rest of the song and into the next. It was all I could do not to cum in Nikki's mouth as I watched this spectacle. I knew Sarah was going to cum if Shay kept this up much longer. I hope she didn't forget to ask for permission. A couple of minutes later it happened.

With a thin sheet of perspiration on her and cooing noises coming from her throat, Sarah said it. "Please Mistress. May I cum." I had to stop Nikki. I was primed and ready to explode, but I wanted to see this.

"First, tell me what you are." Shay commanded.

"Oh god. I'm a nasty, nasty slut who is begging to cum, Mistress. Please, let me cum."

"Cum for me you disgusting whore." And with a little cry my angle started to cum. As soon as she did, Shay brought her hand up to her nipple, pinched viciously and called her terrible names. Sarah humped Shay's leg while she came, making little Oh, Oh, Oh, noises. I had Nikki start in on me again. When Sarah was almost through I could no longer hold back. I pulled my cock out and sprayed Nikki's face and open mouth with a tremendous amount of the sticky goo. When I was done, Shay told Sarah "Crawl over there and clean off Nikki's face like a nasty little slut would." Sarah crawled over to Nikki and they began to Kiss and lick each other's face. So erotic. I wish I had a tape of this. I would have liked to show it to Sarah. We let them do that for a few minutes.

Finally I told Sarah to get dressed and wait for me out by the front door. She got up, got dressed and left. I shelled out another grand and thanked Nikki but told Shay I'd like to speak with her for a minute. When Nikki left I told Shay I liked her work and asked for her phone number so I could invite her over in a couple of weeks for a little one on one time with Sarah. She eagerly accepted, telling me she could have so much fun if they were in a secluded place. I thanked her and walked out to the front. I took hold of a zombie like Sarah and led her out the door and back to my car.

I brought her around to the passenger side and felt up under her dress, playing with the ass plug. She leaned against the car, arched her back and buried her head into her arms. Just then I noticed three guys walking towards us. One of them noticed us and pointed it out to his friends. I whispered to Sarah, telling her to finger her cunt. She reached a hand down to her pussy and began fucking herself. As the guys neared they slowed down a bit, finally coming to a stop in between my car and the car next to me. I grabbed Sarah's hair and tilted her head so she was facing her audience. She opened her eyes and saw them, but never stopped fucking herself. I was still playing with the plug and the guys were standing there staring in astonishment. I was surprised and a little pleased that Sarah never protested. In fact she never took her eyes off of them. It wasn't long before she said "Please Sir, May I cum?"

"Yes my pet. You may cum." It was explosive. She closed her eyes as a moan escaped her lips, and her hips began to buck. She came for half a minute, occasionally opening her eyes to view her audience. Finally when she was done. I removed my hand form her butt plug and hair then unlocked the door. The guys were still starring at her in amazement and lust. I told her to show them her pussy and tell them what kind of girl she was. Without hesitation she turned to face them, lifted up her dress, pulled her panties aside and said.

"I'm a nasty slut." With those words she shuddered as a new, small orgasm hit her. I told her to get in the car. She backed up still starring at the guys showing her pussy. I saw that she had her finger on her clit. She sat down. I closed the door and got in my side. The three guys watched us drive off, dumbfounded.

A mile down the road Sarah broke down. She began by crying like a baby. She wept for a long time. I brought her back to my place and carried her inside. I sat her down on the couch and held her telling her it was Ok. Eventually she stopped crying. I just held her, waiting for her to say something. It was only fifteen after twelve so I had some time.

After a long time she asked "Why?"

"Why what, my angle?"

"Why am I such a terrible person?"

"Ohhhh, my love. Where did you get that idea?"

"I-I liked it. Those nasty things I did with those girls. And....and then out in the parking lot." She began quietly weeping again.

"Shshshsh. That doesn't make you a terrible person. There are millions of people who like that kind of thing. That doesn't make them terrible people. I certainly don't think your a terrible person. I think your a kind and beautiful woman, who just needs a little direction. Your very special to me." She looked at me with love in her eyes. "My life would be empty without you. And I could never care for a terrible person the way I care for you. I love you. You know that. I love everything about you. Your not a terrible person."

"Then what kind of person am I? What kind of person likes doing those things?"

"Your a special person, Sarah. All kinds of people have fantasies like these, but the vast majority never get to experience them. You have been blessed because you found me. I open those doors for you. I make you live your fantasies and your fantasies are mine. We were meant for each other."

"Why do I feel so bad about it?"

"It's natural to feel that way. That's what makes it so exciting. If you didn't feel so bad about doing them, then there would be no fun in doing them. You like the humiliation, the degradation. It turns you on, it excites you. It turns you on when I make you do it. Right?" She nodded her head in the affirmative. "The reason it excites you is because it's so taboo in your mind. If you didn't have these notions about it, then it wouldn't be exciting. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"I think so. Your saying it's Ok for me to feel this way. That it's a normal thing."

"Yes my pet. It's very normal."

After a few minutes, she said. "So, you love me?"

I think the crisis had passed. "Yes, Sarah. I love you deeply. I have been looking for a girl like you for a long time. Now that I found you I'll never let you go."

"I love you too." I kissed her tenderly and held her for a few more minutes.

"It's time for you to go home. Would you like to take the but plug out, or should I?"

"I don't want to leave...ever."

"Ohhh. I know you don't. I don't want you to leave either but you have to. Your mother would freak out if you never came home again."

She giggled at that. "I guess your right. I hope that someday we can be together for good."

"Someday we will. I promise." This time she kissed me, passionately. She pulled away and I saw in her face that everything was going to be alright. We had just turned a corner in our relationship.

She looked at me with pouting lips and puppy dog eyes and said in her sweetest 'little girl' voice. "Will you please pull my but plug out for me, Sir."

I smiled and said "On your hands and knees, naughty girl." She obliged. So adorable, on hands and knees with back arched, ass facing me, her head turned towards me with that innocent face staring up at me. It was truly beautiful. I reached for her skirt and pulled it up. My heart fluttered a little at the sight of her perfect ass, filled with that plug. I couldn't believe I had a girl like this as my very own. I touched the plug. She took a sharp breath. She hung her head, as I started pulling gently on her ass plug. I pulled with ever increasing force until it finally popped out with a gooey slurping sound. She gave a quiet sigh.

I thought about her all night long.

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