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Review This Story || Author: John Roberts

Bound gagged tortured raped

Part 1


There was a knock on my door, I was not expecting any visitors, there was no reason why anybody should come here. It was why I'd bought this place, so I could rape and torture young girls without anyone knowing. I opened the door and when I saw a young girl standing there I just knew that she was going to be my next rape victim.

She was very pretty and very slender. Her eyes were blue and she had lovely lips. Her hair was long and blonde. Her tits were large but firm under her white shirt. She wore a short black skirt and black high heels which showed her sexy toes. My cock went hard with excitement.

"What do you want?" the rapist asked.

I'd already decided that I was going to abduct this young girl and that I was going to rape her and torture her.

"Please can you help me, I have been shopping with my mom and now I can't find her and I am frightened. Can I please come in and use your phone so I can tell my mom where I am and she can come and pick me up".

"What is your name little girl".

"Tina Scott", she replied.

"How old are you Tina".

"I'm 13" she answered.

My cock was so hard with excitement it felt like it would explode when she said that.

"Well please come in Tina, the phone is in the lounge. I have just got to go in the kitchen but I will be right back".

Grabbing my gun, a knife, a ball gag and two sets of handcuffs from the drawer, I went back into the lounge to where Tina was.

I showed the bitch the handcuffs, the ball gag, the knife and my gun.

"What have you got those for" Tina asked in a quiet voice.

"The handcuffs are what I will use to keep you tied up when I rape you, the ball gag is to keep you quiet when I torture you and the knife is for cutting your tits off if you disobey me. The gun is to terrify you".

Her face suddenly went pale.

"Would you like to see my cock Tina".

"NO" she screamed and tried to run away.

I caught her around the waist and shoved her onto a couch. She screamed again so I hit her hard across her face. The bitch cowered in front of me which made me happy.

I unzipped my pants and my hard cock sprang straight out at Tina.

The bitch looked at my cock in fear and started crying.

Have you ever been raped Tina" I asked.

Tina shook her head, "My friend was raped and she said it hurts".

"Your friend is right Tina it is going to hurt you when I shove my cock up your little cunt. You are also going to be tortured and that will really hurt especially when I torture your tits".

"Please don't rape me or torture me she begged, Please let me go home my mom will be worried".

"I don't give a fuck about your mom Tina, if your mom was here I would rape her and torture her as well".

"Please let me go home to my mommy she cried, I don't want to be raped, I don't want to be hurt".

"I don't give a fuck about what you want bitch. You are going to be raped and your tits are going to be tortured. You are going to experience a lot of pain".

Tina looked at me in terror.

My cock was standing proud just aching to fuck her young cunt and her sexy mouth. So turning her over onto her stomach I shoved her face down and yanked her hands behind her back and quickly cuffed them. Turning her over on to her back I shoved my hand up her skirt and pulled her panties off and felt her small naked young cunt. Sitting her up I could see that she was terrified of me which made me very happy.

Tina looked at me with tears in her eyes as I then cuffed her ankles together.

Taking my razor sharp knife I quickly cut off all of Tina's clothes. She was now sitting in front of me naked and shaking with fear. Her tits were large so I hit them several times leaving my finger marks all over them.

Tina screamed out in pain.

"With all the pain you are going to suffer cunt, you will be crying a lot more before I am finished with you".


Smiling, I put my razor sharp knife on her tits and on her nipples.

"Please don't hurt me, Please don't rape me I'm only 13 years old".

"I don't give a fuck how old you are Tina, you are still going to be raped and tortured. Now open your mouth bitch so that I can put my cock in it".

Tina opened her mouth and I put my cock in it. Her mouth was hot around my throbbing cock and I moaned with pleasure.

"You are going to suck my cock bitch and swallow my spunk when I cum, if you don't I will cut your fucking tits off".

Little girls do not know how to suck a man's cock so that he enjoys it. But Tina would be doing a lot of cocksucking.

While I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples she began to suck my cock and I moaned with the pleasure. I came almost immediately I was so excited. So grabbing hold of her head I held it there while my spunk filled her mouth, she had no choice but to swallow. Satisfied I pulled my cock out of her mouth and then carried her upstairs and threw her down on the bed.

Tina was looking at me in terror as I took some rope and tied her tits up tight. I then slapped them and the bitch screamed out in pain. It made me so fucking happy hearing Tina sob and seeing her squirm and struggle to try and escape from her restraints.

"Did you enjoy sucking my cock bitch and swallowing my spunk" I laughed.

Tina was so terrified of me, she could only just manage to shake her head.

"Well thats just to bad Tina because you are going to suck my cock and swallow my spunk a lot more times".

With that I straddled her tits and shoved my cock back into her pretty mouth. Feeling her tongue and lips on my cock as she sucked it was so wonderful. After fucking her sexy mouth and shooting my load in it and making her swallow my cum, I then ball gagged her.

Tina was looking at me in terror with tears in her eyes as I left her lying on her bed, her hands handcuffed behind her back and her ankles cuffed together.

Having rested I went back to Tina's room eager to fuck her sexy mouth again. But first I took off my belt and whipped her tits and nipples.

She screamed out in agony as she lay there bound and terrified.

I shoved my cock to the back of her throat. Crying and in pain she sucked it and swallowed my spunk without choking.

Before bed that night I let the bitch eat and use the bathroom before tying her spread-eagled back to her bed. Looking at her lying there naked, bound and gagged and so helpless and so terrified of me made me very happy.


I was anxious to start the torture of little Tina's tits. I untied the bitch from her bed and then tied her to a chair, her hands were bound behind her back, her ankles tied to the legs of the chair and then I took her ball gag out of her mouth.

"It's time now Tina for your tits to be tortured. I am going to push some needles into your tits and also into your nipples. I want to see how much pain you can take".

Tina looked at me in horror and burst into tears and struggled with her restraints.

I set up my camera to film her in her torment when I raped her and tortured her.

Smiling, I put a needle against her left tit and then slowly pushed it in her tit.

Tina screamed out in pain.

"Please don't hurt me, Please don't do this to me, Please let me go home to my mom, I'm only 13 years old".

"I have hardly started yet bitch, you are going to suffer a lot more pain than this".

So I took another needle and pushed it slowly in her other tit.

She screamed out for me to stop, but I couldn't I was so excited. So I shoved more needles into her tits.

"NO, she cried, Please don't do it, Please stop, Please stop, it hurts".

"I can't stop Tina,  I have got to do it, I want to hurt you".

Taking  four hat pins I told her that I was now going to push these into her nipples.

I pushed two hat pins into her right nipple and then the other two into her left nipple. Tina screamed long and loud, her tears falling down her pretty face. Tina was so young and so pretty that I just had to torture her some more. Unlocking the door to her bedroom, I untied her from the chair put a noose around her neck and dragged her downstairs to the basement.

"I am going to rape you bitch,  I'm going to fuck your lovely little cunt".

"I don't want to be raped it will hurt me she cried, I am only 13 years old".

"But I want to rape you and I want to hurt you. I want to shove my cock up your little cunt and shoot my spunk in you.

Tina was shaking in terror and pain as she looked at me with tears in her eyes.


The rapist made little Tina lie on the padded table and told her not to move. Tina was so scared of me she didn't move a muscle or even whimper when I fastened the cuffs to her wrists and ankles. I spread the the little girls legs so that they hung over the edges of the table. I had a clear view of her very tiny, very fresh, smooth young cunt. My cock was rock hard and eager to fuck her young cunt. I hoped it hurt her a lot when I shoved my cock up her tiny cunt.

Getting on top of her I pushed down on the little girls thighs and shoved my cock against her cunt and tried to push my cock into her. She moaned again and again as my cock tried to enter her young cunt. Shoving my cock as hard as I could the rapist thrust his hips forward. She screamed out in terrible pain, her hymen was stretching but would not break. I pulled my cock back and thrust forward harder still but I was getting nowhere her small cunt was just to tight.

Her screams were getting louder and she was making me very angry because I could not get my cock in her cunt. So I slapped the bitches tits hard and told her to "Shut the fuck up or I will cut your tits off".

Her screams ended abruptly and she just lay there sobbing in pain and terror.

"Fucking bitch, your cunt is so small and tight I can't get my cock in. You have got me so mad bitch that I should kill you".

I had to think, I had to find some way to break her hymen but my cock on its own was not enough. I looked around the room for something to use. There was a number of clamps I could use plus some scalpels. I could clamp her cunt open and then use the scalpel to cut her hymen open. It would cause her a lot of pain which was what I wanted but that would be to easy. 

Instead I found something else, it was half a broomstick I had used in another rape I had done. It was to blunt to use on its own without damaging her internally. So I modified it by taping a nail to the end of the broomstick.

I could see the bitch was looking at me probably wondering what I was doing.

"I slapped Tina's face and tits, "There this should do it bitch".

I applied the spreader clamp to Tina's small cunt. I had to adjust it so that it fitted her then I spread her small cunt open. The bitch moaned and screamed in pain.

Guiding the stick carefully I pushed it into her young cunt giving it a gentle push at first when the nail hit her hymen. Then a harder push and this time Tina screamed out loud her face pouring with sweat. I pulled the stick out and saw blood. Good, the bitch was now ready to receive my cock.

I took the clamp off her cunt and got on top of her again. Tina was trembling violently as I pinned her 13 year old thighs down and thrust my cock into her cunt. Her hymen stretched and then broke. I was so fucking happy now that I was  inside her cunt and she was in so much pain. I fucked her cunt hard, my moans of pleasure mixed with her grunts of pain. She was the tightest girl I had ever been in. Her cunt muscles were like a vice clamping down hard around my cock. Each thrust of my cock was so good and with her cunt being so small and tight I shot my load into her in less than two minutes, the fucking bitch.

I withdrew my cock, which made an audible pop on the way out. Tina was moaning and sobbing hysterically, her thighs and abdomen quivering from the pain. I let the bitch sob for a few minutes, her pretty face was screwed up in pain.

I looked at her tits and nipples covered in needles and at her sexy toes. Then I shoved my cock back into her young cunt again and raped her viciously, pounding her cunt so hard that her entire body jerked and shook. I continued to rape her until I was at last able to shoot my load into her again. Getting off little Tina I stood looking at the bitch as she lay there totally subdued unable to move because of her restraints and her face contorted in pain.

"Now cunt I am going to piss into your mouth and you are going to swallow it. If you spit it out I will cut your fucking tits off, do you understand".

Little Tina just nodded her head, she was too terrified to speak and in too much pain.

I untied the bitch from her bed, bound her hands behind her back and made her kneel in front of me. Putting my razor sharp knife against her tits I pissed into her mouth. Tina coughed choked and gagged as she tried desperately to swallow my piss, but some of it spilled out of her mouth.

"Please don't cut my tits off she cried, I swallowed as much as I could honest I did".

"Fucking good job you did bitch or I would have cut your tits off".

Little Tina stared up at me, her rapist-torturer with glazed eyes. She was naked, her hands were bound and she was terrified of me.

"Listen cunt you are my sex slave and you will do anything I tell you to do or I will punish you".

Tina could only nod her head as she knelt there bound and terrified.

I smiled at her while I ball gagged her, she was totally submissive now, my own little sex slave, I would continue to rape her, torture her and fuck her pretty young mouth. Putting a noose around her neck I pulled the bitch upstairs to her bedroom and let her eat and use the bathroom. Then I tied the bitch spread-eagled to her bed.

"Try and get some sleep Tina because tomorrow I am going to torture your cunt", I smiled at her.

Tina looked at me in terror and struggled to try and escape from her restraints.


The next morning I got up early, I was excited about torturing little Tina's cunt and my cock was just waiting to fuck her mouth. Going straight to her room I saw her lying there naked, tied spread-eagled to the bed, her soft young tits still covered in needles. She was so young and pretty and so innocent. I looked at her sexy toes and at her tiny cunt that I had raped. Then I slapped her tits to wake her up.

When Tina saw me there was a look of terror on her face and she began to cry.

I removed her ball gag. "Today Tina I am going to sew your cunt up and it is going to hurt you a lot".

I showed Tina the needle and cotton I was going to use to sew her cunt up.

"NO don't do it to me, Please don't do it, I beg you not to do it to me, the pain will be to much".

"Your right Tina, I can't have you making too much noise", so smiling I ball gagged her again.

Tina looked at me horrified.

I put the needle against her cunt and then shoved it in her. She screamed and screamed through her ball gag as the needle went in and out of her young cunt. She had passed out long before I had finished sewing her cunt up. I examined her small cunt and was happy with my work. I looked at her lying there unconscious, her pretty face screwed up in pain and I felt very fucking happy.

When she finally came round, I untied the bitch from her bed, bound her hands behind her back and took her ball gag off. Grabbing the noose around her neck I pulled the trembling and shaking Tina downstairs to the basement.

She was so terrified and in so much pain because of her cunt being sewn up the bitch could hardly walk. So I just dragged her along by her neck.


"Your tits are going to be tortured some more bitch. You can scream as much as you like down here because no one can hear you".

Strapping the bitch down on the table by her wrists and ankles the rapist attached crocodile clips to her small pink nipples. The pain as the clips bit into her nipples made Tina buck and jerk her body to try and shake off the terrible pain giving devices. Her screams and tears only made the rapist more excited. So taking a candle I poured hot wax all over her tits, nipples and cunt. She strained and pulled at her restraints to try and escape the pain.

"Please don't do this to me it hurts, Please stop".

"If you think this is hurting you bitch just wait till you see what I am going to do to you next".

The rapist then put an apparatus above Tina's tits with a bar going across. From the bar dangled two crocodile clips on elastic. I pulled one clip down and attached it to Tina's left nipple and then let it go. The elastic pulled back stretching Tina's tit up and the clip bit into her nipple. Tina gave an almighty scream of pain. The rapist was so fucking happy with the effect that he then did the same thing to Tina's right nipple. Again the elastic stretched, pulling her tit upwards with the clip biting into her nipple.

"Stop it, Stop it, Please stop it, they are pulling my nipples off, the pain is too much for me" Tina cried.

I was so happy and excited that she was in such a lot of pain, that I just had to carry on with her torture. I got six long needles and pushed them very slowly into her nipples. Tina thrashed about on the table in terrible pain and agony and this only made it worse. Because not only was her tits being stretched by the elastic but the crocodile clips were biting into her nipples even more.

Tina had never known so much pain could exist.

"Why are you doing this to me she screamed, I'm just a young girl, I am only 13 years old so why are you hurting me so much. Please let me go home to my mommy, Please let me go home I can't take anymore pain, I'm just a young girl.".

"I am a rapist and I love to hurt young girls, you are just a cock sucking bitch to be raped and tortured".

"But it is not my fault she cried, I only sucked you because you told me to, so what am I doing wrong. If I suck you I am punished, and if I don't suck you I am punished. I don't deserve this, I just don't understand why you are doing this to me" she cried.

"All you need to understand bitch is that you are my sex slave and I am your rapist and that you are here to be raped and tortured".

It was all so hard to understand for a 13 year old girl, she was so confused.


I took the clips off Tina's nipples and untied her wrists. I made the bitch sit up and put her hands behind her back then I handcuffed them together. After I had untied her ankles from the corners of the bed I made her sit in a straight back chair. Tina looked on helplessly while I tied her ankles to the chair. Because she still had the needles stuck in her tits and nipples her pretty face was filled with pain and she was crying. Taking some more rope I tied Tina's tits up so tight, she thought they were going to burst and she screamed out in pain.

Looking at her sexy toes, my cock was hard again and I needed to shoot my load.

"Open your fucking mouth bitch and suck my cock then swallow my spunk when I cum".

Tina had no choice but to obey me, her rapist. Standing in front of her I grabbed her tits and shoved my cock into her hot sexy young mouth and almost shot my load.

Even though she was only 13 years old and in alot of pain, she knew how to suck my cock. Her hot tongue and lips felt so good on my cock as I watched her head bobbing up and down as she worked to make me cum. Tina's tears were falling onto my cock which made me very happy knowing she hated doing this. I felt a tingling in my balls and I knew it would not be long before the bitch would be swallowing my cum. Moaning in pleasure I shot my load into her hot sexy mouth and it felt so fucking good. When the bitch had swallowed my spunk I was so fucking happy.

Tina again pleaded with me to let her go home. "Please can I go home to my mom now, I'm just a young girl, haven't you hurt me enough?. I want to go home to my mom".

"Look cunt, I am your rapist and you are my sex slave, I will only let you go when I have finished with you. Until then I will continue to rape you and torture you".

Getting a thin cane I hit her bound tender young tits and nipples.

Tina struggled with the ropes that bound her to her chair and screamed out for me to stop. "Please stop I am in agony, I can't take any more, I am only 13, Please stop hurting me".

"I don't give a fuck about your screaming Tina, or your cries of pain and pleading with me to stop and let you go because you are only 13 years old. I want to hear these things, its what makes my cock so happy".

For little Tina tied to her chair with her cunt sewn up and her tits bound with rope and with needles stuck in her tits and nipples, she knew her nightmare of rape and torture was going to continue for a long time yet.

What other tortures had this monster got planned for her. Just what was she going to have done to her she wondered.

Then she found out.

"Your tits Tina need more punishment, so I am going to burn them and your nipples with a cigarette".

"NO, you can't do that to me, I am only 13, I am just a young girl, Please don't do it to me, Please don't".

"Then Tina I will take the stitches out of your cunt and I will nail your cunt lips to the chair you are sitting on. You see Tina I want to do it to you because I want to see you in pain".

"I am already in a lot of pain you bastard, I hate you, I hope you rot in hell".

"Then after nailing your cunt to the chair Tina, I will then nail your tits to the table, I am looking forward to hurting you and seeing you in a lot of pain".

"You bastard, you are just a monster, I hope you rot in hell".

Tina struggled like a crazy wild thing trying to escape from her restraints.

Lighting a cigarette I put the hot tip against her tit. Tina screamed out in pain as she struggled with the ropes and handcuffs that bound her to her chair. I put the hot tip against her other tit and she continued to scream and struggle like a wild thing trying to get loose from the ropes that bound her. The handcuffs bit into her wrists and the ropes chaffed her ankles.

I just loved watching her struggle like that, it made my cock so happy.

I put the hot tips on her nipples and she screamed and screamed in agony her eyes going wide in terror and pain.

I stood looking at her tied to her chair, her tits bound with rope and her nipples full of needles as she struggled to escape from her restraints. Her pretty face was screwed up in agony, her tears running down her cheeks.

Her sexy toes were again making my cock go hard.

Showing the bitch my cock I told her "I will continue to rape you and hurt you and you will only leave here bitch when my cock is finished with you. So you had better keep pleasing it or you won't leave here alive. I just might hang you".

Tina looked at me in terror and sobbed, wondering when her nightmare of rape and torture would end.

Review This Story || Author: John Roberts
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