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Ashley-the Human cow

Part 1


I stopped the car and stared at the silent stone barn for a few seconds then grabbing the piece of paper reread the directions. Going over them in my mind I realized that indeed this was the place. The big structure stood silent and majestic in the soft moonlight as I drove through the open steel gate and across the empty farmyard. I followed the graveled drive past the abandoned farmhouse and around the large metal, machine shed to discover two other cars already parked in the dusky interior. As instructed I parked my car beside them and taking a deep breath I unfastened my seatbelt.

I knew all too well that once I stepped inside the silent structure there was no going back. On one hand I was apprehensive about this and yet I had wanted this for so very long that I knew I would never be content unless I found out for myself if I had what it took to fulfill my fantasy.

My lush heavy breasts were already aching with the need to be emptied. As instructed I had allowed them to go without expressing them for almost twelve hours now. I took the keys from the ignition and dropping them in my shoulder bag I exited the car, enough of this. I had to know!

I found the heavy steel door just where the instructions had told me it would be. Taking a slow easy breath I stepped up and pulled it open to discover the interior of the barn was not at all what I expected. A stunning redhead wearing a strapless evening gown greeted me with a smile and invited me in to a lavish room of plush furniture and soft lights.

She checked my name against a clipboard and pointed to a door off to the left telling me that they were waiting for me. I swallowed hard and strode to the door and opening it stepped into a long hallway lined with doors spaced about thirty feet apart. Even as the door closed behind me a tall well-knit Negro man in a white smock stepped out into the hall and beckoned me by name.

I moved down the hallway and turned into the room to discover it was a lavish dressing room filled with all sorts of racks of clothes and such. The man closed the door and quipped, “There is little time. I need to prep you. Get naked.”

I moved to the center of the room, laid my shoulder bag on the vanity and knelt to untie my sneakers. I never hesitated as I crossed my arms over my chest and grabbing the bulky sweatshirt by the hem drew it off over my head exposing my generous breasts encased in the old worn nursing bra.

Tossing it to the chair I slid off my sweat pants and stood motionless as the ebony skinned man moved around my womanly form. His skilled hands found the clasp to my bra and in seconds it was slipping down my arms to the floor as his strong black hands hefted my creamy flawless udders. His eyes swept across my puffy well-defined areoles and thick dark nipples then without any hesitation he let my milk swollen breasts drop as he grasped my nipples and squeezed stretching out my 38Es. I gasped as I felt my milk letting down and in mere seconds his fingers were moist with my sweet nectar.

I shuddered and stifled a soft moan as he smiled and insisted, “Oh you are full. The crowd will like watching you get milked.” I blushed as he asked, “How long since you were bred bitch?”

I licked my lips and confessed, “About six months, my husband was killed in a car crash and I lost the baby.”

His dark eyes met mine and he nodded before asking, “You read over the release form?”

“Yes and I agree to the terms as written.” I replied soberly. The man pointed to the table and I moved across the room to sign it. I laid down the pen and the man smiled as he insisted; “We have only about half an hour to get you prepped so we have to get right to it, ready?”

I nodded almost eagerly knowing that from this point on I was under this mans firm control having signed the form. He pointed to a padded gynecology table and without any hesitation I sat my naked body on the edge then laid back as the man lifted my feet into the stirrups.

In a matter of moments I found my legs spread out wide as he examined my golden colored pubic hair then he reached for a pair of scissors. I lifted my head and peering down between my jutting breasts watched as he clipped away at my golden fur. His talented hands moved over my mound snipping away with deft skill.

I watched in a mixture of awe and apprehension knowing that I was feeling more vulnerable than ever before. Once shaved I knew I looked much younger, almost like an adolescent teenager with oversized boobs!

The hot towels followed and I gasped at the intense heat that radiated through my groin but remained silent as the man whipped up a mug of frothy lather and covered my stubble-covered mound with white shaving soap. I heard him calmly inform me, “You best lay back and close your eyes. I dont want to cut you if you flinch. Do a good job and Ill give you a reward, okay?”

I mutely nodded and taking a slow easy breath, lay back on the padded cushion. I felt his fingers slightly stretch my skin and then the gleaming straight razor was gliding across my flesh.  I heard him comment, “Oh you look so fine shaved bitch. Nice baby soft skin for the man to tease, then fuck. My, my yes!”

I blushed at his crude remarks but knew he was actually complimenting me. It was a long three minutes, but then my handler declared I was through.  I lifted my head and stared in stunned delight at the sight of my totally hairless pubic mound. I watched as the smock garbed man moved back to stand between my thighs and without any warning he eased two thick fingers into my spread pussy.

I groaned and bucked against his hand as I pleaded, “Oh yes, that feels so good. Please get me off, please?”

The mans smile preceded his warning, “It will cost you bitch.”

I groaned and nodded knowing that any pleasure I received now would bring me pain or humiliation later. The man increased the rhythm of his fingers and I rode his digits with total abandon as I felt the pleasure growing in my loins. I came with a low squeal of delight afraid that someone out in the hallway might hear me.

A wet cloth cleansed my sopping wet pussy. Then I was pulled to my feet and told to put on what was laid out on the vanity. The articles consisted of a chain garter-belt that held up silver mesh stockings and a metal and leather breast harness that was designed out of two sets of metal rings.

One rested snug against my chest wall connected with four leather straps that connected a second smaller ring that was the exact diameter as my puffy coral colored areoles. Once I had managed to force my two swollen udders into the harness my handler drew the leather straps over my shoulders and then tightened the strap that was buckled behind my back securing the bra like harness in place.

The visual effect alone would make my tits the very center of attention, as they stood straight out from my chest like twin ripe creamy cantaloupes. I looked in stunned awe at my reflection in the mirror as my handler teased my thick dark nipples for a few seconds then declared, “We dont have much time. Bend over the table and grab your ass cheeks bitch!”

I meekly nodded and turning around did as instructed knowing that my transformation was just about complete. Resting my cheek on the padded leather table I reached back grasping my pert bubble butt cheeks and spreading my thighs. I waited as I heard my handler move behind me.

I felt the tip of the lubricated tapered butt plug press against my tight semi-virgin asshole and I exhaled relaxing my rear passage. There was a burning sensation as the plug was slowly but firmly pushed into my rectum leaving the soft light golden horsehair tail to hang from my pert backside. I groaned in slight discomfort as I stood up but my handler reassured me, “Your ass will adjust in just a few minutes, now for the collar and cuffs.”

I stood motionless while he walked around my naked form. His black hands caressing my soft creamy white skin as he secured the cuffs at my wrists and ankles then finally locked the black collar about my trim neck. The black leather hood was slid over my face concealing my identity but allowed me to see and to speak if required. However the most I would be saying during my time on stage was to sound like a cow.

I looked down as the Negro male dropped to one knee and slid black padded kneepads up my slender legs to cover my knees so I could crawl out to the stage and back. Standing he clipped a chain leash to my collar and then nodded in delight, “Almost ready bitch. On your knees!”

I complied feeling my milk-swollen tits judder in the harness, as my pussy grew wetter by the second in anticipation of what was to come. I placed my hands behind my head as instructed and watched as the man reached in his pocket and withdrew a length of silver chain. The heavy-duty butterfly clamps at each end were designed to inflict serious discomfort and I gasped, “Oh please no!”

The man simply smiled and informed me, “I cant have you leaking anything until its time for the show. Besides, you agreed to this if I let you come, remember?”

I swallowed hard knowing my fate was sealed and bowed my head in surrender as he eased the first clamp in place over my ultra sensitive dark nipple. The unpadded jaws closed firmly astride my turgid flesh and I whimpered gritting my teeth against the red-hot fire that exploded in my breast. I could clearly see the bulge in my handlers trousers as he moved to my other udder and slid the other clamp on as well.

I shivered and tried to breath past the anguish in my tits but knew all too well that this was just the beginning of my ordeal. I still had to crawl on my hands and knees, my heavy loaded tits swaying under me while the heavy chain tugged at my crushed nipples all the way to the stage.

There was a knock on the closed door and a female voice was heard, “Three minutes.”

My handler smiled at me and he quipped, “Lets go milk slut. You do a good job out there and Ill give you a good private fuck here later.” I dropped to all fours as instructed before he led me out the door and down the carpeted hallway.

I was about halfway down the hall feeling the chain dragging on the carpet under me when I realized that the show was upstairs in the upper level of the structure. I was led into an elevator and waited in stoic silence as it rose up to the second floor where I was led down another hall to the rear of the stage.

My handler tugged on my leash and I sat back on my heels to watch from the wings as the preceding act finished up. The woman was a classy brunette bound to an X shaped cross. Her large bare breasts were bound in coils of thin coarse hemp rope making them stand out from her young body.

A man dressed in black leather wearing a hood drew back and brought a flexible switch down across her bound udders with a vengeance that made her tits bounce under the blow.

The gagged woman screamed around the red rubber ball secured in her mouth as another bright pink line formed on her flawless creamy breasts. She struggled in vain to escape as the switch came down again and again marking her soft flesh.

The climax was when the man targeted her swollen nipples and gave her three solid strokes to each one. The womans body went rigid as she came then promptly fainted as the crowd cheered and applauded lustily.

The curtain closed and the stage crew lifted the cross and its occupant to carry her off stage while another crew rolled a strange leather padded metal contraption into center stage. It was placed on a platform about three feet high while the video cameras were positioned to catch every angle for the crowds viewing on the big flat screen TVs that were along the walls.

I knew that in a few minutes everyone in the place would be watching me as a shiver of eager anticipation ran through my body. The clamps hurt like hell as I fought back the tears that threatened to escape my eyes. The curtain opened and the hooded man that had been punishing the first woman strode to the center of the stage amid loud applause.

Raising his hands the audience fell silent as he spoke in a low yet clear voice. “From time to time here we are asked to make a persons sexual fantasy come true. Our next act is just such a case; it is slightly different than our usual B&D exhibitions. It involves a woman desiring to be treated as a human cow. Now, I must confess that when you see her you will wonder why anyone would want to treat such a stunning well endowed woman as this as a piece of livestock.

She should be sucking cock and getting her tits flogged by her Dom, but since she has requested this we are going to oblige her. Please welcome to the stage, Ashley, the big titted cow!”

My handler tugged on my leash and I meekly crawled out into the bright stage lights. The crowd started to clap as I was led across the hardwood stage and then with a tug was urged up on the platform. I whimpered slightly as I crawled up the steps to the waiting metal milking stanchion as the chain tugged at my abused nipples.

I couldnt see over the bright stage lights but knew that there were people out there watching my breasts sway under me as I was positioned in the device. My hands were slid into mitten type holders and tied in place as my knees were spread wide behind me before a wide leather strap was tightened about my waist holding me in place. I looked down in time to see the mans hands move to my breasts as he spoke to the crowd, “As a precaution we clamped her nipples to keep her from loosing any milk before we get the pumps in place. Are you ready to be milked cow?”

I nodded and mooed loudly as the crowd laughed then cheered. I felt the man tug on the chain between my clamps and I groaned in anguish. There was a sound from off to my left and I turned my head to see a silver wheeled cart being rolled up next to my now helpless body. I knew what it had to be and my pulse quickened as I realized it was actually going to happen.

I lowered my head and stared at my harnessed udders as the man in leather knelt beside my helpless form. Reaching under me he plucked off the clamps with glee. My momentary relief was short lived as the feeling came flooding back into my nipples. I moaned and trembled as the waves of anguish flooded through my generous tits.

The crowd was cheering now enjoying my dilemma as I struggled against my bonds in vain. I bit my lower lip as I tried to cope with the anguish knowing that my ordeal was far from over. I heard the machine come to life next to me with a low frequency hum as the man informed the crowd; “We will attach these transparent cylinders over the cows nipples and will literally suck the milk from her big, fat 38Es. Anyone that wants a sample of her milk may have one. She has requested though that you not waste it by just dumping it out.”

He paused and I turned my head to see a woman wearing a tiny thong bikini approach him with a piece of paper. I waited with bated breath as he read the note then he smiled and turning to me he dropped to one knee to whisper, “A male Dom from the audience has offered you a thousand dollars if he can breed you while youre being milked, then he wants a private milking session with you later.”

I swallowed hard and blinked my eyes at him then nodded in agreement. What the hell did I have to loose, a thousand bucks would go a long way to paying off my overdue bills. The man stood and looking out over the audience he spoke, “Would the gentleman in seat number 87 please come to the stage?”

There was instant cheering and I felt like a display on the “Price is right!” I turned my head and glanced up as the tall, well knit young man stepped up into the lights. The mask prevented me from seeing him clearly and I waited as the stage crew applied KY to the edges of the cylinders. The leather-clad male knelt beside me and with deft ease slid the first cylinder over my puffy areole. I gasped feeling the firm yet gentle suction as the tube was drawn to my hanging udder. I looked back as the machine increased its efforts and the tube clung to my breast like a transparent leach.

I felt unfamiliar hands teasing my other nipple as the other stranger slid the second tube in place and I shivered as his voice wafted across my ear, “Damn but you look good with those tubes on your tits slut. I want to swat your sweet ass a few times before I fuck you, okay?”

I thought about it then nodded as his hand ran over my pert ass. The crowd was clapping in time to the surging of the pumps as I felt my milk letting down. I glanced down at my tits and saw tiny drops of blue/white fluid forming at the tips of my nipples as the hooded male increased the setting.

I gasped as the man informed the crowd, “Our cow has consented to be bred and switched while shes being milked, isnt that great?”

I almost felt as if this were a dream as I felt the switch lightly land on my pert backside as the crowd cheered and chanted, “Beat her, beat her, beat her!” The light swats increased to stinging strokes as I mooed loudly and wiggled my pert ass in an effort to evade the punishment.

I was right on the edge of begging for mercy when the man stopped and dropping to one knee beside me he whispered, “You alright big tits?”

I nodded and whispered, “Please fuck me; fuck me hard!” The man patted my pert ass then standing he moved behind me. I felt him lift the tail that hung from my violated asshole, then heard the crowd cheering as he engaged the head of his cock between my obscenely spread pussy lips.

I rocked my hips back as best I could and gasped in utter disbelief. The thick crown of his man meat spread me wider than I had ever been before. I felt every vein and ridge of his turgid fuck tool as it rammed hard and deep into my hot wet passage. As much as I tried I couldnt muffle the shrill cry of delight and surprise as he filled me with his thick long fuck tool. The crowd went wild chanting, “Fuck her, fuck her; fuck her!”

The pressure on my tits was increasing now as my sweet life sustaining nectar started to flow in long jets into the cylinders and down the clear rubber hoses to the catch bottle under the platform. I had never felt so humiliated and yet so free in all my life. The sensation of the milk being forced from my breasts combined with the fullness in my pussy to create such bliss as I had only dreamed of till now.

The strangers strong hands held my hips firmly as he rode my helpless body. I felt his thick monster shaft grazing my cervix as he thrust deep into my cock hungry body. I moaned as I felt the pleasure in my tits plus the delight in my pussy hurtling me towards another orgasm.  Biting my lower lip I held in the scream of delight as I came like a wanton whore in heat. The man behind me swatted my ass as I came as he roared, “Shes coming like a bitch in heat! You wanton whore!”

I nodded conceding his declaration as the milk flowed from my tits like twin streams from a fountain. The crowd was on its feet now cheering as the man thrust harder into me and with a roar he filled my passage with his hot tart cum.

Even as he withdrew from my gapping hole I felt the pump slowing then stop as I blinked my eyes at the container below me. It easily held several ounces of my rich sweet milk. The hooded male tugged the transparent cylinders from my elongated areoles and dripping nipples making me groan in discomfort as two girls in bikinis set out shot glasses on the edge of the stage and poured my essence into them for the patrons to sample.

I was quickly freed and led off stage amid cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd as I struggled to focus on keeping my balance on shaky knees from the intensity of my orgasm.

Returning to the dressing room was all a foggy memory at the time but there was a soft tapping on the closed dressing room door as my handler was easing the tail from my sore asshole. I blushed knowing who it had to be but remained bent over the table as I heard the muffled conversation at the door. I watched as the ebony skinned man nodded then admitted the tall stranger that had so masterfully manhandled me on stage.

To my surprise my handler exited the room closing it behind him. I stood and waited as the man approached in the shadows then stepping out into the soft light I actually saw him for the first time. I fought to breath as I realized who it was; it was my late husbands brother!

He reached out and grasping my arm gently he smiled as he declared, “You have no idea how long I have waited for this Ashley. I knew it was you on stage the instant I saw you and God help me but I had to have you.”

His hands reached out and untying the mask slid it off my head to toss it aside before he continued, “I thought my brother was the luckiest bastard on earth the evening he brought you home and introduced you to our parents. And that wedding gown you wore almost drove me nuts, I had to leave right after I gave the toast at your reception before I did something stupid.”

Even as he spoke his hands sought out my plump full breasts, his skilled fingers teasing my dripping nipples. I shivered in delight as he leaned down and taking my left nipple in his mouth he suckled me gently yet with strong need. I felt the milk rush down my turgid nipple into his mouth as I gasped his name and clung to his shoulders.

I let him drink his fill then leaned back against the table as he looked down at me and informed me, “Ashley, I know things have been very hard for you financially since Ron was killed. I know you have been struggling to barely get by. Are you open to a proposition?”

I blushed and nodded hoping it was what I thought he was going to offer me. How could I ever tell him that I knew that my marriage to his brother had been a mistake and that what I had done tonight was what I truly craved?

I felt his hands cup my heavy ripe breasts in his strong powerful hands. My nipples were already hard and thick as he thumbed them making me quiver at his touch. His voice was low and intense as he whispered, “Ashley I would like you to come live with me. I want you to be my submissive live in sex slave/cow. I want you to run around my big house wearing just exotic lingerie and a set of cuffs and a collar. I want you to crawl around there and be there to pleasure me anytime I want you. To drink from your magnificent big tits and to milk them when I want. To use you as I desire.”

I heard his words and my heart leaped in my bosom as I realized that this was what I had wanted from my late husband, but it was not to be. I cupped Brents face in my hands and meeting his gaze I asked, “Will you promise to dominate me and make me your total whore?”

His eyes filled with steel resolve as he replied, “Is that what you want Ashley, do you want to be totally mine?”

I nodded and kissed him long and hard before begging, “Please Brent, yes. Make me your total slave.”

I gasped as he grabbed my arm to snap, “Turn around Ashley and offer me your tight asshole, now!”

I stood there for all of about ten long seconds as I realized he was accepting my offer and with a soft cry I turned and leaning over the table reached back to spread my cheeks as I widened my stance.

I remember hearing the zipper of his slacks run down then I gasped long and loud as I felt the thick flared crown of his rock hard cock press against my tight semi-virgin ass. I took a deep breath and forced my body to relax and with a slow yet steady thrust I felt his thick massive tool force its way into my backside.

I gripped the edge of the table as I felt him lance deep into my willing asshole. Oh god it felt incredible, my nipples were rock hard and throbbing as I felt his hands move behind me and in seconds the leather and metal harness was slipping off my large tits. Once freed his strong hands slid under me and found them, his strong fingers gripping my lush udders and using them he pulled me back on his thick shaft.

I whimpered, “Oh yes Master, use me.”

His voice was filled with delight as he quipped, “You either learn fast Ashley or you have always been a closet submissive.” With that he started to piston into my tight backside. I groaned and answered, “I have always wanted to be a mans total focus, to feel free to be a totally sexual creature and to feel free to be as naughty and sensual as I want.”

I heard Brent chuckle as he rammed his thick cock balls deep into my tight ass before he retorted, “Oh believe me Ashley, once I get you moved into my country house? Youre going to not only get your brains fucked out, youre going to get milked several times a day while in bondage. Im going to use a switch on these big fat tits every few days and enjoy hearing you beg to be fucked!”

I rocked back on his thick shaft and mewled, “Oh yes Master Brent, this unworthy slave would love to suck your hard cock every day and offer my tits to the switch for your pleasure.” And you know what; I did just that!

Review This Story || Author: Lancer
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