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Victoria and the Chastity-Guard MK III

Part 1

Victoria and the Chastity-Guard MK III

I had been observing her, and many others, for quite a while. I first noticed her whilst having a drink at the city bar where she had worked for a time. Although short, she was grossly overweight but with a strangely pretty, even attractive, face. But for the fat she would have been extremely attractive.

At twenty four years of age she had not had a date for years, and never had a steady relationship beyond that of a high school friendship with a boy who had a serious case of acne. Unfortunately for her, he grew out of it, whilst she grew fatter. Her weight affected her health. The medics warned that she faced severe heart strain if she didnt lose weight soon. The alternative was drastic gastric surgery which would alter her lifestyle permanently.

She was very depressed, nearly suicidal, particularly after her widowed mother passed away suddenly. She lived alone in a small apartment and now worked behind a desk in a large office block belonging to the hotel chain which owned the bar at which she previously worked. Her office had a mainly female work force. Many of her prettier colleagues shunned her, some even made spiteful remarks about her behind her back, or sniggered whenever she passed by them. She was lonely and desperate.

Victoria was therefore an ideal candidate for the Chastity-Guard Mk III, one of many devices I used. She would be given the option of volunteering for my Program. In fact, she would be a perfect candidate.

The Chastity-Guard series was developed in the thirty-first century as the result of the work of an eccentric particle physicist who had an interest in creating new materials. Its development was a quantum leap in materials-science even in the fourth millennium. Lightweight and flexible, virtually indestructible, it can be formed, or grown into whatever shape is required. Other advances in medical science allow it to be bonded to human skin or flesh by the insertion of microscopic implants to which the material is attached by molecular attraction. A particular advantage is that the implants can be switched on or off allowing easy removal of the material when necessary. Its porous structure allows whatever it covers to breathe naturally yet nothing can cross in the other direction. Consequently it is used for most bionic purposes as an ideal skin replacement.

These developments led directly to the invention of a series of female chastity devices. Older chastity belts had been heavy and cumbersome, requiring elaborate locking mechanisms, which were difficult to maintain or to wear for long periods.

Thirty-first century females are generally averse to being controlled by men, and besides, most are vain and beautiful because of tremendous strides in medical science and body modification. The few vulnerable females that exist in 3039 are protected from exploitation by strict laws. Twenty-first century females, on the other hand, are in plentiful supply, and are quite easily exploited.

To a privileged few of us in 3039, dimensional travel gives access to windows in time. I especially like the early years of the third millennium my favourite time other than my own. I had studied that period at multiversity for my doctorate and found it intriguing. I learned the almost universal language of that age, which was English.

Some of that periods women are the subjects of my project - the Chastity Control Project. I find it immensely sexually fulfilling to be able to control them in intimate ways.

Right now Im operating the project mainly in the year 2009. Its easier that way. To time-hop effectively, access is required to one of an infinite number of dimensions which exist in parallel with our own. Dimensions have diverse attributes. The universe we occupy, for example, has the attributes of space-time, matter and energy. Some dimensions have quite different and bizarre attributes.

One dimension is especially useful to me. Uniquely it exists at a single point, infinitesimally small, yet paradoxically it touches every point in the space-time continuum of our universe.

In that dimension time and space do not exist as we know them. On entry to it great care has to be taken to prepare the exit point in advance, as one could end up in some very unfavourable environments or situations. That is why I usually stick to one time frame. Various stratagems have been developed to make best use of time portals.

Thats enough on technicalities. I dont really understand them any more than you might understand the workings of your primitive plasma TV, so Ill cut to the chase. It works, thats all that really matters.

I intended Victoria to become one my projects newest members.

In this instance the dimensional portal I have provides me with entry to 2009 at any place I choose on the planet. I can observe Victorias movements; have access to her apartment while she is at work and her office building at night, as well as anywhere else she frequents. As usual when recruiting a new participant, I install tiny molecular high definition 3-D surveillance devices which allow me to know all my subjects movements and habits in great detail.

I soon discovered that she was highly sexed an essential trait for my purposes - and had no outlet other than masturbation. She possessed several sex toys which she used frequently to give herself pleasure as she lay on her bed alone night after night. She was desperate for a man, and a man who would take control of her life. She was also near penniless and vulnerable.

Every Friday on her way home, Victoria stopped for coffee at a small café on the street corner close to where she lives. She always sat alone at the same window table, unless it was occupied. Thats where I planned to first meet and talk to her and where I decided I would sit before she arrived. Being quite a bit older than her and with greying hair, I know that many young women, unless they are frustrated and lonely are not interested in significantly older men. I saw her crossing the street and entering, exactly on time. She glanced in my direction disappointingly seeing her table occupied. With uncertainly she looked around for a vacant one, but then she saw me rise from my chair and with a look of relief turned towards me. I waited for her to approach, but didnt move. She stopped, disconcerted. I smiled at her.

Im sorry, I said, I had thought to leave, but checking my watch I realise its earlier that I thought so Im going to have another coffee. Id be pleased if youll join me, Id like some female company and a pretty face, at that.

Victoria hesitated, but smiled. It wasnt often that a man spoke let alone complimented her, even if he was a lot older.

Without giving her time to make up her mind, I put out my arm to guide her not insubstantial frame towards the chair next to mine. She sat, and so did I. The waitress came and I ordered coffee for us both.

After some small talk about the weather, and the busy traffic, I asked her to tell me a little about herself, although I knew all about her already. She told me her name was Victoria, but that everyone called her Vicky for short. I asked if she had another name, which she said was Claire. I told her that I liked both her names, but that Victoria was my favourite, much preferring it to Vicky and that is what I would like to call her, if she didnt mind.

She then told me what she did for a living having first worked behind a bar after university, before moving into middle management doing dreary paper work for a large hotel, pub, and restaurant chain. She hated it.

It was clear she was depressed and unhappy and wanted to talk. Before long she was almost sobbing her heart to me. I had her entire life story. As she saw it, she had no future. Her obesity had ruined any hopes of a meaningful relationship.

I gently told her that things could very well change if she had the right attitude and was prepared to take chances.

Id do anything, she wailed, head in hands.

Dont cry, I said, tentatively taking her hand in mine. She didnt withdraw it.

There… cheer up, continued, patting her hand with my other, I might be able to help you. I work for a company which is pioneering medical research and development. Our researchers recently made some huge breakthroughs in obesity and body modification without resorting to surgery, dieting or drugs. It could be just what you need.

She immediately brightened up, Really?

I dont want to raise your hopes too much, I went on, but our work is experimental, highly selective and very expensive, but it has achieved some amazing results. The Company occasionally recruits a small number of volunteers for its development and experimental Programs. In certain circumstances its possible that you could be considered, but you would have to be willing to make a major commitment over a number of years, or even longer. If I speak to the right person, I may be able to get you into our latest Program. It could revolutionise your life.

I really would do anything… anything! she said.

If you are truly serious about it then meet me at my office at 10 a.m. tomorrow, but dont be late. I dont usually work on a Saturday.  Be prepared to stay for several hours if I have good news.

I handed her my business card, got up, and stretched out my hand to shake hers. She took it at once, holding it tightly in her fat sweaty little hand for a moment.

Then I look forward to seeing you in the morning, Victoria. Bye.

I waved to her as I passed the window of the café.

Victoria arrived early at the building. It was locked. Dejectedly she stood and waited but brightened up when I arrived at the stroke of ten. I let us in and took her in the lift to my small third floor office, where I had set up the dimensional portal ready for my latest potential recruit.

Please sit down, Victoria, I said in a serious tone, indicating the chair beside my desk. Ive spoken to our Managing Director and he has expressed his willingness to consider your application to join. He was a little reluctant, as you are somewhat younger than our usual participants. Moreover, normally we ask for a substantial financial deposit as a guarantee that a recruit will stick with the Program for its entire duration. We stand to lose a lot if people drop out. Her face fell on hearing this. It was no surprise to me as I knew she had no savings.

However, I continued, Im pleased to say that we may be prepared to waive that requirement, if you will sign the appropriate consents and assignments agreeing to all our special terms and conditions which have to insist on in your circumstances. Ive taken the liberty of having my secretary work late last night to prepare the papers as a special favour for me.

Victoria looked visibly happier.

I must warn you that membership of the Program is a long term commitment and you must be prepared to assign a significant amount of control of your life to the Company, and to myself, as I will be your direct Supervisor. It will be for at least ten years, probably quite a lot longer. It needs to be taken seriously and given a lot of thought.

Oh yes, Ill sign, anything, no problem with that, she answered immediately, if your program can really help.

It wouldnt be fair for us to ask you to agree to such a serious undertaking without giving you some idea of how you will benefit as a result, I explained.

So Im now going to take you to the facility where you will be shown what changes are possible in your case.

I led her to the portal which was set up in the doorway of the adjoining office. I opened the door and we strolled through into dimensional non-space. Its difficult to explain what I mean by that, but believe me its hard to get your head around the concept, even if youve experienced it.

There was nothing to see but white light, even the doorway had disappeared. Victoria had a puzzled expression. Something was very different after walking through that doorway.

Before she could react further or begin to worry about it, I continued,

This is where we conduct our experiments and perform our modifications on our recruits. Its a completely sterile environment. Your eyes will adjust to the light presently and you will be able to see a few things a little more clearly. Dont be concerned if things are strange, they have to be that way. You are very safe here.

Pointing to a circle of blue light which had appeared on the floor immediately in front of her I said,

Please stand within that circle, and remain perfectly still. She stepped forward into the circle obediently.

I walked ahead of her and activated the physiological and mental analysis unit in my pocket. It would examine every elementary particle of Victorias flabby frame. Then I brought a large 3-D display into play with a flourish of my left arm. Life-size images and figures would appear in three-dimension as if they existed in reality. Into view in the display walked a truly life-like figure of the naked obese Victoria and beside her scrolled a mass of data, headed with her name and other details

Subject: Victoria Xxxxxxxx

Date of Birth & Age: Xxxx 1985 Age: 24

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Language: English

Height: five feet exactly

Weight: 252 pounds

Body Mass Index: 39

Eye colour: dark brown

Hair colour: naturally dark brown, but dyed.

       Status: morbidly obese

       Function: right-handed

Education: university arts graduate; unimpressive degree classification

       Occupations: junior managerial, formerly with some bar experience.

       Application: gives of her best

Psychological state: low self-esteem, depression

There followed further details of her sad physiological and mental state, with its consequent and likely future effects on her physical health. I left it on only long enough for some of the salient points to register in Victorias brain.

The tiny pocket-sized body analysis and modification unit which performed the minute analysis is a medical miracle, compared to the primitive state of medical technology in the twenty-first century.

Arghhh.. I look dreadful, cried Victoria, on seeing her naked self. How are you able to do that? How do they know all these things about me?

I pretended I hadnt heard the questions.

The 3-D space cleared, then Recommendations flashed up in large letters.

You will now be shown some modification options which our systems are capable of, Victoria,

Firstly, your facial features… I motioned towards the display.

Three large 3-D living images of Victorias smiling altered head and face appeared in amazing detail. The fat had gone, her teeth were straightened and gleaming white, and her bone structure slightly changed to make her even more attractive. Her skin was as soft and clear as a babys. Each image was a little different and they rotated slowly giving a view from all angles. I eventually asked her which pleased her the most. She took a little time before pointing to the centre image, where her little nose was upturned a bit more than the others.

An excellent choice, I remarked. Well put you down for that one.

There then appeared three completely nude images of a slimmed-down Victoria each bearing her chosen facial option, but having slightly different proportions. Breast, hip, and waist sizes varied a little, but otherwise each was near bodily perfection. They walked across the display, before turning, smiling, to face the Victoria seemingly only feet away.

Her eyes widened, and she tittered putting her hand over her mouth at seeing three of herself standing unclothed, and unembarrassed.

I again asked her to indicate her preference. After some consideration, she pointed to the one on the left with slightly larger breasts, although they were not large at all.

We should be able to do that, with no difficulty, I said, confidently.

Do you really mean I can look just like that? Victoria gasped incredulously.

Indeed you can! Its up to you, I replied, but youll have to relinquish a lot of control over aspects of your life to achieve it.

No problem there, but how long will it take? she asked impatiently.

The actual process takes no time at all, once youve signed the paperwork, which as I said earlier requires you to remain in the Program so we can assess its long-term effects. Apart from your assigning certain personal rights to the Company, weve built in some control elements to ensure that participants in your financial circumstances comply and dont take advantage of the Companys facilities and generosity without giving something in return. Thats something I stress again that you should seriously consider before consenting for us to proceed with your modification.

I was careful to give her plenty of opportunities to ask for more information and to think carefully about the commitments she would be making.

Ill do it, if only I can look like that! she said, without hesitation, pointing to her chosen image. The other two figures had faded away, leaving only the desired one.

Then please step this way, I said, leading her in the direction of a small white desk, on which the numerous papers lay prepared.

Please read each page very carefully before you sign, as your signature is binding, I advised.

She briefly scanned each sheet of paper, momentarily turning to look at the modified life-size 3-D figure which was still on the screen, before signing and dating each page where marked. When she had finished she said,

There, Im ready now.

I gathered the papers and placed them in the drawer of the desk.

Very good, I said, then we can start immediately. Please do everything I say without question.

First, remove all your clothing, shoes, earrings, watch, everything. Place them on the desk, then empty the contents of your purse onto the desk too, I said.

She undressed remarkably quickly, considering her girth and weight, and without hesitation or embarrassment stood naked before me before emptying her purse.

Out of her small bag tipped some items of make-up, a bunch of keys, and a couple of sanitary pads, together with a load of junk. Victoria was not the tidiest or most organised of girls. That would change from today.

I handed her a smooth cylindrical plug, rounded at both ends, some four inches in length. It looked something similar to a tampon, with a short cord ending in a small ring at one end. It was hard and shiny.

Please insert this into your vagina with your fingers, just like you would a tampon, I told her.

She took it without question, parted her fat legs, and pushed it in, leaving the ring dangling just below her cunt.

Now, into the blue circle once again and keep very still!

The now completely naked and flabby Victoria with sagging breasts complied, her flesh quivering as she walked over until it was bathed in the bluish light.

I stepped back, behind and a little to her side, pointing the tiny modification unit at her, then activating it. As time is not an attribute of that dimension, the results appeared to be instantaneous. The passage of time and the existence of space was more apparent than real for Victoria a bit of trickery on my part.

In reality, each and every sub-nuclear particle, molecule, cell and organ in Victorias body was instantly genetically modified in accordance with the recommended and selected outcomes pre-programmed into the unit. She would for a moment in time when she re-entered our universe be the healthiest woman in 2009, with not a molecule out of place, and not a spot or blemish on her newly modified young body.

The slimmed-down beautiful petite Victoria appeared as a delicate moth out of a giant chrysalis before my eyes. It was no surprise to me, as I had done it many times before with other women and girls who were fat, plain or simply ugly. Her fat seemed to fade away to reveal a vision of loveliness. I had chosen well. Her facial expressions had intrigued me since I first set eyes on her.

Victoria would feel no immediate changes. Purposely her senses and nervous system did not communicate her changed state to her brain until well after it was complete. I stepped forward and reactivated the large display in front of her.

An identical image of the new naked Victoria stepped into view, and slowly turned a complete 360 degrees, standing smiling demurely within a few feet of the real girl. Her pert little breasts in plain view, the shaven crotch with its little slit showing clearly at the base of a very flat tummy below a nicely rounded but small pubic mound.

Victoria stared, transfixed.

There you are, job done! It didnt take long, did it? I exclaimed, as Victorias brain finally registered her changed bodily state. Her eyes left the image and looked down in amazement at her new body.

After a brief moment of simply staring at it she spoke.

Its brilliant! she gasped, All Ive ever dreamed of. My tits are fantastic, and I can see my feet! I cant believe it. Oh, and look at my tummy, I dont know how to thank you!.

She lifted her little tits towards me with both hands and beamed as she examined them.

Perfectly formed nipples, too, she drooled delightedly.

Youre welcome, its my pleasure, believe me, I rejoined, with some emphasis on the my sincerely meaning every word.

Now please remove the object in your vagina and give it to me.

She reached down, pulled on the ring between her legs, and the shiny little cylinder slid out. She handed it to me by its ring , and I placed it in my pocket.

Then it struck her. Somehow all women are obsessed with it, regardless of whichever century or epoch they inhabit.

Now my clothes wont fit me anymore. Ive nothing to wear! she wailed.

A typical woman, I thought, She changes from an ugly duckling to a desirable beauty in an instant, and all she immediately thinks of is what will she wear to cover herself.

I smiled.

Dont worry your little head about that, the Company has already thought of it. I reassured her, Look again at the display, and youll see what I mean.

A succession of images of the new Victoria walked as in a fashion show across the display before doing a complete turn before her eyes. Each wore a different set of matching skimpy bras and panties and one wore a bikini. They were followed by fully clothed Victorias in several different casual and formal outfits, with matching shoes and accessories, all a perfect fit. She gasped as each one paraded before her, as some items they were wearing were obviously expensive designer creations.

Everything youve seen here will be delivered to your apartment by the end of today, I said, with aplomb, all bought and paid for by the Company!

Wow! Thats wonderful, she grinned, Ive never been able to wear such clothes or afford them. Ill be the envy of all the girls at the office.

Ive no doubt of that, I replied. The Company takes good care of its recruits. It is thorough in everything it does.

She was yet to learn just how thoroughly things were done.

Please look at the display once again, Victoria.

Another image of what appeared at first to be a completely naked Victoria walked forward.

Look at her very carefully indeed this time, and tell me what you see, I said.

Victoria peered at the full-size high-definition 3-D figure standing only feet away. After a few seconds of scrutinising it she tentatively asked,

Whats that thing between her legs covering her pussy? pointing to the C-G MK III. Although its matching skin tones blended perfectly, its outline was faintly visible curving around the mound of the images sex.

Well spotted! Thats the Companys monitoring, control, and compliance device, I explained nonchalantly, as if it was nothing to be concerned about.

I do need to tell you some basic things about it. Now, its very important so listen very carefully to everything I have to say.

She looked straight at me, her forehead furrowed slightly, waiting for me to begin.

It has several functions and also serves as a chastity guard, I began. Youll be required to wear it during the time of your participation in the Program. You agreed to it when you signed the papers just before your modification. It was mentioned explicitly there. The duration of the period you will wear it will be determined by the Company at its discretion, but based on my advice, and on your level of compliance with both my and the Companys instructions.

Victoria looked perplexed. She didnt like the sound of chastity guard at all.

Why am I expected to wear a chastity guard? Whats it for?

Im afraid its a Company requirement in the case of participants like you who havent paid a substantial deposit to guarantee that they will remain in the Program. Extensive high quality body modification such as youve just had done doesnt come cheap it costs a great deal of money in research and development as well as in new technology. Its cost the Company billions to develop it and it has to have a return on its investment. So it has to make sure you are in a position to do whatever it asks of you. The chastity device is designed to ensure your compliance.

What if I choose not to wear it, or to leave the program? Surely you cant force me to put it on?

In answer to the first of your questions, Im afraid thats its not a realistic option to refuse to wear it, I explained. You see, your body has been modified slightly in ways that are not immediately apparent to you. The modifications have been done to ensure that you remain enrolled in the Program, and to allow for long term monitoring, as Ill now explain.

What do you mean? What else has been done to me? she enquired, sounding a bit more concerned.

I led her by the arm to a white leather couch which had appeared beside the little desk where her clothes and purse were left, and motioned for her to sit beside me. There was a lot of explaining to do, and it was best done seated.

The modifications are small in size, but very significant, I began, looking at her.

Firstly, an implant has been placed in your urethra, thats the little hole through which you pee leading from your bladder to your vagina.

I know what urethra means, Im not a child, dont patronise me, retorted Victoria. She was irritated.

I just went on.

The implant now forms an integral part of your urethra and is connected to its nerve endings and blood supply so that you will have the normal sensation you get when you pee. It consists of a tube-like sheath bonded to and lining the urethral wall along its entire short length, protruding a little, perhaps no more than a millimetre, just above your vaginal opening. You may or may not be able to feel the end of it with your fingertip.

Its made of a flesh-like substance using your own genetic material. It wouldnt even be noticed by an experienced urologist or gynaecologist carrying out a thorough vaginal examination, let alone by your family doctor. Its now a permanent part of your body like any other organ. It cannot be surgically excised without the removal of the urethra in its entirety. Even a successful surgical reconstruction if it could be done, which is doubtful, would leave you incontinent afterwards and having to wear a catheter for the rest of your life.

A look of utter and desperate disbelief flashed across Victorias face. She thought it couldnt possibly be true. She didnt accuse me of patronising her a second time.

I dont believe it! she said, but didnt sound entirely convinced.

See if you can feel it with your finger, I suggested.

Her hand stretched down, she opened her legs somewhat, and slid her index finger into her cleft, probing it for a little while, a furrowed look of concentration on her face.

I cant feel anything there. It feels exactly the same as before, she said with relief.

Yes, its barely noticeable, if at all, I confirmed, but it is there, believe me. Some women who have the implant say that they are able to feel it with a fingertip, others not.

Other women have it in them too? she asked with incredulity.

Quite a few, you may well meet some of them, I stated.

She raised her eyebrows.

And thats not all, I continued, the nerve bundles that run from your clitoris and vagina to your spinal cord have been re-directed during the modification to pass through an offshoot of your urethral implant. Its surgical removal would also mean severing those nerves, and all that would mean. Your clitoris and vagina would be completely numb. You wouldnt feel anything there at all. You would get no sexual pleasure or stimulation from your genitals for the rest of your life. Your vagina would dry up too.

Victoria looked utterly horrified, Oh fuck! I cant imagine ever being like that. But whats this implant got to do with that “thing” covering her vagina? she demanded, stabbing her finger towards the image which had remained in the display.

That “thing” as you call it is the Chastity-Guard MK III, I explained. Its very sophisticated and technologically advanced. The implant in your pee-hole and the C-G Mk III work together.

To put it simply, essentially the Guard is triangular, shaped a bit like a small bikini-bottom or kite, curved at its widest end, which covers the entire pubic mound in the front, the labia, the vaginal, urethral and anal openings from groin to groin. It widens slightly over the anal area before tapering to a point, or tail. The tail fits in the cleft between the buttocks, to about three-quarters of the way up.

Its made of a remarkable material which is virtually indestructible. Thousands of microscopic cellular implants have been placed in your flesh during modification to which the edges of the Guard bind by molecular attraction.

When fitted to your body its impossible to insert anything between the skin and the Guard, not even a pin. It forms a watertight seal, but allows whatever it covers to breathe like normal skin does. The cellular implants can be deactivated or reactivated at will by your Supervisor myself at any time and in any place to allow for removal or replacement of the Guard as necessary or appropriate. Unless deactivated, it is impossible to remove it as it is effectively part of your body, like the implant.

Itll be much clearer if I show you the real thing. I have the Guard which you will wear right here.

I opened the desk drawer, and took out the C-G MK III created for Victoria, and proceeded to draw her attention to its main features. She would only be told what she needed to know about it.

Although its small, its very expensive to produce. Its been tailor-made to fit you, and no-one else. Its a technological wonder in miniature, I announced proudly.

Victoria wasnt too impressed when she looked at it. It wasnt very big, less than six inches wide at its curved front which was to fit over her mound, and a little less than eleven inches long to its tapered tail.

I held the Guard out so that she could see it clearly, before carrying on with my explanation of how it worked.

Its edges are flexible but the portion down the centre which covers the vagina and anus is hard and rigid, I explained.

Look at this moulded ridge some three inches in length on its inside surface the side that touches the vagina. Its designed to fit snugly between the inner labia, always keeping them separated and their inner surfaces in contact with the Guard at all times. When worn, the ridge stretches down from the base of the clit along the entire length of the vulva and is tapered at both ends to exactly fit the wearers cleft.

There are sensors on the ridge and in the urethral implant which constantly monitor the wearers state of arousal and wetness, among other things. Its intelligence and memory circuits use the data to control arousal levels automatically when necessary or as desired by your Supervisor.

The part of the Guard which covers the clitoral area is necessarily a little thicker and more rigid to prevent unauthorised stimulation. Directly over the clit itself, the surface is slightly raised on the inside, so that its not quite in contact, regardless of any pressure placed on it from outside.

The Guard has several other hidden features that she would learn about as the years passed.

I paused to allow her to take the information in. She looked stunned, and stared down at her knees.

Please pay attention, I continued, See this small projection situated midway along the ridge.

I pointed to and ran my finger along the vaginal ridge to a small tube-like projection thinner than a pencil sticking up some three-quarters of an inch on the inside ridge of the Guard. I went on…

When the Guard is fitted, this little tube, which passes right through the Guard, becomes an extension of your urethra. It fits into, engages and locks into your urethral implant. When engaged and locked, it opens the urethra and is connected directly to your nervous system. That is so that you can feel your pee passing through it. When the Guard is unlocked, disengaged and removed, it will not be possible for you to pee at all, as the implants urethral orifice is automatically sealed. What that means is that you can pee only when you are wearing this Guard. So you see its absolutely necessary that you wear it so you can perform an essential bodily function. Without it you would have serious problems in no time.

I waited for my words to sink in. Victoria had a look of incredulity on her face. She appeared too shocked to say anything, so I just carried on.

Several microscopic cellular implants have also been fitted along the ends of your inner labia right down from the point they meet at the base of the clit, they marry up with corresponding lines of attractors set into the sides of the Guards vaginal ridge. As the Guard is put in place the attractors draw the implants in the lips outwards and stretch them to their full length so that the inner surfaces of the labia are in full contact with and sit comfortably on the ridge at all times. The ridge thus fills the vulva which is held wide open by it. The clits base sits at the very top of the ridges tapered end always in contact with a special sensor and stimulator fitted there. Ill tell you more about what that does later on. Whenever you put the Guard on, you will actually feel your lips being pulled outwards over the ridges sides towards the attractors pulling the ridge right into your vulva. Im told its quite an interesting if not a pleasant sensation.

I omitted to tell her that the clitoral stimulator at the upper point of the ridge when activated could push any or all of its three short but sharp tiny pins against the base of the clit, constantly irritating it and causing intense discomfort without inflicting permanent damage. Its one of the Guards most effective disciplinary options. Among other things it prevents the wearer from sleeping as she is constantly aware of her clits discomfort. Most of the women fitted with the Mk III say its the worst punishment it can inflict if the pins are activated for a week or longer. They will do anything to have them retracted.

The fitting of the Guard has been designed to be very straightforward, I said casually.

To make it easier to engage the Guards tube into the urethra, the tip of the urethral implant which protrudes a millimetre or so and is visible just above the vaginal opening will glow brightly as the Guard is brought near. The tip of the Guards urethral tube will glow similarly, so that you can easily see both to insert it, even in low light conditions. Most wearers are soon able to fit their Guards even in complete darkness, as they are so familiar with the process.

I turned the C-G Mk III over to reveal its outer surface to her.

Victoria watched as I handled the device. By now she was realising I was serious and that she needed to know more about it.

As you can see there are no visible openings on the outside of the Guard. It has a virtually smooth skin-textured and toned outer surface which blends totally with the surrounding tissues of the wearer. It is not detectable from a more than a few feet away, and is contoured to give the impression of a young girls shaven slit.

I drew my finger along the little narrow contoured depression running down the central curve of the Guard, with the slight hint of the clitoral hood showing within it. It had indeed been modelled on the shape and appearance of Victorias own slit.

All this means that youll have to make some important lifestyle adjustments to allow for the presence of the Guard covering your three lower orifices.

Most significantly you will have to learn to pee in a very different way, as I will explain shortly.

I paused again for effect.

Sitting or squatting in the female fashion will no longer be necessary or even desirable. Now it will be far less messy for you. No more leakages or drips and no tissues will be needed for wiping. No more rivulets of piss running down your legs, over your bum or splattering over your feet when you squat.

I grinned, although she didnt seem at all amused by my words.

Pausing briefly, I placed the Guard on my knees and reached for something out of my pocket, before carrying on with my explanation.

Youll have to use this little object every time you pee.

She looked and listened with an expression of amazement as I described the little thing which I held between my thumb and index finger in front of her eyes. It was immediately recognisable to her.

Its a little cock! blurted Victoria.

Yes, thats exactly what it is its a small bionic penis, created using your own genetic material. Her eyes widened, nearly popping out of their sockets.

It was formed inside that plug inserted in your vagina during the modification process.

The penis was about two-and-a-half inches in length, and about half-an-inch thick, flesh-coloured, shaped and veined exactly like a real little penis. It had a small thickened ring around its base.

Its an essential piece of kit for you from now on. Youll become very familiar with it. You must have it with you at all times. Its your new little friend. It has all the features of an actual penis but in miniature. It has its own neural network and the feel of your own skin and flesh. Theres even a foreskin covering the glans which can be pulled back, like this.

I demonstrated using my thumb and forefinger, drawing the foreskin back to reveal the tiny purple glans.

Victoria stared at it in disbelief, as the little glans popped out from under the foreskin.

The penis has two main functions. Without it you will be unable to pee at all. Look carefully at the Guard, which was still resting on my knees, on its outer surface here there is a small faint circle opposite where your pee-hole or urethral opening is on the inside.

I picked up the Guard and held the base of the penis against the faint circle while holding both closer to her face so she could see it.

When the penis is placed against the circle like this, the Guard will sense its presence and open, but it first has to be fitted on the wearer before it will work. It must then be pushed in until you feel the ring engaging which locks it in place. It then cant be removed until youve finished peeing no matter how hard you pull on it. It will prevent leakage and will connect the penis to your nervous system through the Guard. It has an urethral tube running through it, and its nerve endings will allow you to experience the sensation of peeing.

It has the advantage of enabling you to pee standing up like a boy - its actually about the size of a young boys penis - and you are not a lot taller. Its quite fascinating to watch a petite girl like you pissing this way because she looks just like a boy peeing, having small breasts but no testicles. It looks so unnatural. When I visit I will observe you using it.

Victoria looked mortified, but continued watching and listening.

You can easily direct the flow because youll find the penis is quite flexible. A little more pressure may be needed to empty your bladder than before, as your pee has further to travel before it emerges. Youll discover that although peeing whilst sitting on the toilet or squatting will now be more difficult, it is possible with practice. If the penis is bent downwards at too great an angle while sitting or its pinched too much between the finger and thumb, the resultant kink in its urethra will stop the flow. Youll soon learn to do it properly. When you finish peeing, you must remove the penis from the Guard and shake out any drops left inside. The hole in the Guard will seal itself automatically to prevent dripping.

Thats the penis primary function, which is to allow you to pee.

It has a second and very different function, as youll also discover. Wearing the Guard will deprive you of sexual satisfaction which you will no doubt find extremely frustrating on occasion. The urethral implant and the Guard can sense a build-up of sexual tension and respond by triggering an intense itching feeling in the clitoris. It can also be initiated by your Supervisor if he so desires. Youll have an immediate and irresistible desire to rub the clit, which the Guard effectively prevents.

The good news is that the itch can be relieved by using your penis attachment. When you feel an intense itch in the clit starting it will be possible to insert the penis into the Guard as you would if you were going to pee. The nerve endings at the base of its glans or head, and under the foreskin mimic those in the real male organ. Youll find it is very sensitive there to both touch and pressure, as is a real adolescent boys developing penis.

Its too small for you to use your entire hand to grip it. Its best to use just your thumb and forefinger. You can play with it in the same way as a young boy does when he jerks off. You can also stimulate your nipples with your other hand at the same time which of course a normal boy doesnt generally do. Your nipples are as sensitive, if not more so, then they ever were. 

Because the penis has its own capillary vessels, which draw fluid from your body through tiny veins in the Guards urethra, it is capable of an erection when stimulated sufficiently. It will lengthen by about half-an-inch and stiffen appreciably, although its girth wont increase.

Once an erection has been achieved it will be possible with continued stimulation for you to achieve an intense single climax, just as a boy experiences when he first manages ejaculate and achieve a proper orgasm.

This little penis is capable of ejaculating a quantity of grey-white seminal fluid produced by your body quite some distance. An ejaculation will result in the immediate relief of sexual tension. The feeling of need and the itch in the clit will disappear completely for a time until it eventually builds up again.

It means that from here on, you have a small detachable cock to play with instead of a tiny clitoris and a vagina.

Youll be provided with a case which looks like a lipstick holder in which to keep your penis clean and safe in your purse so it wont attract inquisitive questions from anyone who sees it by chance. So keep it away from prying eyes. Other than myself, dont let anyone see you using it for either purpose.

You will be severely disciplined if you are careless enough to lose it as it is very expensive to replace. You must contact me immediately if that happens so that a replacement can be supplied. It could be a real emergency as you wont be able to pee until it arrives.

Victoria looked totally devastated after hearing the implications of her modification.

I wont wear that thing, and I cant and wont pee like that either! she exclaimed angrily. I dont want to pee or jerk off like a little boy, I might be short, but Im a fully grown woman!

I ignored her retort and continued as if she hadnt spoken.

Because of your height and petite measurements youve been provided with a miniature penis the very smallest we have. Ive fitted larger and even full-sized ones on tall and large-framed women and girls where they are in proportion to their bodies. The largest penis is four-and-a-half inches long and has a one-and-a-quarter inch diameter. Fully erect it can reach just over six inches. Of course its more difficult to carry the larger size in a small purse or bag, and its a lot heavier. The largest size allows the wearer to have intercourse with a female, just as an adolescent boy or man can do. The small size of your penis doesnt really make that a practical possibility. It is possible to modify your Guard for a larger size penis, and I may consider having it done if I see fit, or if I wish you to have sex with other girls in the Program.

I dont want a bigger cock, and Im not going to fuck a girl for you or anyone else, hissed Victoria, I dont want a cock at all!

She started sobbing. I carried on regardless of the interruption. I only had a limited time to tell her about her modifications and how they would affect her daily life.

The Guard has one or two other features of which you need to be aware, I went on. Theres provision for an attachment on the inside ridge, near to the urethral tube, which allows for the insertion and attachment of a number of devices or probes into the vagina whilst wearing the Guard. Ill explain more about them and the functions they perform at another time. You wont have to wear one today.

Lets move on to another essential bodily function. It concerns how you will defecate, or to put it bluntly, “shit”, from now on. Look at these four very pale coloured circles or sensors along the top front of the Guard.

I showed her the four slightly raised pale pastel-coloured sensors lined in an arc across the curved front some half-an-inch from the top of the Guard at its widest end which were designed to lie on the top of her mound within easy reach of her finger.

This is the Guards request panel through which you communicate with the implants intelligence circuits and with your Supervisor with me. The sensors will respond to your right index fingertip and nothing else.

Touch once. Red is for peeing, Blue for shitting, and Green for the temporary removal of the Guard for cleaning purposes. If you need to pee and shit you must touch both sensors, the Red then the Blue, in that order. Ill tell you more about the Purple one later. Blue activates the anal opening in the Guard. Only touch Blue when you are ready to shit, as the Guard has sensors to detect any movement across the opening and it will close if nothing happens after a minute or so. It will detect your efforts to push. Never attempt to put anything into your asshole through the opening. Keep your fingers well away too.

Youll need my permission to pee or shit thats why these are called request sensors. The opening will close automatically when youve finished crapping. Theres no need to wipe as the area is completely sealed afterwards and nothing sticks to the Guard.

You can ask for permission to release some sexual tension by touching the Red sensor twice, even if you dont feel the itch triggered in the clitoris. You then place your penis next to the guard to see if it opens. If it does, permission has been granted, and you can insert the penis and masturbate to a climax. No more than one such request can be made each day. Such uninitiated requests to masturbate are frequently denied.

Loss of your penis can be reported to me immediately by pressing Red three times in quick succession. Doing so will result in the Guard being immediately switched into disciplinary mode for an extended period, even if you find your penis shortly afterwards.

I stared into Victorias deep brown tear-stained eyes, set into her now very pretty face. She looked totally devastated.

Its now time to activate your urethral implant for you too see how it works in practice. From here on it will remain activated throughout your time in the Program.

I raised my wrist, and after scrolling to Victorias name, I pressed the sensor on the wristband.

She watched me, cringing slightly as if expecting something unpleasant to happen, and looking slightly relieved when I took my finger away.

Now, put the tip of your right index finger on your clit to see what happens! I told her.

Glancing at my firm expression, she realised it was wiser to obey.

Gingerly she put her hand down between her legs, and immediately gave a little yelp, quickly withdrawing her hand.

Ouch! What the fuck was that? The fucking thing shocked me! It hurts! My clit stings.

She started to cry once more.

Again I ignored her.

Thats what happens when you try to touch the clit with your fingers, or anywhere within an inch or so of it. Its out of bounds to you from now on. Any attempt to touch or stimulate it will result in a sharp stinging or pricking sensation. The first pulse is a mild warning; subsequent shocks are much stronger. When the Guard is engaged itll be impossible to stimulate the clit as it effectively prevents any stimulation.

If you dont want to feel any more shocks like that, then youd better pay careful attention to what I have to say. It irritates me to have to repeat myself. Stop making that noise too!

She stopped sniffling.

The Company considers the area covered by the Guard as its personal property as long as you are enrolled in the Program. You assigned that part of your body to the Company and must therefore take good care of it as it no longer belongs to you. You should have read the papers more carefully before signing.

Victoria gasped, You mean my vagina doesnt belong to me anymore?

Yes, nothing under the Guard belongs to you, its the Companys property for the foreseeable future, and your responsibility is to take good care of it according to the instructions Im giving you.

Its a strict requirement that you keep the entire vaginal and anal area and the Guard scrupulously clean. Touching Green disengages the Guard. It then becomes easy to remove.  It must be removed once, but only once, every day either precisely at eight in the morning, or when you touch Green if you didnt avail yourself of the morning option. Its a time for you to wash the entire area, and to wipe down the Guard with an antiseptic solution using a clean damp cloth. You should get everything ready before you begin the task. If you havent washed by midnight, the implant will trigger a discipline cycle. Believe me, you wont forget to clean yourself there again after youve had that experience.

Keep listening very carefully while I explain how to wash yourself, otherwise youre going to get into serious difficulties.

As youll be unable to touch the clit with your fingers, or even put them close to it, you must use cotton buds dipped in an antiseptic soap solution when cleaning the clit and the surrounding skin within an inch of it. You should pay particular attention to the clits hood and especially underneath as it harbours bacteria. Periodically when I visit Ill take a swab from under the hood to check if its clean. Once a week, each Sunday, use a mild alcohol based cleanser to thoroughly clean the clitoral area, which, although it stings, is effective against bacterial and fungal growth. Use the alcohol also to carefully clean the Guards urethral tube with a cotton bud.

Based on the experience of other wearers of the Mk III, I suggest you put your left hand on your mound to stretch the hood up and away from the clit keeping your fingers well clear, so that the clit is fully exposed whilst holding the bud in your right hand to do the cleaning. You might find a mirror helpful. The bud should be held at its opposite end so that your fingers dont stray too close. Never use it as an excuse to stimulate the clit with the bud, as the implant can detect any attempt at arousal. It can and will punish you immediately. Use a separate bud to clean into and around the implants urethral opening. Use clean buds every day.

Wash and rinse the rest of the vaginal and anal orifices thoroughly using your fingers, carefully patting them dry with a clean paper tissue when done. Your fingers will learn to avoid the clit pretty quickly. Insert your fingers as far into the vagina as you can, to clean inside, but dont stimulate or arouse. Ensure that no traces of faeces are left around the anus.

The allotted time for cleansing is ten minutes per day. After nine minutes your implant will send a sharp pricking reminder through the clit, and a further thirty seconds later a stronger more unpleasant jolt. On Sundays the time is increased to fifteen minutes to allow for a more thorough cleansing with the alcohol based cleanser. Failure to replace the Guard in time is not advised. So make sure its replaced in good time. The entire procedure will soon become second nature to you.

Its possible to shower or swim wearing it, as water will not penetrate beneath it or through it. As its matched to the skin tones of your genital area, it will not be visible through your clothing either. You can safely participate in all non-contact sports, but you obviously cannot use team showers as someone may see the Guard.

If when you touch Red or Blue to request to pee or shit, you get an immediate pricking sensation in the clit and pee-hole, then your request has been denied. That may be because you need to be disciplined, or simply because I want to make you wait. An hour must elapse before making a further request. In any case the openings will not activate.

The inside surface of the Guard has been impregnated with a substance which will prevent the growth of pubic hair or remove any existing hairs, so there will be no need to shave at all. Occasionally the Guard needs to be re-impregnated, normally at five-year intervals, otherwise the device maintains itself. It powers its circuits and memory using your body energy so it doesnt need re-charging as long as you are still breathing.

Hair growth in the areas adjacent to the Guard must be shaved clean every two days or alternatively they can be waxed. Take care to avoid unsightly chaffing.

You must never under any circumstances allow anyone else to see or touch the Guard. I will provide you with the means of contacting me should you need to visit the doctor, or if you request to have sex with someone. My permission will be required for either. A good explanation and evidence is needed for a visit to the surgery as the Company will take steps to keep you in very good health. You will in any case have regular medical and hygiene examinations with the Guard removed each time I visit.

There is no absolute prohibition on you having sex with a third party. If you want to have sex with someone, you will have to provide me with advance notice of at least twenty-four hours, providing details of the name, age, and occupation of the person in question with the date and time of the proposed activity. A photo of the person will also be required. It can only take place at your apartment, which will be constantly monitored by me.

If permission for sex is granted, touch the Purple sensor at the agreed time. The Guard can then be removed and put in a safe place. The implant will be partially deactivated temporarily allowing for touching, clitoral play, oral sex and intercourse by the other party, but never with your own fingers. Similarly any type of self-stimulation is prohibited, such as the use of a dildo. Anal intercourse is not permitted either and any attempt to penetrate there will be detected by the implant.

In any event, the Guard must be replaced within six hours of removal or when the sexual activity is over and the third party has left whichever happens first. Otherwise the implant will punish the clit. In no circumstances will you be allowed to spend the entire night with anyone other than myself or a person of my choice. Afterwards you will be required to provide a full report and description of what happened during the session if you are fortunate enough to be granted such a liberty. Usually its a rarity, but it is possible if you have been particularly good.

Regrettably, these conditions will in practice make an on-going sexual relationship with anyone unsustainable, so such friendships should be carefully avoided in the interests of yourself and others. Ideally reserve such times for casual sexual encounters.

Victoria by now had an agonised, dazed, expression on her face.

From time to time as Ive already mentioned, you will receive visits from me, and Ill bring instructions for any activities which the Company wishes you to perform for them as a method of repaying the massive financial outlay they have made on your behalf. Some of these visits will consist of intensive training sessions, but Ill tell you more about that when the time comes.

Looking on the bright side, the implant has a number of positive benefits for you. It prevents ovulation. Consequently youll be unable to conceive whilst the implant is active. Youll be spared menstruation, period pains, cramps, headaches, mood swings and of course, pregnancy. You may well have passed through the menopause by the time you are released from the Program, so you may not experience those things ever again.

The implant and Guard monitor all your bodily functions, including blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels, and much more. They provide an early warning of health problems which may arise. The implants sensors relay the information directly to me, and will tell me of any problems, pain or discomfort you may be experiencing, such as a sore throat or an infection. The implant can automatically detect some medical symptoms and is capable of aiding in a quick recovery. I can control all its functions and those of the Guard remotely, as well as any disciplinary actions which may be needed from time to time.

Many long-standing participants in the Program have told me that the C-G Mark III is light and comfortable to wear, barely noticeable to the wearer unless it is in one of its disciplinary modes. Most say that they are usually aware of the presence of the ridge separating and stretching the labia as it often exerts a pressure on the lips particularly when walking, running or exercising, but is insufficient to cause more than a subtle stimulation, not enough for arousal, but enough for constant awareness of the vulva being held open by the Guards moulded ridge. The presence of the top of the ridge pressing into the base of the clit can be felt occasionally, so Im told.

The other good news for you is that the Company rarely requires those enrolled in the Program to remain in it for life.

Some women have even gone as far as telling me that they miss the Guards presence once they have left the Program, as they had got so used to it being a part of their cunts for so many years. Its presence had become habitual. They said they felt naked and empty without it. Some women have been unable to touch their clits in later life as they have been conditioned to keep their fingers well away for so long. One or two became so accustomed to the male method of peeing or masturbating using their penises that they had difficulty returning to the normal female way, preferring to stand to pee, even though its far messier for them that way.

One older participant who had been released from the Program after twenty three years aged forty-eight, even requested to have her implant re-activated as she preferred being controlled by it. I considered her request very carefully, insisting that she waited a further three months to see if she could adapt without it, but she insisted that she couldnt return to her old pre-modification ways. So she still wears the Guard. She is now is sixty-five.

Of course the minimum period is ten years. Its entirely at the Companys discretion after that. The average is eighteen years, but there are many factors to consider. Any request by a participant for release will result in the period being automatically extended by two years. Your compliance and obedience will assist in any decision the Company eventually makes. Its determination is always final and there is no appeal. My report will be of crucial importance when the matter eventually comes up for consideration, so its essential that you abide by my instructions and are obedient at all times.

When the time comes for you to be released from the Program, the Guard will be removed; the implants will remain in place, but although de-activated they will continue an element of monitoring for the rest of your life. The Company retains the right, however, to reactivate them fully at any time which will also require the participant to recommence wearing the Guard.

Awww!  Awww! Awww! Victoria screeched - her eyes looked wild.

That means its time to engage the Guard, Victoria. Best put it on straight away. You have two minutes before a strong shock hits the stem of your clitoris.

Its easier to stand to put it on, I said.

She stood before me and I handed her the Guard which she despairingly but quickly placed between her legs. Bending right over she saw the glowing tip of the urethral implant and quite easily engaged the Guards little tube into her pee-hole first. As it engaged, the ridge separated her labia which she could visibly see and feel being stretched out on either side of it. Then she pressed the tail well up into the fold between her buttocks. The front of the Guard was smoothed over her mound, where its edges engaged with the myriad tiny implants in her flesh, binding it tightly to her skin. Straightening up she looked down to check and saw the four pale coloured request sensors on the front  panel ranged along the top curve of her mound for the first time. 

Youd better trace your finger all around its edges I said, to make sure its fully engaged at every point, otherwise it will discipline you.

Awww! she cried as her clit was jolted again.

See? I said.

She immediately complied running and pressing her finger along the entire circumference of the Guard, down her groins and up to the point of the tail.

There, I said, welcome to the Body Modification Program and to your relationship with the C-G Mk III. You are now a fully active member, Victoria!

It would be the first of many hundreds of times she would perform that task over the coming years. It would become second nature.

I showed her the new outfit of clothes, high-heeled shoes and matching little leather purse placed neatly on one arm of the couch.

Get dressed, now! I ordered.

When she was dressed, I picked up a shiny little metal case the size of a lipstick holder from the desk. Unscrewing its cap, I showed her the little penis inside.

Put this case in your purse and be sure to keep your penis clean, I said. Use a moist cotton bud to gently clean its urethra every day. Ill check it when I visit. Dont forget to take your keys. Of course, you wont need your old make-up or your sanitary pads. Ill decide what clothes and make-up youll wear from here on and will let you know every day.

I led the fully dressed Victoria, clutching her purse, and wearing a chastity guard under her panties, back through the dimensional portal into my little office back in 2009. Taking her purse from her I sat in my leather directors chair behind my desk placing the purse on it.

As I watched her, she stood in the centre of the office facing me looking increasingly uncomfortable, holding her legs tightly together, shuffling a little and having difficulty standing still.

I guessed the reason immediately, for I knew that during the modification process Victorias bladder had been more than half-filled with water.

Whats the matter? I enquired.

Oh please, please, I really, really, need to pee right now! Im desperate! Ive wanted to for a while when you were talking. Putting this guard thing on and walking back in here made it much worse, she said in a thin begging tone, and by now holding her hands over her crotch.

Dont worry, you cant wet yourself any more, I replied.

If you are really desperate to pee, Ive already explained what you must do. If you were listening and are able to remember, do it now, I want to see!

Her cheeks blushed, and she lowered her eyes.

Take off your skirt and panties, put them on my desk.

She obeyed, standing sheepishly before me in just her flowered top, still shuffling her feet because of her need to pee. The Guard was barely visible between her legs.

Go ahead, its pretty straightforward, I said encouragingly, shrugging my shoulders, as if it were an everyday occurrence.

After a brief hesitation, reluctantly she reached for and opened her purse and took out the shiny little cylindrical case. She unscrewed its cap and gingerly removed the miniature penis, holding it for the very first time, before replacing the open case and purse on the desk.

Looking down, still holding the penis she lowered her right hand to the Guard and touched the Red sensor gently with her right index finger. Bending much further forward so as to see below her mound she held the base of the penis against the faint circular outline of the pee-hole on the Guard. It opened at once. She inserted the penis pushing it firmly in and felt its ring engage in the socket. She straightened up, the penis now sticking out some two inches from the Guard. She was perplexed; she again lowered her head a little, and looked at me with upturned eyes. Again I guessed the reason.

Theres no need to go to the bathroom to pee, I said, turning to point to the metal waste bin beside my desk. Pick that up and go back to where you were standing in the middle of the office, place it on the floor in front of you and piss into it.

Oh no! Please! I cant do that while youre watching me. No-one has ever watched me pee before, she beseeched.

Youve never used a penis to pee before either, I joked then chuckled.

If you dont then youll just have to suffer, I stated calmly. Take as long as you want, your need will only get worse. I can wait.

Victoria knew she was beaten. Picking up the bin she walked back to where she had been standing, turned to face me, and placed it in front of her.

Slowly, with obvious reluctance, she lowered her hand to the penis, and held it between thumb and forefinger. Looking down at it, a look of agonised concentration slowly appeared on her face. Her lips were pursed. After quite a few seconds, maybe ten or fifteen, suddenly a stream of piss emerged from the penis all over the floor, missing the bin entirely. After the initial surprise, when she nearly let go of the penis, she reacted quickly directing the flow with her fingers in the right direction. Her piss hissed out with a loud metallic sound of splashing against the inside of the bin.

She must have peed for all of thirty seconds, concentrating on her aim throughout, as the flow slowed towards the end. With her mind on the immediate task, she had obviously forgotten for a moment that I was there. Watching her doing it for the first time was a real pleasure for me.

When she had finished, she let go of the penis, and realised that I had watched it all. She looked embarrassed, and a lot younger than her twenty-four years just like a little girl caught doing something wicked.

What did it feel like? I asked.

Shyly and hesitatingly she spoke in a thin girly voice …. It felt very… … very strange… p… peeing like that, but ….it was quite… quite a nice feeling. I could feel my pee all hot passing through the penis. It felt very different to how Im used to peeing. Its not at all hard to aim it. Its easier than girly peeing because I could see what I was doing and where my pee was going.

I gave her a broad smile.

That was very well done, Victoria! It seems that you were listening to my instructions after all. Good girl! The penis has been designed to be an extension of your body, just like a real boys penis, so you will feel everything that a boy would with his own cock whenever yours is attached to the Guard.

She would soon forget what pissing through her cunt and playing with her clit felt like. It would be many years before she would do those things again, if ever.

You should remember what to do now as you havent quite finished. I said.

She thought for a moment, bent forward again and using her right hand gently tugged at the little penis disengaging it from the Guard. Lifting it up before her face, she could see a small drop of pee at its tip. Holding it over the bin she shook a few remaining drips from its urethra. She checked it again, before replacing it in its case and putting that back in her purse. She looked across at me for approval.

I nodded at her.

Take the bin to the washroom on your left, empty it into the toilet, and rinse it out with water, and put it back where you found it. Also dampen the cloth youll find on the rail, and wipe up your piss from the floor. She picked up the bin and hurried off to do my bidding. I heard the toilet flush, she returned with the bin, placed it beside my desk, and squatted to wipe the floor with the cloth.

Put the cloth in the waste disposal in the washroom when youre done, then get dressed again.

Victoria, wearing the short blue mini-skirt and flowered top I had chosen for her, with lacy bra and matching panties covering the Guard stood demurely before me, head slightly bent forward. She looked more at ease now that she had emptied her bladder. A little praise had helped too.

Hands at your side or behind your back, never in front, and stand straight, shoulders back, tummy in, tits out, I said quite sharply.

She straightened immediately, breasts presented, her bras outline showing through the thin top. She accepted I was in charge.

I think you deserve a little reward for peeing like a boy for the very first time. It was very entertaining!.

She grimaced.

With my wristband out of her sight behind my desk I activated Victorias clitoral stimulator. I waited, looking straight at her. After a few moments she began to look disconcerted. Her arms were at her sides but her fingers were opening and closing. Her lower lip was twitching.

Whats the matter now? I asked, as if I had no idea.

Her head gave a little shake from side to side, as if she was trying to dismiss the sensation and hoping it would stop. Her right arm had curled slightly towards her tummy. Then, involuntarily, she quickly pressed her hand against the Guard through her skirt.

I… , she began haltingly, I can… can feel my clit itching… terribly, and I cant get at it. It wont stop!

That will happen from time to time, I replied reassuringly, its quite normal and to be expected, but unfortunately, as you know, it isnt allowed for you ever to touch it.

I cant stand it, its driving me wild, please! She begged.

But there is a solution, I paused, watching her discomfort mounting.

…..Sometimes, if youve been good you can use your penis to stop the clit itching, but only if the Guard will accept it. You could try it to see, but you must strip off first.

She dropped her skirt and panties, the top and bra quickly followed. She grabbed her purse, removed the case and bending over she placed her penis against the opening. As the orifice opened she pushed it in until it engaged and locked in place.

Youre lucky! The Guard has decided to reward you for being a good girl. Its opened up for your penis

Looking up, she said in a frustrated complaining tone, Ive put it in, but it hasnt stopped my clit itching… its even worse now!

Of course it hasnt, I explained, dont you remember that you have to play with the penis first like a little boy does. When he has an itch he has to play with his cock. You have to do the same. Use your thumb and forefinger. It might be a good idea if you lie on my desk to do it. Get up there now, on your back, bend your knees and open your legs facing my chair. Use your skirt as a pillow.

She hesitated for a moment, but the itch was getting the better of her.

Nimbly, a naked petite Victoria pulled herself onto the desk top, her little penis jutting out from the Guard, and a few seconds later she lay legs bent at the knees widely spread facing me on my desk with her head on her folded denim skirt.

The Guard covering her cunt was in full view, with the penis jutting out at an angle.

What do I do now? she asked urgently, its driving me crazy!

Get comfortable. Havent you ever jerked a boy off before?

Yes… but it was a long time ago, and …I ….I dont remember how I did it, and this one is a lot smaller than his, she blurted out quickly with desperation in her voice.

Hold it between your thumb and fingertip. Gently pull the foreskin back down over the head, then up again, and tell me what it feels like.

I leaned forward a little to get a better view of what she was doing.

Tentatively she held the penis by the foreskin and did as I suggested.

It feels nice. I can feel something happening in my clit too, as Im doing it.

In that case, keep doing it, and a little faster. I urged.

Victoria jerked away with her thumb and forefinger at the foreskin of her little penis. I watched, fascinated, as she looked down her tummy with her deep brown eyes at what she was doing, and at the look of intense concentration on her pretty face. She was a real gem.

As her pace quickened, I watched the penis becoming more and more erect, and lengthening, standing almost vertically as her fingers jerked the foreskin up and down rapidly. It had grown to about three inches in length, but its girth remained the same. She began panting and breathing more deeply. Her thighs moved up and down in unison with her fingers. Her eyes had closed. She was about to have her first penile orgasm. As suddenly as her piss had appeared earlier, a spurt of grey-white fluid shot up into the air in a jet from the eye of the penis. It landed in a series of globs all the way up her chest, all over her tits and face. As she ejaculated she uttered a piercing howl, before flopping lifelessly down on the desk, her fingers instantly letting go the penis.

She lay breathing quietly for a little while, before speaking.

That was… amazing … soooo….. different, she said breathlessly. It stopped my clit itching but it tingled instead the more I played with the cock. It all happened so quickly.

She hadnt yet noticed the fluid all over her chest and chin.

Look at your tits, I told her. She lifted her head off her skirt, and saw the grey-white globs. She raised her hand to her face when she felt it run down her chin, and looked at her cum covered fingers.

Whats this stuff? she exclaimed…. Eeeewww, she grimaced.

Didnt you realise youd ejaculated just like a boy does when you had the orgasm? The implant induces your body to produce seminal fluid. It doesnt contain actual semen though, and therefore it cant cause a pregnancy. The fluid rushing up through your penis intensifies the orgasm as it passes over a large number of nerve endings in the little cocks urethra. Thats what makes the sensation so intensely pleasurable for you. You will ejaculate like that every time you masturbate to orgasm.

I handed her a number of tissues from my desk drawer.

Now clean yourself up. First, there may be more fluid inside your penis, often it doesnt all come out. Use the thumb and forefinger of your right hand and squeeze it at its base near the Guard, and pull them gently up along its length, to draw out any stuff remaining.

I watched while she did it.

Doing that gives me a nice feeling, she remarked.

You need to repeat it a couple of times to get it all out I said. Then pull the foreskin fully back and wipe it clean with a tissue to make sure that no cum is left underneath. Youll find its very sensitive there now. I told her.

Gingerly she wiped the head of the penis, and I could tell from her facial expression that she was enjoying the sensation it gave because she repeated it a few times.

Then wipe the stuff off your chest, tits and face and dispose of the tissues in the washroom. Wash yourself down too. When you return disengage the penis and put it away, then you can get dressed once again. I instructed.

After wiping herself, she jumped down off the desk and ran to the washroom, the little penis rather smaller and less erect, swinging about as she ran. It was an interesting sight to behold for a man of my maturity even though I had seen many such sights over the years. She returned, her penis dangling more limply this time. She quickly removed it, and put it away in her purse, then dressed.

Finally it was now definitely time for her to leave. I had other things to do.

So, Victoria stood before me yet again.

She would from today wear whatever I decided. She would obey my every instruction. Among other things she would learn to deep throat me, and lick another womans clit for the first time. She would gladly entertain me in any way I desired. I controlled her totally. She was my property for at least twenty years, or until she had lost her good looks and trim figure.

I looked at the digital display on my wristband, scrolled through the many names down to Victorias, and touched the little red punishment sensor on it three times in quick succession.

Awww!  Awww! Awww! Victoria howled, as she doubled over, clutching her crotch.

That works anywhere in the world, even from 3039. I can even shock them all at the same time, if I choose.

Straighten up, and smile, Victoria! Today is a new beginning for you.

You may go home now, but make sure everything is in order when I come to visit, which will be soon. Make sure your apartment is always clean and tidy. Remember to call me Sir when you address me from now on and that you are wearing nothing but the Guard at your flat.

You have a lot more to learn. Your training has only just begun. Take the stairs, not the lift on your way out. See you soon.

I watched her leave the building on its CCTV security system, walking away down the street. She was a very different Victoria in so many ways. She was beautiful. Her life had been transformed in just a few hours. No-one would guess what lay under her little mini-skirt, as her pert ass swayed its way homewards. It was her secret and mine.

Victoria is one of many women and girls enrolled in my special Chastity Program. There are blondes, brunettes, tall, petite, large and small-busted, aged from eighteen to sixty-five. There are doctors, teachers, nurses and lawyers among them. Initially they were all recruited as eager volunteers.

Each and every one is listed in, monitored by, and controlled through my little wristband, even those who have been released on license because of age, or ill-health. My wristband keeps track of them all and everything they do.

Life is good in 3039, where a man can live for 250 years or more in the prime of life visiting 2009 or any other year whenever he pleases. Im always assured of a warm and entertaining welcome in scores of places all over the world. The press of a button on the wristband guarantees it. New challenges arise, new devices are developed for me to experiment with and there is an abundance of women to recruit. Each one is different and has something special to offer. Life is pure joy.

Some of my women have already written extensively about their experiences in the Program, and of the many and varied devices and implants they each now wear.

Victoria is writing at this very moment about her time in the Program and her experiences with the C-G Mk III and its attachments. Let me know if youd like to hear from her or my other female recruits. They will be glad to share their experiences with you.

Feedback is always useful. I might decide to publish their stories if there is sufficient demand.

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